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Project/Program (Coordinator, Manager, Director)

WASH/Engineering & Management

(9+ years of experience)

Muhammad Bilal
Gender: Male
Address: Mohalla Jamal khel, village and Post office Shahbaz Garhi Tehsil and District Mardan KPK

Cell: Pakistan: +923454722209 Iraq: +9647733489094

E-Mail:, Skype: Muhammad.bilal.yousaf.zai

Objective: To work in an organization that offers a creative, dynamic and professional environment,
Where my education, training, professional skills and proven abilities can be fully applied,
which also groom my technical and managerial skills with diversifying projects and tasks.

Key responsibilities & achievement summary:

Strategic leadership:

Led the formulation and development of thematic and country strategies and provided technical
leadership support for different organizations e.g. Oxfam GB, Save the children, Danish refugee
council and International rescue committee
As a WASH sector lead, in close collaboration with relevant stakeholders and other Oxfam
thematic sectors e.g. Livelihood, Gender and protection recently developed Oxfam 3 years
Country strategy (2020) for Iraq program. In addition also developed emergency WASH strategy
for Oxfams Mosul Humanitarian response.
Provided support and contributed in formulation of 3 year strategy for save the children Iraq
program as a program manager
Developed WASH sector strategy for DRC Somalia program as a Country WASH Coordinator
Provided support and contributed in formulation of WASH sector strategy for IRC Pakistan
program as a Senior WASH Program Manager
Participated and contributed regularly in strategic review meetings/workshops

Program design/Development:

Currently as a WASH sector lead for Oxfam in Iraq contributed/contributing in fundraising and
program development and developed concept notes, proposals, LFAs and budgets for more
than 15 million dollar projects for different donors e.g. ECHO, Unicef, UNOCHA/IHPF, GAC
(Global affairs Canada, BMZ (German Donor), GFO (German foreign office), Irish Aid, IJR (Iraq
joint response) and OFDA.
Also developed concept notes, proposals, LFAs and budgets while working at different senior
level roles with other organizations e.g. save the children, IRC, DRC for million dollars/euros
stand-alone WASH, Infrastructure and integrated WASH, shelter, Livelihood, education, health
and child protection projects for above listed donors and additional donors e.g. DANIDA, SDC,
Aus Aid, DFID, and Pool funds (CHF, ERF).


Developed TORs for conducting different multi sector assessments through consultants in
different countries and context
Designed several multi sector need assessment tools, assessment methodologies, sample size
and methodologies and same for specific WASH assessments in IDPs, refugees, returnees and
host communities context in different regions and countries.
Led and conducted several multi sectoral and rapid assessments in emergencies and early
recovery phases. In addition also conducted joint assessments with other organizations in the
country e.g. led and conducted a joint assessment in Iraq with NRC, World vision and save the
children and several other.
Designed, led and conducted several KAP (Knowledge, attitude and practice) surveys
Designed technical assessment and feasibility tools for water, sanitation and other
Narrated the findings of several assessments in form of reports with clear recommendations

Program management, planning and implementation:

Managed/supported implementation of more than 5/15 Million USD portfolio program at a time
Managed, supported and implemented several emergency, early recovery and development
projects (WASH, shelter, Infrastructure, Livelihoods, Integrated projects) from the scratch till
exit stage (Full Project life cycle) in different capacities
Prepared and also in some role provided support in developing detail implementation plans,
spending plans, recruitment and procurement plans for several projects
Conducted several project kick off/inception meetings, quarterly and midterm
progress/program reviews for several projects
In collaboration with program and finance teams regularly reviewed the budget spending
reports and provided recommendations and support to teams to develop spending plans to
enhance budget spending
Built good relationships with local authorities and stakeholders to ensure their participation and
smooth implementation of the projects

Assuring Program Quality:

As a technical advisor, coordinator and PM in different roles provided technical support to

WASH, shelter, infrastructure projects/programs to ensure the project/program comply with set
quality and humanitarian standards and bench marks and meet donors compliance.
In close collaboration with MEAL department, Putted in place accountability mechanisms and
developed quality checklists and guidelines to ensure program quality.
In collaboration with MEAL department led and conducted several mid-term and final/end line
evaluations to measure the quality, efficiency, effectiveness and outcome of different projects.
Led, supported, coordinated and conducted several PDM (Post distribution monitoring) surveys
Part of learning and improving the future programming, in collaboration with MEAL department
conducted several project learning review workshops.

