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Seventh-day Adventists




The General Conference of- Seventh-

day Adventists

Price. 25 Cents
'Ube Eternal rat,.

Awake, ye saints, and raise your eyes,

And raise your voices high;
Awake, and praise that sovereign love.
That shows salvation nigh.

Swift on the wings o time it flies;

Each moment brings it near;
Then welcome-each declining day,
Welcome each closing year.

Not many years their round shall run,

Not many mernings rise,
Ere all its glories stand revealed
To our admiring eyes.

Ye wheels of nature, speed your course!

Ye mortal powers, decay!
Haste! till the last glad morning rise
That brings eternal day.
Seventh-day Adventist

YE R 00

A Complete Directory of the General Conference, Union and Local

Conferences and Mission Fields, Educational Institutions,
Publishing- Houses, Periodicals, Sanitariums,
and Benevolent Institutions ;


Statistical Reports and the Constitution of

the General Conference

(ReConsiili.:tcd in 1961)


222 North Capitol St., WASHINGTON, D. C.
A SINGLE step, and again a step,
Until by safe degrees
The milestones passed, we win at last
Home, when the King shall please.
And the strangest thing is often this,
That the briery, tangled spots
Which cumber our feet, should be thick and sweet
With our Lord's forget-me-nots.

Alabama Conference 25
Alaska Mission 55
Alberta Mission 40
Algerian Mission 69
Arizona Conference 49
Arkansas Conference 47
Atlantic Union Conference 16
Australasian Union Conference 55
Austrian Mission 62

Balkan Mission 62
Basutoland Mission 72
Belgium Mission 69
Benevolent Institutions 103
Bermuda Mission 75
Brazilian Conference 72
British Columbia Conference 50
British Union Conference 65

Cable Addresses 104

California Conference 50
Canadian Union Conference 22
Canvassing Agents 118
Cape Colony Conference 70
Carolina Conference 25
Central American Mission 75
Central New England Conference 16
Central Union Conference 41
Chesapeake Conference 17
China Mission 73
City Missions 103
Colorado Conference 41
Conference Presidents 105
Conference Secretaries 108
Conference Treasurers 111
Constitution and By-laws of the General Conference 139
Cook Islands Mission 59
Cumberland Conference 26

Denmark Conference 64
Denominational Papers 88
District of Columbia 15
Doctors 136

East Caribbean Conference 74

East German Conference 61
East Michigan Conference 31
Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 17
Egyptian Mission 69
Educational Department of the General Conference 12
Educational Institutions 76

Fiji Mission 59
Finland Mission 65
Florida Conference 26
Foreign Mission Board, Legal Trustees of 12
French-Swiss Conference 67
French Mission 68
Friendly Islands Mission 59

General Conference, Officers of 11

Ministers, Licentiates, and Missionary Licentiates of 13-15
General Conference Association 12
General Conference Committee 11
General European Conference 60
Georgia Conference 27
German East African Mission 62
German-Swiss Conference 61
German Union Conference 60
Gold Coast Mission, West Africa 75
Greater New York Conference 18
Gwelo Mission 71

Hawaiian Mission 55
Holland Mission 63
Hungarian Mission 63

Iceland Mission 65
India Mission 73
Indiana Conference 33
Intermediate Schools 81
International Medical Missionary and BeneVolent Association 13
International Medical Missionary and Benevolent Training-school
Association 13
Iowa Conference 42
Ireland Mission 66
Italian Mission 68

Jamaica Conference 74
Japan Mission 74
Kansas Conference 43

Lake Union Conference 29

Latin Union Mission 67
Louisiana Conference 27

Maine Conference 18
Manitoba Conference 38
Maritime Conference 22
Matabele Mission 71
Mexican Mission 75
Middle Russian Mission 63
Ministerial Directory 121
Minnesota Conference 38
Miscellaneous Conferences and Mission Fields 73
Missionary Agents 118
Mississippi Conference 28
Missouri Conference 45
Montana Conference 51

Natal-Transvaal Conference 71
Nebraska Conference 45
New Jersey Conference 19
New South Wales Conference 56
New York Conference 19
New Zealand Conference 56
Newfoundland Mission .23
Norfolk Island Mission 59
North Dakota Conference 39
North England Conference 66
North Michigan Conference 32
North Russian Mission 63
Northern Illinois Conference 34
Northern Union Conference 38
Norway Conference 64
Nyassaland Mission 72

Obituary 135
Ohio Conference 30
Oklahoma Conference 47
Ontario Conference 23
Oriental Union Mission 69

Pacific Union Conference 49

Panama Mission 75
Periodicals, List of 88
Physicians 136
Pitcairn Island Mission 59
Porto Rico Mission 75
Portuguese Mission 68
Presidents of Conferences 105
Publication Committee 12
Publishing Houses 84

Quebec Conference 23
Queensland Conference 57

Relief of Schools Committee 13

Religious Liberty Department of the General Conference 12
Restaurants and Cafes 102
Rhenish-Piussian Conference 61
River Plate Conference 72

Sabbath-school Department of the General Conference 12

Sabbath-school Secretaries 116
Samoan Mission 59
Scandinavian Union Conference 64
Sanitariums 94
Scotland Mission 67
Secretaries of Conferences 108
Secretaries of Tract Society Departments 114
Secretaries of Sabbath-school Departments 116
Society Islands Mission 59
South African Union Conference 70
South American Union Mission 72
South Australian Conference 57
South Dakota Conference 40

South England Conference 65

South German Conference 61
South Russian Conference 62
Southern California Conference 52
Southern Illinois Conference 34
Southern Missionary Society 24
Southern New England Conference 20
Southern Union Conference 24
Southwestern Union Conference 47
Spanish Mission 68
Statistical Review 7
Sumatra Mission 59
Summary of Officers 105
Superior Mission 37
Sweden Conference 64
Syrian Mission 69

Tasmanian Conference 58
Tennessee River Conference 28
Texas Conference 48
Transportation Agents 12
Tract Society Secretaries 114-
Treasurers of Conferences 111
Treatment-Rooms 102
Turkish Mission 69

Union Conference Papers 91

Upper Columbia Conference 52
Utah Conference 53

Vegetarian Restaurants and Cafs 102

Vermont Conference 20
Victorian Conference 58
Virginia Conference 21

Wales Mission 67
West Coast Mission, South America 73
West German. Conference 62
West Michigan Conference 32
West Virginia Conference 21
West Australian Conference 58
Western Oregon Conference 53
Western Pennsylvania Conference 21
Western Washington Conference 54
Wisconsin Conference 35

THE first Seventh-day Adventist Year Book was issued in 1883.

From that time to 1894 a yearly publication was issued, constantly
increasing in size with the growth of the denomination.
Since 1894, instead of issuing a Year Book, the denominational sta-
tistics and directories of Conferences, organizations, institutions, and
laborers have been published in the General Conference Bulletin. It
has been thought advisable to issue the directory in year-book form,
as being more convenient in use. These directories have become almost
a necessity with many, and are a great convenience to all who desire
reliable information regarding the features of our work which are
covered by the reports.
A brief glance at the main features of our denominational statis-
tics for the past twenty years may be of interest in this connection.
In 1882 (being the first year when denominational statistics were
collected and published), there were twenty-six organized Conferences,
and six mission fields. All but two of these Conferences were in the
United States; these two were Sweden and Denmark. The missions
were located as follows: Central Europe,. England, the Southern field,
Nevada, Norway, and Virginia. Connected with these missions were
thirteen laborers, and twenty-seven churches.
Ten years later, in 1892, there were thirty-four organized Confer-
ences, seven of which were outside the United States. Eleven missions
were then in operation, in the following-named countries: Central
America, West Indies, South America, Russia, Germany, Polynesia,
England, Montana, Oklahoma, in the South, and in the Maritime Prov-
inces. In connection with these mission fields were thirty laborers and
sixty-two churches.
Another ten years, or 1902, records the organization of seventy-two
local Conferences, fourteen Union Conferences, and the establishment
of forty-two missions. These were distributed as follows: Local Con-
ferences in North America, forty-nine; outside of North America,
twenty-three; Union Conferences in America, eight; in other countries,
six; mission fields in America, including Alaska, Hawaii, and New-
foundland, five; missions outside of America, thirty-seven. These
were located as follows: Twelve in Europe; four in Africa; three in
Asia; two in South America; two in South Africa; and the remainder
in Central America, Mexico, West Indies, and the Pacific Islands.
Connected with these missions were sixty-seven ordained and licensed
ministers and one hundred and thirty-one churches.

