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Nowadays the internet is a necessary tool for all of us, we use it for the

school or job because there we can find all kind of information and news ,
but we should recognise if we are reading real news or just fake information.

Serious internet news pages have good reporters so they are going to get
good and factual information, if you usually read known newspapers you can
trust in what you are reading. Additionally, you can find a lot of reliable wikis
which their information is corroborated by specialists, also people can rated
and comment this kind of web, so you can see if people agree with theese

But we should be careful with the internet, because there we can find a lot of
fake information or some overreact headlines. We should recognise when
we are reading a blog, because all of them just have people's opinion about a
topic and that is not factual information.

In conclusion, I believe that if you read reliable sources like a famous

newspaper you will be well informed, but please do not trust all that you
read in the internet, you will be surprised if you know how much fake
information are in the internet.

Moiss Meneses I11