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Abab Whitepaper

Autonomous Blockchain Accommodation Base / Telegram: @abab_io / Twitter: @abab_io
0. Project Summary. 3
1. Introduction, background and team. 4
2. Introduction to a product. 6
3. Market Analysis & Problem 7
Key Figures 7
Why market will have to change 7
Guest Issues 7
Issues of minor market participants 7
4. Product speciDication 9
Main feature 9
Bene?its 11
Estimated Cost of AAA Tokens in Future 12
Abab.DAO 12
General Features 13
Message Exchange 13
The Rating System 13
Storage of Images and Texts 14
Information Stored in the Blockchain 14
5. Technical & Risks 17
Risks of the Ethereum Network Use 18
Current state on the Ethereum network 18
Estimated load on the network and conclusion 18
Other Ways of Scaling 19
7. Use Cases 20
8. Tokensale 21
9. Roadmap 23
11. Conclusion & Contacts 24
12. FAQ 25


0. Project Summary.

Soon the short-term rental market is going to change drastically. It already has
changed rapidly in last ten years. Especially it became noticeable in the segment of short-
term rental of real estate with Internet development and the advent of such players as, HomeAway, Craigslist and Airbnb. But it still has the same problem as years
back then.
The value of any rental marketplace, as a market participant, is directly
proportional to a number of its customers (hosts and guests) - the more customers you
have, the more value you present to a market. It seems ok, but there is a side effect. This
market has almost no small players: either youre huge from the start (your budget), or
youll have to get out of the business very soon. Thats how the market got monopolised -
net effect because of a new attractive offer. Last big market changing offer was Airbnb,
next will be Abab. (autonomous blockchain accommodation base) offers a blockchain
solution global decentralised marketplace of accommodation rentals with a common
base of guests and hosts for third party developers. They can use Abab to create its own
superstructure over the system to offer some additional services on the website or
mobile app (= they dont have to worry about size of customer base) or upload their
own customer base and receive a fee for every booking of your client base unit on any
other partner resources. The system formalises guest-host relations in smart-contract
with personal identity and reputation system. The fee for the system is just 0,5% (=
traditional competitors charge 9-35%).

Thereby every third-party developer (partner) will have free access to the entire
base of users and he will be able to focus on providing the best possible service. The
Ababs nature is re?lexive in some way: the more partners come to the platform, the
bigger its further potential growth, because of the net effect.

AbabDAO is a decentralised autonomous organisation used for developing

projects based on technology. In traditional alternatives, there are two main
risks the marketplace platform and the counterparty. If youre a guest, something may
go wrong with the platform and with the host, and if youre a host the same is true to
platform and guest. Well remove the platform risk through DAO and decrease
counterparty risk through smart-contracts and reputation system similar to eBay,
Alibaba, Airbnb, etc and become fully trustless.

Welcome to


1. Introduction, background and team.

The idea of the project was born when we had to face property rental market.
Weve noticed that theres almost no new players, huge whales feast on the market and
small players disappear very fast. Most of our team members are crypto enthusiasts. We
believe in blockchain, we believe that in a few years blast wave from Bitcoin appearance
will cover almost every single person on our planet. So, then we thought that property
market might be perfect for blockchain technology: we can create convenient trustless
system with near zero commissions and speci?ic conditions for third party developers
when they would be interested in platform growth because it is straight proportion to
their growth. Thats how Abab has started in spring 2017. is a globally decentralised marketplace for accommodation rentals where
a blockchain allows to reduce the commission and solves the issue of trust between the
host and the guest by formalising the rules of interaction in a smart contract and
introducing a system for the validation of the identity and rating of the system user.


Today our team consists of 6 core members and a lot of enthusiasts around it:

Alexey Nebotov: Project team lead. Product owner in MTS. Crypto
enthusiast. Currently running a team of 20 analysts and developers.
5 years of experience in blockchain. Developed Solidity smart

Sergey Latatuev: Project Architect. Enterprise architect in MTS.
Crypto enthusiast. Has vast experience in enterprise application

Denis Matuzenko: Front-end developer. System analyst in Tele2.

