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A Philosophical Approach:=

A DREAM is an Accident [Ard:] which Subsisteth and Existeth in the Essence and in the Substance of a
Rational Suppositum [ Person] while the Rational Suppositum is Sleeping.

A dream is not an Abstraction [Intiza:] but an Accident and therefore requires a Substratum of Essence
or Substance of a Rational Supposita [Persons].

General definition.

It is a series of Images seen by a Rational Essence or by a Rational Substance while the Rational
Essence/Substance is Sleeping defying the Laws of Optical Act of Seeing.

There are some more approaches to the nature of Dreams like Psychological Approach , Neurological
Approach etc.

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But these are beyond the scope of the present discussions.


A dream is an Accident in form of images which are visualized by a Rational

Suppositum/Essence/Substance .

It may be in a type of a horror story or quite irregular in events.

Religious Approach.

According to religion there are three types of dreams.

1] Dreams from Divine Essence. [Good Dreams].

2] Dreams from Satan [Bad Dreams].

3] Dreams from the Mind of the Dreamer .

Religious Laws and Dreams.

Religious Laws are not applicable to the Dreams. For example if a person dreams that he has murdered
an other person , the person can not be declared as a Murderer in the Real Life.

Similarly if a Person declares that he has seen a dream that he is committing an Act of Kufr [Infidelity]
the person can not be declared as a Ka:fir [Infidel] on the basis of the Dream which he has seen.

Holiness and Unholiness of a dream.

A deam is an Accident that is the Images of Dreams are Just accidents they can not be termed as Unholy
since Holiness and Unholiness are Themselves Accidents and in general it is accepted by the Majority of
Philosphers, Theologians, Dialectics and Excogitaters that An Accident cannot be sustained in an other
Accident. So if Goodness or Badness of a Dream subsists it does not subsist in the Dream but in the
Essence or Substance of the Rational Suppositum [Person] Which Dreams.

So the very Self of a Dream is neither Good nor Bad. How ever Accidents are Imperfect in their Nature ,
and the Nature of an Accident is the Self of an Accident. The difference between Imperfect and Bad,
Imperfect and Evil and Perfect and Good must be kept in mind. A good thing may be imperfect. For
Example eating good things is neither Bad nor Evil but it is a kind of Imperfection and Defect [ Naqs:].

Sexual Activity as according to the religion with the espouse is neither Evil nor Bad but Good ,yet an

imperfection. Similarly Begetting and Conceiving are neither Bad nor Evil Acts but are Imperfections.(1)

Dreams and Divine Essence

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A Dream is an Accidents and all Accidents are Imperfections, Defects and all defects are Per Se Absurd

Upon Divine Essence so Dream are Muh:a:l Bidh: Dh:a:t [Per Se Absurd] Upon Divine Essence. (2)

Similarly a the accident of Sleeping is also Imperfection and Defect and is Per Se Absurd Upon Divine

Interpretations of Dreams and Isla:m.

Isla:m declareth all sort of Divination as Astrology (3), Palmistry, Jufr (4), R-m-l , Ilm Al Ada:d /

Numerology (5), R-M-L (6) as UnIsla:mic . But it recogniseth Science of Interpretation of Dreams.
Although the Interpretations made are only Probable [Z:anni] after the Holy Prophet and no Laws of
Interpretation [Tbi:r] are conveyed from Ah:adi:th: of first and second categories yet one may base his
interpretations on the rules made by conjectures or experiences or else.

Vision of Holy Prophet In Dreams.

It is reported that Satan [Saita:n] cannot incarnate in form of Holy Prophet. This tradition is correct and
has involved Scholars in several debates.

Majority opines that if a person dreams that a person is claiming that he is the Holy Prophet then the
person appearing in the dream is certainly the Holy Prophet or if some one sees a person and in the
dream recognizes him in the dream or while dreaming then the visualized person is the Holy Prophet as
accpording to the H:adi:th: .

But some excogitaters [ Researchers/Muh:aqqiqu:n] do make some objection to the view of Majority.

They say that this tradition is:=

1] Particular to those S:ah:abah RD: who have seen Holy Prophet by Physical Eyes in the Real Life, since
only they can be certain whether the face of a person visualized in a dream is that of The Holy Prophet
or not.

2] The tradition says that Satan [Shait:a:n] cannot incarnate in the likeness of Holy Prophet but the
tradition is absolutely silent on the issue whether Satan can claim to be a Holy Prophet when the Satan
is not in the exact likeness of Holy Prophet.

3] There are some cases when a person dreams a claimant in DREAM THAT HE IS THE Holy Prophet yet
he does not satisfy the Correct Reports about the Character of Holy Prophet or physical features of the
Holy Prophets.

4] In some case some acts or sentences ascribed to the person who is claimant to be the Holy Prophet
are against the Infallibility and Innocence of the Holy Prophet.

There may be some more reasons but these are the major ones.

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In any case we do not make a judgement between the two groups of scholars.

But there are two different opinions.

Our opinion is that unless and otherwise there are evidences that the image of person visualized in a
dream is not according to the standard of Holy Prophet it is most probable that the person his the Holy
Prophet himself. Although it is neither certain nor almost certain BUT Most Probable. This is a safe path
between the two extreme Sunnite views.

Acts in Dream and their Interpretations.

An Interpretation of a Dream based upon some Principle and Rules which are themselves at most
probable may be incorrect or correct. It may be the case that an interpretation of a Dream made by an
expert interpreter may be correct or incorrect, right or wrong, true or false. So it is impossible to decide
any thing with certainty.

