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8/24/2017 So what exactly is this Kaulantak Peeth? | Bhairav Says...


June 23, 2013 by kaulabhairav



OM mahAkAlAya vikartanAya mAyAdharAya namo namaH

Theme music of Kaulantak Peeth 1/14
8/24/2017 So what exactly is this Kaulantak Peeth? | Bhairav Says...

'Ishaputra' 'Kaulantak Nath' 'The Theme Music of Kaulantak Peeth'

Kaulantak Peeth is Himalayas most ancient and sacred seat of Knowledge. It

is known variously like Kaulantak Peeth, kulant Peeth, Kaula Peeth et al.
Divine sadhak and sprititual practisioners know it as Maha Himalaya,
Siddhashram, Gyan Ganj, and also Neel Khand.

In ancient scrolls it is also mentioned as Kula Chakra, which means that on

earth all the divine powers, and traditions of devis, devatas began from here
and will all end here. This Peeth is their primary peeth or seat of knowledge
and source of spirituality.

As per historians, in current times, the region of Kullu in Himachal Pradesh

where the river Vyas or Bipasa is flowing. The north east portion of this river,
along with some western regions is called as Kaulantak Peeth.

Per story of Siddha tradition, present day Russia, Pakistan, from Afganistans
Tora-Bora mountain range to Myanmar, this area is Kaulantak Peeth, which 2/14
8/24/2017 So what exactly is this Kaulantak Peeth? | Bhairav Says...

exapands in north towards Tibet and Kailash Manasarovar and has boundaries
extending in China.

As per folk stories of Kaulantak Peeth, Maha Shakti Kurukulla Devis divine
peeth is Kaulantak Peeth. Kurukulla Devi is also known as Red Tara, Rakta
Tara, and Goddess of Magic and Medicine.

Kaulantak Peeths ancient name is Kulant Peeth which means end of Kula. Kula
means dharmic tradition. Therefore Kulant Peeth means that place or Peeth
where all dharmic tradition and their knowledge ends.

Kaulantak Peeth is a Siddha Peeth, totally non-commercial and inspired by

essentials of Dharma. And gives prime importance to all Darshan (Spiritual
philosophies, Tapa (penance) and sadhana (Spiritual practices). Peeth is
specially known for Yoga, Tantra, Karma Kand Rituals, Alchemical sciences,
Ayurveda, Jyotish,Music, Dance, Paintings, warfare, and many other such art
forms. Because of Siddha Yogis, this Peeth is applauded across the world.

This Peeth is also called Rahasya Peeth because of its secretive traditions,
which never divulge the secret mystical practices to all. Therefore, this Peeth
was veiled in secrecy for ages, yugas and conducted and still conducts its work
in similar manner. Peeths work is carried out by using donations and other
financial support.

Unlike other dharmic traditions and sects and cults, not everybody can join this
Peeth. Certain abilities and qualifications are necessary for a practitioner or
sadhaka to become member of the Peeth.

Effectively, Kaulantak Peeth is that divine area of Himalaya where even today
several Siddha, Bhairav, Bhairavi, Yogi, Yoginis, Rishi, Munis and such are
engrossed in sadhana either in gross form or in sookshma subtle form. 3/14
8/24/2017 So what exactly is this Kaulantak Peeth? | Bhairav Says...

Pure land of Kaulachar is known famously as Kulantak, Kulantar and


At request of Bhagawati Shakti, Lord God Mahadeva himself established this

Kaulantak Peeth which since time immemorial across yugas and human life
cycles have been managed by supreme Rishis and Siddhas. It is that flow of
supreme knowledge where all avatars, descent of divinity across the planet, and
sons and daughters of God have received education.

On this planet, this is the only Peeth which has never discriminated against
female spiritual practitioner. Neither it has discriminated between Devas,
gods, Daityas, Danav, Asuras, bhoot, pret, rakshash, pisach and other demomic

At one end we have Lord Vishnu as chief of Kaulantak Peeth and then we have
Lanka Nath Ravan who too received education at Kaulantak Peeth. This Peeth
is Peeth of Guru of Sura or Devas Brihaspati ji, as well as Guru of Asura and
demons Guru Shukracharya ji.

In ancient times when women were forbidden to enter spiritual line without
their husbands, and were not allowed for Gayatri mantra, even at that time,
Kaulantak Peeth gave equal rights to women in all sadhanas. Because of this,
jealous brahmans and pandits conspired and wrongly maligned name of
Kaulacharis too!

Around 500 hundred years ago at darkest period of Kaliyuga, Siddhas of

Kaulantak Peeth realized that society is not ready to assimilate the supreme
knowledge of Shiv Shakti because of lack of mental and spiritual evolution in
common mass. Then Kaulacharis Siddhas covered themselves in veils of Maya
and hid this knowledge stream. 4/14
8/24/2017 So what exactly is this Kaulantak Peeth? | Bhairav Says...

At present time Ishaputra Mahayogi Satyendra Nath ji Maharaj is the chief of

this peeth and is honoured with title of Kaulantak Nath.

Maha Siddha Param Kaulachari Kaulantak Nath Ishaputra Maha Yogi

Satyendra Nath Ji Maharaj in his divine sookshma form

As per Kaulantak Tradition, Ishaputra is believed to be an avatar . Ishaputra

Kaulantak Nath is siddha adept in all 64 kalas. Since age of 3, he has been
doing sadhana in Himalaya as per initiations and under guidance of Gurus. He
is supreme Siddha. He has total 38 gurus in Himalaya, but primarily Maha
Himalayeshwar Sarva Kala Nayak Sakal Peethadhipati Shree Siddha Siddhant
Nath Ji Maharaj is his satguru. 5/14
8/24/2017 So what exactly is this Kaulantak Peeth? | Bhairav Says...

