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Innovative Learning Spaces

How to engage students through the environment.

How does flexible seating
positively impact the classroom?
How does flexible seating. How does flexible seating.
support individual students? impact teacher planning and
foster student self-awareness innovation?
and reflection? affect teacher attitudes?
foster student collaboration impact behavior
and creativity? management?
support student choice? impact teacher comfort level?
affect student attitudes?
empower students?
Our guiding questions:

How does flexible seating foster innovative teaching and


How does flexible seating promote communication skills,

teamwork, and self-awareness?
Classroom Visit Photos and Thoughts
Variety (floor, chairs, stand)
Standing desks
Ball chairs
Wobble stools
Stadium chairs
Storage (for Jr. High especially)
Student reflection of seating choices
Students choose/change organically
Make usable space- Whiteboard walls/Magnet walls
Not over cluttered
Student generated
Remaking charts with students (not laminated)
Bar seating along walls
Things do not need to stay up all year
Free space at student level (raise or lower book shelves for this?)
Not tied/assigned to a particular student
Whiteboard surfaces
Varying heights (low sit, sit, stand)
Adjusted for individual students
Not harsh
More control - dimmers
Natural light