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This document outlines the various Adonis commands most useful for The Magical World of

Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is geared specifically for professors, however other ranks (including
those higher than moderator level permissions) may find it quite useful.

It is recommended to look through this even if you think you are accomplished at Adonis

Table of Contents
1) Commands
a) Moderating
b) Movement
c) Teaching
d) Player Punishments
e) Others
2) Commands to Avoid
3) Usages and Tips
4) Coordinates
5) Song IDs
6) Quick Commands
7) Song Playlists
8) Credits
:chatlogs <autoupdate>
If somebody is hiding what they say with "/e <message>", or you need to look back for a
specific player/message, use this command.
:warn <player> <message>
This will clearly give a warning to a player and record it in their logs.
Use :warnings <player> to look at their warnings.
Use :clearwarnings <player> to remove all their warnings

Displays all recent admin commands used.
:mute <player>
If a player is spamming, filter passing, or otherwise breaking rules with their messages,
use this command to mute them.
:chatnotify <player> <message>
Sends a message in target players chatbox in red text.
:kick <player> <reason>
Kicks player from game. Only use when you HAVE to.
:kickwarn <player> <message>
Kicks player from game with a warning message.
:bring <player>
Used to teleport others to you.
Dont specify any player to teleport a few studs in front of you
:to <player>
Used to teleport next to a player
:tp <player1> <player2>
Teleports the first player to the second player.
Alternatively, use to teleport players to coordinates. See COORDINATES for list of
:noclip <player>
Allows players to walk through walls.
Reverse effects by saying :clip <player>
:fly <player>
Allows player to fly around the map fast.
Reverse by saying :unfly <player>
:screenimage <player> <textureid>
Useful for showing students a certain image. Fills entire screen.
Use :screenimage <player> without the texture ID to remove it.
:vote <player(s)> <answer1,answer2,etc(No spaces)> <question>
Sets up a poll in which professors can ask students their thoughts, what to do next, and
Also useful for quizzes, although you cant determine who was right and who wasnt.
:notify <player> <message>
Gives players a notification message that doesnt go away until they click out of it.
Useful for announcing the next classes.
:n <message>
Gives all players in game a message. Use this to get attention quickly
:bot <player> <amount> <walk(true/false)> <attack(true/false)> <friendly(true/false)> <walkspeed>
<damage?> <health?>
Useful for creating AIs that students can fight against. Potentially even more useful if
you change your character to a monster and make the bots look like you temporary.
Be VERY careful creating them.
Use :clear to get rid of bots.
:countdown <time>
Useful for creating a timer, such as how long to get to a class, or a short duel timer
Max of 120 seconds (2 minutes)
:give <player> <tool>
Useful for giving players stuff like wands or brooms in case they have none.
Player Punishments
:removetools <player>
If a player is abusing their wand in some way, use this command to take it away. Make
sure you only select a single player. DO NOT REMOVE TOOLS FROM EVERYBODY. Only
use after warning them first.
:mute <player>
If a player is spamming or breaking the rules by chatting, use this command to prevent
them from talking. DO NOT MUTE ALL PLAYERS. Also do not mute students that are
merely annoying or refuse to stop chatting. Use other punishments for that.
:repeat <amount(Max=50)> <interval> <command>
Used to repeat a command multiple times. Especially useful if you want to disable a tool
from somebody temporarily. For example, :repeat 50 15 :removetools
SomePlayerName will remove tools from that player every 15 seconds for a total of 50
times (12 minutes and 30 seconds total).
To cancel a repeat early, just use, :abort me <command>, where command is the
exact command you were looping.
Can also be used to automatically undo a command after a time, for exampleFirst say,
:repeat 2 300 :unblur SomePlayerName. Then blur the player desired. After 5 minutes
their screen will be unblurred automatically.
:kick <player> <reason>
Kicks player from game. Only use when you HAVE to.
:kickwarn <player> <message>
Kicks player from game with a warning message.
:respawn <player>
Target player will be respawned. Useful if student is ignoring all warnings.
:time <time> <optional player>
Useful for setting the time (i.e. night/day)
Time is in the form of # or #:##, like :time 5 or :time 5:30
:resize <player> <size>
Useful for making house elves a certain size.
Tells you how many players are in the current server.
:music <id> <loop(true/false)> <pitch>
Players a song with the given ID, if it should loop or not, and the pitch of the song.
:shuffle <id1,id2,id3,id4,etc(no space)>
Automatically shuffles between a list of songs.
:heal <player> <amount>
Useful for restoring players back to full health
:ff <player>
Some professors use it to select a random player.
Resets the lighting back to server default
:invisible <player>
Turns target player invisible
Use :visibile <player> to bring them back.
Commands to Avoid
Adonis commands are a privilege, not a right. If caught using and/or abusing certain commands,
you may lose your rank (or worse). In general, you should avoid...

