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Primary Data
Type of Customer Industry
Monthly (Average) Electricity Consumption - Units 70000
Monthly average Expense on Electricity 840000
Do you need Finance (Loan) Facility for Solar Plant ? YES

Required Solar Plant Capacity (KWp) 560

Feasible Solar Plant Capacity (KWp) 560

Average cost / KW of Solar Plant 55000

Total Cost of Solar Plant 30800000

Subsidy Availability NO
Amount of Subsity / KW 0
Total Subsidy 0

Effective Cost of Solar Plant Setup (to customer) 30800000

Appx Finance Amount from Bank/NBFC 18480000
Effective Initial Investment Required * 12320000
Appx EMI/Month on Loan (5 years, 11% IRR)** 401755
Above figures are indicative only - For exact cost of project with item wise breakups, pls arrange for meeting
For any Clarification / Support / New Project requirement, please get in touch with : WEB
Please put relevant data in GREEN cells (carefully)

Total SHADE FREE space availability on ROOFTOP / PARKING

roof /Any other open area that can be utilised for Solar Panel 5000
Installation (in SQUARE METERS)

Solar Plant life Cycle 25 years

Average Maintence cost / year * 168000
Total cost to customer including interests, maintenance * 40625312

Electricity Units to be produced - over 25 years # 19110000

Appx cost of equivalent power from State Electricity Grid* 229320000
Cost Electricity from State Grid / unit (Rs) 12.0
Cost of Solar Electricity / Unit (Rs) * 2.1
* Over life Cycle of 25 years # Including marginal decrease in power production over the years

Tentative Savings in % * 82%

Average Yearly Savings - During first 5 years 2626938
Average Yearly savings between 6th-25th year 8778000
Savings over 25 years 188694688
eakups, pls arrange for meeting & site visit. Finance at discretion of financier based on customer profile & documents
get in touch with : WEBTOUCH PRIVATE LIMITED @ 022 41314230/31, 8433709800/5800/6800