Crypto enthusiast. 10+ years of enterprise solution architecture,
analysis, design and development.

Bogdan Medvedev: Back-end developer. Node.Js developer. Was

involved in numerous high-load projects based on Node.js (ES6).
Professional competence with Ethereum smart-contracts (go-
ethereum, web3, keythereum, ethereumjs) and establishing own
crypto-currency. Experience with Reactive, React, Angular.

Yaroslav Lunev: Head of Communications. Crypto enthusiast. 7+

years experience in business, digital and social media marketing.
ChronoBank marketing team.

Alena Kazakova: Community manager. Managed marketing

campaings for Red Bull Western Siberia. Founder of business
training center.


2. Introduction to a product.

We are creating a decentralised marketplace for accommodation rentals market

with open API, low charges, blackjack, blockchain and smart contracts. There will be a
common decentralised base of guests and hosts on the blockchain and every third party
developer will be able to create his own accommodation rental service easily. Basic
platform commission is only 0,5% and developers will be able to add up some
commission for extra value they bring to the system.
All the payments will be proceeded in AbabCoin (AAA) and, for example, you can
add an opportunity to pay in ?iat currency or other tokens and charge some small charge
over the basic one for conversion service. Another example, you can offer guided tours
to all of your customers, or rent bikes, or manage phone support, etc. Bring extra value,
focus on best possible service and do not think about trust issues, massive lead
generation or account management system.


3. Market Analysis & Problem

Key Figures
Estimate appraise of accommodation market for 2017 is about 170 billion USD
and 270 billion USD in 2019. The market is huge and its still growing. New players, like
AirBnb (covers about 1% of it by the summer 2017) are very con?ident in their grow.
More than 8,2 billion USD was invested in short-term rental services since
2011, about 94% of it was invested in different marketplaces. World investors see a
good potential in property marketplaces.
Four biggest market players (Priceline Group, Airbnb, HomeAway and
TripAdvisor) covers 22% of the market.

Why market will have to change

The net effect is a reason why the market is covered by a few major centralised
players (whales), who dictate their terms. If a minor market participant wants to grow
to same slightly signi?icant size, it needs a large amount of investments. Marketplace
value = size of its customer base, but newbie has zero bases, and it is hard to gain it
because of the net effect of whales.
Minor market participants have no alternative: OR they can try to develop their
business in locations that no whale is interested in and get bigger until whale notice and
eat them (best case) OR die right now (worst case). Both options are unacceptable.
The market will change when a new player comes, settle new rules of the game and
gain net effect, so whales will have to move or move out of the market. Either way, the
market changer will monopolise the market. Thats Abab.

Guest Issues
Current charges of the traditional short-term rental marketplaces are 9% - 35%.
Besides, the conditions of accommodation are identical for all users of the system, and it
is not possible to decline any part of their services, like insurance or phone support.

Changing conditions by switching from one reservation system to another is also

problematic since the database of hosts and ratings is centralised within the service and
is closed to access by other market participants or third-party developers (no API).

Issues of minor market participants

To enter the rental market independently, a company must either invest in the
purchase of the real property that will be offered for rent (traditional business) or form
a pool of hosts whose property it will offer for rent wherefore receiving a commission


(the Airbnb business model). The ?irst option means capital investments while the
second one requires time and signi?icant marketing outlays.

Marketplace value is in straight proportion to a size of its client base. Thats why
we see new market participants very rarely. You either have to have a tremendous
amount of investments for a start to accumulate customer base, or youll go out of the
business. Thats why the only chance to get big on this market is a new fresh idea that
brings more value to the market and customers will start using it instead of older
market players. But if the idea is this good, youll create a net effect that will protect you
from competitors. The net effect is the reason why we use Facebook instead of any
other social network - theres no point in it, everybody is already on Facebook. Net
effects is a right of the ?irst: the ?irst who invented something, the ?irst who brought the
idea to the market, the ?irst who realised it.

