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Topic: Stir up the gift.

Main text: 2Tim1:6, 1Tim4:14, Matthew25:14-30, Isaiah32:15, John14, 1Corthian12:1-13,27-28

Golden verse: Neglect not the gift that is in thee which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of
the hands of presbytery. 1Tim4:14

Aim: To understand how to effectively walk with and work for God, that is growing in your Christian
worship and service.

Introduction: how do we differentiate a car from a ship? Their physical look will quickly give us an
understanding of their difference. Also in their functionalities and usefulness, they are so uniquely
separate from one another; one is a king on land and the other reigns on sea. Their purposes are the
same: transportation. A check into their make-up will show you that the connectivity inside is the same,
all for motion. Same principle holds inside but their activity is diverse.

This simple illustration is true for all believers. We are of one Spirit, one Lord, one Baptism, one faith,
one hope and one God and father of all. We are all of Christ but our manifestations are not the same,
very diverse and very special. It is just like our body, full of many systems and organs with extremely
complex operations that as at now science has not fully unraveled. These parts worked together for one
purpose: growth and life sustenance. Imagine the eyes refuse to function. What will become of the legs?

All these illustrations point to our spiritual life and the body of Christ, and much more RCCG, Gates of
Zion. God has really done so much he gave us the system and function, for example he gave us eyes and
sight, our responsibility lies in the using, which is seeing. Are we functioning as we ought? Read Eph6:19

There is a measure expected of us based on the measure we were given.


What is the gift and gifts? John4:10, Eph4:7-8,1 Cor12:4, Rom12:3,6, Eph1:13-14,Eph2:8, Eph3:7-11*

The gift is the Holy Spirit, the promise of the Father, it is the inheritance we are sealed by, it is the
perfect gift, it is the grace given. The gift releases gifts by Christ.

Gifts are the manifestations of the gift. 1Cor12:4,7-11,28, Rom8:6-8.

STIR UP: provoke; emotionally aroused, excites, raise up, wake, fire up, ignite, inflame, Change the
arrangement or position of sth

NEGLECT: leave undone, leave out, drop, miss, overleap, not to do something, fail to attend to, give little
or no attention to, disregard, ignore, tune-out, state of unused, willful lack of care, failure to act.

The PARABLE in Matthew25:14-40issues

The travelling man-his own servants, his goods, his journey, his coming, his joy
The servants- his ability, his trading, his reckoning/accounts, his rewards.


Look at the resources available- the gift, the gifts, the rewards,

All necessary action is tie to one profound work: ATTEND TO/ GIVE YOURSELF WHOLLY TO THEM

The major work is TRADE IT.

John6:26-28, John9:4-5, 1 Cor15:10-11, 2 Cor6:1-11, Eph3:7-11*, 2Cor3:6

What you BEHOLD daily? 2Cor3:18, John1:14, What are you pressing towards daily?Phil3:14