Program Partnership:

Contributed to revise and improve partner capacity assessment tools

Conducted/Conducting several quick and in depth partner capacity assessments to identify and
select strategic partners and also developed capacity building plans for local implementing
partners to ensure program quality.
Provided full time technical and leadership support to local partners for planning and
implementation of activities/projects to ensure all the activities are in compliance with national,
international humanitarian principles and standards.
Reviewed implementing partners narrative and financial reports and provided regular feedback
to improve the quality of report and ensure donors compliance.

Internal and external reporting:

Developed different reporting tools (narrative and quantitative) and tracking sheets to ensure
regular and proper internal reporting from different field offices and harmonized the reporting
Within different roles reviewed, prepared and compiled weekly, biweekly and monthly internal
reports and shared it with reporting and communication departments and also contributed to
the monthly and quarterly country and regional newsletters.
Prepared several narrative reports (Monthly, quarterly, Interim and final) for different donors
e,g. ECHO, UNOCHA, OFDA, DFID, GAC, DANIDA, Unicef and several other donors.
Also reviewed narrative reports for different donors coming from several field offices, provided
technical inputs and finalized and submitted the reports in collaboration with relevant
Reviewed implementing partners narrative and financial reports and provided regular feedback
to improve the quality of report and ensure donors compliance.
Narrated/drafted several assessment and surveys reports

Bill of Quantities and Design:

Prepared bill of quantizes and designs for different water, sanitation, shelter and other
community infrastructures
Reviewed the BOQs and design for different water, sanitation, shelter and other community
infrastructures and provided technical support/inputs to improve the BOQ/Designs to ensure
compliance to the set standards.
As a technical lead in different organizations harmonized the BOQs and designs for different
water and sanitation infrastructure at country level and also standardized the formats for BOQ
and drawings at country level.
Developed standards specification for different infrastructures and workmanship manual for
DRC Somali program
In collaboration with field teams and logistic department prepared several tender documents
for different infrastructure activities
Coordination and representation:

Led the WASH sub cluster at governorate level in Kirkuk governorate Iraq as a WASH sub cluster
coordinator for more than a year, was double hatting as a Program manager for SCI and WASH
sub cluster coordinator for UNICEF.
Regularly participated in national, governorate/province level and regional WASH, shelter NFI
cluster coordination meetings and also general coordination meetings in different countries and
regions and represented respective organizations.
Established and maintained good relationships with local authorities and all relevant
stakeholders and represented organization at different forums.
Contributed in developing country humanitarian response plans for Iraq, Somalia etc. and WASH
cluster strategies and also in developing different standard guidelines for water trucking, water
quality monitoring, standardization of different NFI kits, standardization of designs etc. and tools
for assessments.
Currently I am member of national WASH cluster strategic advisory group for Iraq and
supporting the cluster in standardization of guidelines, tools, developing HRP, and in review of
project proposals under Iraq humanitarian pool funds (IHPF). Also was part of CRC (Cluster
review committee) for shelter/NFI cluster for Somalia.

Finance, administration and logistics:

As a program, project and operation manager prepared and submitted regular monthly fund
requests/cash projection to ensure enough funds are available at field office level to run the
Regularly reviewed monthly financial reports (Budget vs actual (BVAs)) to verify all transactions
for different grants are allocated correctly and in case of any variance work with relevant
finance department to reallocate the mischarging properly. In case of low spending worked
closely with teams to prepare spending plans to enhance spending of different grants and also
prepared spending plan by myself for different grants.
As a program manager & operation manager ensured that all the procurement are completed
within compliance to Donor & organization policies and procedures and allocated budget.
Ensured that all program and support staff follow sound administration and financial management
Served as a procurement committee member in different organizations and ensured the bidding
process is done within compliance to donor and organization policies and procedures.
Ensured that timely and quality reporting of progress and expenditures is provided to donors.
Prepared procurement plans and spending plans for different projects

