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Questions Choice A Choice B Choice C Choice D

Register the Report as a

concurrent program
with the output format
as------- for XML Publisher
1 reports PDF ans) XML RTF Excel
Can we Assign Multiple
Templates to Single Data
2 Definitions NO ans) Yes

What is the Name of XML

3 Publisher Configuration File XMLO.cfg XSDO.cfg ans) XDO.cfg XSCL.cfg
XML Publisher is
____________ based
3 publishing solution Layout ans)Template Wizard None of the above
XML Schema File in Data
Definitions is required field
4 for which type of Template RTF Data Template ans)PDF XSL
________ is the repository
for your templates and data ans)Template
4 sources Report Builder data definition Manager Layout
Using Basic RTF method
Can we insert fields in the
5 headers and footers ans) Yes No
Select Which is the Wrong
type of template, not
6 supported by XML Publisher eText - Outbound XSL-FO XSL-XML ans) XSL-RTF

6 XML Publisher componet is Report Wizard Data Model Builder None of the above
Configuration Properties of
the XMLP can be set at
7 which levels Site data definition template ans)All of the above
XML Publishers RTF
Template Parser converts
documents saved as the
8 RTF file type to ans) XSL-FO XSL XML XSD

8 Tempalte Manager consists Reports Template Data Template Data Definition ans)All of the above
XML Publisher supports
which methods for creating Form Field ans)All of the
9 RTF templates Basic RTF Method Method Above

each:XML group <for-each:XML <?for-each XML
which is the correct syntax element tag group element group element
10 for FOR LOOP in XMLP name?> tag name> tag name?> All of the above
To insert a page break in
RTF Template, insert a ----
keystroke just before the
11 closing tag of a group Ctrl-Esc ALT-Enter ans) Ctrl-Enter Ctrl-Shift

ans) <?start@last- <?last- <?start:last-

what is the syntx for content page:body?><?end page:body?> page?> <?end <?last-page?><?end
12 display in Last Page body?> <?end body?> body?> Page?>
Refer to the parameter in the
template by prefixing the
13 name with a ------ character & : ans)$ #
Syntax to call a Sub ans)"<?call@te
Template from a main <xsl:call- mplate:name?> <xsl:template="n
14 Template template="name"> " ame"> None of the above
Which is the corect syntax <?choose:?><?whe <?choose:?><? n?><?end- ans)<?choose:?><?
for choose Statement in n:expression?><?en expression?><? when?><?other when:expression?><
15 XMLP d choose?> otherwise?> wise?> ?otherwise?>
_____________utility is
used to upload and
download the data definition
information and the template
metadata stored in the
Using which utility to upload
and download the physical
template files(ex
What is the Execution
Method For XML Publiseher PL/SQL Stored ans) Oracle
17 report by using report builder XML Procedure Reports Host

ans)<?xdofx:if "<?xdofx@if
<?xdofx:if element_condit element_conditi "<?xdo:if
Select Which is the correct element_condition ion then result1 on then result1 element_condition
syntax for IF-ELSE result1 else result2 else result2 else result2 end then result1 else
18 Statement end if?> end if?> if?>" result2 end if?>"
For XMLP Reports
Concurrent Program Short
Name should match with ans) Data Executable
19 Follwing One Definition Template Name Name
Using Delivery manager API
which type delivery channels ans)All of the
20 we can Deliver WebDev Printer Above
an RTF template to XSL in
preparation for input to the ans)RTF RTF Processor
21 FO Engine RTF Converter Processor Engine
Which is the correct Syntax
for Creating a variable in <xsl:variable <?variable:name ans)All of the
22 XML Publisher name="name"> ?> above
In XMLP All type of
Template Files are stored in XDO_TEMP_BL
What is the correct
Expression for displaying ans)<?xdofx:sysda <?xsl:sysdate()?
24 SYSDATE in RTF Tamplate te()?> > <fo:sydate()> <?xdo:sysdate()?>
which Java concurrent
program will execute Data

