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1/26/2016 D-link DVG 6004s Asterisk.
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D-link DVG 6004s Asterisk.

Scheme of work
Incoming calls

An incoming call to the number connected to the FXO port.

The gateway dials the number specified in the Hot Line.

Outgoing calls

Outgoing calls made through Asterisk gateway connected to the line.


Number - 1000
Register - enable
Password - password of SIP trunk
Proxy server IP / Domain - IP address Asterisk 1/3
1/26/2016 D-link DVG 6004s Asterisk.

Settings Asterisk sip.conf

[1000] - NUMBER
secret = PASSWORD
context = from-dlink

Telephony settings

Enable - enable to use FXO ports

Hot line - Enable automatic dialing
Hot Line No. - Dialed number

Settings Asterisk extensions.conf (incoming calls)

exten => _1XX, 1, Dial (SIP / $ {EXTEN} ,,)

when the gateway dials 116, the call goes to the context from-dlink and will be processed in accordance with
predetermined rules.

Settings Asterisk extensions.conf (Outgoing)

exten => _X., 1, Dial (SIP / 1000 / $ {EXTEN} ,,)

call Asterik be accomplished through the FXO port connected to the line

Phonebook 2/3
1/26/2016 D-link DVG 6004s Asterisk.

Gateway Number - the number indicated in line No. Hot

the IP / Name Domaine - the IP address of the Asterisk

Hardware Setup

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