Among the companies working on the model of sharing (economics of sharing),

there are leaders whose databases contain an amassed data on both hosts and guests.
These databases are closed and usually lack the API; even in the cases when the owner
of the database does provide the API, during the implementation of the project one
becomes dependent on the owner of the database. In this case, the owner of the
database dictates the terms and can change the size of the commission or seize the
markets warmed up by the partners.


4. Product speciDication
Main feature
Our team implements a single database of guests and hosts on a blockchain. This
base contains information about all the apartments of the hosts that they posted, all the
transactions between the guests and the hosts, and the system of bookings and
settlements between the guest, the host and the partner.

Partners are third-party developers of services and interfaces for both hosts and
guests. They may provide various terms and service sets at their discretion
(commissions, email and/or phone support, discounts, promotions, guides, vehicle
rental, etc.). The openness of the technology and the partners commission registered at
the protocol level will make possible to the partners to build their own business quickly.
Partners will convey their offers to the guests and the hosts in the most convenient way
- without dependence on the owner of the database (marketplace).

Every partner who attract new hosts and guests get a commission for their
activity on the platform on a smart-contract level. This feature will secure the process of
migration of large market participants to an Abab blockchain.

The interaction between hosts and guests:


1) The host, using the partners application, posts rental information including
available dates in the blockchain. A partner's app can be anything, including a
website, a mobile application, a chat robot, a travel agency, a manager calling
clients, - in short, any interface with a guest that the partner decided to actualize;

2) Information about available rentals is synchronised with the databases of all

partners via the blockchain;

3) Guests, using one of the partners app, search for suitable offers;

4) After the guest books the accommodation, AbabCoin gets blocked on the smart
contract. The conversion of ?iat funds into AbabCoin units is carried out by the
partner. The funds are transferred to the host in 24 hours after moving in to
provide the opportunity for opening a dispute;

5) The host con?irms the booking (the host has the option to enable automatic

6) After moving out, the guest leaves a comment that affects the host's rating, while
the host leaves a comment that affects the rating of the guest. The same system
works perfectly on eBay, Uber etc.

The interaction between guests, partners and AbabDAO:

Within the framework of the system, there will be created a

decentralised autonomous organisation ABAB.DAO; it accumulates all of the basic
commission of the system (0,5%). This DAO is aimed at selecting partners projects and
helping the partners with a creation of their services. This support may be offered in the
form of consultations on working with the Abab system or grant in AbabCoin tokens.


There are no restrictions on creating a partner's service without interacting with
ABAB.DAO; the block is open and accessible to everyone. The entire stored database is
decentralised and the rules of the interaction guest-partner-host are described in the
form of smart contracts.

When the guest rents the accommodation, partners commission is added to the
rental price posted by the host (any amount, at the discretion of the partner) and the
0.5% fee for ABAB.DAO.

The team develops a base client. These are its objectives:
the reference implementation of the interaction with the blockchain
REST/SQL gateway of the blockchain access suf?icient for the
implementation of the partners services;
demonstration of the system operation (a simple client site in a test
the possibility for the partners to test their designs.

The base client is not intended for guests and users to work with it directly but
serves as a wrapper that makes the partners work with the blockchain more

For guests:

A massive database of hosts offers that no other service is can provide;

Price: the blockchain allows to lower the cost of transactions and simplify the
interaction with many hosts, guests, and partners;

The possibility to choose from a variety of options of partner services that

provide various interfaces (websites, mobile applications, travel agencies, etc.)
and channels of interaction (different partners provide varying levels of service:
some provide telephone support, others leave the guest alone with the website
while reducing the price; some communicate in English only while others can
provide support in Rachasap);

Cross-partner support (the accommodation booked via one partner while a

dispute is opened via another one);

Trust: the rules are written in the form of smart contracts and cannot be
breached by either the host or the partner.

