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Actuarial Statistics Assignment Rubric, S1 2017


Identify, select and apply Applies relevant disciplinary Applies relevant disciplinary Insightfully and accurately Insightfully, accurately and
Does not apply relevant
relevant knowledge to knowledge appropriately, but knowledge appropriately. applies relevant disciplinary thoroughly applies relevant
disciplinary knowledge
answer the question may include minor errors. knowledge, demonstrating disciplinary knowledge,
[ 10 marks] accurately.
some depth of understanding. demonstrating deep


Identify & critically assess Does not use ethical Identifies appropriate ethical Identifies appropriate ethical Uses appropriate ethical Uses appropriate ethical
ethical issues, implications frameworks / principles to frameworks / principles and frameworks / principles and frameworks to critically frameworks in a thorough,
in business decision analyse issues, e.g.: applies them with some applies them analytically to analyse issues, justifying critical analysis of issues.
making Does not identify relevant analysis to business business decisions. decisions where necessary: Identifies the key stakeholders
[ 20 marks] ethical frameworks decisions. Identifies relevant Identifies the key and provides insightful,
Does not identify the main Identifies some relevant stakeholders. Provides stakeholders. broadly based assessment of
stakeholders or accurately stakeholders. reasonable analysis of Examines and evaluates implications on them of
explain the impacts on them Provides some analysis of the implications of decisions on implications on stakeholders business decisions
implications of decisions on stakeholders from a number of different
stakeholders perspectives
Identify social / cultural Does not identify key social / Identifies some key social Identifies some key social Identifies and explains key Identifies and explains key
dimensions and cultural issues or implications /cultural issues and /cultural issues and social / cultural issues and social / cultural issues and
implications of business in a business context, or implications in a business implications in a business implications in a business implications in a business
context and practices Makes an ad hoc identification context, but may not context, but may not situation, using appropriate situation, using appropriate
[ 20 marks] without reference to relevant adequately explain these adequately explain these theory and frameworks. theory and frameworks.
theory /frameworks using appropriate theory and using appropriate theory and
frameworks. frameworks.
Propose recommendations Does not propose feasible Proposes feasible Proposes reasonable Provides well-justified Provides appealing
to address ethical recommendations to address recommendations to address recommendations to address recommendations that recommendations that
considerations the issues. issues. issues. convincingly address identified convincingly address identified
[ 20 marks] Provides some justification for Provides sound justification for issues /impacts, issues.
recommendations, based on recommendations, based on Considers impact and Implications of
analysis and relevant ethical analysis and relevant ethical implications of recommended recommendations are well
frameworks / principles. frameworks / principles. strategy, and assesses considered, and alternative
alternative responses if responses if appropriate are
appropriate. assessed well.
Actuarial Statistics Assignment Rubric, S1 2017


Presents a clear, and concise Does not express (or Generally, but not Generally, expresses (and Consistently expresses (and All parts of text are clear,
response to question explain where necessary) consistently, expresses (and explains where necessary) explains where necessary) aim, precise and concise in
[ 10 marks] aim, ideas and information explains where necessary) aim, ideas and information ideas, arguments and language appropriate for the
clearly and precisely in aim, ideas and information clearly and precisely in information clearly, precisely intended audience, context
language appropriate for clearly and appropriately for language appropriate for the and concisely in language and purpose (using own
the intended audience, the intended audience, intended audience, purpose appropriate for the intended words).
purpose and context (using purpose and context (using and context (using own words audience, context and purpose Uses fluent, accurate
own words as much as own words as much as as much as possible). (using own words). expression/grammar.
possible). possible). Uses generally accurate Uses fluent, accurate
Uses inaccurate Uses generally accurate expression/grammar, but expression/grammar (or with
expression/grammar which expression/grammar, though meaning occasionally needs negligible errors which do not
often makes meaning meaning could be clearer. to be clearer. interfere with clarity).
Present a logically structured Does not present main Generally presents main Generally presents main Presents all ideas Presents a text that is
response to question argument, ideas logically or argument, ideas and argument, ideas and /arguments/information logically logical, persuasive, and
[ 10 marks] structure text coherently to information logically and information logically and and persuasively, and structures structured coherently such
achieve aim. e.g., text has structures text coherently to structures text coherently to text coherently and effectively to that it exceeds the aim:
unclear focus, irrelevant achieve aim e.g.: achieve aim e.g.: achieve aim: Text has a clear focus, with
material, ideas are not Text has a generally clear Text has a generally clear Text has a clear focus, with no no irrelevant or repetitive
sequentially or logically focus, with little or no focus, with little or no irrelevant or repetitive material, material, and a logical
developed.; inadequate irrelevant material; ideas are irrelevant material; ideas are and a logical development and development and sequence
introduction, conclusion; generally developed generally developed sequence of main ideas and of main ideas and
paragraphs not developed sequentially and logically, but sequentially and logically, but supporting material supporting material
or linked. this could be more consistent this could be more consistent Text has a clear, coherent Text structure and all
Text has an adequate Text has an adequate structure, (e.g. introduction sections are seamlessly
structure (e.g. introduction and structure (e.g. introduction and clearly defines aim/argument; coherent.
conclusion; paragraphs conclusion; paragraphs paragraphs are well-developed,
generally well- developed and generally well- developed and clearly linked and progress the
linked, although text could be linked, although text could be argument; clear conclusion
more cohesive) more cohesive) follows from discussion and
reinforces key points)
Presents text professionally Does not present document Presents document at a Presents document at a Presents a professional Presentation is a high
and references sources appropriate for academic professional standard, and professional standard, and document that is highly standard. Editing is
accurately context. Little evidence of appropriate for academic appropriate for academic appropriate for academic thorough. Essay format
[ 10 marks] editing (frequent spelling/ context. Some evidence of context. Text is generally context. used faultlessly. Academic
punctuation errors) editing (only minor error-free in Evidence of thorough editing style used competently.
Does not accurately use spelling/punctuation errors) spelling/punctuation. (no/negligible spelling References sources
essay format or follow Uses appropriate essay Uses appropriate essay /punctuation errors) accurately (in Harvard style)
requirements format and follows formatting format and follows formatting References sources accurately in-text and in reference list.
Does not reference sources requirements requirements (in Harvard style) in-text and in Integrates sources into text
appropriately/ accurately in- References sources in-text References sources in-text reference list. seamlessly.
text, or in reference list. and in reference list mainly and in reference list mostly Integrates sources effectively
accurately and in correct accurate and in correct into text.
Harvard style. Harvard style.