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w ere you talking

Why to John when I saw you at the cafeteria yesterday? (YOU TALK)
has been sleeping
2. You can wake him up now. He for over three hours (SLEEP)
does your dad
3. What for a living? (YOUR DAD, DO)
w ill get
4. We married next Tuesday (GET)
had taken
5. Before Mr Green went to bed, he his sleeping pills (TAKE)
had already eaten
6. They everything by the time we arrived at the restaurant (ALREADY EAT)
w ill have
7. I think I another drink. Can you get me one? (HAVE)
w as w atchin
8. I a scary movie when suddenly my mobile phone rang (WATCH)
w ork am going
9. I usually as a secretary but this summer I to America to study art (WORK, GO)
alw ays rains
10. I hate living in Seattle because it there (ALWAYS RAIN)

11. The doctor said that Tom too sick to go to work (BE)
have you been w orkin
12. You look great! - out at a fitness centre lately (YOU WORK) ?
13. Sam in San Diego last week (ARRIVE)
has becam
14. In the last hundred years travelling much easier (BECOME)
had prepared
15. When I arrived home last night I saw that Jane a wonderful dinner (PREPARE)
loves goes
16. Sharon to travel. She abroad almost every summer (LOVE, GO)
had had
17. We a car for ten years before it broke down (HAVE)
w as doing w as helping
18. While my sister in her room I mother with the dishes (READ, HELP)
has talked
19. She to several doctors about the problem but nobody can help her (TALK)
w ill come w ill give
20. We to America the week after Easter. We you a call as soon as we arrive (COME, GIVE)

had never had
Bob is having a driving lesson. He one before (NEVER HAVE)
has just been
2. The road is closed. There an accident (JUST BE).
has been raining
3. It for two hours and there is no sign that it will stop (RAIN)
w ill still do
4. Do you think you the job in ten years time (STILL DO)
5. Most babies to speak when they are two years old (LEARN)
w asn't had just gone
6. When Sarah arrived at the party Bob (NOT BE) there. He home. (JUST GO)
had been
7. When Ken gave up smoking two years ago, he a smoker for over 30 years. (BE)
have not seen saw w as looking
8. I Alan for ages (NOT SEE) The last time I him he for a job (SEE, LOOK)
w ill be stay
9. If you need to contact me I at the Hilton Hotel until 5 p.m. on Friday (STAY)
haven't seen
10. I my uncle since I came to town (NOT SEE)

11. The train to Liverpool at 5.46 from Platform 1. (LEAVE)
is painting
12. Mr Taylor the house at the moment. (PAINT)
do you think
13. What about our new English teacher? I think hes a nice guy (YOU THINK)
did not study am not study/ am
14. I last night and I tonight either (NOT STUDY, NOT STUDY)
w orks goes
15. He usually at the restaurant after school. After work he to the fitness centre twice a week
had played
16. She went to play tennis after she her cheese sandwich (FINISH)
17. I turned the lights on when I a strange noise (HEAR)
haven't received
18. We any news from Jack yet this week (NOT RECEIVE)
has w riten is w orking
19. My dad many novels. At the moment he on a new spy novel (WRITE, WORK)
have ever been
20. Its the first time I to England (EVER BE)

have loved have never had

Ever since I was a child I (LOVE) piano music, though until recently I (NEVER HAVE) the chance
to play myself. A few months ago I (START) having lessons at the adult education college in my town. It was hard at
am making
first, but Sarah, my teacher says that now I (MAKE) good progress.

w ork have bee

Im a computer programmer and usually (WORK) long hours, so I don't have much spare time. I (PRACTICE)
several times a week, but unfortunately the piano (BELONG) to my neighbours, so I only play when it's convenient for
am thinking like
them. Now I (THINK)about buying my own piano, so that I can play whenever I (LIKE).

Every year there's a concert at the college, and some of the music students are asked to perform. For three weeks
have been practicing
I (PRACTICE) a piece by Shostakovich, and I hope I'll be good enough to play it in the next concert.

have not decided depends

Sarah suggested that I take a piano exam next year but I (NOT DECIDE) yet. It (DEPEND) on
whether I can afford to buy a piano myself.

