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Why Make the Choice of

Dragon Doors RKC Kettlebells?

Nothing Wrong in BraggingWhen You Can

Back It Up With the Iron Fist of Extreme Praise
elcome to a new edition of
Dragon Door
HardStyle, our showcase for all
things RKCand for the works of
THE REAL DEAL! presents
Dragon Doors foremost author, Pavel. The differences between Dragon Door's
authentic Russian kettlebell and the inferior
one which I had purchased earlier at a local Hard-Style
We are entering our second decade as the
worlds leader in high-level kettlebell big box sports store are astounding! The
instruction. But leadership and innovation Dragon Door design and quality are clearly
comes with a price tag: the more Dragon Door superior, and your kettlebell just "feels" right Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
and the RKC have succeeded as the premier in my hand. There is absolutely no John Du Cane
providers of kettlebell equipment and kettlebell comparison.
training resources, the fiercer the competition. Stephen Williams, Arlington, VA Editorial
Training Editor
Since 2001, when Dragon Door launched the BEST KETTLEBELLS AVAILABLE Pavel Tsatsouline
modern kettlebell movement with the Okay, they cost a lot and, with the shipping Editorial Assistant
publication of Pavels Russian Kettlebell costs, it's up there. However, the local Dennis Armstrong
Challenge program, the creation of the worlds kettlebells were far inferior in qualitydo you
first-ever kettlebell certification systemthe who better to provide those reasons than the want rough handles when you're swinging?
Art Direction & Design
RKCand the manufacture of RKC investors in RKC kettlebells themselves? And, if you order a cheaper product online,
Derek Brigham
kettlebells, there has been a veritable deluge of you won't even KNOW the quality until you
me-too books, DVDs and teaching programs SOLID AND DEPENDABLE! have them. Dragon Door kettlebells are well
promoting the benefits of this great fitness This thing is crafted like a tank. Excellent size formed, well-balanced and have no rough
tool. Bargain-basement pricing and cheapo and grip. When you use it, it just feels right. edges. Sometimes you just have to go with the Dragon Door Corporate
offers abound as the crowd of vendors jostle Highly recommend it. best and these are the best! Customer Service
for your attention. Garrett Groszko, San Francisco, CA Judy Taylor, Denver, CO Dennis Armstrong, Tammy Drury,
call 651-487-2180,
Which has begged the question. Does Dragon 24KG RUSSIAN KETTLEBELL BEAUTIFUL CAST IRON
Door and the RKC still stand head and Fantastic! Thoroughly satisfied! Isn't it a The casting was so well done that the
shoulders above that jostling throng? Is great feeling when a product exceeds your kettlebell doesn't look like a piece of exercise Orders & Customer Service
Dragon Door and the RKC still the only expectations? The finish, the shape, the size of equipment. on Orders:
sensible choice for the serious investor in the handle, all perfect and I'm one of those Robert Collins, Cambridge, MA call 1-800-899-5111
health and strength? There is plenty of great guys you would probably call too picky.
testament within this issue of HardStyle to the Gary Evans, Strongsville, OH And this is just a tiny sample of HUNDREDS
Dragon Door Publications
primacy of the RKC training system. But here, of similar reviews our customers have posted
lets address the RKC kettlebell question on Dragon Doors website recently corporate address:
Received my 24kg (53lb.) Kettlebell a month
ago. I am impressed with the fit and finish. I
Let me propose to you that your most precious Dragon Door Publications
The Highest of Standards, have tried other knock off kettlebell brands...
possession is your own health and strength. 5 East County Rd B, #3
Want the real deal? Get RKC Dragon Door! I
The Greatest of Benefits live a hard lifestyle and will not compromise. And let me ask you, then, how far will you go Little Canada, MN 55117
You ALWAYS Get What Charles Allen, Hattiesburg, MS
to protect that precious investment? For the
You Pay For! equivalent of a few extra pennies a day, you Cover photograph of Paul McIlroy with
can invest in a premium RKC kettlebell and permission of Paul McIlroy RKCII and

Well, its no secret that Dragon Doors RKC

I COULD STARE AT IT ALL DAY, help build an iron fortress around your health
RalphRoss Photography.

kettlebells command premium pricesas do IT'S THAT COOL! and strength. Or you can save a few
our RKC certifications. Because Dragon Door Man, are these things cool! The smooth pennies and take your chances on
and the RKC refuse to compromise on quality. handle and finish, the perfectly flat bottom, your future well-being
Just as we refuse to squeak by with inferior and that old school Russian look, it's no
training, we refuse to disrespect you the wonder why the RKC is THE kettlebell! The choice is yours.
customerand ourselveswith sloppy Choose no substitute, and if you have trouble
workmanship, suspect materials and poor affording one, save up. I wish I had taken that But can I make a recommendation?
customer service. Have you noticed, NO other advice earlier! I cheaped out on a brand Take pride in who you areand
kettlebell company has dared to match Dragon whose KBs look similar to RKC KBs, but were make the right choice.
Doors One-Year, 100% Satisfaction cheaper. And how! Uneven bottoms, handles
too wide for the bell size, the face (where the May you live long and strong,
Guarantee on their kettlebells?
weight is displayed) too large, they flat out
There are many reasons why only Dragon SUCK compared to DD's quality.
Door has dared to make this guarantee. And Tim Hunt, Sudbury, ON, Canada
John Du Cane

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THE SPIRIT OF RKC A technique lacking
kime can never be
regarded as true karate,
no matter how great the
resemblance to karate.
Masatoshi Nakayama
When you train, you should train as if on the battlefield.
Make your eyes glare, lower your shoulders, and harden your
body. If you train with the same intensity and spirit as though
you are striking and blocking against an actual opponent, you
will naturally develop the same attitude as on a battlefield...
Ank Itosu, Okinawan karate master

he hard style of kettlebell lockout. Don't play passive. This
training was born in the is how world powerlifting champion
spec ops of the Soviet Donnie Thompson, RKC swings.
Union. In the 1970s select This is kime. Thompson took his
units adopted a karate-based style of deadlift from 766 to 832 and added
hand-to-hand combat. The hard style 100 pounds to his bench press in nine
of kettlebell training evolved in the months with RKC hard style
1980s to support the hard style of kettlebell training. Later he became Bruce Lee would
fighting. Refined and systematized the first man to total 3,000 pounds in freeze the kettlebell
momentarily on top of
over the years, this system would the sum of the squat, bench press, each swing to work on
become RKC. and deadlift. focusing the power of
his punches.
In the martial arts context hard A technique lacking kime can never
style refers to schools that meet be regarded as true karate, no matter
force with force and greatly value how great the resemblance to
physical strength. karate, continues Nakayama. The
karate master stresses that the same is
The essence of karate techniques is true in non-contact sparringone
kime, explained karate great must use full force and focus. Come up with
Masatoshi Nakayama. Kime tremendous power to
(pronounced key-may) is usually RKC has the same mindset. We lockout. Don't play
translated as focus. employ high acceleration in quick lifts passive. This is how
world powerlifting
and high tension in slow lifts. Even champion Donnie
The meaning of kime is an explosive with no-contact light kettlebells. In Thompson, RKC
attack to the target using the other words, we use techniques that swings.
appropriate technique and maximum have proved to be most effective in
power in the shortest time possible. all-out efforts, regardless of the
The master reminds of karates one kettlebells weight. Because if you
strike, one kill history to stress the dont practice these techniques with a
importance of an all-out effort. light bell, you certainly will not be
able to do it when you meet a heavy
John Roper Saxon, Bruce Lees co- one.
star in Enter the Dragon, has told me
that Bruce Lee showed him the Today I use Hardstyle as an
kettlebell swing the day they met. umbrella term for all of my strength
Bruce would freeze the kettlebell teachings: kettlebell, barbell, and
momentarily on top of each swing to bodyweight. Hardstyle is the one
work on focusing the power of his strike, one kill martial philosophy
Tommy Blom, Senior
punches. This is kime. This is applied to strength training.
RKC shows the spirit of
exactly how we do swings in our hard Hardstyle in the ring
style RKC school of strength. Come Do not hold back. This is Hardstyle. and at the gym.
up with tremendous power to

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For me, now 27 years into my consider Easy Strength to be the athlete. I am making my entire staff aspect of the athletic equation. My
coaching career, I have seen, read, New Testamentand maybe even read the book when I am feeling is that the integration of
and tried a lot of different ideas and specifically The Book of Revelation, finished.Stan Kellers, Assistant disciplines in Easy Strength is its
training concepts. The information in to add to the metaphor. As Chuck Coach of Strength and Conditioning, strongest attribute: blending
Easy Strength is concrete and useful. Missler says, The New Testament is Cleveland Cavaliers disciplines in a balanced, realistic,
Easy Strength should be required in the Old Testament concealed; the effective way is the highest
reading for all strength and Old Testament is in the New expression of the art and science of
conditioning professionals. Chip Testament revealed. Bingo.Jack performance improvement. My
Morton, Strength and Conditioning Reape, Dallas, TX Easy Strength is difficult to stop highest recommendation.Marty
Coach, Cincinnati Bengals reading because it paves a shorter, Gallagher, author of The Purposeful
smoother path to physical prowess Primitive, 3-Time World Master
by giving the athlete room to Powerlifting Champion, former
Easy Strength is one of the best develop. The four quadrants that columnist for
With Easy Strength, Dan John books on strength training for sport Pavel and Dan outline help you
and Pavel have put together a that Ive ever read (and trust me, Ive quickly determine which range of
systematic plan where the defined read them ALL). Itll go down as one training qualities are ideal for any
goals lead to the outcome. All of us of the best fitness and conditioning athlete. The authors effectively strip I will do my very best to promote
will benefit from the years of sound books period. This book goes a long away the complexities of training Easy Strength not just because of its
scientific principles and real world way in revolutionizing the way the that were made from novice coaches authors but because it is necessary
experience put together in this modern coach should be who constantly pushed their athletes for anyone who needs to be stronger
system. After reading this book you approaching sports conditioning. to the brink. for a purpose!Barry Ross, author
will know where you are, where you The section on the 4 quadrants alone of Underground Secrets to Faster
are going and exactly how to get is worth your entire investment. It Youll gain an incredible amount Running
there. Jon Torine, former will really help laserbeam focus of insight for training beginner to
Strength and Conditioning Coach, your programming for your elite athletes, and youll discover the
Indianapolis Colts athletes.Alwyn Cosgrove, author tricks for knowing when its
of The New Rules of Lifting series overwhelming their capacity. Plus, Easy Strength is full of
theres a lifetime worth of sample information on how to become a
training regimens that give the better athlete. How? By learning how
Easy Strength guides you through muscles and nerves just enough of to train optimally.Louie
the essential elements that ensure Our most quoted teachers do not what they need.Chad Waterbury, Simmons, Founder of Westside
safe, productive, applicable results. seek to dazzle us with their neurophysiologist, author of Huge in Barbell
In the development process of complexity. The great ones use their a Hurry
enhancing movements there needs to position to promote understanding
be sound rules and fundamentals and communication of complex
that we are rooted in to help hold us material simply and easily. Easy
accountable, and Pavel and Dan Strength is just that kind of work A fascinating book that
John are on the mark in this book. and Pavel and Dan are those kinds of challenges many established ideas
They have used science and teachers. They provide useable about strength and power training
tremendous experience to make this examples and fundamental for athletes. Must reading for
package simple and cut away the simplicity. Easy Strength is not champions, champions to be, and
clutter that can impair sound simply a position statement about those who coach and train them."
prescription. Jeff Fish, Director of fundamentals. It is a step-by-step Brooks Kubik, author of Dinosaur
Athletic Performance, Atlanta lesson on how, when and why to use Training
Falcons them!Gray Cook, author of
Movement, co-founder of FMS
This is the best single book
The New Testament of Training imaginable for the apprentice athlete Easy Strength
I am currently reading Easy looking to excel within their chosen How to Get a Lot Stronger
As much as I think of Beyond Strength for the second time. It is sport. Regardless the sport and Than Your Competition
Bodybuilding, it is now moved one absolutely brilliant in its approach to regardless the young athletes current And Dominate in Your Sport
further out on my shelf so Easy the varying levels of athletes, as a condition, capacity or capabilities,
By Pavel and Dan John
Strength can sit side by side with coach for Q3 and Q4 athletes it reading, absorbing and applying the
Supertraning. If Supertraining is the strategies contained in Easy Strength #B57 $39.95
should be read by every elite level Paperback 8.5 x 11 288 pages
Old Testament of training, I now strength coach handling that level of will result in improvement in every 77 photos, charts and illustrations

Order Easy Strength Book online: 24 HOURS A DAY

Preface: Not the ROLE of
the Strength Coach but the
IMPACT! Element 1: The Basic Strength Program
Element 2: The High-Rep Back Squat
Chapter 1 The Continuums and Element 3: The Complexes
the Quadrants Nutrition and Other Factors
QI: Lots of Qualities at a Low Level of
Relative Max
Chapter 6 Specificity
QII: Lots of Qualities at a High Level of Demystified
Relative Max
Train Same but Different
QIII: Few Qualities at a Low or Moderate
Level of Relative Max The What the Hell? Effect
QIV: Few (or One) Qualities at the Specific Training for
Highest Level of Relative Max Characteristics of Movement
How Even Easier Strength
Training Differs from Easy Other Hardstyle Drills
Quadrant I (QI) Quadrant II (QII) Strength Short-Term Muscle Memory
Physical education classes that honestly
introduce games, sports, and movements
The collision sports and occupations
Principle 1: The Whole- and the Complex Method
in a broad
organized Body Movements and the Types of Complexes
Rule of 10 Variable Practice
Quadrant III (QIII) Quadrant IV (QIV)
Principle 2: Grinding Lifts and Three
Where most people are in life and
sportsa simple yin-
The rare airthe
sport is so narrow and
Ladders and Three Rungs Chapter 7 Strength Training
yang relationship
between strength
training and the
the level of competition
so high that there is
nearly total focus on
Principle 3: The Explosive Lifts and the Planning
goal at hand one goal Fast 10 and 20
Chapter 8
Chapter 4 Plyometrics Learning
Kettlebell Exercises and Programs (and a Demystified. Heavy Lifting Your
Few Other Things) in Quadrants Acquitted. Lessons
Barbell Moves (and a Few Other Things)
in Quadrants Chapter 5 Armor Building, or Everything Old
the Elephant in the Room Is New Again
Chapter 2 Where Are You? Fat Loss Mining Your
How Do You Measure Up? Hypertrophy Journal
Clue Number 1 The AIT Formula
Clue Number 2 On Winning and Losing
Clue Number 3 The Rules

Chapter 3
The Magic
of Easy
Strength and Realistic Reps
Ten Rules of Thumb for Easy Strength

24 HOURS A DAY Order Easy Strength Book online:

Easy Strength is a masterpiece from two of the best in the business of strength and conditioning.
Pavel and Dan John's book will help you improve your performance no matter what your sport. It
doesn't matter whether you are a weekend gym warrior, competitive athleteor coach... you owe it to
yourself to read this book.The bottom line is that it will help you become stronger, faster and more
powerful in the most efficient way possible... Andy Bolton, 6-Time World Powerlifting Champion

How To Look Like Tarzan, Play Like Tarzan

And Win Like Tarzan
What It Takes to Stack the Strength-Deck in Your Favor

I f football were played in the weight room or on the

track, I could guarantee that each year, the team that
won the championship would NOT be the team that
won on the field of play. And that is absolutely true in
every sport and every game. Its a rare track meet that you dont
hear someone rhapsodize about training numbers and then see him
Pavel and my goal in writing this book is to clarify the role and
impact of strength training in fitness, sports, and life. We are
committed to clarity, even though at times, its impossible to
navigate the sea of conflicting information regarding the lifting
sports. Pavels experience and research provides grounding and a
confidence to Do this! as we often joke.
or her lose badly. In football, we have a phrase for this: Looks like
Tarzan, plays like Jane.
gth at
open my review copy of Easy Stren
What can you expect I made the mistake of crackingfrom
11pm last night. It grabbed me
knew I had pulled an all-nighter finish
the first page and the next thing Ia
ing the book in one sitting. Not
It is that good. Easy Strength is a work
from reading this book? common thing in a strength book! book for the modern coach. The
of art and sure to be a classic go-told consider changing the title to El
pages are so full of gold you shou
You will learn some history. You will discover that Dorado.
ndmaster, 7th Degree
almost everything discussed in the fitness industry Jon Engum, Master RKC, Gra
Black Belt, Taekwondo
has been done beforeand often better.
ass!! Pavel and Dan
You will reexamine the role of strength training as it This book kicks some SERIOUS d and easy to apply
applies to sport. Doing so may serve as the greatest put together a simple to understan those of us who want
timesaver in history! training regime for athletes and for tes. Ive seen MANY
to train AND perform like athle
You will find that, like a medical doctor, a strength s based com pletely on the scien ce of training
book e, when you train
coach must be committed above all to Do no athletes, but from my own experienc to learn how to tweak
harma pledge thats often disregarded. athletes in the real world you need
blend of science, real
You will be exposed to the concept of systematic Easy Strength is what I see as the n blended together in an
education and the need to build an athlete (or world experience and applicatioout needing a PhD. to
anyone!) using some kind of intelligent approach. easily understood manner with You just cant go
understand what youre reading.and Pavel put together."
You will be exposed to another educational wrong when reading what Dan
systemalong with a way to harness its powers Zach Even-Esh, Founder, Undergro
that will give you clarity into all the various fitness, Strength Gym
health, and nutritional information being tossed at
of the smartest,
you daily. If you could sit at a table with two names in
most experienced and most respected ersation, would you
You will discover the tools for teaching an entire strength and listen in on their convof the best
team to improve in a sportand why these great
tools may be of no value to you in your training!
do it? What if they were also two
communicators, men who are know
it dow n
n for taking
into easily-
Easy Strength
com plex info and distilling How to Get a Lot Stronger
You will be exposed to what the best in sports do in I have had the good
digestible, family-sized portions?very thing on more Than Your Competition
the weight room, and you will discover why it will fortune of being able to do that th often reads like
apply to everything you decide to do. than one occasion and Easy Strengconversations. And Dominate in Your Sport
someone transcribed one of these
You will learn many of the champions secrets and Pavel and Dan open up on the subje
ct of strength, By Pavel and Dan John
why it is important and how toanyo develop it. This book
be amazed at the simplicity, as well as the ne interested in #B57 $39.95
insightfulness, of what the best do. is a wealth of information for Paperback 8.5 x 11 288 pages
getting stronger. 77 photos, charts and illustrations
Dan John, from the preface to Easy Strength. ctor
David Whitley, Master RKC Instru

