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In prezent televiziunea reprezinta o un factor al existentei indispensabil oamenilor, uneori

ea provocand dependenta, mai ales la copii.

Pe la inceputul secolului al XX-lea, la moda era ziarul. Apoi, incet-incet, radioul si-a
facut intrarea in scena. Prima demonstratie a unei transmisii de televiziune s-a realizat
abia in 1926 si poarta semnatura lui John Logie Baird. Primul televizor color a fost
produs de catre Toshiba in 1959, iar din 1960 era disponibil pentru cumparare. Odata cu
apartitia filmelor 3D in cinematografe, au aparut si solutii de consum al acestei tehnologii
in confortul propriei case, iar televizoarele 3D au devenit din ce in ce mai populare.

In prezent televizorul a devenit un factor daunator pentru om, prin efectul hipnotic,
provocand dependenta, problemele de atentie, hiperactivitate. El este o explicatie a
diminuarii capacitatii de invatare si a slabirii abilitatilor mentale la tot mai multi dintre
tinerii de astazi (Efectele televiziunii asupra mintii umane de Virgiliu Gheorghe) prin
slabirea capacitatii de a asculta, incapacitatea de a-si mentine atentia, de a intelege si de
a-si aminti un material prezentat oral; dificultatea de a intelege frazele mai lungi,
propozitiile intercalate si structurile gramaticale mai complexe.

Toate studiile sociologice dovedesc ca violenta de pe micul ecran naste violenta in lumea
reala. Comportamentul rzvrtit i tiranic, atitudinea ironic i limbajul impertinent
promovate pe micul ecran formeaz nite tineri egoiti i individualiti, incapabili s se
socializeze normal. Iar mesajul publicitar multiplic dorinele, genereaz stri de frustrare
i, ca urmare, se constituie ntr-un factor de stres extrem de nociv pentru dezvoltarea
personalitii copiilor.

In concluzie evolutia televiunii arata intr-o mica masura evolutia oameniri. Nu exista
niciun dubiu ca televizorul are si partile lui bune atunci cand este folosit corect - este un
excelent educator si animator, dar are si partile lui proaste.

Television is a telecommunication medium that is used for transmitting

and receiving moving images and sound. Nowadays television is an
indispensable factor for the existence of humans, sometimes causing her
addiction, especially for children. The amount of time devoted to television
is equal to approximately 39 billion hours.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the fashion was the newspaper.
Then, slowly, the radio has made entry into the scene. The first
demonstration of television transmission was achieved only in 1926 and bears
his signature of John Logie Baird. Then, the first color TV was produced by
Toshiba in 1959, and in 1960 was available for purchase. TVs have evolved
over time, up to the present time with the advent of 3D films in cinemas,
they appeared and consumer solutions of this technology in the comfort of
your own home, and 3D TVs have become increasingly more popular.
Now the TV has become a factor harmful to people, through hypnotic
effect, causing addiction, attention problems, hyperactivity. He is "an
explanation of the decreasing capacity of learning and mental skills to us
more and more of the young people of today" by the inability to maintain
attention, to understand and to remember the material presented orally; the
difficulty to comprehend longer phrases, sentences and grammatical
structures occupy more complex and a weakening of the capacity to listen.

All the sociological studies prove that violence breeds violence on the
small screen in the real world. Rebellious behavior and tyrannical, ironic
attitude and impertinent language promoted on the small screen form some
selfish and individualistic young, unable to socialize normally. And multiply
the desires, the advert generates state of frustration and therefore
represent a stress factor highly detrimental for the development of
children's personality.

In conclusion, the evolution of television shows on a small measure of

human evolution. There is no doubt that TV has its good parts and when used
properly is an excellent educator and performer, but also has its bad parts.