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Puan Wan Fatinah Bt Wan Hamzah

Group Members:

Luqman Hadif
Ahmad Afnan
Omar Ameer Ariff
Irfan Syafiq
Wan Muhammad Ikhmal

Our group decided to conduct a social experiment about Pokemon GO! to solve the
conflicts that surrounds this game between people of different ages such as the safety for the
users of this application.We collected our data by handing questionnaires to 15 residents of
Shah Alam.

The social was conducted on the 20th of August.

Everyone that answered our questionnaires managed to answer all of the questions perfectly
and with the help of the data collected from the questionnaires,we managed to get all of the
data that we needed.
Plays Pokemon Go


Do not play

53% play Pokemon Go while 47% do not play Pokemon Go.This shows that the amount of
people that play this is almost the same but the amount of people that play this game
outnumbers the people that dont play it.

How often Pokemon Go is played

Once a week
More than twice a week
From this chart,we can see that most of the players play this game very often but only a few
actually play this game everyday while it is also a little amount that only play this game once
a week.

Is Pokmon GO dangerous for the players?


53% of the answerers agree that Pokemon GO is dangerous for the players.A few of the
reasons why they think its dangerous are the players might not be aware of theirs
surroundings,you don't focus on anything besides the game and much more.47% disagree and
think that the game is not dangerous.Their reasons were the player can control how,when and
where to play and it gives the players warning before playing it.
Is Pokemon Go a waste of time?


The majority of players think that Pokemon GO is not a waste of time their reasons were the
players could exercise while entertaining themselves,it can be considered a hobby and you
can learn more about the places you visit.A small minority thinks Pokemon Go is was of time
because it can manipulate the players and go to places that they shouldnt go and they think
its better to do something that benefits the player without endangering themselves such as
studying at home.

What Should The Local Authorities Do About

Pokemon GO?

Ban it
Do nothing

According to the questionnaires,the local authorities should do nothing about this game.A
small minority thinks Pokemon GO should be banned by the local authorities while a few
have other suggestions of what the local authorities should do such as make a law that makes
it illegal to play this game while driving and introduce restrictive areas to play Pokemon GO.
Teenagers That Play Pokemon GO

Plays Pokemon GO
Do not play Pokemon GO

60% of teenagers(12 to 17 years old) are playing Pokemon GO while 40% of teenagers do
not play Pokemon GO.

Adults That Play Pokemon GO

Plays Pokemon Go
Do not play Pokemon GO

The percentage of adults that play Pokemon GO is actually the same as the percentage of
teenagers that play this game despite it is targeted for teenagers.

In conclusion,Pokemon GO is game that has a lot of benefits that benefits the players such
as being a hobby that can make you healthy at the same time.At the same time,we should also
consider the disadvantages of this game such losing focus of your surroundings when you
play this game.

What To Improve
A few of the things that should be improve is for the players to be more careful when playing
this.The players should pay more attention towards everything that is happening around them
when they are playing to make sure nothing terrible happens.Furthermore,a few restriction
should be made for the players when they are driving so they dont make everyone them have
a higher chance of dying if they are too busy playing with phone rather than the road.Lastly is
the society shouldnt be so afraid of the game because they are afraid of their children playing
this game.They should be more encouraging as their parent and let them play this game since
they will actually using their time to go out and interact with their friends playing something
they both enjoy rather than staying at home with their eyes glued to their computer screens.