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4th Grade Math Syllabus

Instructor Course Overview

Mrs. Goodin The new common core math standards identify key ideas,
understandings, and skills, along with emphasizing depth of
Phone learning of concepts. The expectation is that students will
270-444-5750 ext: 5122 fully master and retain the skills and concepts. My goal is to
ensure success for all our students to become college and
Classroom Location career ready.
Room 122

Lunch Time Required Text (School Furnished)

Common Core Mathematics, Simple Solutions, Math in Focus
Specials/Planning Time
Course Materials
These are the items students will need to bring to class daily.
lesley.goodin@paducah.kys Assignment /Homework
District/School Web Page Loose Leaf Notebook Paper or a Spiral Notebook for Math
Pencil and Eraser
District Grading Scale
A 90-100
B 80-89 Resources Used in Classroom
C 70-79
Student computers
D 60-69
F 59 or below ELMO
InterWrite White Board

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Audio equipment
Renaissance Place Accelerated Reader Program (Homeroom class)
Math Literature
Accelerated Math: Renaissance Website
Moby Max: website

Topics of Study
Chapter 1: Place Value with Whole Numbers
Chapter 2: Estimation and Number Theory
Chapter 3: Whole Number Multiplication and Division
Chapter 4: Tables and Line Graphs
Chapter 5: Data and Probabilities
Chapter 6: Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Chapter 7: Decimals
Chapter 8: Adding and Subtracting Decimals
Chapter 9: Angles
Chapter 10: Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
Chapter 11: Squares and Rectangles
Chapter 12: Area and Perimeter
Chapter 13: Symmetry
Chapter 14: Tessellations

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Daily Agenda is used for Assignments/Notes Should be signed daily by students
Parent or Guardian

Assignment Subject Explanation

Homework: Monday- Math Homework will be cover
Thursday common core skills
found in Simple
Solutions workbook
Assignment will be
written in agenda daily.
Accelerated Math Math Web-based (Renaissance
Learning) access
independently from
home or school.
Accelerated Reading Reading Web-based (Renaissance
Learning) access
independently from
home or school.
Assignments will be
Moby Max Math

Exam Schedule

Type of Assessment Frequency

In class assignment Daily
Math Test Weekly or every 2 weeks/ will be written in agenda
Accelerated Reader Quarterly goals will be set for homeroom class.
Accelerated Math Quarterly goals will be set
State/Federal Test Once yearly in the last two weeks of the calendar year

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Homework Policy
Daily reading and math practice is required to master the Kentucky Common Core
standards. Assignments and projects will be given due dates.
Make-up Work
If your child is absent, he/she is responsible for requesting the missed work from me
and returning it in a timely manner unless other arrangements have been made.

Behavior Expectations

Be respectful
Exercise self-control
Show responsibility
Treat others the way you want to be treated.
These are the four basic guidelines to which all students shall be held accountable.

Additional Information
Math Chapter test will be given when the standards for a Chapter have been met. The
test date will be written in the agenda a few days prior to the Chapter assessment.
Students will be given a study guide or notes from the class. We will also review for
the test in class.
Each student will be establishing reading and math goals in Renaissance Place after
they have taken the STAR Test. The point goal is based on their individual level
established by the test. Information will be sent home within the first few weeks of

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