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1st Quarter
Course Description and Prerequisites
Contact Information The primary goal of this course is to
develop the critical thinking skills
Teacher: DeVonna Burnett
needed to become efficient problem-
Email: solvers. In this course, students will
Phone: 731-422-6687 make sense of problems and persevere
Room: P-4 Hall: B in solving them, reason abstractly and
quantitatively, construct arguments and
Grading & Instruction critique the reasoning of others, use
Textbook & Materials models and appropriate tools
60% Assessments
strategically, and look for and use
30% Classwork & Projects structure. Students will be encouraged
Eureka Math
10% Daily Work to discover creative ways to solve
You will earn grades in the following
Interactive Notebook (Composition
problems and share their discoveries
areas: Book)
with their peers.
Tests (3-5 each nine weeks) To successfully complete
Quizzes (3-6 each nine
this course, you must
Academic Vocabulary Be able to add, subtract,
Prodigy & Moby Max Key Words Ratio, Rate, Unit Rate, multiply, and divide fluently
Grading Scale: Equivalent Ratios, Percent, Associated Understand the concept of
A = 93 100 Ratios, Double Number Line Diagrams, a fraction
Ratio Table, Tape Diagrams, Also known Be able to add, subtract,
B = 92 - 85
as strip diagrams, bar model, fraction
C = 84 77
strip, or length model. and multiply fractions
D = 76 - 70 Students who do not possess these
F = 69 and Below skills are strongly encouraged to
review them to be prepared for
Rules and Consequences grade level standards. Practice
P-Punctual material will be available for
O-Orderly students.
W-Work Hard
E-Engaged 1st Quarter Content
R-Respectful Module 1: Ratios, Rates, and Percent
The STEP procedure enables students to correct their
behavior before consequences are required. Students
o In this 29-lesson module, students are
may receive a step (typically after warning and 3 check introduced to ratios and rates and use
marks) for low level infractions. If a student reaches ratio language and notation to solve
three steps, a teacher will meet with him/her to discuss real-world problems. Students will
behavior and encourage the student to make good
choices and a parent is contacted. After six steps, the explore tape diagrams, double number
students teachers meet with the student and a parent line diagrams, ratio tables, equations,
is contacted. Once a student receives nine steps and the coordinate plane to develop
(potentially 27 or more times of being corrected) a deep understanding, enabling them to
parent meeting is required. Any additional steps in the
same quarter will result in assignment to In-School become proficient and confident
Suspension. mathematicians in middle school.

Students maintain an interactive notebook.
Parents have access to all attendance and grade information via PowerSchool, please see parent resources
All assignments can be found on my website:
Parent and Student Contract:

Parent: Please sign showing you have read and understand the class policies and
procedures on the previous pages. On a daily or regular schedule, try to ask what
your son/daughter learned in class and to see their interactive notebook. As a
reminder, the fastest way to contact me is via email.

Print Name: _______________________________________


Contact Number: ( ) ___________ - __________________

Contact Number: ( ) ___________ - __________________


Student: I have read and understand the class policies and procedures on the
previous pages. I promise to abide by these guidelines and to provide writing,
homework and returned work to my parent(s) or guardian(s) on a regular basis and
discuss the lesson from class when asked.

Print name: _______________________________________

Sign: _______________________________________________

If you are overwhelmed or are having trouble, talk to me immediately. It is better to

approach me for extra help than to wait until work is late or not to do it at all. I am
here to help you any way I can.
Success takes TEAMWORK!