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Flushing Procedure

i. For piping not permitted to be flushed with water due to process operational
reasons, air or suitable flushing medium can be used upon PCSB approval.
ii. Before filling water into the system, all equipment and instrumentation such as
but not limited to check valves, flow nozzles and strainers, where debris are
likely to be trapped, shall be removed or spaded off.
iii. All piping fabrication works like welding, inspection and NDE shall be
completed by Contractor prior to the work.
iv. The piping system shall be checked to be able to sustain the load during
flushing and temporary support shall be added if necessary.
v. Flushing water shall be free from dirt and impurities as per test water
specifications in Section 5.4 Hydrotest Medium.
vi. All ball valves shall be in the fully open position. All instrument accessories
shall be removed or blinded off.
vii. The drain point at the lowest valve or flange connection in the system shall be
established and identified in the isometric drawing.
viii. The pump shall be connected to the filling point at the highest practical location
available on the system.
ix. Intermediate vent and drain points shall be located and identified in the test
package and isometric drawing.
x. Open the lowest drain point and start the pump to flush water from the system
down to the discharge overboard.
xi. Flush all lines with a minimum volume flow (velocity) of three (3) meters per
second from high to low suitable points to ensure thorough flushing.
xii. During the flushing operation, open necessary intermediate drains to ensure
cleanliness at stub points and dead pockets.
xiii. Close all intermediate vents and continue flushing operation until the water
flowing at the lowest drain point is clean. Test samples shall be taken until the
water from the test system is free of dirt and foreign materials by using a 10m
mesh filter.
xiv. When the flushing water discharge is clear and free from any debris or foreign
material to the satisfaction of PCSB representative, stop the pump and close the
valves downstream of the pump discharge and draining points.
xv. Disconnect the pump from the system and retain the system full of water, ready
to continue for hydrotest if the water meets the hydrotest medium
specifications. If otherwise, the water shall be thoroughly drained and the
system shall be filled up with the hydrotest medium.