How ever in the time of Holy Prophet one of the best Interpreter [Interpretist] of dream in the Ummah
Saiyiduna: Abu Bakr made an Interpretation of a Dream and Holy Prophet informed him that there are
some errors in his Interpretation.

How ever the Holy Prophet did not Identify the errors. It was because that Holy Prophet was not
revealed about the individual errors of the interpretation but was just revealed that there are some
Errors in the interpretation made by Saiyiduna: Abu: Bakr RD: , WITH OUT THEIR IDENTIFICATION .
Otherwise it must necessary be the case to convey what was aspired and
revealed [Vah:y].

Dreams and Evil Acts in Dreams.

An Evil act may be of a lesser Degree or a greater degree. An act of Kufr or Shirk [Shirc/Shirck] is the Evil
act of the worst type. But these are acts in Real World. Is an act like Kufr or Shirk which are one of the
most evil acts in the Real World , are Evil in the Dream Worlds or Imaginary Worlds ? Does an Evil act
makes a Dream Evil? These are two questions and are answered differently. There is no Tradition which
provide answers and replies to these two questions. So once again it all depends upon the derivation
and deduction which are highly disputed and there is no certainty in them what so ever.

Discussion On the Dreamed Events

and There Interpretation.
A crude view is that an Evil act committed in a dream makes the dream evil and consequently makes it
from Satan . But an Expert Opinion is different from this view.

It is possible that an Evil Act/Event is seen in a Dream but the interpretation of the Dream is Good.

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There are types of interpretations of an Event seen in a dream.

1] The Interpretation which is in accordance to the dreamt event. In this case the interpretation in the
real world is of an evil act. In this meaning the dream may be declared as Evil. Yet the self of the Dream
that is just an Accident is not evil but in regard to the interpretation if the interpretation is correct.

2] The Interpretation which is just contrary or contradictory to the dreamt event. In this meaning the
dream may be good or bad as according to the meaning of the interpretation and not in regard to the
dreamt Event.

3] The Interpretation neither falls in the first nor in the second stated above Categories. That is the
interpretation is apparently independent of the dreamt event ,yet it is the interpretation of the dream
and the events seen in the dream.

4] Partial Interpretation. An interpretation which is complex and is a combination of any two of the
stated above or all the three categories stated above.

5] A dream with out any interpretation at all.

In this formation it is possible that a Dream of some most evil events in the Real World may have a very
good interpretation. If so then the dream is not from the Satan.

According to the science of Interpretation of Dreams it is not necessary that if some Evil Acts are seen in
a Dream then the dream is from Satan. It may not be from Satan but from angels.

Since the dreams are just symbolic and Apocalyptic therefore the may represent what is good
but disguised in evil events just as symbols of the good event.

Since there is no law in the Dream World which bounds the causes of the dream not to code good
meanings in symbols which are bad or evil in the Real World.


1] If a person Dreams that he is Worshipping or Praying to a Gh:airullah may have the following

1.1]The Dreamer Shall never Worship a Gh:airullah and never Pray to Gh:airullah.

1.2]An other Possible interpretation is that the Person shall not be successful in a task given to him.

This has nothing to do with Kufr or Shirk.

2] If a person Dreams that he his committing an Act of a Heresy, it may be interpreted as follow:=

2.1] The person shall never commit a Heresy in his life.

2.2] The person may invent some thing new.

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A person if sees himself reading a book of Gh:ula:m Ah:mad Pervez may mean that the person shall be
an perpetual opponent of the ideology of Gh:la:m Ah:mad Pervez.

3] If a person visualizes in his/her dream that he/she is committing an act of adultery may have the
following interpreted meanings:=

3.1] He/ She shall never commit this stated above act that is seen in the dream. A very good

3.2] The persom whether male or female shall benefit a large number of people by her good and
generous nature as according to the rules and laws of the Law of Religion.

In the first case the interpretation is just the opposite of what that is seen.

In the second Case the interpretation is apparently unrelated to the event , yet it is one of the
interpretations .

4] If a Man or a Woman sees that he or she is committing Homosexuality may not mean that he or she is
an evil natured man or woman, or that he or she may commit this Evil Act in some part of his or her life.

It may means as follow:=

4.1]The dreamer whether male or female shall never commit these two acts.

4.2] Any one of the two shall benefit the other as according to the rules and laws of Shariah.

5] If some one sees himself or herself with out clothes then this does not mean that he is a bad natured
person or he or she is under the power of Satan or that this dream is from Satan. It may mean as

5.1] The person whether male or female may have good clothes .

5.2] The person whether male of female does not love the Earthy things and have Love for Non Earthy

In the first case the meaning are encoded in dreams by the symbols which are opposite to what is seen.

In the second case the meanings are encoded differently and apparently independently from what they

It is possible that a person may dream some thing which is contrary to his /her believes.


1] If a person believes that it is Shirk to Ask any Gh:airullah for Assistance in any Beyond Reason [Ma:
Fauq Al Asba:b] issue, but he may dream that he is committing that Shirk. The interpretation may be
made as given in above examples.

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2] If a person believes in Ah:a:di:th: yet he sees that he is supporting the view of Gh:la:m Ah:mad
Pervez, it is possible AND NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

The Possible interpretations are stated above.

3] If some one believes that the Bodies of Prophets and Apostles of Divine Essence are conserved as
they are in their respective graves and do not decompose, yet he may see the bone of one of them.