The growth seen in this line is about in proportion to the progress

the work has made in other lines. The following table will illustrate
the development made in the leading features of the work,-from which
it will be seen that the most rapid growth made is in the establish-
ment of missions. For the time covered by the report, they have in-
creased every five years at an average rate of 80 per cent, or an average
of 16 per cent increase for each year. The increase of funds stands
next, with an average rate of 71 per cent. The average per cent of
gain for all items is 55, or a gain of 11 per cent for each year.

Table Showing Growth of the Seventh-day Adventist Denomination by

Five-year Periods, 1882 to 1902.

L icentiates.

0 40
2$ C a

1882 26 6 167 134 660 17,169 $ 84,261.00

1887 28 3 213 166 798 23,111 146,936.78
1892 34 11 244 156 1,574 33,778 302,310.19
1897 38 28 407 149 1,102 56,436 363,415.16
1902 72 42 553 323 2,077 73,533 643,747.83

Still greater has been the growth of institutional work. In 1882

there were three educational institutions, two having been established
during that year, and one, Battle Creek College, in 1874. Twenty years
later there were nine colleges and academies in America, and five in
other countries; and of intermediate schools, in America, fourteen;
in other countries, five.
While in 1882 there were but two publishing houses in operation,
at the present time there are nine offices and branches in the United
States, and eleven in other countries. Publications are now issued in
thirty-nine languages, in the form of eighty-seven weekly and monthly
periodicals, 235 bound books, 180 pamphlets, and 760 tracts. These
books, pamphlets, and tracts have a total of 100,000 pages.
In 1882 there were two sanitariums under denominational auspices.
At the present time there are thirty-five in the United States, sixteen
in other countries, besides a large number of treatment rooms, cafds,
city missions, dispensaries, benevolent institutions, etc., in the larger
cities of this and other countries.

Showing the Total Number of Seventh-day Adventist Sabbath-keepers,
Amount of Tithe Paid, and the Amount for Each Member,
for Sixteen Years.
Sabbath- Amount of Per
Year. keepers. tithes. capita.
1887 25,841 $192,720.99 $7.44
1888 26,112 163,129.23 6.20
1889 28,324 224,743.78 7.93
1890 29,711 225,433.98 7.59
1891 31,665 258,037.27 8.11
1892 33,778 302,310.19 8.94
1893 37,404 350,690.56 9.37
1894 42,763 321,517.06 7.51
1895 47,680 309,142.76 6.45
1896 52,202 341,978.37 6.55
1897 56,436 363,415.16 6.43
1898 59,447 432,158.08 7.26
1899 64,003 490,656.16 7.66
1900 75,767 510,258.97 6.73
1901 78,188 578,628.13 7.40
1902 73,522 643,747.83 8.75
Total tithe for sixteen years $5,708,568.52
Average tithe per capita for sixteen years $7.52

Comparative Statement of Membership and Contributions for Sixteen
Total. Donations Donations
Year. Membership. contributions. to missions. for orphans.
1887 23,700 $16,751.83 $10,615.72
1888 25,375 18,485.77 10,755.34
1889 28,900 22,541.24 11,767.95
1890 32,000 28,642.75 17,707.39
1891 33,400 29,435.05 16,750.94
1892 35,300 37,542.27 23,618.77
1893 40,100 37,936.11 24,162.50
1894 49,626 39,562.42 20,850.05
1895 50,266 37,336.35 19,800.76
1896 54,070 40,125.13 23,666.08
1897 52,045 41,541.40 33,409.32
1898 55,160 40,301.87 21,475.18 $4,795.16
1899 55,967 39,071.79 21,842.09 5,107.02
1900 55,255 46,794.40 25,235.47 5,861.06
1901 57,726 43,819.67 21,947.90 4,830.11
1902 59,351 51,642.01 28,298.86 5,496.39

Showing Population, Membership, and Churches by Union Confer-
ences, December I, 1903.

Population. Membership. Churches.

District of Columbia 279,000 280 3
Atlantic Union Conference 26,261,151 8,166 269
Canadian Union Conference 4,681,478 1,162 38
Southern Union Conference. 14,910,689 2,242 80
Lake Union Conference 15,985,583 16,321 449
Northern Union Conference. 2,890,639 4,087 140
Central Union Conference 8,716,023 13,486 353
Southwestern Union Conference 5,150,665 2,896 87
Pacific Union Conference 3,546,579 9,877 211
Australasian Union Conference 50,000,000 2,858 67
German Union Conference 260,300,000 4,734 161
Scandinavian Union Conference 12,545,944 2,215 71
British Union Conference 42,000,000 858 31
Latin Union Mission 101,738,668 571 22
Oriental Union Mission 60,000,000 201 25
South African Union Conference 6,850,000 715 15
South American Union Mission 31;400,000 1,510 34
Misc. Conferences and Missions 783,164,866 2,923 49
Total 1,430,421,285 76,102 2,105
Comparison with Dec. 31, 1902 1,319,066,994 73,522 2,077
Net gain for eleven months 111,354,291 1,580 28
The figures given above for membership and churches are only ap-
proximate, for the reason that accurate reports for the year 1903 could
not be given when the table was compiled.
Directory .of the Seventh-day
Adventist Denomination.

Organized 1861.
Territory: The following-named Home Secretary: Miss Estella
Union Conferences: Atlantic, Houser, 222 North Capitol St.,
Canadian, Southern, Lake, Washington, D. C.
Northern, Central, Southwest- Statistical Secretary: H. E. Rog-
ern, Pacific, Australasian, Brit- ers, 222 North Capitol St.,
ish, German , Scandinavian, Washington, D. C.
South African; the Union Mis- EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.
sion fields of the Latin, the Ori- A. G. Daniells, 222 North Capitol
ental, and the South American; St., Washington, D. C.
the local Conferences of East
H. W. Cottrell, South Lancaster,
Caribbean and Jamaica, and the
missions of China, India, Japan, W. H. Thurston, 4230 St. Cather-
Mexico, Central America, Pan- ine St., Montreal, Quebec.
ama, Porto Rico, Bermuda, and Geo. I. Butler,1025 Jefferson St.,
the Gold Coast of Africa. Nashville,n.en
Population: More or less under C. W. Flaiz, Medford, Minn.
sphere of Conferences and Mis- E. T. Russell, College View, Nebr..
sions, 1,430,421,285. N. P. Nelson, Keene, Tex.
Membership: (December 1, 1903) W. T. Knox, 816 Twentieth St.,
76,102; churches, 2,105. Oakland, Cal.
Office: 222 North Capitol St., L. R. Conradi, Grindelberg 15a,
Washington, D. C., U. S. A. Hamburg, Germany.
Cable Address: Adventist, Wash- 0. A. Olsen, 451 Holloway Road,
ington, D. C.
London, N., England..
OFFICERS. P. A. Hansen, Margrethevej 5,
Copenhagen, V., Denmark.
President: A. G. Daniells, 222 W. S. Hyatt, 28a Roeland St.,
North Capitol St., Washington, Cape Town, South Africa.
D. C. G. A. Irwin, 56 George St., West,
First Vice-President: L. R. Con- Sydney, N. S. W., Australia.
radi, Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, B. G. Wilkinson, 8 rue Belloni,
Germany. Paris, France.
Second Vice-President: W. W. J. W. Westphal, Casilla del Correo
Prescott, 222 North Capitol St., 481, Buenos Ayres, Argentine
Washington, D. C. Republic, South America. '
Secretary: W. A. Spicer, 222 W. W. Prescott, 222 North Capitol
North Capitol St., Washington, St., Washington, D. C.
D. C. W. A. Spicer, 222 North Capitol
Treasurer: I. H. Evans, 267 West St., Washington, D. C.
Main St., Battle Creek, Mich. L. A. Hoopes, College View, Nebr.
A. T. Jones, Battle Creek, Mich.
APPOINTED ASSISTANTS. W. C. White, Sanitarium, Napa
Assistant Treasurer: W. T. Bland, Co., Cal.
222 North Capitol St., Washing- C. FT. Jones,' Pacific Press Pub.
ton, D. C. Co.. Oakland, Cal.