Order Easy Strength Book online: 24 HOURS A DAY

Praise for Pavel and Dan Johns
I now have a very clear path on how I can help the in my life training! Pavels straightforward way of the scientific strength secrets are not over thought, but
law enforcement and military community without showing the techniques and delivering his message simply applied.
burning them out. This workshop was like attending was gold. Dan John made everything come together!
four years of college on how to deliver fast and simple The way he showed everyone the four quadrants Pavel and Dan have taken exercise science and
results to your clients. works. It took the guessing game away and now I effectively applied it to real world scenarios. Every
know if someone wants to lose weight or gain muscle, other training course I have had outside of the RKC
Pavel and Dan are just unbelievable and they are like all I have to do is go for the four quadrants. Love it! system has revolved around a lot of text book
training encyclopedias. I learned more in three days Now I have the missing link to better my clients and knowledge with little-to-no real world application.
than I have in the last 10 years of attending other myself.
workshops, seminars and reading books. ANDREW LYONS, Columbus, OH, Physical
PETER VIEIRA, East Providence, Rhode Island, Therapist
JOEY WILLIAMS, Pacifica, CA, Police Officer, Law Firefighter
Enforcement Weaponless Defense Instructor, Impact
Weapons Defense Instructor, Police Academy Drill
Instructor Outstanding! Excellent course that must be repeated,
I have been to numerous NSCA, Westside, RKC it would be a shame if we were to be the only group to
workshops and seminars and have never been to have had the privilege. These men obviously have
anything this good. I feel privileged to have much more to give. And even though I was able to
The single most comprehensive seminar in strength, participated. These two distilled a vast quality of learn some incredible information this week I am
the acquisition of strength, and the practice of strength knowledge and communicated it with a great looking forward to what is next. In the meantime I
that Ive ever been to. effectiveness. will spend my time practicing the knowledge I take
home. These are professional of the utmost quality.
GEOFF NEUPERT, Master RKC, Durham, NC I feel like I have absorbed about two years of a college
major in strength development in three days. This course has been by far the most comprehensive
highest quality and useful course I have ever taken.
ANDREW BENDER, Chelmsford MA, personal
I feel that I am coming away with an impressive and trainer K.C. REITER, Chico, CA, Fitness Trainer
extensive supply of training tools and methods. Every
topic felt applicable to my own practice, and the
service of my clients and customers.
This workshop is a must if you are serious about being Pavel and Dan have managed to cram a lifetime of
This workshop probably had 2 times the scope of a successful coach or trainer. If you want to have a strength coaching experience into 3 days. The
material than any other specific course I have taken. I clear concise understanding of what it takes to be a incredibly complex problems of human performance
found all the information practical. strength coach, and how to properly approach your were distilled, in typical Dragon Door/Pavel style into
clients, athletes or students needs, then you will take simple and easy to understand frame works. Pavel and
SOMNATH SIKDAR, Personal Trainer, Dragon Dan John are as advertised. World Class experts on
Gym Owner, Exton, PA this course! This was by far the most in depth,
informative course that I have ever attended! strength training who can make the complex single.
As with every event I have attended magnificent. The
JUSTIN "TRUSTY" GARFIELD, Waianae, HI, cost of the trip and course $6000 AUD) will easily be
There are only a few people in the world with this Strength & Conditioning Coach, Gym Owner earned back.
level and combination of scientific and real world ANDREW READ, Melbourne, Australia, RKC
knowledge and they rarely talk about it live. This was Team Leader
one of those times that you could pick up a lifetime of This seminar has been incredibly eye opening for me.
knowledge over a weekend. Priceless. The knowledge I have gained will significantly alter
the course of all of my future training. This was truly
Easy Strength: The Seminar
Quality and scope were excellent, but what will really How to Get a Lot Stronger
separate this material is the practical use. It makes the life changing. This seminar has been the greatest 3
days of my training career. It will significantly alter than Your Competition
training done by real professionals accessible to the And Dominate in
average person. how I train myself and my students.
Your Sport
BUD JEFFRIES, Lakeland, FL, Performing CHRIS LINDQUIST, East Fallowfield, PA, With Pavel and
Strongman, Author, Lifetime Drug Free Worlds Veterinarian Dan John
Powerlifting Champion, Strongman champion, #DVS032 $197.00
MMA/Grappling Fighter, Highland Games Champion, 14-DVD set
Strength Coach. It has linked together every aspect of training and
every Dragon Door related training program in such a
I learned more in the three days here than I learned way as to make someone almost unstoppable when

24 HOURS A DAY Order EasyStrength DVD Set online:

If at first you dont succeed, redefine success. I bet Hook your elbows under the bar, your arms in the top of Three to four days later start the program. It is simple. Do
this New Yorker cartoon describes what you have the barbell curl position. Dont shrug your shoulders. as many sets of three reps as you can with the weight you
been doing at the gym. It is time to stop changing Wedge yourself under the bar, take a breath, tighten up, topped out with on your sets of five the workout before.
your workout for the heck of it, pick a simple and and lift it off the pins. Keep your shoulders down Thats it. When you start struggling with your triple, you
reliable program, stick with it, and finally make gains. throughout. are done.

The more elements something has, the more likely it is to Walk out and set up in a stance slightly wider than your How long should you rest between sets?As long as you
break down. The Kalashnikov and the Glock have become shoulders, your feet slightly turned out. Take an want. If you take long breaks, 5min or more, you will get
choice weapons for gun carrying professionals around the abdominal breath, which will not be easy with the bar stronger through the adaptations in your nervous system.
world for that exact reasonthey are simple and they compressing your diaphragm, and squat till the bar If you take very brief breaks, say a minute or less, you will
dont break down. I will give you one such program. It touches your knees and your thighs are below parallel. get stronger by building muscle. If you split the difference
consists of only three simple exercises but rest assured Below parallel means the top of your knee is higher with 2-3 minutes you will get both the skill of strength
that it will make you strong all over. than the crease of your hip. Have someone check your and the mass gains. And if you take long breaks on some
depth from the side. Preferably a stronger someone with days and gun it on others, even better.
The exercises are the bench press, the chin-up, and the powerlifting experience.
Zercher squat. Follow this workout for three weeks, then test your 5RM
Pause momentarily with the bar on your knees without again after a couple of extra days of rest. Do whatever
The bench press is either worshipped or condemned as relaxing and drive up. Hold your breath through the you want on week four but not the exercises from this
non-functional and evil. Neither extreme view is sticking point, then grunt out somebut not allair. routine and take it easy. On week five start over. Stay
correct. According to masters champion discus thrower with this program as long as you keep making gains in
Prof. Thomas Fahey, the BP, together with the DL, are the The bench press and chin-up technique are outside the muscle and strength.
best predictors of throwers' performance. Russian full scope of this article. The only point I want to stress is the
contact karate fighters bench heavy and hit hard. I pause. Pause at least for a second without losing Following the test day, here is what your schedule will
believe the reasons these guys get a lot out of the bench tightness with the bar brushing your chest in the bench look like:
are powerful legs and hips; flexible hip flexors that don't press. Pause in a dead hang between each chin-up rep.
interfere with power transfer from below; very strong The Simply Strong Workout
midsection muscles that link the lower and upper body. You will be training twice a week and performing your Week 1
Address these three and bench away. exercises in the following order: the bench press, the Monday As many sets of 3 as possible
Zercher squat, the chin-up. Your first workout is with the 5RM.
The chin-up will work your pulling muscles and the abs. determining your five-rep max. For instance, you might Thursday As many sets of 3 as possible
I dare you to find someone who can do twenty strict, dead bench 135x5, 155x5, and 185x5. 185 feels moderately with the 5RM.
hang chins and does not sport a great six-pack. heavy. You might be able to squeeze out 190x5 but you Week 2
leave it alone, 185 it is. If you are new to Zerchers dont Monday As many sets of 3 as possible
The Zercher squat requires that you hold the barbell in the work up to an all out fiver but to a comfortably heavy set with the 5RM.
crooks of your elbows. The ZSQ offers many unique of five, say 135x5, 185x5, 225x5. You think you might be Thursday As many sets of 3 as possible
advantages over the back squat. A safe ZSQ technique is good for 250x5 but you know better than pushing a new with the 5RM.
much easier to learn. The Zercher enables you to fully exercise hard. 225 it is. Your chins might look like this: Week 3
extend your hips on the top. You cant do it with the bar bodyweight x 5, (bodyweight+10)x5, (bodyweight+25)x5. Monday As many sets of 3 as possible
on your back without risking serious injury. Squats with the 5RM.
without a full hip extension tighten up your hip flexors, Saturday Test your 5RM.
the muscles on the top of your thighs. This is hard on your Week 4
back and has a negative effect on your athletic Unloading week: fun, easy exercises.
performance, be it jumping, running, punching, or Week 5
throwing. Monday Restart the program with the new 5RM.

Another reason Zerchers rule is the fact that they work

your midsection very intensely. Very. And because in We trained hardbut it seemed that every time we
Zerchers the center of gravity is a lot lower than in back or were beginning to form into teams, we would be
front squats, the weight is easier to balance and you can reorganized, lamented Gaius Petronius Arbiter,
grind harder without losing your form. Satyricon, 1st century AD. I was to learn later in life
that we tend to meet any new situation by
Here is the ZSQ technique in a nutshell. Set up the bar in reorganizing. And what a wonderful method it can be
the power rack at your stomach level. Wear a long sleeve for creating the illusion of progress while pursuing
T-shirt to protect your elbows. Dont wrap a towel around confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization.
the bar! The bar is likely to slide inside the towel and
injure you. Dont let this happen to you. Stay with a solid simple
program and get strong at last

Order Easy Strength Book online: 24 HOURS A DAY

Full of detail and passion, Mastering the Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing is an instant classic.
Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Enter the Kettlebell!

Praise for Mastering the

HardStyle Kettlebell Swing
RKC system as well as the practice of all his own back problems with just the
ballistic kettlebell lifts the skills, tips and swing. Fast forward two years, and I am
drills in this DVD will fast track your doing about 2,000 swings per month and
progress to more advanced skills. my back has improved about 80%.
Rif has championed the swing long before I purchased this DVD because I want my
Best DVD on the Swing the kettlebells surge in popularity and it is swing to be the best it can be. The DVD is
I have ever seen! fitting that the team that used the swing to replete with stretches to improve range of
rehabilitate a broken body and shed motion, and drills, and workouts designed
If the Swing is the center of the training 100lbs are now teaching others how to to entrain good form into your motor
universe, than Mark and Tracys new get the same benefits they did. With real- memory so that your technique improves.
DVD is the guide book on how to world proven results from this simple An example: doing planks immediately
navigate your training through this exercise the Reifkinds will share with you prior to two-handed swings makes it
universe. I have literally watched this how you too can master this elegant yet much easier to correctly lock out at the
DVD 5 out of the last 6 nights with pen powerful movement. top of the swing than just grabbing a bell
and paper in hand. This DVD walks the and starting to swing "cold." Think about
kettlebell newbie and the seasoned ANDREW READ, RKC Team Leader, it--at the top of the swing you are bracing
kettlebell veteran to Swing mastery. Australia your abs and firing your glutes and lats.
The lockout is a plank. The DVD is filled
The drills, stretches and movements with little tricks like this.
taught in this DVD are the best I have A Great Blend of
seen anywhere in the industry. Mark and Information, Passion I would recommend this DVD to anyone
Tracy, with their many decades of and Personal who is new to kettlebells or who has been
combined experience, will have you training on their own (i.e. not with an
swinging your kettlebell with more power, This is by far the best exercise DVD I RKC/HKC instructor) for 5 years or less.
grace, and intention. The results will be: have ever used. The first DVD walks you
an increase in fat loss, better stamina, through the component skills and explains TOM ROONEY, Dayton, OH
strengh, power, mobility, athleticism, body the progressions that go into the swing.
awareness and overall movement skills. The second DVD has two excellent
workouts that reinforce the fundamentals This DVD has my
To say I am impressed with this DVD is and challenge you in a real world highest recommendation!
an understatement. This DVD is a serious functional series of exercises. The
game changer! Get this DVD and master Reifkinds are both knowledgeable and The Kettlebell Swing, being the most
the SWING and take your physique and convey this knowledge in a very important kettlebell exercise to master, is
body function to the highest possible professional, yet fun, manner. I have been one that you need to spend lots of time
level. working out for over 40 years and this is practicing. Most people dont understand
an excellent example of what fitness and how important and key this exercise is.
FRANZ SNIDEMAN, Senior RKC, San Over the years the HardStyle swing has
practice should be. I use it personally and
Diego, CA, evolved to a better more efficient exercise
share it with my friends and clients. I
cannot recommend it highly enough! than it already is. Tracy and Mark do an
excellent job breaking down this
Master the movement BILL HYSELL, CSCS, Frankfort, NY foundation exercise for anyone from the
with the Master trainer! beginner to the seasoned kettlebell
enthusiast. This comprehensive DVD will
Ive seen kettlebell training from all Time and Money not only perfect your kettlebell swing, but
levelsfrom beginner workshops to the will show you how to use kettlebell
HKC to the RKC and beyond. What the
swings the "Tracy Reifkind" style in a
Reifkinds have done here is give you the I am 40 years old and started with workout. This DVD has my highest
single best tool to start your kettlebell kettlebells two years ago out of recommendation!
education with. desperation. I had chronic low back pain
and sciatica, and heard about them from a LAUREN BROOKS, RKC Team
Because the swing is so central to both the Leader, San Diego, CA
64-year old kinesiologist who had fixed

24 HOURS A DAY Order Mastering Swing DVD online:

In The Royal Family
of Exercise,
The Kettlebell
Swing Is King
Get the ripped physique, the ultra-conditioning
and the explosive power you always wanted
in minimum time and for minimum expense
S ince Pavel Tsatsouline introduced the modern world to the glories
of HardStyle kettlebell training in 2001, the fitness landscape has
changed forever. This simple tool, the kettlebell, when used as part
of Pavels now legendary HardStyle system, has helped sculpt finely-
Tracys innovative kettlebell swing programming and personal 100lb plus
weight loss story have won her national acclaimand a position of honor
in Tim Ferrisss runaway bestseller The 4-Hour Body.

chiseled new physiqueswith dramatic power to matchfor tens of As its title indicates, Mastering the HardStyle Kettlebell Swing provides
thousands of grateful recipients. absolutely everything you need, to knock it out of the performance park
and enjoy a new life of supreme strength and vitality. Detailed,
Master RKC, Mark Reifkind and RKC, Tracy Reifkind are uniquely scientifically-structured progressions give you a rock-solid technical
qualified to help YOU TOO rapidly achieve the same spectacular physical foundation and proficiency. Two bonus, follow-along workouts further
transformations. instruct and inspire you to achieve the ultimate in fat loss, high-yield
cardio and explosive power.
As a former college gymnast, powerlifting champion, national coach,
competitive bodybuilder, ultra-marathoner and the founder of the first-ever
studio in the US devoted entirely to kettlebell training, Mark brings a
wealth of experience and expertise in his presentation of the secrets of the
HardStyle kettlebell swing.

Get these 9 great benefits from Who is Mastering the HardStyle

the HardStyle kettlebell swing: Kettlebell Swing For?
1) Youve been hearing about kettlebells and dont know where to start.
1) Build more musclewith a chiseled, 2) Youve heard that nothing burns more calories or works more muscle than
kettlebell swing training but you dont live close to a certified instructor and want
compact, toned look to learn the best and the safest way to swing the kb.
2) Lose fatin a hurry, but with long-term, 3) Youre a trainer who wants to get kettlebell certified and wants to know the
details of how the RKC teaches the Center of its Universe, The swing.
sustainable results 4) Youve tried other kettlebell methods and havent gotten the in depth, detailed
instruction you want.
3) Increase strengthwith surprising carry-
over for innumerable physical activities 5) Youre a busy person who doesnt have all day to go to the gym and spend hours
on a bike, lifting weights and doing yoga to maintain a base level of fitness and
4) Train hardcore cardiofor a powerful, tone. You need a much more efficient solution .The HardStyle Kettlebell Swing.
6) You want to get strong at the same time you get your cardio in and dont have
Mastering the
ageless heart
5) Build speed and powerto be as explosive
time for both.
7) Youre small and you want to build up.
and as dynamic as you want to be 8) Youre too big and you want to slim down.
9) Youre a serious minimalist who loves the idea of one bell, one weight and one
6) Increase your work capacityto go longer movement for a total body, complete workout. Swing
and harder at any task 10) Youre a high mileage comrade whos been through the mill and whose knees and The Ultimate Exercise
back cant tolerate what they used to. You need a serious exercise that just builds
7) Develop muscles you never knew you you up without tearing you down. Youre no longer training for fitness, you are for Fat Loss, High-Yield
training for Life. Cardio and Explosive
hadfor a perfectly proportioned physique
11) Youre a serious competitive athlete that wants to know one of the best tools
around for building and maintaining amazing power and speed that translates big Power
8) Strengthen and stabilize your backa time to your strength lifts and sport. In Sport, Speed is King, and Power is Queen. With Mark Reifkind, Master
major key to pain-free, high-level Nothing builds both like the HardStyle Kettlebell Swing. RKC and Tracy Reifkind, RKC
performance and athletic longevity 12) Youre no longer a beginner kettlebell trainer and are ready to go into Deep Skill;
the subtleties and nuances interest you. #DV080 $34.95 DVD
9) Build powerful legswithout wrecking 13) You want to know how to do the only exercise that Tracy used to achieve
Running time: 3 hours 5 minutes
your knees incredible muscle tone and strength after losing over 100 lbs.

Order Mastering Swing DVD online: 24 HOURS A DAY

Acclaim for Kettlebell Warrior
A must have! Doc Cheng nails it to Senior RKC Dr Mark
As a full-time professional martial arts the floorboards Cheng is the Real Deal
instructor with 30 years of martial arts I have just had the opportunity to review Kettlebell Warrior is classic Doc Cheng,
training behind me, instructor certificates in Kettlebell Warrior and it does not disappoint. which means a no nonsense attitude, spirit,
seven arts and a certified RKC instructor As a US Marine, I depend on using my RKC intellect and hardcore application.
myself, I know what makes for quality training to assist in maintaining my physical
instruction. In the Kettlebell Warrior DVD fitness. As such, I am constantly in search of Doc Cheng is the real deal in every way and
series, Dr. Mark Cheng has put together a different methods to improve my technique there is no higher compliment from me. I have
truly impressive collection of hard-style and increase my stamina. Kettlebell Warrior been learning things left and right from the
kettlebell exercises that will directly and is an outstanding tool and is a must for DVD, phrasing, cues, explanations, all will
positively impact your combat sport anyone looking to improve their proficiency help me transmit what I am trying to transmit
application. But the Kettlebell Warrior DVDs with a kettlebell. Straight forward and to my students that much better and easier.
also provide restorative exercises with and directly to the point, Dr Cheng carefully lays People, get this DVD, you can't go wrong.
without the kettlebell that will come in handy out in plain language the fundamentals of Get to the essence of the RKC with one of the
when the untimely injury occurs. Detailed working with the kettlebell, and then best and smartest instructors we have.
instruction is what Dr. Cheng is best known masterfully ties them directly into a martial Mark Reifkind, Master RKC,
for and this DVD series is chock full of arts application. Whether a beginner or San Jose, CA
essential exercises explained in high detail. experienced RKC/martial artist, this DVD set
This DVD set should be mandatory training contains a treasure trove of information that
and reference material for any serious martial will exponentially help you improve your
artist and kettlebell enthusiast! technique. Semper Fi Doc and job well Solid Kettlebell
John Spezzano,
Los Angeles, CA
done!Col Mike Gann, USMC / Camp teaching resource
Leatherneck, Afghanistan
I just finished watching the Kettlebell
Warrior DVD set by Dr. Mark Cheng and
came away with solid, safe teaching
Kettlebell Warrior is a must have for any progressions for the main kettlebell exercises.
martial artist. I have been practicing martial In addition to the step by step instruction on
arts now for several years and 4 years ago I the exercises the viewer is also given excellent
found kettllebells. In the first 2 DVDs Dr practical applications of all the exercises to be
Cheng clearly demonstrates how the used in martial arts.
movement principles learned in hard style
and The Naked Warrior go hand in hand The highlight for me is the progression Dr.
with the fundamental movement patterns of Cheng uses for the Turkish Get Up exercise.
martial arts. He first demonstrates and He breaks that exercise down into easy to
thoroughly explains the techniques used in remember smaller movements and gives a
the swing, clean, press etc.and then follows good learning tool to use for
each one with a martial arts demonstration teaching/learning the exercise to drill it into
that shows how the skills and principles memory. I plan to use this method when
learned apply . I found myself having teaching my high school students that
multiple epiphanies while watching. If all that exercise in the upcoming weeks.
isn't enough the 3rd DVD shows how to Mike Zoetewey, M.S.,
rehabilitate those aching shoulders and backs CSCS, Lakewood, CA
that we all seem to get eventually. I can
personally attest to the healing powers of
some of these movements.
Gary Lynch, Yucaipa, CA

24 HOURS A DAY Order Kettlebell Warrior DVDs online:

Kettlebell Warrior is a strong DVD. Dr. Mark Cheng does a fine overview
of many key RKC exercises, kettlebell and bodyweight, and offers his
unique insights, as a martial artist and as a medical professional.
Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Enter the Kettlebell!

