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This is the last Will and Testament


of 115b tideswell rd eastbourne BN21 3RH

1. I HEREBY REVOKE all former Wills and testamentary dispositions made by me under the law of
England and Wales and declare that the proper law of this my Will shall be the law of England and

2. I APPOINT my daughter DEANNA MACKIE to be the Executor and Trustee of this my Will
(hereinafter called 'My Trustees' which expression shall include the Trustee or Trustees for the time
being hereof)

3. I GIVE DEVISE AND BEQUEATH all my real and personal estate of whatsoever nature and
wheresoever situate (including any property over which I may have a general power of appointment or
disposition by Will) to my Trustees upon trust to sell call in and convert the same into money with full
power in their absolute and uncontrolled discretion to postpone such sale calling in and conversion for
so long a period as they shall think fit without being responsible for loss

4. MY TRUSTEES shall hold the net proceeds of such sale calling in and conversion together with my
ready money and any property for the time being remaining unconverted all of which are together
hereinafter referred to as 'my Residuary Estate' upon the following trusts:

(i) Upon trust to pay thereout all my just debts legacies funeral and testamentary expenses and
subject thereto

(ii) Upon trust absolutely for my daughter DEANNA MACKIE PROVIDED THAT if the trusts
declared by this sub-clause (ii) of this my Will shall fail entirely and subject thereto

(iii) Upon trust absolutely for my nephew JAY MURDOCH

5. I DECLARE that my Trustees shall have the following powers in addition to their powers under the
general law:

(i) I declare that any money liable to be or required to be invested under this my Will may be
invested in the purchase of or at interest upon the security of such stocks funds shares securities
or other investments of whatsoever nature and wheresoever situate and whether involving
liability or not upon such personal credit with or without security as my Trustees shall in their
absolute discretion think fit to the intent that my Trustees shall have the same full and
unrestrictive powers of investing and transposing investments in all respects as if they were
absolutely entitled thereto beneficially

(ii) I declare that my Trustees may at any time or times in their absolute discretion apply any part
or parts of the capital (up to the whole extent) of a share or interest in my Residuary Estate of a
beneficiary hereunder for the maintenance education advancement benefit or advantage in any
such way as my Trustees shall think fit of such beneficiary and that the restrictions under
sections 31 and 32 of the Trustee Act 1925 shall not apply

(iii) Whenever my Trustees shall determine hereinunder to apply any income or capital for the
maintenance support or benefit of any minor they may themselves apply that income or capital or
pay the same to the parent or guardian of such minor without seeing the application thereof and
without regard to the means of such parent or guardian or to the amount of any other income of
such minor

6. I DECLARE that any Trustees hereof shall have power to employ a Solicitor an Accountant or any
other person engaged in any profession business or trade in connection with the trusts hereof
including acts which a Trustee not being in any profession business or trade could have done
personally and that persons thus employed shall be entitled to be paid all of the usual professional
business and trade charges for business transacted time expended and acts done by him or an
employee or partner

7. I DECLARE that my Trustees may exercise the power of appropriation conferred by section 41 of
the Administration of Estates Act 1925 without obtaining any of the consents required by that Section
and even though he she or they may be beneficially interested in the property appropriated

8. I DIRECT that all interest dividends and other payments in the nature of income arising from my
estate and received after my death shall be treated as accruing wholly after my death and shall not be

9. I DECLARE that all income accruing wholly or partly before the date but received after the date
when a beneficiary under my Will shall attain a vested interest in income shall not be apportioned but
shall be applied as income received wholly after such attainment of a vested interest

10. I DECLARE that in any case where my Trustees have an obligation or discretion under the
provisions of my Will or under the general law to pay or apply income or capital to a minor for his or
her benefit my Trustees may discharge that obligation or exercise that discretion if they so desire by
paying the same to any parent or guardian of the minor and their respective receipts shall be a
sufficient discharge to my Trustees who shall not be obliged to see the application of the income or
capital so paid

11. I DECLARE that my Trustees shall have power to insure against loss or damage by fire or from any
other risk any property for the time being comprised in my estate to any amount and even though a
person may be absolutely entitled to the property and to pay the insurance premium out of the income
or capital of my estate or the property itself and any money received by my trustees under such a
policy shall be treated as if it were the proceeds of sale of the property insured

12. I DECLARE that my Trustees shall not be liable for any act or default of any investment manager or
nominee employed in good faith to manage or hold assets of my estate nor for any act or default of
any beneficiary having the occupation use or enjoyment of property in kind

13. I DECLARE that my Trustees may treat as income all the income from any part of my estate
whatsoever the period in respect of which it shall accrue and to disregard the Apportionment Acts
1834 and 1870 and any Acts replacing them and the rules of equity relating to the apportionments
including those known as the rules in Howe v Dartmouth and Allhusen v Whittell in all their

14. I DECLARE that any specific gift or pecuniary or general legacy made by this Will or any codicil
hereto which is expressed to be 'free of tax' shall be free from the payment of any inheritance tax or
foreign tax or duty payable on or by reason of my death to which such gift or legacy would otherwise
be subject and such inheritance tax or foreign tax or duty shall be paid out of my Residuary Estate

15. EVERY person who would otherwise benefit under this my Will but who fails to survive me for
thirty clear days shall be treated for the purposes hereof and for the purposes of the devolution of my
estate as having predeceased me and my estate and the intermediate income thereof shall devolve
accordingly to the intent that no person shall be entitled to any intermediate income from my estate or
any part of it if he or she dies within that period or acquire therein or in any part thereof a vested
interest (or a vested interest subject to defeasance) before the end of it

16. I DECLARE that the receipt of the person who professes to be the treasurer or other proper office of
a charitable body or institution benefiting under this my Will or any codicil hereto shall be a full and
sufficient discharge to my Trustees AND I FURTHER DECLARE THAT if any institution society or
body of persons (incorporated or unincorporated) which is intended to be benefited by any gift made
by me herein or in any codicil hereto shall be found never to have existed or to have ceased to exist or
to have been amalgamated with another institution society or body of persons or changed its name or
constitution before my death the benefit intended to be given under such gift shall be paid transferred
or applied to such charitable institutions societies or bodies of persons established in the United
Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or for such charitable purposes in the said United
Kingdom and if more than one in such shares as my trustees in their absolute discretion think fit and I
express the wish without imposing any trust or obligation that in carrying out the foregoing trust my
trustees should seek to benefit a charity or charities as close as possible in purpose to those of the
institution society or body of persons intended to be benefited by my said original gift

17. I DECLARE THAT section 33 of the Wills Act 1837 shall not apply to the provisions of this my

18. I DECLARE that if any share or shares in my Residuary Estate shall fail or determine then from the
date of such failure or determination such share or shares shall accrue and be added to the share or
shares in my Residuary Estate (if more than one in the proportion which such other shares bear to one
another) which shall not have failed or determined at the date of my death and be held subject to the
same provisions and conditions as those affecting such other share or shares

19. I DESIRE that my body be cremated and the expense thereof shall be a first charge on my estate

IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand



Signed by the above Testatrix FAY ELIZABETH JENNINGS as and for her last Will and Testament in
the presence of us both present at the same time together who then at her request in her presence and in
the presence of each other hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses

Signed (Witness 1): Signed (Witness 2):


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