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The customer went to Toyota Bicutan Paranaque complaining about his customer that was stalled in the

middle of the street of Barangay Langgam San Pedro Laguna City last July 30, 2017. The customer
communicated the incident to his Marketing Professional thru Text Message however the Marketing
Professional didnt reply immediately hence the customer replied on the next morning. The customer
was angry and told the Marketing Professional. The customer visited the TBP Dealer and raised her
complaint to her Marketing Professional and Customer Relations staff. As per the customer the unit
overheat last July 29, 2017 on that day they were able to rectify it but last July 30, 2017 on their way
home at the customers condo, the unit suddenly stalled in the middle of the street of Barangay
Langgam San Pedro Laguna. During that same time, the customer contacted his Marketing Professional
but didnt reply, that was past 12 in the midnight as per the Marketing Professional when she received
the message coming from the customer. The customer got very angry when she was informed that the
towing services wil not be covered by their insurance and they will have to pay for the towing
amounting to 5,500 pesos. The customer was pissed and informed the CROs and Marketing Professional
that they dont want to pay for it since it wasnt their fault why their unit was stalled in the first place.
The unit was just released last July 28, 2017 and the registration of the unit was still on process at the
LTO. The customer was having a thought that the unit released to him is a recon and not a brand new
one, so to cut their worries, they contacted the LTO to verify if their unit is registered. The customer was
shocked when the LTO give them information as to the registration of their unit with Conduction Sticker
No. WB 1962/Make:Mitsukoshi/Model-/Year:2003/ last 02/24/2015. This information
were sent to the customer via 2600. Online LTO text alert. As per verification from the LTO Department,
the WB1962 is registered to a motorcycle. Furthermore the customer was verifying to LTO SMS alert
using to a Conduction Sticker Number and not a registered plate. The SMS application that is coming
from a text alert from 2600 can produce information of registered plate and not a conduction sticker
number. When details was informed to the thru our TBP LTO Liason Officer Customer didnt believed it
instead become hysterical and even said that Di kayo nahiya na pinapakain nyo sa mga pamilya nyo ay
galing sa masama. The customer went out from the VIP room and rudely came to one of our display
unit TOYOTA Vios and started to shout and demanded to open the hood of the unit, she even tapped
the unit very strong and loud that cause the Showroom to say Maam, dahan-dahan naman po, baka
masira babayaran nyo po yan the customer answer back and said babayaran ko yan when it was
opened she point all the wires connected and asked why those wire placed at the wire was with
electrical tape. The customer also demanded to open the hood of the Fortuner and saw that it was
smooth and no electrical tape was place. The customer was comparing the units. Afterwards the
customer become more hyper that leads the CROs to request the customer to sit down and calm
himself. Reception Head Mr Randy Icoy and Group Sales Manager Mr Kevin Zalsos immediately
approached and talked to the customer. They both discussed about the situation of the unit while
waiting for their unit to be towed back in the dealer. The customer takes a lunch for the meantime and
advised the dealer to be back at 1 oclock in the afternoon. When they got back to the dealer the CROs
advised the customer to sit at the tables placed at the showroom area. That time the customer was
calmed. The towing service arrived at the dealer at 5:30 in the afternoon. Service Department together
with the Technical helped to prepare the unit at the Service General Jobs area. Customer was invited at
the Service General Jobs area for them to let the Technical team personally see what causes the stalling
of the unit. As per the Technical the unit experienced a clutch

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