From the Dragon Door Vaults, Introducing:

The Ultimate System of Kettlebell Combat
Application Secrets for Martial Artists, Combat

Personnel, and High Risk Tactical Operators
he history of the modern kettlebell to illustrate how Pavels Naked Warrior and treasure trove of training secrets that will stand
movementas spearheaded by the HardStyle training concepts can contribute the test of time.
RKC and HardStylehas been one magnificently to the skill and proficiency of
Kettlebell Warrior is destined to become one
of constant, dynamic evolution. ANY fighterbe it a classical practitioner of the
the primary go-to-references for anyone remotely
Masters and innovators from Asian martial arts, an MMA contender, or an
serious about boosting their martial power and
numerous disciplines have poured operator whose very life can depend on his
refining their fighting skills.

Contents include:
their expertise into the RKC crucible and the martial prowess.
result has been a staggering array of interlinking
Sometimes some of the most powerful
and complementary practices that have changed
contributions to a body of knowledge have
the lives of hundreds of thousands over the last
taken years to be finally revealed. Originally shot
decade. Disc One: Kettlebell l. Pistol
in 2009, Kettlebell Warrior has been biding its
One of the greatest of these HardStyle time in the Dragon Door vaults. Since 2009, Warrior Training Secrets m. Kossack
Naked Warrior Bodyweight n. Naked Get-Up
champions has been Chinese martial artist and both Dr. Cheng and the RKC have evolved yet Training & Combat
clinician, Dr. Mark Cheng. Now a Senior RKC, again. Some of the training details espoused at Applications Naked Warrior Bodyweight
has been a passionate, tireless and brilliant flag that time may now have morphed or perhaps a. Hard Style lock Training & Combat
bearer whose contributions have buttressed and even been discarded. No matter, just as Pavels b. Wall Squat Applications
reinforced our evolving School of Strength. original The Russian Kettlebell Challenge c. Plank & Partner Plank o. Turkish Get-Up
(partner pushing) p. High-Pull
(2001) and his Enter the Kettlebell! (2006)
Dr. Chengs masterly Kettlebell Warrior d. Front Squat Side Sways q. Spinning High-Pull
remain enduring classics of strength, so too e. Cobra Stretch r. Bent Press
represents the most comprehensive attempt yet
the contents of Kettlebell Warrior represent a
Kettlebell Warrior Exercises Disc Three: Beyond the
& Combat Applications Kettlebell Warrior
f. Deadlift Kettlebell Restorative &
g. Swing The Center of Healing Exercises
the RKC Universe s. Halo Rear shoulder
h. Clean: Taming the Arc girdle &
Kettlebell Warrior i. Military Press thorax/shoulder ROM
Applied Combat Kettlebells j. Snatch The Gold t. Armbar Anterior
Standard shoulder girdle
For Maximum Martial Power k. Front Squat from the u. Windmill Hip &
By Dr. Mark Cheng, Clean Shoulder
Senior RKC v. Snake Charmer
Disc Two: Kettlebell Knees
#DVS033 $77.00 Warrior Advanced w. Wall Squat, KB Deadlift
3-DVD set Training Secrets and Cobra Lower
Total running time: Naked Warrior Bodyweight Back
Training & Combat
2 hours 38 minutes

Order Kettlebell Warrior DVDs online: 24 HOURS A DAY

Discover How to Reinforce Your Body
and Snap Back from the Toughest Challenge
with Deceptive Ease and Strength
I ain't as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was.

hen Pavel heard this line from a special operator friend of his, he thought, This is it.
The country song by Toby Keith nailed the attitude of old warriors unwilling to compromise with age.
That 1967 Mustang can still burn rubber with the best, but it does need some extra maintenance. Enter Resilient.

Maintenance for Hard
Develops a more flexible, yet
stronger neck
Restores crucial elbow
Pavel breaks these drills down wonderfully:
first demonstrating, then focusing on finer
points and offering visualizations for safety,
power, and keeping form. As a member of a
strength and mobility special reaction team, I am required to
Men with High Mileage. Develops spectacular
shoulder girdle and upper
perform in any condition. Pavel's products
and drills like these help me keep mobile
back flexibility and ready. A great DVD!
Pavels father Michael Ottaway, FE Warren AFB,
Boosts performance for Wyoming
Vladimir, two girevoy sport, weightlifting,
months shy of powerlifting, strongman SWAT officers need to watch Resilient.
events, gymnastics, yoga Hours upon hours wearing a full kit- vest
his 75th birthday, with steel plates, commo gear, weapons, etc.
Loosens up your spine while
deadlifts 391 teaching you powerful body leads to sore shoulders, lower backs and
without a belt. mechanics knees. Add running CQB or tackling other
tasks and the Ibuprofen can vanish like
This is his second Rewards you with the M&Ms. Resilient provides simple, effective
American record. ultimate in squatting methods you can perform nearly anywhere
flexibilitya must for military to help restore range of motion and reduce
Vladimirs and law enforcement discomfort. My knees and shoulders were
chiropractor Dr. Helps you move like liquid improved after the first viewing.
Franco Columbu metal Federal Officer/SWAT Medic, NYC, NY
has stated that Conditions your knees in a Pavel, I'm an old Infantry Marine. I've had
he has the little-known plane that can back surgery and more aches and
muscle tone of a spell the difference between pains than you could imagine. I got Resilient
true resilience and and started seeing results immediately.
forty-year old. dangerous weakness Without the Kettlebell I can hardly walk.
Helps release your tight hip When I practice on a regular basis, I feel like
I'm in my twenties again. I own several of
flexorswhich act like
Resilient parking brakes to cripple
your products and I have never been
disappointed. I will continue to come to you
Advanced Kettlebell your kicking, punching, for my fitness and flexibility needs. Semper
Drills and Insider running and lifting Fi.
Secrets for Playing Develops a stronger, more Martin J. Knott, Robesonia, PA
Harder & Hurting Less sinuous back
I have lived and played hard and my body
with Pavel Stretches your spinefor
had lost its youth until Pavel introduced
#DV017 $47.00 extra activity-mileage Resilient. In two weeks time I feel like I am
DVD Injury-proofs your back with in my early twenties. Now I know what it
Running time: a little-knownl drill from means to be resilient.
36 minutes Tim Thomas, Connersville, IN
Russian contact sports

24 HOURS A DAY Order Resilient online:

How to Open the Door to INTELLIGENT
Hypertrophy Training
And Build Muscle Mass Fast
In the strength and conditioning world, very few people have the depth and breadth of Geoff Neupert. Hes been there, done that in practically
every area of the gym world. If you want a long discussion of rehab work for busted up athletes, Geoff has the certificate, the hands on work
and the happy list of successful clients. You want to talk about doing it on the platform, Geoff has the pictures, the trophies and the singlet. You
want to swing a kettlebell? See Geoff.

Hes been with the big kids as a Division One Strength Coach and has hands on experience with thousands and thousands of hours of personal
training. He has hoisted the big iron and rubbed out cramps on ailing athletes. From entry level athletes to the top end, Geoff has taught, trained
and tutored athletes, grandmothers and ancient warriors.

Finally, Geoff is going to be exposed to the wider world with his book, Kettlebell Muscle. Geoff takes the best and brightest ideas from the
dungeons, dojos and gyms and puts them all together in one convenient packagefor anyone who wants the advanced course in bodybuilding.

For the normal lifter, the act of combining all the loads and volumes and moves and sequences and the rest of the components that add up to a
program worthy of the term intelligent, takes years of hard living in the gym. Geoffs book will save you this effort.

Kettlebell Muscle is the doorway to intelligent hypertrophy training. Its a book about building muscle mass fast. Geoffs clever use of time is the
factor for stunning muscle gains. The tools are simple, the moves are simple, the schemes are simple and the
results are amazing.

In other words, stop looking for the next wave and jump into Geoffs methods. You have the answers in your
hands. Now, move some iron. Dan John, Master RKC, author, Never Let Go, American Record Holder in
the Weight Pentathlon, Masters National Champion in discus and Olympic Lifting

Table of Increase Density of Loading

Compounding the Matter
Endurance, Especially Grip
and Hips
Double Clean (DCL)
The Double High Pull (DHP)
Contents Compound Lifts 5. Improve Cardiovascular Double Snatch (DSN)
Conditioning and Performance The Double Military Press
Why Now? (From
What Are Complexes 6. Improve General Physical (DMP)
Musclehead to
and Chains? Preparedness (GPP) and Work The See-Saw Press (SSP)
Mature[-ish] Adult)
Complexes Capacity Double Push Press (DPP)
Youre Not a Musclehead
What Does a Complex Look 7. Improve Systemic The Push Press: Heels On or
I Like Kettlebells
Like? Power/Endurance Off the Floor?
I Like Muscle
Chains 8. Improve Mental Toughness Double Front Squat (FSQ)
Science Supports Growing
So Whats the Major 9. Improve Physiological Ability The Big Toe Knows
Muscle to Gain Strength
Limited Time to Train
Difference between a Complex
and a Chain?
to Work under Fatigue
(Lactic Acid Tolerance Training) A Word About
The Quest for Muscle:
What Does A Chain Look Like? 10. Produce Fat Loss
11. Improve Coordination of
Nutrition (Speaking
of Meat and
A Manly Pursuit or
The Top 13 Benefits Lifting Technique Potatoes) The Secrets of
the Height of Compound Kettlebell
of Using Complexes 12. Decrease Training High Quality Food +
Narcissism? Liftingfor Faster, More
and Chains Monotony Kettlebells = Lots of Muscle
Maximum Muscle or Super
1. Are Time Efficient 13. Increase Lean Body Mass Efficient Gains in
Strength: Why Not Both?
2. Improve Systemic What Can You Expect Strength and Power
Strength/Endurance The Exercises (the From This Program?
How Do You Gain By Geoff Neupert,
3. Build True Functional Core Meat and Potatoes)
Muscle Using
Strength Why Double Kettlebells? Why The Program Details Master RKC, CSCS
Kettlebells? #B42 $29.95
4. Improve Local Muscular Not Just a Barbell? Weeks 1-6: Complexes
Increase Speed of Loading Paperback 74 pages 8.5 x 11
Isometric and Dynamic Double Swing (DSW) Weeks 7-12: Both Complexes
Not So Quick, HIT-Jedi
Strength Your Fly Is Down & Chains

Order Kettlebell Muscle online: 24 HOURS A DAY

Powerful Acclaim for Return of the Kettlebell
Well, here it is... When I started Return of the Kettlebell I
weighed 185 and felt pretty strong. I could
the book I always wanted. easily press the Beast and Prof. Yuri Verkhoshansky
There is not enough hyperbole in my body pass the Secret Service
to express how much I like this book. To say snatch test. Still, every week on Kettlebells
that this work is amazing is an under- I got noticeably stronger. The inventor of the method known in
statement. Anyone who plays with kbells must What initially was the West as plyometrics answers
use this book as a resource. Completing the challenging, I now perceive
program and goals set in this book is a worthy
questions about kettlebells:
as easy. With Return of the
fight for any man. Kettlebell I have enjoyed
Dan John, Master, RKC, Murray, UT constant success. Within 3 Q: What is your opinion regarding
months I gained 20 pounds kettlebells swings, snatches, jerks,
and I was still pretty lean. Since my first 3 presses, Turkish getups?
months I have put on another 10 pounds, so
Return of the total I have gained 30 pounds! RTK really is A: The use of kettelbells as overload
Kettlebell teaches just the complete package. One can improve their
when you think you
instead of barbell in traditional
strength, size and conditioning as well as
got all the answers, being able to test their mettle.
weightlifting exercises (swings,
that's when kettlebells Dan Anderson, RKC, Lenoir, NC snatches, jerks) changes their
change all the biodynamic structure. These
questions. If its fast exercises with kettlebells could be
tempo or slow tempo used as general preparation means
work, kettlebells fill RTK is for individuals who want strength, or for fitness.
the bill. Westside uses mass and strength endurance. After 4 months
them for GPP, flexibility, and to produce of RTK I posted new PR's in the ETK
MUSCLE MASS where it is needed. Kettlebells Program Minimum lifts: a 48kg military press Q: Can you increase max strength
are old as hell but there is no dust on them at and 220 on the snatch test without pressing and starting strength using
Westside. Once again hail to Pavel!!! anything heavier than a 32kg and no snatches. kettlebells?
Louie Simmons, Westside Barbell Club This is not the goal outlined in the RTK, it is
much worse, but gives you a sense of the level A: Yes, if you use the kettlebell
of conditioning this program affords. I also exercises in a correct muscle work
gained 12-15 pounds over the 4 months; and
From the foreword by being 5'7'' and a hard gainer, that is saying a
Donnie Thompson, RKC, lot. If you are ready for the next step in
World Super kettlebell training, mental as well as physical,
Heavyweight buy this book!
Powerlifting Champion,
Matt, Med Student, Mt. Pleasant, SC In a very straightforward and
the First to Break the
systematic fashion Return of the Kettlebell
3,000 Total Record:
simultaneously increases your max strength,
A chance meeting with Pavel at the Arnold strength endurance, and overall conditioning:
Classic jumpstarted me in the right direction. The predecessor to this,
This time I was entering into a match made in Enter the Kettlebell!, was by Double 32kg C&Jwent from 12 reps
Heaventhe kettlebell and me. In no time at itself, revolutionary. Return to 21 reps.
all, my tricky lower back was reborn. My of the Kettlebell is
shoulders developed overnight. The swings, extraordinary to say the Double Snatch & Presswent from
snatch and presses were icing on my lifting least. Utilizing these Double 32kg for 3 reps to Double 36kg
career cake. The rest is history. Pavel's Return exercises, in the manner for 2 reps.
of the Kettlebell has spoken to us, the steak Pavel discusses, will take athletes who want to
become more explosive and stronger and Gained 9 pounds of muscle in 10
eaters, the cave dwellers. Do you want to weeks.
separate yourself from the pack? Express your bring them to where they want to go. These
attitude by living each page of Return of the advanced exercises are a must for anyone who
wishes to take it to the next level." I It is a brutal program that FORCES you
Kettlebell. Quit watching the champions. Ask to grow new muscle and causes you to dig
yourself, "why not me? wholeheartedly recommend this out-of-this-
world book/DVD for those looking for more deep down inside yourself.
out of their kettlebells and their body!!! TSgt Philip Davis, RKC
Dr. Michael Hartle, Senior RKC, USAPL
Return of the Kettlebell took me to National Champion, IPF Team USA Head
pressing the Beast for reps! Coach, Chairman, USA Powerlifting Sports I just finished week one and my wife has
Ken Froese, RKC, Santa Monica, CA Medicine Committee, Adams County Patriots already commented that my back is feels
Semi-Pro Football Player bumpier and harder. Kind of scary.
Danny Sawaya, RKC, CSCS, Tucson, AZ

24 HOURS A DAY Order Return of the Kettlebell online:

How to Master Advanced
Kettlebell Drills
And Explode Your Strength!

horoughly master Pavels Enter the almost mysterious, strength and muscle gains
Kettlebell! program and you can at least two broke new powerlifting world
consider yourself a Kettlebell Black recordsthanks to kettlebell training. Pavel
Belt. But once youre a Kettlebell decided to reverse engineer this What the
Black Belt, then what? Hell effect experienced by the championsso
all others could benefit from their success.
Well, say hello to Return of the Kettlebell,
which takes it for granted you already own Return of the Kettlebell presents the final fruit
those Black Belt fundamentalsand offers you of Pavels researchcombining the very best of
a dramatically tougher, yet highly systematic ancient lifting wisdom with modern day
program for explosive and massive muscle gain. scientific breakthroughs.

