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Thunderbolt(TM) Software Release Notes


This document is the release notes for version 2.0.4 of the Thunderbolt software.

Supported Operating Systems


Windows* 7 32-bit
Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 8.1 64-bit

Supported Thunderbolt Controllers


L4000 Series
L5000 Series
L5110 Series

Version 2.0.4:
- Added support for L5110 controllers
- Added a service component to the SW stack
- The SW components (driver, service and System Tray application) will start
when a new Thunderbolt device is connected and will go down when no devices
are connected
(except if user has one of these screens open: Settings, Manage Approved
- When Policy settings are changed via the system tray application the settings
are applied
to connected devices without the need to disconnect them.
- System Tray application displays error messages when in No Security mode
(Legacy mode).
- System Tray application supports moving devices from "connect once" to "always
connect" via
the Approve Devices dialog.
- When a non-admin connects a new device there will be a persistent dialog
indicating the
new device (instead of a balloon that disappears).
- Removed support from Windows 8 32b & 64b and from Windows 8.1 32b.

Version 1.5:

- Added toast notifications to notify users on need to approve newly connected

devices (Win8,
Win 8.1)

Version 1.4:
- Added support for Win 8.1 32b & 64b
Resolved Issues

4925955 Some devices are defined by the manufacturer to block connection if the
is not the first device in the chain. If one of these devices was connected
to a
lower level in the chain an error message was shown. The error message
incorrectly stated that there is a problem with a non-supported security

4925866 Toast notifications in the new Windows 8 User Interface were not working.
If you inserted a device (for the first time) when working in this UI, the
dialog was not shown.

4925757 Only one user account was able to run the Thunderbolt SW at a time. The
software was
"locked" by the first user that logs on to the computer.

Known Issues

4926127 In this version the SW stack goes down when the last device is
disconnected. However,
the system tray application will stay up if the last device is
disconnected within a few
seconds of the user changing the settings.

4926215 The system tray application does not function correctly on a Windows 7
Guest account and
must be run as an administrator in order to perform any operation.

4926270 Rollback during uninstall is only partially implemented, so that if a user

clicks Cancel
at a specific point during uninstall the SW will be in a partially-
installed state, and
cannot be easily uninstalled or re-installed.

4926297 SW upgrade does not bring the following from previous installations:
- FW policy (need to be re-set)
- Devices marked as "Always Connect" need to be re-approved.

4926287 Localization (translation) is supported to many languages. However, When

running in an
English OS with a non-English language pack, and running in the Admin
user, the installer
comes up in English.

4926303, 4926308 When the BIOS is in Secure Connect mode, and connecting a chain
of devices where
a device in the middle of the chain does not support Secure Connect, the
dialog for approving
devices may be mal-formed and when trying to approve the device first in
the chain the UI may
crash. This can be resolved by removing the non-supported device from the

Legal Information

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