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Module 3

Copyright 2013
By Max Persuasion and Kenrick Cleveland.
Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis Module 3

Kenrick: Welcome to Module 3 of the Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis. All right, what youre
going to learn in this lesson is what you must know to be able to use the darker material
thats coming. A lot of what youre going to learn in this lesson, Ive never heard talked
about elsewhere. And yet its critical to using this material in the real world. And you know,
it just really blows my mind that nobody talks about it. I havent found it anywhere. And yet
it iswell, youll see.

Lets jump in and lets start off by talking a little bit about what we can really do with the
covert induction. Ready? Now, you might be able to do most anything, but probably not. Im
going tolet me explain that, all right. See, heres the thing. When people talk about covert
hypnosis or overt hypnosis, for that matter, the assumption is that you can just do anything.
Right, you can walk up to somebody in the middle of a mall and you can talk weird for a
second or you can snap fingers or jerk their hands or all the myriad of BS that you see on
YouTube, etc. and the person is going to go into a very submissive trance. And immediately
do anything and everything you say.

Well, is it really like that in the real world? Now, think about it. Now, come on, think about
it. If it were really like that, I would have already come up to you, jerked your hand or said a
magic word and you would be my forever slave for the rest of your life. And you know
what, I would already have been someone elses slave. And you know what, they would
have been someone elses slave. And on and on it goes. Well, in some ways of looking at
things, I guess with governments and all, I guess thats probably true to a certain extent.

But its not because of exactly inducible covert trance or overt trance or anything of the
sort. Okay, so you might be able to get away with anything, with anyone, but probably not.
So lets examine this a little bit closer. So you probably can loosen up the person. Now, what
do I mean by that? Well, you can start to break their habitual frame of reference. In other
words, theyre expecting a certain kind of thing to happen in the board room and you do
something different. Theyre expecting a certain kind of presentation and you do something
different. Theyre expecting a certain kind of a date for that matter, and you do something a
little different.

However, a little different is basically something that simply opens up your world and
theirs. Loosens them up and lets them have a really good time with you. In whatever way
you want that to mean. Do you know what allows people to really enjoy music? Its how
much they understand the theory behind the song thats being played. Or the structure of
that song. And the more a person understands it, the more they enjoy that song or that

Now theyve shown, theyve proven, that this actually works, by the way, even with music
you dont like. So if you dont like the music, right, and you study its structure, all of a
sudden, as you understand it better, you begin to like it better. Interesting, huh? Okay. So

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All rights reserved in all media.
Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis Module 3

lets look at another way of looking at this to a certain extent and that is, lets take music
again. Music is a really good example. So lets take and ask ourselves, how do we appreciate
a song, how do we like a song? And its partly based on if we can predict where its going.
Right? So we have music, you know, music is based on, lets say, chords and, lets say, a
minor chord or a major chord. I could sing one, but you know, that might be pushing the
limits here a little. So I wont. But you know, so we have like a major chord.

Well, if you heard the notes of that major chord, youd know what comes next. If I played
you the minor chord, youd know what comes next. So in the song, what we like is to be able
to predict whats coming. But we also like a little unpredictability. For those of you that are
into American Idol, watch some of the auditions. And what gets the judges attention is
when they do a run, for example, and first of all, its under control, okay, I should say get the
judges attention in a good way, but the vocal run is under control, and its a bit unique.

It uses a note or two that are outside of the normal expectation, the normal chord structure.
But maybe only one or two. It doesnt go on and on. And it is fairly predictable. And youll
hear them go, mmm. Youll hear Randy go, mmm. Right? Youll see them acknowledge
the performer when they do this. So if you apply that same thinking to a lot of what youre
going to be doing with hypnosis, guess what, you, like a music performer, will win. You will
stand out positively in their mind. Youll really get their attention.

Now, so we can loosen up the person. We can, like I said, get their attention, stand out. Well,
we can do more than that. We can implant ideas. So now, lets talk about implanting ideas.
And this again is something thats just not talked about too much. And it drives me a little
crazy. And heres the idea, so what ideas can we implant? Well, I mean maybe you can
implant anything. I mean lets say that you got a fantastic subject for whatever reason in
front of you. And this person is just one of the ten percent, lets say, that is a complete and
utter natural. By the way, you know, pretty much anybody can play music. You can learn.

Maybe youre never going to be great and maybe theres only a small percentage of people
that are going to be a virtuoso. But everybody can learn if they really want to. Everybody
can serve as a hypnotic subject but some, right off the bat, without any training, are just
like, I dont know, theyre meant for it or something. This small percentage of people, lets
say you luck out and you get one of those people in front of you, and you begin your
implantation of ideas using covert suggestions. Well, look, ideas implanted out of the blue
probably wont do much.

Lets put this in context. And I want you to really begin to latch on to that word, context.
Youre going to a hypnotic show. The context therefore is hypnosis show. With a hypnosis
performer. And sexy hypnosis aids, theyre going to aid the hypnotist. And so here you are
sitting in this show. And the guy has this little pre talk, he does all of his induction stuff and
he gets people up on stage.

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Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis Module 3

And then he walks up to someone and says, Now, when I say that you are Rumpelstiltskin,
well you are in fact Rumpelstiltskin, you wont remember any other name. You are
Rumpelstiltskin. One, two, three. And who are you? The guy goes Rumpelstiltskin. You
say okay. All right, now go back. Lets remember the context. Hypnosis show, whatever
this idiot says basically is going to moderately be accepted at least because theyre not
implanted out of the blue. But they look like they are, dont they? Well, this hypnotist can
just tell people to have sex with a chair. The last time I was in Las Vegas, we watched an
adult hypnotist had a guy have sex with a chair. Literally. Fortunately, he kept his pants on.
But it was one of the funniest things I think Id ever seen. This guy would have made a great
adult actor. But in any event, its not out if the clear blue, is it? Right?

Its in the context of the hypnosis show. But yet, you, not realizing that context think, Oh
my God, hypnosis is absolutely incredible. I mean after all, you can suggest a person to have
sex with a chair and he will. You can suggest a person to forget his name and think hes
someone else and he will. You can make a person quack like a chicken. You can make a
person do whatever the hell you want them to do. Oh my God. It really does work. The
problem is how do we manipulate the context. Were going to talk a little but more about

So let me just tell you right off the bat, again, ideas that are implanted out of the blue, in
other words, youre in a middle of a presentation for what you do and you turn and suggest
to the guy that hes going to sign a multimillion dollar contract with you within ten minutes,
this probably isnt going to sit well. Its probably going to break rapport. Its probably not
going to really help you. But if youre suggestions are in alignment with what the person is
basically wanting, in other words, theyre contextually relevant, and theyre aimed at the
persons criteria and values, they can have a dramatic effect. Now were talking about the
kinds of things that people acquaint with hypnosis. Like, Oh my God, the hypnotist to him
to do X and the guy did X.

Well, you can get those kinds of results if your suggestions are contextually relevant. And
basically if they are aimed at the persons criteria and values, linking them. Now theres
some other things that can impact that. I think Ive mentioned to you about the time in
Alaska when I was teaching a small group of people and a man walked in late. And he
looked a little nervous. He had to cross in front of the entire audience and right in front of
me. And as he got near me, I stuck out my hand and I said Hi. And that moment, his hand
came out, I grabbed it and stuck it in his face. And I said Look at your hand, look at all the
colors at your hand, stare at it, focus on it and in just a moment, youll go into your sit and
youll sit down and youll go into a profound altered state, youll be thrilled to be here and
when I ask you exactly what you feel, when I ask you what its like to be here with me,
youre going to say its amazing.

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Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis Module 3

And I went on giving a few suggestions and then I brought him out and sat him down. Now I
was working to show the group some of the extent that you can take suggestions to. All
right, I lucked out in one way with this guy. He was a phenomenal trance subject. And I do
mean phenomenal. So I kind of lucked out. But second of all, I used a method, an induction
method that was a severe break of consciousness.

It was very, very powerful and out he went like a light. And thirdly, like I said, he was good,
so he was natural so he just really went out. Fourth, it was in front of a lot of people. And as
a result-- well, not that many, but you know, the room was full, lets put it that way. And so,
if for him to have disagreed with me would have been kind of weird too. So he basically just
sort of went along. And going along even for a second or two in those conditions is all it
takes. At that point, I win. So all of a suddenand then, the suggestions I gave him were in
alignment with what he wanted.

So everything was contextually relevant for what he was there to learn and do. So he sat
down, went into a deep trance, he felt fantastic. Then-- and I told him to forget by the way--
and I asked him to tell us, Please tell us what happened, this was 10 minutes later, Please
tell what happened? and he goes Well, I came in, I sat down and I interacted with you a
little, you asked how I felt, and I still feel absolutely fantastic, it was really incredible to
meet you and to be here, I think we all probably feel that way. And you hear chuckles
happening throughout the room.

Okay, well now, heres whats even funnier, so I turn to another person on the front row
and I said Would you tell me what happened? And they said Yes, of course. This
gentleman walked in, you said hello, and he sat down and you asked him how he liked
being here and he told you he loved it and like the rest of us, I think, now Im starting to
crack up and Im not hearing very many people crack up. Hmm, whats going on? I turn to
another person, I said would you tell me what happened, they told me the same thing. So
finally, I asked, Is there anyone in this room that heard something different? I had a few
hands go up. I called on one. What happened? Well, its kind of weird but he came in, you
said hello and I dont know exactly what you did, you did something with his hand you
talked different and Im not sure about all you said but I think you told him to go into a
trace and to believe hes really excited about being here and then you told him to forget
something and then later he kind of did what you said.

And all of a sudden a few other people around the room went Oh, I kind of remember
something about that. But the guy still didnt. So again, what are we talking about? Were
talking about implanting ideas that are contextually relevant and theres something else
here. Im not going to tell you right yet but Im planting the seeds profoundly in your brain.
So theyre contextually relevant. Theres something else. And Im attaching them to
motivation for him. Feeling great about being here. So as I was starting off to tell you,

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Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis Module 3

theres some things you probably you can do with trance and covert trance. So loosen up
the person, implant ideas and the next one is to use it as a bridge. To use the experience as
a bridge. Now what do I mean to use something as a bridge. Well, we could bridge from this
to that. What is bridge?

Think about what a bridge does. It spans a gap. It transitions us from one side to another.
So could we use these skills to suggest an on-going relationship? In other words, to extend
to move us from here to a more profound relationship. And the answer is yes. We could
suggest that there must be a reason that we both got together today. In other words, were
bridging into a deeper, more profound reason that were here today together.

Could we suggest more formal clinical work together? Like hypnosis sessions, meditation
sessions, therapy sessions, super learning sessions? Could we do that kind of thing? Oh,
yeah. And boy, do you want to start thinking along those lines. Using hypnosis and covert
hypnosis especially as a bridge is probably one of the better things you can do with it.
Another thing you can do with it is you can count on the transference effect. So you can
pretty much always use the transference effect to your advantage.

Now, be really careful of the double edged sword aspect of rapport here. When they really
buy into you, you may really buy into them. So be careful that you maintain the leadership
position. What is this transference effect? Well, its in the presence of an authority. The
person begins to convey upon that authority that they have the answers for their life. There
becomes an attraction, almost, if you will, and it can even be a physical attraction. It can
really be a powerful thing. So as long as they see you in that light and youre altering their
consciousness, this takes place.

And the act of altering their consciousness does create the transference effect. So this as
well is what kind of freaked out Freud when he first started learning about hypnosis. Is that
the person became physically attracted. And he saw lots of examples of that. It kind of
freaked him out. So then, he kind of went in a bit of a different direction. But you can could
on the transference effect. You can count on it working and you can use it to your
advantage. Either to create a personal relationship more or to increase the trust in
whatever youre there to talk about.

I pretty much look at, especially covert uses of this, as loosening up the person, implanting
ideas, using it as a bridge and using the transference effect. Those are the big things that I
do with all things hypnotically covert. Those are the things Im basically sorting for in my
mind. And again, this kind of meta-analysis and analysis, in general, of this, you just dont
hear. So its going to save years and probably lots of frustration in all that you do by
beginning to think along these lines and then implementing them as Im suggesting. All
right, lets talk about its limitations.

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Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis Module 3

Now, there are limitations. And lets just be very clear about that. As much as it is kind of
magical, its also kind of not. But lets go through some of these limitations. First of all, its
largely context related. Your use of whatever youre going to do with people needs to be
largely context related. Let me give you some kind of weird examples. So if you were in a
church, youre attending the church, you probably wouldnt begin pitching a product or
service in the middle of the sermon, would you? If that clashes real hard in your mind, it
does in mine because as a kid I went to church and I wouldnt dream of doing something
like that. Neither would anybody else.

Lets take another one. If youre attending the church, you might not want to try throwing
the minister into a trance and taking over the sermon and telling him to sit down and forget
whatever he was going to do as you walk up to the pulpit boldly and continue the sermon.
No, youre not going to want to do that. How about if youre shopping in a store? Well, you
might not do too well trying to walk over to the owner and using hypnosis and
commanding him to buy a leer jet right then and there from you. I mean, you see what Im
talking about being context dependent?

A bit context, at least, related. See, whatever youre going to be doing should be relatively
dependent on the context. Now, there are exceptions. Lets take the case of Dr. Ericsons
assistant who would dowhat do you call it?she would donot transcriptionsshe
wouldwell, I forget the word. Anyway. So he would dictate. There you go, dictation, thats
the word.

Okay, so she has a bad headache. He calls her into the office, he tells her he has dictations
for her, she asks if they can please do it another time because she hurts. And he said No,
its really important, sit down. Well, okay. What do we have coming into play here? We
have, its her job, shes his assistant. We have authority, therefore. And second of all, we
have him acting in a rather fatherly or compassionate way as well towards her. And then he
begins speaking. And as he does, he gains rapport with her unconscious. How? Well, he
begins telling metaphors and stories and he gets these stories to really get her unconscious
mind to sit up and pay attention and go Oh, someones talking to me. And then he begins
giving her suggestions to help her to eliminate the pain.

Well, do you think her unconscious is going to be appreciative of that? Of course it is. So
still theres a related context there. Now, Im telling you, this lack of context related
suggestion is probably responsible for more failures in newly trained hypnotists due to not
discussing this and not understanding this than pretty much anything else there is. Like I
tell you, this singlehandedly, will save you, I dont know, years possibly.

Now, one of the first experiences I ever had, and Ive talked about this before, is going to
see a hypnotist, now this is one of the first Ericsonian experiences, I should say, going to see
an Ericsonian trained hypnotist and he began talking about how we need to care for

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Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis Module 3

ourselves, we need to always be comfortable and people can get up and lean against the
wall. They dont have to just sit in their seat and pretty soon people actually began to get up
and lean and lean against the wall. And anyway, Ive gone over this story, I wont relay it
here again but pretty soon he stuck people to the wall and he challenged them, Go ahead
and try to move and you cant.

Well, again, is it context related? Yes. Why? Because were there to learn from him about
the power of hypnosis. Now, the problem iswell, the good point of it is he leveraged that
to get us very interested so that we would learn. So he leveraged our motivation strategy in
other words so that we would really learn. The bad news is that we all left thinking we
could stick people randomly to walls as well. So that I could just walk up for example at a
party and stick people to walls. Well, you know what, the odds of that happening are pretty
rare. Its probably not going to really work the way I want it to.

So theres a street hypnotist that supposedly makes this girl orgasm through hypnosis. Its a
YouTube thing. And its a really crappy demonstration, if you ask me, he clearly looks like
hes in a strip club or something and clearly the girlsand I say girls as opposed to
womenclearly they are not very sophisticated and are clearly there to please. At least
thats what it looks like to me as I watched it. And he did an instant kind of interrupt
induction where he jerks his hands down and commanded her into trance whereupon it
looks like she went. And then he gave her suggestions to have an orgasm and she does.

Or at least fakes it real well. I mean, I can absolutely imagine that she really does have one
and it would be very possible and hypnosis would simply make it more effective, more
powerful and more real. So I have no problem accepting that he actually causes this result.
However, would you like to be able to do that? Okay, so let me tell you, its really simple,
right? Go to a stripper bar. Get in good with them. Get to be some of their friends. Be seen
as an expert in some way with them and then tell that youd like to give them a
demonstration. Tantalize them a bit. Get them into a really private room. Immediately do
an interrupt style trance and elicit a very powerful orgasm. Lets look atand by the way,
itll happen.

Now, lets think about that and think it through a little bit. So whats the context? Stripper
club. Okay, is sex there on peoples minds? Yes. Is it on the minds of the girls? Well, sure. In
one way or another. If nothing else, just to use it to get money from you. Which is clearly
what theyre there to do. But by the same token youre probably a celebrity if some sort, a
bit of an expert of some sort. Youve established yourself with some of them. And so now
when you go in to do this, well, okay, yeah, itll work. Though it is probably far more
rewarding to do this with your girlfriend or wife, or boyfriend or husband, right? And its
very simple. Imagine in this instance that hypnosis is like alcohol or a drug. It simply
bypasses all resistance. So, what stops people from having an exceptional reaction, and

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Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis Module 3

exceptional sexual reaction, at least. Oftentimes its simply hang ups. Right? They dont
quite like how they look. Theyre a little bit nervous that the person will think that theyre
reactions are strange. Maybe they had some bad experiences in their life and they got to try
to get through all that. Thats why, by the way, sex is usually much, much better after you
know the person real well or in a committed relationship with them, right? So the first one
off time, I suppose it could be fun but the real good stuff is going to come after you get to
know the person. And thats because you get by all those limitations.

Hypnosis could be used like that. So now lets analyze it a little further. So heres a video of
a street hypnosis making a girl orgasm through hypnosis. And you, and lets say, an
untrained you, is watching this. And youre thinking Oh my god, does this guy have any
courses for sale? I want to make girls have an orgasm like that. Oh wow, is that really
well, it must be possible. Look. I mean, it cant be possible. It must be, look at her. Shes
clearly, having this experience. Oh my god. Well, who wouldnt want to be able to do an
interrupt induction and cause anybody that youve come up against to have this kind of
experience at your command? Does that feel kind of god like? Thats pretty slick, isnt it?
And yet in reality, you know what, walking down the street, you are not going to be able to
get that result probably.

Now, there was another funny one that I saw some time back. And it was a guy who
purposely was speeding. He was in, probably in England. He had an English accent or
something. And he was purposefully speeding, trying to get the police to pull him over so
that he could talk his way out using hypnosis, to talk his way out of the ticket. And he
showed us an example of doing it. And basicallyI mean, he did hypnotic stuff but he more
just sort of baffled the cop with BS is more how I would look at it but he did actually do
some hypnosis stuff and he did get the cop to let him go.

Now, fortunately he was also very honest and in this movie, in this YouTube video, he
showed ussitting on his bed, if I remember righta whole stack of tickets hed got. Hed
tried to do this and failed. Okay, so, yeah, I could imagine that even if you werent trained
with hypnosis at all, but simply went up and thought, Im going to use some mumbo jumbo
and try to talk cops out of giving me a ticket. Well, youd probably get 10 percent of them to
let you go. Depending on how fast youre going. So there is this thing called context. And in
this case, by getting the cop to misdirect him and ask him for an address, the guy actually
gets him to let him go. And he just believes, the cop just shakes his head and lets him go. So
again, look at the context.

So lets go to the next point I want to make here, and that is there is a very powerful
overriding strategy that Im referring to here. Very, very powerful. First, know what you
want. I go back to this always. Know what you want. You know when Jared is writing an
email now to send out, he almost always sends it to me with the objective. Heres the

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Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis Module 3

objective of the email. So it focuses us both on what is the point of what were doing here.
And with that objective, then he immediately proceeds to point out how were going to
accomplish that. He writes to accomplish that. And if ever Im at a loss for where to take it, I
just simply look at whats the objective. And that focuses both he and I right into the
situation. And I highly recommend you do the same thing.

You got to know what you want. So this is either because youre going after it directly with
a person or because youve thought things through in general and can pull something you
want out of your hat at a moments notice. But you have to know what you want. Now were
talking about in terms of setting up the context. So in terms of setting up the context, what
do you want? Now you say, Kendrick, thats so simple. I mean, its so 101. Yeah, it is. And
has anyone ever said that to you in hypnosis? Has anyone ever said that to you in trance?
Hmm, does that presuppose youre in trance right now? Has anyone ever said this to you
about using trance and about using hypnosis? I dont think so. I doubt it seriously.
Remember, you heard it here. You heard it here first. Secondwell, Im not going to tell
you the second thing. Im going to tell you the third thing. And that is set up the context so
that what you want to do is natural.

Now, Im going to tell you right now that this takes regular contemplation and practice. And
I want you to practice it like this. Before you do anything, like go to your next meeting, I
dont care what kind of meeting it is, an internal meeting, a sales meet, a class youre
teaching, a speech youre giving. I dont care what kind of meetingit could be a meeting
with you and your spouse. I dont care what it is. Think about what do you want. What is
the context of this meeting? How could you frame that context to include something and
exclude other things? Could it be a simple as a little preframe when you start? Like, Hey
today were talking about some of the things that are breakthroughs in your field and a
couple of the products and services that we offer that can ensure that you can realize those
breakthroughs in your business. Were also going to talk about a way that you and I can
work together in a little bit more close way that will enable us to take this in a whole bit of
different direction which Ill bring up after a while.

Now, lets say that you had relationship intention with the person youre talking to. Well,
youve just kind of set the context to be able to have different kind of relationship with
them. Different in what? Well, different than salesman-buyer. Or maybe youve established
that this is the kind of relationship that can be usedyou can work with them as test
group. And we can thus sell them a lot more services by testing them with them first. Okay?
Maybe its that this is a class on how to persuade but its also on how to get what you want
in your life. You see? By adjusting with a slight preframe as you come in and start, well, you
may be able to adjust the context to be able to make it more what you want.

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Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis Module 3

Now, how do you do this inI dont know, a public place like a mall and you see a good
looking girl or a good looking guy and youre going to walk over and say Hi, how do you
get them to then go from there to going to bed with you? Well, the odds are, you dont.
Youre probably not going to be able to expand that context like that.

Now, why do I bring that up? Because it seems like thats what a lot of people talk about
when they start talking about covert hypnosis. Okay, now if it was with my wife. Oh heck
yes, I could do that all day long. And have. If its with a girlfriend or husband or wifeI
mean, this is easy. You know that there are contexts where you can have discussions about
these kinds of things. Its not so hard. The context works. All right, I told you point 1 and I
told you point 3. Whats point 1? Know what you want. Either because youre going after it
directly or because youve thought things through in general and can pull something you
want out of your hat at a moments notice.

In other words, youre standing at a restaurant, a mall, a bar and youve already thought
through, If Im in a situation like that and this kind of situation happens or comes about, I
can leverage it to my advantage like this. Or Im in a presentation and I want them to trust
me more, I could pull this kind of transference effect out of my hat and heres how I could
language that. So you know what you what you want and you are thinking and
contemplating and practicing on setting up the context so that what you want to do is
natural. This is what youre doing all the time.

Now I tell, it takes regular contemplation and practice and its the work of a lifetime. I
continue to think and think on these things. I continue to ask myself, and thats such a
powerful thing to do, ask yourself, how else could I leverage this? How else could I
maneuver this? How else could I covertly suggest that X. Its the work of a lifetime.
Seriously, the more you practice with this, the more consider the context and how to
expand it and maneuver it, the more youll find yourself in context that simply work for
you. Its amazing. Whats number 2? Can you think of it? Its in setting up the context. What
is it? If you said, its establishing yourself as an authority, well, youre absolutely right. So
theres three things that will help you dramatically set up the context. One is to know what
you want. Two is to establish yourself as the authority and three is to set up the context so
that what you want to do is natural.

Now, if youre the authority, you get to talk more, dont you? Isnt that true for authorities?
They sort of get to call the shots? Theyre sort of looked at as the leader? Everyone kind of
does what they want them to do? Well, if thats you, does that give you the ability to
maneuver the context more in your favor? Yeah. So establishing yourself as an authority is,
I think, one of the most important things that you can do in general. Now, not every context
will lead itself or lend itself well to you being an authority. But a lot of them will.

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An authority can just be an assumed confidence that you possess. I mean, in here you can
fake it until you make it. But its an assumed confidence. Its a confidence of authority.
Imagine if you are an expert at psychology or hypnosis or at resolving peoples problems as
a problem solver. If you are an authority on learning quickly through altered states of
consciousness. And lets just say you talked that persona on, well now, you can carry
yourself like that. And you can turn the conversations into that direction where now you
are going to be seen, between you and the other person, that youre the authority. Powerful

Lets talk a little but more about the transference effect and I want to point out that simply
altering someones consciousness even a little, creates transference. And the more
profoundly you alter their consciousness, the more transference is created. Transference, I
think is one of the best ways to deepen your personal connection with the person. And the
way to do that is just to foster the transference effect. Let yourself be seen as the authority.
Let yourself be imagined in their mind-- even if you suggest it to be so-- let yourself have
them imagine that you do have the answers. That you really can help them all that much.
That if you were to wave your hand in their direction, that you in fact might just create
miracles. That even just hearing their issues may bring a magic influence to bear in their

That causes them to feel better, to feel more secure in your presence and to really enjoy
what you do together. Could you do that? Oh yes, all day long, you certainly could. And that
facilitates the transference effect. Now, Im talking at an advanced level. So Im assuming
you understand a lot of these things based on our previous work together. So you may need
to go back and review some of the different elements in persuasion factor in my other
courses. But I think that the bottom line is Im sure youre getting this. And its this way of
deepening this connection that is the bridge thats so powerful. Lets talk about some
specific strategies that will help you accomplish some specific tasks. I kind of like to look at
these as specific bridges. And its not that all of these bridges are new, I want to put them
for you in kind of one place and give you some ideas about how to use them more
effectively. So lets look at bridges for deepening trusts.

One of the basic rules I want to point out to you is that whatever kind of suggestion pattern
youre doing, simply invoking something like that from their past and revivifying it,
meaning take them back through and elaborate, slow down, have them really experience it
more powerfully, more strongly, for example, causes that to happen in their head. So Id like
you to go back for just a moment. And Id like you to think about a time when you were in
front of someone that was just incredible. I mean, you were talking with them and you
realize that they had a lot of ability.

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Not only do they have a lot of ability but they could, you were sure of it, they probably
could give you some tips and strategies that could change your life. And when you heard
them talkand for me, it was an early experience I had listening to Zig Ziglar. Man, I knew
this guy was something else. He had so much experience. W. Clement Stone, another guy
like that. I mean, so much experience growing a huge insurance company almost from
nothing. Unbelievably powerful. Well, as I began to experience that, I zeroed in on their
words. I began to listen very closely. And as I did, Id listen to some of the great ideas they
were telling me and I began to apply it to my life. And as I applied it to me, I looked back at
them with my eyes wide, soaking in the information. Mentally asking myself, how can I get
more? How can I get closer? How can get I become a bigger part of this. And man, did it
change my life. I think I walked out of there with way more than the average person did.

It was absolutely incredible and I realized that that person could help take me to the next
level. I did that in this field as well. And you know what, I began to ask myself and the other
person how they could help me to go even further and I became such a pest, I just wouldnt
go away, that they did. Yeah, I paid. Yeah, it was difficult. But I got what I was after. You
know what Im saying? For those with ears to hear, you just heard me do it. That is how you
could deepen trust. And its powerful. It is so powerful.

Now listen also to how Im starting to use story. The real idea here, as I go back over this
briefly, is I took you into an experience I had that I know you could relate to. How did I
know you could relate to that? Can you answer that? Lets see what answers you could
come up with. I knew you could relate to it. I took you into a story and as I did, I revivified
my experience. I went back to through it. I said I opened my eyes wide, I asked myself how
could I be a bigger part of that. I revivified the parts I wanted you to have. So in doing that,
you can do the same thing. This can deepen trust. It can do all kinds of stuff. Analyze what I
just did. Go back through it. And youll see how thisit does so much more than what I said
of just deepening trust but it certainly does that too.

Lets talk about connecting the person to you. I came up with a strategy for doing this many,
many years ago and where I talk about connecting the chakras with cords of light. And Ill
just bring that up as a strategy for you. It actually works pretty well. And the way you do it
is just you say Look, its really interesting as we talk but I just have this funny feeling of a
pretty profound connection with you. I once experienced that with someone and you what
they told me? They said they felt like there was a cord of light that stretched from the top of
my head to the top of their head. And that cord of light was just like beaming information
back and forth and that one connected our foreheads in the middle, our throats, connected
our hearts, connected our solar plexes. And of course you keep going and talking about
connecting at the root chakra as well. And make sure youve got significant rapport before
you try that.

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And say When I imagine that, you know what, they were right. I imagined that these lights
were like going back and forth and there was this profound connection, like I knew them
somehow internally. It was profound, anyway. And then just go right on. So you can
connect people to you that way. Another thing you can do is just simply make it a real
simple suggestion. Seems like theres a real sense of connection here. A sense of just
understanding each other in a kind of profound level. I dont know if youve recognized that
or not. You can do that kind of thing.

Lets talk about blanking out your competition. Another good bridge that you can use,
another good strategy. So for example, lets say that you are going to talk using visual
anchors, for example, with your left and right. And you talk about your services, and you lift
your right hand up, and youre talking about the kinds of things you do and youre pointing
with your right hand, and as you do that, lets say you do palm up and youre kind of raising
your hand as you talk about your things.

Now, not indefinitely, this will be just for, say, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, something like that.
Then put your hand down and take your left hand out and say, And then there are other
people that try to do this kind of thing, and you start that hand about as the same height
that you ended the other hand with, palm down and just gesture away from yourself.
Gesture down towards the floor and away from yourself. And say They try to do this kind
of thing and theyre all, theyre just simply forgettable. It just doesnt work. So thats a very
simple way of just blanking them out. Another thing you can do, you can use an amnesia
strategy towards your competition, if you want. You can say things like, Heres the
difference between us, heres what we do, blah, blah, blah. And heres what those people
that would try to compete with us would do.

Oh I forgot, let me bring up something else altogether with you for just a moment. Id like to
talk about a relevant issue. And then, just change the subject and go on about whatever
you want to talk about. So what does that do? It just blanks out the competition. It just
sends them off into the middle of nowhere and thats another strategy you can do. When
youre talking about the competition, you can sayI usually just suggest to people, Just
imagine that were going farther and farther away from you, out into the middle of
nowhere and just disappearing, going into black and white and all of a sudden its like they
cant even be seen anymore, they cant be heard anymore, theyre just done. You can do
that and say Anyway, and just continue on as if you kind of got side-tracked for a second.
So thats kind of a strategy you can use that can be very helpful. Now, its not permanent.
Its not a permanent strategy but it is one that will bridge the situation for you and let you
move on and get rid of that as an issue.

Lets talk about amping up belief. Because this is a great bridge that will allow you to bridge
to other things, all kinds of things. You can amp up belief by talking about things you

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believe in and continue to make referential index switches. You can talk about when you
find something to be incredibly important and you believe in something with all of your
heart. So you keep talking about when you do this, when you do that, but youre really
meaning when I do it. But by switching referential index like that, you make them switch
too. And by talking about something you really believe in, you get them amping up their

Then you can attach it to what youre doing or to their criteria and values. Like desire to
learn, desire to change. Desire to learn rapidly. Desire to become a better person. Whatever
it is. And to your ability to help them accomplish that. You can also aim it at your expertise.
That youre the expert doing that. Another bridge Id like to talk about is eliminating other
choices. So here again, I like those hand gestures. I like them a lot. I talk about the things
that are important and I take my right hand usually and Ill put it right in front of them. And
then Ill talk about other things and then Ill take my left hand and sweep them away and
put them down behind me, where they dont even count.

So I like doing that a lot when I talk about other choices. I mean, Heres one thing we could
do, and I sweep it down and around behind me. Heres another thing we could do, and I
sweep that down around behind me. And heres something that might really work. And I
leave that right in front of them. Lets talk about transferring emotions and decisions to
you. Here, all we have to do is get the person to remember the emotion or remember the
decision and look at you. That transference takes place right away. So thats a really nice
bridge. And you can just throw in these things anywhere.

You want them to have a certain emotion towards you, now remember, context relevant. If
youre making a presentation to a member of the opposite sex, and you have the hots for
this person. You probably cant start talking about some deep, hot, nasty desire to blah,
blah, blah. This is where we hear these idiots doing supposedly covert hypnosis and
sounding like chumps. Because thats what it is. The odds are thats not going to work.

Now you could stick things in, occasionally. And you can get away with it. You can open
things up in all sorts of ways and you can create things that didnt exist before. I just used
two of them, supposing were talking to a member of the opposite sex, I just did two of
them but I sounded relatively normal. I didnt get the hot tone to my voice. Well, its not so
hot. It sounds stupid to me.

But anyway, I didnt try to act like I was some freak. I just started throwing some little
things in like that. Now, I could even looked right at the person and say, You know what I
mean? And if they dont acknowledge me in some way, then theyre probably resisting my
suggestions on of those lines, right? So thats where you can really use your sensory acuity
to your advantage here. And you can see where the openings exists that you werent able to
see before. Its pretty cool. So you can do the same with any kind of strategy.

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Like buying strategy, relationship strategy. All you have to do is elicit the past strategy and
the link it to you. Pretty simple to do. Do the same with a relationship. Ask them how they
got involved with their last relationship. And then take them through a generalin other
words using what you just learned then take them through a general strategy only with
them looking at you. And youll have just created that relationship with you. It may be very
hard for them not to see you in that way and they may even say Wow, man it so weird
because I dont think Id normally have thought that way about you but Im really feeling
like maybe theres something here too. Ive had people say that to me, literally, when I was
practicing with these things. I mean, its really amazing what this can do.

So as long as its relatively contextually relevant, theres just amazing things you can do. So
if you meet someone and youre talking with them, well relationships are relevant. They are
contextual. If youre in the middle of a work situation, well, thats probably not going to be
so relevant to jump into that kind of thing. Although, could you bridge to that? You
probably can. You just got to figure out how. And so theres so many cool things to think
about and use here. Its just really amazing. You could also talk about taking over a
relationship and make it yours.

For example, a customer has a relationship with a vendor and you want it. Elicit how they
got into that relationship. Elicit what that relationship does for them. And then you do
those very things and you find that you probably could just take over that relationship.
Again, let me point out that its contextually relevant. Youre there to talk about that kind of
relationship. You can take any emotion, strategy or what have you a person has, link it to
you or anyone of your choice.

So let me give you a quick example. Ive talked about this before as well somewhere. But
not at great length. I dont think that Ive really shown the strategy I used. I was the only
paid person that Jay Abraham paid to teach in his 15 and 20 thousand dollar per person
protg trainings years ago. And he brought me in to teach his marketing consultants how
to sell people, how to get them to hire them. And I had a great deal of fun doing it.
Especially when I figured out that I was the only guy getting paid, out of all of the trainers
he had, he somehow convinced all of them to do it just for whatever they would get out of
being around him.

Thats pretty slick. I was the only he one he couldnt do that with and he actually paid me.
And truth be told, once I understood what he did and how good he was, I would have got
my reward just by hanging out and going through those seminars. They were that good. So
at these events, every day, in order to get in the room the next day, the people had to fill out
a survey. And it always asked for who was the number 1 guy. Who did they like the most
out of the trainers that talked. And always, I was voted number 1 by huge orders of

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magnitude. Like, add up the next 2 beneath me and I was still above them if you added
them up.

Now, those of you that may know Jay, he has a relatively big ego and thats probably putting
it mildly. And he would admit the same. I like him a lot but I think it was really difficult for
him and probably many others that day after day I came in number one. It wasnt an
accident that I came in number one. I would frequently have people imagine filling out
forms, ranking those forms highly and lowly and I would always attach those high part to
me and the low part to others. So I helped people to vote for me, covertly. But there was a
guy that he had brought in to talk.

Now let me just set the stage a little bit. He had sold these seminars mainly to hard money,
fundamentalists, Christian-oriented people. These were people that believed in gold and
silver and were very fundamentalist Christians. So he brought in this guyI cant
remember his name nowbut this guy was basically a he-slut. A he-whore. I dont know
what to call him. But he was a quite big out of the box thinker. He had bought a yacht and
he sailed it from Hawaii to the United States with 12 girls on board or something like that.
Having orgies all day long on his trip. And hed talk about this. And it incensed the persons
from the audience. It just made them livid.

Then one time he was talking about a business that he had where he bought a tax
preparation business and he found some way to rip off his clients and make a bunch of
money and it was literally ripping them off. So he talked about he went ahead and did that
and he got some charge backs and the got some complaints but overall he came out ahead
financially by doing that. And it just incensed these people, as you can well imagine it

This guy was consistently voted the lowest and he was voting so low that-- with people
writing in things like I dont want to hear another word from this lowlifes mouth. This guy
is the opposite of everything I stand for. I dont want to hear anything more from him. And
so this guy also promoted $50,000 seminars. So one day we all came in, we got the results
of the survey. And once again I had taken it, I was number 1. I never was not number 1. In
any event, so he came to me. He said, Goddamit how do you always get number 1 and how
do you get it so high? I said, Well, will you look at what I teach? He goes, Yeah, but how
does that translate to you? I said Would you look at what I teach? And he goes, I dont
get it man. Ive listened to you and I dont get it. What do you do that makes you so good? I
said, Look, lets do it another way. Lets say that I get you to rise considerably in your
rankings tomorrow, now if I do that, you go and promote a $50,000 seminar for me. And
hes like, All right, deal. Im tired of being ranked lowest every single day. I said, All right.
Lets go get Jay to agree that you follow me today. He said, Okay, so we did and Jay
agreed. So what did I do?

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Well, remember, I am the expert. I was being paid to teach these people, whatever, a
hundred or 200 of them, I guess, at the time, how to do this. So I had the stage. I had the
floor. I was the expert. So as I started in with what I was teaching that day, I also brought up
different kinds of emotions and I brought up the idea of forgiveness and I elicited it very
strongly. And then what I did is I anchored forgiveness and I fired it off while talking about
that other guy. So I had all these Christians forgiving him. And then I elicited what they
thought of as a genius out of the box thinker. And how could they separate genius, out of
the box thinker, from anything else? We might not even approve of all the things that
Edison was or other of our genius inventors but we sure as heck respect that theyre these
incredible inventor, right? So I got that elicited very carefully and I anchored that to this
guy. I did all kinds of stuff like that. And I did so well at it that the next day, when the vote
came in, he was second only to me.

He was flabbergasted. Well, it comes to pass. I wish I could tell you that he went on and
promoted me at $50,000 a head but he ended up going to jail. I dont remember what for
but some scam he ran. Anyway, he ended up going to jail. That was that. And he never did
what he promised for me. But oh well, I had a great deal of fun doing what I was doing.

Now, you have some ideas of these same kind of bridging mechanisms that youll be able to
do. Now, in that same way you can use fear to your advantage. And using fear to your
advantagethe fear of loss something thats pretty powerful. If you can figure out how fear
of lossyou can save people from fear of loss. You can probably use it quite significantly.
Just be careful that its contextually relevant. That you really have a reason to talk about
that. So there you go.

By the way, thats a great one for relationships. Nobody likes to lose at a relationship.
Nobody likes to be very invested at a relationship and then lose. And so if someone is
already losing because theyre already having to leave a relationship, well, you can
certainly bring that up and how youre looking to overcome that together and yada, yada.
Quite powerful. In the same way you can use desire, power and control to your advantage.
These are other good bridge states that I really like to deal with. You can elicit their desire.
Everything from wealth to whatever. You can elicit their desire for power to be just a little
bit better than their fellow men. Thats always been a huge motivator. To the ability to have
the power to control their own lives, to do their own thing. Control over others. These are
huge motivators. And you can dig right down in and use those to your advantage as well.

So I wanted to talk about some of the real specific bridge states and bridging ideas that I
use and that I really like and that you canI would just go through one by one of these
things and I would practice putting them into your pattern. Into the things that you just talk
about in your presentation. Not all of them, by any means, but you can pull these out like
modules and use them as you see fit. And I think thats really pretty cool. How we doing so

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Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis Module 3

far? Learning some cool stuff? Are you finding application for areas of hypnosis and covert
hypnosis that you probably havent heard about before? Ways to implement this and to be
sure that your ideas would be accepted. If not, go back and listen again because man, Im
telling you, this is some hot stuff.

I now want to get to something that I think is just not dealt with. Its justand especially
its not dealt amongst the Ericsonian group. Although Ill tell you that Ericson dealt with
this extensively so I dont know why its been so overlooked. I want to get in to the whole
idea of how to train the client for depth. Ready for the acceptance of suggestions.

So were going to talk about training a client to respond to suggestions. So its as much a
function of you training them how to accept suggestions as anything. In other words this is
the part of training people on what trance is and how to use trance. And this is something
Ericson would spend session after session doing. Now, yes, in his later days, he could
frequently just talk to someone and he would tell a bunch of unrelated, seemingly
irrelevant stories and tend to get the results. But thats like saying an Olympic sprinter just
jogged to the store and beat any kind of time youve ever jogged to the store in by double.

Well, yeah, man, the guy is an Olympic sprinting champion or something. And he just beat
your time. And Ericson could beat most anybody. He was just that good. But he knew the
value of training people on how to accept suggestions and how to get depth out of the
hypnosis. So its also teaching your clientswhat were going to talk aboutor the people
that youre going to be working with that theres a drastic and dramatic difference between
hypnosis and the waking state. And this can be taught through repeated inductions and
suggestions of the differences between trance and the waking state. I really want you to
think about it.

What is the difference between being in a deep and profound hypnotic state and being in a
wide awake state? Whats the difference? Now, if you cant answer that by imaging that
trance state now, then guess what, youre never going to elicit it from someone else. So you
know one of the best things you can ever do for yourself? Is train yourself to go into trance
immediately. On suggestion.

Now, can you do that? Yeah. And if you had someone to help you do it, could you do it even
better? Yeah. And thats what wed be talking about. So heres the thing, if you get your
subjects trained to accept suggestions, theres no more monkey business. Theres no more
messing around and screwing around. Hoping and wishing that theyre accepting your
suggestions. No, you know for a fact they are. Now, its real cool when Im demonstrating
hypnosis to be able to demonstrate something quickly and youll-- Ooh, ahh, wow. But its
far different for me to teach you how to do this so you get those same results. So the bottom
line is, imagine a group of hypnotic students. Hypnotizing hypnotists can be tricky. That
was a quote from one of Bandler and Grinder books.

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Anyway, imagine a group of hypnotic students. So here we have that group and youre the
teacher and youre teaching them. Now, do they convey upon you a degree of expertise?
Probably. So can you get away with doing things more easily and quickly than they would
be able to do? Yes, absolutely. But if you do it well enough, well, theyll be able to do it as
well. And thats the course of the whole goal of teaching and coaching and programs exactly
like this. Is that you can actually learn to do it. So what is the difference between hypnosis
and the waking state? What is it? And I will tell you it can be taught by repeatedly inducing
trance in the person that you want to teach this to. And to suggest to them the differences.