For hosts:


The customer ?low: by posting an ad in one place you receive a stream of clients
from many channels;
Trust: the rules are written in the form of smart contracts and cannot be
breached by either the partner or the guest. The partner cannot block the hosts
Identical rules for all, irrespectively of which partner has delivered the guest;
Low charge systems due to the competition among partners.
The help of local agents. Its is a particular type of partners specialising in
helping the hosts. Their help can be offered in taking photos of the
accommodation, describing the layout and the features of the accommodation.
The commission for helping the hosts is prescribed in a smart contract.

For partners:
Low cost of entering the rental market, the solution we offer is revolutionary;
Access to a vast database of accommodation offers;
Community support;
ABAB.DAO support including grant support.

Estimated Cost of AAA Tokens in Future

With the current global volume of the short-term rental market about $170
billion approximately and a market share of 5%, assuming that the accommodations are
booked, on the average, one month before the trip, we will calculate that the AbabCoin
tokens blocked in reservations only should be worth $2,15 billion. Only this thing brings
the value of the coin to 2,15 dollars. And if we assume that some of the coins will be held
in the stabilisation reserves of the partners, some in ABAB.DAO, and other still, retained
by users for investment purposes or saved for vacation spending, it can be assumed that
the value of the coin will be even higher. Besides, when implementing the service for
short-term rentals, it may be replicated to other types of rentals, which will also
increase demand for AbabCoin tokens.

Airbnb, accounting for 1% of the short-term rental market, with a forecast of

10% for 2020, has a $30 billion capitalisation in 2017. An equal market capitalisation of
AbabCoin would mean that the cost of one token is about $91.

Some of the AbabCoin tokens released in the ITO will be transferred to Abab.DAO
(decentralised autonomous organisation). This DAO will be maintained by the owners of
AbabCoin, and it is aimed at helping partners build and promote their applications in
the network.


0.5% of the rent amount at the moment of payment is transferred to this DAO
and distributed among the projects of support and development of the network
according to the vote of the holders of the AbabCoin tokens.

General Features
Message Exchange
The exchange of messages is divided into private, outside the system, and

The public messages are used to store the posting ratings as well as the ratings of
guests and hosts. Short messages are stored in the blockchain; longer ones are stored in
the p2p ?ile sharing network while their hash is saved in the blockchain. The of?icial client is also a client of p2p ?ile sharing, which means that images and longer
messages are stored together by all partners. The number of such messages is
unlimited, but for them to be included in the blockchain and have the data stored in the
p2p network, compensation to the miners for the costs of maintaining the blockchain is
required. Types of public messages:

Assigning a rating to another participant;

The validation of the identity of another participant (identity, passport data, links
to social networks);


Feedback: after the guest has moved out, both the host and the guest leave
feedback and evaluation about each other, which subsequently forms their rating.

The Rating System

Information on all rental accommodations and user reviews are saved in the blockchain and are available to everyone. The client aggregates and
analyses the feedback data for forming a rating.

The rating is built upon the following information:

Accuracy of description
Check in
Overall assessment


Storage of Images and Texts
The blockchain is not suitable for storing large amounts of information. Even
though the cost of disk space keeps dropping exponentially while the speed on the
Internet grows rapidly, still, at this stage of technology development, saving images will
kill the blockchain.

To store large amounts of information (images, descriptions, worded reviews), it

is possible to use:

1) Traditional Internet hosting;

2) IPFS (InterPlanetary File System);

3) The system or similar ones.

Simultaneously, the signed hash of the stored information is saved in the


Information Stored in the Blockchain

User Information (Guest or Host)
The system identi?ies each user by his digital signature.

Information about the user is hashed and stored in p2p while the hash is stored
in the blockchain. The saved details include:


Full name

Links to social networks


Based on the data from the blockchain the following details of the user
are calculated:

Overall rating

Guest rating

Host Rating

Accommodation unit
Saved details:





Contact details

Address (can be encrypted)

Whether a penalty for cancellation of booking is imposed, its type and size

Linked entities stored in the blockchain:



The rating calculated on the basis of the reviews recorded in the blockchain; it
takes into account the following information:



Accuracy of description

Check in

Overall assessment


It is possible to change the dates on which guests can make reservations and
indicate the cost of booking on these dates without changing the posting.