Return of the Kettlebells protocols were born Like the Breakfast of Champions, consume
from Pavels insights while training elite power whats on the Return of the Kettlebell menu of the
athletes. Several champions made astonishing, and watch yourself growand grow! Kettlebell
Explosive Kettlebell
Training for Explosive
The Return of the Kettlebell DVD is the best kettlebell resource I've seen to take your Muscle Gains
physique and performance to the next level. Pinpoint technique is essential to your by Pavel #B40 $39.95
success, and Pavel knows it. He shows each exercise from every angle and explains Foreword by Donnie Thompson,
RKC, World Super Heavyweight
what you should and shouldn't do to get the greatest reward. This DVD, plus Powerlifting Champion
hard work, equals your best body. Paperback 146 pages 8.5 x 11
Chad Waterbury, neurophysiologist, author of Huge in a Hurry
DVD by Pavel
Return of the Kettlebell is filled with top notch information and goes deep With Kenneth Jay, and Missy
under the surface. The production quality of the DVD is first rate and superb. Beaver, RKC
The demonstrations are incredibly thorough and include all of the dos and #DV062 $34.95
DVD Running time: 48 minutes
donts of multiple double kettlebell movements. In typical Pavel style, he goes
into great detail on proper technique and performance with an emphasis on
movement quality. Many unique movements are also shared. If Enter the Kettlebell!
took you to black beltReturn of the Kettlebell will make you an expert!"
Alwyn Cosgrove, author of The New Rules of Lifting series

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Praise for Enter the Kettlebell!
Go from average to strong pounds and 3 pants sizes and gained strength. A manual to
All while being easy on my knees which went
Follow Pavel's simple advice and get strong.
through five surgeries due to injury. Thanks to change your life with
Its that simple. I had worked with kettlebells At 42 years old I'm by far in the best shape
for a year before getting ETK and could barely Pavel for all of his great work.
Regular Guy, Vernon, New Jersey of my life. I just competed for the first time in
press a 32kg kettlebell and was in the 120's in the Tactical Strength Challenge. After training
the Secret Service Snatch Test. A year of ETK for the last 7 months I achieved a 365 lb.
and I was able to do 240 in the SSST and deadlift, 12 pullups and 106 snatches with the
Military Press a 32kg and a 16kg kettlebell in
one hand! Thanks Pavel for making me a Literally from 24kg bell in 5 minutes. I also lost 40 lbs. of
body fat and gained 10 lbs. of muscle. The
better man! Average to Elite foundation for what I've accomplished came
Sean Schniederjan, West St. Paul, MN 17 years of dedication to the iron game, and from months spent following Enter the
the last 10 months with kettlebells have given Kettlebell! strictly. This is the manual to
me the edge over my peers. But Enter the change your life.
Kettlebell! has pushed me into a level I thought Kai Johnson, East Palo Alto, CA
Its a Kind of Magic!! only the true "mutants" could achieve. A one-
I recently had a knee operation, which arm clean and military press with 60% of
stopped me from attending martial arts classes bodyweight and a body, even at my size, that is
for about 9 weeks. In that time, luckily, I was faster, more agile, and more resilient than those The Roadmap I've Been
still able to follow ETK, which I had just around me
discovered. Anyway, last week I went back to are what Needing!
MA class for the first time in 9 weeks. THIS ETK has Started this program on June 4 using a
IS THE MAGIC BIT! The warm-up at the delivered. 70lb. kettlebell. At the time all I could do with
beginning was unbelievably easy, my kicking And in a very the 88lb. kettlebell was clean it with two hands
flexibility was through the roof (not literally!), to my shoulder, couldn't budge it at all from
punching power was greatly improved, my there.
Michael Buntig
training partner couldn't take me down (he On June 25 I tested and I was able to press
pressing 140 pounds
usually throws me round like a rag doll!!) and the 88lb'er once with my left arm. On July 14
a 32kg kettlebell with
all round conditioning was so much better that I was able to press the 88-pounder with both
ankle and wrist
I felt just as fresh at the end as I did at the arms and without straining. I feel so much
weights strapped on.
start!!! Even better, I went back to the MA stronger than before I started this program and
(Dont try it at home)
class a full 14 pounds lighter with abdominal I feel energetic, not worn down. I felt pressing
muscles beginning to show themselves (didn't the 88lb'er was a far-off dream...maybe
even know they were there!!). short amount somedaytry today....and I haven't even
Keith Pranklin, London, England of time. The mentioned the conditioning aspects! Slowly,
Program but surely seeing body fat trim away. Don't be
Minimum fooled, you'll have to work but the results are
and the Rite there to be had. No guesswork, follow the
The Bible of Kettlebell of Passage planget the results!
are all that are truly needed to become more Raf Ortiz, Austin, TX
Training than the "real men" around you.
If you get any book this year on training Michael Bunting, Medicine Hat, Alberta,
and fitness, it should be this book. Pavel is the Canada
leading authority on kettlebell training. If you Just what I was looking for
want to learn from the best, he is knocking at and more
your door here. LET HIM IN! You will be
glad you did. 8 months with kettlebells Just what I was looking for and more
Jim Chandler, Brazilian Jiujitsu World As a Division I lightweight rower, I am
I've been training with kettlebells for 8 always in search of way to become stronger
Champion, Huntington Beach, CA months following Enter The Kettlebell! while maintaining a given weight. ETK is the
religiously. [I am 53 years old] The programs answer. I have been following ETK in addition
contained within are fantastic! The benefits to my rowing team's program. The results are
I've reaped, in no particular order: there. My teammates are curious as to how I
hypertrophy of the chest, upper back and am gaining strength while losing weight and
Helped me recover from a shoulders, an impressive carving of the abs, mass, and I know the answer is ETK. As a past
serious injury obliques and hips, a lower heart rate (48BPM) member of the US National Team (and
and an incredible amount of hip power. hopefully continuing member this summer), I
Kettlebells have been life changing to me, an Bill Shailer, Cheshire, CT
almost 40 year-old USMC vet, lifelong martial plan on bringing ETK with me wherever I
artist, and current police officer who was travel in my sports endeavors. Thank you,
injured on duty. In 15 weeks of the Program Pavel.
Minimum and Right of Passage, I lost 20 John Redos, Ithaca, NY

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Kettlebell Training...The Closest
Thing You Can Get to Fighting,
Without Throwing A Punch
Federal Counterterrorist Operator

Thekettlebell. AK-47 of physical Pavel lays out a foolproof master system that
guarantees you successif you simply follow the
training hardware. Hunk of iron on a handle. commands!
Simple, sinister, brutaland ferociously effective
for developing explosive strength, dramatic Develop all-purpose strengthto easily
power and never-say-die conditioning. The mans
handle the toughest and most
mans choice for the toughest, most demanding,
unexpected demand
highest-yield exercise tool on the planet.
Guaranteed to forge a rugged, resilient, densely- Maximize staying powerbecause the
muscled framebuilt to withstand the hardest last round decides all
beating and dish it right back out, 24/7. Forge a fighters physiquebecause the
Enter the

Enter the kettlebell!

Once the prized and jealously-guarded training
form must follow the function Kettlebell!
Strength Secret of

and follow the plan:

secret of elite Russian athletes, old-school
strongmen and the military, the kettlebell has The Soviet Supermen
invaded the West. And taken no prisoners by Pavel #B33 $34.95
thanks to former Soviet Special Forces physical Paperback 200 pages 8.5 x 11

1. The New RKC

training instructor and strength author, Pavel 246 full color photos,
charts, and workouts

Program Minimum
Tsatsoulines 2001 publication of The Russian
Kettlebell Challenge and his manufacture of the
first traditional Russian kettlebell in modern
With just two kettlebell exercises, takes you
from raw newbie to solid contenderwell-
American hardmen of all stripes were quick to
conditioned, flexible, resilient and muscular in all
recognize what their Russian counterparts had long

2. The RKC Rite of Passage

the right places.
knownnothing, nothing beats the kettlebell, when
youre looking for a single tool to dramatically
impact your strength and conditioning. A storm of
success has swept the American S & C landscape, Jumps you to the next level of physical
as kettlebell Comrades have busted through to excellence with Pavels proven RKC formula for

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With Enter the Kettlebell! Pavel delivers a

Propels you to a Special Forces level of DVD with Pavel
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significant upgrade to his original landmark yourself a man.
#DV036 $29.95
work, The Russian Kettlebell Challenge. DVD Running time: 46 minutes
Drawing on five years of developing and leading When you rise to the challengeand Enter the
the worlds first and premiere kettlebell instructor Kettlebell!there will be no more confusion, no
certification program, and after spending five more uncertainty and no more excusesonly raw
years of additional research into what really power, never-quit conditioning and earned
works for dramatic results with the kettlebell respect.
we have Enter the Kettlebell!

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Acclaim for Andrea Du Canes The Kettlebell Goddess Workout DVD
Finally!!! Im newly addicted to kettlebells; I have only been
working out with them for a few months now and I
The Kettlebell Goddess
I am so excited about this DVD! I have think this DVD is excellent for beginners. Id Workout is the Best!
been training with KBs for three years recommend it to both beginners and advanced This is one of the best DVDs that I have ever
now off and on, and I have to admit that kettlebellers alike. If you are looking for a serious purchased. It is so complete with workouts and
my motivation has been running low in workout DVD, this is definitely worth it! I love it! I cant instructions. The variety is terrific. I really enjoyed
the past year, and this is just what I thank Andrea enough!!Jen, Maine Andrea in From Russia with Tough Love, but this is the
needed! Someone to push me, something simple, best. Nicole and Kristann are a wonderful complement
something sturctured. I have been waiting for a DVD
like this for a looong time and now it is finally here! Hard Core Workout! to her and very much inspire me to keep working to
get better. I tried to just watch the video without
What I like best with it is how it is laid out. It is a Andrea Du Cane provides some tough workouts on picking up the kettlebells, but I couldnt. I had to jump
complete foolproof way to get your butt kicked a The Kettlebell Goddess DVD. This DVD is not for right into a workout. I am glad I did. First the warm up
different way each and every day! I love it. And the beginners, but it is a great way for someone familiar was one of the most thorough that I have ever had.
PDF that came with the DVD shows different ways to with basic kettlebell exercises to get a great Then the exercises really hit the mark. I had such a
schedule your workout or combine different exercises challenging workout. Each of the goddess workouts pump in my lower body and an overall rush all over.
and it gives me absolutely no excuse not to swing that are great no-frills, no-nonsense, Then the nice cool down made me feel like I really
bell! Andrea, great job! Ulrika, Detroit, MI kick-butt exercise routines. I accomplished something. I plan to keep on doing the
really enjoy the relax into workouts. Thanks for the Kettlebell Goddess Workout.
stretch segment at the end of
The Complete Package each workout.
Please keep up the good work! Robin McGill,
Tampa, FL
Astonishing By the way, this DVD is not
just for women! My boyfriend
If I could I would give this DVD a 20 instead of a
10. Most DVDs only give you a stripped down version loves it as much as I do Nothing but positive
of a workout. This marvelous DVD gives you not only 1 (though he did complain about not being able to keep feedback!!!
workout, like most DVDs. It gives you an infinite up with women wearing pink shirts).Mary - This is a great DVD. I have
amount of them, and they include a warm-up portion Saratoga, CA been getting nothing but
and a cool-down routine that is out of this world. positive feedback from my
These workouts will work you out even if you use a Become the Goddess!! clients. I tried a few of them
light kettlebell. The instructions are clear cut, and WOW!! I purchased this DVD at the RKC in myself and trust me guys, this
concise for all to understand. Guys will love this DVD October and I am in LOVE!! I will recommend this DVD is not just for the
as well.Karen R. Queen, Tampa, Florida DVD to EVERYONE!! This has to be the most kick-butt Goddess but the Gods can
workout Ive tried. My clients will love it! I love the also get worked on these
Excellent! structure of being able to design my own workout programs as well. The different combinations and ways
with the formulas provided, or just follow along with Andrea shows you how to come up with your own
This DVD is brilliant! I love the way it is structured personal routine makes this a must for anyone who
to either follow along with the goddess workouts or to the workouts already created for us. Andrea - You are
awesome! Thanks so much for this DVD! I feel like Im wants to get in shape.Lance Mosley, RKC, CSCS
create your own. The instruction is great and the - Palm Beach County, FL
workouts are awesome. I can never see myself getting back at the RKC. (well...almost!)Rae Chitwood,
sick of this DVD with all the variety! RKC, Mansfield, OH

Womens Workout Kits Kettlebell Goddess DVD A Kettlebell * Different S/H rates apply for AK/HI,
US territories and Canada.

Womens 18 lbs.
Ultimate KB
Womens 12kg
Ultimate KB
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Ultimate KB
Kettlebell Goddess Kit
Workout Kit Workout Kit Workout Kit 18 lbs., 12kg and 16kg Kettlebells & Kettebell Goddess DVD
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If you are strong enough to
do a pullup, start with 18
lbs., 12kg, and 16kgthe
Kettlebell Goddess Kit.

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Du Cane is the leader in womens kettlebell training. Pavel Tsatsouline

Stay Strong, Young, Toned and Vibrant

With Andrea Du Canes High-Powered,
Super-High-Energy Kettlebell Cardio
and Strength Workouts

he ancient Greek Goddesses were famous for their vigorous and vibrant strength,
their power, their grace and their physical elegance.
Now you have a realistic chance to make even a Greek Goddess green with envy
as you matchif not surpassthem for athletic grace and high performance!
In this superbly produced, interactive, menu-based DVD, Senior Russian Kettlebell
Instructor, Andrea Du Cane challenges and inspires you to seize that ideal of elegant
strength and make it your own.
Andreas powerful array of authentic kettlebell workouts, plus cool downs
and stretches, are guaranteed to reward you with greater energy, greater well
being, greater strength and a superb figure. Fit for the Goddess you know you
Choose from a wide variety of Upper Body, Lower Body, Abs and Cardio
workouts, then mix and match to create your own customized training program for
godly perfection. Your results will be strictly divine
Or simply follow along with one of the six Goddess Workouts for a complete,
carefully targeted session designed to carve away the fat and sculpt lean, toned
musclesready and willing to take on the world and win it all. Just like Athena
Just like Nike
Once the hard-kept secret of elite Russian athletes, special forces and manly men,
the kettlebell is now becoming the preferred tool for women who are tired of being
merely human and tired of mediocre resultsand who demand fast fat loss, high
energy and exceptional physical performance, now! Let Andrea show you the way
Receive inspiring, first-class personal instruction from one of the nations top
female kettlebell athletes. The Kettlebell
Renew yourself with a constant variety of targeted, high-yield workouts Goddess
that meet your changing needs. Workout
Redefine your body and exceed your mortal limits, with the divine Andrea Du Cane,
challenge of Andreas patented Goddess Workouts. Master RKC
with Kristann Heinz,
Includes a Special Bonus Section of additional drills to add further variety MD, RKC and
and power to your workouts. Nicole Du Cane RKC
Contents include a PDF on How to Get the Most Out of Your Kettlebell Running time:
Goddess Workout DVDplus special programming tips. 2 Hours and 25 minutes
DVD #DV040 $29.95

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Why Take the RKC Instructor
Certification Workshop?
Comrades, are you ready to take the challenge and enter the elite ranks of the RKCthe worlds original and most rigorous kettlebell
instructor certification program? Battle-tested for over a decade, the RKC delivers an unparalleled opportunity to refine and develop
your skill of strength. Aim high, graduate from the RKC school of strengthand pass the gift of strength to others. When we say
RKC, we mean strength. When we say strength, we mean RKC.

Kettlebells are like Best course I have even been to! The one big difference military training courses
weightlifting times ten If I is truth. RKC teaches and lives by the truth. No big words from USMC Recon
couldve met Pavel in the and making stuff up to sound important. Material is Selection, to Combatant
early 80s, I might have won excellent, never had so much. Diver course, to the Special
two gold medals. DONNIE THOMPSON, Professional Powerlifter, Operation Combat Medic
DENNIS KOSLOWSKI, DC, Minneapolis, MN, Silver Health Club Owner, Columbia, SC, 3rd highest powerlifting course and even with all
and Bronze Olympic Medalist, Greco-Roman Wrestling total in history, WPO-SHW World Champion, Arnold that, it is RKC I am most
Classic winner proud of!!!
SAMUEL CLARK, Amphibious Recon Corpsman,
My experience with the workshop was a great insight Jacksonville, NC
into my mind and body connection through strengthI The training was one of the most intense, enjoyable and
really loved Pavels directness and ability to communicate rewarding educational experiences I've ever been through.
difficult exercises in such few words. The quality of instruction was first-rate and the quantity. The attention to detail was spectacular. I already adore
SHANNON HARTNETT, Gym Owner, Sausalito, I'll be digesting all the info for a the community. I enjoyed myself immensely and learned so
CA, 9x World Highland Games Champion, 3x Word long time. These people are much.
Powerlifting Champion, All-Time World Record Holder in amazing. Very smart, very JEN SINKLER, Senior Fitness Editor, Experience Life
the Deadlift (552.5 lbs. @ 148 bodyweight), Member US accomplished, very serious. Magazine, St. Paul, MN, USA Women's National Team
Olympic Bobsled Team, Pro Football running back, San Yet with a great sense of humor. Rugby Player 2002-2009
Francisco Scorcherss It was without a doubt the best
practical instruction I've ever
had. Take the kettlebells away Unparalleled. Ive done four other kettlebell
I was very impressed with the and it was still the best (and certifications and numerous other fitness certifications. The
workshop! One of the more thorough simplest!) explanation of hardest part of the weekend was changing my mind set
certifications I have been involved with. A training I've ever been exposed from go-fast to do it perfectly. I am definitely used to
combination of theory and teaching to. Simple, not easy. muscling through everything as fast as I can with violence of
coupled with rugged training and STEVE MILLES, Gym owner, Muay Thai trainer, action instead of technique. Oddly, this was the easiest the
technique practice! New York City, NY, Intercontinental Champion snatch test has ever been for me and I PRd my press. I
CHIP MORTON, Cincinnati Bengals Strength and (Welterweight), US Muay Thai Association, US Champion always know that technique is there for a reason, but its
Conditioning Coach, Cincinnati, OH (Welterweight and Jr. Middleweight), World Kickboxing interesting to see performance happen as a happy aside to
Association seeking technique perfection. Its something I will bring back
to both the gym and the Ranger School.
Im glad I took this weekend to empty my cup because MATT HOFF, US Army Ranger, Columbus GA,
it was expertly filled up again. John and Pavel have refined Of all the strength and conditioning seminars I've taken West Point Class of 2007, deployed to OIF 9, Scout
the single best introduction to safe strength based movement in the last ten years this makes the most sense to me. If you Platoon Leader in the 82nd Airborne Division, Ranger
I have seen. It is the best use of the weekend Ive seen yet. want usable strength and endurance, KBs are the way to go! Instructor, Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leader's
The best course Ive attended in the past 5 years. It is As a strength coach I see Course, Airborne, Air Assault, Combatives
sophisticated and raw at the same time much needed in how all the concepts taught
western exercise philosophy here relate to everything I do
Add nothing. Take nothing away. Try to keep the group in the weight room.
together as long as possible. You guys are the Rolling JOSE VAZQUEZ,
Stones. Just keep playing and dont diethats all you got Texas Rangers Strength Coach, Arlington, TX
to do.
GRAY COOK, Author of Movement, Co-founder
FMS, Physical Therapist, Chatham, VA A valuable experience that will be extremely hard to
match. it was as if I were an aspiring guitar player locked in
a room with the greats such as Steve Vai, Slash, and Eric
This past weekend was one of the greatest moments in Clapton and given the opportunity to learn their secrets
my training career. It made me believe in my ability more. only much cooler.
ELLEN STEIN, Personal Trainer, Brooklyn, NY, 6x Can't express in words how grateful I am to have had
IPF Masters World Powerlifting Champion the opportunity to be here. Everywhere my life takes, in
everything I do, I will do whatever it takes to become better
than the day before. I have gone through a myriad of