What is the responsibility System Application ans) XML Publisher

25 Name for XML Publisher Administrator Developer Alerts Administrator

SL.NO Questions Choice A Choice B Choice C Choice D
Does Workflow Builder
1 have a quick start wizard NO ans)YES
Can a Workflow definition
2 be saved to a file ans)YES NO
Can we modify a workflow
process definition from
3 Oracle Applications YES ans)NO

ans)To move
workflow To upload
Workflow Defintions Loader definitions from concurrent
4 is used for dev to prod programs To migrate setups none
Tool used to create, view or
modify business process in ans)Workflow business event worflow definitions
5 graphical mode builder workflow engine system loader
Classification of
components of process that
make up a workflow
6 process is activity role ans)item type lookup type
API used to create run time ans)LaunchProc
7 process ________ StartProcess CreateProcess ess none
To avoid intiating of ans)database
8 workflow process from Form trigger procedure none
In which table workflow ans)WF_ACTIVITI
9 version is stored WF_ROLES WF_ITEM_TYPES ES NONE
API used in workflow
10 exceptions WF_ENGINE ans)WF_CORE WFAttribute none
Access levels reserved for
11 Workflow ans)0-9 10-19 20-99 100-999
Access levels reserved for
12 AOL 0-9 ans)10-19 20-99 100-999
Access levels reserved for
13 e buisness suite 0-9 10-19 ans)20-99 100-999
Access levels reserved for
14 Customizations 0-9 10-19 20-99 ans)100-999
From which table you can
get version of oracle WF_RESOURCE ans)WF_ACTIVITI
______ is the receipent of
16 WF notification ans)Performer activity node none
_____ is not a notification
_______ is used to find the ans)workflow
18 status of workflow workflow builder workflow engine monitor none
______ needs to be
selected after connecting to
19 workflow builder ans)ITEM Type process activity node
_______ is a list of values
that can be referenced by a
message, or by a
notification, function, or
20 process message process ans)lookuptype function
Message is attached to
21 ______ Process Activity ans)Notification function
_______ has subject and
22 body Process Activity Notification ans)message
Workflow users are stored
______ table stores ans)WF_ERROR
24 workflow process errors FND_ERRORS WF_ACTIVITIES S WF_ROLES

API sets a user-friendly WF_ENGINE.Set WF_ENGINE.SetIt ans)WF_ENGINE.

25 identifier for an item. ItemOwner emParent GetItemUserKey none

c Questions Choice A Choice B Choice C Choice D

XML documents XML elements ans)all

must have a root XML tags are must be statements
1 XML Which statement is true? tag case sensitive properly nested true

Is this a "well formed" XML


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<to>Tove</to> No, reason
<from>Jani</from> No, reason error "heading" is
<heading>Reminder</headi in the deifinition ans)No, standard html
ng> line, correct reason XML tag, can not
<body>Don't forget me this syntax is <?xml document is must contain be used in
2 XML weekend!</body> version?/> valid root tag XML

Is this a "well formed" XML

document? No, reason
error in the
<?xml version="1.0"?> deifinition line,
<note> correct syntax
<to age="29">Tove</to> No, error with is <?xml
<from>Jani</from> the tag <to version="1.0"?/ ans)document No, Reason
3 XML </note> age="29"> > is valid options A & B
Which is not a correct name ans)<first All 3 names
4 XML for an XML element? <age> <NAME> Name> are incorrect
<link type="text/xsl <stylesheet <?stylesheet
What is a correct way of type="text/xsl" " type="text/xsl" type="text/xsl"
referring to a stylesheet href="mystyle.xs href="mystyle. href="mystyle.x href="mystyle.
5 XML called "mystyle.xsl" ? l" /> xsl" ?> sl" /> xsl" ?/>
For the XML parser to <PCDATA>
ignore a certain section of <xml:CDATA[ <CDATA> Text Text to be ans)<![CDAT
your XML document, which Text to be to be ignored ignored A[ Text to be
6 XML syntax is correct? ignored ]> </CDATA> </PCDATA> ignored ]]>

Convert Style ans)Cascadin Convert source Cascade

7 XML What does CSS stands for sheets g Style Sheets structure source sheets
<xs:element <xs:element
name="car" name="car">
type="carType"/ <xs:simpleType
> >
<xs:simpleType <xs:restriction
name="carType" base="xs:string
> ">
base="xs:string" <xs:enumeratio
> n
value="Audi"/> </xs:restriction
> ans)Both A&
</xs:restriction> </xs:simpleTyp B are correct,
</xs:simpleType e></xs:element represents the option B is
8 XML Which is the valid format? > > same valid format