Saved details:

Hash of the posting;

Date range;

Days of the week unavailable for booking;

Flag of the availability of booking within the indicated range.

When calculating the availability of an apartment for a speci?ic date, you must
consistently apply all the schedules tied to the accommodation unit. For example, if
there are two schedules: the ?irst stating that booking is available between 01.01.2018
and 31.12.2018, and the second, that the booking is unavailable between 01.08.2018
and 31.08.2018, it means that booking is available throughout 2018, except for the
month of August.

Saved details:

Hash of the schedule;


Currency (AbabCoin by default)

Price for the per-day rent;

Array of discounts for long-term booking:

o The lowest number of days for a special price to be applied;

o Price

Booking Cancellation
Saved details:
Booking hash

The presence of a transaction of the "Reservation cancellation" type means that

the booking whose hash is speci?ied in the transaction has been cancelled.

Depending on the status of the reservation (requires con?irmation, con?irmed,

not con?irmed), the cancellation conditions stated in the posting and the time remaining
till the check-in, the guest can be subject to penalties.

Booking ConDirmation
The smart contract containing the posting can either automatically con?irm the
booking or request a booking con?irmation from the host.

Saved details:
Booking hash
In the event that the address is encrypted, the decryption key encrypted with the
public key of the guest

The digital signature of the host is applied to all the transactions he submits.

Change of key (Transfer of the account to a different partner)

Since guests and hosts use partners services for bookings and communications,
it is likely that their private key will be compromised. Therefore, a transaction is entered
indicating that the user has started using a new key. The transaction history and the
rating are then transferred to the new key.

Saved details:
Public key
New public key
The signature made with the old key


5. Technical & Risks

In this scheme, you can see what process of booking looks like. The ?irst-day gap
of payment transactions compensates the day after guest leaving. Plus, we can make
transactions get transferred daily, hourly, per-minute or even per-second.

You should be aware, that you should count out correct charges of the ?inal
number that you get in the formula of Hosts pro?it in the current moment of time.

The interaction between Guests, Hosts and Partners with Abab blockchain:


1) Guests and hosts interact with via partners;

2) Partners interact with via an of?icial client (REST and/or SQL)

3) Or they implement integration with Ethereum and use smart contracts

4) Entering a record in the blockchain is made using the standard API Ethereum

5) Longer descriptions and images are stored separately (IPFN, Storj); posting in
traditional hosting is also possible, with the veri?ication of authenticity by hash)

Risks of the Ethereum Network Use

Current state on the Ethereum network
In June 2017, the load on the Ethereum network reached 300,000 transactions
per day, and the Ethereum network began to experience problems with the speed and
cost of transactions.

The Number of Transac0ons per Day in the Ethereum Network





5/31/2021 6/8/2021 6/16/2021 6/24/2021 7/2/2021

Estimated load on the network and conclusion

Within one year, Airbnb has booked 79 million "room-nights". Assuming that an
average booking is for the term of 5 nights and one booking requires four transactions,
the daily amount of transactions via the network would be 173150 in average
(daily in a year). Of course, this number will be gained not in ?irst months of the project.
But we plan to start accepting guests on May 2018, and by the time we plan to start
experiencing such loads, the Ethereum team will manage to increase the performance of
the Ethereum network.

Plus, we should say, that in future, when Abab will have a much bigger number of
transactions, well be able to transform basic blockchain.


Other Ways of Scaling
The protocol can route some transactions from the general blockchain to
independent channels:

1) For booking, it is suf?icient to know only the current postings status, and not the
status of other postings - it is possible to allocate the transactions related to a
particular posting to an independent channel

2) To calculate the rating of a guest or a host, it is possible to allocate their reviews

to separate channels

3) Given that the partner can attract both guests and owners and receive funds from
the former and pay the latter, some transactions can take place inside the
partners channel and only transactions that lead to a change in the partner's
total balance will get into the common blockchain.