have already read

1. Do you like reading? - Yes , I ten books this year (ALREADY READ).
parked rushed
2. A few days ago Dad his car in front of a No Parking sign and into the shop. When
came w ondered had stollen
he out ten minutes later the car was no longer there. He if someone it or
had driven
if the police it away. (PARK, RUSH, COME, WONDER, STEAL, DRIVE)
has been w riting
3. For the last two years he a history of the American Civil War.(WRITE)
4. You look very upset. - What ? (HAPPEN).
had already started
5. When we arrived at the stadium, the match (ALREADY START)
w ere playing had been playing
6. When we went to see them last night they cars. They said they cards since six
o'clock.(PLAY, PLAY)
had w as really enjoying
7. I am so sorry that I to leave the party so early yesterday because I myself
is knocking are you going to answ ering w ill go
8. Can't you hear? - Someone at the door . - it? - No, I in a
have just stepped
minute. - I out of the bath (KNOCK, YOU ANSWER, GO, JUST STEP).
w ere playing hid
9. The boys cards when they heard their father's steps. At once, they the cards
and out their workbooks (PLAY, HIDE, TAKE)

are alw ays com

10. These workers are never satisfied . They (ALWAYS COMPLAIN)
do you believe don't believe do you read
11. everything that the newspapers say? - No, I any of it. - Then why
newspapers at all? (YOU BELIEVE, NOT BELIEVE, YOU READ)
opened leapt
12. The train just started when the door and two passengers in (OPEN, LEAP)
Do you hear is blow ing
13. the wind? - It very strongly tonight (YOU HEAR, BLOW)
doesn't bake is baking w ill arrive
14. My aunt normally any cakes but today she one because her sister
rises sets
15. The sun in the east and in the west (RISE, SET).
w ere doing
16. I went into the garden to see what the boys (DO).
did you talk w as
17. Who to when I came in ? - Oh , I on the phone with my landlord . (YOU TALK, BE)
w ill get
18. I the results tomorrow morning (GET)
didn't find didn't know w as doing
19. I went into Jack's house but I him anywhere. His mother what he at that
had been w aiting
20. We for a full hour when the train finally arrived. (WAIT)

have you been have been driving

1. How long driving? - I for over five years . (YOU DRIVE, DRIVE)

left cut have w orn

2. When I school I my hair and it short ever since. (LEAVE, CUT, WEAR)

w as looking
3. When I through your books I noticed that you have a copy of Murder in the Cathedral. (LOOK)

are looking is taking

4. The plane that you at now off for Paris (LOOK, JUST TAKE)

are having
5. Tom and James a conversation. Please , don't disturb them !(HAVE)
w as w aterin started
6. He the flowers when it to rain (WATER, START).

have you ever been spent

7. here? - Yes, I my holidays here last year. Did you have a nice time? - No ,

it all the time. (YOU EVER BE, SPEND, RAIN)

lost has been

8. Jack his job last year and out of work since then (LOSE, BE)

are smoking
9. Your fingers are brown. You too much. (BE, SMOKE)

w ere you doing w as cleaning

10. What between 9 and 12 yesterday ? I the house. (YOU DO, CLEAN)

11. Housewives to work very hard (HAVE).

dropped forgot
12. I began English at a secondary school. Then I it for a year and most of it. After that

spent have been studying

I two years in Cambridge and for the last six months I in London. (DROP,


w as looking came
13. Her boss up to her when she in. "You have been late every morning this week", he said


play have been playing

14. In the evenings I often chess with my next door neighbour. I chess with him ever

came inherited
since I to live here ten years ago. He has been here all his life. He this house from his

father, another great chess player (PLAY, PLAY, COME, INHERIT)

w as
15. If I a ghost I would try to frighten people (BE).

w iil not be rain

16. I hope it when we leave church (NOT RAIN).

have phoned
17. Since you gave me your number I you four times. (PHONE)

have you ever me

18. our president ? (YOU EVER MEET)

had been doing

19. John came in with a very dirty face and I wondered what he (DO).

had been living

20. They in Liverpool for ten years when I first met them (LIVE).
have know n
1. I that for years. (KNOW)
Have you seen have been looking haven't found
2. my brother? - I for him for some time now but I him yet. ( YOU
w ill get/are g
3. You a motorcycle one day, just wait (GET)
4. He was very poor when he (DIE).
have been hasn't rained
5. We here for six weeks and it yet (BE, NOT RAIN)
6. The accident three days ago (HAPPEN)
haven't w orked must w ork
7. I any work yet, so I tonight. (NOT WORK, MUST WORK)
doesn't live? moved
8. Mr Smith here any more? - No, he a year ago (NOT LIVE, MOVE)
came w ere did you see
9. Mary yesterday evening. You still up. her? (COME, BE, YOU SEE)
w ill you come
10. to the dance with us ? - Everybody you know will be there. (YOU COME)

