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Monday fasts or Solah Somvar vrats are kept for 16 consecutive Mondays. These fasts are dedicated to
Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is one of the most important deities in Hinduism. In fact he is an integral part of
the holy Hindu trinity. Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu are the other two deities of the Hindu trinity.

It is believed that goddess Parvati wanted to marry Lord Shiva and observed Solah Somvar fasts with
immense devotion. Ever since then unmarried girls started keeping this fast and asking Lord Shiva to
bless them with a life partner like himself.

You might have seen that devotees visit Shiv mandirs on Monday. This is because Monday is the day
dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that by observing the Solah Somvar fasts with full devotion and
dedication, Lord Shiva blesses the devotees and fulfills their wishes as well.

Who can keep Solah Somvar vrat?

If you are facing obstacles in your married life or are looking for a perfect life partner, then keeping
Monday fast dedicated to Lord Shiva would be highly beneficial for you. A large number of unmarried
girls keep Monday fast to seek blessings of Lord Shiva and get a desired life partner. Many married
women also keep this fast as a mark of gratitude and thanks to Lord Shiva.

Whether seeking a life companion or not, if you keep this fast with dedication and pray with
commitment, Lord Shiva will surely bless you. Worshipping Lord Shiva during the Shravan month of the
Hindu calendar is considered very auspicious. This entire month is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

When to begin Solah Somvar vrat?

Experts believe that Monday fasting would be beneficial if you start it from the first Monday of Shukla
Paksh of Shravan month (June-July). As per your devotion, you can fast for 4 5 consecutive Mondays or
16 Mondays.
Rules for observing Solah Somvar vrat:
Following are some of the rules that you must keep in mind while observing Solah Somvar vrat.

The fast begins at sunrise and is ended at sunset. During this fast that devotees consume only water or
tender coconut, fruits, milk or nuts

After having a bath in the morning and praying to Lord Shiva, you must recite or hear Solah Somvar

Devotees visit Shiva temple in the morning and evening on the day of the fast. Just in case it is not
possible, you can offer prayers to Lord Shiva from your home

White colored clothes are worn by people observing this fast

Usually white flowers are offered to the shiv lingam. In addition to white flowers you can also offer
bel leaves, roli, fruits, milk and dhoop while praying

The mantra chanted is 'Om Namah Shivay'

If you pray whole heartedly and have faith in Mahadev, you will surely receive the gift of his immense
blessings and gratification.