<?xml version="1.0"
version="1.0" <?xml encoding="IS
ans)<?xml encoding="ISO version="1.0" O-8859-1"?/>
version="1.0" -8859-1"?/> encoding="ISO <?xml-
encoding="ISO- <?xml- -8859-1"?> stylesheet
8859-1"?> stylesheet <?xml- type="text/xslt
<?xml- type="TEXT/XS stylesheet "
stylesheet LT" type="text/xslt" href="simple.x
type="text/xsl" href="simple.xs href="simple.xs sl"?>
href="simple.xsl" l"?> l"?> <breakfast_m
?> <breakfast_me <breakfast_me enu>
<breakfast_men nu> nu> <food>
u> <food> <food>
<food> <name>Belgia
<name>Belgian <name>Belgian n
<name>Belgian Waffles</name Waffles</name Waffles</nam
Waffles</name> > > e>

<price>$5.95</p <price>$5.95</ <price>$5.95</ <price>$5.95<

rice> price> price> /price>
</food> </food> </food> </food>
Which is the valid XML </breakfast_me </breakfast_me </breakfast_me </breakfast_m
9 XML document format? nu> nu> nu> enu>
<?xml- <?xml- <?xml-
ans)<?xml- stylesheet stylesheet stylesheet
stylesheet type="TEXT/C type="TEXT/C type="text/css
What is a correct way of type="text/css" SS" SS" "
1 referring to a CSS called href="cd_catal href="cd_catalo href="cd_catalo href="cd_catal
0 XML "cd_catalog.css" ? og.css"?> g.css"?> g.css"?/> og.css"?/>


purchasing ->
Where do you setup-> purchasing ->
setup "use organization> financial setup->
approval ans)purchasing -> setup-> setup-> financial options -> organization>
hierarchies" organization> financial options - options -> human organization financial
1 option > human resource tab resource tab tab options tab
Where is the
setup to allow
owners to purchasing->
approve setup->
purchse ans)setup\purchasing\document setup\purchasing\ approval purchasing-
2 documents types organizations hierarchies >setup-> types
What are the
various acess
levels for
purchase ans)All of the
3 documents full modify view only above

can have multiple can have only

Each can be associated with multiple inventory one legal
4 operating unit legal entities organizations entity ans)B&C
Profile to
setup an
operating unit
for a GL: Operating Multi Org: OU Resp: OU
5 responsibility ans)MO: Operating Unit Unit Name Name

Multi Org Multi Org

Setup > Setup >
General Ledger General Payables/Rece
setup -> Ledger setup - ivables Setup -
Which is the Accounting > Accounting > General
right flow in ans)Accounting Flexfield Setup Flexfield Setup -> Flexfield Ledger setup -
setting up -> General Ledger setup -> Multi Multi Org Setup > Setup -> > Accounting
oracle Org Setup > Payables/Receiv Payables/Rec Flexfield Setup
6 applications Payables/Receivables Setup ables Setup eivables Setup ->
Navigation for General Ledger Ledger Menu General
setting up Menu -> setup -> -> setup -> Ledger Menu -
cross General Ledger Menu -> setup -> Financials -> Financials -> > Financials ->
validation Financials -> Flexfields -> Cross Cross validation Flexfields -> Flexfields ->
7 rules validation rules rules Key -> rules Key -> rules
which profile It is not
value GL set controlled
of books is HR: SOB through profile
8 controlled ans)GL: Set of Books Name GL: SOB Name Name value
which of the
following is a
matching ans)All the
9 option 2 way 3 way 4 way above
What are the
types of
used in Position none of the
10 purchasing Employee-Supervisor Hierarchy Hierarchy ans)Both above
How does the
RFQ Number
11 generated Automatic Manual Partial ans)A&B
How does the
Order Number
13 generated Automatic Manual Partial ans)A&B
The number
of units of a
available in a
department is
15 called as ans)Capacity Units Share Both None

Can Multiple Paybles setup

periods be Max two governs the no.
open in periods can be of periods that
16 Payables ans)Yes No opened can be opened
periods ans)Open/Clo Open/Close/Ad
function To close a se payables d payables
17 allows To open a payable period payables period periods periods
Oracle Supplier
Payables Supplier Site Address
18 supplier Supplier record record record ans)A&B