David Paulson, 28 Thirty-third Organ: The Sentinel of Christian

Place, Chicago, Ill. Liberty, 222 North Capitol St.,
J. C. Ottosen, Margrethevej 5, Washington, D. C.
A. J. Read, 1809 Wallace St., Phil- ATION.
adelphia, Pa. A. G. Daniells (Pres.), I. H.
Frederick Griggs, South Lancas- Evans (Treas.), W. T. Bland
ter, Mass.
W. C. Sisley, 451 Holloway Road, (Sec.), W. A. Spicer, W. W.
London, N., England. Prescott, S. H. Lane, P. T. Ma-
S. N. Haskell, South Lancaster, gan, Allen Moon, J. D. Gowell,
Mass. Wm. Covert, C. D. Rhodes, A. G.
Haughey, R. A. Underwood, H.
R. M. Kilgore, Graysville, Tenn. M. Mitchell, J. E. Jayne, H. W.
Cottrell, S. N. Curtiss, J. S.
melee, J. Sutherland.
W. A. Spicer (Chairman), Mrs. L. Executive Committee: A. G. Dan-
Flora Plummer (Secretary), W. iells, W. W. Prescott, I. H.
W. Prescott, Miss Fannie M. Evans, W. T. Bland, C. D.
Dickerson, Miss Estella Houser, Rhodes.
M. C. Wilcox, M. D. Mattson, LEGAL TRUSTEES OF THE FOR-
W. A. Colcord, S. N. Curtiss, C. EIGN MISSION BOARD.
P. Boliman. A. G. Daniells, W. A. Spicer, S. N.
Office of Chairman and Secretary: Curtiss, H. W. Cottrell, I. H.
222 North Capitol St., Washing- Evans, A. J. Read, Frederick
ton, D. C. Griggs, W. W. Prescott, J. E.
Organ: Sabbath-school Worker, Jayne.
222 North Capitol St., Washing.
ton, D. C.
W. C. White (Chairman), W. W.
Evans, F. E. Painter, S. D.
L. A. Hoopes (Chairman), Fred- Hartwell, J. E. White, I. A.
erick Griggs (Secretary), W. W. Ford, J. B. Blosser, F. A. Beta-
Prescott, W. A. Spicer, M. E. more, C. W. Hardesty. C. N.
Cady, E. A. Sutherland, Miss Woodward, H. H. Hall, Jas.
Fannie M. Dickerson, Mrs. L. Cochran.
Flora Plummer, J. E. Tenney, TRANSPORTATION AGENTS.
Miss M. Bessie De Graw, C. C. I. H. Evans, Battle Creek, Mich.
Lewis, E. L. Eggleston, B. E. W. T. Bland, 222 North Capitol
Huffman, E. W. Catlin, H. A. St., Washington, D. C. (also
Washburn. general agent for transatlantic
Office of Secretary: South Lan- steamship lines).
caster, Mass. C. L. Kilgore, Graysville, Tenn.
Organ: Department of Christian W. 0. Palmer, 8 Noel Block, Nash-
Education in Review and Her- ville, Tenn.
ald. J. Sutherland, College View, Nebr.
C. M. Everest, Box 989, Minne-
MENT. apolis, Minn.
Jas. Cochran, 18 West Fifth St.,
Allen Moon (Chairman), D. W. Kansas City, Mo.
Reavis, W. A. Colcord, R. C. C. N. Woodward, Keene, Tex.
Porter, A. T. Jones, C. P. Boll- C. H. Jones, care Pacific Press
man, John D. Bradley, J. S. Pub. Co., Oakland, Cal. (also
Washburn. agent for Pacific steamship
Office of Chairman: Room 670, lines).
Monon Building, 324 Dearborn Allen Moon, Room 670, 324 Dear-
St., Chicago, Ill. born St., Chicago, Ill.

A. Bacon, 451 Holloway Road, F. M. Wilcox, Sanitarium, Boul-

London, N., England. der, Colo.
J. A. Burden, Wahroonga, N. S. 0. M. Hayward, Graysville, Tenn.
W., Australia. S. P. S. Edwards, 1213 Fifteenth
H. W. Decker, West Ave., Mt. St., Moline, Ill.
Tabor, Oregon. W. B. Holden, Mt. Tabor, Oregon.
A. Pages, Grindelberg 15a, Ham-
burg, Germany.
New York Forwarding Agent: J. MISSIONARY TRAINING
M. Calvert, 861 Putnam Ave.,
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Incorporated October 9, 1901.
W. C. White (Chairman), J. S.
Washburn (Secretary), P. T. Office: 267 West Main St., Battle
Magan, W. T. Bland, Frederick Creek, Mich.
Griggs, L. A. Hoopes, C. C. Officers: President, A. T. Jones;
Lewis. ' Secretary, W. H. Edwards;
Treasurer, S. H. Lane; Asst.
Treas., P. T. Magan; other
Incorporated 1893.
Office: Battle Creek, Mich.
President: J. H. Kellogg, Sanita- CONFERENCE.
rium, Battle Creek, Mich. Anderson, J. N., care British Post-
Secretary: J. F. Morse, Sanita- office, Canton, China.
rium, Battle Creek, Mich. Armstrong, H., 39-1 Free School
Treasurer: C. -E. Stewart, Sanita- St., Calcutta, India.
rium, Battle Creek, Mich. Balada, Enrique, Casilla 240, Iqui-
que, Chile, South America.
BOARD OF TRUSTEES. Bodwell, A. G., 1599 Avenue 22,
J. H. Kellogg, Sanitarium, Battle Tacubaya, D. F.
Creek, Mich. Bourdeau, A. C., 166 Kalamazbo
W. T. Knox, 816 Twentieth St., St., Battle Creek, Mich.
Oakland, Cal. Bourdeau, D. T., 475 Wealthy
David ..Paulson, 28 Thirty-third Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich.
Place, Chicago, Ill. Branch, T. H., Plainfield Estate,
A. J. Read, 1809 Wallace St., Phil- Cholo, near Blantyre,. British
adelphia, Pa. Central Africa.
J. F. Morse, Sanitarium, Battle Brown, Geo. M., 1599 Avenue 22,
Creek, Mich. Tacubaya, D. F.
C. E. Stewart, Sanitarium, Battle Collie, J. W., Box 186, Boulder, .
Creek, Mich. Colo.
A. T. Jones, 503 West Main St., Caviness, G. W., 1599 Avenue 22,
Battle Creek, Mich. Tacubaya, D. F.
P. T. Magan, Berrien Springs, Daniells, A. G., 222 North Capitol
Mich. St., Washington, D. C.
E. L. Eggleston, Sanitarium, Evans, I. H., care Review and
Battle Creek, Mich. Herald, Battle Creek, Mich.
Field, F. W., No. 30 Oiwaki-cho,
C. C. Nicola, Melrose, Mass. Goodrich, H. C., Box 105, Belize,
W. R. Simmons, Mt. Tabor, Ore- British Honduras, Central
gon. America.

