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School : SMA PLUS N 07 Kota Bengkulu

Class/Semester : XI/2
Subject : Bahasa Inggris
Material : Expressing Love
Focus : Speaking
Time Allocation : 2 X 45 Minutes

A. Standard Competence:
1. Comprehending and practicing the religious values professed
2. Comprehending and practicing honesty, discipline, reponsibility, attention, politeness,
responsivity, and activeness and behave as the part of solution of various problems in
communicating effectively in social and natural environment also in putting oneself as
nations guide in worldly association
3. Comprehending, practicing and analyzing factual, conceptual, and prosedural knowledge
based on curiousity about science, technology, art and culture, and humanities alongside
nationalism, citizenship, humanism and civilization according to recent event and
phemenone, also implementing procedural knowledge in specific field in line with
potency and interest in solving problems .
4. Processing and providing, in concrete and abstract domains related to the development of
what students learn a school independently, and being able to use methods according to
scienctific principle.
B. Basic Competence
1. Being grateful for the oppurtunity at learning English as an international language
2. Showing responsible, atentive, cooperative, and peace-loving atitude in doing functional
3. Analyzing social function and linguistic aspect at expressing love based on the contextual

C. Competence Attainment Indicators

1. Students are truly able to learn English about love expression in conversational content
2. Students are able to show their attention, aconfidence and responsibility in doing
communication related to love expression
3. Students are able to identify social function, idiomatic meaning, and linguistic aspect
from the topic found in conversational text
4. Students are able to do simple communication about expressing love
5. Students are able to make responses in doing communication related to expressing love

D. Material
Material is the simple expression and idioms that are usually used in communication. The
material also includes some conversations related to the topic in order the students understand
the contextual function and the using of the expression.
An idiom is an expression whose meaning cannot be inferred from the meanings of the
words that make it up. In the context of expressing love, the example is those three little words
tha mean the words I love you.
Expressing Love Responses
I love you I cant accept your love
I love you from the bottom of my heart I already have a girlfriend
I really love you Sorry, but I dont love you
I love you so much I love you too
I love you bad I have the same feeling for you
I have crush on you I have been someone elses
I fall in love with you Im in love with you too
Im in love with you I have waited for this moment
I will love until the end of time I have waited for you to say this

Idiomatic Expressions
Example 2
A : I have to tell you the truth,
To be the apple of someones eye
something Ive been
Those three little words
keeping all this time.
Have a crush on someone
B : What is it?
To fall over heels for someone
A : I think I have a crush on
To be lovey-dovey
Seeing someone
B : Oh, dear. Im so sorry, I
Ask for someones hand in marriage
have had a boyfriend. Im
Example 1 A : Oh, okay. Thats fine. I
A : Lily, I have three little wish nothing but the best
words to tell you for you two.

B : What are they, Bambang?

A : Those are little words are,
I Love You.
B : Oh, I have waited for you
to say this the whole time
E. Teaching-Learning Activity
NO Activity Time
1. Opening Activit: 15 minutes
a. Showing ones readiness by checking the attendance and
uniform orderliness, position and seat are fitted with the
learning activity.
b. Giving example communicatively related to expressing love
c. Explaining basic competence and the objective to be
achieved, it is the students are able to communicate in the
context of love expression
d. Preparing media and supportive tools for teaching-learning
2. Core Activity: 60 minutes

- Students are listening and writing the explanation given by the
teacher about the common expression of love and idiomatic

- Studdents are reading the example to comprehend the using of

the expressions

- With the help of the teacher, students are identifying social

function, and idiomatic meaning from the expressions served
in the textbook


With the guide of teacher, students are questioning the social

function, contextual using, and the idiomatic meanings from the
expressions of love found in the book

- In pairs, students are instructed to make simple
conversation together
- The students are practicing and acting out their
conversation in front of the class
- Students are working on the exercise on page 120 Dialog

3. Closing Activity:
a. Doing evaluation and refelection by giving question and asking
students reaction about the activities done as an input and
evaluation material for the next meeting
b. Planning and giving the follow-up by giving homework in
individual or group about expressing love
c. Explaing the lesson plan for the next meeting

F. Media/Supportive Tools/Sources
1. Media/Tool : Slate, Question Cards
2. Sources : English Zone for Senior High School Students Year XI by
Eka Mulya Astuti


DPL/Guru Pamong Mahasiswa PPL

Ivika Angreini S.Pd Debi Irawan

NIP. 197910272003122005 NIM : 1316230796