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1. Find two positive numbers whose product is 64, and whose sum is a minimum.

2. A rectangular field is to be enclosed by a fence and divided into three lots by fences parallel to one of the sides. Find
the dimensions of the largest field that can be enclosed with 800 feet of fencing.

3. A closed box, whose length is twice its width, is to have a surface of 192 square inches. Find the dimensions of the
box when the volume is maximum.

4. If the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is 10, find the lengths of the other sides when the area is a

5. Find the most economical dimensions for a closed cylindrical can containing a quart. (A fixed volume)

6. If three sides of a trapezeum are each 6 inches long, how long must the fourth side be if the area is a maximum ?

7. A triangle has a base 12 feet long and an altitude 8 feet high. Find the area of the largest rectangle that can be
inscribed in the triangle so that the base of the rectangle falls on the base of the triangle.

8. Find the dimensions of the right circular cone of least volume that can be circumscribed about a sphere of radius a.
Hint : Let x + 2a = altitude of cone.

9. Find the point on the line y = x nearest to the point (4, 1).

10. Find the area of the largest isosceles triangle that can be inscribed in a circle of radius 6 inches.

11. A window consists of a rectangle surmounted by a semicircle. What shape gives the most area for a given perimeter ?

12. The cost of fuel per hour for running a ship is proportional to the cube of the speed and is $27 per hour when the
speed is 12 miles per hour. Other costs amount to $128 per hour regardless of the speed. Express the cost per mile
as a function of the speed, and find the speed that makes this cost a minimum.

13. A military courier is located on a desert 6 miles from a point P which is the point on a long straight road nearest to
him. He is ordered to get to a point Q on the road. Assuming that he can travel 14 miles per hour on the desert and
50 miles per hour on the road, find the point where he should reach the road in order to get to Q in the least possible
time when (a) Q is 3 miles from P, (b) Q is 6 miles from P, (c) Q is 1 mile from P.

* * * * *

1. [8, 8] 2. [100 200 ft.] 3. [4 8 5 in.] 4. [5 2 5 2 ] 5. [Diameter = height.]
5 5
6. [12 in.] 7. [24 sq. ft.] 8. [Alt. = 4a] 9. [ , ] 10. [27 3 sq. in.]
2 2
v2 128
11. [Width = height.] 12. [C = + ; 16 mi./hr.] 13. [(a) 1.75 mi. from P, (b) 1.75 mi. from P, (c) at Q.]
64 v