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Survey Commands:

PltScale - Set Plotting Scale
SetClai - Set Claimant's database
(c:scfe 1) - Set Claimant's database from an
existing data
SetTie - Set Tie point
(c:scfe 2)
DefTxt - Set Default text
NewCfg - Set to Default Value

Lot Preparation
(c:pdef) - Line Setup
Manual Plotting
try - Prepare Data
brwse - Browse prepared data
drwnewlot - Update drawing
xupdate - Update Scale
(msel) - Edit data (Rotation, Move) by group
prndta - Print prepared data
cdta - Convert prepared data to $LOTNO

SShot - Prepare data using azimuth, distance and elevation
cad1 - Prepare data
Coor - Prepare data from existing file

Lot Subdivision
Npt - Subdivide lot by rotating through a given point
Getoff - Subdivide lot by parallel offset

Lot Numbering
Number -
Lotnum - Regular lots
Renum - Renumber Text

Ids - Identify point
Dis - Distance command
Sar - Get Area

Trv - Traverse Computation

Solar - Solar Computation

PPCS Conversion
Geog - Geographic to Grid Conversion
Grd - Grid to Geographic Conversion
Plotcm - Plot series of point in Grid coordinates
Land Allocation Data
Comlad - Compute Land Allocation Data
Drawlad - Draw / Insert computed Land Allocation Data

Lot Computation]

Survey - Collect Data

Newnam - Change Lot ID
SeqNam - Change Lot Name
Update Lot Name
UnameD - Update lot name from drawing
UnameF - Update lot name from file

Chklt - Browse lot data

Drwlot - Draw polygon from stored database
RevDir - Reverse direction, clockwise to counter
Newone - New corner 1
Edtply - Update lot coordinates
Updsvy - Update lot Data
Ecor - Erase temporary corners
Dlddta - Download database
Eged - Edit Lot Database
Equdta - Set Equal Corner
Gettdc - Set Adjacent lot
Etdd - Edit adjacent lot
Wra - Draw lot area from stored database

Setup - Set print setup
Newlmb - Lot data computation
Technical Description
Chktd - Set technical description default
NewTdc - Technical Description
Lot Description
Nldc1 - Set Old lot description format
Nldc2 - Set New Lot Description format
Setting Computation
Lodtrv - Load traverse station
(C:Newset 2)- CAD format
(C:Newset 1)- Report format

Trv-Plot - Print Traverse Computation

Newlas - Print Lot Area Summary

Setblp - Setup bl-plan default settings
Iblsimp - Insert Simple subdivision plan
Ibllra - Insert LRA plan
Iblmine - Insert Mining plan
Iblplan - Location Plan
Cadastral Map
Cad_ind - Insert Cadastral index plan
Cad_map - Insert Cadastral plan
Newskp - Sketch plan
Igsca - Insert graphical scale

Ijoint - Insert joint certification

Isubd - Insert subdivision certification
Icons - Insert consolidation certification
Aline - Draw adjacent line
Adjt - Draw adjacent text
Cormon - Set/draw corners and monuments
Newldt - Set/draw tabulated lot description

Coprop - Copy properties
NEwmf - Freeze multiple layer by picking objects
Pclay - Set/Off layer
Ct - Change texts value,rotation,style etc
Ftxt - Find/Replace texts value
Stxt - Aligned text
Cstxt - Change text to uppercase/lowercase

Moff - Multiple Offset

Newrad - Change radius of circle
Scblock - Change block scale
Txtblk - Change block scale using text attributes height
Idp - Identify coordinates
Acf - Insert chaflan by radius
Getcf - Insert chaflan by length
Setmon1 - Set lot monuments
Setcor1 - Set lot corners
Dcir - Divide arc segment
Putgrid - Insert vertical/horitantal grid
Label line
(getldef) - Label Setup
Settp - Label tie-line
Lbm - Label each lot
Lbl - Label each line