Maha Himalayeshwar Sarva Kala Nayak Sakal

Peethadhipati Shree Siddha Siddhant Nath Ji

Mahahimalayeshwar is long lived surya yogi who is an ancient lord of

Himalaya, from ancient era, but still in physical body and lives on sun light
and energies of cosmos.

Kaulantak Nath has deeply studied yoga, mantra, tantra, yantra, jyotish,
ayurveda, karma kand rituals through guru tradition. He has practical siddhis
in these fields. He is supremely knowledgable in Agam Nigam, Ved Puran and
other shastra. He is great Kaulachari, and a siddha of Dakshin and Vaam
maarg. Left hand principle and right hand principle of spiritual practices.

Now that the time has come to re-establish Dharma, then in avataric form
Kaulantak Nath Mahayogi Satyendra Nath Ji Maharaj for welfare of entire
world has started on his resolution to reestablish Kaulantak Peeth to its lost
glory in society.

Although Kaulantak Nath didnt want to come in society, he rather wanted to

spend his life, and by being physically presnt serve his guru- Lord of Maha 6/14
8/24/2017 So what exactly is this Kaulantak Peeth? | Bhairav Says...

Himalaya Shree Siddha Siddhant Nath Ji Maharaj, and spend his life in divine
snow peaks of Himalaya. But because of Guru Adesh, he is amongst us.

In these modern times, to connect with the world, Peeth has an ashram in
Kullu and Bali Chowki of Himachal Pradesh. Some sadhakas stay in ashram
and do their sadhana along with contributing in Peeths work.

In my personal journey, the fantastic world of MahaHimalaya, the world where

immortals are doing sadhana, tapasya is still to be seen. But what I have
learned from Lord of Kaulantak Peeth, IshaPutra Mahayogi Satyendra Nath ji
Maharaj is that Kaulantak Peeth is a training and learning center for Shiv Putra
and Shakti Putras (Sons and daughters of Shiv and Shakti). In aagam and
nigaam, we hear from Guru that Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva to establish
a proper school for ganas of shiv-shakti, avatars and siddhas. So Lord Shiva
himself created this Kaulantak Peeth and made Lomesh Rishi its primary chief
Kaulantak Nath. But there is another story heard from MahaHimalayashwar
Shree Siddha Siddhant Nath ji Maharaj that it was Lord Vishnu who was the
first Kaulantak Nath. In any case, the origin of Kaulantak Peeth is so deep in
the hoary past of ancient days that we are just humbled at the continuous chain
of masters and siddhas maintaining this school which reaches to Lord Shiva
himself through guru tradition.

So why didnt we hear about Kaulantak Peeth in scriptures and why it is that
we are hearing and knowing about it now? Truth is we have always heard about
Kaulantak Peeth and have heard from Kaulantak Peeth, it is just that because
of extreme secrecy of siddhas its location, actual name and details were never
revealed but always alluded to.

In modern times, we hear name of Kashmir Shaivism, kaulachar, siddhashram,

Shambala and many such other colored lens of looking at Kaulantak Peeth. 7/14
8/24/2017 So what exactly is this Kaulantak Peeth? | Bhairav Says...

Kaulantak can mean either end of Kaula (or supreme behaviour) or it can mean
that there can be no further perfection in Kaula.

It is land of Siddhas, yogis, yoginis, bhairav bhairavi, yaksha, rishi, muni,

apsara, gandharva, devi ,devata, rakshash, daitya, danav, bhoot, pret, pishaak,
and so many other forms of consciousness all doing their sadhana peacefully in
Kaulantak Peeth abiding the dharma.

Kaulantak Peeth is unique that at one end, we have Lord Vishnu being
Kaulantak Nath, and also Ravan Lanka Nath studying in Kaulantak Peeth.
Kaulantak Peeth has never discriminated againsts Asuras. Sur & Asura both are
treated equally in Kaulantak Peeth.

Goddess Kurukulla or Red Tara is the presiding goddess of the Peeth. She is
also known as Goddess of Miracles, and goddess of medicine. Primarily it is a
school of realizing, appreciating, loving, worshiping the divine feminine

At present, the Lord of Kaulantak Peeth is IshaPutra Mahayogi Satyendra Nath

ji Maharaj who is the disciple of Mahahimalayeshwar Sakal PeethadheePati
Sarva Kala Nayak Shree Siddha Siddhant Nath ji Maharaj 8/14
8/24/2017 So what exactly is this Kaulantak Peeth? | Bhairav Says...

It is the only school, where one laerns all 64 artforms (kalaas). All avatars have
come here and studied and achieved their avatarhood to fulfill their destiny.

My journey has just begun


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8/24/2017 So what exactly is this Kaulantak Peeth? | Bhairav Says...

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David Whitehouse says:

September 11, 2013 at 11:05 pm

Is this the Guru you are speaking of in this article? He is a direct disciple of Babaji.


kaulabhairav says:
September 12, 2013 at 10:01 am

No thats not him.


Ajay kumar (shankar) says:

November 3, 2013 at 9:26 am

Want to be a disciple of kulantak peeth !

can u help me ?
I want to know more about kulantak peeth to uplift human behaviour !
I think this is the best holy peeth .

Reply 10/14
8/24/2017 So what exactly is this Kaulantak Peeth? | Bhairav Says...

kaulabhairav says:
November 3, 2013 at 3:37 pm

Look up for various sadhana given every month. If you like any
sadhana, email the team or call up. Details should be on sadhana details on website.



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8/24/2017 So what exactly is this Kaulantak Peeth? | Bhairav Says...

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