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Complete the blanks with the verbs in REMEMBER!

brackets and match the sentences with In the Simple Present tense the verbs
the pictures. take
s or es with the 3rd person singular.

1 He __________ (go) to school

after breakfast.

He ___________ (have) dinner
with his parents at 7 p.m.

Sometimes he ____________
4 (play) football in the park.

He always ____________ (go)
to bed at 9.45 p.m.

He usually __________ (have)

6 lunch in school with a friend.

Before breakfast he usually

______________ (take) a shower.

8 He often ____________ (watch)

TV before going to bed.

After school he _________ (do)

7 his homework.

1 He always ____________ (eat)

0 breakfast before going to school.

9 Tom ______________ (get up)

early every day.