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TWS 4: Assessment Plan for Consecutive Reading Lessons

Week One
Session Objective Assessments Accommodations
ESOL All Students
Students will focus Pre: Students will be assessed on the Use Flexible
on imagining how a knowledge of the word predict after stories/read seating
story could play out reading an excerpt at their seats. alouds Listening to
based on what has During: After listening to a read-aloud, Use a read-
already happened. At student will work as a group to come up gestures aloud on
the end, the student with a prediction for the story. This will Provide real the carpet
9 should be able to be assessed according to the students experiences
express whether knowledge of the word predict. Use of
their prediction was Post: Students will read individually and pictures
correct or not. create a picture of their prediction. They
will be assessed on the prediction and
the answer of it being correct or
Students will predict Pre: Students will read an excerpt off Use Reading
a storys ending the Smartboard and create a prediction. stories/read Smartboard
based on what has This will be assessed based off the alouds from carpet
already happened. students knowledge of predict. Use Flexible
They will begin to use During: Students will read further in the gestures seating
evidence and details read-aloud to see if their prediction was Provide real Students
10 to back up their correct or not. They will be assessed experience will be
predictions. according to their explanation of why or Use of assisted
why it was not correct. pictures
Post: After reading a book individually, difficult
students will be assessed on their words or
predictions and explanations of their ideas.
Students will retell Pre: Students will read a passage and Use Flexible
what happens in a retell all that they learned. This will be stories/read seating
story. Students will assessed on a scale 0-4. alouds Students
question their level During: Students will be assessed on Use will be
of reading and set retelling only important details in their gestures assisted
11 goals that will help individual text. Provide real with
them become better Post: After the read-aloud, students will experience difficult
readers. be assessed on just retelling the Use of words or
important parts of a story. This will be pictures
assessed according to a scale of 0-4.
Students will work in Pre: Students will read individually and Use Flexible
partners to give create a prediction and explain if it was stories/read seating
themselves a correct or not. This will be assessed for alouds Individual
comprehension by the correct usage of the word predict. Use work - if
checking their During: Students will work in partners to gestures needed
predictions. read a book and create a prediction for Provide real because of
12 the end of the book and explain if they experience behavior
(First were correct or not. The partner work Use of difficulties.
will be assessed according to the answer pictures
of their prediction being correct or
Post: The partners will be assessed
according to their correct or incorrect
explanation of why their prediction was
correct or incorrect.
Students will work in Pre: Students will work in different Use Flexible
partners to give partners to read an excerpt and explain stories/read seating
themselves a the important parts of the story. alouds Individual
comprehension During: The partners will work together Use work - if
(Second check by asking to explain the important parts of a read- needed
half) questions. aloud. Provide real because of
Post: The partners will be assessed on experience behavior
how well they can retell a book they Use of difficulties.
read together. pictures

The assessment plans are used to plan for the objectives goal. Students are assessed
before, during, and after the lessons. They are also assessed prior to any of the Lucy Calkins
unit being taught. I used the pre-test to determine where the students were before the unit
begins. The students are also assessed by taking a unit test after the whole unit has been

Each lesson is set up to teach to the objective. If you see that the students understand
the concept and meet the objective before the lesson, you can save the time and move the
students further. If you see that the students have no met the objective, you may plan to spend
extra time on that lesson. The post-assessments in each lesson are used to determine if the
students have mastered the criteria before you move to the next lesson.

Below is a chart containing the students scores on their pre-tests and post-tests. As you
can tell, the students scores increased. This shows that the students knowledge of reading has
grown over the course of the unit.
Summative Assessment Review
Pre-test Post-test Growth
1 90 98 +8
2 78 85 +7
3 75 82 +7
4 88 92 +4
5 70 75 +5
6 65 75 +10
7 65 72 +7
8 90 98 +8
9 85 89 +4
10 78 82 +4
12 65 68 +3
13 90 96 +6
14 88 95 +7
15 76 82 +6
16 70 78 +8
17 80 92 +12
18 90 96 +6
19 75 78 +3
20 62 68 +6
21 70 80 +10
AVG 77.5 84.05 +6.55

The rubrics for Lucy Calkins are scored according to levels. We decided to use these levels to
create our grades. The pre-test only had two levels. The post-test had three levels

Level Pre-test Post-test

4 X 90-100
3 85-100 80-89
2 70-84 70-79
- 69 and below 69 and below