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1. The floor system shown in the figure is intended to be used as a McDonalds Restaurant. Design the
minimum dimension of a rectangular reinforced concrete beam BF. Beam BF supports the weight of
the slab (23.4kN/m3) and the live load and is simply supported by the girders AD at B and EH at F. The
allowable bending stress must not exceed 27.194 MPa. Use h=2b. Neglect the self-weight of the beam.
Hint: Use fb = Mc/I (40 pts.)

2. Problem 567. A timber beam 80 mm wide by 160 mm high is subjected to a vertical shear V = 40
kN. (a) Write the equation of the horizontal shearing stress as a function of the distance between the
centroidal axis of the beam and the outermost fiber of the beam. (20 pts.)
(b) Draw the graph of the equation and label. (20 pts.)

3. Bonus: Determine the stress at A (10 pts.) 4. Bonus: Determine the Inertia and C (10 pts.)