1. Commands that kill players (i.e. :kill or :bleach or :explode)

2. Commands that affect all players at once
3. Commands that dramatically change the lighting (i.e. :disco)
4. Commands that make the game unplayable for others (i.e. :thermal or :blur or :rocket)
5. Commands that break immersion (i.e. :dogg or :creeper or :infect or :sword)
6. Commands that give huge advantages for some/all students (i.e. :health or :give all all)

These are the bare basics. Essentially, commands are meant to assist in teaching and stop rule
breakers (and even then, you must use them responsibily).
Usages and Tips
Instead of a player name, you can use the following:

me Targets yourself
all Targets every player in the server (NOTE: ONLY USE IN EMERGENCIES)
admins Targets all admins
nonadmins Targets all admins
others Targets everybody aside from yourself
random Targets a random player
%TEAMNAME Targets everybody under a certain team name
%GROUPID Targets everybody in the desired group id
-PLAYERNAME Targets everybody without that name, i.e. :ff all,-WrathOfTheElvhen
#NUMBER Targets a random number of players, i.e. :ff #5
Radius-NUMBER Targets players within a certain number of studs around you, i.e. :ff radius-5

Also, by using commas, you can target multiple people at the same time. For example,

:ff WrathOfThe,Cookie,%Students,nonadmins,radius-10

You can also use multiple commands at a time using the | key. For example

:respawn all | :bring %Students,%Muggles

If you use the countdown command, and then another command, you can delay some commands.
Otherwise, you can use the wait command, for a delay in between commands, such as

:ff Wrath | !wait 10 | :to random


Spawn Location
(366, 568, 151)

Welcome Message (+Information)

(343, 568, -301)

Training Dummies (+Gamepasses)

(271, 568, -329)

Great Hall Entrance

(457, 553, -214)

Open Area (Ballroom?)

(292, 567, -551)

(827, 557, 140)

(827, 557, 44)

(993, 557, -42)

(828, 557, -50)

(1030, 557, 146)

(763, 558, -646)

History of Magic
(1025, 556, 51)

(798, 558, 236)
Song IDs
(159115354) Dumbledores Farewell:

(158828823) Flight of the Order of the Phoenix:


(178840008) Harrys Wondrous World:


(158485547) Fireworks:

(157026036) Hogwarts Neutral:

(158828774) Leaving Hogwarts:

(159098655) The Story Continues:

(158485703) Dumbledores Army:

(159115457) Gilderoy Lockhart:

(158485671) The Quidditch World Cup:


(178839785) The Journey To Hogwarts:


(158526174) Courtyard Apocalypse:


(159120892) Voldemorts End:

(158704196) Buckbeaks Flight:

(159115181) The Tunnel:

(158828703) Underwater Secrets:

(158485586) Double Trouble:

(158491326) Lilys Theme:

(158816801) Professor Umbridge:

(159115543) In Noctem:

(158491238) Journey to the Cave:

Songs Continued
(143975584) Hedgwigs Theme:

(672500552) A Window to the Past Prisoner of Azkaban:
Quick Commands

Useful commands, some of which are meant for quickly copy pasting.

/e :screenimage radius-30,me 20144092 | !wait 5 | :screenimage radius-30,me

o Useful for quickly sharing an image to players around you.
o To edit, simply change the numbers after radius- to the number of players nearby, and
the ID number right before the first |
/e :give radius-50 magic
o Useful for giving only students in class a wand
/e :char me 29783818 | !wait 1 | :bot me 1 true true false 16 1 100 | :char me me
o Quickly spawn aggressive bots that look like a desired character ID.
o Change the ID in the first command to change bot appearance
o For the bot command, 16 = walkspeed, 1 = damage (?), and 100 = health (?)

Song Playlists

/e :shuffle
o Shuffles through a huge list of various songs
/e :shuffle
o Nostalgic songs
/e :shuffle
o Background songs
/e :shuffle 158485547,158485671,158816801
o Exciting/fast-paced songs
/e :shuffle 159098655,158485671,159120892,159115181,159115543
o Dramatic/scary songs
/e :shuffle 159115354,158526174,143975584,672500552
o Sad/slow songs

Thanks to LongBloodyMassacre, PigeonPrime, and skimsk8ter for uploading several of the

featured songs.

Further thanks for AnteDomini, who looked over this guide and gave suggestions.