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East Rock Community Magnet School 1

Grading Policy
A student begins each class with 100 points; it is up to the student to keep them. This
rubric explains our 10 grading areas and the letter grade (or number, depending on the grade
level) associated with each.
KEY K: E K: S K: S/N K: N
Grade Level: 1st-4th grades: 3 1st-4th grades: 2 1st-4th grades: 2/1 1st 4th
grades: 1
Score 5th-8th grades: A 5th-8th grades: B 5th-8th grades: C/D 5th 8th
grades: D/F
Grading Area Expected Behavior Expected Behavior Expected Behavior Expected Behavior
Focus on Consistently stays Focuses on in-class Focuses on the task and Rarely focuses on
Class Activity focused on in-class activity and what what needs to be done class activity and what
(Dedication) activity and what needs to be done some of the time. Often needs to be done.
needs to be done. most of the time. must be reminded by Rarely is an active
Very self-directed. Needs minimal the teacher about what listener.
Always an active reminders to be an needs to get done and
listener when active listener. to be an active listener.
instructions are
being given.
Participation Routinely Usually participates Sometimes participates Rarely participates in
(Dedication & participates in all in all activities, but in all activities. A all activities. May
Accepting) activities (warm-up, occasionally misses satisfactory student who refuse to participate
skills & drills, one activity only participates in half in one or more
culminating (warm-up, skills & of the class activities. activities consistently.
activity). A definite drills, or culminating
leader who activity) for
contributes a lot of whatever reason. A
positive energy to strong student who
the activity. tries hard.
Working Always listens to, Often listens to, Must be reminded often Rarely listens to,
with Others shares with, and shares with, and to listen to, share with, shares with, and
(Respect) supports the efforts supports the efforts and support the efforts supports the efforts of
of others. Students of others with very of others. others. Often disrupts
feel safe in this few reminders. or discourages others.
students presence.
Quality of Provides effort of Provides quality Effort often needs to be Demonstrates
Effort the highest quality effort that reflects a encouraged or does not sluggish or
(Motivated) that reflects the strong work ethic reflect effort of higher nonexistent effort.
students best work from the student. quality when given Does not show effort
ethic. Needs minimal encouragement. of higher quality after
encouragement. given much
Attitude Always respectful of Often is respectful of Occasionally is Rarely is respectful of
(Accepting) self, others, and self, others, and respectful of self, self, others, and
teachers, always teachers, often has a others, and teachers, teacher, rarely has a
has a positive positive attitude, and sometimes has a positive attitude, and
attitude, and never rarely criticizes positive attitude, and is mostly critical of
criticizes others others sometimes criticizes others performances.
performances. performances. others performances.
Attire and Always wears Almost always wears Often wears either Seldom wears
Footwear appropriate PE appropriate PE attire appropriate PE attire or appropriate PE attire
(Motivated) attire and footwear and footwear to footwear, but rarely and footwear.
to class. class. both at the same time.
East Rock Community Magnet School 2

Timeliness Always ready to Usually is ready to Seldom ready to start Never ready to start
(Motivated) start all activities. Is start all or most most activities. Most of activities. Makes
never the last activities. Is seldom the time is one of the minimal effort to be
person ready. the last person last people ready. ready and/or is always
ready. one of the last people
Following Student is aware of Student nearly Student often needs Student consistently
Rules and always follows always is aware of reminding of school and breaks the same
(Ethical) all school and PE and follows all school PE rules and the DREAM rule(s) after
rules, as well as the and PE rules, as well and makes minimal interventions have
DREAM. as the DREAM. effort to increase taken place.
Behavior Always is positive Often is positive and Sometimes is positive Seldom positive and
(Dedicated) and engaged each engaged each class and engaged each class engaged each class
class and never and seldom displays and nearly half of the and most of the time
displays disruptive disruptive behavior. time displays disruptive displays disruptive
behavior. behavior. behavior.
Bonus Bonus #1: Bonus #2: Bonus #3: Bonus #4:
Points! Completed Written Assisted Another Answered Questions Volunteered!
(Can only earn 1 Assignment! Student! Correctly!
bonus per class,
despite number
of bonuses
earned - the rest
can be given in
DREAM tickets)