Since the partners interact with the blockchain via the client API,
updating the method of their interaction with the blockchain will not cause the collapse
of their applications, and in the future, a migration of the network to faster blockchains
may be possible.


7. Use Cases

We divide using of Abab platform into two main areas: implementing the
technology in working business and creating a service as a new business.

If someone wants to use Abab in his business, use this open system to get clients,
he should load his base of accommodation units into the blockchain and make it freely
accessible to anyone. The smart contract will provide him with his commission if
someone books object from his base. Theres no risk for the company - system is

In another case, anyone can start a business creating a new superstructure over
the system. Especially it is an attractive option for large enterprises with an IT-
departments who can create inner service for business trips with 0,5% basic
commission, some host charge and automatic document work?low without guest charge.
With this trustless system, it is effortless to remove possible business trip cost report
fraud inside of a company. When you have automatically issued invoices, reports and
small charges you can book anything right from the of?ice.

Another category is a creation of independent accommodation services with

our system. It may be a unique service for some town with a well integrated system of
local services (restaurants discounts, rent a car or a bike, food delivery, entertainment,
etc.). Or some big national airlines company may create an exceptional service for its
customers with discounts or special loyalty system to increase LTV (life time value).

In tourist-oriented countries, it is possible to create accommodation service with

well-developed guide and sightseeing system.


8. Tokensale

The value of one AbabCoin token at the time of ITO is $0.10 (10 US cents). In the
tokensale process, 300,000,000 AbabCoin tokens are distributed, of which 10,000,000
tokens are distributed among those participating in preITO.

Distribution of coins:

Amount of % of the Total

Tokens distributed at token sale 290 000 000 87.9%

Conversion of presale tokens into AbabCoin 10 000 000 3%

Advisors & Marke7ng 3 500 000 1.05%

Bounty Campaign 2 500 000 0.75%

Team Tokens 24 000 000 7,3%

To avoid sharp price drops in the AbabCoin rate, the developed smart contract
will not allow the sale of more than 10% of the tokens distributed to the team within
one month.

Tokensale stages:

Ac3vity: Dates
Presale July 13 31
Promo Star0ng July 10, 2017
Prototype Demonstra7on September 5, 2017
Start of tokensale September 15, 2017
Stop of tokensale October 15, 2017
AbabCoin Trading November 1, 2017

How to Buy AbabCoin Tokens

The value of one AbabCoin unit in Ether will be determined at the time of the
tokensale launch. When paying via Bitcoin, the rate of BTC/ETH is determined by the
indices of at the moment of ?ixing the transaction in the Bitcoin


Participation in Tokensale from the addresses of exchanges is not allowed.

The investors into AbabCoin are granted a discount when investing during
presale and Tokensale. At the time of presale, the discount is 40%. In the process of
Tokensale it starts on the ?irst day at 15% and is reduced by 5% for the sale of every
25% of the tokens.


0 10,000,000 (PREITO) 40%

10,000,000 75,000,000 15%
75,000,000 150,000,000 10%
150,000,000 225,000,000 5%
225,000,000 300,000,000 0%

A minimal amount of investments when Tokensale is considered to be successful

is 5 min USD (50.000.000 AAA). This low bar will be enough for organising R&D for 18
months for a team of developers and managers and marketing budget for launching the
system in 2 countries. The more tokens sold, the more marketing budget well have.


50,000,000 Low bar: R&D + launch 2 countries
100,000,000 + bigger team (faster development) and 2 more
countries launches
150,000,000 + 3 more countries launches
200,000,000 Launch of Abab in the whole EU
250,000,000 Launch of Abab in EU + Asia
300,000,000 + token price support at ITO level

Yes, we understand that therere no restrictions in our system for people from
anywhere in the world, everyone can connect to it. Why do we need separate marketing
budget for different countries? Well, at ?irst, it is not only Abab promotion budget but
also a blockchain promotion in some way. Different countries have different ways of
sharing information inside of it. The Internet is everywhere, but every location will have
its dif?iculties. Weve consulted with several national and international level marketing
experts and they advised us to use country separation in budget planning.