Office Management:

In collaboration with logistic & security departments, Identified and established three new field
offices for International rescue committee in different locations from scratch.
Supervised and managed all program and program support staff (HR, finance, Logistics, security,
MEAL) in different field offices.
Established and Maintained a professional working relationship within the staff and towards
Encouraged and maintained program to program and program - operations cohesion through
coordination and information sharing with and between all key staff, from both program and
program support departments.
At field office level Managed the implementation of program work plans to ensure activities in
the districts are on track to achieve program results and objectives, as defined by the sectoral
Established and maintained good relationships with local authorities and all relevant
stakeholders and represented organization at different forums.
Worked closely with logistic team and submitted asset lists, and proactively address asset needs
as well as the management of assets in the field office

Security Management:

In collaboration with security department contributed to conduct security assessments in

different field locations prior to starting programs
Liaised closely with security focal person and Country Office and Briefed all staff and visitors on
safety & security issues in the field
Pro-actively addressed safety & security matters in the district in collaboration with security
Ensured that all security policies and procedures are in place and staff members adhere to these
policies and procedures in the field office
Ensured that the SFP in country office and Provincial Coordinator are updated on all security
matters, and incident reports are submitted as necessary.
Performed as a security focal person for different field offices

Staff/Team Management and Human resources:

Managed team of more than 80 national staff at a time with different roles and responsibilities
in program and support functions
Currently managing team of 6+ international staff including hygiene promotion advisor, hygiene
promotion team leaders, Public health engineering team leaders and WASH Team leader
Developed Organograms for different field and country offices for WASH sector and as
operation/Program manager for field offices
Frequently involved in objective setting and performance evaluation of the staff members of
different capacities
Frequently involved in recruitment of national and international staff of different capacities and
in different countries where I worked throughout the recruitment cycle (starting from staff
requisition, preparing job descriptions, written test & interviews and till final selection)
In collaboration with HR department deal with and addressed several grievance and complaints

Capacity Building:

Conducted capacity and training need assessment for staff members and developed capacity
building plans
Conducted several formal and informal trainings for staff members in the field of water,
sanitation, hygiene promotion, construction, infrastructure and community mobilization
Developed performance improvement plan for low capacity staff and provided on job training
and mentoring to staff members with low capacity
Conducted capacity building training for partner staff

Research and Advocacy:

Involved in different research from the initial stage of developing TORs, conducting researches
and writing research papers/reports for water governance, water resource management, solid
waste management solutions, mapping out water quality issues and treatment solutions etc.
Worked with policy and advocacy team to develop policy paper on water governance and water
resource management in Iraq
Worked closely with WASH cluster and advocacy team to develop advocacy messages relevant
to WASH sector during humanitarian response

Summary of Experience:

Name of Designation/Position Title Type of Job Location Tenure

Organization experience
Oxfam GB Country WASH Erbil, Iraq July 2016 till
Coordinator/WASH Technical Full Time date
Save the children 1- Program Manager Full Time Kirkuk, Iraq February 2015-
International WASH July 2016
2- WASH sub cluster
coordinator Kirkuk
Danish Refugee Country WASH Coordinator Full Time Somalia September
council (DRC) 2013-November
Handicap Project Manager/Acting Field Full Time KPK, June 2013-Sep
International Coordinator Pakistan 2013
International 1-Senior WASH Program Full Time Sindh, January 2012-
Rescue Manager Pakistan June 2013
committee 2- Acting Operation Manager
Save the children 1-WASH Field Manager Full Time Punjab & March 2011-
US 2- WASH Coordinator Sindh, October 2011
Pakistan and
Oct 2010-Feb
ACF Deputy Program manager Full Time KPK, Aug 2010-Oct
Pakistan 2010
International WASH/Infrastructure officer Full Time KPK, Jan 2010-July
Rescue Pakistan 2010
Catholic Relief Field Engineer emergency Full Time KPK, July 2009-Sep
services (CRS) (shelter & WASH) Pakistan 2009
UN Habitat Inspector/Sub Engineer Full Time Kashmir, July 2008-June
Pakistan 2009
A & ACC Pvt Ltd Project Engineer Full Time Kashmir, Jan 2008-June
Pakistan 2008
National Institute Instructor (Civil Engineering Part Time KPK, Sep 2006-Dec
of Technology department) Pakistan 2007

