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NR Electric Co., Ltd.

Unified Power Flow Solution

The UPFC uses solid state devices, which provide functional

flexibility, generally not attainable by conventional thyristor
controlled systems. The UPFC is a combination of a static
synchronous compensator (STATCOM) and a static synchronous
series compensator (SSSC) coupled via a common DC voltage
link. The main advantage of the UPFC is to control the active and
reactive power flows in the transmission line. The UPFC allows
a secondary but important function such as stability control to
suppress power system oscillations improving the transient
stability of power system.

NR adopts advanced MMC structure based on IGBT components,

through connecting in series the switching devices at a lower
voltage level to realize power regulation at a high voltage level.
The shunt-connected converter regulates the voltage at the
bus, while the series-connected converter regulates active and
reactive power or active power and the voltage at the series-
connected node. NR UPFC integrates the active and reactive
power regulation in a four quadrant converter to maximize the
solution benefits.

NR also configures UPFC well with complete protection function.

Basic UPFC control function:
The following connection illustrates protection signals for each
a. voltage regulation
equipment in UPFC solution.
b. series compensation
c. phase angle regulation
d. multi-function power flow control

NR has fully owned state-of-art UPFC solution in MMC converter.

This UPFC gives the following benefits.
Power flow control in flexible way
Cost saving in transmission corridors
Damping power grid to improve its stability limit
Emergent power support to avoid large-area load shedding
Reduction in ring current to achieve optimal flow distribution

69 Suyuan Avenue, Jiangning

Nanjing 211102, China
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Unified Power Flow Solution

Nanjing Western-Ring Grid powers many important loads with

uneven distributed networks, which can be the bottleneck
of power supply for current and future perspective. However,
UPFC solution has been accepted to make the power flow in
this grid to be more flexible and controllable, with adjustable
capability at key crossing sections in the range of (300 400)
MW in different developing phases. This solution can save up
to 800 Million dollars of building new power cable tunnels in city
center, after its gets into service.

One UPFC was successfully commissioned in 220kV Nanjing

Western-Ring Grid on Dec. 11th, 2015. NR Electric has been
awarded this UPFC project and supplied all the facilities for this
solution. It covers UPFC control & protection, IGBT valve, thyristor NR Electric has become one of the few manufactures in the
bypass switch, water cooling system, high speed measurement, world with full intelligent property right and leading technology
etc. This successful commissioning marks that NR Electric has in UPFC field. Moreover, NR Electric is the first manufacture of
completely owned the capability of supplying and manufacturing MMC based UPFC in the world.
UPFC as a total solution.

69 Suyuan Avenue, Jiangning

Nanjing 211102, China
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