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Never before have I seen a language-learning methodor method for learning anything!
that synchs up so perfectly with our current scientific understanding of how memory works. I
now understand why my past attempts to learn other languages (Spanish, German, Latin) have left me
with little more than a smattering of near-random vocabulary words, and Im inspired to try again.
Fluent Forever promises a fun, personalized learning regimen that is sure to wire a new tongue into
your brain with speed and simplicity. And Wyners sharp wit will keep you entertained along the
way! Ive never been so excited to challenge my mind.
Karen Schrock Simring, contributing editor at Scientific American Mind

Fluent Forever is the book I wish I had had during my numerous failed attempts at learning
different languages. Its a refreshingly fun and engaging guide that shows you how to language hack
your brain. Wyners done all the hard work so that the reader can actually enjoy the process of
becoming fluent in a language quickly!
Nelson Dellis, 2011 and 2012 USA Memory Champion

Fluent Forever more than meets the daunting challenge of learning a new language by giving the
reader a solid game plan based on how people actually learn and memorize information. From the
first chapter, I couldnt wait to get started using Wyners techniques and tons of resources. His
writing is engaging, smart, and conversational, making learning a real joy. If youve ever wanted
to become fluent in another language, do yourself a favor and start reading Fluent Forever now.
Melanie Pinola, contributor writer for and author of LinkedIn in 30 Minutes

This is the book Id use next time I want to learn a new language. It employs an intelligent mix
of the latest methods for learning a language on your own using the Web, apps, and voice-training tips
in an accelerated time frame.
Kevin Kelly, senior maverick at Wired and author of What Technology Wants

I know what youre thinking: But learning a new language is soooo hard! The solution? Stop being
a whiner and start reading Wyner. This book is a winner! Guaranteed to rewire your brain in as
many languages as youd like.
Joel Saltzman, author of Shake That Brain!: How to Create Winning Solutions and Have Fun
While Youre at It

An excellent book Wyner writes in an engaging and accessible way, weaving in his personal
language journey. His method, proven by his own achievements, is clear: focus on pronunciation,
avoid translation, and use spaced repetition extensively. And he offers lots of specific techniques to
make sure youll never forget what youve learned. Id recommend this book to anyone who is
seriousnot just aspiring but really seriousabout becoming fluent in a foreign language.
Kevin Chen, cofounder of

Mash up the DNA of Steve Jobs and Aristotle and add training in engineering and opera, and
you get Gabriel Wyner, whose ingeniously elegant system helps us knuckleheads learn not just
foreign languages but, well, everything. Autodidacts rejoice!
Jay Heinrichs, author of Thank You for Arguing and Word Hero

Americans refuse to realize that all languages are foreignyes, including English. Its time we
learned how to speak like the rest of the world: in more ways than one. This book is a hilarious
toolbox that helps you get a head start. Pick a foreign language (yes, including English) and voil:
el futuro es tuyo. High-five to Gabriel Wyner!
Ilan Stavans, author of Dictionary Days: A Defining Passion
Copyright 2014 by Gabriel Wyner

All rights reserved.

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ISBN 978-0-385-34811-9
eBook ISBN 978-0-385-34810-2
Cover design by Nupoor Gordon
Cover illustration: Maydaymayday/Getty Images

Title Page

1: Introduction: Stab, Stab, Stab

Cheaters Occasionally Prosper: The Three Keys to Language Learning
The Game Plan
How Long Does Fluency Take?
Do This Now: The Path Forward

2: Upload: Five Principles to End Forgetting

Principle 1: Make Memories More Memorable
Principle 2: Maximize Laziness
Principle 3: Dont Review. Recall.
Principle 4: Wait, Wait! Dont Tell Me!
Principle 5: Rewrite the Past
Timing Is Everything: The End of Forgetting
Do This Now: Learn to Use a Spaced Repetition System

3: Sound Play
Train Your Ears, Rewire Your Brain
Train Your Mouth, Get the Girl
Train Your Eyes, See the Patterns
Do This Now: Learn Your Languages Sound System

4: Word Play and the Symphony of a Word

Where to Begin: We Dont Talk Much About Apricots
Games with Words
The Gender of a Turnip
Do This Now: Learn Your First 625 Words, Music and All

5: Sentence Play
The Power of Input: Your Language Machine
Simplify, Simplify: Turning Mountains into Molehills
Story Time: Making Patterns Memorable
On Arnold Schwarzenegger and Exploding Dogs: Mnemonics for Grammar
The Power of Output: Your Custom Language Class
Do This Now: Learn Your First Sentences

6: The Language Game

Setting Goals: Your Custom Vocabulary
Words About Words
Reading for Pleasure and Profit
Listening Comprehension for Couch Potatoes
Speech and the Game of Taboo
Do This Now: Explore Your Language

7: Epilogue: The Benefits and Pleasures of Learning a Language

The Toolbox
The Gallery: A Guide to the Flash Cards That Will Teach You Your Language
The Art of Flash Cards
The First Gallery: Do-It-Yourself Pronunciation Trainers
The Second Gallery: Your First Words
The Third Gallery: Using and Learning Your First Sentences
The Fourth Gallery: One Last Set of Vocabulary Cards

A Glossary of Terms and Tools

Appendix 1: Specific Language Resources
Appendix 2: Language Difficulty Estimates
Appendix 3: Spaced Repetition System Resources
Appendix 4: The International Phonetic Alphabet Decoder
Appendix 5: Your First 625 Words
Appendix 6: How to Use This Book with Your Classroom Language Course

One Last Note (About Technology)