Experience and Expertise in different Thematic sectors/sub sectors:

WASH, Food security and livelihoods, shelter, NFIs, community Infrastructure, Integrated programs of
WASH, Livelihood, child protection, health, education and shelter

Donor grants managed and supported:

ECHO, Unicef, UNOCHA, GAC (Global affairs Canada, BMZ (German Donor), GFO (German foreign office),
Irish Aid, IJR (Iraq joint response), OFDA, Millenda & Gates foundation, DANIDA, SDC, Aus Aid, DFID, and
Pool funds (CHF, ERF, IHPF)

Ms. in Project Management
Institute: Comsats Institute of information technology Islamabad
Status: Freezed due to shortage of time and other engagements

B. Tech (Honor) civil Engineering

Level Attained Bachelor Degree with Honors (4 Years), equal to Master degree
Aggregate % 62.00
Institute NWFP University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar
Address Peshawar, Pakistan
Session 2005 - 2009
Majors: Civil engineering (Design of structures, Public Health engineering, Hydraulics and irrigation,
Water supply, Project Management, soil mechanics etc)

DAE Civil Engineering

Level Attained Diploma of Associate Engineering (DAE 3 Years)
Aggregate % 64.00
Institute Board of Technical Education Peshawar
Address Nowshera, Pakistan
Session 2002 - 2005
Majors Majors: Civil engineering (Design of structures, Public Health engineering, Hydraulics and
irrigation, Water supply, Project Management, soil mechanics etc.)


Title of Training Organization Name Duration Remarks

Basic Technical Training on Earthquake Resistant UN Habitat One week
Remedial Measure of structures UN Habitat One week
Community Physical infrastructure (CPI) PPAF Two days
Training on Community Mobilization UN Habitat Two days
Training on Grants and Budget Management for Save the children Two days
Budget Holder
Training on AX software (resource Portal) Islamic relief Three
HEIST (Hostile, environment, individual safety NSP (NGO safety One week
training) program)
WASH, Shelter & Infrastructure planning & DRC One week
Ebola Disease symptoms, safety and Prevention Unicef Online
Cholera preparedness and prevention Toolkit Unicef Online
WASH In Emergencies Save the children Three
Training on WASH cluster coordination and Unicef One week
Information Management
HEAT security training Oxfam Two days
HELIOS software Oxfam One day


Communication Skills (Oral and written) Good Currently Working

MS Office Good Currently Working
Prima Vera (Project Management) Good Currently Working
Report writing, proposal writing skills Good currently working
Auto Cad (2D) Good currently working

Other skills:
Team building skills
Management skills
Multi-tasking skills
Monitoring skills
Problem solving skills
Negotiations skills
Time management skills
Presentation skills
Flexible and adaptable. Willing to travel to remote field areas with basic living conditions
Analytical and problem solving skills
Ability to work under pressure often to strict deadlines
Capacity building and training skills
Good interpersonal and communication skills

Urdu, English, Pashto, Punjabi- Fluent

Arabic, Kurdish- Basic


Engg Noor Ul Amin

Senior Technical Expert

Syed Imran Ali Shah

Field program Manager
Save the Children ERRP Sindh
Cell: +923454445184

Khalid javed
Field Coordinator KPK
Handicap International
Cell: +92 300 5058372

Zain Ul Abideen
Director program operations Iraq
Save the children international
Cell: +923345353377

Rania Ali
WASH Advisor Iraq (HST)
Save The children UK