Haskell, S. N., South Lancaster, Okohira, T. H., 856 Sendagaya

Mass. mura, Tokio, Japan.
Hale, D. U., Keene, Tex. Osborne, H. E., Battle Creek,
John, A. A., San Juan de Letran Mich.
5, Mexico, D. F. Palmer, E. R., 525 Central Ave.,
Ketring, H. F., Casilla 240, Iqui- Phoenix, Ariz.
que, Chile, South America.
Knight, I. G., Bocas del Toro, Pan- MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Lake, D. D., Healdsburg, Cal. Allen, A. N., Box 105, Belize, Brit-
Leland, J. A., 8 Camarena St., ish Honduras, Central America.
Guadalajara, Mexico. Anderson, Mrs. Emma, care Brit-
Loughborough, J. N., 1228 Chest- ish Post-office, Canton, China.
nut St., Oakland, Cal. Bishop, F. W., Casilla 240, Iqui-
Magan, P. T., Berrien Springs, que, Chile, South America.
Mich. Black, Thekla, 39-1 Free School
Miller, H. W., Sin Tsai Hsien, Ho- St., Calcutta, India.
nan, via Hankow, China. Branch, Mabel, Plainfield Estate,
Mitchell, H. M., Academia, Ohio. Cholo, near Blantyre, British
Morrow, J. A., Box 54, Hamilton, Central Africa.
Bermuda Islands. Burden, W. D., 845 Sendagaya
Nicola, H., 123 Manchester St., mura, Tokio, Japan.
Battle Creek, Mich. Burgess, L. J., 39-1 Free School
Owen, G. K., 39-1 Free School St., St., Calcutta, India.
Calcutta, India. Burgess, Georgia A., 39-1 Free
Pilquist, E., Sin Tsai Hsien, Ho- School St., Calcutta, India.
nan, via Hankow, China. Caviness, Mrs. G. W., 1599 Ave-
Prescott, W. W., 222 North Cap- nue 22, Tacubaya, D. F.
itol St., Washington, D. C. Coates, Della, 51 Park St., Cal-
Salmon, A. C., Sin Tsai Hsien, Ho- cutta, India.
nan, via Hankow, China. Connerly, Mrs. B. E., 120 Calle
Shaw, J. L., 39-1 Free School St., Mendez Vigo, Mayaguez, Porto
Calcutta, India. Rico, West Indies.
Sheafe, L. C., 83 L St., N. W., Crisler, C. C., Sanitarium, CO.
Washington, D. C. Davis, T. H., Esmeralda, Cal.
Spicer, W. A., 222 North Capitol Erickson, Carrie, Sin Tsai Hsien,
St., Washington, D. C. Ronan, via Hankow, China.
Warren, Luther, Stuart, Iowa. Erkenbeck, J. W., Sanitarium,
Westphal, J. W., Casilla del Cor- Guadalajara, Mexico.
reo 481, Buenos Ayres, Argen- Erkenbeck, W. J., Sanitarium,
tine Republic, South America. Guadalajara, Mexico.
White, Mrs. E. G., " Elmshaven," Field, Mrs. F. W., 30 Oiwaki-cho,
Sanitarium, Napa Co., Cal. Hongo Ku, Tokio, Japan.
White, W. C., Sanitarium, Napa Fischer, Mrs. A. M., 120 Calle
Co., Cal. Mendez Vigo, Mayaguez, Porto
Rico, West Indies.
Fleming, Mrs. A. S., 39-1 Free
Bland, W. T., 222 North Capitol School St., Calcutta, India.
St., Washington, D. C. Hansen, L. F., 51 Park St., Cal-
Gilbert, A. D., care Pacific Press, cutta, India.
Oakland, Cal. Hansen, Mrs. L. F., 51 Park St.,
Haskell, Mrs. H. H., South Lan- Calcutta, India.
caster, Mass. Hare, Maggie, Sanitarium, Cal.
Hyatt, J. M., Cape Coast Castle, Hetherington, A. J., Utilla, Bay
Gold Coast, West Africa. Islands, Central America.
Meyers, H. B., 39-1 Free School Hetherington, Mrs. A. J., Utilla,
St., Calcutta, India. Bay Islands, Central America.

Ingersoll, R. S., 51 Park St., Cal- Smith, D. Ella, 39-1 Free School
cutta, India. St., Calcutta, India.
Ingersoll, Mrs. Olive P., 51 Park Simpson, Charlotte, Sin Tsai
St., Calcutta, India. Hsien, Honan, via Hankow,
James, W. 0., 39-1 Free School St., China.
Calcutta, India. Shaw, Mrs. J. L., 39-1 Free School
Kelley, F. C., 1599 Avenue 22, St., Calcutta, India.
Tacubaya, D. F., Mexico. Smalley, Jas. G., Bonacca, Bay
Kellogg, Grace, 39-1 Free School Islands, Central America.
St., Calcutta, India. Thompson, Ida, 3 Arsenal St.,
Knight, Annie, 51 Park St., Cal- Hong Kong, China.
cutta, India. Vollmer, A. M., Apia, Samoa, Pa-
Knight, Mrs. I. G., Bocas del cific Ocean.
Toro, Panama. Vollmer, Mrs. Maude J., Apia,
Kuniya, H., 30. Oiwaki-cho, Hongo Samoa, Pacific Ocean.
Ku, Japan. Smith, S. P., St. Andrew's Island,
Lockwood, Dr. S. A., 42 Yama- Colombia, South America, via
moto-dori, Nichome, Kobe, Japan. Colon.
Lockwood, Mrs. Myrtle, 42 Yama- Smith, Mrs. S. P., St. Andrew's
moto-dori, Nichome, Kobe, Japan. Island, Colombia, South Amer-
MacEnterfer, Sara, Sanitarium, ica, via Colon.
Cal. Whiteis, Samantha E., 39-1 Free
Miller, Mrs. Maude A., Sin Tsai School St., Calcutta, India.
Hsien, Honan, via Hankow, Wilbur, E. H., 3 Arsenal St., Hong
China. Kong, China.
Moore, I. E., appointed to Cuba. Wilbur, Mrs. E. H., 3 Arsenal St.,
Moore, Mrs. Lura C., appointed to Hong Kong, China.
Cuba. Wilcox, A. Helen, 39-1 Free School
Morrow, Mrs. J. A., Box 54, Ham- St., Calcutta, India.
ilton, Bermuda.
Olney, Mrs. S. J., 51 Park St.,
Orr, Anna, 39-1 Free School St., TAKOMA PARK.
Calcutta, India. Evangelical work under super-
Owen, H. A., Tegucigalpa, Spanish vision of the General Conference,
Honduras, Central America. by arrangement made in 1903.
Owen, Mrs. H. A., Tegucigalpa, Territory: The District of Col-
Spanish Honduras, Central umbia and Takoma Park.
America. Population: 279,000.
Plummer, Mrs. L. Flora, 222 Membership: 280; churches, 3.
North Capitol St., Washington, Address: 222 North Capitol St.,
D. C. Washington, D. C.
Quantock, W. W., 39-1 Free
School St., Calcutta, India. OFFICERS.
Quantock, Mrs. May, 39-1 Free Committee on Evangelical Work:
School St., Calcutta, India. W. T. Bland, J. S. Washburn,
Rogers, H. E., 222 North Capitol J. H. Neall, L. C. Sheafe, C. T.
St., Washington, D. C. Shaffer.
Reagan, Ida Royer, 51 Park St., Officers: Chairman, W. T. Bland;
Calcutta, India. Sec., J. S. Washburn; Treas., J.
Rees, Earl, Yamamoto-dori, Ni- H. Neall.
chome, Kobe, Japan.
Rees, Mrs. Earl, Yamamoto-dori, MINISTERS.
Nichome, Kobe, Japan. J. S. Washburn, 1728 Fourteenth
Selmon, Mrs. Bertha L., Sin Tsai St., N. W., Washington, D. C.
Hsien, Honan, via Hankow, L. C. Sheafe, 83 L St., N. W.,
China. Washington, D. C.


A. J. Bristol, Chestnut Ave., Ta- Miss L. M. Slocum, 1430 V St.,
koma Park, D. C. N. W., Washington, D. C.
G. A. Stevens, 222 North Capitol Miss Rosa Morris, Good Hope, Md.
St., Washington, D. C. J. R. Scott, 222 North Capitol St.,
Washington, D. C.


