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Amazon Hiring Process

First, there will be an online test conducted as part of hiring process to shortlist
students for the face-to-face interviews.

Format of the Online Test (90 mins):

First Section : MCQ : Total Questions - 20 This section will be containing
questions on aptitude, Coding, Algo Complexities, Sorting, Recursionn,
Networking, OOPS, OS Fundamentals, Automata, etc . Out of the 4 choices 1
will be correct. There will be negative marking as well in this section.
Second Section : Coding : Total Questions 2 There will be 2 Coding
questions and you would have to write working code in any of the
languages(C,C++,Java) of your choice. You would get chance to run the code
and test the same.

On the basis of the scores of the Online test, candidates will be shortlisted for the
face-to-face interviews.
The number of interviews will vary and will depend on the performance of the
candidate in the each interview.

Interview Process and Tips:

Each Interview would be of around 45 mins.

Please practice Coding on paper, you would be asked to write working code
on paper in any language of your choice.
Please dont be casual in the interview process, Be Confident in the
Please focus on following basic areas for the interview, These are a must:
Revise your Data Structures, Stack / Heaps / Graphs / Queues /
Trees (BSTs) / Linked Lists/ Arrays / String / Tries. Please go through
online websites like and to see
what kind of questions are being asked in companies like Amazon,
Google, Microsoft on these topics. Application of these Data Structures
is really important. Graph Traversals like BFS, DFS and Tree
Traversals are some basic stuff you should know of.
Algorithms and Problem Solving, You are expected to know the
time complexity of whatever code you write. Go through the basic
sorting techniques like heap sort, quick sort, bucket sort, etc. It would
be good to understand the basic techniques like backtracking and
dynamic programming as you can be asked questions which can be
solved using these techniques.
Coding, It is the most important aspect where candidates falter.
Practice Coding on paper, Write working code for known problems,
solve some questions on Code chef to get into the groove of it. Most
importantly please practice writing recursive code, 90% Candidates
falter at writing Recursive Code. Please practice writing recursive
Projects in your resume, You are expected to know your projects in
details. For example: If you did some project in Machine Learning, you
should be knowing in and out of what you did. This is really
Basic CS Fundamentals:
OS Fundamentals: like Process, Thread, Semaphores, Mutex,
Segmentation, Paging, Thrashing, Context Switch, etc.
Networking Basics: DNS, What happens when we go on a
browser and put a website name and press Go, DHCP, IP
Addressing, etc.
CS Fundamentals: Hashing, Caching, Internals of Hashing, Hash
Collision, Memory Storage, Stack Memory, Heap Memory, Data
Segment , Code Segment, etc.
Web Services : knowledge of SOAP, REST protocols would be
an added advantage for you.

There are some additional good to know stuff too, Go through these if you
are done with the basic stuff given above :
Advanced Data Structures: knowledge and usage of advanced data
structures like interval trees, segment tree, tries , suffix tree, etc
would be good (
) Try to understand when to use such data structures.
Advanced OOPS Concepts: knowledge of singleton, objects, classes
and other design patterns.

Some Sample Questions Frequently Asked in Interviews: