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Improvements in

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Richard Earl Cherry Jr.

Carledward Russell
History Of Basketball
Dr. James Naismith invented the game of basketball in
Springfield, MA in 1891. He invented the game to give his
students a sport to play during the winter months. With just a
soccer ball and peach baskets, the game of basketball was born.

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Brief History Lesson about the NBA
Founded in 1946
Originally the Basketball Association of America, changed to
National Basketball Association in 1949.
30 Teams in total, 2 conferences (Western and Eastern)
Boston Celtics have won the most NBA Championships with 17
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar holds the scoring record with 38,387 points
in his 20-year career.
Bill Russell has the most championships by an individual player
with 11 rings.
Phil Jackson has the most championships by a coach with 12.
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The Specifications
The game of basketball is played on a wooden basketball court (most of the
time) with a rubber ball, the goal of the game is to put the rubber ball through
a basket or hoop. The game is played with two teams of 5.

Fig. 4 Gamblers Anonymous. The Best Constructed Starting 5

in NBA,
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Improvements in uniforms

Early years of the league, basketball jerseys were tight and the shorts
were very short.
Beginning in the 1980s, the shorts were getting longer and the colors
began to be more vibrant.
In the 1990s, more jerseys began to show the logo/mascot of the team.
In the 2000s more accessories were being worn than ever before.
The latest uniform changes have been nickname and sleeved jerseys.
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Alex English with the more
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Click on the image and get the website

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ml Stephen Curry and his sleeved jersey

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Vince Carter wearing his Raptor LeBron James and his nickname
jersey with the mascot on them. jersey.
Improvements in shoes

1. Basketball shoes help prevent injuries by providing adequate ankle support.

2. High-top sneakers offer the best ankle support; these shoes should also lace up to the top to
help provide a snug fit.
3. Technology has changed the look and fit of the basketball shoe industry. Shoe makers such as
Nike have developed lighter, yet stronger shoes that provide support and breathability.

Fig 8. The History of the Converse All Star Fig. 9 Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit USA Home Basketball
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History of 3 point line

The first use of the three-point was back in 1961 in the American
Basketball League.
Even though the NBA was around since 1946, they never truly considered
implementing the three-point line.
The American Basketball Association, or ABA for short, was a new brand
of basketball; which included a three-point line.
History Of 3 point line cont.
Even when the NBA and ABA merged in 1976, the NBA stood strong
behind the no three-point line rule.
The NBA did not adopt the three point line until the 1979 season, this
would change the game forever.

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Larry Bird
Notable Three-point Shooters Stephen Curry
Ray Allen

Fig. 14 Jr,
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The NBA pointers in a season.
Won the Three Point All time leader in three point Throwback (402).
Contest 3 years in a field goals. (2,972) Jerseys That
Need to
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How the 3 point line changed the game

The Three-point line added a new aspect to the game of

basketball. When this shot is hit, the team can put up points
at a much faster pace. When you have a team full of
dependable three-point threats, your team is more of a
problem because of the ability to run up the score faster.
The ban of dunking

Dunking has never been banned in the NBA. Dunking was banned in
college ball between 1967-1976. It was thought that the ban was aimed
at Lou Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) to keep him from completely
dominating the game. In interviews, John Wooden discounted this
saying that the NCAA outlawed the dunk due to safety concerns from
players hanging on rims and breaking backboards.

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NBA Video Game Industry

The video game industry for basketball has greatly improved each year.
The first basketball video game was Basketball Invented in 1974, on
discontinued gaming system Taito.
The most successful video game series is easily the NBA 2K series.
Releasing their first game in November 1999, the series has grown in
sales each year they release a new game. The game improves drastically
from year to year, with the latest changing being the jaw-dropping
graphics in the game.

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Kobe Bryant throughout the years on NBA 2K

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More Video Games

EA Sports made college basketball video games for almost two decades
before a lawsuit came up. Former players came forward and sued EA and
the NCAA for using their likeness in the games without permission or
NBA is the first of the four major sports league to have an eLeague. The
players will be paid to play the video game professionally.
NBA Live 18 just announced they will include the entire WNBA roster in
the upcoming game, making it the first time this has been done.
Different playing styles
Basketball has five positions that are played
The point guard: controls pace, usually the best dribbler and passer on
the team.
The shooting guard is looked to score the ball, good outside shooting is
usually a trait of this position
The small forward is usually a balanced defender and scorer
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The power forward plays in the low post, usually a scorer who can score
under the basket and mid-range jump shots.
The center, usually the biggest person on the court, defensive presence
and grabs rebounds on both ends

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The change of the NBA rules


Rule changed that if a jump ball is to take place it is between the man who fouled him and
the one who is guarding him.


24 Second Shot Clock is implemented. Penalty Free Throws added after a sixth foul in the


Wilt Chamberlain a very dominate big man leads to the lane being widened from 12 to 16
Contracts in the NBA
Fig .16 Mannix, Chris. Kyrie
Stephen Curry Irving's Injury Raises Questions,
Leaves Cavs Scrambling against
Warriors., Sports
$34,682,550 Illustrated, 5 June 2015,
LeBron James s-warriors-out-for-nba-finals.
Paul Millsap
$90,000,000 Fig. 17 Aldo Svaldi | |
Gordon Hayward The Denver Post. Contracts for Denver Home
BOS Construction Slow Sharply in August. The
$29,727,900 Denver Post, 27 Sept. 2013,
Blake Griffin
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Endorsements in the NBA
Jersey Sponsors
General Electric is going green inking an estimated $7 million deal with its hometown Boston Celtics
to have one of the first corporate logos on an NBA team jersey.
The Sacramento Kings have signed with Blue Diamond Almonds while the Philadelphia 76ers are
teamed up with StubHub.
Share data science, medical equipment and lighting solutions with the team.

Fig.18 Celtics Announce GE

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