In a trance, what happens? You tell me, what are some trance things that happen? Well, Ill
give you some ideas. You become very focused on what youre being told. Sometimes youre
thoughts run away with themselves. Imagining the things youre being told and how youll
be carrying them out. Sometimes you find yourself all of a sudden snapping back to hear
what the person is saying while your mind runs away again, implementing them, over and
over like that. Time stands still. Its like the clock just stops. And it can be absolutely
pleasantly surprising that so much time has passed when it seems like its only been
seconds or minutes.

We know that the heart rate slows down in a profound trance. The breathing is slowed.
And the muscle relaxes in all of the body. The face muscles relax. Often, blood pressure
drops. So am I leading them there into a trance? Yes. Have you heard me do that in some of
the learning sessions? Yes. So now youre probably beginning to understand why. And
might have already understood why. The point is that we want to teach our clients the
difference between profound trance and the waking state. The key is that the further they
are from consciousness, as in, in trance, the better.

Now, you can think of that as depth if you want. Or degrees of separation between
consciousness and unconsciousness. But well call thatfor lack of a better word, well call
that depth. And thats what were talking about here. So heres a list of things that you can
do. This is a list of things you can teach a subject to be able to do. And Im going to give it to
you in an order. And this list of things is incredibly important.

Again, this is something I just have not heard talked about much. And in the Ericsonian
world, well they just believed that if youre good enough with suggestion and story, well
then you can just skip this. They dont even talk about it. And yet, Im telling you, its the
difference between night and day. When you have trained your hypnotic subjects in this
way, and yes, it does take time. So probably youre going to have to have a reason to do it
beyond just getting paid. Because its probably not going to be easy to get a person to pay
you for 6, 8, 10 sessions and not accomplish anything and wonder what it is that youre
really doing. So lets talk about the things that you should train people to do and pretty
much in order. The first is going immediately into a trance on command.

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Now, to do this you should pair verbal and physical trance anchors. So the strategy is you
can begin with fractionalization. So you put him in a trance, take him out, put him in, take
him out. And each time you put him in, you give the suggestion theyre going to the same
level or deeper when you say or do X. Theyre going to the same level they just achieved, for
example, and then best or better that. Theyll go even deeper. And so you then give them
the suggestion. Like when I say, Go into trance now, and I touch you like this, and you
make a downward sliding motion form their shoulder to their elbow, for example, You will
immediately go back to where you are right now. So you repeat that a couple of times. And
you go ahead and bring them back up to consciousness.

And then you elicit it again. You fire off that anchor. You say the trance words and then you
watch them physically start to go out. You then then go ahead and do an inductions
strategy with them as well. So they go right off into a trance. And then you repeat that. And
then in in one session you could do that 4, 5 times. At least. Some good simple suggestions
for that are things like, Close your eyes, relax and go to your level now. Or, Close your
eyes and go into a trance now. Now, you can also couple those things with like a bell. I love
what I call a trance bell. And you know I always use it in my learning sessions. I just love
that. I dont know why but it calls my attention.

So you can have one in your office or with you or whatever. You could also just lift their
hand and tell them, that they will go into a trance as their hand moves down with true
unconscious movement. But the goal is to give them a word and probably a physical touch
if not maybe even some other additional auditory anchor like the bell. You just have to
make sure that whateverI mean, the main reason to stay with your words and a physical
touch is because you can always do that. If you forget your bell or youre not in a place
where youve got your bell with you, and you want to use the suggestions then thats kind
of a deal breaker.

You could always by the way have them imagine that you rang the bell. That could
absolutely be good enough as well. So the first thing is you want them to go into trance on
command. You want to train them to do that by putting them there and taking them back.
Putting them there and taking them back.

Now, you dont need to announce to them or tell them that thats the first thing that youre
doing. You might just tell them that the first part of this is learning about trance and gaining
some abilities. You could frame it like that. So its really important during this training that
you motivate them. You want them to want to do what youre saying. Can you tell me how
you do that? Well, I highly recommend that you elicit their values for life in general. And
that you also elicit the complex equivalency for each of those values.

And let me just run you through the strategy real quick. So youre sitting in your office,
talking to the person or somehow you have gained the ability to sit down and just chat with

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Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis Module 3

them and ask them some profound, personal questions. So you ask them, Tell me whats
important about life? And theyll rattle off 3 or 4 things. You right them down. And you say,
Okay great. What else? Try to get as much as 8 or even 10 things from them. And
whatever they are, it doesnt matter what they are. Rank them in order of importance. So
whats more important? Communication or money? And just rank them in order of
importance so that you then are looking at a list going from 1 to 10. And then what you do
is you get their complex equivalency. And thats really easy to do by asking them what does
X mean?

So start with the first value and say, Okay, now you talk about good communication. So
what does good communication mean? If you saw or heard or experienced good
communication, what would you be seeing or hearing or experiencing? And write it down.
This is incredibly important.

Now, as youre going through talking with them about going into trance, going into trance
immediately, etc., leverage those top value or 2 or 3 into the trance work youre doing with
them. Talk about how going into a trance immediately helps them to learn to communicate
with themselves better. Use their complex equivalency. Tell them that it helps them to do
that and therefore theyre going to want to do it better and better and better. And its just
that powerful. Really is. So thats the thing about using values like that.

You can just put them in everywhere. And you want to use them to motivate the client to
learn what youre teaching them. This makes them-- it does so much more. If you want to
take a more manipulative approach to this. It just flat out hooks them to you, to your ideas,
to your training, to your sessions, to whatever it is that youre doing. Its just a phenomenal
thing to do with somebody. Especially one on one. I mean, you can do it with groups in
general as well but basically doing it one on one is really spectacular.

So I would suggest that each time you induce trance, youll spend 5 minutes or so talking
about their high level values and how working with you will be getting them more of those
things. So for example, You had a reason to be a part of this program. And there were some
things of real importance to you in doing that. There were are some ways in which you
want to introduce these skills into your life and get better at them for reasons of real
personal importance. And each time that we talk together in one of these sessions or each
time you review and think about these materials, its amazing how youll lock on to one of
those reasons again. And begin to think about that and how youre able to steer yourself
more effectively using the strategies and the techniques and the methods that Im covering.
And just as important as getting in to some of the interesting and powerful ways of doing
things is probably also the idea that we can save so much time in really mastering some of
these skills by not having to repeat the stupid mistakes that everybody seems to repeat
whenever they get in to this kind of training. And as you zero in on some of those and why

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thats so important to you, well, it just begins to motivate you all that much more. To put
more attention here. And to learn these skills more powerfully.

To take them to the next level in all that you do and to feel that joy and satisfaction of being
able to learn quickly. Absorb powerfully and use these skills to really get somewhere in
your life. Thats whats so fun about it. Now, you might talk for 5 minutes or so like that.
You might also from time to time reassure them that theyre doing well and are progressing
just fine. Because its fun to learn this and youre doing great and were right on track with
the things that were learning. I mean, its just amazing. Youre doing great with this. Hang
in there man, because as we progress, wow, youre on the cutting edge of this stuff now. So
Im demonstrating how I might do this even if I dont know your values. So reassure them
from time to time that theyre doing great and progressing just fine.

Now, this part of the training will often take several sessions. Each time they go deeply into
a trance, you want to begin to condition them to simply follow instructions. In other words,
to let you do the thinking for them. Theyre simply to become passive and absorbed. Like a
sponge. So thats where I would start talking about the unconscious mind is like a sponge, it
absorbs. It doesnt decide. It integrates. It absorbs. The decision is being given to it through
the person and the persons proxy, you. And begin to link that kind of metaphor to their
unconscious mind as well. After 2 to 3 sessions, they should pretty quickly get into a
profound trance at your suggestions.

Now, let me tell you how to amp it up even further. Im sure, by nowjust kidding. But you
got to like the sound machine right? If not, well have some really cool ones coming up. Ive
alluded to a numberbut anyway, look. Take a light and sound machine. Use one of those
with the client when you first start out if you want to. Do the first session or the first
induction or two with that machine to really knock them out. And at the depthat the most
deep part of that trance where youve got them in a good theta state, lets say, thats where
you want to give them repeated suggestions to go to this level or deeper and what it means
to go to that level or deeper. That the unconscious mind is a sponge, that the conscious
mind drops away, all evaluations stop, the unconscious sponges up what youre saying,
integrates it, puts it into the functioning of all that they do, etc.