The interpretations of this dream may be different. But one thing is certain. The belief of a person
cannot be decided from the dream of the person.

4] A person may dream that he is denouncing the Axioms of Isla:m [ Necessaries of Isla:m / D:a-ru:tiya:
Ad Di:n] yet he believes in them properly and firmly in Real World.

5] A person may see himself committing a Saj-d-h to an Idol or a Hindu god say Ra:m or Krishna: yet he
does not believe in them either as gods or as Gods or as incarnated Gods, or as God incarnates nor as
incarnations of God. He may be a Firm Muslim . However the interpretations of the dream may vary.

There are so many example of dreams and their interpretations which may be seen in books.


Some of the non interpretists have made a view that if a dream is seen with some evil act then the
dream MUST BE Evil and it MUST BE from Satan.

It Must be Noted that a Dream with an evil act may be from Satan but it may not be from Satan.

So it is necessary to reject the claim that If an Evil Event or an Evil Act is seen in a Dream then the
Dream MUST BE from Satan.

Similarly it is necessary to reject the claim that If an Evil Act or an Evil Event is seen in a Dream then the
Dream Cannot have a Good Interpretation.

It May Be and May Be Not.

May Be does not Contradicteth May Be Not but Must be is contrary to both May Be and May be
Not. May Be Implies May be Not [ May Not Be ] May Be Not [May Not Be] Implies May Be.

[We have taken My Be Not and May Not Be as two different expressions with one and the same meaning and if any
subtle difference if exists between the two is neglected and is discarded so that they are perfect alternative
expressions for one and the same meaning.]

So there is a difference between Must Be and May Be.

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Things must be seen in its proper context and pretext.

So if a dirty or an unholy or an evil act is seen in a dream the interpretation of the dream may be good.

There is a Holy Tradition in Holy Muslim that it was reported to Holy Prophet that some S:ah:abah have

such thoughts which they cannot express in sentences/speech (6) . Holy Prophet replied that this is
Clear FAITH [I:ma:n]. Based on this tradition it is analogued that the same is true in case of dreams. An
Evil act or Bad Event in a Dream may imply the Proper Faith as in case of a Thought of an Evil Act or a
Bad Act, regardless of the degree of Evilness and Badness of the Act or Event thought or drempt.

The reason is that both have some similarities.

1] Both are Involuntary.

2] Dreams are the concentrated forms of thoughts.

3] Dreams are highly related to thoughts in their basic natures.

4] The source of Thoughts and dreams is the same that is the mind of the Rational Suppositum.

5] Both are accidents.

6] None of them are the Substances, and none of them are the Essences.

Due to such similarity it may be concluded that a Bad dream may imply the faith of the Dreamer, just
like a bad Thought implies the Faith of the Thinker.

However these are in the cases of Muslims and not in the case of a Non Muslim.

But the Interpreters of the dream went on in subtle interpretations as well. Although there are no rules
and principles of interpretations conveyed to Muslims from Traditions of Ah:adi:th: of first category ,
yet it is held generally that it is allowed and permitted to make such rules and principles to interpret
them. The greatest of all arguments is that when Sayiduna: Abu: Bakr RD: made an interpretation of a
dream in presence of Holy Prophet Himself in His Company, Holy Prophet Muh:ammad [S:allallahu
Alaihi Va Sallama] did not commanded him not to interprete again but only pointed out that there are
some errors in the interpretation with out identifying them individually. This constitute the proof that
the interpretations of dream are Allowed and Permitted, yet they are not Certain but Probable.

Also if Holy Prophet did not Prohibited Saiyiduna: Abu: Bakr RD: then the Divine Essence Doeth Have
the Omnipotence to Prevent Saiyiduna: Abu: Bakr RD: from exercising the intrerpretation by his
principles known to him and to the Divine Essence, but Divine Essence did not prevented Saiyiduna:
Abu: Bakr RD: from doing so. So this is a Proof that it is a Taqri:r of Prophet and a Permission from
Divine Essence Himself [Subh:an-hu Va Taa:la:].

SO this Holy Tradition is a proof that:=

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1] Interpretation of dreams is allowed.

2] Setting Principles for interpretations are allowed .

3] An interpretation is Not Certain but Probable.

4] To declare that interpretation of dreams are not allowed is based on an incorrect interpretation of
the Holy Tradition referred above.

Problem Of People Like Zubair Ali: Zai.

Zubair Ali Zai was a Semi Ahlul H:adi:th: and at times differed from Mainstream of Ahlul H:adi:th:
scholars from Major issues. But he did not want to expose himself. However if his works are studied
minutely his deviations from mainstream of Ahlul H:ad:th:. He did believe that all Muqallidi:n are Ka:fir,
a belief that is discarded by the Main Stream of Ahlul H:adi:th: inspite of all their disputes with
Muqallidi:n. His views about Yazi:d were extremely opposing crossing the moderate views of Ahlul
H:di:th: about him. That is why his followers are returning to the main stream of Ahlul H:di:th after his

Followers of Zubair Ali: Zai are unable to interpret dreams and discard the knowledge of Interpretation
of Dreams. The former student of Zubair Ali: Zai who is the Engineer of City of Jhelum Known by the

composite Noun Muh:ammad Ali: Mirza: (7) does not recognize the Science/ Knowledge (8)of
Interpretation as valid just because of the following reasons:=

1] It is not certain.

2] It is not revealed. That is its principles are not revealed in Divine Revelation/Aspiration [Vah:y].

