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Chattahoochee High School Latin


COURSE TITLE....Latin III Honors TERM------------2017-2018

TEACHER.............Mrs. Venn ROOM #......................E111

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Support/Offic Tutoring sessions are available by appointment in Mrs. Venns room. Latin Honors students will also be
e Hours available for tutoring sessions as the year progresses.
(Help sessions etc.)

Salvete, Omnes! Latin III Honors is the course in which you will expand proficiency in your skill as
readers/translators and also learn more about the culture, history, and daily life of the Romans. The main
objective of this course is to improve your Latin reading comprehension. You will further develop,
through these readings, an understanding of the social and political history of the Romans. You will
continue to learn the similarities and differences between English and Latin grammar and increase your
English vocabulary through the study of Latin roots and derivatives. You will also gain an appreciation
of Art that represents the Romans. I do hope that you are as excited in learning these things as I am to
teach them. This will be an exciting, challenging, and academically rewarding year; one which you will
look back upon often, especially in college as this course will play such a key role in so many of the
areas of study into which many of you will enter.

For The Latin Language, these standards consist of The 4 Cs:

Communication students will explore further and refine comprehension of Latin through practices in
reading, writing and speaking and present information on a variety of topics.
Culture Students will learn about target culture products, practices and perspectives.
Connections Students will connect aspects of their target language learning with information acquired
in other subject areas such as math, science, social studies, English and the arts.
Comparisons Students will demonstrate an understanding of the nature of language and culture,
making comparisons between those of the target language and their own.


Published Materials Instructional Materials and Donations
Materials: 3-ring binder, paper, pens and pencils, personal
Cambridge Univ. Press: Cambridge Latin Course Unit IV
dry erase marker for individual marker boards, 2 red pens(the
(Purple) This book is $84.94 if not returned
non-clicking type)
Class Donation Wish list: 1 pack of dry-erase markers, a box
**I strongly encourage students to purchase their own of Kleenex tissues, Crayola markers, Crayola color pencils,
personal Latin dictionary Michaels Gift card, JoAnn/Hancock Fabrics gift card, Wal-
Mart and/or Walgreens gift card

The syllabus may be updated as needed throughout the semester. Donations are not mandatory but are GREATLY appreciated
Assignments Grading Scale
Class work (20%) A: 90 and above
Homework (5%) B: 80 89
Quests/Vocabulary and Formative Quizzes (25%) C: 70 79
Class Participation (5%) F: 69 or below
Chances to Shine/Summative Assessments (25%)
(Although tests and quizzes are both (25%) because there are
fare fewer tests than quizzes, test value does rank more.) Late homework is not permitted
Final Exam (20%) Any other Late assignment may result in a 10% reduction
per day.

Classwork (20%)
Minor assessments include classwork, group work, practice worksheets, warm-ups/bell ringers, participation, class
translations, online practice etc.

Homework (5%)
Homework will be given daily and will be graded by completion. Homework will be differentiated based on students
learning needs.

Quests/Vocabulary and Formative Quizzes (25%)

Each stage will have its own vocabulary and grammar quiz..

Class Participation (5%)

Includes frequent response to class questions. Also, orations, dialogues, and skits fall under this category. Each stage students
will produce the language by either writing or speaking as well. Students are expected to participate daily in class. Failure to
do so will result in a deduction in this area of their overall percentage.

Chances to Shine/Summative Assessments/Tests (25%)

A summative test will be given at the end of most stages. The test will take the whole class period and will cover the
vocabulary, grammatical, translation, and cultural material given over each stage. These tests generally consist of multiple
choice questions and a composition element. Semester projects will also fall under this category.
(Although tests and quizzes are both (25%)because there are fare fewer tests than quizzes, test value does rank more.)

Final Exam (15%)

There will be a cumulative final exam given in accordance with Fulton County policy.

Classroom Expectations for Academic Success

Classroom Expectations Consequences may
Always come to class on time and prepared with notebook, textbook,
workbook, paper, and pen or pencil. Warning
Be in your seat with materials ready prior to the bell. Parent/guardian contact
Respect the teacher, your classmates, yourself, and others property at all Detention
times. Disciplinary Referral
Always have a positive attitude. Be courageous and willing to make mistakes
to learn Latin!
Use outside time to review all concepts/notes from class.
Write, read, review vocabulary/grammar and practice Latin every day!
Keep the atmosphere in class safe, wholesome, appropriate and filled with
integrity (think G rated).
Food is permitted unless it becomes a distraction.
Water is the only drink permitted in class.
Turn in assigned materials on time.
Participate actively in class every day
Philosophy of Assessments
The final course grade should reflect mastery of the stated course objectives. Because Latin in its
current form is largely non-spoken, this course will focus more on reading skills. This class also focuses
on the History, Culture and Mythology of the Ancient Romans. The grade breakdown for the course
aligns with Georgia Performance Standards and will include several types of assessments including

World Language Recovery (Relearning & Reassessment) Procedure (available

for summative assessments/unit tests only)

All students will be given two opportunities each semester to show increased mastery of course
The first opportunity will be near mid-semester (approx. 9 weeks), when students will
be given a cumulative mid-semester assessment. If the student scores higher on the
mid-semester assessment than on a previous summative assessment, then the mid-
semester assessment grade will replace their lowest summative assessment grade.
The second opportunity will be at the end of the semester. If the student scores higher
on the semester final exam than on the lowest summative assessment of the semester,
then that grade will replace the lowest summative assessment grade.