one supplier Many suppliers

Oracle one supplier to sites to one to Many
Payables ans)one supplier to many one supplier sites supplier supplier sites
19 supports supplier sites architecture architecture architecture architecture
for supplier
and supplier
20 sites setup Purchasing Payables Receivables ans)A&B
Data default
entered at the
supplier level ans)during Governed by
will cascade the initial the setup at
to the supplier data entry payables
21 site level Yes No process options
Once a site
has been
changing the
supplier data
values will
automatically User chooses Governed by
cascade to the option to the setup at
supplier site cascade to payables
22 level values Yes ans)No supplier sites options
Which of
these are
valid segment
qualifiers for
Accounting ans)All of the
23 Key Flexfield Allow Budgeting Allow Posting Account Type above
Which profile
option allows
maintenance ans)AR:
and changing Change
of customer AR: Change Customer on HZ: Generate HZ: Generate Customer
24 names Transactions Contact Number Party number Name
Which profiles
defaults batch
source during CR:
cash receipt AR: Transaction Transaction HZ: Batch
25 entry ans)AR: Receipt Batch Source Batch Source Batch Source Source
Which profiles
defaults batch
source during
invoice and ans)AR: CR:
credit memo Transaction Transaction HZ: Batch
26 entry AR: Receipt Batch Source Batch Source Batch Source Source

SL.NO Questions Choice A Choice B Choice C Choice D

Forms Personalization fire
_____ to custom.pll for the All of the
1 same event Next ans)Prior above None of the above