Now, I wouldnt always use the light and sound machine. But you could do it for the first
few sessions. Why wouldnt I always do it? Well, if you dont have one available right
someday, well then youre not going to be able to do it. And also, light and sound machines,
they make you not as good of a hypnotist. The reason is you dont have to be very good with
one of those silly things. You just stick the glasses on the persons head, the goggles on their
ears and 5 minutes later, theyre in a super deep trance.

For that reason, its better to use them in the beginning and anchor the results then fire the
anchors later when theyre not using them and youll get spectacular results. I suggest that

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the last time you put them in trance for that session, for that day, for example, you should
also suggest the date and time for their next session. Again, link it to their high values. Of
course, by the way, the time for the next session should be discussed and agreed upon
before the last induction. Like, All right, let's talk about the next session. Im thinking
Thursday at 3, does that work for you? That kind of thing. Yeah, yeah that works.

Then, the last time you put them in trance, youre going to reaffirm the date and time that
they are to show up for the next session. Start making it so that youre giving them the time.
Now, yes, they agreed to it earlier, before the last session. But in this session, make it start
to sound like you are giving them the time to come and thats when they must come. And
then link it to their high values. So they feel compelled to come. You could link it to an
anchor of being compelled even if you want it to and future pace it. And then youre ready
to continue.

So, this is also by the way a very good way for you to check and see the effect of your work.
In other words, you and they agree that Thursday at, whatever, 2 oclock, theyre going to
come for the next session, if theyre showing up on time, well, okay. If theyre excited to be
there and they cant wait to work with you-- I mean, youll start to see the effects of your
suggestion that way. Youll see that theyre cooperating with you. And its important for
you, for your confidence. And its important for them, so that they get used to following
your suggestions.

Its a great way in essence for you to monitor their compliance. And if youre not getting
enough compliance, link it to their values more strongly. The next thing you want them to
do is you want them to go into a much deeper trance state. Now, one nice thing about this is
that it will happen automatically as you continue their training. So just by continuing this
process that Im laying out for you, they will just keep on going into deeper and deeper
trance states.

Theres another issue that I want to bring up. And again, this is something that you dont
hear too much of either. But doing trance regularly is important especially when youre
training a client. You cant do it this Thursday, lets say, and then three weeks form this
Thursday and then the following Saturday and then a couple of months later for another
one. It needs to be no more, pretty much, than once per week and youd be better off at
twice a week. Also if you had to do 6, 7, 8, 10 sessions, well, if youre doing twice a week, 10
sessions can be done in 5 weeks.

Thats not such a long time. And you will have a very compliant, highly trained subject if
you spend 10 sessions with them, if youre following my processes at all. Heres some
things that will help you deepen their state. You can have them imagine that theyre going
down a few floors in an elevator or stairway. You can suggest that when they reach that
level, theyll be in a much deeper trance.

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Now, again, remember what I talked about as to defining deeper trance. Defining a trance.
Theyre locked on to your words. They feel like theyre hearing the words of God, you might
even say. Or some other analogy like that. Theyre hearing compelling logic. However you
want to phrase it. But that kind of thing is probably really helpful. That youre speaking to
them thats like a dry hungry sponge that is just soaking up the ideas, suggestions and
things that youre telling them and acting on it. So make sure that youre regularly
reinforcing that in this process.

So you can imagine that, and I like this, that you add a particular floor that you can,
whatever, you jump in the elevator, youre going to go down to level 10 and then the next
level youre going to go down to level 17 or whatever. And then at a particular floor, you
can suggest that as they open the elevator they see in front of them a nice bed made just for
them. And that theyll go and lay down on that bed and their body remains there while
theirlisten to my wordingYoure obedient unconscious mind floats out of that bed,
follows you back in the elevator and goes right on down deeper still. This obedient
unconscious mind has control of all the physical functions as well and can easily speak
through the body etc. The body. Get it?

Im disassociating. So now youve left their physical body sleeping while youve taken their
brain down to yet a deeper level. And you could suggest that at the deepest level is a
workshop that that two of you will construct together. Now, construct the workshop.

Once you got them down there, construct the workshop. And you can create viewing
panels, buttons, nobs, extra computers, you can put all kinds of things in there. Computers
thatall10 or 20 HAL type computers that-- like in the science fictions moviethat can
control worlds in and of themselves, practically. And their all interacting with the screen
and you can have them see something and then hit the forget nob and it will be simply
erased or the erase button and it will be gone. You can get super creative with the kinds of
things that you put into your workshop.

But what I would highly recommend is that you design this workshop and you write down
this design. You write down what you did with them. What is in this room? How do you sue
whats in this room? So each time you come back, you can talk about that and I wouldnt fill
the room with everything that you might want with a highly trained subject. I would fill it
withput a few things in and teach them to start to use those tools.

Then I would do the same thing withas you continue working with time, you could add
new tools and add new things. This is extraordinarily powerful. Its really nice. Its really
fun to be able to do. Then you can teleport them all kinds of places by having them walk
into the screen and walk out in a different reality. And oh my goodness is that going to be
fun, powerful and important as we get to the darker stuff coming. So really work at creating
this spectacular workshop at this very deep level. The next thing after you get that done is

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you want to teach them to forget. Amnesia. And you want to teach them to forget things on
command. And this is where I would spend a real considerable part of the training time.
You want them to learn to forget on command. So heres some good strategies to do that.

First of all, remember to use your trance anchor to put them in trance each time you work
with them. When you induce the trance and talk about something like motivation, you
want to do it and use a lot of nominalizations. Be indirect and rather bland with your
language. So lets say that today the person comes in for their session, using your trance
anchors, you put them right to the level. You would make it deeper.

Then youwhile they're in trance, you just bring up motivation. The whole idea of
motivation. As you do that, talk in nominalizations. The idea of motivation is to help a
person with the realization of the way in which things can become more effective and
useful in ways that function for the person effectively. Youre using bland big words.
Indirect kind of things. As you begin thatactually, I should have told you this firstbut as
you begin this part of the induction, tell them that everything you talk to them about from
that point on will stay ta the unconscious level. That they will have no conscious memory of
it whatsoever upon coming back.

Then talk about motivation using a bunch of nominalizations. After you do that, then say,
All that weve discussed here in this session will stay in the unconscious mind. If youve
given them any specific suggestions, you can say, Of course youll act on those but youll
have no idea why, except that it just makes sense to you but the specific reasons why will
simply not come to mind. Youll simply believe that its simply the right thing to do. You
might say, Your unconscious mind is who Ive been speaking with and it will guard this
information. It will allow you to remember it only if I give you the suggestion to do so in a
deep trance. You could say, Consciously you can remember that something else
happened, like we discussed an incident from your past that held you back and it doesnt
anymore. And then you might even want to let them come up with that incident form their
past that sued to bother them but doesnt anymore and ask them to do a finger signal or
something when they found that incident that doesnt bother them anymore.

You could tell them that thats what theyll remember that we talked about in the session.
So have the answer ready. Its easy. Another way you can do this is you can tell them to
remember to forget to remember all that that weve talked about in the session. And you
can combine all of these things. Thats whats nice.

Now were talking about formal trance where youve been teaching them how to do all of
these things so you have a right to just give them suggestions because after all youre
helping them get their highest values that youve elicited. Powerful way of doing this. Now
bring them out of trance, change the topic of conversation, and talk about something from
their work or from their day or form a previous few days or something or what theyre

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expecting to do in the future or what have you. Then ask them if they can remember what
youve talked about in the trance that you did a little bit ago. Ask them, What did we talk
about today?

What did we talk about a little earlier? Now, if they can remember, dont be concerned or
worried. Its just going to take more training. The odds are by now, if you have gone and
done all the things that Ive been talking about, that they absolutely will not remember. Tell
them theyre doing fantastic. Put them back in trance and reelicit motivation to work with
you. If they can remember, reelicit motivation to work with you. Reelicit-- retie that
motivation to why it is that theyre wanting to do all this with you anyway.

Then use a smaller gradient to get them to forget easier. Like suggest they cant remember
what they had for breakfast two weeks ago then bring them out of trance and say, Try and
remember what you had for breakfast two weeks ago. By the way, the word try. It
presupposes that you cannot. So I love the word try when Im dealing with forget. Try and
remember. Just try. Give it your best shot. Try as hard as you can. And find you cant. So
now they cant remember what they had for breakfast two weeks ago and praise them and
tell them how great it is that they cant remember. That theyre absolutely learning how to
do this properly and correctly. Do a number of small gradients like this with them. Things
like, Try to remember how many pieces were in the mail box 8 days ago. Oh you cant?
Well, of course not. Thats right. So tell them first, Hey, you are not going to remember
how many pieces of mail were in the mailbox 8 days ago.