3] Its rules are not obtained from Experiments of Science [ in the modern meaning].

4] Its rules are not obtained from Scientific Observations.

These rules are discussed in a separate article. But as for this article it is sufficient to say that these rules
or principles or what so ever they are incorrect and wrong. Who so ever have devised them did commit
a great error .

Any how as each one of the above stated rule is incorrect we proceed to discuss the the possible replies
of our opponents on our views on the interpretations of Dreams.



It is possible that an Event of Kufr is seen in a dream yet it may have some [ atleast one] very good

A staunch follower of the Ali:mirzaic view may reject this claim just by saying Astaghfarullah.

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But this is not sufficient.

He must have to provide an Explicit [ S:ari:h:] , S:ah:i:h: [Correct/ A tradition of First Category] and
Qat:iyuddala:lah tradition which should state that If a dream of an event or an act of Kufr is seen
then it cannot have a good interpretation. If such a traditions is not found then such a claim is just a

It is generally found that when the Engineer of Jhelum is unable to respond properly he begins to ask
questions to his opponents instead of presenting a proper reply. This is his weakness which exposes
that he does not have a positive and a definitive reply. Suppose that the Engineer of Jhelum asks to
provide a tradition with the above stated criteria to prove the claim that such a dream may have some
good interpretations.

But there is a difference between a Necessity an Impossibility and a Contingency.

A Claim If an Act or an Event of Kufr is seen in a dream then it cannot have a good interpretation is
true then it requires at least one proof from traditions stated above. But if no proof is presented then
the claim is incorrect . If the claim is unproved and an unproved claim is incorrect in religion [or in the
science of religion] then this implies he contingency . So the absence of the proofs of claim of
impossibility becomes a proof of contingency. The composite word Cannot means impossibility.

So the claim may be rewritten in the following sentence.



Now as this claim is unproved then this constitutes a proof for the contingency. So the following claim
is proved.

If an act or event of Kufr is seen in a Dream then it is Possible/Contingent to Have a Good


Now this may be re-sentenced as follow:=

If an act OR AN Event of Kufr is seen in a dream then it can have a good interpretation. The word Can
is used to shew Possibility or contingency or both. (9)

An other approach to this is as fallow:=



This is an other form of the claim . If this claim is true then there must be at least one H:adi:th: with
the stated above Criteria. If there is no such proof then the claim is incorrect and wrong. This claim
may be resentenced as follow with the word Necessary. Since the English word Must is used to denote
the meaning of the word Necessary.

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As this claim it incorrect and wrong due to non existence of a proof stated above, it implies
contingency and not impossibility since impossibility also requires a proof as the Necessity requires it.

Once again the Contingency and Possibility are implied. So the following claim is implied again:=

If an act or event of Kufr is seen in a Dream then it is Possible/Contingent to Have a Good


Absence of Proofs from these two opposite claims becomes a proof for the claim of contingency.

Even Engineer Ali: Mirza of Jhelum also uses the argument of absence of proofs when he finds this
type suitable for his views which he presents them as certainties. Ignoring the difference between
Practical Contingency and Religious Permission the Engineer of Jhelum uses the very same argument
i.e the argument of absence of proper proof to support his favourite act of Oral Sexuality with
Espouses. In one of his lectures he rejects a tradition ascribed to Mother of Mumini:n Saiyiduna:
A:ishah RD: as weak Tradition ; this tradition is used by those who believe that Oral Sexuality is
prohibited in Isla:m. But the Engineer uses the weakness of this tradition as a permission of Oral
Sexuality. This is a disgrace of the Holy Prophet which is committed by the Engineer. Since what he
wants to ascribe to the Holy Prophet is something contrary or something contradictory to the text of
the tradition [Astagh:farullah]. But it cannot be . It is discussed in a separate article and may be seen
there. But in the present article it must be noted that the Engineer Of Jhelum himself uses the absence
of proof as a proof of the permission of act of Oral Sexuality.[ Nau:dh:ubillah]. (10)This does shew
that the Engineer does recognize the absence of Proof of a claim as a proof of another claim. So by his
own standard he cannot reject the argumentation from the absence of proofs stated above. How ever
we may still reject is attempted proof from the the Absence of proofs due to certain reasons which are
beyond the scope of the present article. However it may be the right place to point at the fact that
There is a difference between Possibility and Permission of a religious act. Additionally it must be
noted that no act can be ascribed to the Holy Prophet if it is not proved that the act was never done by
the Holy Prophet. Any one who ascribes any thing to the Holy Prophet wrongly and deliberately is sure
to go to Hell/Fire as the Tradition is this regard is Mutva:tir. When the Engineer considers the
Tradition Man Kuntu Maula -------- as Mutva:t-r on the testimony of Shaikh: Alba:ni and Zubair
Ali: Zai he must accept that the tradition which prophesize Hell/Fire for the one who ascribes to Holy
Prophet , some thing wrongly and deliberately , also as Mutva:t-r. (11)

Any how it is proved that even upon the standard of the Engineer of Jhelum this argument that is
presented above is powerful and not weak.

Once again it may be the case that Engineer Ali: Mirza: of Jhelum repeats his conjecture as if it is a
certain belief that A Dream of Kufr cannot have a good interpretation or A Dream of Kufr must
have a Not Good Interpretation.( 12)

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Once again it may be answered as follow:=

Suppose that a Person [Rational Suppositum] dreams that he is worshipping a Gh:airullah.

