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2 TantraCURE Last Longer Tonight!


1. Get this right first!

Be present
The single most important thing to remember in order to last longer is presence.
Many men try to last longer by trying to think of unsexy things.

It doesnt work, and it only distracts you from being present which leads to
general unawareness of your body and you end up ejaculating even faster.

The best and most simple advice is this: BE PRESENT.

Be aware of your body. Dont run away inside your thoughts.

Be present with her and be yourself.

Dont substitute techniques with passion.

Passion is the real thing. Techniques are only there to inspire or to help you.
Imagine being in bed with a woman who has read about some technique in a
magazine that claims to be sure to give any man the greatest possible pleasure.

She works on you like a project, trying to prove her expertise in the bedroom.
Shes not present with you but completely in her own world, and the only
communication is that she once in a while eagerly is checking if her efforts with
her tongue or fingers are working yet.
Does that turn you on? Well
Then dont do the same mistake with women!
Real passion its what its all about. Be present. The techniques are inspiration,
not the real thing. Stick to what feels natural, easy and fun. If its difficult,
complicated and makes you feel uneasy its not helping you.

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What she really wants
What she really wants is to have you to be comfortable with your sexuality.
Thats really what makes her relax and let go. Sounds simple, but thats simply
the basics of giving her a good experience.
The sex educator Alex Allman recently made a survey asking a thousand men
questions about what they preferred from women in bed. The top one chosen
answer was this: She is comfortable in her sexuality. And guess what it works
the other way around as well.
Women are most likely able to open up to you during lovemaking if you are
It sounds easy. But how do you become comfortable when full of performance
anxiety and worrying about premature ejaculation issues?

Remove performance anxiety in an instant

The training provided in this system will eventually help you overcome this
problem for good so you will never have to worry about performance anxiety
anymore - but how do you start right now?

TIP! Go and read the section on emotional clearing, step 1 in the main manual.
The tapping (or EFT as its called) is designed to literally free yourself from
performance anxiety, believing in yourself, and thus making you able to
perform better already tonight. Takes about 20 minutes to read and the
exercise in itself can be performed in 10 minutes.

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2. Preparing yourself for tonight: Natural Remedies

Drink a glass of celery juice 30 minutes before lovemaking. This will give you
virility and give you a hard erection.

Put a little peppermint oil or Tiger Balm under your nose. Also put a bit on your
forehead and the top of your head.
The strong smell will serve as an anchor reminding you to stay present and
aware of your body. The smell of Peppermint was used by monks to stay awake
during meditations. It helps you to stay fresh and alert in your mind while also
clearing your thoughts.

Calming herbs against premature ejaculation

Remember to always follow instructions given on the product and ask advice in
the shops where you purchase them. Never take supplements without consulting
your physician. Herbs are not meant to cure premature ejaculation, but might
serve as a help in overcoming the problem.

Herbal remedies against premature ejaculation tend to be expensive and difficult

to get hold of. Instead you might just as well use the inexpensive herbs alone or
products containing the same herbs but marketed for other purposes.

There are 3 relaxing herbs most commonly used for better sleep and general
relaxation. They can help you last longer by calming your mind and your nervous
system in a natural way. They can be bought in most countries in any natural
health store and they have immediate effects.

Take them 15-20 minutes before.

The herbs are: Chamomile, Valerian and Passion flower.

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You can take the Valerian alone or in a mixture with these or other relaxing
Chamomile can be taken as a herbal tea, drink it 10 minutes before the act, and
also make it a habit to start drinking it on a daily basis.

A newer product is something called Avena Sativa (Oat).

Avena sativa is a natural alternative to pharmaceutical erection enhancers
without the dangerous side effects, and it is often described as the "Natural
Viagra" also known as Oats Milky Seed or Oatstraw. According to Dr. Larry
Clapp who has studied alternative virility medicines it works very powerfully to
enhance erectile function." It appears to be effective for treating impotence and
premature ejaculation, probably by increasing healthy blood flow.

Avena sativa is often the primary ingredient in expensive sexual formulas and in
the popular alternatives Herbal V, Cobra and Biogra. But you can take the herb
alone with good results and save money.

You can share it with your girlfriend too. It seems to boosts libido in women,
while prolonging ejaculatory response in men.

