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Methodology for Waterproofing Works

Project Name: Commune.

Location: Bangalore

Item Descriptions:

Waterproofing works for Peripheral areas with FOSROC Chemical.

Methodology for TERRACE:

Waterproofing area to be identified and unwanted materials to be removed from the

area and all civil works to be completed Area clearance.
Chipping of dead mortars & concrete & cleaning to be done and ensure that no dead
materials/foreign materials acceptable/allowed on the waterproofing area or area of
The existing rod around area to be shipped (1/2 inch depth from concrete surface) &the
steel rods to be cute and clean.
Every concrete joints chipping V groove.
Any unwanted marks to be roughened by wire brush.
Cleaning of surface with soft brush.
Every concrete joint fill it with waterproofing cement mortar CONPLAST 421 IC or
The rods patch area to be filled with Nitoband SBR.
The mark area or spots to be filled with Nitoband SBR.
All corners and junction of wall & slab to be haunched with CONPLAST 421 IC or
equivalent Chemical and ensure properly packed.
Bore packing area to be identified and unwanted materials to be removed from the area
Area clearance.
Ensure around the flange gap to be maintained for packing & grouting.
The part of pipe to be grouted will be marked.
The portion to be applied with Nitoband SBR and spread with sand for better bonding.
Then pipe will be fixed in position and grouted properly with CONBEXTRA GP2.
Add water to the dry mix of required quantity with workable conditions. Ensure that wet
mix shall be consumed within half & hours and fresh mix to be made as an when
required and maintain the quality as per manufactures specification.
The bore holes to be packed and compacted properly. (Normal mortar)
& with instruction of engineering in-charge, the waterproofing area shall be filled with
water for testing at least for 24 hrs.
Thoroughly examine & identify the cracks if any on floor.
Make V groove on the marked area and fill it with waterproofing cement mortar with
Nitoband SBR.
Once again clean the surface with soft brush & remove the dusts and ensure that all
construction works are completed on the surroundings.
The surface shall be pre-dampened for the application of chemical coatings.
Firstly surface shall be coated with one coat of High performance elastomeric
cementitious waterproof coating with BRUSHBAND RFX for TERRACE by soft brush. As
per manufactures specifications.
The first coated surface shall be allowed for drying from 4 to 6 hours at normal
Finally apply the Second coat & complete and allow it for drying from 4 to 6 hours at
normal temperature as per manufacturing specification.
River sand layer sprayed over final coat for adhesion between Brushband RFX & Screed.
Finally screed concrete with CONPLAST 421 IC @200ml per 50kg cement of Average
110mm thickness to be laid and finish to the required level, smooth finished & 300X300
thread marking.

Health & Safety Precautions:

Hand gloves & Goggle should be worn.

Any splashes on skin & eyes should be washed off with clean water.
Client scope of supply & works for waterproofing works:

Cement, Sand , Concrete

Clean & Dry Sand

RMC Concrete provided by the Clint at working point.

Water for execution, curing & testing works at floor point.
Dewatering of water after testing.
Area clearances Removal of construction materials
Excessive concrete/dead mortar chipping & steel rod cutting on waterproofing area.

Yours sincerely

AJS Buildwell.