Organized 1901.
Territory: The Conferences of MINISTERS.
Maine, Vermont, Central New H. W. Cottrell, South Lancaster,
England (comprising the States Mass.
of Massachusetts and New S. N. Haskell, South Lancaster,
Hampshire) ,Southern New Eng- Mass.
land (comprising the States of E. E. Franke, Hollis, Long Island,
Connecticut and Rhode Island), N. Y.
New York, Greater New York, M. D. Mattson, South Lancaster,
New Jersey, Eastern Pennsyl- Mass.
vania, Western Pennsylvania, Frederick Griggs, South Lancas-
Chesapeake, Virginia, and West ter, Mass.
Virgina. Roy F. Cottrell, South Lancaster,
Population: 26,261,151. Mass.
Membership: 8,166; churches, 269.
Office: South Lancaster, Mass. LICENTIATE.
F. E. Painter, Wilkinsburg, Pa.
Conference: Pres., H. W. Cottrell;
Sec. and Treas., Wm. A. Wil- Mrs. S. N. Haskell, South Lancas-
cox; Auditor, J. E. Jayne; Ex. ter, Mass.
Corn., H. W. Cottrell, the Presi- J. L. Johnson, 460 Fifty-second
dents of the Conferences com- St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
posing the Union Conference,
C. C. Nicola, Frederick Griggs,
E. E. Miles, Geo. W. Palmer, CENTRAL NEW ENGLAND
Wm. A. Wilcox, S. N. Curtiss, CONFERENCE.
F. E. Painter; Canv. Agt., F. L.
Painter. Organized 1903, out of territory
Atlantic Union Conference Asso- formerly comprising the New
ciation: Pres., H. W. Cottrell; England Conference, organized
Sec. and Treas., Wm. A. Wil- 1871.
cox; Auditor, J. E. Jayne; Trus- Territory: Massachusetts and
tees, Hampton W. Cottrell, Wil- New Hampshire.
liam A. Wilcox, Albert E. Place, Population: Approximately, 3,-
George W. Palmer, Miles D. 216,934.
Mattson, J. Edward Jayne, Membership: 967; churches, 23.
Preston F. Bicknell. Office: South Lancaster, Mass.
Medical Missionary Department:
Advisory Committee, C. C. Nic-
ola, A. J. Read, A. R. Satterlee, Conference: Pres., A. E. Place;
J. R. Scott, M. D. Mattson, G. Sec. and Treas., H. B. Tucker;
A. Hare, J. E. Jayne, E. H. M. Sabbath-school and Missionary
Sell. Sec., Mrs. W. M. Lee; Canv.

Agt., H. C. Wilcox; Religious MINISTERS.

Liberty Sec., G. B. Wheeler; 0. 0. Farnsworth, Westminster,
Ex. Corn., A. E. Place, M. D. Md.
Mattson, K. C.. Russell, H. H. V. H. Lucas, 1414 Harrison St.,
Stacy, P. P. Lane. Wilmington, Del.
J. F. Jones, 221 King St., Wil-
MINISTERS. mington, Del.
A. E. Elace, South Lancaster, F. H. Seeney, Cheswold, Del.
Mass. F. W. Mace, Westminster, Md.
G. B. Wheeler, South Lancaster,
F. C. Gilbert, South Lancaster, EL S. Weaver, 903 Woodley St.,
Mass. Baltimore, Md.
K. C. Russell, 71 Wyoming Ave., J. A. Traugh, 35 Race St., Cum-
Melrose, Mass. berland, Md.
Lee S. Wheeler, care Sanitarium,
Organized 1903, out of territory
H. C. Hartwell, South Lancaster, formerly comprising the Penn-
Mass. sylvania Conference, organized
A. J. Clark, South Lancaster, 1879.
W. R. Utchmann, South Lancas- Territory: That portion of the
ter, Mass. State of Pennsylvania lying
east of the easterly line of Pot-
MISSIONARY LICENTIATE. ter, Clinton, Center, Mifflin,
Huntingdon, and Fulton Coun-
C. E. Palmer, 200 Linden St., Ev- ties.
erett, Mass. Population: 3,800,000.
Membership: 900; churches, 27.
Office: Box 614, or 695 Hepburn
Organized 1899. OFFICERS.
Territory: Delaware and Mary- Conference: Pres., R. A. Under-
land, and the three counties of wood; Vice-pres., W. J. Fitz-
Morgan, Berkeley, and Jeffer- gerald; Sec. and Treas., V. H.
son, in West Virginia; and ex- Cook; Field See., F. F. Fry;
cepting the District of Colum- Ex. Corn., R. A. Underwood, W.
bia and Takoma Park township, J. Fitzgerald, V. H. Cook, S. S.
which have been ceded to the Shrock, J. H. Schilling, Dr. A. J.
General Conference. Read, F. E. Painter; S. S. See.,
Population: 1,419,586. Miss Nellie B. Underwood.
Membership: 500; churches, 11. Pennsylvania Sanitarium and Be-
Office: 903 Woodley St., Balti- nevolent Association of Sev-
more, Md. enth-day Adventists: Trustees,
R. A. Underwood, J. E. Jayne,
OFFICERS. C. H. Keslake, A. J. Read, J. P.
Bradford, Dr. Wilkins, Dr.
Conference: Pres., 0. 0. Farns- Christman, W. J. Fitzgerald, V.
worth; Sec. and Treas., H. S. H. Cook.
Weaver; Missionary Sec., Mrs.
H. S. Weaver; Sabbath-school MINISTERS.
Sec., Miss Helen V. Price; Ex. R. A. Underwood, Box 614, Wil-
Corn., 0. 0. Farnsworth, J. W. liamsport.
Munch, J. H. %Rhodes, T. M. Morris Lukens, 5237 Cedar Ave-
Bradford. nue, Philadelphia.

W. J. Fitzgerald, 1942 North Sev- Sabbath-school Department: Sec.,

enteenth St., Philadelphia. Mrs. L. IL Proctor, 74 Fountain
J. H. Schilling, 1035 Douglass St., Ave., Brooklyn.
Reading. Educational Department: Sec.,
W. H. Smith, 2146 Atlas Ave., R. H. Martin, 57 Grand St., New
Harrisburg. York City.
S. S. Shrock, 205 Colfax Ave., MINISTERS.
C. H. Edwards, 1336 Prospect
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Ave., cor. 169th St., New York,
F. F. Fry, Box 614, Williamsport. N. Y.
Wm. T. Hilgert, 5237 Cedar Ave., 0. E. Reinke, 1124 Putnam Ave.,
Philadelphia. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Miss Nellie B. Underwood, Box L. H. Proctor, 74 Fountain Ave.,
Brooklyn, N. -Y.
614, Williamsport.
Jessie Wise, Kingston. LICENTIATE.
Sue M. Ad rews, 1035 Douglass
Geo. A. King, 982 East 156th St.,
St., Reading.
New York, N. Y.
GREATER NEW YORK CON- John J. Kennedy, 311 West Thir-
FERENCE. teenth St., New York, N. Y.
John C. Hennessy, 8 West One
Organized 1902. Hundred and Fifth St., New
Territory: The City of Greater York, N. Y.
New York, Long Island, and the Jas. K. Humphrey, 233 West
counties of Westchester, Rock- Sixty-second St., New York,
land, Putnam, Orange, Dutchess, N. Y.
and Ulster, in New York State. G. A. Roggenkamp, 93 Lander St.,
Population: Approximately, 5,- Newburgh, N. Y.
000,000. P. L. Hoen, 5122 Fifth Ave.,
Membership: 650; churches, 10. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Office: Room 14, Jacot Building, Mrs. R. Leo, 214 Grand St.,
39 Union Square, New York, Brooklyn, N. Y.
N. Y. Mrs. E. H. Hall, 2138 Fifth Ave.,
New York, N. Y.
OFFICERS. Miss Bessie Shonsbye, 74 Foun-
Conference: Pres., Chas. H. Ed- tain Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
wards, 1336 Prospect Ave., cor. Miss Carrie Wentland, 1124 Put-
169th St., New York City; Rec. nam Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Sec., R. H. Martin, 57 Grand Miss Alice Williams, 452 Madison
St., New York City; Cor. Sec. St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
and Treas., E. H. Hall, 2138 Miss Bessie MacPherson, Acker-
Fifth Ave., New York City; man St., Kingsbridge, N. Y.
Ex. Com., C. H. Edwards, 0. E.
Reinke, L. H. Proctor, Steen
Jensen, R. H. Martin, E. H. MAINE CONFERENCE.
M. Sell, M. D., (137 West Organized 1867.
Ninety-fourth St., New York Territory: The State of Maine.
City), E. H. Hall, Louis Kle- Population: 694,466.
bahn, G. M. Chaffee. Membership: 552; churches, 21.
Tract Society: Same office and Office: , 1377 Washington Ave.,
officers as for the Conference. North Deering, Me.
Medical Department: G. M. Chaf-
fee (Chairman), Ruth Bryant OFFICERS.
Leake, M. D., H. P. Vaughan, Conference: Pres., P. F. Bicknell;
M. D., J. A. Wood, 0. E. Reinke. Sec. and Treas., Miss Eliza H.

