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First Periodical Examination in English 8 August 17, 2017

Name: _____________________________________________________ Score: ________

Direction: Underline the word that is spelled CORRECTLY.
1. vigour vigor vigor
2. enthusiasm entusiasm inthusiasm
3. courage courrage courage
4. dispair despair dispeer
5. infinite enfinite infinnite
6. appetite apetite appitite
7. crimson cremson creamson
8. papermint pipperment peppermint
9. sidewalk sidewok sidewalkk
10. holliday holiday haliday


Direction: Read the sentences carefully and write TRUE if the statement is true and FALSE if the
sentence is false.
______________ 1. A word may be stressed to emphasize a specific idea.
______________ 2. There are three basic elements of spoken language.
______________ 3. A stressed syllable is usually said louder than the other syllables.
______________ 4. Incorrect intonation can result in misunderstandings, speakers losing interest, or even
taking offense.
______________ 5. Questions that start with WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE have a falling intonation.
______________ 6. Stress, intonation, and pause are basic elements of spoken language that serve as
carriers of meaning.
______________ 7. A stressed syllable usually has a lower pitch than the other syllables.
______________ 8Intonation refers to the way the pitch of a speaker's voice rises or falls
. ______________ 9. When sharing information of knowledge we use the falling intonation.
______________ 10. A pause in speaking means a full stop.
TEST III. Multiple Choice
Direction: Encircle the letter of the correct answer.
1. What is the setting of the story The Soul of the Great Bell?
A. nearly five hundred years ago, in America C. nearly five hundred years ago, in China
B. nearly five hundred years ago, in England D. nearly five hundred years ago, in Korea
2. How did the story ended?
A. Ko-Ngai and his father lived happily. C. Ko-Ngai sacrificed herself for the great bell.
B. Kouan-Yu sacrificed himself for the great bell.
4. Why did Ko-Ngai ended up sacrificing herself for the bell?
A. Because she wanted to. C. Because she loves diving.
B. Because she didn't want her father to die. D. Because she felt that nobody loves her.
5. According to the astrologer what does it need for the metals to be mixed?
A. flesh of a maiden B. blood of a maiden
C. flesh and blood of a maiden D. shoe of a maiden
6. How many times did Kouan-Lu and his workers tried before they finally perfected the bell?
A. 3 B. 2 C. 1 D. 4
7. The story is an example of
A. fiction B. non-fiction
8. What is the theme of the story?
A. A person is a good substance in making bells. C. Love is sacrifice.
B. Jumping off of a boiling pot. D. Leaving your shoe will help you to be remembered.
9. In the poem I am an African Child, the speaker:
A. expresses his belief in himself. B. boasts of his talents C. begs for help from others
10. Which among the following lines is NOT found in the poem I am an African Child ?
A. Teach me discipline. B. I can be extra-ordinary. C. Give me the gift of a wealth.
11. In the stanza below, the speaker:
Do not hide my fault, show me my wrong, I am like any other, Teach me to dream, And I will become
A. admits that he is imperfect and has a teachable heart.
B. admits that he can do anything he wants.
C. admits that he is capable of learning everything.
12. Overall, what the attitude of the speaker in the poem I am an African Child?
A. humble B. confident C. brave
13.In The Story of the Aged Mother What was the cruel proclamation that was sent out by the governor?
A. All women should be put in death after giving birth C. All men should be killed before twenty years old.
B. All aged people should be put in death immediately D. All new born babies should be killed.
14.What was the feeling of the son when he brought his mother onto the top of the mountain?
A. Happy B. Angry C. Blissful D. Painful
15. What is the name of the mountain?
A. Obutsuyema B. Obatsuyama C. Obetsiyama D. Obotsayama
16. When did they arrive at the mountain top?
A. Morning B. Noon time C. Afternoon D. Night
17. What did the mother worry about?
A. Her son would kill her C. Her son could not find his way home
B. She could not survive on the mountain D. Her son could not survive alone
18. Did the young man obey the strange rule?
A. Yes, because he was afraid of the governor C. Yes, because he didnt like his mother
B. No, because he loved his mother D. No, because there was someone stopped him
19. Why did the young man felt the burden was very light on his way back home?
A. Because a big part had been thrown C. Because the mother had been left on the mountain top
B. Because he didnt obey the rule D. Because he still had his mother with him
20. Who helped the young man overcame the challenge given by the governor?
A. His friends C. A beautiful and wise lady from the neighbour village
B. His mother D. His father

God bless you!

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The
more that you learn, the more places you'll go.
Dr. Seuss