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Session 19: Fixations and the

Formula for Releasing Them

Were turning a corner in the program. You now know who you are, but where do
you go from here? You know where you are fixated, but do you know how to
release the grip of control that fixation has over you?

In this session, youll learn how to remove the trap for each type so you can be free
in your essence state.

Key Points:
1. We start in a state of innocence and freedom as children. But to survive in the social matrix,
we have to put on armor a personality. As we put on the armor, we start to identify with it,
and we forget our essence state. We get more fixated and trapped in our personality.
2. The solution is to go back to the essence state: by developing your head, heart and
movement centers.
3. We also need to break the physical postures that tie us to certain thinking patterns.
4. You need a teacher or a school to wake you up! When you know what your fixation is, and
see the mechanical nature of your responses and your denial, then you can choose to do
something about it.
5. The goal is to break the fixation so that any time you can move to any of the nine points
based on what is appropriate for that situation. We are free to respond appropriately, rather
than mechanical responses.
6. Do not identify permanently with your type these are patterns of behavior but they are
NOT you.
7. Fixation by type are:
1s - Perfection, and theyre always disappointed in themselves and others.
2s - Freedom is the trap, but they are fighting that tendency to be free of social approval
and disapproval.
3s - Efficiency, they continually try to figure out more rapid ways of achieving goals.
4s -Authenticity, the ideal world or mate is just around the corner, so they arent satisfied
with the world as it is.
5s They stand on the outside and observe.
6s - Security, prudence, life is always threatening and they are always seeking protection
against impending disaster.
7s - Idealism they manipulate the present to try and get the ideal future.
8s They seek revenge in an unjust world.
9s - They look outside themselves to the solutions for problems, running from guru to guru.

8. To change the situation, we need to change our perspectives and re-frame the world. We
need to look inside and get in touch with our conscience.
9. Remove the trap for each type with these ideals:
1s Divine perfection. Earth is already perfect, and look inside and realize you are ok.
2s Holy freedom or divine will, and release from the approval of others. The admiration of
the world or other people doesnt matter, how you love yourself does.
3s Divine balance, realize the functioning of the cosmos goes on, takes care of itself, and
creates a much bigger and better picture than you could. Youve got to let go of attachment
to results.
4s Divine origin, realize what is real, is now and is perfect. Everything comes from holy
origin and is ok the way it is. You dont need to build another world.
5s Divine essence, step in to life and realize its essence.
6s Get out of fear. Instead focus inside yourself and find the part of you that is limitless and
survives no matter what is going on outside.
7s Divine wisdom. The world was created intentionally, and who are you to critique it? Life
involves both pleasure and pain. Pain leads to understanding. Stop trying to avoid it.
8s Divine justice. The cosmic laws satisfy themselves. Leave justice to God.
9s Divine love lets you know you are loving and truly lovable.
10.You cant put something out of your mind. You can only put something else in.
11. The best way to solve a problem is to dissolve a problem cancel it with something positive.
12.You have to realize this is something you have control over it, and in order to do something
about it, you have to change your perspective.