_______ Alter behaviour of Forms ans)both A

2 forms in e business suite personalization Custom.pll and B None
Help > ans)Help >
Access form or function Diagnostics> Help > Diagnostics> Diagnostics> Help >
3 needing Personalization Examine Trace Custom code Diagnostics> debug
In Forms Personalization
how many levels we can
4 write ans)2 3 1 4
In Forms Personalization
Action > Types ________
5 can not be selected Property Message Built in ans)Function
In Forms Personalization
______ can be used to All of the
6 pass values between forms Local Variable ans)Global Variable above None of the above
_______ message type can
not be used in forms
7 personalization Show Hint Warn ans)Failure
_______ context level can
not be selected in forms
8 personalization Site ans)Application Responsibility User
_______ Built in Type can
not be used in Forms ans)Launch a
9 personalization Launch a URL DO_KEY GO_BLOCK form
Which Flexfield appears on
a form as a single-
character, unnamed field None of the
10 enclosed in brackets Key ans)Descriptive abovea All of the above
Which segment in the
descriptive flexfield may or
may not appear depending
upon what other
information is present in ans)Context
11 your form Global Attribute Sensitive None
Which is the highest level
in Organization Structure in Inventory ans)Business
12 Oracle Applications Organization HR Organization Operating unit group
Which user exit used in
oracle reports to free all the
memory allocation done in
other Oracle Applications ans)FND
Which user exit is used in
to populate the lexical
parameter that you specify
with the appropriate column
Which type of value set is
used for flexifield range in
15 Oracle reports Table Independent ans)Pair Special
Which is used to identify
particular segment of a key ans)Flexfield Balancing
16 flex field Qualifier Accounting segment Segment Segment Qualifier
_______ form is used to
maintain key flexfield ans)Combina
17 combinations KeyFlexfield Descriptive Flexfield tion None
____________is a form
whose underlying base
table contains only one or
two columns that contain ans)Foreign Key
18 key flexfield information Form Combination Form Range Forn None
What is the Validation type
of value set you choose
when validation is not
19 required Dependent Independent ans)None Table
Can we define new
Keyflexfield in Custom
20 Application ans)Yes No A&B None of the above
Can we define new
Descriptive flexfield in
21 Custom Application No ans)Yes A&B None of the above
Following is not a option for Reference
22 Descriptive flexfield options Global Segments Override allowed field ans)None
Which Descriptive Flexfield
option controls whether
your user sees a context
field in the flexfield pop-up ans)Override Reference Default Context
23 window. allowed Global Segments field field
_________ Value set
formats will be obsolete in ans)Date and StandardDate and
24 future releases DateTime StandardDate time A&B None of them
___________cannot be
used with Translatable
Independent or
25 Dependent value sets. Cross validation ans)Security rule A&B None of them
Allow Budgeting, Allow
Posting, and Account Type
fields are ____________
qualifiers for
26 the Accounting Flexfield. Flexfield Descriptive Key ans)Segment
___________group is
used to identify a group of
parent values for reporting
27 other application purposes. Segment ans)Rollup Attribute None
What is the flexfield code
28 for Accounting Flexfield CAT# KEY# ans)GL# none
What is the flexfield code
29 for Account Aliases GL# MSTK MCAT ans)MDSP
What is the Unique ID
column for Accounting CHART_OF_AC ans)CODE_COMBIN ID_FLEX_NU
30 Flexfield COUNTS_ID ATION_ID M None
In which Application sales
order key flexfield is ans)Oracle Purchase
31 registered Inventory Order Management Order None
______ Event cannot be
used for special validation
32 type value set Edit Validate ans)Query Load
______ Event can be used
for special validation type
33 value set ListVal ans)Validate Query Insert/Update
Can we Use bind variables
in special validation user
34 exit calls ans)True FALSE A&B None of them
______ API is used to FND_STANDAR ans)FND_UTILITIE
response actions when
Oracle Alert receives ans)Alert
an e-mail response to an Response Periodic Alert Action
36 alert message Processor scheduler processor None
_________ is supplied with
Oracle Applications for Internal Conflict
which will accept and run concurrent ans)Standard Resolution
37 any concurrent requests manager manager Manager None
________ controls all other Standard concurrent Conflict Resolution
38 concurrent managers Manager Transaction Manager manager Manager
________ AD Tool
Manages configuration
changes in an Oracle AD
39 Applications system AutoPatch AutoUpgrade Administration ans)Auto Config
what are the 2 events
which can be selected for ans)After Insert, After Update, After After Insert,
40 Oracle event alert After Update Delete After Delete none
What is the table name for ans)FND_CONC FND_CONCURREN
41 be defined. ESTS ROGRAMS ST_GROUPS None
Oracle Alert Does not
42 support PLSQL Statements ans)TRUE FALSE A&B None of them
Oracle Alert leverages the
Workflow Notification
Mailer to send alert e-mail
messages and process
43 responses FALSE ans)TRUE A&B None of them
For Host Concurrent
Program Parameter what
is the first parameter we
can use for parameters
passed from concurrent
44 program $3 $4 ans)$5 $6
What is the utility you use
for submitting concurrent
program from UNIX
45 operating system ans)CONCSUB CSUB CONSUB SUBCON
_________ is a list of
Oracle Applications and the
Oracle username assigned
to each
46 application. Request Group Rollup Group Con Group ans)Data Group
_______ tells the printer
how a printed output should
47 be ans)Print Style Print Driver Print Type None
________ includes the
initialization and reset
strings that format and
restart a All of the
48 printer. Print Style ans)Print Driver above None
_______________ Oracle
Applications utility that
converts text report files to
PostScript and also
enables the printing of
custom PostScript reports
49 from Oracle Applications PCL Pdf Post Script ans)Pasta
Which form in Oracle has ans)Run
50 more number of functions Reports Run Requests User Defintion Responsibility
Which of the following are
Application Implementation Production
51 Method (AIM) phases? Definition Phase Transition Phase phase ans)all the above
During the Build phase of
Applicaton Implementation
Method (AIM) what Coding of testing of coding of
52 actitiveis are done? customization customizations interfaces ans)all the above
During the Design phase of
Applicaton Implementation document Finalize
Method (AIM) what business design module
53 actitiveis are done? requirments customizations configurations ans)B&C
Common types of
customizations done in modify an
Oracle Applications are as exisitng
below, please select the Modify a Oracle Oralce
54 correct from the below form Create a new forms workflow ans)all the above
API (application
programming Interface) is bring data from
used for the following, automating data legacy systems to
55 choose the correct answer conversion work Oracle applications ans)A&B None
When the concurrent
request is in running stage
which of the following
56 status are correct? ans)Normal standby shceduled waiting
When a concurrent request
is in Pending stage which
of the following are valid
57 statuses? ans)Waiting Paused Terminating Resuming
When a concurrent request
is in Inactive stage which of
the following are valid
58 statuses? ans)On Hold Paused Terminating Resuming
When a concurrent request
is in Completed stage
which of the following are
59 valid statuses? ans)Warning Paused Terminating Resuming
cannot be
The username deleted from
Which of the followins is cannot contain usernames can be te system after
true about Oracle more than one issues a start and they are
60 Applications User? workd stop date created ans)all the above
Which of the following Whether it is
determines when a When it is incompatible
concurrent program scheduled to Whether it is placed with other
61 acutally starts running? start. on hold prograns ans)all the above
The concurrent program
request priority determines
when the program actually
62 starts. Is it true? ans)Trues FALSE
Concurrent program Define
incompatibles are defined Concurrent ans)Define define request
63 using which screen? Executable concurrent program set define responsibility
Concurrent program Define
parameters are defined Concurrent ans)Define define request
64 using which screen? Executable concurrent program set define responsibility
PL/SQL procedure
concurrent program has the ans)Define
extact procedure defined in Concurrent Define concurrent define request
65 which screen? Executable program set define responsibility

