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People v. Daniel Clay - Monroe County, Michigan 38 Circuit Court - 16-243127-FC - Victim: Chelsea Bruck

Timeline and Case Summary

Saturday, October 25, 2014: Chelsea Bruck attended a large, annual Halloween party in Monroe County. Because she didnt drive,
she found a ride from a friend. Ms. Bruck was dressed in a Poison Ivy costume, from the Batman franchise, that she had
painstakingly made over the preceding six weeks. Daniel Clay was also at the party. Clay and Ms. Bruck have mutual acquaintances.
Because of a misunderstanding, by approximately 3:00 a.m. on Sunday, October 26, 2014, Ms. Bruck found herself alone at the party
without a ride home and without a cell phone. She was never seen alive again. During the evening of Sunday, October 26, Ms.
Brucks family realized she hadnt come home, and became concerned. Friends and family were mobilized. A call to the police by her
mother (Leannda) on the morning of Monday, October 27, 2014, launched a massive effort to find Chelsea Bruck. Led by the Monroe
County Sheriffs Office, the search included hundreds of volunteers and nearly 70 police agencies around the country. Five agonizing
months past.

Sunday, March 22, 2015: The first break in the case came when a homeowner found Ms. Brucks right shoe along War Road in
Monroe County. Sunday, April 5, 2015: Two men located Ms. Brucks Poison Ivy costume and wig in a derelict building in Flat Rock,
Wayne County, Michigan. The costume was sent to the Michigan State Police Crime Lab. Two large areas of blood stain were located
on the inside lining. Also, the perpetrators DNA was found on the severed straps and crotch of the leotard. The perpetrators DNA
was uploaded to the CODIS system (CODIS = COmbined DNA Index System).

Friday, April 24, 2015: Almost six months to the day that Ms. Bruck went missing, a homeowner discovered her body in a remote,
wooded area of northern Monroe County. An autopsy revealed massive blunt force injuries to Ms. Brucks face, and her death was
ruled a homicide. September 2, 2015: Detectives recovered Ms. Brucks left shoe and tights near where the body was found. July
20, 2016: CODIS operators learned that the DNA on Ms. Brucks costume was from Daniel Clay.

July 22, 2016: Daniel Clay was taken into custody. He was interviewed by detectives. Clay initially claimed no knowledge of Chelsea
Bruck or her murder. As the interview progressed, his story changed numerous times. He eventually claimed that he and Ms. Bruck
were engaged in consensual sexual intercourse that included consensual choking. He told detectives that, after choking her, she
died. He describe choking her (QUOTE) not even that hardshe should have been able to breathe for (QUOTE) what couldnt be
more than 20-30 seconds. Clay also told Detectives, if I had known she was still alive, I would have let her go." Clay was eventually
charged with murdering Chelsea Bruck (in Count 1) and concealing her body while having a purpose to conceal her death (in Count
2). (Count 1 was charged as OPEN MURDER, which includes First Degree Murder. First Degree Murder can be proven under either of
two theories: premeditated, deliberate murder or murder committed during the commission of a felony, called Felony Murder.)
The Peoples principal theory at trial was Felony Murder that Ms. Bruck was beaten and sexually assaulted, and that she died as a

May 16, 2017: After a six-day trial, a jury of 11 women and one man convicted Clay of First Degree Murder (under the Felony Murder
theory) and Count 2. In finding defendant guilty, the jury relied facts and reasonable inferences that Chelsea Bruck was a 22 year old
woman, who was vulnerable alone in the middle of the night with no phone; that she suffered massive blunt force injuries to her
face; that she was wearing her costume when she was beaten and bloodied; that after she was beaten, both straps and the crotch of
her hand-made costume were severed and then her costume was forcefully removed from her body; that her tights were found
inside out near her body, and that her naked body was concealed in the woods; that defendants narrative was incredible and
unsupported by any physical, documentary or testimonial evidence; and that (in relation to Chelsea Brucks death) defendant
described himself as (QUOTE) a f__ing monster.