Morton; Sec. and Treas., of S. NEW YORK CONFERENCE.

S. Dept. and State Agent, Mrs.
P. F. Bicknell; Ex. Corn., P. F. Organized 1862.
Bicknell, R. T. Hobbs, E. C. Territory: The State of New
Taylor, Chas. H. Harmon, B. F. York, excepting that portion
Davis. comprising the Greater New
MINISTERS. York Conference.
Population: 3,300,000.
P. F. Bicknell, 1377 Washington Membership: 1,750; churches, 68.
Ave., North Deering. Office: 317 West Bloomfield St.,
J. B. Goodrich, Blaine. Rome, N. Y.
P. B. Osborne, R. F. D. 4 and 5,
Skowhegan. OFFICERS.
S. J. Hersum, Richmond. Conference: Pres:, S. H. Lane;
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Sec. and Treas., T. E. Bowen;
Ex. Corn., S. H. Lane; J. W.
Cornelia Snow, Blaine. Raymond, A. R. Satterlee, H.
Mrs. P. F. Bicknell, 1377 Washing. W. Carr, 0. L. Stillman (De
ton Ave., North Deering. Ruyter), Courtland Greene
(Route 1, Watertown), C. H.
Coe .(Minetto).
NEW JERSEY CONFERENCE. Medical Missionary. Department:
Organized 1902. Sec., A. R. Satterlee, M. D., 922
Niagara St., Buffalo.
Territory: The State of New Jer- Educational Department: Sec., H.
sey. W. Carr, Route 1, Randolph.
Population: 1,883,669. Sabbath-school Department: Sec.,
Membership: 403; churches, 14. Mrs. L. M. Calkins, 509 William
dice: 140 Sheridan Ave., Pater- St., Rome.
son, N. J.
S. H. Lane, 317 West Bloomfield
Conference: Pres., J. E. Jayne; St., Rome.
Vice-pres., C. H. Keslake; Sec. J. W. Raymond, 108 West Che-
and Treas., Mrs. Anna E. mung St., Elmira.
Rambo; Ex. Com., J. E. Jayne, S. B. Whitney, 109 Harrison
C. H. Keslake, J. W. Rambo, Place, Syracuse.
F. F. Stoll, H. J. Adams. A: 0. Burrill, 645 West Ave., Buf-
Sabbath-school Department: Sec., falo.
Mrs. Anna E. Rambo. D. A. Ball, 217 Saxton St., Lock-
F. Peabody, West Valley.
J. E. Jayne, 165 Godwin St., Pat- C. 0. Taylor, Norwood.
erson. F. Wheeler, West Monroe.
C. H. Keslake, 1111 East State H. H. Wilcox, Route 1, Norwood.
St., Trenton. L. T. Nicola, Union, Broome Co.
.J. C. Stevens, 77 -Cummins St., Ir- A. R. Hyatt, care Sanitarium,
vington. Battle Creek, Mich.
LICENTIATE. F. H. De Vinney, Worcester, Os-
A. R. Bell, 3 Van Houten Ave., wego Co.
Jersey City. C. Meleen, 10 Highland St., James-
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. J. B. Stow, 105 East Third St.,
J. W. Rambo, 140 Sheridan Ave., Jamestown.
Paterson. B. E. Connerly, Mayaguez, Porto
Mrs. Anna E. Rambo, 140 Sheri- Rico.
dan Ave., Paterson. H. W. Carr, Route 1, Randolph.

R. F. Cottrell, care Academy, MINISTER.

South Lancaster, Mass. Geo. E. Langdon, 61 Whitmore
P. Z. Kinne, Kirkville. St., Hartford, Conn.
Geo. Bliss, Willet.
D. B. Parmelee, South Lancaster,
B. E. Fisk, Richburg. Mass.
E. A. Raymond, Fernwood. A. J. Clark, 5 Crescent St., New
J. S. Wightman, Conewango Val- London, Conn.
ley. S. A. Whittier, 122 Shelton Ave..
Mrs. Lulu Wightman, Conewango Bridgeport, Conn.
A. R. Satterlee, 922 Niagara St., MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Buffalo. Mrs. M. A. Scribner, 212 Edge-
P. H. Hicks, Box 40, Salamanca. wood Ave., New Haven, Conn.
T. E. Bowen, 317 West Bloom- Miss Anna M. Downs, 61 Whit-
field St., Rome. more St., Hartford, Conn.
E. Rosenwald, Jamestown.
Mary Millington, 150 Yourteenth VERMONT CONFERENCE.
.St., Buffalo. Organized 1863.
Mrs. B. E. Connerly, Mayaguez,
Porto Rico. Territory: The State of Vermont.
Mrs. D. D. Smith, 578 Plymouth Population: 343,641.
Ave., Rochester. Membership: 549; churches, 19.
Office: 190 North Winooski Ave.,
CHURCH SCHOOLS. Burlington; Vt.
There are eight church schools in
operation. OFFICERS.
Conference: Pres., J. W. Watt;
SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND Sec. and Treas., F. M. Dana;
CONFERENCE. Ex. Com., J. W. Watt, F. M.
Organized 1903, from territory Dana, J. G. White, A. P. Need-
formerly comprising the New ham, A. W. Boardman.
England Conference, organized Tract and Missionary Depart-
1871. ment: Sec. and Treas., F. M.
Dana; Asst. Sec. and Treas.,
Territory: The States of Connec-
Erwin Thurber; Gen. Canv.
ticut and Rhode Island.
Agt., A. W. Boardman.
Population: 1,336,976.
Membership: 322; churches, 14. Sabbath-school Department: Cor.
Office: 61 Whitmore St., Hart- Sec., Miss Lizzie A. Stone; Field
ford, Conn. Sec., Mrs. Eva Jenks.
Educational Superintendent: J.
OFFICERS. W. Watt, North Wolcott.
Conference: Pres., Geo. E. Lang- MINISTERS.
don; Vice-pres., D. B. Parmelee;
Sec. and Treas., D. K. Royer; J. W. Watt, North Wolcott.
Sec. Tract Society, D. K. Royer; W. A: Westworth, 7 Maxwell St.,
Sec. Religious Liberty Dept., G. Edinburgh, Scotland.
B. Wheeler; Sec. Sabbath-school T. H. Purdon, 82 North Main St.,
Dept., Mrs. S. A. Whittier (122 Rutland.
Shelton St., Bridgeport, Conn.); H. J. Farman, Bakersfield.
Canv. Agt., H. C. Wilcox; Ex. LICENTIATE.
Com., Geo. E. Langdon, D. B.
Parmelee, T. T. Tucker, D. A. F. M. Dana, 190 North Winooski
Bidwell, G. P. Coates. Ave., Burlington.