11. He usually football on Saturday nights. (PLAY)
got had been stu
12. Joe a degree in 1977 after he at the university for over 5 years. (GET, STUDY)
has been hasn't played
13. My uncle interested in football for many years, but he since his time in high school
have you ever tried
14. a good English roast beef sandwich? (YOU EVER TRY)
is playing
15. Listen! - Our neighbour the piano (PLAY).
have just finished
16. I can go now. I my work (JUST FINISH).
have been kn
17. They each other for only three weeks but they want to get married next Saturday. (KNOW)
did you get got
18. How that scar? - I it in a car accident a year ago. (YOU GET, GET)

has been w ill get

It very cold this year. I wonder when it warmer (BE, GET).
flew did you see
I over Loch Ness last week. - the Loch Ness monster ? (FLY, YOU SEE)
did you w ear w anted
your hair long when you were at school ? Yes, my mother it like that.
aw oke w as sitting w as looking
When he she by the window. She at something in the street, but
called turned? smiled?
when he her she and at him.(AWAKE, SIT, LOOK, CALL, TURN,
w as traveling began
She said that the car at 40 m.p.h. when it to skid.(TRAVEL, BEGIN)
are you w alking w alk
Why so fast today ? You usually quite slowly. (YOU WALK, WALK)
makes do you think
This car a very strange noise. it is all right ? (MAKE, YOU THINK)
has been snow in doesn't stop
It for three days now. The roads will be blocked if it
had w ritten
He ten letters before breakfast.(WRITE)
have you seen haven't seen
my friend Cyril lately ?(YOU SEE) - N o, I
him for more than a week.(NOT SEE)
How long have you been waiting ?(YOU WAIT)
lost w as visitin
He his watch while he the sights of the city.(LOSE, visit)
w as liv w as w orking
A few years ago he in Germany where he as a journalist. (LIVE, WORK)
have just came rang
I down the stairs when my friend the door bell. (JUST COME, RING)
w as preparing
My mother fish when the doctor arrived. (PREPARE)

have alw ays ha
I ( always have) trouble with by engine these days.
w ould try
2. If I were a ghost I ( try) to frighten all the people I dislike.
had know
3. He ( know) her for a long time before he finally got married to her.
w ill not be
4. I hope it ( not rain) when we leave church.
have phone haven't found
5. Since you gave me your number I ( phone) you four times and ( not find) you at home.
have you ever me
6. ( you , ever meet) our president ?
7. It ( take) a long time for man to learn to make tools and weapons.
had been doing
8. John came in with a very dirty face and I wondered what he ( do).
had been living
9. They ( live) in Liverpool for ten years when I first met them.

hurry w on't be
1. Come on! If you (hurry) up then we (not/be) late.

had hurried w ould not have been

2. If you (hurry) up then we (not/be) late. But, no, you just did not want
to move!

could w ould fly

3. If I (can) fly, I (fly) far, far away.

come means
4. If blackbirds (come) back early in spring, it (mean) that the summer will be cool.

w ould get didn't ask

5. I (get) there on time if my teacher (not/ask) me to clean the classroom
after the lesson was over.
put catch
6. Unless I (put) on woolen socks in winters, I always (catch) a cold.

add w on't be
7. If you (add) any more sugar into your tea, it (not/be) fit to drink at all.

am buy
8. When I (be) hungry, I usually (buy) a bun.

w ants can
9. If a person (want) to lose some weight, then he or she (can) take up sport.

w ill be know s
10. My mother (be) angry with me if she (know) that I smoke, luckily, she does not
know it.

buy w ill spend

11. If we (buy) the champagne now we (spend) all our money.

buy w ill spend

12. If we (buy) that champagne then we (spend) all our money.

loves w ill never harm

13. If a person (love) animals, then he or she (never/harm) them.

w ill get w on't tell

14. The students (get) themselves into trouble if they (not/tell) the teacher
about stealing the test last week.

w ill tell come

15. She (tell) you as soon as you (come), so hurry up!

w ould be knew
16. The answer (be) easy if I (know) where to search for information. Luckily
Jenny told me in the end.

w ill be know
17. The answer (be) easy if I (know) where to search for information. But I really do not

w ill have
1. If we meet at 9:30, we (to have) plenty of time.
2. Lisa would find the milk if she (to look) in the fridge.
had fed
3. The zookeeper would have punished her with a fine if she (to feed) the animals.
w ould understan
4. If you spoke louder, your classmates (to understand) you.
w ould arrive
5. Dan (to arrive) safe if he drove slowly.
w ould had had
6. You (to have) no trouble at school if you had done your homework.
sw im
7. If you (to swim) in this lake, you'll shiver from cold.
8. The door will unlock if you (to press) the green button.
had asked
9. If Mel (to ask) her teacher, he'd have answered her questions.
w ould call
10. I (to call) the office if I was/were you.