24 HOURS A DAY Register for RKC Workshops online:

Maximizes the development of
all-purpose strengthto handle
the toughest and most unexpected
demands What is a kettlebell? exercises like swings and snatches. There is a
growing body of research that such virtual force
Makes you resilientready to A kettlebell or girya (Russ.) is a traditional is exceptionally effective, efficient, and safe at
Russian cast iron weight that looks like a improving many components of fitness: dynamic
repel the hardest hits cannonball with a handle. strength, many types of endurance, muscle building
The kettlebell goes way back, it first appeared in and fat loss.
Builds your staying a Russian dictionary in 1704 (Cherkikh, 1994). So Obviously, you cannot swing a barbell between
powerbecause the last popular were kettlebells in Tsarist Russia that any your legs and a dumbbell encourages a stiff
strongman or weightlifter was referred to as a shoulder raise if one tries to swing it. The
round decides all girevik, or a kettlebell man. kettlebells offset live weight amplifies the
Not a single sport develops our muscular feedback and forces one to swing it ballistically
Enforces the right blend of strength and bodies as well as kettlebell athletics, using the hips while relaxing the arms, the way an
reported Russian magazine Hercules in 1913. athlete is supposed to move.
strength and flexibility Another unique benefit of the kettlebells offset
because strength that fails to reach center of gravity is the special manner in which the
Why train with shoulder is loaded in overhead lifts. This promotes
is impotent mobility and stability, which set up a foundation
kettlebells? for extraordinary upper body strength and
Hacks the fat offwithout the Because they deliver extreme all-round fitness resilience.
and no single other tool does it better. Here is a
dishonor of dieting and aerobics short list of hardware the Russian kettlebell
Because the unique nature of the kettlebell lifts
allows you to get a powerful training effect with a
replaces: barbells, dumbbells, belts for weighted relatively light weight you can replace your whole
Forges a fighter's physique pullups and dips, thick bars, lever bars, medicine gym with a couple of kettlebells. Dan John,
balls, grip devices, and cardio equipment.
because form must follow function Kettlebells are compact, inexpensive, virtually
Master RKC and highly accomplished power
athlete, has famously quipped: With this kettlebell
indestructible, and can be used anywhere.
Gives independenceget Kettlebells forge physiques like antique statues:
in my bedroom I can prepare myself for the
strong anywhere, anytime broad shoulders with just a hint of pecs, back
muscles standing out in bold relief, rugged
Get your Russian kettlebell now forearms, an armored midsection, and explosive What does science have
legs without a hint of squatters chafing.
and be ready for anything Liberating and aggressive as medieval swordplay,
to say about kettlebells?
life throws at you kettlebell training is highly addictive. What other Vinogradov & Lukyanov (1986) found a very
piece of exercise equipment can boast that its high correlation between the kettlebell snatch and
owners name it? Paint it? Get tattoos of it? jerk numbers and a great range of dissimilar tests:
strength, measured with the three powerlifts and
grip strength; strength endurance, measured with
What makes the pullups and parallel bar dips; general endurance,
determined by a 1000 meter run; work capacity
Kettlebells Fly Air Force One! kettlebell design unique? and balance, measured with special tests.
The shape and compact size of a kettlebell allow Voropayev (1983) tested two groups of subjects
Theres a competitive reason one to safely accelerate it on the way down in in pullups, a standing broad jump, a 100m sprint,
and a 1k run. He put the control
behind the appearance of group on a program that emphasized
the above tests; the experimental group
kettlebells at the back doors lifted kettlebells. In spite of the lack of
and tent flaps of military practice on the tested exercises, the
kettlebell group scored better in every
personnel. When Russian and US Special Forces started competing one of them! This is what we call the
what the hell effect.
against each other after the Soviet Union broke up, the Americans The official Soviet armed forces
made a disturbing discovery. Wed be totally exhausted and the strength training manual approved by
the Ministry of Defense (Burkov &
Russians wouldnt even be catching their breath, says [a] Secret Nikityuk, 1985) declared kettlebell
Service agent It turned out they were all working with training to be one of the most
effective means of strength
kettlebells. Now, half the Secret Service is snatching kettlebells and development, representing a new era
in the development of human strength-
a set sometimes travels with the Presidents detail on Air Force One. potential.
Christian Science Monitor

Order Dragon Door Kettlebells online: 24 HOURS A DAY

Kettlebells improve coordination and agility In the Soviet times odd lifts lived on, RKC kettlebells in from all walks of life: martial
(Luchkin, 1947; Laputin, 1973), develop especially in the circus, and two additional
professional applied qualities and general kettlebell uses developed. One was girevoy sport, Afghanistan. artists, athletes, and regular hard
physical preparedness (Zikov, 1986; Griban, or kettlebell sport, a competition for a maximal Photo courtesy US comrades.
1990). Kettlebells lower the heart rate and blood number of reps with a given weight in the snatch serviceman, name
pressure and increase the hearts functional and jerk. It was born in 1948 when the first
capacity (Shevtsova, 1993). official competition took place. withheld I cant think of a more practical
Kettlebells melt fat without the dishonor of The other was strength training for sports. way of special operations training
dieting or aerobics. If you are overweight, you Roman Moroz, the coach of weightlifting great I was extremely skeptical about
will lean out. If you are skinny, you will get Alexey Medvedev, explains in his 1958 book kettlebell training and now wish
built up. According to Voropayev (1997) who Develop Strength: Exercises with kettlebells are
studied top Russian gireviks, 21.2% increased a wonderful means of developing a persons
that I had known about it fifteen
their bodyweight since taking up kettlebelling physical strength. They can be used in the years ago
and 21.2% (the exact same percentage, not a training of athletes of different specialties: track Name withheld, Special Agent, U.S.
typo), mostly heavyweights, decreased it. The and field, skiers, weightlifters, wrestlers, Secret Service Counter Assault Team
Russian kettlebell is a powerful tool for fixing gymnasts, rowers, boxers, acrobats, etc. This is
your body comp, whichever way it needs fixing. what RKC is all about.
American Council on Exercise (ACE) Am I kettlebell material?
commissioned a study by Porcari & Schnettler Kettlebells are like weightlifting Kettlebell training is not for sissies but it is not
(2010). The researchers concluded that in a elitist. Dr. Krayevskiy, the father of the kettlebell
kettlebell snatch workout the subjects were
times ten If I couldve met Pavel
sport, took up training at the age of forty-one
burning at least 20.2 calories per minute, which in the early 80s, I might have won better suited for developing strength and
and twenty years later he was said to look
is off the charts. Thats equivalent to running a two gold medals. flexibility simultaneously.
fresher and healthier than at forty.
6-minute mile pace. The only other thing I The Russian Special Forces personnel owe
could find that burns that many calories is cross-
Dennis Koslowski, D.C., RKC, Olympic much of their wiry strength, explosive agility,
The price of admission is a strong spirit and
Silver Medalist, Greco-Roman Wrestling attention to detail.
country skiing up hill at a fast pace We knew and never-quitting stamina to kettlebells. The
it would be extremely intense. Its a quick elite of the US military and law enforcement
workout, and you do get a big bang for your Who trains with instantly recognized the power of the Russian KettlebellsA Workout with Balls
buck in a very short amount of time. kettlebell, ruggedly simple and deadly effective
kettlebells? as an AK-47. You can find certified RKC Mens Journal
Hard comrades of all persuasions. instructors on the Secret Service Counter Assault
What are the different Team, among US Navy SEALs and Force Recon How do I learn to train
Soviet weightlifting legends such as Vlasov, Marines.
ways of using Zhabotinskiy, and Alexeyev started their with the kettlebell?
kettlebells? Olympic careers with old-fashioned kettlebells. Once the Russian kettlebell
From Pavels books and DVD Enter the
The original style of kettlebelling was what
Yuri Vlasov once interrupted an interview he became a hit among those Kettlebell!
was giving to a Western journalist and
the West knows as the odd lifts. Strongman proceeded to press a pair of kettlebells. A whose life depends on their From an RKC certified instructor. We have
stuff, like Ukrainian Ivan Sedyh bent pressing wonderful exercise, commented the world strength and conditioning, it instructors in 43 countries; find one in your area
three 32snot tied together!and similar hold champion. It is hard to find an exercise on
my vodka and watch this feats. took off among hard people


P10N 10 lbs. $41.75 $13.52 $36.24 $62.07
(Cast Iron/E-Coated) P10P 14 lbs. $54.95 $15.60 $42.82 $71.23
P10M 18 lbs. $65.95 $17.75 $46.77 $78.14
P10T 10kg (approx. 22 lbs.) $71.45 $19.68 $50.47 $84.86
P10G 12kg (approx. 26 lbs.) $76.95 $21.56 $53.87 $92.60
P10U 14kg (approx. 31 lbs.) $87.95 $23.91 $57.75 $102.66
P10S - Thinner-handle 16kg (approx. 35 lbs.) $96.75 $25.88 $63.99 $110.17
P10A 16kg (approx. 35 lbs.) $96.75 $25.88 $63.99 $110.17
P10W 18kg (approx. 40 lbs) $102.75 $28.12 $72.10 $119.39
P10H 20kg (approx. 44 lbs.) $107.75 $29.85 $78.67 $126.55
P10X 22kg (approx. 48 lbs.) $112.75 $31.57 $85.17 $133.37
P10B 24kg (approx. 53 lbs.) $118.75 $35.90 $93.28 $141.40
P10J 28kg (approx. 62 lbs.) $142.95 $38.44 $102.81 $156.58
P10C 32kg (approx. 70 lbs.) $153.94 $40.69 NA $166.45
P10Q 36kg (approx. 79 lbs.) $175.95 $45.56 NA $174.46
P10F 40kg (approx. 88 lbs) $197.65 $50.58 NA $175.85
P10R 44kg (approx. 97 lbs.) $241.95 $55.09 NA $177.21
P10L 48kg (approx. 106 lbs.) $263.95 $59.73 NA $192.05


SAVE 10% SP10 Classic set (16, 24 and 32kg) $390.90 $105.49 $274.05 $434.49
ON SETS SP12 Womens Set (18 lbs., 12kg and 16kg) $215.70 $61.93 $156.39 $266.87
* S/H for AK/HI also for All US TERRITORIES

Dragon Door now ships to all 50 states, including available to every address in all of Canadas 10 GROUND SERVICE, UNLESS OTHERWISE
Alaska and Hawaii, via UPS Ground. 32kg and provinces. Delivery time can vary between 3 to REQUESTED.
above available for RUSH (2-day air) shipment 10 business days. KETTLEBELLS RANGING IN SIZE FROM 10 LBS. TO
IMPORTANT International shipping quotes &
CANADIAN KETTLEBELL ORDERING orders do not include customs clearance, duties,
Dragon Door now accepts online, phone and taxes or other non-routine customs brokerage
mail orders for Kettlebells to Canada, using UPS charges, which are the responsibility of the
Standard service. UPS Standard to Canada service customer.

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fighters, and lifters. kettlebell feels a lot heavier than its weight size, on the other hand, is a totally different ball
Which kettlebells should suggests! game and intermediate weights come in handy.
Heavier, 2.5-3 poods, 88-106 pounds,
a man start with? kettlebells are the domain of advanced men who If you have the funds, get the Classic Russian Why train with doubles? Because it is an
Russian kettlebells are traditionally measured put a premium on strength development. Set (16, 24 and 32kg) right off the bat. extraordinarily powerful way to build muscle.
in poods. One pood, an old Russian unit, An average man should start with a 16kg You may have noticed that, unlike dumbbells, But do not even think about it until you have
equals 16 kilograms, approximately 35 pounds. kettlebell. What is average?Given the kettlebell weights do not go up in small put in a solid year of training with a single bell
The most popular sizes in Russia are 1, 1.5, and bench press as a typical, albeit misguided, increments. Our training methodology allows first. Exercises with two bells demand much
2 poods. standard of strength, a BP under 200 pounds one to safely make large leaps between sizes greater flexibility and coordination.
The 1 pood or 35-pounder is the right will put you into that category. If you bench while saving space and money. Once you have advanced to heavier bells, do
kettlebell for a typical male beginner. more than 200, a 20kg kettlebellthe weight of Than why do we offer intermediate sizes, e.g. not retire the lighter ones. Even superpowerful
a large barbell platewill do the trick. 20kg, 32kg etc.?For gireviks who train with men like 1,000 plus pound squatters RKCs
The 1.5 pood or 53-pounder is the standard
Unless you are a powerlifter or a strongman, two bells at once. It is not that difficult to Donnie Thompson and Marc Bartlett find plenty
issue in the military and the choice of boxers,
you have no business starting with a 24kg progress from pressing, say, a 32kg kettlebell to of things to do with 16kg and 24 kg kettlebells.
kickboxers, and full contact karate fighters.
kettlebell. It does not sound like a lot, but a a 40kg kettlebell. Pressing two bells of the same Russian kettlebell power to you!
The 2 pood is used by wrestlers, MMA

Enter the Kettlebell Kits Enter the Kettlebell! Book Enter the Kettlebell! DVD A Kettlebell
16kg Kettlebell 20kg Kettlebell 24kg Kettlebell Enter the Kettlebell Classic Russian Kit
Under 200 Bench 200-300 Bench Over 300 Bench 16, 24 and 32kg Kettlebells
#KKB009 $145.49 #KKB014 $155.39 #KKB015 $165.29 #KKB016 $390.90
plus $32.10 S/H* plus $36.07 S/H* plus $42.10 S/H* Enter the Kettebell! Book and DVD plus S/H*
105.49 MAIN/USA
274.05 AK/HI
434.49 CANADA

this system is hands down the best for

Simple, quick, effective Which kettlebells should
A manly, desissifying workout
As a retired Marine (infantry and My brother-in-law (retired Special
developing all around strength and See Page 21 for
fitness. I am also a grip fanatic and the
artillery), a long time weightlifter and Forces) introduced me to the KB. As a
busy professional with a family, I dont
Kettlebell is awesome for building
a woman start with? Womens KB Kits
fitness enthusiast, I have stumbled power throughout the lower arms. If Russian kettlebells are traditionally measured
upon the "Holy Grail" of fitness and have a lot of time to hang out in the
you are looking for a challenge, a way in poods. One pood, an old Russian unit,
strength tools...the KETTLEBELL!!!! I gym. Two weeks into the program, I
to develop power and agility and have equals 16 kilograms, approximately 35 pounds.
have been humbled and stand in awe have added 2" to my shoulders and 1
fun... get the Kettlebell! Brandon
of its simplicity and effectiveness. I wish 1/2" to my chest. Quick and easy with Since women have proportionally weaker
Lurato, New York, NY
I had discovered it long ago. I am identifiable results. I've been talking it upper bodies than men, they tend to need a larger
selling all of my weights so I can collect up to my friends. Thanks for bringing kettlebell park. If you aim for an exceptional
the KB to the U.S., Pavel. A. Masek,
Great Kit
a family of bells.Michael Jeffcoat, I played football in high school, set of legs, you will eventually want to do swings
Columbus, OH
Starkville, MS competed in powerlifting and followed with a 32kg kettlebell.
a bodybuilding regime. This cannon
One of the best decisions Powerlifters beware But for now three kettlebells will do. The
ball has given me by far the most
I have ever made!!! As a former competitive powerlifter, I Womens Set consists of 18 lbs., 12kg and 16kg
effective workouts I've ever had. The
I will be 60 in August. I had a rotator should have been aware of the Russian kettlebells. The first bell will ease you into the
53lb. KB quick-start kit is amazing. The
cuff surgery last year, had my neck Kettlebell. I lifted in the 198 lb. class upper body exercises. In a few months you will
DVD and book work great together to
fused, and have four ruptured disks in and have a best bench of 410 progress to the second. The third bell will serve
really show how to properly execute
my lower back. I have only been using poundsno shirt, no wraps, no belt, no you for your leg and hip exercises right from the
the lifts.
my Kettlebell for about two weeks. I drugs. My wife buys me the 44-pounder
David Nussbaum, Texas, USA start.
have lost 10 pounds and feel better and and after viewing the DVD and reading
stronger than I have felt in years!!! I through some of the book, I start If you are strong enough to do a pullup, start
swinging this ball of iron. WOW! In five
PRESS THE DARN "ORDER" with 18 lbs., 12kg and 16kgthe Kettlebell
watched the DVD and read the book BUTTON!!! Dr. Courtney Mizuhara-
before doing any workouts, the material minutes I was sweating, huffing and Goddess Kit.
I feel awesomeinvincible even. This
is very informative and easy to puffing and having fun! I am still Cheng, RKC swinging the
is a great product, I'm totally hooked Do not go any lighter than 18 poundsthese
understand, I would recommend this learning the moves and proper Beast, a 48kg kettlebell. The
and not gonna stop.Arseny kettlebells are meant for rehab and corrective
product to everyone!! techniques, but as a former boxer,
Knyazev, Burlington, VT exercise by professionals. kettlebell is four pounds
Creighton Belt, Las Vegas, NV wrestler and lifter, I can tell you that
Russian kettlebell power to you! heavier than her!

Save On Your Total Kettlebell Investment When You Purchase a PAIR of Same-Weight Kettlebells
P10TA Pair of 10kg (approx. 22 lbs.) $128.60 $39.36 $100.94 $169.72
P10GA Pair of 12kg (approx. 26 lbs.) $138.50 $43.12 $107.74 $185.20
P10UA Pair of 14kg (approx. 31 lbs.) $158.30 $47.82 $115.50 $205.32
P10AA Pair of 16kg (approx. 35 lbs.) $174.14 $51.76 $127.98 $220.34
P10HA Pair of 20kg (approx. 44 lbs.) $193.94 $59.70 $157.34 $253.10
P10BA Pair of 24kg (approx. 53 lbs.) $213.74 $71.80 $186.56 $282.80
P10JA Pair of 28kg (approx. 62 lbs.) $257.30 $76.88 $205.62 $313.16
P10CA Pair of 32kg (approx. 70 lbs.) $277.08 $81.38 NA $332.90

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FMS is an outstanding system for making an athlete resilient, a perfect complement for the RKC.
Pavel Tsatsouline, RKC Chief Instructor
The Functional Movement Screen is the foundation of our program. Everything we do builds off of it.
We couldnt imagine not using this program. Jon Torine, former Head Strength Coach, Indianapolis Colts

How to Catapult Yourself into the

Ranks of the Elite Athlete, Coach
and Personal Trainer
Plunder and Deploy: Get Complete Access to
Historic, Secret-Laden, RKCs-Only Training
And Take Home a Treasure Trove of Tips and
Strategies for Moving with Unprecedented
Speed, Strength, Grace and Power!
magine a GPS system that not only first, take-no-prisoners battle-pack for the

The Certified Kettlebell-

I shows you the fastest way to reach
your goalbut magically zooms in
on, eliminates and fixes every
obstacle, pothole, speed bump and detour
currently slowing you down.
ultimate in enhanced performance systems.

The FMS protocols are considered an

essential part of training in many of the
NFLs best teams, including four out of the
Functional Movement last five Super Bowl champions. Numerous
Oh, and the same GPS system does double- other competitive athletes and their coaches
Specialist (CK-FMS) duty again by acting as a warning and swear in similar fashion to the power of
Home Study Course instant-fix-it system for your vehicle! FMS for not only keeping them at play, but
With Gray Cook, MS, PT, RKC performing at the highest possible level
and Brett Jones, Master RKC, MS Well, thats what you get when you combine safely. Branches of the military, including
Item # DVS018 $577 the very best of RKC with the very best of many elite units have welcomed FMS as a
FMS: superb addition to their combat-readiness
15-DVD set
training procedures.
a Movement-GPS System that kills ten
birds with one stonespotting the Pavels HardStyle RKC protocols have
deficiencies, fixing them and fast-tracking received similar acclaim from an equally
you forward so you can leap into action broad range of athletes, martial artists and
and perform at the very highest level, military personnel.
Gray Cook has strongly endorsed HardStyle
So say hello to your new little friend RKC. Pavel has strongly endorsed FMS
Gray Cook and Brett Joness Certified Only natural then that Pavel and Gray Cook
Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist should join forces to offer RKCs a special
(CK-FMS) Home Study Coursethe shoot- program that integrates the best of RKC
with the best of FMS.

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Abs to Die For
to Kill For.
Gain a Ripped Powerhouse of
Six-Pack Muscle In No Time at All
with Breakthrough Techniques
That Blow the Roof Off
Traditional Ab Exercises

As a chiropractic physician, I see the deleterious effects of a weak torso

on the lower back. Weak abs lead to years of back pain and dysfunction.
As a world record holding powerlifter, I know the importance of strong
abs on maximum power performance. Beyond Crunches is THE text and
authority on ab/trunk stability. Bullet-Proof Abs
Dr. Fred Clary, National Powerlifting Champion and 2nd Edition of
World Record Holder Beyond Crunches
Book By Pavel Tsatsouline,
Paperback 128 pages
Employ These Little-Known Tips 119 Photos and 112 Illustrations
#B11 $34.95
from ELITE ATHLETES and Possess
Your Own Set of AWESOME ABS
I read every book on strength training I
Protect your back and develop exceptional can get my hands on. There are three I
abdominal muscle tone, with a landmark exercise would highly recommend for any lifter or
designed for the special needs of Russian ballet coach. Two are by Pavel Tsatsouline.
dancers and gymnasts. BEYOND STRETCHING is a scientific
approach to gaining flexibility. This is
Employ the secret ab weapon of an old time how one should learn and perform proper
strongmanfamous for his exceptional strength stretching. The second is Pavels
and sinewy, wiry physique. BULLET-PROOF ABS. In this book Pavel
discusses and provides pictures of the
This insiders secret from East German research
correct method for ab training. I urge all
radically empowers the traditional situp. lifters to read these two books by Pavel. I
Russian full contact fighters used this drill to am sure the benefits will be many.
pound their opponents with full contact power,
while turning their own midsections into concrete. Louie Simmons, Powerlifting Coach,
Powerlifting USA
Unlike anything seen in the US!