6 TantraCURE Last Longer Tonight!

3. Your 30 minutes game plan
By sticking with this game plan you might last 30 minutes already tonight!
There are a few principles you should remember though.

Keep this in mind - Great sex is a mixture of all the following components:
Oral sex
Lustful communication
Looking in the eyes
Being attentive to her needs
Sensual touch of the erogenous zones
Firm grip on her buttocks, legs, back and shoulders
Intimacy and caressing
Soft and hard thrusting shallow and deep thrusting

By using all the above components in a creative and natural way, you will give
her a night to remember.

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4. The Foreplay
Foreplay should calm you down, while warming her up.

Take control. Make the foreplay and give it as a gift for her. Here are some
components you can use to make your own foreplay speciality.


Massage her neck and lower back and buttocks. Then kiss her back all over.
Then turn her around and massage her thighs and legs.

Caress the breasts and heart area. Kiss her from the breasts and down towards
her vagina (yoni), and then stop.

Now massage her hips and move inwards to the Venus mountain with open
palms. Then massage the outer and inner lips of her yoni. Kiss her yoni from the
outside. Now if she is open to it, massage her with your long finger inside her
yoni. Make firm and slow movements that are rhythmical.

Kiss her

Kiss her all over the body with half open mouth, while gently sucking. Gentle
stroke her with soft caresses while you kiss her all over with small dry kisses.

Oral sex

Now proceed with oral sex.

Tips to great oral for women: Dont start with the clitoris. Use your tongue on the
outer and inner lips and then the entrance of the yoni. Then go to the clitoris. Be
gentle, and start from upwards and down, in that way she will be less sensitive. If
she moves a lot when you start, its probably too hard.

Then slowly put 2 fingers into her yoni, while proceeding to use your tongue on
the clitoris.

You might succeed giving her an orgasm already here.

8 TantraCURE Last Longer Tonight!

Tease her

As a preparation for penetration you hold your penis (lingham) and rub her at the
entrance of her yoni. Do not enter her yet. Just rub. Enter her half way by still
holding your penis shaft, so it can only get half way in.

While you do this remember to keep a good contact with her, looking her in the
eyes etc.

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5. Penetration
Center yourself

To prepare for penetration you center yourself. Breathe deeply. Feel your whole

The peppermint under your nose and on your forehead serves you as a
reminder to be aware and present in your body in this way during the act.

The arousal ladder

Think of your arousal as being on a scale of 1-10. Then make sure you are not
over 5 before you enter her. As a rule dont let yourself go over level 7 during
the act. This will help you not to get too exited and make you last longer.

Dont think yourself into ejaculating

Most men simply think themselves into premature ejaculation. Excitement is

something that goes on in your mind. When you feel over excited even before
penetrating the woman, it is because you in your mind already are halfway

Men are visual creatures. You probably, maybe even unconsciously picture
yourself in the midst of the act, while you should actually only start feeling
aroused. Perhaps you are already taking her from behind while pulling of your

So how do you change that pattern?

The answer is: Breathe. Feel your body.

Stop thinking and fantasizing. Stop visualizing and imagining. Just be present
and aware.

10 TantraCURE Last Longer Tonight!

The different levels of thrusts

Remember there is a big difference between deep thrusts and shallow thrusts,
hard thrusts and soft thrusts. This gives you 4 different possibilities:

Shallow and soft

Deep and soft

Shallow and hard

Deep and hard

Begin with soft and shallow and work yourself up to deep and hard when you
feel you are able to do this without exceeding the level 5 on the arousal ladder.

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6. The Tantric Triangle

The Tantric Triangle is the insight that 3 very important functions of the human
body directly affect each other:

That is the mind, breath and sexuality.

If you control your mind you can control your breath and your sexuality.

If you control your breathing you also gain control over your mind and your

If you control your sexuality you gain control over your mind and your breathing.

Lets go with the breathing since this is the most easy to control in the beginning:

So, always stop and breathe deeply whenever you feel too exited. After a while
you might not have to stop thrusting while breathing deeply, but can keep a
steady thrusting rhythm going.

Here is a technique that will help you synchronize the thrusting with the

12 TantraCURE Last Longer Tonight!

Thrusting and Breathing Technique

Synchronize your breathing with your thrusting movements and coordinate it in such a
way that the inhalation is stretched over 5 thrusts and the exhalation is stretched over 5
thrusts. It can also be 3 thrusts or whichever amount suits you, depending on the speed
of your thrusting.

