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Evaluation of the impact of maternity leave on exclusive



Mexican Journal of Medical Research

Dear Esmeralda, I sent a cordial greeting and at the same time
mentioning some of the observations that we believe are important for
the publication of your article.

Title It is suggested that you do not need to place the title in English and
Spanish. Only in English and decrease the number of spaces in the
first part before the abstract. Just as it would be necessary to mention
to the reader where he intends to make that evaluation according to
his title; That is to say already known of several countries, but if it would
be important to mention which are the countries that it plans to analyze.
Or that is still clearer in the title.

Authors I consider the author's position appropriate, but remember to correct

the spaces between each line
Abstract It has the appropriate number of requested words, but I consider that
you need more keywords, which refer to the way the reader can search
for the topic. As an original article, it is important that the abstract
mention what type of study and design is, and in the results mention
that correlation is in a statistical way, mention that interval of trust as
well as what you consider most relevant of the topic. Remember that
the summary is a small overview of what is intended to do, how and
what was concluded. Missing more words to add and do not leave
space between each paragraph

Introduction We consider that its introduction is appropriate. We only emphasize

that the bibliographies that it cites are in format APA and Vancouver
so we suggest to review and to select which will be s form of references
to use.

Line 83 In this line mention is made to material and methods, which are clear,
but nevertheless to make an appropriate differentiation between the
inclusion criteria and the elimination criteria.

Line 104 I think you could synthesize all these values that you represent with
some kind of graphic, so that it was a little more didactic to understand.
In the format it is necessary not to leave many spaces between
paragraphs, and although the results are the most important it should
mention which were the most relevant findings or deepen them.

Figure 1
Figure 1: The components of an enabling environment for
breastfeeding-a conceptual model. As a recommendation although the
figure is of its authorship, if it is necessary to place where it obtained
the information, or which was the guide for analysis. Or add the source
from where you got it right. And not just Source: Taken from (11)

Line 117 In the discussion, the results obtained are not analyzed in their totality,
that is to say, it is possible to mention what happens at present, and to
mention the percentages obtained or the correlations that are obtained
in comparison with Mexico.

CONCLUSIONS It is appropriate the way it concludes, but if I could mention the current
situation, what happens in Mexico mainly and make a comparison with
countries that are similar to Mexico, as well as the rules on exclusive
breastfeeding, and it would be worth talking to Which is the right time
to offer it. And he because it is a fundamental strategy for the growth
and development of minors.

REFERENCES The way I quote the articles is correct.

We thank you for having considered our journal for publication and for
which we send a cordial and affectionate greeting, we consider that
your topic is of current interest to the scientific community, and we
await as soon as possible the observations that were suggested for