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Has Descended Across MY Abs
Possess a maximum impact training
tool for the worlds most effective abs,
no question.
Includes detailed follow-along inst- No onebut no onehas ever matched
ructions on how to perform most of the Bruce Lees ripped-beyond-belief abs.
exercises described in the companion What was his favorite exercise? Here it is.
book, Bullet-Proof Abs Demonstrates Now you can rip your own abs to eye-
popping shreds and reclassify yourself as
advanced techniques for optimizing
results with the Ab Pavelizer.
Rapidly download extreme intensity into
As a former Soviet Union Special Forces your situpswith explosive breathing
conditioning instructor, Pavel Tsats- secrets from Asian martial arts.
ouline already knew a thing or two Employ a little-known secret from East
Beyond Crunches about how to create bullet-stopping German research to radically strengthen
Hard Science. Hard Abs. your situp.
With Pavel Tsatsouline
abs. Since then, he has combed the
DVD Running Time 37 Min world to pry out this select group of Do the right thing with the evil wheel,
Item #DV042 $29.95 primevally powerful ab exercises hit the afterburners and rocket from half-
guaranteed to yield the fastest, most baked to fully-fried abs.
effective results known to man.
Pavels Ab-strengthening breath techniques How to smoke your obliques with the
will give you the power to explode a water Saxon Side Bend.
bottlebut dont try this trick at homeif Russian fighters used this drill, The Full-
the extreme air-pressure whacks back into Contact Twist, to increase their striking
your lungs, instead of exploding the water How to never do more than five reps per
power and toughen their midsections set and replace your soft underbelly
bottleyou can end up very dead, which is
a bummer for everyone. against blows. An awesome exercise for with body armor.
iron-clad obliques.
A complete workout plan for optimizing
Fry your abs without the spine-wrecking, your results from the Janda situp and
neck-jerking stress of traditional crunches. other techniques.

Pavel demonstrates the Powe

Breathing technique Bending
the Fire to develop an extra
edge in your abs training.

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Just five reps a day is all it takes...

Unique Ab Pavelizer II smokes

your abs more intensely, safely

and quickly than any abs machine
in the worldguaranteed!
he Ab Pavelizer IIs sleek design guarantees a
perfect sit-up by forcing you to do it right. Now, The Ab
escape or half-measures are impossible. Sit down at the Pavelizer II
Ab Pavelizer II and a divine slab of abs will be served
up whether you like it or not. Youll startle yourself in
your own mirror!
I work my abs a lot and they are probably stronger than the average
guy but I found out just how pathetic they were when my Pavelizer
arrived. This is an amazingly effective piece of equipment. By taking the hip
Item #P12
flexors out of play and isolating the abs, they have to work like never before. 10-25 lb Olympic plate
Combined with the power breathing, my abs are getting stronger by the required for correct use.
(You will need to supply
day.Charles Long, Burlington, CO your own plate)

The Ab Pavelizer is hands down THE best AB training device I have ever
used! Simple put, this thing is evil! I noticed almost immediate results and a
burn in my ABs that I never thought possible! I have better six pack ABs at How sure are we that Ab
Pavelizer II will work for you?
28yrs. old than I did when I was 19! If you want to melt your mid-section If you are not 100% absolutely
and destroy those love handles, the Ab Pavelizer is the one tool that thrilled with your purchase,
Dragon Door Publications will
gets it done in a hurry!Sean, Lacey, WA refund of your entire purchase
price for up to a FULL YEAR!

The Ab Pavelizer really is the best thing to do for your abs. Ive been doing
kettlebells for a while and am in pretty good shape, but this is really starting to
make my abs visible.
This product isnt cheap, but when you consider it (a) gives you stronger, more
visible abs guaranteed (b) improves your overall kettlebell strength/proficiency FREE BONUS:
(c) gives you better posture and probably saves you money in chiropractor visits Comes with a four page detailed instruction guide
on how to use and get the most out of your Ab
and (d) lasts forever. Considering all this its well worth the price. Pavelizer II. Includes two incredible methods for
Tony, Santa Monica, CA massively intensifying your ab workout with Power
and Paradox Breathing.

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Are Rigid Muscles Robbing
You of Your Strength?
raditional stretching programs weaken you

Pavel is a fitness visionary. He has been teaching people about whole
but stop stretching altogether and youll doom body functional training when sports scientists and exercise leaders were
yourself to injuries and mediocrity. Discover the emphasizing aerobics and muscle isolation bodybuilding techniques. He
worlds only stretching protocol specifically and formulated his methods by combining training principles developed by
uniquely designed to increasenot reducea Soviet and eastern European coaches and scientists, worldwide sports
powerlifters strength. Skyrocket your strength nowand medicine research, and personal experience. His books and DVDs will
reduce the wear and tear on your jointsby mastering the help athletes increase power, functional flexibility, and neuromuscular
secrets of Strength Stretching! control, while minimizing the risk of injury. Coaches, athletes, and
sports scientists will benefit from his unique training courses.
How to gain up to 15% on your pulling strength DR. THOMAS FAHEY, Exercise Physiology Lab, Dept of
How to arch higherand bench morewithout killing your Kinesiology Track and Field Team, California State University, Chico
Master the Kettlebell Depth Squat the Russian Discover your body's true potential
powerlifting secret for teaching perfect squat and pull form Pavel instructs on many crucial points in an exemplary precise and
detailed way, making them very easy to grasp, follow and most
and developing championship flexibility
importantly gain from. Having been in the game for quite a while, I
Discover how to release the hidden brakes that are silently thought I had reached a plateau near my max potential, but within a
sabotaging your deadlift month of applying his advice I have added 33% to all the three majors -
How to relax your turtle trapsand up your dead bench, squat and dead and Im confident the gains will continue:
How to squat with the big boys Strength Stretching is a roadmap to the adventure of rediscovering the
without killing body and its true potential. I strongly recommend it to any powerlifter,
your shoulders a
Strength Stretching is serious fitness athlete or personal trainer.
and elbows Kim Bach Petersen, Denmark
virtual must for the
powerlifter, novice or
advanced. Strength
I just thought I knew how to squat!
I've been squatting for 18 years and have spent the last 8 years
Stretching has helped teaching young football players the squat. I realized only a few minutes
Westside Barbell into the DVD that I really didn't know as much about squatting as I
enormously and I know thought I did. I had bought the DVD to help with my hip flexibility
it will help everyone wh and got so much more than just that. It was worth the price and will
is in powerlifting at an y
continue to pay dividends in the future. If youre serious about any or
stage of the game. all of the three power lifts this DVD is a must have resource!
Louie Simmons, Darren Lamar, High School Football Coach, Temple, OK
Westside Barbell

Pavels stretching ability is unbelievable. As World Class as it comes!

Brad Gillingham, 2 times World Superheavyweight Powerlifting Champion
of the Strength
I loved the DVD. A viewer might discover that they may already be doing several
Strength Stretches but might quickly discover, as I did, that one additional idea or factor can turn that
stretch into a game changer. Good Stuff!
Stretching Dan John, National Masters Champion in Discus and Olympic Lifting, Salt Lake
City, UT
For a Bigger Squat,
something I can use
Bench & Deadlift When I consume a teaching resource, I look for two things; first does it have
does it mention somethi ng that I have been playing with in the gym.
with Pavel immediately, and second
more experien ced
#DV024 $39.95 Strength Stretching hits both points several times. Great for both new and
DVD Running time: 38 minutes PLers. Very few things have my full endorsement, but this does.
Jack Reape, Armed Forces Powerlifting Champion

24 HOURS A DAY Order Strength Stretching online:

Instantlyand Measurably!

Increase Your Strength and Power
o out and test your broad
Loaded Stretching can Pavel! Jay Schroeder,
jump or vertical jump. Take provide everyone an edge..
three attempts with plenty of Pavel leads you thru a series of
rest in between, then rest stretching techniques that can Instant Results
some and perform a 10sec immediately increase stamina. This is definitely different that
As one approaches their limits, any other type of stretching I've
unique Loaded Stretch little strength secrets can make done. I followed the protocol
developed by one of the top Soviet the difference between winning on the single hip stretch and
sports scientists. Jump again. And if and losing. Loaded Stretching was able to perform a solid
is that, secrets. LOUIE pistol on the leg that normally
you have not broken your recordpack SIMMONS, Westside Barbell gives me trouble. I would
up the DVD and send it back for a highly recommend this DVD to
quick refund. Only we are not worried, The loaded hip stretch using a anyone that wants an instant
box, the loaded Russian twist, increase in strength.Carl
because this instant strength technique is the loaded RKC clean stretch, Sipes, RKC, Washington, IL
nearly foolproof. and the KB loaded triceps
stretch are very powerful tools Striking Power
that I have put in my bag of I implemented one or two
Loaded Stretching techniques work tricks. The loaded RKC clean stretches before kicking and
just as well for almost any expression of stretch has been a real blessing punching activity.
Vince Toomey, RKC breaks to my football and powerlifting
strength or power, only measuring on his broad jump record after
I did a series of roundhouse
ravaged shoulders. There is a kicks. Before the second series, I
the spot may be a more difficultyou a 10sec Loaded Stretch at
lot more here too for every used one of the stretches. The
Pavels seminar.
are not going to max the deadlift twice athlete. Jack Reape, Armed first roundhouse kick went
in a row! But work it does. Forces Powerlifting Champion hard and the striking pad
smashed into my partner's
It is interesting that we have face. Taikei Matsushita,
Loaded Stretching is not a flexibility regimen but a specialized all these great minds in RKCII, Tokyo, Japan
strength technique. It is unclear how Loaded Stretching works. America, and a tremendous
Vorobyev (1977) who supervised the research speculated that the amount of info from the Loaded lats for
Easter Bloc, but never really smooth pullups!
external energy applied to the muscle during this special stretch is entered that special door of I am a pullup fan and got this
somehow stored within the muscle chemically. The professor duplicating elite performance. DVD to help with my max. I
It took someone from the was very pleased to find that
cited the second law of thermodynamics that does not allow for Eastern Bloc, to show where the loaded lats make the first
energy to disappear but rather insists on its conversion from one the door was. Now he has 10 seem like I have "super
form to another. According to a more recent hypothesis, Loaded given the key to that all- powers"! I am working back
important first door to up to 20 reps; I did 19 today. A
Stretching is static plyometrics that potentiates the neural creating elite performance. nice method to learn.
wiring of the muscle. But whatever the explanation, LS was Pavels Loaded Stretching Gregory W., Portland, OR
shown to instantly increase strength by up to 9.4% and long- DVD is that key. Thank You
term strength gains as well (Efimov, 1977).

Pull heavier Squat more

Jump higher and farther Throw farther Loaded
Kick and punch harder Press bigger Stretching
The Russian

Loaded Stretching: Technique for Instant

Extra Strength
with Pavel
Its not about flexibility. #DV023 $24.95
It's about STRENGTH! DVD Running time: 20

Order Loaded Stretching online: 24 HOURS A DAY

DEBUG the Blocks that are Sabotaging Your Flexibility,

RESTORE Your Lost Freedom of Movementand
REWARD Yourself with Newfound Power, Strength and Speed
f you dont listen to your bodys needs for getting personal corrections and targeting training tips
free-flowing ease of movementand if you from the master himself.
dont understand what it takes to meet And in his final, never-to-be-repeated Unlock!
those needsyoure going to pay the price Seminar Pavel excelled himself, with his most succinct,
as you start to degrade into dysfunction, practical and honed program ever. Participants were
pain and frustration. wild about the stunning flexibility changes they were
However, you dont have to fear this inevitable able to experience in just a few hoursall by
decline in your physical capacitiesbecause the implementing just a few simple but deep and far-
work the complete system you need to protect reaching Master Principles of Stretching.
your most precious commodity is now available: Youll see when you download this neuro-software
Welcome to Pavels masterly body-software of Pavels into your eager cells and punch the
program for debugging, unblocking, unlocking appropriate Command Key, your bodyll start releasing
and completely restoring your bodys capacity to and unlocking itselfEVERYWHERE YOU WANT
stretch and flex the way it was born and meant IT TO!
to do! Itll seem like magic, but of course its based on rock-
Since his early days when he honed the solid, (yet little-known) scientific principles that have
physical fighting capacity of the legendary Soviet Spetsnaz, to his been proven time and time again.
current incarnation as a bestselling American fitness expert, Pavel has But whats really magical is the SYSTEM that Pavels figured out for
tirelessly researched and then implemented the best-kept secrets for you. And thats what all great software doestake the most powerful
function-based flexibility. functions and formulate them into the ultimate winning code.
The brilliantly simple-yet-powerful, 5-step Just do it, just follow the simple directions and watch your body
reconfigure before your eyes!
operating system for ultimate flexibility We got to film-and-capture every detail youd ever need to implement
Using his own body and the bodies of countless thousands of Pavels amazing stretching systemin its entirety. We got to capture
warriors, athletes, martial artists, gymnasts, dancers and coaches as every moment of Pavel troubleshooting
the proving ground, Pavel has refined his stretching program into a and fixing a cross section of types
brilliantly simple-yet-powerful, 5-step from elite martial artists, to
operating system for ultimate athletes, to the relatively
flexibility. deconditioned. (If you are a
The wise folk who attended trainer or coach, these
Pavels legendary Unlock! sections will be
Seminars got to absorb gold to you.)
this powerful stretching
knowledge in person,

Pavel continues to amaze! If I had had these training

Ive been a practicing martial artist for 30 years. methods when I was on the
I ordered this seminar hoping that it would Olympic team, I wouldve
facilitate my recovery from injury and help restore captured the gold medal!
Beyond Stretching: my lost flexibility. It taught me safe and Bravo! Superior to any seminar Ive done.
Excellent, diverse and thorough. Taught
The Seminar mechanically correct assessment and training
methods that none of my six previous martial arts me the foundation of fundamental
Instant Flexibility and The teachers ever touched on. I experienced immediate principles of mobility, which resulted in
Master Principles of improvement from my first training session. Now increases in strength and flexibility. Thank
Stretching with Pavel I can pass on this information to my students and you.Teimoc Johnston-Ono,
hopefully they wont have to suffer like I have. I Trainer/Coach, 6x World Masters Jujitsu
#DVS012 $187.00 Champion, US Olympic Judo team 1976,
give this seminar my highest recommendation.
5-DVD Set Running time: US Olympic Training Center, Coach
Scott A. Dollinger Psy.D., Glen Ellyn, IL
4 hours 48 minutes

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Acclaim for Beyond Bodybuilding
Beyond Bodybuilding is a treasure chest of strength ago), I have not done a routine I found anywhere else. The Most Comprehensive Book on
training secrets.Larry Scott, first Mr. Olympia The principles, programs, and advice given in it are the
absolute top available. With this book, I have:
Strength Training
I started lifting at 13. Now at 40, a Special
Increased my bench press over 100lbs. and finally learnt how Agent with the DEA, and a Strength and
Thanks for you recent contribution to the empire of
to perform this movement properly Conditioning Coach at a local High School where
muscle and might. Very interesting and valuable.
Increased my squat and deadlift over 200lbs. each I live. When I read Beyond Bodybuilding I couldn't
Dave Draper, Author Brother Iron, Sister Steel, former
Increased my push-up max from a lame 25 to 76 in just six help but wonder where I would be if I had this
Mr. America, Mr. Universe and Mr. World
weeks book 20 years ago. It is the most comprehensive
Gained approximately 20lbs. of lean body mass (note that
book on strength training I have ever read. As a
If you are serious about physical renovation and want this was not my goal for the full eighteen months)
tactical athlete and coach, I have seen my
a new approach to progressive resistance training, then ... among many other things. Thank you once again, knowledge of how to train has grown
purchase Beyond Bodybuilding. Com. Pavel, for an excellent product! exponentially in a short period of time. I can't
Marty Gallagher, former Felix Niland, Sydney, Australia thank Pavel enough for putting this book
columnist, five-time world master powerlifting champion,
together. I also have read Power to the People!
USA co-coach, 1991 world powerlifting team champions
and the Naked Warrior. All of these books are
After 3 Months... All I Can Say Is Amazing essential for any athlete who wants to grow
So over the course of these past three months I have physically and intellectually in their pursuit of
When I first received Beyond Bodybuilding, I blocked
been following a few techniques Pavel presented in
out an entire day so Id have enough time and undivided strength.
attention to savor its contents... If you think youve
Beyond Bodybuilding, and I couldn't be more pleased with
Tommy Cindric, Mount Airy, Maryland
the results. My bench has shot up more than 30%, I can
already seen everything Pavel has to offer, this book will
squat deeper and heavier than ever before; which is
prove you wrong. Dont make me come over there get
amazing considering the fact that I bought this book to
over to and get your copy today!
get back into training after being put on the sideline by
Charles Staley, creator of the Escalating Density
an ACL tear!!! There are countless routines to shake up
Training (EDT) system.
your game. I couldn't recommend anything more [than
this book] for someone who goes to a gym.
PTP/Ladder Hybrid was genius Dan Michno, Boise, ID USA
I've used the PTP/ladder hybrid for my deadlift. Even
though I had a few difficulties finishing the program, I still
managed to add 110 pounds to my deadlift in a little over
I had GREAT, almost unbelievable progress
3 months. It went from 475 to 585 and both were done by following the BB routines!
beltless. Tobi Alder, Hillsborough, NJ Beyond Bodybuilding is the best compendium of
strength and/or muscle building protocols I have ever had
the honor to read. It provides both staggering effective
My 2nd copy routines and the know-how for designing your own
I lent my dog-eared copy to a friend realizing I'd programs. If you have no idea where to start your
probably never get it back, so I bought a second for training, just identify your priorities (strength building,
myself. This book helped me understand how to build muscle hypertrophy or both) and there will be several
strength. The first regimen I took from the book to build staggeringly effective protocols suited for your needs in
a base was the "Russian Bodybuilding Underground Base this book.
Level Pullup Program. It was the first time I experienced The souped up DeLorme hypertrophy protocol gave
significant growth in my biceps, simply through me an amazing 11kg [24lbs.] of muscle mass in just 8
bodyweight only exercises. I'd spent years struggling weeks, without adding any significant amount of body
with curls for years with lackluster success. Additionally, fat! I was already a big dude, 134-135kg [295 lbs.] at Beyond
1.78m [511] height. Simply eating enough to maintain
the squat routines have resulted in gains as well. I highly
recommend this book to anyone who wants to pursue my body mass was a real problem and more muscle
hypertrophy seemed almost impossible to reach at my Muscle and Strength
routines that deliver results.
current state. However, the routine added more slabs of Training Secrets for
John Bergstresser, Los Angeles, CA
pure muscle on my shoulders, back, chest and forearms! I The Renaissance Man
will continue my quest for muscle and might by following By Pavel
8.5 x 11 Paperback
All Other Authors Should Just Give Up! Pavel's instructions, and I will keep the Comrades
365 pages 255 Photographs
This book is absolutely amazing. As far as strength informed by posting my experiences and results on the 38 workout charts
training goes, since I got this book (over eighteen months forum.Vlad "The Red Boar" Craioveanu, Romania #B31 $49.95