How to define the IN/OUT parameter of a
parameter of a Stored stored procedure A stored
procedure that will be cannot be ans)IN/OUT procedure
defined concurrent program defined a parameter of a cannot be
parameter in the define concurrent stored procedure defined as a
concurrent program program can be defined as concurrent
66 window? parameter any parameter program none of the above

Questions Choice A Choice B Choice C Choice D

Catalog is a
repository for
storing and
What is Discoverer Catalog is nothing Catalog is used to definitions of
1 Catalog? but Summary table create hierarchies A and B objects
We can include
functions or
in join conditions. Is
the above statement
2 true? TRUE ans)FALSE
relationships are ans)Business
3 defined at Database area None
Each item that is
added in the complex
folder must belong to a
folder, that is joined to
the folder of at least
one other item in the
4 complex folder ans)TRUE FALSE
Item dragged and
dropped in complex
folder references the
original, source item.
Therefore any change
made in the original
item will reflect on the
item inside the
5 complex folder ans)TRUE FALSE
You can apply
_________ to create
6 long running queries. indexes ans)constraints delimiters None
You can search for
workbooks using these
three options.
Database workbooks,
___________ and All
7 Workbooks. Remote Local ans)Scheduled None
You can apply
____________ to
reduce the time ans)Query Query
8 allowed for queries. Governers Query Accelerators optimizers
Query Governer can
be used to limit the
maximum number of
9 rows of data returned. ans)True False
You can use
Discoverer only if you
are dealing with
10 Oracle Applications True ans)False
You can also connect
to Discoverer using
Oracle BI Discoverer
type for Standard
11 EULs ans)True False
You must create
atleast ________
EULs to access
12 disoverer ans)1 2 3 4
EUL creation is done
by logging in to
Discoverer as
13 ____________ Manager ans)Administrator Super User
While creating a
business area, you
can select ________
14 schemas Single 2 ans)Multiple
_________ is used to
breakup and group set ans)Item
15 of items together Item Accelerators separators Item Groups
To overcome Divide
by zero errors in case
of calculated items, we
16 can use _________ ans)DECODE MOD SUBSTR
While creating
Discoverer business
areas, sorting can be
17 done on? Folders Items ans)Both None of the above
For importing objects
using Load wizard,
can we select a
schema using a DB
18 Link ans)Yes No
Which among the
following is not done Folders can be Folders position ans)Folders
19 on folders? renamed can be changed can be merged
_________ allows
user to drill with in the
20 data ans)Hierarchy Aggregation Item Separators None of the above
For creating LOVs in
discoverer, you use None of the
21 ________ Item separators ans)Item Classes above
Can we add multiple
worksheets to a
22 discoverer workbook? ans)Yes No
Can we apply same
parameters for all
worksheets in a
23 discoverer workbook? ans)Yes No
How many types of the
layouts can be created
24 in discoverer? 1 2 3 ans)4
Worksheets, graphs
selections of table can
be sent as email
25 message, Is this true? ans)TRUE FALSE


Questions Choice A Choice B Choice C Choice D

ans)when the
data must be
copied from one
table into
another within
When you want the same when you want to
When is it appropriate to use to recover table database by load data into table
direct load insert to load data data after media bypassing the even after an index
1 into a table segment? failure buffer cache update has failed None of the abov
Loader to load data into a table
with the indexes in the
unusable state, prior to the load INDEXES_UNUS ans)SKIP_UNUSAB
and te ENCLOSED BY cluases Both the Both the ans)First
are to be specified, then in parameters can parameters cannot First ENCLSED BY TERMINATED BY
which sequence must you be specified in be specified at and then and then
3 specify the clauses? any sequence once TERMINATED BY ENCLOSED BY
keyword can be ans)The
Which of the following used while statements in the
statement is true about specifying the The commands in control file can Comments in the
configuring a SQL*Loader column names of the control file are extend to multiple control fiel cannot
4 control file? the table case sensitive. lines be specified
Which one of the following
SQL*Loader parameters would
you use to restrict the maximum
number of rejected records if ans)DISCARD_M
5 the WHEN condition is not met? REJECT_MAX AX SKIP DISCARD