9. Roadmap

Ac3vity Date
Prototype September 5, 2017
Tokensale nish October 15, 2017
Start of AbabCoin trading November 1, 2017
Release of the alpha version
sucient for working February-March 2018
on the partners products
Start of AFrac7ng Partners
Hackathons, compe77ons, etc. March 2018
Using Abab.DAO
Start of AFrac7ng Hosts May 2018
Start of Promo7on for Guests June 2018


11. Conclusion & Contacts

If youre reading the Conclusion, then thank you for your time and attention. We
represent a team of crypto enthusiasts with 10 years of smart contract development
experience in common. We understand potential risks of the blockchain of the project,
and we have secure strategies for different versions of the future of Ethereum project.

It is almost impossible to create small successful rental marketplace nowadays.

Either youll need an incomparably large amount of investments, or youll go out of
business. That is the problem that our projects trying to solve - well provide an
opportunity to enter short-term accommodation rental market at very acceptable costs.
Our solution is an example of sharing economy on blockchain, and it can be used either
by major market players and by newbies or minor ones. This approach will provide
substantial net effect and protect Abab from competitors.

The world market is growing every year and estimate size of it for 2019 will be
about 170 billion USD. This is huge industry, and its hungry for new practical
approaches. The market never liked ineffectiveness, and Abab solves it. Thats why were
sure that our project has a bright future.

If you have any proposals, please, use this e-mail: Plus, if you
need rapid response, use this Telegram: @yardy.


12. FAQ

Why do you need AbabCoin?

- AAA token is an internal platform currency. Thats the only purpose of it. If
someone has any investing purposes because of its potential price growth - its up to him.

Why did you choose Ethereum blockchain?

- For now, Ethereum is the biggest blockchain after Bitcoin. That means we wont
have problems with market volume or liquidity. But we have to say that we can change
blockchain and it will cause no inconvenience to platform users. System architecture
allows us to do it.

What is the difference from Airbnb?

- Airbnb is not our competitor, actually it can become client and we might offer our
services for other short-term rental market participants (AirBnb competitors).

Can I book something right from Abab blockchain without partners


- Well, in that case, youll have to become a partner and make your own
superstructure with smart contracts on Abab and attract hosts and clients by yourself, so
smart-contract could guarantee you 0% charges (if you create it that way). In other cases
no, you cannot book anything straight from blockchain, you have to use partners.

What is the AML/KYC mechanism that you will use?

- It is an open question. Well deNinitely use KYC, it might be Civic or anything else.

Can I book something for the third party, not for myself?

- If a partner you use offer that service, then yes, you can.

Why do you think major players will come to your platform?

- They have zero risks. Anyway, all of their bases are protected by smart contract.
Certainly, at Nirst, we expect minor players to join our platform and only after Abab
aggregates reasonable size of the base, major players will be interested in using it.

Do you have speciDic plans for market expansion?

- Well make market researche in autumn, after ICO, to choose countries to test our
platform Nirst. Well have different stages of our marketing strategy depending on the goal.
For example, when the goal is in attracting partners, well make hackathons with a
participation of third party developers and minor market players. Of course, every partner


is interested in customer base growth and it will do his campaigns, and well help every one
of them.

When will it be possible to join your system?

- You can check our roadmap. If youre a potential partner, youll be able to start
creating your platform in Q1 2018. If youre a host of guest, we plan to allow anyone to
register in Q2 2018. Stay tuned!

What exchanges do you plan to list AAA tokens to? And when?

- AAA token listing will take place after the ICO ends, in a 2-3 week after that. We
plan to cover all of the major exchanges (Poloniex, Bittrex, etc.) if nothing force majeure

Exclusion of Liability is currently under development; therefore, there is a probability that something
of what is described in this document may undergo changes.