Order Beyond Bodybuilding online: 24 HOURS A DAY

Beyond Bodybuildinga treasure chest of strength training secrets
continued from previous page... Section One: Russian champions consider this one technique will do a fine job
the critical component of any of fixing ankle strength.
Power Training strength training. Page 31 Why the little-known secrets of
The real secret to spectacular
You Just Have To Get this Book!! strength gains.
Build greater strength by tendon training are a must for
employing these three experienced iron athletes of all
Pavel focuses on what the trainee needs to The basic laws of successful fundamental principles of motor persuasions. Page 59
make his program effective, whether it is for practicefollow these and you learning. How to train your connective
building mass, or just increasing strength without cant help but gain and gain and
The critical secrets for super- tissues to be maximally tough.
adding bulk. To the point, and in step-by-step gain. Page 2 _________________________
detail. I am nearing completion of his 5x5 routine, The perfect number of reps for
Quick! This crash course in the How and why integration, not
greater strength.
and by following it, have made average gains of neuroscience of strength may isolation, is the key to elite
How to finish a workout feeling alone be worth the price of this
18% in strength in just three (3) weeks. stronger than when you started!
Mindanao Mike, Mindanao, Philippines book. Page 41
Page 2 _________________________ How to use active negatives for
power, muscle and safety. Page
The method that did more for a
The most reliable muscle and 64.
This is a must have for people SWAT instructors strength in a
strength building method
week -- than conventional The three major benefits of
interested in strength and training in ten previous years!
period. active negatives.
getting bigger Page 4 Worried you are wasting your Are your joints in agony from so
I keep reading this book again and again, time with obsolete routines? much heavy lifting? Protect them
Neurological carry-over
Find out which ones work the better, reduce pain, with virtual
there's so much in it. With the Hit The Deck training -- the secret technique
best, now. tissue leverage.
Program I added about 25 pushups to my max in that resulted in a 1,200 pound
squat. How to take advantage of _________________________
2 weeks, and before I knew it I could do 100. _________________________ delayed transmutation to gain,
Try the dead squat program --
There are lots of routines in this book, they will after going nowhere. Page 44
two fortysomething guys added
Stuck on your bench press? How
keep you busy for a long time. If you want to get the surprising addition of a piece
Feeling burnt out from heavy, at least five pounds a week for a
strong, or big and strong, than this book is your heavy lifting? Heres the perfect year with this.
of wood can help you blow
choice.Yoeri, Bocholtz, Netherlands remedy.
through your current plateau. _________________________ The seven fundamentals you
Page 12 must know to succeed in the iron
This high-tonnage program will Build might and muscle with this game. Page 76
If you buy one of Pavels books,
classic countdown to power.
easily pack ten to fifteen pounds How to sculpt a classical
make it this one! of beef on your frame in less 7 classic set and rep schemes to physique with retro lifts.
Using the Modified Delorme Method I than two months. Page 13 build a dense, lifters physique. Could these be the most
gained 40 lbs. on my deadlift and 10 lbs. on my A Soviet Special Forces method Page 46 important lost bodybuilding
bench press over the course of 8 weeks. I also to pack on the pounds with Bench press stalled? Jump start secrets of all time? Page 81
gained 7 pounds of lean body mass. My training kettlebells -- despite sleep your bench with this cool and Exercises you should avoid like
deprivation, excessive exercise, effective routine. Page 49 the plague -- and exercises you
partner saw similar gains with a 40lb. gain on his stress and a limited protein How even the busiest person can should rush to embrace.
DL and 15lb. gain on his BP.Greg Gonzales, intake. Page 13. still make surprising gains thanks
Albuquerque, NM How to cheat the law of to the Setchinov principle.
accommodation -- and gain
Section Two: Training
Sarkis Karapetyan set a teenage
Immediate relief and gratification beyond your wildest dreams. world record by deadlifting 3.14 Planning
Page 19 times his bodyweight -- using this Are you confused about when
I've been lifting weights since I was 12. As a
The only training structure for simple-as-can-be cycle. Page 52 and how often to hit each
Martial Artist and ex USAF Pararescue Specialist I consistent physical gains that is _________________________ bodypart? Discover how to
have seen all kinds of products and gimmicks reliable in the long haul. Page 19 customize your iron schedule for
Shoulders going nowhere with
through the years. I'm 45 now and what I have How to jolt your system into greater gains in strength and
your military press? Shock them muscle.
read and learned in this book changed my outlook fresh gains -- without changing into life and great new
on lifting weights and saved my back forever. any of your favorite exercises. strength/size gains with the RKC Understand the pros and cons of
In just 3 days of working with a few techniques Discover why the Smolov routine ladder. Page 54 full body workouts versus split
has achieved a cult status. Page 21 routines. Page 99
explained in Solutions for a Tight Back I Why explosive lifting can be
_________________________ The most foolproof training
eliminated my lower and upper back pain that I disastrous for your strength
program -- but when it might schedule for high-yield results.
have lived with for many years. A must for all The little-known secret of
extensor reflex training can give increase your max by up to How and why you must cycle
serious athletes and professionals who need clear, 15%. Page 55 your loads to keep succeeding in
you a championship edge.
concise instruction and tips to a STRONGER, PAIN How to correctly use eccentric the iron game.
Be as strong as an ox! How to
FREE BODY. Pavel has taken the B.S out and has use after-effect overloads to contractions to stimulate muscle What is the optimal
given us information way ahead of its time. It's make you stronger. growth. volume/intensity ratio for
your choiceyou can be mediocre or you can This may be the most effective strength gains? Page 104
How to fool your internal _________________________
excel to great strengths!David Cogswell, governors of strength into glute exercise in existence. Page 58
Shoreacres, TX agreeing to let you be stronger. Weak ankles bothering you? This How to take advantage of the

24 HOURS A DAY Order Beyond Bodybuilding online:

adaptation lag -- and its Do you have aching, creaky discover the finer points that I wholeheartedly recommend Beyond
tremendous impact on your knees? These two tips alone separate the champs from the Bodybuilding: I view it as a summation of the
strength and muscle training. might save you from a fatal chumps.
Page 107 date with the surgeons knife. accumulated knowledge Pavel Tsatsouline has
The effect of this martial arts
Want this too? Many Page 195 technique on your bench is gathered to this point in his career. Every body part
bodybuilders have reported nothing short of amazing is covered and a blueprint provided for how to
sensational gains after using this Section Five: immediately add 5 reps to your build and strengthen every conceivable muscular
particular workout. Page 108 7-rep max! Page 254 target. The detail and description is tremendous.
Confused about whether its okay Neck and Shoulders This favorite of many power The mix between text and photos is spot on; the
to train twice a day? Page 112 Worried about your weak athletes will quickly pack on clarity of the exercise description leaves nothing to
How controlled overtraining neck? You should be! This slabs of beef on your chest
unique old-timers version of thanks to the extreme and the imagination.
can be gain-superior to total
recovery training. Page 115 the back bridge will give you a unusual overload it generates.
resilient, powerful neckand This tip from strength icon Dr. Every aspect of training is covered in Pavels
Are you a dissatisfied perhaps keep you out of the
bodybuilder? This approach Fred Hatfield could advance the Beyond Bodybuilding from flexibility to all types of
hospital. Page 199 development of your pecs by
could breathe new life, vitality strength development, U.S.M.C. training, R.K.C.
and progress in to your strength The ONE secret to real success light years. Page 261 training tips from many of the greatest strength
and mass program. Page 117 in pressing. This dirty little secret of experts around the world, plus a glossary of
How a used phone book could How to be hard on your bodybuilding not only blasts
muscles, but easy on your your pecs but builds bigger pipes exercises to fit everyones needs. I
help you add 15 lbs to your
bench in just one month. joints. better than curls. Page 276 salute Pavel and
Its the hallmark of an elite Beyond
athlete! -- How to own a Section Eight: Bodybuilding.
Section Three: Back magnificent neck and traps.
Nothing on the planet beats Naked Warrior Louie Simmons,
this exercise for all-around back Discover the Russian Special Westside Barbell
development! Page 125 Section Six: Arms Forces ladder to powerits
This unique drill -- an Cheaters will lose! How to stay common for veteran soldiers to
incredible back developer -- honest and build truly huge add many reps, in short order,
helped Matt Dimel squat 1,010. biceps. Page 225 to their pullup max
Page 131 The elite Soviet climber secret to Get them here! The secrets of
Shouldnt this vital back-saving bulging forearms and uncanny proper pushup form to amplify
skill be made mandatory in our
schools? Page 134
finger strength. Page 226
Are you making these serious
your strength gains. Page 284. Beyond
Failing to do this during an
_________________________ mistakes with your curls?3 endurance feat can mean the Bodybuilding
insider tips help you escape kiss of death. Muscle and Strength
Discover 3 Russian low
elbow pain. Discover how to take Training Secrets for
tech/high concept programs for
pullup power and exceptional Learn from the mastersthe advantage of the central The Renaissance Man
lat development. Page 138 top ten Russian arm training pattern generators in your
secrets revealed. nervous system -- for longer- By Pavel
Essential pullup techniques you 8.5 x 11 Paperback 365 pages
must know to excel and gain. Add up to two inches to your lasting energy.
_________________________ 255 Photographs 38 workout charts
arms in just two months with
The single best exercise for this potent mix of old-timer #B31 $49.95
developing huge lats. How to add one inch to your
discoveries and cutting-edge chest in ten days with pushups.
According to Mike Mentzer, research.
this is the King of back How to develop cut and
Experience unbelievable muscular legs with the Dragon
exercises. Are you about to strength gains when you
disagree? Walk. Page 295
employ this little-known
How to take carefully measured neurological law. Page 233 The Lizard, an explicitly evil
doses of poisonous exercises _________________________ Soviet Spec Ops drill delivers
to prevent injury and raise your driving leg power and a ripped,
tolerance levels. Blast your musclesnot your mean, upper body. Page 298
tendonswith this unusual _________________________
control technique. Page 234
Section Four: Legs Enlarge and strengthen your
How to assault your body with
How to forge truly powerful, a brutal workoutyet save
biceps with this powerfully your knees to fight another day.
traffic-stopping legs. simple growth formula -- Page 301
Try this little-known, killer guaranteed to grow your guns by
squat-deadlift combo for at least an extra inch. Page 235 Learn the key mechanics for
greater flexibility, better form max body strength.
Blast your way to thick, ripped
and surprising gains. Page 165 tris with this excellent, Some little-known methods to
Do you really know how to powerlifters favorite. Page 236 make bodyweight neck bridges
squat correctly? Precious few even harder. Page 307
do! Here are the fine points you How to ace the Marine pullup
must know to safely make huge Section Seven: Chest test with the Russian rest
gains. Page 175 How to go from average to pause.
superior in your bench press

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Power to the People Professional is another
excellent publication from Pavel.
Advanced lifters must read this book.
Andy Bolton, First Man to Ever Deadlift Over 1,000lbs.
I am thoroughly enthralled with Power to levels. This book is a goldmine of tactics and continually run across interesting powerlifting
the People Professional. There is real passion techniques. tips I can use in my bodybuilding workouts.
in this book and it shines through in the Marty Gallagher, author of The Purposeful I'm going to rethink some of my workout
characters that populate PPP: these men come Primitive, former Coach IPF Powerlifting routines. Thanks again for a great source of
alive as Pavel breathes life into their unique Team USA training knowledge.
lives and diverse methods. Per usual, Pavel's Larry Scott, author of Loaded Guns,
impassioned pursuit of various strength World's First Mr. Olympia
Pavel, thank you for bringing us this
methodologies is peerless; his gathering of
fantastic training information.
tactical techniques makes this book a strength
Brad Gillingham, 2 Time IPF SHW World A marvelous collection of thoughts, ideas
and power wellspring. There is enough
Powerlifting Champion and theories by some of the top strength
substance and meat and grit between the
coaches in the world. The book is full of great
covers of this book to keep the serious power
man busy for the next five years. My thanks for Pavels Power to the People
Louie Simmons, Westside Barbell
Professional. Though I am not a powerlifter, I
Highest marks. Excellent on a multitude of

Just a few of the breakthrough secrets youll have at your fingertips with Pavels Power to the People Professional:

How Valentin Dikul went from for the deadlift than this Page 44 Could THIS be the ultimate secret of Westside Barbell Page 150
wheelchair cripple to master of strength 4 strategies and 20 tactics for Soviet lifting success?... Page114 The Smolov deadlift: another iconic
. Pages 23 getting stronger with specialized variety The 14 secrets to powerful cleans and power plan Page 155
When Dikul was asked what was the exercises Page 50 pressesthe Russian way Page 122 10 secrets to acing the Smolov Sumo
secret of his strength, he offered two The Smolov nightmare, or how to The 16 keys to success in classic deadliftwhich have contributed to
secrets See Page 6 for the answer add up to 100 pounds to your squat in press training Page 138 three All Time Historic World Deadlift
How to make your muscles jump to 13 weeks Pages 6367 Latvian deadlift secretsor how to Records Page 161
your commands Page 9 Reach 90% of your peak condition in pull 948 pounds Page 141 The nine potential leakage points in
How to get stronger for longerwith just three days Page 64 Konstantinovs system for breaking the deadlift and how to fix them Page
less effortusing the phenomenon of Champion squat plan for both unbreakable records Pages 143144 169
synaptic facilitation Page 9 powerlifters and athletes from other The final secret to an expert max
What the Russian lifting elite thinks
How to try no harder than usualbut sports Pages 7476 ofand how it has benefited from lift Page 180
magically beat your previous best How to bench big the Russian way
Page 10 Pages 89101
Why are the Russian IPF champs SO
strong?... Page 13
If you dont get this, you dont get Power to the People
Discover a proven system for adding
strong Page 100
How to achieve a 600 bench Pages
50kg to already big benchesin just 4-5 102105 How to Add 100s of Pounds to Your
months Pages 3032 Squat, Bench, and Deadlift with
The single best formula for excelling
Specialized variety: getting stronger at a lift Page 102
with foolproof assistance exercises Advanced Russian Techniques
Pages 3960 Why these bench programs are the
rage among the Russian power elite
How to recruit the principle of variety
and novelty and build phenomenal
Page 107 by Pavel #B51 $49.95
How to build insane starting
strength Page 41
strength Page 107
Paperback 197 pages 8.5 x 11
It is doubtful there is a better leg builder

24 HOURS A DAY Order Power to the People Professional online:

A Strength Classic for the Ages, Pavels Power to the People!
Cuts to the Chase Delivering the Absolute Essentials for
Ultimate Success in the Iron Game
Pavel Tsatsouline, Russian strength training expert, wrote
a wonderful book I used these strength building secrets
for one week and my max deadlift went up 18%.
Larry Scott, author of Loaded Guns, World's First Mr. Olympia

Discover: Power to the People! is the best!!

I must give a review for Power to the People!, because I am grateful for the
How to get super strong without increase in strength that I have gained in less than a year. Results don't lie.
putting on an ounce of weight Before PTTP, I was only able to deadlift 270 lbs. Now, 11 months later, I can
deadlift 500 lbs. If you want strength, this book is what I recommend. As a
OR how to build massive muscles matter of fact, I know of no other better book on strength training. I just
with a classified Soviet Special wish I had this book 10 years ago.
Forces workout Howard Spencer, Trinidad and Tobago

Why high rep training to the

burn is like a form of rigor
mortisand what it really takes Stop Wasting Time and Buy this Book Immediately!
to make your muscles stand out As a track and field coach of beginner to elite athletes I am always
in bold relief researching new and better methods for helping my athletes to realize their
potential. Enter Pavel, the Evil Russian! After my first reading of Power to Power to
How to design a world class the People! I had to immediately read it again for a second, and then 3rd time.
body in your basementwith I could not believe how simple and straightforward strength training could be the People!
$150 worth of basic weights and while based highly on scientific physiological principles. I have been applying Russian Strength
in twenty minutes a day this information for months and am seeing rapid lifetime strength gains. Quite Secrets for Every
simply, the best book written on strength training!
How to instantly boost your Kris Allison, Director, Lone Star Athletic, New Braunfels, TX
By Pavel Tsatsouline
strength with Pavels High- Paperback 124 pages
Tension Techniques 8.5 x 11
How to become super strong and Skinny Strong #B10 $34.95
live to tell about it I lift three times a week, for 20 minutes at a time, sometimes 30. I like to
lift, but I am an attorney and haven't more time right now. When I began on
How to dramatically amplify your Pavels system, I could do 3 bodyweight pull-ups. Last night I got 2 great
power with the proprietary form pullup singles with 105 lbs. of chain around my waist. Considering that
Power Breathingtm techniques I have been lifting year round for 16 years, and my pulling strength did not
(and why everything you know appreciable improve in the 10 years prior to checking out PTP, I would say to
about breathing when lifting is anyone that it is a great place to start.
wrong!) Warner Kallus, Boston, MA

How to feel energized and

fantastic after your strength Powerlifting Eye Surgeon Endorses Power to the People!
workoutrather than dragging
and fatigued Pavel's information in Power to the People! is beneficial even for experienced
strength athletes. I found many helpful pearls to increase my powerlifting With Pavel
How to get brutally strong all totals even though I already hold many national and world powerlifting Tsatsouline
over with only two old-school records and titles. I will be using his advice this month in competitions. I Running Time 47 Min
exercises strongly recommend Power to the People! to increase your power. DVD #DV004
Johnny Gayton, M.D., Warner Robins, GA

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he quest for strength, like any other quest, So here I am, 10 years down the line, I own my own gym
begins with the first step. It was 2002 and (Centaur) and my own personal training business (Paul
mass exposure to the Internet in every home McIlroy's 12 Week Physique), I'm a strength and
was in its infancy (at least in Ireland), so most conditioning specialist and an RKC II. I've created world
of the knowledge that I had gathered at that point had champion athletes and close to 20 national champions in
come from one of three sources, books bought locally, 3 different sports (Boxing, Swimming and Powerlifting). I
magazines bought locally or practical experiences I built won the WDFPF World Junior Deadlift Championships
for myself from competing and training in the sports of myself in 2003 along with numerous other national and
boxing, powerlifting and weightlifting. international titles. Some of my personal strength
achievements to date have been:
All well and good, but one day, in college, I picked up a
copy of the only muscle mag I every paid any real 1) 3.5 times bodyweight raw Deadlift
attention to, Muscle Media, and noticed that my favorite 2) 2 times bodyweight raw Bench Press (paused) The vast majority of the programs I've developed over the
section (A Question of Strength) had a new face 3) 225 lb. Barbell Military Press @ 160 lbs. years, although vastly different in appearance (at least to
answering the readers questions, none other than Pavel bodyweight the untrained eye) to the original PTP routine, still have
Tsatsouline. 4) 400 lb. One Handed Deadlift @ 160 lbs. many if not all the lessons learned from that same book at
bodyweight their core.
I got about two sentences into the first answer when I 5) 115lb. Kettlebell Pistol
realized that this man well and truly spoke my language. 6) 88lb. Kettlebell Military Press x 9 reps @ This is the TRUE power of PTP. It doesn't just teach you
In short, I was sold, I knew great advice when I saw it and 164 lbs. bodyweight
about what a particular training program is and how to
noticed a small, subtle plug for his book Power To The 7) 143lb. Barbell One Arm Power Clean & Power
do it, it teaches you about what training AND
People! at the bottom of the section. I immediately made Jerk @ 160 lbs. bodyweight
programming is and how to do both, forever!
it my business to become the next proud owner of this 8) Partially Assisted One Arm Handstand Pushup
book and delve ever deeper into the head of this crazy 9) One Arm Pull-Up, both arms, any time, with ease
For me at least, that was a lesson well worth learning.
Russian dude! It didn't disappoint, in fact, it exceeded all 10) Weighted Chin-Up with 176 lbs. added @
expectations with its simplistic, Everyman pragmatism. I 164 lbs. bodyweight
Paul McIlroy, RKC II is based in Belfast, Northern
found myself laughing at Pavel's unique dry wit and in the 11) 100 bodyweight Pistols non-stop on one side
Ireland. He owns Centaur Gym (
same paragraph feeling quite seriously blown away by the 12) Half Body Weight Kettlebell Snatch for 50 reps
and can be reached at
man's ability to simplify everything I had ever read about non-stop (25 L/25 R)
periodization, then present an even more effective
alternative that does an even better job in WAY less time!
I have also helped coach Ben Loughrey to become the
highest totaling Irish 275-pounder of all time (even
though he was still a junior). Ben squats a grand, benches
700 and pulls 750 (he also did a dead hang chin-up with
over 132 lbs. added in an attempt for the heaviest Total
Weight Chin on official record by the Guinness Book Of
World Records).