MISSIONARY LICENTIATE. Population: Approximately, 911,-

Mrs. Eva Jenks, Rutland. Membership: 415; churches, 16.
Office: 1200 Seventh St., Parkers- -
burg, W. Va.
Organized 1883. OFFICERS.
Territory: The State of Virginia. Conference: Pres., S. G. Hunting-
Pcpulation: 1,854,184. ton; Vice-pres., W. R. Foggin;
Membership: 408; churches; 14. Rec. Sec., P. W. :Province;
Office: New Market, Va. Treas., C. E. White; Ex. Corn.,
S. G. Huntington, W. R. Fog-
OFFICERS. gin, David Haddix, J. W. Lair,
Conference: Pres., R. D. Hottel; C. B. Rule, F. M. Gardner, Chas.
Sec., A. M. Neff (New Market); Sargent.
Treas., 0. F. Dart (2414 Church Tract Society Department: Sec.
Hill Ave., Richmond); Ex. and Treas., C. E. White; Canv.
Corn., R. D. Hottel, A. C. Neff, Agt., David Haddix.
H. W. Herrell, F. L. Whitehead, Sabbath-school Department: Cor.
W. F. Davis. and Field Sec., Miss Emma S.
Tract_ and Missionary Depart- Newcomer (Hagerstown, Md.).
ment: Sec. and Treas., A. M.
Sabbath-school Department: Sec.. S. G. Huntington, 1200 Seventh
A. M. Neff. St., Parkersburg.
" Virginia Conference Association W. R. Foggin, 1200 Seventh St.,
of Seventh-day Adventists: " Parkersburg.
R. D. Hottel, A. C. Neff, H. W. J. W. Lair, 1306 Seventh St.,
Herrell, F. L. Whitehead, W. F. Parkersburg.
Davis, A. M. Neff, 0. F. Dart. C. B. Rule, Guyandotte.
R. D. Hottel, New Market. P. W. Province, 1200 Seventh St.,
A. C. Neff, Quicksburg. Parkersburg.
H. W. Herrell, 2414 Church Hill
B. F. Purdham, Stanleyton. F. M. Gardner, Charleston.
T. H. Painter, Stanleyton. E. J. Bee, Rutherford.
M. S. Wooding, Danville. David Haddix, 161 Ross St., Graf-
M. S. Babcock, 2200 Chestnut ton.
Ave., Newport News. Chas. Sargent, Cullodin.
Mrs. T. Marie Mohr, 1144 Twenty- WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA
sixth St., Newport News. CONFERENCE.
Mrs. M. S. Wooding, Danville. Organized 1903, from territory
Rebecca Clayborne, Danville. formerly comprising the Penn-
sylvania Conference, organized
WEST VIRGINIA CONFER- Territory: All of Pennsylvania
ENCE. lying west of the easterly line
of Potter, Clinton, Center,
Organized 1887. Mifflin, Huntingdon, and Fulton
Territory: The State of West Counties.
Virginia, excepting the counties Population: 2,500,000.
of Morgan, Berkeley, and Jef- Membership: 750; churches, 32.
ferson. Office: Box 614, Williamsport, Pa.

OFFICERS. I. N. Williams, Corydon.

C. F. McVagh, Coudersport.
Conference: Pres., E. J. Dryer; C. S. Lpngacre, Station D, Pitts-
Vice-pres., I. N. Williams; Sec. burg.
and Treas., V. H. Cook; Ex. Chas. Baierle, Box 320, McKees-
Com., E. J. Dryer, I. N. Wil- port.
liams, C. S. Longacre, C. F. Mc- Wni. F. Schwartz, Box 614, Wil-
Vagh, T. D. Gibson; Field Sec., liamsport.
T. D. Gibson. H. C. Basney, 818 Penn Ave., Sta-
Sabbath-school Department: Sec., tion D, Pittsburg, Pa.
Miss Fannie Fondersmith, 604
MINISTERS. T. D. Gibson, Wilkinsburg.
Miss Phebe Ellwanger, Station D,
E. J. Dryer, 246 West Twenty- Pittsburg.
third St., Erie. Miss Lenora Boles, Springboro.


Organized Igor.
Territory: The Conferences of Population: 880,727.
Ontario, Quebec, Maritime, and Membership: 330; churches, 11.
the Newfoundland Mission. Office Address: Box 7, Moncton,
Population: 4,681,478. New Brunswick.
Membership: 1,162; churches, 38.
Office: 4230 St. Catherine St., OFFICERS.
Montreal, Quebec.
Conference: Pres., W. H. Thurs-
OFFICERS. ton; Sec. and Treas., Miss Al-
Conference: Pres., W. H. Thurs- berta McLeod; Auditor, S. D.
ton; Sec. and Treas., S. D. Hartwell; Provincial Canv.
Hartwell; Asst. Sec., Myrtle Agt., Levi Longard; Ex. Corn.,
Hartwell; Ex. Coin., W. H. W. H. Thurston, Wm. Guthrie,
Thurston, G. B. Thompson, H. W. R. Andrews, J. Greer Hanna.
E. Rickard, T. H. Robinson, S. Educational Department: Com-
D. Hartwell, A. E. Lemon, S. A. mittee, W. H. Thurston, Wm.
Farnsworth. Guthrie, W. R. Andrews, J.
(There is no legal corporation.) Greer Hanna, D. W. Dimmock,
Geo. E. Price.
W. H. Thurston, 4230 St. Cath-
erine St., Montreal, Quebec. Win. Guthrie, 282 Maynard St.,
LICENTIATE. Halifax, Nova Scotia.
AV. R. Andrews, Fredericton, New
S. D. Hartwell, 4230 St. Catherine Brunswick.
St., Montreal, Quebec.

MARITIME CONFERENCE. J. Greer Hanna, Charlottetown,

Prince Edward Island.
Organized May 30, 1002. Levi Longard, Tantallon, Nova
Territory: The Provinces of New Scotia.
Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Geo. E. McCready Price, Farming-
Prince Edward Island. ton, Nova Scotia.

ONTARIO CONFERENCE. Membership: 205; churches, 8.

Organized 1899. Office of President: Fitch Bay,
Territory: The Province of On- Quebec.
tario. Office of Secretary: 4230 St. Cath-
Population: 2,114,321. erine St., Montreal, Quebec.
Membership: 586; churches, 18. OFFICERS.
Office: 140 South Wentworth St.,
Hamilton, Ontario. Conference: H. E. Rickard; Sec.
and Treas., S. D. Hartwell; Ex.
OFFICERS. Com ., H. E. Rickard, S. A.
Conference: Pres., Geo. B. Thomp- Farnsworth, Harvey McClary,
son; Vice-pres., T. H. Robinson; Geo. A. Cushing, W. H. White.
See. and Treas. of Conference, MINISTERS.
Tract Society, and S. S. Depts.,
B. B. Noftsger; Auditor, S. D. H. E. Rickard, Fitch Bay, Quebec.
Hartwell; Ex. Corn., G. B. S. A. Farnsworth, South Stukely,
Thompson, T. H. Robinson, S. Quebec.
G. Huntington, Eugene Leland, J. M. Ellis, South Stukely, Que-
Chas. Stewart. bec.
Conference Association: G. B. SELF-SUPPORTING MISSIONARY.
Thompson (Pres.), T. H. Rob- Hattie Marston, 141 Selby St.,
inson (Treas.), Eugene Leland, Montreal, Quebec.
Chas. Smith, W. E. Smith.
Educational Department: The CHURCH SCHOOLS.
Conference Executive Commit- South Stukely and Fitch Bay.
G. B. Thompson, 140 South Went- Territory: The Island of New-
worth St., Hamilton, Ontario. foundland.
Eugene Leland, Lorne Park, On- Population: 197,834.
tario. Membership: 41; churches, 1.
Wrn. Spear, Woodstock, Ontario. Office: 282 Duckworth St., St.
John Isaac, Berlin, Ontario. Johns, Newfoundland.
A. L. Miller, Woodstock, Ontario. Directors: W. H. Thurston, Dr. A.
LICENTIATE. E. Lemon, J. Johnston.
J. B. Cousins, London, Ontario. LICENTIATE.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATE. A. E. Lemon, 282 Duckworth St.,
Sadie Baker, Lindsay, Ontario. St. Johns, Newfoundland.
QUEBEC CONFERENCE. Mrs. Carrie Lemon, 282 Duck-
Organized 1880. worth St., St. Johns, Newfound-
Territory: The Province of Que- land.
Population: 1,488,586. St. Johns, Newfoundland.


