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Subject: Social Studies Type of Lesson: Internet Use, Discussion and Group


Grade: 10 CSEC OBJ: 1. Explain and use correctly the

concepts individual self and identity.
2. To develop an understanding that
individuals who are born into families
are important to the development of
the society.

Term: 1 Unit Number Unit 1 Individual, Family, Society and

and Title: institutions.

Duration: 1 X 35 minutes Week Number: 1

Lesson 1 Who am I?

As a result of this lesson, the student will be able to:
1) define what is meant by the terms Individual, Self and Identity.
2) name the special attributes which makes an individual unique and
3) write a paragraph differentiating how heredity and the
environment influence the development of the individual.
4) develop an appreciation of the factors which makes the individual
5) develop an appreciation of the importance of the individual in
helping families and communities co-exist peacefully.

Prerequisite Student Knowledge

The student should be familiar with:
1) their names and that they belong to a family.
2) their community and surrounding environment.
3) the concept that they are a part of a society.
4) the family from the ROSE syllabus Grade 7.

Teacher Instructional Material 1

Important Points
1) An individual is a human being with a combination of
characteristics that contribute to the development of self. ;
2) The term self should be defined as an individual with biological
(physical), social, emotional, religious and rational characteristics.
3) The term identity refers to who or what someone is (name, gender,
age, size and colour of the skin). An identity is also a distinctive
character belonging to any individual or shared by all members of
a particular group.
4) The physical characteristics of an individual are inherited
genetically through the process known as heredity.
5) The personalities of an individual are acquired through interaction
with the human and physical environment.
6) The characteristics of the individual can be traced to the
environment in which they grew up in terms of the type of home
parents, neighbours, peers and friends with whom they interact.
7) It is important for all aspects of the individual to be developed so
that he/she can become a well adjusted member of the family and

Key Terms

environment genes heredity

individual personality self-identity


Challenge Areas

An activity that will help you to appreciate your individuality is to

complete an autobiography. Include a picture of yourself, your
hobby, personality type, various moods, physical features, belief
system, academic achievements and any other information that
makes you unique. Share your autobiography in groups with your
classmates and discuss these.

Equipment/Materials Needed
Computers and Internet connectivity and Multi Media

Teacher Instructional Material 2

Note to Teacher
Ensure that students are given the opportunity to participate fully in
discussions. Make sure the computers are connected to the internet so
the students can go to the various links easily.

Teachers Lesson Notes

Teacher Instructional Material 3

1) Introductory Activity
Distinguishing Twins Discussion and viewing a video

a. Teacher will use the following questions to lead a

discussion on identifying similarities and differences
between twins.

Notes i. Do you know of any twins in your school or

Here the teacher ii. What do you use to tell them apart?
should stress, that
even though two iii. What makes them similar and also different?
persons may look
alike everyone is b. Teacher will then direct students to view a link.
(Good Morning America: Couple Gives Birth to Twins:
One Black, One White).
c. Using question ii.) and question iii.) above students will
then view the video again before and answer those
questions. Responses will then be placed on the board.
d. Tell students that this lesson will be seeking to answer the
question Who am I?

Body of Lesson
1) What is meant by the terms Individual, Self and Identity?
Discussion and Internet Use
a. Instruct students to write a paragraph, entitled, Who am
Notes I?
The teacher should
ensure that students
b. Based on the responses the teacher will then ask students to
answer in the click on the following website to help them in writing a
paragraph the definition for Individual, Self and Identity.
following questions:
1. Why am I c. Based on the link the teacher should walk around to assist
unique? the students.
2. Who can I
identify with?
3. Can I identify 2) Personality Test Internet Use , Discussion and Group Work
with a particular
a. Tell students to click on the following website.
b. After this you should instruct them to work in groups of
three to identify ways in which they are similar and also

Teacher Instructional Material 4

c. Next, guide students on how to create a Venn diagram to
show both similarities and also differences. ( Refer to
Figure1.1 )

Figure1.1 Venn Diagram showing similarities and

Notes differences in personality
The spaces with no
intersection indicate
that these are
which are unique to
each student.
Teachers should
again stress that it is
these factors which
make them unique
individuals and give
them a sense of

3) The Influence of Heredity and the Environment

a. View the website
b. Read the sections marked Introduction to Heredity and
Heredity and Environment. View the first paragraph of
each sub-heading.
c. Tell students to write the meanings of heredity and the
environment and tell how it influences their lives.
d. Go back to the video link made earlier in the introduction
(Good Morning America: Couple Gives Birth to Twins:
One Black, One White).
Teacher should then ask the students to view both the video
and the website to show how heredity factors and the
environment influence their lives.

In Class Assignment
1) Students will be instructed to write a paragraph on how heredity
and the environment impact on the development of an individual.

Teacher Instructional Material 5

Out-of-Class Assignment
1) Instruct students to complete this activity at home. They should
visit the website below to examine the attributes of Caribbean
people and assess how this can contribute positively to the family
and the society.

Glossary of Terms

Heredity This is physical characteristics of an individual

inherited genetically through their parent.

Identity This is a distinct character given to an individual

shared by all members of a group.

CSEC Questions

Recommended Materials

Ramsawak, R., Umram,R. (2001) Modules in Social Studies.
Caribbean Educational Publishers.

Sandy, M.(2012) Social Studies Essentials. Carlong Publishers.

Teacher Instructional Material 6