Try as you might, you cannot. You have a picture in your mind of one then you have a
picture in your mind of none then you have a picture in your mind of 4 and then of 6. But
theyre just swimming around in there and theres no clear cut answer because you simply
cannot remember. Now, each time you elicit trance, instruct the unconscious that its doing
fantastic, that it feels great. You want them constantly being bombarded with good,
supportive feelings when it doesnt remember or when you tell it not to. I highly
recommend here, and listen to me on this, dont do silly things like make them forget their
name. Now, lets talk about that.

Remember, I talked about contextually relevant. Here you are getting someone to
understand idea about trance etc. and now youre going to tell them to, lets forget their
name, or bark like a dog or quack like a chicken or duck. These are things that are
commonly associated with stupidity in trance. Now, what you might do is begin to have
them forget deeper aspects of who they are. And what you might begin to do is have them
think of other names for other groups of behaviors and beliefs that a person could decide to
have. Well talk later about why.

But just to make them forget their own name, I dont know that Id do that yet. Were really
talking about just getting them to forget and remember. So keep increasing the gradient of

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Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis Module 3

what theyre going to be forgetting. You should be able to tell them specific details about
someone you make up, for example, and tell them to forget the conversation consciously
when they awake. You should be able to tell them about something else and then tell them
to remember only that upon awakening. So youre going to start selectively causing them to
forget certain aspects of conversations.

Then bring them back and a few minutes later, ask them what they remembered. But do
bring them back-- really divert their attention away from the trance. Oh, those are nice
shoes, where did you get those? Whats that out there, whats that guy doing? I guess he got
back in his car. Things like that. Now, after they pass tests like that, keep increasing the
gradient. For example, in trance you might tell them that when they wake up, theyre to put
their car keys in their hand and then forget that they have them in their hand and that they
should look for them, worried that they cant find them and that they should continue to do
that until you find the keys for them.

Make sure they can work at about that kind of gradient before continuing because you
really want to get them good at that. And when you do, then we want to go to remembering.
So weve got them to forget selectively what you want them to forget. Now, we want to
teach them to remember. And again, here we want to start with a simple gradient. So for
example, you can tell them in trance that when you bring them out, theyre to walk outside
with you and point out a car that they like. And tell them theyll remember the make, model
and color of that car whenever you ask them for that in the future. In other words, you
want to tell them to go into a trance, tell them that when youre done youre going to go out
and do something.

You could even suggest to them that the moment they see the car, that theyre going to
select, theyll, in 2 or 3 seconds, go into a profound trance, memorize that make, model and
color of the car and be able to tell it to you anytime you want. And theyll just as quickly
come right back into full, waking, consciousness. This is really starting to increase the
gradient. So you want to then have them practice this. You want to practice them going out,
dropping into level immediately, remembering the details of what they see and be able to
come back, put them back into a trance in the office and ask them for what they saw.

Now, you could ask them to do all kinds of things. But somewhere about this time, you
should also be giving them suggestions that when they go into a deep and profound trance,
they can speak with you as if everything was normal. But its not normal. In fact, its their
unconscious mind talking with you. And it is going to just recount things. It will tell you
what happened and it will stand ready to accept your input at all times. Tell them for
example, that the only difference is that when theyre in a trance, theyll follow the
directions that you give them to the T.

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Something that I find really helpful here is I always make a big deal of putting them in a
trance and then working with them and then taking them out of trance. So theres always
trance and not trance. Really important. If you start crossing that line then there will no
longer be-- trance is when you talk them in a way that they do what theyre told, in essence
and not trance is just your regular conversation with them. So its really important that you
have trance time with them and you have out of trance time with them. Now, we can go a
little bit further.

You can test their ability to remember things they are told in trance that you tell them to
remember and you can test their ability to forget the things that you tell them to forget. So
you very quickly want to get them remembering certain details and forgetting certain
details. And you want to then go on and do the same in their life in general. Remember
certain things about their work and forget certain things about their work. Remember
certain things about their life and forget certain things about their life. You can always go
back and restore it in trance if you want.

Then move on to a bigger gradient. Tell them, for example, to go have a conversation with
their boss about something particular. To remember the conversation and report it back to
you in trance in your next session. That theyre only going to remember that you told them
to do that after entering at this profound level of trance and theyre going to tell it back to
you in that deep and profound trance. And when they come out of trance, they will forget
that they ever were told to do this or that they did it. You want to begin to get them to do
the kinds of things you tell them to do.

To go off and do it. To remember exactly what was said and done. And then to tell you
when they get in to their next trance. And to forget it when they leave trance. Amazing,
powerful stuff you can do by really working with people and conditioning them to be able
to do that. All right, next step. Hey, why not resolve some issues in their life. At this point,
man, they can go into a trance on signal. Theyre going to a very profound level. They know
how to forget. They know how to remember. They know how to use their workshop. They
know how to talk in trance, they can signal you in trance. Oh my goodness. Were talking
about a highly, highly trained trance person.

Now, resolve some issues for them in their life. Why not? You can have some fun helping
them to resolve whatever is going on in their life. Or programming them to get ahead. Using
sub modalities, for example. You could make whatever problem theyre having, a part of the
dim and distant past that no longer exist. You can make the problem seem so distant and
far away, they have no longer any impact in their day to day life. You could increase their
motivation to accomplish things. You could install obsessions to get ahead or become even
better at working with you in trance, for example. You could do this by eliciting other
things theyve had obsessions about. Elicit the sub modalities of their obsessions and then

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Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis Module 3

map it over to what you want them to have an obsession about with you. To work with you
more effectively, more profoundly, more completely. Whatever.

Now once you have trained a person like this, wow. You have a huge amount of ability and
power with this person. Let me just tell you. First of all, very few people are ever trained
this far. And theres a lot of advantages for the person that youre training like this as well.
Most likely, any issues they have in their life, you can help them with. So heres where I
want to caution you. Resist the temptation to play God or to run their life for them. Help
them solve issues that are real. If they have any past trauma or something, you could wipe
it out. Therere things you could do.

You could make them forget it. You could help them to save the learnings while wiping out
all of the emotion. Theres all kinds of things you can do and here you have the advantage of
being able to induce a profound trance. You can, at this point, could suggest most anything
and theyll carry it out. You could carefully elicit, for example, what they most want in life
and help them accomplish it. You could, for example, install principles of success deeply in
their unconscious mind. Can you see the advantage of having this kind of training? Its
pretty profound.

Now, Ill also tell you that you have a tremendous amount of control. So, if you were to let
someone train you this far, you want to initiate strong methods of protecting yourself.
Meaning, the persons thats going to tell you that the only way, for example, that you are
going to go into a trance when they tell you to is when you as well give the signal that is X.
and that you will only carry out suggestions that you feel are in your best interest. Things
like that. But basically, that person will have a lot of control with you.

And again, if traditional hypnotists were to be honest, if any hypnotist is to be honest, and
tell their potential subjects that they would have this kind of power with them, nobody
would do it. Well, very few would do it. Id do it. Bu Id put in some ideas and stuff with my
partner that Im going to have some control. But I would want to be able to remember and
forget on command. Actually, I can. Ive had work with some that I have a lot of confidence
in and theyapparently, my unconscious told them about a problem Ive had in my life that
was traumatic in some way and that my unconscious said it didnt want me to remember.

So they blanked my mind from it and to this day I dont remember. I dont have any idea but
I dont feel any bad about it either so, whatever they did was great. And thats the power of
being trained like this. Its exceptionally powerful. Now, you want to carefully and
continuously distinguish the difference between being in a trance and their need to comply
with what you tell them in trance and their waking consciousness. You can teach them that
when they go into a trance and you give a signal, a specific suggestion, that they can act like
theyre fully conscious. But with the powers of trance.

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For example, the ability to remember whats being said. To remember what they see.
Whatever you want them to do. So theyll act like theyre in full waking consciousness but
theyll have the power of the trance going on. In trance, you need to be the authority. In
their normal waking consciousness, Id recommend that you still probably should be
considered as some sort of authority. Authority plays a big issue with trance and you
should be seen as an authority.

This is a lot of material, let me tell you. And there is a lot to go through and a lot to
integrate. So heres what I really want you to begin to do. I want you to begin this training
with one person. The most important thing you can do with this material that youve just
gotten is to practice. Start practicing with it.

And the most important thing of all that Ive taught you in this lesson is setting up the
context to get more of what you want. Thats the most important. That is the life changing
thing. Thats what you can use, basically, with covert trance, with overt trance, without any
trance, although I dont even know that thats possible to not have any trance. But in any
event, you can use it anywhere and everywhere. And the better you get at it, the more
success youll have in your life.

The next thing I want you to do is choose one of your trance partners and train them
exactly as I have laid out in this lesson. So youre going to learn, if you think this is full of
stuff, and it is, youll absolutely learn even that much more just implementing this process,
just following what Ive told you to do, training a person exactly like Ive laid out here. Jump
on it and I will see you in the next module.

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