Masculine body awareness

We have talked about the importance of being present and aware. This is in
order not to be caught in your own pleasure leading to an over aroused state
that leads you to ejaculate too fast.
The best way to stay present is to constantly be aware of your body, the
sensations, feelings etc.
That sounds easy, but really its not. As you will learn in the main manual,
relaxation is a complex skill, an art.
For now I want to make sure you stay as relaxed as you possibly can with the
level of relaxation skills you have up til now.

Relax your thighs, buttocks and genital area.

There are a few specific muscles that you need to pay extra attention to.
There are specific muscles that are responsible for the ejaculatory response,
and these muscles start tensing up long before the ejaculation itself. This is
complex and described in depth in the main manual in the steps 2 on relaxation
and step 5 on controlling arousal.
The main areas you need to relax and make sure not to tense are:

The thighs, buttocks and genital area.

Of course you are going to use these muscles while thrusting which implies a
tension in the muscle - but you have to make sure you dont have a constant
tension in these muscles. Whenever you feel too aroused check, and then relax
these muscles consciously. If you are making love in a postion where you are
tensing these muscles then change the postion. Indeed if you are performing a
position that causes tension in any part of the body make sure to change the
position in such a way that you do not experience the tension anymore.

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7. The inner attitude during lovemaking

Focus on her pleasure

A man can get an orgasm with any woman. But how hard is it for a man to make
any woman have an orgasm?
In Tantra it is a belief that a man only becomes a real man when he is able to
deeply satisfy a woman.
The inner attitude during lovemaking is therefore an attitude of how you can
please her in the most.
Now this is also going to turn out to be your own advantage. While focusing on
her you will be able to last much longer. This is because her pleasure will guide
you to a superior understanding of the nature of sex.

Women are the superior sex when it comes to sexuality

Women are much more sensitive than men. Their senses are more refined and
they are more sensual by nature. Recent studies show that a womans skin is 4
times more sensitive than a mans. She would feel like she was wearing a diver
suit if she was to exchange bodies with a man.
Women are able to last extremely long in bed, in fact many women prefer to
make love for 1 hour at least, and are even able to fully enjoy the act and
maintain their focus for hours in a row. But how many men can last that long?
Women also are naturally endowed being able to have as many orgasms as
they like. Though the ability of being multi orgasmic is latent in most women, it
can quite easily be awakened, as opposed to men where it most often takes lots
of effort and focused training.
Women are naturally endowed with a higher level of sensuality, have more
refined senses and are able to contain huge amounts of sexual energy. This is
why in bed you should see her as the one that guides you. When as a man you
learn the womans way of sexuality you are more than half way to being a master
of the sexual energy.

The masculine focus

While letting her natural sensuality guide you, constantly being aware what she
needs and where her play takes you, as a man you should still be the one in
control. You stay centered and aware of your own body as well as her energies,
her pleasure and her needs. You become more and more conscious during the
act, and never loose yourself in your own pleasure and desire to ejaculate.

The surfer follows the path of the wave but stays in control!
In the same way you follow the energy of the woman but you stay in control. Its
subtle, but I am sure you can feel what I mean.

14 TantraCURE Last Longer Tonight!

The more the man stays centered, without loosing his awareness and
becoming too sexually aroused too fast the more she is able to PLAY. She
unfolds the sexual energy, opens up to you and completely gives herself to you.
But only if she feels safe and feels that you are strong enough to stay centered
no matter how high the waves of pleasure are rolling. She wants you to stay
centered so that she can open up.
She PLAYS while the man follows with his awareness, always staying in control,
being centered, conscious, aware.
In this way man and woman are the embodiment of what in tantra is called Shiva
(the masculine) and Shakti (the feminine). The consciousness (Shiva) observes
and becomes aware of the energy (Shakti).

The Chinese focus trick

Whenever you feel too aroused or have lost yourself too much in your own
pleasure, place the tip of your tongue in the palate and press gently. This
will open special energy channels that distribute the sexual energy in the body
leading it away from the sexual area, thus helping you to last longer. Also it
helps you to remember to focus on sensations in your body returning your mind
to body awareness.

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