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Learning goal: You will be able to cite and explain how microwave background radiation, redshift of galaxies, and the elemental
composition of the universe all contributed to the development and verification of the Big Bang Theory explanation of our universe
Task: Working in groups of three, choose 3 activities (to make 3 in a row) to display your understanding of the three pieces of
evidence of the Big Bang Theory. Please highlight the boxes you choose to accomplish. Paste the published links/files to your projects
Category Category Category

Kinesthetic Musical Mathematical

Create a model that Write a song/rap about the 3 Complete the math
demonstrates the origins of the pieces of evidence for the big problems on frequency,
universe. bang theory. Song must have at wavelength and speed
least 3 versus and 1 chorus. and discuss the
mathematical evidence
Im known to give extra credit that supports the Big
for performances/videos :) Bang Theory.

Movie makers Verbal Visual

Write a skit about the creation Make a podcast (mp3) radio Create an infographic
of our universe (think: timeline hour in which you interview the using Piktochart: Create
formation of galaxies, stars, scientists who came up with the Easy Infographics,
planets). Create a Powtoon or big bang theory. Q & A about Reports, Presentations to
Stupeflix video that explains how they used the 3 pieces of explain the 3 pieces of
the 3 pieces of evidence for evidence to create the big bang evidence for the Big Bang
the Big Bang Theory. theory. Theory.

Artistic Writing History

Create an informational poster Write a letter to the scientists Create a Timeline about
that represents the origins of who came up with the big bang the big bang theory
the universe. Posters must theory. Ask them questions (include dates, scientist
include color and be neatly about how they created the big names, and technologies
completed. bang theory. Then have created, and discoveries
another group member to write made)
back as the actual scientists!