To worship any Gh:airullah is a Shirk in the Real World and the Most evil act, with out any shadow of

But this dream may have a good interpretation. It may be interpreted that the person in the example
shall not worship any Gh:airullah in his entire life. A good interpretation of an act of Shirk in the
Dream World. Some other interpretations are also possible which may not be as good as the stated
above interpretation.

However it once again be reminded that If an Evil Act say an Act of Kufr is dreamt it may have a good
interpretation and it may have a bad interpretation . It is up to the interpreter to decide the final
interpretation. But according to the lectures of the Engineer and his question answer sessions it it
exposed that he believes that such dreams have only bad interpretations and any one who opts a good
interpretation is either a Blasphemer or an Infidel or a Heretic or ant two of the three or all of the
three. We do contradict it. A dream of a Non Muslim may have a different interpretation. Even two
similar dreams of two different Muslims may have two different interpretations. Although none of the
two are certain but they may be probable . Since the Science of Interpretation it self is a Probable type
of information. So it is also possible that if a person sees in a dream that he is worshipping a
Gh:airullah it may mean that the person is a great transgressor etc. How to interpret a dream of a
person depends on many factors and the faith or faithlessness of the dreamer is one of these factors.

To reject an interpretation is one thing and to declare that an interpretation is Kufr is another thing
and the latter is the issue of this article.


A dream can only be Satanic if its Interpretation is Bad. Whether a Dream is Satanic or not depends
upon the meaning of the interpretation. So if the meaning of an Act or Event of Kufr in a Dream is good
then the Dream is not Satanic. The Claim that a dream of Kufr must be Satanic or cannot be Not Satanic
requires a Proof from H:adi:th: . The rest of the arguments and argumentations are similar to the
immediate above arguments and argumentations.


If an act of Kufr or Shirk in the Dream World may have a good interpretation then a dream in which an
Evil act or Event less that Kufr or Shirk is seen, what so ever it may be may also have a good or a Not
Bad Interpretation.


As it is stated above that :=

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If an act of Kufr or Shirk in the Dream World may have a good interpretation then a dream in which
an Evil act or Event less that Kufr or Shirk is seen, what so ever it may be may also have a good or a
Not Bad Interpretation. As the decision whether a Dream is Satanic or not merely depends upon the
Meaning of Interpretation and not upon the event or act seen in the dream, it is very clear that an
event or act which is evil in Real World and less than Kufr and Less than Shirk may not be Satanic.


It is stated that S:u:fia can develop a state in which they can have visions while being awake Actually
it is a type of Dream which is seen not in the state of sleeping but in the state of awakening .

This state is developed by deep concentrations and mediations and has great resemblance with
dreams. Some S:u:fia who are unable to distinguish between Real World and Vertual Worlds like
Dream World, Thought World [World of Thought] consider it in Real World, but it is actually a special
case of Dream World . So it is subjected to very same laws of Dreams. How ever Philosophers ,Fuqha:
and Muh:addith:u:n do not experience such a state and such types of dreams they deny it. But things
are different for those who have experienced it. But suppose that such a state and such types of
dreams are impossible. If so even then if it true that If such Types are Possible then the Laws of
Dreams and State of Sleeping are applicable o them. The formation is If A then B. Now if atomic
statement B is false and atomic statement A is True then the molecular statement If A then B is false.

But if Atomic statement A is false and Atomic Statement B is True then the molecular statement If A
then B is True. If both A and B are false even then If A then B is True.

So if S:ufia apply the rules of dream to their alleged state they cannot be declared as Ka:fir. At best it
is a type of Hallucination or Delusion . These are just state of minds. These does not exist external to
the holder of the mind. So the events seen are just in the mind of the holder of mind and the mind is
some thing Per Se Subsistent and not an accident and a part of the Substance of the Person [Rational

They are just accidents and not Abstractions or Relations. There fore like all accidents require a
Substance or an Per Se Subsistent Essence. Similarly Deep and concentrated thoughts are nothing but
Accidents that is why Thoughts are Per Se Absurd Upon Divine Essence.

Although one may disagree with S:ufiya [S:u:fia] in regard to the Existences of such states their Per Se
Possibility cannot be denied. They are not Per Se Absurd. That is why We may dispute with S:u:fiya but
neither declare them as Heretic nor Infidel. How ever if aS:u:fi believes in some heresy then he is a
Heretic due to the heresy. As for day dreaming activities and practices they may be declared as a
mental exercise but cannot be declared as prohibited unless the involve any thing Heretic. (12)

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Mental Diseases like hallucination and delusions are undeniable and if such things exist which
resemble to the S:u:fis Visions while being awaken then one does accept them in Possibility if not in
Occurrence. If it is accepted that all such visions are hallucinations even then one cannot be declared as
Ka:fir or Heretic due to hallucinations. Similarly the case is with the interpretation of a hallucination if


Engineer Ali: Mirza: often makes his judgements about Scholars [Ulama:] and Saints [Auliya:] of
Ahlussunnah based upon some dreams the visualized or upon the interpretations of dreams which
they made, which are ascribed to them in different books.

1] If some one sees a dream that is of an Evil Act , he claims that the mentality of the dreamer was
Evil. He neglects the fact that a person of good mentality may see an Evil Act or Event in the Dream.

2] If some one sees an event of Heresy or something in visualized from in dream which is believed by
Heretics , he judges that the person did believed in the heresy.

3]If some one sees an act of Kufr or Shirk he verdicts that the person is a kafir or a mushrik or has
tendencies OR likeness towards Kufr or Shirk .

4] If someone dreams an act of Kufr or Shirk or Evil ;and an interpreter makes a good interpretation
of it he issues the degree of Kufr or Shirk to the interpreter.

5] If someone dreams an act of Kufr or Shirk or Evil ; then the Dream is from Satan [Satanic Dream]
and any one who do not consider it as Satanic or makes a good interpretation of it, such that in regard
to meaning it is not Satanic then the Engineer of Jhelum issues the degree of Kufr or Shirk to the

6] If a Person [Rational Suppositum;Pl Rational Supposita] sees any thing heretic or contrary to the
Texts OfA:ya:t of Qura:n or Contrary to the Texts of Traditions of Ah:a:di:th: of First Category , then
the dreamed violation of the FROM the Stated above Texts is the belief of the person who had dreamt

7] If a Person [Rational Suppositum;Pl Rational Supposita] sees any thing heretic or contrary to the
Texts OfA:ya:t of Qura:n or Contrary to the Texts of Traditions of Ah:a:di:th: of First Category ; and
someone interpretes the the dream which violates of the FROM the Stated above Texts in good
meaning then the person who interprets the stated above violation in a good meaning , then the
person who interprets also violates the said Holy Texts and believes in some thing that is contrary to

But it has been discussed above that all these alleged claims are wrong, false and incorrect.

There is no Text of Tradition of H:adi:th: of first category to support any one of the seven claim neither
in total nor in parts.

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So all these claims become false allegations; baseless amorphisms and proof -less opinions and
invalid rules.

Based upon them Engineer Ali: Mirza: has declared Great Ima:ms ,Scholars, Saints, Dialectics of
Ahlussunnsh Val Jama:ah as Ka:fir or M-rtadd or Mushrik or Heretic or Transgressor etc.

But none of his claim is acceptable.

His problem is that he considers any one of his deduction from any Revealed Text of A:yah Of Qura:n
as revealed.

But in Reality even a Correct Deduction or Derivation from a Revealed Text is not Revealed. Deductions
from the Revealed Texts are the acts of Ghairullah whether correct or incorrect , and Revelation is the
Act of Divine Essence [Dh:a:tul Ba:ri: ] Himself.

1] If a Rational Suppositum sees an Evil Act or Event whether he be the agent of the act or event or not
in the Dream it is not necessary that the Interpretation of the Dream is Evil or bad.

2] If a Rational Suppositum sees an Evil Act or Event in a Dream whether he be an agent of the act or
event in the dream or not , it is not necessary that the Dream is Stanic.

3] If a Rational Suppositum sees some thing contrary to Text of any A:yah or Text of any H:adi:th: of
First Category , and some one else interpretes it in a good meaning it is not necessary that the
Suppositum who interprets it in good meaning believes in some thing contrary to the Holy Texts.

4] If a Rational Suppositum sees some thing contrary to Text of any A:yah or Text of any H:adi:th: of
First Category , and he himself interpretes it in a good meaning it is not necessary that the Suppositum
who dreams and interprets it himself believes in some thing contrary to the Holy Texts.

An Evil act or event may vary from minimum Evil Act or Event or belief to the maximum evil act or
event or belief [which are Definitely Kufr and Shirk] or some thing between the two extremes.

[Generally the word Bad is considered as more General then the Word Evil, but in this article we have
used the word bad in the meaning of Evil, how ever if the word Bad is used in the general meaning
stated above , the article remains valid.]

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5] One must differential between Real World and Virtual Worlds like Dream World [World of Dreams],
Thought World [World of Thoughts], Abstract World [World of Abstractions] ,Imagination World [World
of Imaginations] etc.

They are all different types of existing worlds, and a Non Existing World is neither a Real World nor a
Virtual World.


This debate Engineer Ali: Mirza cleverly began from a false allegation on Ahlussunnah of
Sau:di Government that they are intending to break the Dome of the H:-jrah of Holy
Prophet , But this is a false accusation on Sau:dib Government. Some Anti Sau:di Elements
use to spread rumors against Sau:di Government on regular basis. A decade earlier such
Heretic elements spread a rumor that Sau:di Government is going to destroy the Grave of the
Mother of Holy Prophet. But this was exposed. Now Engineer Ali: Mirza: used a less spread
rumour against Sau:di Government that they are going to break the Green Coloured Dome
of H:ujrah of Saiyidatuna A:ISHAH RD: in which the Graves Of Holy Prophet and First Two
Caliphs exists. But instead of refuting these false rumours the Heretic Engineer Ali: Mirza: who
has even declared Saiyiduna: Ima:m Ibn Taimiah RH: as Committer of several Kufrs , H:at:ib
Ibn Abi Baltaah as Muna:fiq [ Nau:dh:ubillah] , Saiyiduna: Mua:viah RD: as committer of
Several Fisqs , Saiyiduna: Umar as a committer of Errors in the Event of Qalam and Q-rt:a:s,
denier of Ijma: on Thirty Parts of Holy Qura:n , Claimant that Martyrdom of Saiyiduna:
Uth:ma:n was a Kaffa:rah [atonement] of his errors [Nau:dh:ubillah] etc. found a
opportunity to declare some Ahlussunnah as Kafir on the basis of some dreams and their
interpretations. So it became necessary to discuss the false views of the Engineer of Jhelum
which he represents as if they are facts. False allegations against the Sau:di Government
shall be discussed and then refuted in regard to the above stated alleged events shall be
discussed separately Insha:All-h.

