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Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide and Hi-Pressure Sodium
-400 Watts
SERIES: 225 and226



Mercury Vapor-400 Watts
Metal Halide-400 Watts
Hi-Pressure Sodium-400 Watts
SERIES: 225-000 and 226-000

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Two external leveling bolts provide maximum ease of installation and

leveling-slip-f itter adaptable lo bolh 1V4" and 2" mast arms.
Rugged, durable die-cast aluminum upper and lower housings with
all non-corrosive hardware.
Optical superiority of highly polished reflector and precision refrac-
tor result in maximum light utilization on street.
Excellent uniformity, low glare, wel! designed lighi cut-off.
Ease o{ maintenance enhanced by integrally cast hinge and "one-
hand" door latch, making lower housing easy to remove.
Reflector and refractor are gasket sealed with polyester fiber
"Breathing Seal". This provides a good mechanical gasket and
fiJters contaminants from entering the optical system, thus reducing
maintenance costs.
Available in l.E.S. Type ll, lllor lV light patterns.
Ballasts suitable for high ambient temperature operation.
Electro-statically applied baked-on enamel finish gives Iong lasting
protectjon in highly corrosive atmosphere.

Level indicator permits observer to evaluate position ol luminaire

from g round.
Power-Pad with quick disconnect affords additional ease of mainte- s-"77

nance by providing a quick and easy method of ballast replacement.

Suppljed with or without EEI-NElVlA standard 3 terminal twist-lock
type photoelectric control receptacle.


(optional) (ease of installation) (optional)

SUGGESTED SPECIFICATIONS Ballasls shall be pre-wired ai iactory and suitable for high
ambient iemperature operation-
Luminaire shall be iTT Amerlcan Eleclric Horizonlal Lumi-
naire caialog number --- - for - watt Leveling shall be accomplished by two external bolls. Slip-
(mercury vapor, metalhalide) lamp-.for operation. tilter shall be adaptable lo 1y41t and 2" masl atms-
Lumlnairc housings both upper and lower shall consisi oJ Maximum proiected area shall be 2.06 sq. it. wilhotit photo-
cast aluminum joined by an integrally cast p;n hinge ai ihe electric control, and 2.11 sq- ft. wilh pholoelectric confrol.
mouniing end and a one-hand lalch at -volt
the door.
Lumiraire linish shall be baked-on enamel applied by an OPTIONAL SPECIFICATIONS
electro-static process.
Sardware shall be non-corrosive typ.
A level indicator shall be provided that is visible Irom the
Retleclor shall be highly polished anodic surlaced aluminum PoweFpad shall be provided for quick and easy ballast re-
secured with spring lalches lor easy posiiionjng. placemeni in ihe field.
Relraclor shall be prismatic borosllicate glass secured with
spring latches. Luminaire shall be Jurnished with EEI-NE[,lA standard three-
terminal, polarlzed, lwis!lock type photoelectric conlrol re-
Gasket shall be made ol high iemperalure polyester fiber to ceptacle lor use with lTf Amerlcan E:ectric phoioelectric
filter air enlering opiical assembly. control cataloq number

Req s'Freo Trdd"ma'1o' ITT Aae 'a' Fi". t

SERIES 225-000 AND 226-000

aallasl Type
120 i240 Feg ulated High 4A 225 243 226-243
240i4AO Beg u latcd Hicth 40 225-343 226 343
2AB ReqLr lated Hicth 40 : 225 443 226-443
277 Regulated Hiqh 226-543
240 Reactor High 33 225,643 226-643
277 High 226-743
240 Reacto r N orma 31 225-1643 226,1643
12A I High Reactance No rmal 225,1A43 226-1843
Fixture OnlV For Rernote Ballast Use 24 225-143 226-143

ulaled High

u ated 226-4543
226 4643

120 Requlated Hish 55 225 6243 226 6243

208 Requlated H qh 55 225 6443 226-6443
240 RegLrlated Hlg h 55 225-6343 226-6343
277 Requlated Hish 55 225-6543 226-6543
480 R eq ula ted H iqh 55 225-6643 226-6643
120 Lag Auto H igh 55 225 5243 226-5?43
208 Laq Auto Hiqh 55 225-5443 226,5443
240 Laq Auto High 55 225 5343 226-5343
Laq Auto H iqh 55 225-5543 226 5543
480 Laq Auto Hiqh 55 225-5643 226-5643
120 Hiqh 40 225 5443 226-5843

I Alabove catalog nurnb-ars are for ES Type lll 5. Leve indicator is not lnc udc.l to order speclfy
ighl d slribul ona so avai able jn Type ll. afd V Part N!rnber 2s283. (Exanrp e 225-1743125283)
Change ast dig i in cata og number 10 ind cale de-
s recl .lisiribut on pattern. (Example: 225 644. Type 6. Prolected area is 2I I w lhoul photoeleclric contro
or 2.16 w th photoe cclric conlro.
Cata og numbers shown are ior comp cle uminair-o
withoLri lamp or photoe ectric contro Order phoio 7 Factory poston.d io an!le of maxLmLrm candle_
e eclric conlrol separalely see appropriate pages power of 75 . spec fy f 7! anq e s dcs red.
this caialoq. 8e sure vo tage s correci the owest
DLra vo tagc ba asls ate w re.l ior vo 1.
3. Power pad s not inc uded as slandard. lf des red 8
age un ess othem se specll ed.
add 'PP sulf x to cata og nunrber. (Exatr,p e:225
643-PP) For afy fLrrther inlormat on conlacl TT AMERICAN
,1. Po ycarbonate d fiuser a!tri ab c 1o ordcr add 8 ELECTa C SoLrthaven, lv ss ssipp 33671. 601 393
sulfix io cataloq number (Example: 225'4743 8) 5511 Te ex 053-952.

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