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PEO-I : To provide in depth knowledge to our students in the subjects like

mathematics, basic sciences and Engineering principles to successfully work on
complex and higher level Electrical Engineering problems.
PEO-II: To train the students in the areas of Electrical and Power Systems, Electrical
Machines, Control Systems, Power Electronics, Power generation, Renewable Energy
Sources, latest technologies and software tools necessary for Electrical Engineering
practice .
PEO-III: To prepare and motivate the students to become innovative and research
oriented, to acquire the competence to identify, analyze and solve the practical
problems in industry through multi-disciplinary approach, to design and develop
the future technologies in their respective expertise areas for the sustainable
PEO-IV: To inculcate in our students the professional and ethical attitude with
effective communication and interpersonal skills, leadership skills and ability to use
their knowledge in view of social responsibility.
PEO-V: To prepare the students to work effectively in national and global
organizations with full professional competence to handle the critical situations and
meet the budget and time schedules. Through this rigorous education programme
and disciplined environment our graduates will develop the ability of self-education
and life-long learning.

PO-I: Ability to understand and apply knowledge of basic sciences which is ensured
by including right percentage of subjects of mathematics, science and basic
PO-II: Skills to identify, formulate, design and develop solutions for complex
engineering problems through the in depth knowledge of core Electrical
Engineering subjects such as electrical machines, power electronics, power systems
and control systems along with the thorough knowledge of programme specific
electives and modern technologies .
PO-III: Practical proficiency in almost all the courses offered as part of their
Electrical Engineering program through good hands-on experience and habit to
perform experiments and interpret data. Good exposure is given to students for
latest simulation tools, software and Systems.
PO-IV: Proficiency in multidisciplinary domains for devising the solution of a real
time problem. The right mix of theoretical and practical concepts learnt in different
branches of engineering develops the ability to work successfully on
multidisciplinary tasks.
PO-V: Understanding of personal, social, professional and ethical responsibilities,
ability for team work, communicate effectively, able to prepare the technical
documents and presentations with modern ICT tools.