[1]That is why such Acts are Per Se Absurd [Muh:a:lu Bidh: Dh:a:ti Upon Divine Essence [Dh:a:tul Ba:ri:].
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[2] One Must differentiate between Naqs: Ala: Dh:atul Ba:ri: and Naqs: Alal H:a:dith: . As Al Kala:m Al
Lafz:i: is H:a:dith: [Not Eternal] it is Gh:airullah according to a very Large Majority of Ahlussunnah Val Jama:ah ,
hence Kidh:b upon It is Included in Naqs: Ala: Gh:airullah and not included in Naqs: Alallah. So If Naqs: Ala
Gh:airullah Implies Naqs: Alallah then the Naqs: Ala Gh:airullah is Per Quad Absurd [Absurd with Separate] and
Not Per Se Absurd [Absurd in Itself/Self Absurd].

[3] One must differentiate between Astronomy [Ilm hiyatil Afla:k ] and Astrology [Ilmu Ath:-ra:tin Ni-
ju:m]. Former is allowed in Isla:m and the Latter is prohibited in Isla:m.

[4] Some Heretics ascribe Jufr to Jafar Bin Muh:ammad a Sunni A:lim who is mistaken as a Non Sunni
Ima:m by some of his alleged followers. But This art of Divination is unknown to this scholar. It is incorrectly
ascribed to him.

[5] One must differentiate Mathematics and Arithmetic from Numerology. Actually this Art has
nothing to do with Mathematics and any one of its branches. Like Arithmetic, Geometry, Topology, Number theory ,
,Set Theory, Calculus ,Differential Equations etc.

[6] R-m-l is ascribed to Prophet Da:niya:l, a Hebrew Prophet to whom a Book of Canon Of Jewish Tanakh is
ascribed to. But he has nothing to do with R-m-l. For short predictions of future this type of Divination is
considered as more accurate then others by Divinatists. But for purpose of long period of time Divinatists prefer
other system. The basic of this method depend upon the following type of Multiplications.

1*1=1,0*0=1, 1*0=0 AND 0*1=0.

A Set S={0,1} With the Operator of R-M-L forms a Group.

[7] Muh:ammad Ali: Mirza: use the Common Noun Engineer as a Part of His Proper Noun and uses it as if it
is a Prefix , as Engineer Muh:ammad Ali: Mirza: . But this is due to the reason that in Persia there was a man
called Mirza: Muh:ammad Ali: a Babi: , so the word Mirza just commutes in the noun of these two person. But as
the Mirza: Muh:ammad Ali: was not an Engineer , so Muh:ammad Ali: Mirza: placed the word Engineer in the
beginning of his noun to differentiate him other wise people must have thought to a possible relation between
these two persons on some religious grounds. A very cleaver trick indeed, yet it may be noted that the Word

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Engineer is not in general practice to be used as an initial part of a noun of a person in Jhelum and in Pulja:b the
province in which the City of Jhelum belongs to.

[8] The word Science is derived from the Latin word Esientia which means Knowledge. The derived word
Science in English may be used in the meaning of Knowledge. But it is generally used for the subject of Science,
which does have a very specific meaning. How ever in Arabic the word Ilm is used for both the meanings.

1] Knowledge. 2] Science in the specific meaning.

It must be noted that the word Science even in English may be used in the meaning of Knowledge as well. But not in
general. From the point of view of the first meaning i.e Knowledge , the Knowledge of Revelation may be termed as
Science of Revelation, but from the point of view of Specific Subject , Knowledge Of Revelation cannot termed as
Science of Revelation. But we may still use the word Science for the Knowledge of Revelation and Aspiration
[Vah:y] using the word in the meaning of Knowledge since Knowledge of Revelation is not art. Similarly the Subject
of Mathematics is Neither Science nor Arts in regard to the specific meaning or the words Science and Arts [F-
nu:n] but in the meaning of Knowledge Mathematics may be called Knowledge of Mathematics [Ilm Ar riya:d:i].

Similarly the Ilmul -ru:d: may be termed as Knowlwdge of -RU:D: .

[9] The words Possibility and Contingency are not synonyms in general as they are assumed. Possible
means Not Impossible whether Necessary or Contingent. Contingent means Neither Necessary Nor Impossible.

Incontingent may mean Necessary or Impossible.

The word Absurd is used for the purest forms of Impossibility.

How ever in the case of the above sentences in the Text of this article, the word Possible and Contingent are used
as synonyms unless and otherwise stated EXPLICITLY.

[10] Some Heretics do use this incorrect argument that if an act is not prohibited in any text of
H:adi:th: of First or Second Categories then the act is permitted. This argument is generally used by them in
support of some heresies innovated by them or by others. But Engineer Ali: Mirza: although dislike their
argument from this heretic rule himself uses it where he wills and this exposes his tendencies for the
controversial act of Oral Sexuality , which even is not supported by the heretics in general.

Engineer Ali: Mirza: tries to prove that Ima:m Ibn Taimiah RH: was a denouncer of M-TVA:T-T H:adi:th: [
Nau:dh:ubillah]. Every one knoweth that one who denounceth a M-TVA:T-R H:ADI:TH: is a Ka:fir , so what this
Engineer engineers is the alleged conclusion that Ima:m Ibn Taimaiah is a Ka:fir [Nau:dh:billah ] .