1. I would not prepare dinner, unless you (insist)
gets could
2. If Isabel (get up) at 6.00 am., she (can) do everything she wants.
travel bring
3. If you ( travel) to England, a dictionary, please (bring)
knew w ould call
4. If I (know) Lynn's telephone number in Manchester, I (call) her when I
was there last month.
w ill be invite
5. Your friends (be) very pleased if you (invite) them for lunch.
stopped w ould have
6. If Eduardo (stop) saying nasty things, he (have) more friends.
had b w ould have got
7. If Jane (be) nicer in the school she (have) more friends.
ate w ould be
8. "Raquel, (eat) like that and you (get) very fat.
9. I would not prepare dinner, unless you .(insist)
10. Should you have problems to start the car, me.(call)
be drank
11. It could (be) great fun, if someone (drink)so much.
w ill do can
12. I (do) it, if I (can)

w ill miss
1. If John does not leave now he (MISS) his train.
w ould not help
2. She (NOT HELP) me if I was in trouble.
had been
3. If he (BE) more careful he wouldn't have got caught.
w ould have made
4. They (MAKE) up a lie if they had thought it would help me.
didn't feed
5. Your dog would not be so fat if you (NOT FEED) it so often.
6. If the weather (BE) fine tomorrow we will go to the beach.
w ould w orr
7. She (WORRY) if I told her the truth.
8. If I (HAVE) to hold a speech I would be pretty nervous.
w ould have mad
9. If the trip hadn't been so expensive I (MAKE) a reservation.
w ill invite
10. I (INVITE) you to a drink if I pass my English test.
don't tell
11. He will be really disappointed if you (NOT TELL) him the truth.
w ould you have lent
12. If you had had the money (YOU LEND) it to me ?
w ould have brought
1 He almost fell from the balcony. I'm sure that if he had fallen, he (break) his leg or something.

w ill be
2 If I leave now, I (be) home in two hours.

3 If you (like) , I'll lend you my car for two days.

w ould run
4 If we increased the price, we (run) the risk of pricing ourselves out of the market.

had asked
5 If you (ask) your boss, I'm sure he would have considered your proposal.

w ill make
6 The radio is broken. When you turn it on, it (make) a strange noise.

w ere
7 I'd set them the task if they (be) more reliable. However, I don't think they're capable of doing it.

w ould have taken

8 If I had known how long the journey was, I (take) something else to read with me.

don't manage
9 If you (not/manage) to finish the catalogue on time, we'll have to postpone the printing until next month.

might have not been

10 The accident (might/not/be) so bad if you'd been driving more slowly.

Speakspeak | Upper-intermediate grammar exercise: first, second and third conditionals

Upper-intermediate grammar exercise: first, second and third conditionals

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English grammar practice exercise, upper-intermediate / advanced level.

In this exercise you will practise the first, second and third conditionals.

Exercise instructions
Decide which conditional is best for the following sentences and put the words in brackets into the correct form.

check | reset | answers

1That was a bad decision. If I (be) you, I would change it as soon as possible.
would not it be
2Sunshine at last! Imagine if the English weather was like this all the time. (it/not/be) wonderful?
3He's usually pleasant, but when he's tired he (be) pretty short-tempered. That's the way he is.
were not be
4 If you (not/be) so stubborn you would find it a lot easier to keep your friends.
had had
5Sorry I didn't call you and tell you I wasn't coming. I would have called you if I (have) your number with me.
is not
6He says that if he (not/be) so busy he would go with you to the movie tomorrow. As it is, he simply has too much work to

will miss
7We (miss) the bus unless you hurry.
8 If only I (have) more free time. All the things I would do. All I ever do is work.

have tell
1. If you (have) anything to say to me, please (tell) me quick.
w ould have aske had given
2. I (ask) for another set if you (give) me the money.(type 3)
Should call
3. children start bothering you, please (call) the teacher.(use'should')
drive w ill have
4. (drive) faster and you (have) an accident.
knew w ould not join
5. If I (know) what was going to happen, I (not join) the club.
is w ill marry
6. If he (be) on his knees today, maybe I (marry) him.
7. You pista(can) to pass your driving test, provided that you (keep) calm.
w ould do found
8.What you (do) if you (find) a bag containing a lot of money ?
w ill tell don't tell
9. I (tell) you on conditon that you (not tell) anybody.
w ould happen didn't turn
10. Something horrible ( happen)if I (not turn) off the gas