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2017 Teen Leadership Summit 5, June 2017

Blind Drawing Activity

Facilitated by: Anna and Midge

Time: 35 minutes total

- Writing/drawing materials
- Paper/note cards
- Illustrator (draws the image)
- Interpreter (explains the image to the Illustrator)

Drawing Directions:
The goal of this activity is to draw a replication of an image by listening to a verbal description
of it. (Time: 25 minutes)
Each group will select one person to be the illustrator. The illustrators job is to draw what their
group members describe to them.
- They may look at their own work, but will not look at the given image.
- The illustrator may not ask questions about what the image is.

The other members of the group will act as interpreters. They will be given a simple picture,
which they must describe to the illustrator.
- They may look at the given image, but not at what the illustrator has drawn.
- Every person may only describe one aspect of the image at a time.
- No one person may explain the whole image, and the image cannot be
explained as a whole. For example, A person may say There is a large
triangle on top of a rectangle of equal width but may not say, There is a
house with a triangle roof

Groups will have five minutes per image, which will be monitored by the facilitators. After the
five minutes groups will rotate, changing roles and choosing a new illustrator every time. No
person should be the illustrator more than once.

Rotation/role changes will happen three times. Following the activity, all group members may
see all images (both the given images and the illustrators recreations). A discussion will follow.

Post Activity Discussion Prompts:

The goal of this discussion is to discuss and understand the challenges of working as an
individual/as a group and also to make connections between working through challenges in a
simulation and in real life. (Time: 10 minutes)

- Did you have any individual challenges?

- How did your individual struggles affect the dynamic/success of the group?
- What were challenges you faced as a group?
- How did your group work together to overcome those challenges?
- How can you use similar tactics to overcome real world challenges?
- Did an individual leader emerge?
- How does this activity represent challenges that are faced in the real world?