So to what percentage contribution did the original PTP

program play in all the things I've done in the 10 years
since I first read it? In short . . . one hundred!

Not possible, you may be thinking. How can one program

produce all those results continually over a 10-year
period? Well, listen up, here's how! First off, the original
program found in the book worked VERY well for me and
for anyone I've ever used it with. But, for me, what this
book represented was the proverbial opening of Pandora's
box! The principles, ideals and concepts with which the
book PTP was built upon, sparked off an epiphany in my
mind, one which can still be found sparking to this day!

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Be as FLEXIBLE as You Want to Be
Relax Into Stretch is for people who want to be Stop wasting your stretching time!

both flexible and strong, and the principles it will Pavel lines out more information on stretching than I
teach you can help you stay strong and injury-free in got during the entire 6 years I spent earning a
all the activities of your daily life, not just stretching. Bachelors degree in exercise physiology and Masters
I had a severely herniated lumbar disc a few years in physical therapy! The information is clear, easy to
back; Pavel's Power To The People! was the read, and works like a charm! I've stretched fairly
beginning of my salvation, Russian Kettlebell aggressively over the years with the knowledge I had,
Challenge taught me to add endurance and some but I've made significant gains over the past couple
flexibility to my strength, and Relax Into Stretch was weeks with the information contained on these pages!
the icing on the cake, teaching me how to go from If you want to do the splits you should get this
not being able to touch my toes to being able to do book!Jason Goumas, Lexington, KY
splits within the space of 6 months while almost 50 Picture of me in a split - that says it all, and
years old!Steve Freides, Ridgewood, NJ I owe it all to Relax Into Stretch. Steve Terrific programexplains all you need!
A great program for martial arts stretching and
Pavel has great The Stretching Bible stretching for health and wellness! No more back or
This book tells you HOW and WHY joint pain. Full leg splits in all four directions within just
ideas on flexibility
and WHEN to stretch. The photos make a few weeks.Joshua Hatcher, Newington CT, USA
and strength
exercises. it easy to learn the various stretches. This
Bill book allows anyone to customize their Best stretching book
own stretching program to exactly what When I first read this book, I was 6 inches from doing
Superfoot a full side split and couldn't go down any further. After
their own focus needs to be. I use it as a
Wallace, M.Sc.,

powerlifter, my wife uses it as a dancer, six weeks of using the principles contained in this book
World my boss even used it to get ready to take a in my own flexibility training, I did my first full side
Kickboxing ski vacation. A must for every athlete. split.Mercer, NL, Canada
Champion Jack Reape, New Orleans, LA

Own an illustrated guide to the thirty-six Using the Russian technique of Forced
most effective techniques for super- Relaxation as your ultimate stretching
flexibility weapon
How the secret of mastering your emotions How to stretch when injuredfaster, safer
can add immediate inches to your stretch
How to wait out your tensionthe
surprising key to greater mobility and a
ways to heal
Young, old, male, femalelearn what
stretches are best for you and what

I had been practicing karate for 27 years already
better stretch stretches to avoid when I learned about Pavel Tsatsoulines stretching
How to fool your reflexes into giving you Why excessive flexibility can be books. By that time I totally gave up on a side split.
all the stretch you want detrimental to athletic performanceand But in these books I read about completely different
Why contract-relax stretching is 267% how to determine your real flexibility things, than that I was used to It took 3 months to
more effective than conventional relaxed needs achieve my goal the age of 41.
stretching Plateau-busting strategies for the Dr. Zolnai Vilmos, RKC II,
How to breathe your way to greater chronically inflexible. Hungarian Shotokan Karate

Relax into Forced

Stretch Relaxation
Instant Flexibility
Through Mastering
Advanced Russian
Relax into Stretch
Muscle Tension for Extreme Instant Flexibility Through
By Pavel Flexibility Mastering Muscle Tension
Running time: 37 By Pavel
minutes Running time: 21
Book By Pavel
DVD #DV006 minutes Paperback 150 pages 8.5 x 11
$29.95 DVD #DV007 Over 100 photos and illustrations
$24.95 #B14 $34.95

Order Relax into Stretch book online: 24 HOURS A DAY

Acclaim for The Naked Warrior
If I was stuck on a desert island the time, every time. (Low weight knees but my whole body are You just thought you
(or somewhere else with no access is a HUGE factor in the Special stronger by the week Pavel can knew about bodyweight
to weights) I'd hope that Pavel Operations World / Airborne. put you back in the game!
Tsatsouline would be there to help Hence, we can hold so much gear Gene Simmons, New Jersey
keep me in shape. With The factored into the lift capabilities of Pavel's DVD is a treasure trove
Naked Warrior, Pavel has moved the aircraft we are deployed in.) of information for any beginner or
the art of exercise without weights Think about it: would you like to Continuous progress expert strength trainer. I was
to a new level. I like both the have the same power as a guy who with GTG trained by Bill Starr in
exercises he has selected and the is 3 times your size? I challenge powerlifting and weightlifting and
Before I started the Grease the
approach he advocates for you to apply what you read and was a personal trainer/instructor
Groove program, my personal
training on them. Now, whether follow the training faithfully. We 26 years, Military Police/
record in pullups was 18. I am
you have weights or not, there is dont have time to train wrong. Correctional Officer for 11 years
glad to say after only three weeks
no reason not to get into top Sal Ghost Wolf 6 Sagev, Ft. and coaching/instructing Judo and
of GTG, I knocked off 25 pullups.
shape! Bragg, NC Ju-jitsu for the last 8 years, and I
I am trying to go through in my
Arthur Drechsler, author The was in the Marine Corps, Navy,
head what just happened, because
Weightlifting Encyclopedia and the Guard for giggles and
Delivers better results while on this program I would
never be sore and never even grins, so I have some knowledge
than I could have hoped on the subject matter. I can
The Naked Warrior is one of break a sweat. I just complete my
Pavel's best works yet!!! I find
for! fourth week as of yesterday and honestly say that Pavel is 100%
that Pavel's easy to understand, no tested my max again 28 pullups. correct! Give his DVD or book a
The Naked Warrior is an shot (hell, I bought both!) and
nonsense approach will help one outstanding book. Using its If I would have discovered this
become the best they can be. In years ago, I could very well be in you'll see that you don't need
principles not only delivers results, hundreds of reps or dozens of
addition, the tools Pavel explains but delivers them super quickly. I the 40's, even 50's, in pullups!
will help my Olympic style weight Jason W. Masangkay, different exercises to become rock
used the techniques to get from 8 hard and strong as coiled steel.
lifters gain the core strength they to 18 chinups using the "Grease Orlando, FL
need to put additional kg on their James Copelin, Texoma Judo-
the Groove" method described in Jujitsu, Wichita Falls, TX
totals. Thanks, Pavel, for such a the book in 3 WEEKS! My
great work!! previous lifetime best being 12
Mike Burgener, Senior
international weightlifting coach
chinups. I am also gaining The Naked
substantial increase in muscle
mass in my chest, arms and back. Warrior
Mike Harrop, London, England Master the Secrets
Enter Warriors Only of the Super-Strong
Circle Using Bodyweight
Pavel has done a
For those of you who read, my
fantastic job on this Exercises Only
hat goes off to you. For those of By Pavel
you who actually apply what you book, a must #B28 $39.95
read are priceless actions from read for all Paperback 218 pages 8.5 x 11
noble spirits. The Naked Warrior Over 190 black & white photos
I briefly want to say that I will plus several illustrations
is a book for True Warriors, not
be forever grateful to Pavel and his
you people who thought that they
real world knowledge of the body
could get results by just reading.
This book is by far second to
and what it takes to really get in The Naked
none. The Naked Warrior focuses
shape. I'm a 53 year old two tour
former Marine Sgt. Listen, I had
on meat and potatoes to increase Master the Secrets
knee surgery a little over a year
your strength, not getting big. For of the Super-Strong
ago and have tried everything to
the record, true warriors need to
be as strong, slim and trim as you
get my strength back and nothing Using Bodyweight
has workeduntil now! Pavel, Exercises Only
can, yet not huge. We have to be
man you have blown me away with Pavel
full of fight, violence of action, all
with this program. Not just my DVD #DV015 $34.95
Running time 37 minutes

24 HOURS A DAY Order Naked Warrior online:

The Graduate Course In Instant Strength Gains
I went from 5 to 10 pullups in one week.
Last night I did 15 one-arm pushups with each arm.
Two months ago I couldnt do one complete rep.
I could do one wobbly one-legged squat
[Two weeks later] I did 5 clean, butt-to-ground pistols.
Have you noticedthe greater a mans skill, the more that has left most of us frustrated and far from
he achieves with less? And the skill of strength is no reaching our true strength potential.
exception. From the ancient days of Greek wrestling,
to the jealously guarded secrets of Chinese Kung Fu Now, for the first time, Russian strength expert and
masters, to the hard men of modern spec ops, warriors former Spetsnaz instructor Pavel has gathered many of
and allied strongmen have developed an amazing these devastating techniques into one highly teachable
array of skills for generating inhuman strength. skill set. In The Naked Warrior Pavel reveals exactly
what it takes to be super-strong in minimum time
But these skills have been scattered far and wide, held when your body is your only tool.
closely secret, or communicated in a piecemeal fashion

The Naked
Gain more brute strength in days than you did Discover the magic of GTGguaranteed the Warrior
in years of bodybuilding or calisthenics worlds most effective strength routine Master the Secrets
Discover how to get a world-class powerlifters Be tow-truck strongyet possess the rugged of the Super-Strong
quality workoutusing your body only looks of a stripped-down racer Using Bodyweight
Get a harder, firmer, functionally-fitter body No gym, no weights, no problemget a Exercises Only
and be as resilient as hell whatever you face dynamite strength workout at a moments By Pavel
Master the one-arm/one-leg pushup for noticewherever you are #B28 $39.95
crushing upper body force Discover the martial secrets of instant power Paperback 218 pages 8.5 x 11
generationfor rapid surges in applied Over 190 black & white photos
Forge super-piston, never-quit legs with the plus several illustrations
Spetsnaz favorite Pistol strength

Pavels Naked Warrior DVD is worth its weight in gold!

You just thought you knew Invest in the set of
about bodyweight exercises!
The Naked Pavels The Naked
Pavels DVD is a treasure trove of information
for any beginner or expert strength trainer. I was
Warrior Warrior DVD and
trained by Bill Starr in Power Lifting and Weight Master the bookand SAVE
Lifting(Olympic Lifting to the ignorant.) and was Secrets of the
a personal trainer/instructor 26 years, Military Super-Strong Item
Police/Correctional Officer for 11 years and
Using Bodyweight #DVS009
coaching/instructing Judo and Ju-jitsu for the last
8 years, and I was in the Marine Corps, Navy, Exercises Only $69.95
and the Guard for giggles and grins, so I have

some knowledge on the subject matter. I can

honestly say that Pavel is 100% correct! Give his
DVD or book a shot (hell, I bought both!) and
youll see that you dont need hundreds of reps
or dozens of different exercises to become rock
hard and strong as coiled steel. James
with Pavel
Copelin, Texoma Judo-Jujitsu - Wichita Falls, TX DVD #DV015 $34.95
Running time 37 minutes

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Discover New Keys to Superior
Athletic Achievement
I n his strength books Pavel emphasizes the importance of learning to maximally tense the
muscles. Because tension IS strength. But strength/ tension is only half of the total
performance package. The other half is relaxation. The body of a karate expert will freeze
in total tension at the moment of impact, but will remain totally loose before and after.
Mastery of relaxation is the hallmark of an elite athlete. Soviet scientists discovered that the
higher the athletes level, the quicker he can relax his muscles. The Soviets observed an 800%
difference between novices and Olympians. Their conclusion: total control of tension = elite
If you can master your muscular tension, a new dimension of athletic excellence opens to you.
New achievements. New heights of performance. Some genetically-endowed superstars seem to
possess this ability from birth. But according to former Soviet Special Forces trainer, Pavel, a
SKILLSET is available that can transform anyones current physical limitations.
Now, for the first time, Pavel reveals these little known Soviet performance secrets, so you
too can become the master of your body not its victim. From years of research and
experience, Pavel has selected these Fast & Loose techniques as the best-of-the-best for
practical and quick results.

Mandatory for the serious fighter Ive spent the last couple of years desperately trying to recover the speed
Ive been losing by inches. Before Id even finished watching this DVD, it became clear what Id really lost. Years ago,
Fast & Loose
I used to snap strikes in. As Ive become a more serious fighter, Ive succumbed to trying to drive them in (karateka Secrets of the Russian
can read this as misunderstanding what it really means to train "with kime"). Its ironic that the fact that Im trying so Champions: Dynamic
much harder is what has been slowing me down all along. I credit Pavel for explaining this so clearly & Relaxation Techniques
demonstrating drills that deliver rapid results. If youre a serious competitor looking for that extra edge, you *must*
add these drills to your routine. Thank you, Pavel, for another excellent product. OSU!! B, Boston, MA for Elite Performance

Fast and Loose + Rough and Tough = Deadly Force

with Pavel
#DV021 $29.95
DVD Running time:
27 minutes

Invest in
in the
the Deadly
Deadly Recover sooner after hard Enhance your physical
Force set
set of
of Pavels
Pavels Fast
Fast training efficiency
Kick higher and faster Remove your hidden
and Loose DVD
and Loose DVD with
with Hit harder brakes to run faster
Pavels The
The Naked
Naked Minimize muscle pulls
and further
Warrior DVD
Warrior DVD and
and book
book Stay loose to go the
Learn Russian commando
and SAVE
SAVE distance
instant readiness drills
Item Discover a unique
Item #DVS008
#DVS008 Improve your technique in
breathing technique
$94.85 any sport
for super-relaxation
Fast & Loose is another amazing tool from Pavel Everyone
knows that once you really start pushing the envelope on your
current abilities, you need those subtle yet all-important tools to
move from average to elite performance. They can seem insignificant
to the untrained observer, but are better than gold to those who have
the faculties to incorporate them. Pavel delivers as always.
Mark Hanington, Huntington Beach, CA.

24 HOURS A DAY Order Fast and Loose online:

Praise for Super Joints
The Do-It-Now, Fast-Start, Get-Up-and-Go, Jump-into-Action Bible
Super Joints I have suffered from chronic low back
pain for years without relief. Putting the
Super Joints by Pavel Tsatsouline was Joints of a teen again... exercises into my daily routine has
excellent. After 30 years of practicing and dramatically reduced my back pain and
At 37 years of age, my joints had
teaching martial arts (Uechi/Shohei Ryu, provided some long overdue relief from
already been cracking and hurting in the
and Ju Jitsu), and the natural break near constant pain.
morning. I sustained an injury
down of the joints with age, it has helped Mark Harrell, Los Gatos, CA
parachuting in the Air Force in 1989 and
to restore the flexibility and strength of
since, have had many back pains. I
my joints, especially an arthritic
ordered Super Joints figuring it would be DON'T BE A FOOL
good, as all of Pavel's DVDs and books
Dr. Dan Rinchuse, DMD, MS, MDS,
have been excellent. The first day I went There are two reasons for not doing
PhD, Greensburg, PA, 6th Degree Black
through the DVD and did all the joint Super Joints. #1 you don't know about
Belt Uechi/Shohei Ryu, 2nd Degree Black
mobility drills. I felt better that day and it. #2 You are a damn FOOL. I'm 49
Belt Ju Jitsu
over the course of the following week and have had knee trouble all my life. I
noticed that in the morning, my back have done those big squats in my 20's
Easy to use with Powerful wasn't as stiff and my elbows didn't hurt. and 30's (500lb+). I gave up squatting at
results! I would highly recommend this DVD to 39 and for the last 9 years I suffered with
anyone that cares about their joints. aching knees and was afraid to squat. I
As a chiropractor and martial art Jim Lavelle, NY have been doing Super Joints for the last
instructor, I began incorporating the 6 months (have not missed a day). No
simple exercises with my patients and more pain, no discomfort. This is my
students. Everyone loves them. They get Back Pain Relief at Last second copy. I love the way it makes all
great results and are easy to do. I really enjoyed the Super Joints DVD. my joints feel. Thanks, Pavel.
Donald Berry, D.C., Frederick MD Scott G., Cedar Point, NC

Super Joints
Discover: Russian Longevity Secrets
The twenty-eight most valuable drills for youthful joints for Pain-Free Movement,
and a stronger stretch Maximum Mobility &
Flexible Strength
How to save your joints and prevent or reduce arthritis
Book By Pavel Tsatsouline
The one-stop care-shop for your inner Tin Manhow Paperback 130 pages 8.5 x 11
to give your nervous system a tune up, your joints a lube- Over 100 photos and illustrations
job and your energy a recharge #B16 $34.95
What it takes to go from cruise control to full throttle: The
One Thousand Moves Morning RechargeAmosovs
bigger bang calisthenics complex for achieving heaven-
on earth in 25 minutes Super Joints
How to make your body feel better than you can DVD
rememberactive flexibility fosporting prowess and fewer With Pavel Tsatsouline
injuries Running Time 33 minutes
The amazing Pink Panther technique that may add a DVD #DV003 $24.95
couple of feet to your stretch the first time you do it

Order Super Joints book online: 24 HOURS A DAY

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For YOUR Strength Goals
Power to the People! your speed and you Elite strength and
is THE classic program prefer to use your own conditioning in one
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The Naked Warrior dishonor of dieting and
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m m the Russian kettlebell.

Enter the Kettlebell!

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