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How ever the wanted to deceive Ahlul H:adi:th: by arguing that he is not using the word Ka:fir for the Great Ima:m.
But now every thing is exposed. He not only believes that Ima:m Ibn Taimiah RH: is Ka:fir [ Astaghfarullah] but
also believes that Ima:m Abu H:ani:fah RH: is Ka:fir [Astaghfarullah ] and the S:ufi: Ali: H-jv-ri: is Kakir
[Astaghfarullah]. Wate and see how many great scholars of Sunnism he is going to declare as Kafir or Blasphemer
or both in future either directly by using the word Ka:fir or indirectly by ascribing towards them acts or believes
which are Kufr with certainty or falsly declaring an act or belief as Kufr [Astaghfarullah ]. It is clear that this
person who is known by the composite Noun Engineer Muh:ammad Ali: Mirza: is greately inspired by Rtd Cap. Dr
Uth:ma:ni: and his horrible book Tauh:i:d e: Kh:alis: part 1, . Engineer Ali: Mirza: is following the methodology used
in this book. How ever this Engineer of Jhelum is against the second part of this book [with the title Tauh:i:d e:
Kh:alis: Part 2] . (Actually Rtd Cap. Uth:ma:ni: has used the word QIST: for Part .)

[11] He is making the minds of his audiences to accept his fallacies which he deliberately makes during
his question and answer secessions as reported . So it is necessary to discuss his fallacies so that even his
audiences may know the what sort of arguments he is presenting in form of his lectures and alleged research
papers, with distorted quotations.

[12] Actually the human brain gets messages from different organs. When a human person sees a thing
light falls on the eyes and then eyes send messages to brain and brain interprets them and act of seeing is
occurred . It is supposed that if some how the same messages are sent to brain as send by eyes when they
receive light reflected from objects, the brain shall do the same and shall see things even if they are not present
externally. While Sleeping the Brain functionhs as if it is receiving messages from some objects and images are
seen .

Why such thing happen is a problematic debate, but there are two things in dreams in general.

1]A dream is a short story , often incomplete.

2] There is a Plot in the events of a story of a dream in general.

It may be theorized that there is a story writing tendency in the brain or mind of a human person which acts semi
arbitrarily while sleeping.

This is purely a material approach of dreams. As it does appear that the Engineer does only have this approach
of dreams and not Symbolic formation approach of dreams which encode some meanings in those heavenly
chosen symbols which are decoded by the interpreters /interpretists of dreams , is likely to chose this approach
to the Dream World [World of Dreams].

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[Type the company



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= ,


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A,a [as A/a in Sugar, E,e in Per, as U,u in But, as I/I in Sir] =
I,i [as I/i in Pin,Tin,] =
U,u [As U/u in Put, as oo in Book] =
Long Vowel

A: ,a:[As A/a in Car,Father] =

I:,i: [As I in Police, as ee in Week] =
U:,u: [As U in Rude, as oo in Cool] =
The symbols on case of
vowels in red colour are
Some time the symbol - is used to omit a Marked Vowel for example Kita:b may be written as K-ta:b, sometime this is used to denote
an Accent, eg Akbaru may be written as Ak-baru, some time it is used to present both of the stated above in a single transliterated
Arabic Word as follow: Ak-b-ru or Ak-b-r- and so one.

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Va An Abi: Hurairata Qa:la Ja:a Na:sun Mmin As:h:abi

Rasu:lullahi [S:allalla:hu Alaihi Va Sallama] Ilannabi:yi
Fasa:alu:hu Inna Nujidu Fi: Anfusina Ma: Yataa:z:amu Ah:aduna
An YYatakallam Bihi:
Qa:la A Va Qad Vajadttumu:hu Qa:lu: Naam Qa:la Dh:a:ka
S:ari:h:ul I:ma:ni .


The text of the Tradition of Holy Muslim Saith that some Companions of Holy Prophet came to him and
informed Him that they some time have such thoughts which they cannot bring in speech. Holy Prophet
first enquired about such events and they replied in affirmation. Holy Prophet did say that it is Pure

This means some time human mind conceive such thoughts which a person cannot bring in sentences
due to the reason that these thought are about every bad events. But Holy Prophet made a very Good
interpretation that this is the reason that there is Faith in the companions. What so ever that is true for
the Thoughts in minds is also true for dreams. Holy Prophet however did not asked about the thoughts
and did state a principle. Any thought which is about some thing so bad or evil so that it cannot be
expressed by the thinker is due to faith. Holy Prophet did not declared such thoughts as Satanic. He did
not make a bad interpretation of such thought. He did make a very good interpretation.

A thought may be of Kufr or Shirk or any other transgression. A Muslim does not like to express such
thoughts in sentences of speech. So Thought of a bad event it self is not a bad in itself since it is just an
Accident and not a substance and is sustained in the Substance or the Essence of the Rational
Suppositum which /who is called as thinker. What so ever is true for Thoughts is true for Dreams.

In the Tradition the words are Varily We Find In Our Selves.. Any thing that is found in the self of a
Rational Suppositum is a Thought. This is for thoughts. If the Engineer Ali Mirza: opines that what so
ever is stated for thoughts is not true for dreams then this is his opinion. He cannot compel others to
accept his opinion. A large number of scholars do consider both under same principle.

Note: The word Speech is used as singular as well as plural. Speeches is a forced plural , some time used when it becomes
necessary to use a plural word in a sentence. But in this article we have used the word Speech , whether it be a plural or it
be a singular depending on the requirement of the meanings of the sentences in their respective contexts.

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