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Nama : Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris TandaTangan
Kelas : III (tiga) Waktu : 90 menit Guru Orang Tua

Nomor : Hari/Tanggal : Sabtu / 10-12-2016

I. Pilihlah jawaban yang benar dengan menyilang 8. Is a wild animal.

huruf a, b, atau c!
1. We taste something using our . a. Rhinoceros
a. Tongue b. Hippopotamus
b. Ears c. Elephant
c. Nose 9. A : Do you have a pet?
B : Yes, I have a .
2. A : What is ears for? a. Hamster
B : Ears is for . b. Rabbit
c. Pigeon
a. Speaking
b. Hearing 10. It is a wild animal. It is poisonous. It is a .
c. Smelling
a. Snake
3. Rindra is playing basketball. He holds the ball b. Frog
with his . c. Komodo

a. Hand 11. After having breakfast, Dodi .

b. Foot
a. Plays football
c. knee
b. Watches tv
4. A : Can you hear the song? c. Goes to school
B : yes, I can hear it with my .
12. Rio usually in the afternoon.
a. Eyes
b. Nose
a. Plays football
c. Ears
b. Go to school
c. Takes a nap
5. Sinta is eating fried chicken. She chews it with
her . 13. The student are playing in the .
a. Teeth b. nose c. tongue
6. A : Can a run fast? a. Canteen
B : Yes. It can. b. Classroom
c. School yard
a. Horse
b. Lion 14. We have ears
c. Sheep a. One
b. Two
7. A : What animal produces milk? c. Three
B : it is a . 15. We have nose.
a. Three
a. Dog b. Two
b. Cat c. One
c. Cow
II. Jawablah pertanyaan dibawah ini dengan benar!
1. This is a .

2. This is a .

3. This is a .

4. We use our speaking with .

5. My brother wears a cap on his .

6. Shoulder in Indonesian is .

7. Unta in English is .

8. That is a .

9. We have feet. They are for walking.

10. This is .