Make-up Procedures (see student handbook)

It is the students responsibility, if absent, to check online or in the classroom for assignment and make
arrangements on the day of return with the teacher to turn in missed assignments. Make-up work must
be completed by the student within the time specified by the teacher (typically the amount of time the
student was absent plus 1 day). If a student is absent for a due date that s/he knew about, the assignment
is due the day of return. Any outstanding quiz not made up by the unit/chapter test date will be replaced
by that unit/chapters test grade. Any outstanding unit/chapter test not made up by the final exam will be
replaced by the semester or year-end final exam grade.

Make up for Missed Summative Assessments: All missing summative assessments (unit tests)
must be made up within one week from the date that the assessment was first administered. On
the first day back to class, it is the students responsibility to obtain and complete a World
Language Make up for Missed Summative Assessments form to schedule a testing make up time.
Students must attend their agreed-upon testing make up session and bring their forms with all
required signatures.

Technology Policy
Technology is a useful tool for learning languages. However, the World Language department practice
is that you may use electronic devices only when your teacher directs, and only for educational
purposes. Unauthorized use may result in consequences including parent contact, detention, and
disciplinary referral.
Academic Integrity
Plagiarism of any kind and/or cheating will result in the grade of 0 on any graded assignment, and
disciplinary action may follow. The use of translator programs (such as Google translate) will be
considered plagiarism. For writing assignments, students may be asked to reproduce work at school if
academic integrity is at risk. . Note that collaborating on assignments that are intended to be completed
individually (i.e., all assignments, unless explicitly stated otherwise) is considered cheating

There are just a few rules to follow in class: Respect the teacher, Respect each other, and Respect yourself

This classroom is a safe and positive environment created for the sole purpose of learning the beautiful language
of Latin and about the wonderful Roman world. My personality is fun-loving, approachable, and passionate, and I
am confident that you will be inspired, encouraged, challenged, and made aware of many new things regarding
the Roman world. Any behavior that will inhibit learning will be dealt with justly and swiftly. I do expect
immediate and complete compliance the first time I ask you to do something, and I am a firm believer in
excellence in everything that you do.

Students must be in their seats with materials ready when the bell rings to be considered on time otherwise you
are tardy. Tardies will result in parent contact. The 4 th tardy will result in Administration referral.

Helpful Hints:
Learning a different language is a beneficial and unique experience. It combines skills that
students learn in language arts, social studies, and math. To be a success, one must study every day.
This is particularly true in foreign language because every days lesson totally depends on what was
learned the previous day. Latin is likely a brand new subject for you. Also, you most likely do not have
any reserves from past years of study to draw upon to make sense of the material. Therefore, I
recommend at least fifteen to thirty minutes of study at home per day in Latin regardless of whether or
not homework was assigned. Students do not learn languages simply by sitting in the classroom
over a period of time but rather by taking risks and getting involved in all class activities on daily

Additional Suggestions/Goals and Resources

Keep binder organized, with each days notes and work on a separate piece of paper that is dated
No use of electronic devices unless authorized by teacher
Check remind and website daily
Earn a medal on the National Latin Exam
Attend Fall Forum and State Convention

Dear Parents,

Congratulations! Your student is preparing to embark on one of the most enriching and beneficial courses of their
academic career. I look forward to an exhilarating and busy first year of Chattahoochee High School Latin. I am
excited to share with your student the wonder of the Latin language and Roman culture.

Many people are quick to judge Latin as a dead language. My goal for this year is to put this thinking to rest.
This course will include helping your student to develop an understanding of not only the language structures of
Latin, but also how these influence the modern Romance languages as well the English language.

Your student will also learn about history, mythology, daily Roman life and art in addition to the language. Your
student might even find that they will have fun along the away.

In order for your student to be a success in this class, there are a few things that you can do. Please ensure that
EACH NIGHT (regardless if homework is assigned or not) your student is reviewing his or her vocabulary and
new grammar. All work given outside of school will be for the students benefit and should take no longer than
15-30 minutes per night (when assigned).

I encourage your student to join Junior Classical League. This is our schools Latin club. We will be involved in
various service projects, cultural experiences, and fellowship with other schools throughout the year. We will hold
bimonthly meetings before and/or after school. Dues are $25 dollars per year.

The Latin classroom would benefit greatly with the following items:

__box of tissues __ream of single colored computer paper

__bottle of hand sanitizer __Clorox wipes
__roll of paper towels
__Crayola color markers/color pencils

These items are not a requirement of your student, but would be greatly appreciated if donated. It is my goal to
make your students Latin experience the best that it can be.

This year is going to be great. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have.


Amy Venn

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