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Introduction to Leaving Certificate English (Ordinary Level)

Paper One (10 minutes to read over at start) Paper Two (15 minutes to read over at start)

Section 1: Section 1: Single Text:

Question A One novel/play studied in great detail in class.

Comprehension 60 marks, 55 minutes

Read a passage and answer questions on it Section 2: The Comparative Study

(see comprehending booklet) You study 2/3 texts in class a novel/a play/a film

50 marks, 45/50 minutes You write essays on them, comparing them to each
Question B
70 marks, 65 minutes
Functional Writing
Section 3:
Write a Speech, Article, Letter, Diary, Speech,
Unseen Poem
Report etc.
A poem you havent studied. You will answer two
50 marks, 35 minutes
questions on it.
Section 2:
20 marks, 15 minutes
Composition (Writing)
Prescribed (Studied) Poetry
Write a personal essay, speech/talk, short story or
You study 20 poems throughout the 2 years. 4 of them
come up and you must write an essay answer on one.
100 marks, 1 Hour, 20 minutes, 750-1000 words
50 marks, 50 minutes

Mrs. Shannon