Organized 1901.

Territory: The Conferences of MINISTERS.

North and South Carolina. Geor- Geo. 1. Butler, 1025 Jefferson St.,
gia, Florida, Alabama, Louisi- Nashville, Tenn.
ana, Mississippi, Tennessee R. M. Kilgore, Graysville, Tenn.
River, and Cumberland. .1. E. Tenney, Graysville, Tenn.
Population: 14,910,689. B. E. Nicola, Box 414, Huntsville,
Membership: 2,242; churches, 80.
Office: 1025 Jefferson St., Nash- F. W. Halladay, Station K, Nash-
ville, Tenn.
ville, Tenn.
A. Barry, 1025 Jefferson St.,
OFFICERS. Nashville, Tenn.
D. T. Shireman, Hildebran, N. C.
Conference: Pres., Geo. I. Butler; C. P. Bollman, Springville, Tenn.
Vice-pres., R. M. Gilgore; Sec., J. A. Brunson, care Sanitarium,
John K. Macmillan; Treas., I. Battle Creek, Mich.
A. Ford; Auditor, E. V. Orrell; J. E. White, Station K, Nashville,
Ex. Com., Geo. I. Butler, R. M. Tenn.
Kilgore, J. E. Tenney, A. F. \\T. H. Sebastian, " Morning Star "
Harrison, 0. M. Hayward, I. A. Box, Yazoo City, Miss.
Ford, S. M. Jacobs, W. 0. Pal- F. R. Rogers, 209 Fayette St.,
mer, J. E. White, and the Presi- Vicksburg, Miss.
dents of the State Conferences
within the Union Conference. LICENTIATES..
Tract and Missionary Depart-
ment: Sec., B. W. Spire, Station A. F. Harrison, Graysville, Tenn.
K, Nashville, Tenn.; Gen. Agt., 0. M. Hayward, Graysville, Tenn.
A. F. Harrison, Graysville, Thos. Rowe, Graysville, Tenn.
Medical Advisory Committee: Dr. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
0. M. Hayward (Chairman), M. J. W. Dancer, Columbus, Miss.
H. Johnston, L. A. Hansen, L. L. M. C. Strachan, 2061/2 Huntsman
Lawrence, Irving Keck, C. P. St., Jackson, Miss.
Bollman, R. M. Kilgore. M. M. Osborn, 377 Frasier St., At-
Educational Advisory Committee: lanta, Ga.
J. E. Tenney (Chairman), B. E. B. A. Rogers, Hildebran, N. C.
Nicola, C. L. Stone, F. R. Rog- S. M. Jacobs, Graysville, Tenn.
ers, Mrs. 0. M. Hayward. Nellie A. Honeywell, Juniata, Ala.
"Southern Conference Association Dr. L. J. Otis, Paducah, Ky.
of the Seventh-day Advent- C. L. Kilgore, Graysville, Tenn.
ists: " Directors: H. M. Kilgore, Clara C. Phillips, Alpharetta, Ga.
Smith Sharp, W. a Palmer, S. F. H. Schramm, 1027 Warren St.,
M. Jacobs, Cyrus Simmons, Geo. Nashville, Tenn.
I. Butler, S. I. Greer; Officers:
Pres., R. M. Kilgore; Sec. and
Treas., Smith Sharp; Asst.
Committee on Transportation: W. CIETY.
0. Palmer, 8 Noel Block, Nash-
ville, Tenn.; C. L. Kilgore, General Office Address: Station
Graysville, Tenn. K, Nashville, Tenn.

OFFICERS. Miss Beale Brandon, teacher;

President: J. E. White, Station Elkwood Church School, A. C.
K, Nashville, Tenn. Bird, Teacher; Oak Level
Vice-president: F. R. Rogers, Box Church School,
29, Vicksburg, Miss. Teacher; Hackleburg Church
Secretary and Treasurer: B. W. School, Miss Phynia Smith,
Spire, Station K, Nashville, Teacher.
Organized 1901.
Organized 1901.
Territory: The State of Alabama. Territory: North and South Caro-
Population: 1,828,697. lina.
Membership: 100; churches, 10. Population: 3,234,126.
Office: Attalla, Ala. Membership: 242; churches, 9.
Office: Eufola, N. C.
Conference: Pres.,W. L. McNeely;
Sec. and Treas., C. E. Giles; Conference: Pres., J. 0. Johnston;
Ex. Corn., W. L. McNeely, B. E. Vice-pres., R. T. Nash; Sec. and
Nicola, C. H. Harper, C. E. Treas., Jessie V. Bosworth; Ex.
Giles, C. J. Dart. Corn., J. 0. Johnston, R. T.
Sabbath-school Department: Sec., Nash, B. A. Rogers, W. H. Arm-
C. E. Giles. strong, Ed. C. Rogers.
Medical Department: Sec., C. E. Tract and Missionary Depart-
Giles. ment: Sec. and Treas., Jessie
Educational Department: See., C. V. Bosworth; State Agent, Ed.
E. Giles. -C. Rogers (Hildebran, N. C.).
MINISTERS. Sabbath-school Department and
W. L. McNeely, 1121 North Sev- Educational Department: Sec.,
enteenth St., Birmingham. Mrs. Emma B. Rogers (Hilde-
W. L. Bird, Hackleburg. bran, N. C.).
A. C. Bird, Elkwood. Medical Department: Sec., M. H. ,.
B. E. Nicola, Box 414, Huntsville. Johnston (Eufola; N. C.).
T. B. Buckner, Montgomery. MINISTERS..
LICENTIATES. J. 0. Johnston, Eufola, N. C.
C. J. Dart, Attalla. D. T. Shireman, Hildb ran, N. C.
C. E. Giles, Attalla. R. T. Nash, Waynesville, N. C.
W. H. Armstrong, 331 North
MEDICAL WORKERS. Green St., Greensboro, N. C.
Mrs. N. A. Honeywell, Juniata.
Mary J. McIntyre, Hackleburg. LICENTIATE.
Cornelia Z. Templeton, 600 Walk- C. D. Wolf, Hildebran, N. C.
er St., Birmingham.
SCHOOLS. Miss Mollie R. Long, Eufola, N. C.
Charity Mission School (colored), Mrs. Emma B. Rogers, Hildebran,
Montgomery, T. 13. Buckner, N. C.
Principal; Mrs. T. B. Buckner, L. 0. Wagner, Hildebran, N. C.
Assistant Teacher; Juniata Estelle R. Graham, Hildebran,
Indust ri al School (colored), N. C.
Juniata, Mrs. Nellie A. Ed. C. Rogers, Hildebran, N. C.
Honeywell, Principal; Birming- M. H. Johnston, Eufola, N. C.
ham Church School (colored), H. R. Shelton, Winston-Salem,
600 Walker St., Birmingham, N. C.

Jessie V. Bosworth, Eufola, N. C. J. E. Caldwell, Ogden, Tenn.

Miss A. E. Robert, 402 North
Long St., Salisbury, N. C. LICENTIATES.
Geo. Crawford, Waynesville, N. C. John W. Stein, Winchester, Ky.
J. F. Brice, 143 Constitution St.,
CHURCH SCHOOLS. Lexington, Ky.
Archdale, N. C.; Brushey Creek,
ory, N. C.; Hildebran, N. C.; J. W. Franklin, Graysville, Tenn.
Eufola, N. C.; Waynesville, N. V. 0. Cole, Cleveland, Tenn.
C.; Yost, N. C.; Toluca, N. C. S. M. Jacobs, Graysville, Tenn.
Mrs. 0. C. Godsmark, 2005 Maga-
zine St., Louisville, Ky.
Mrs. L. Whitman, 1618 Ohara St.,
Louisville, Ky.
Organized 1900. Miss Clara Jacobs, Cleveland,
Territory: Eastern Tennessee and Tenn.
Kentucky, the western bound- Lewen Jacobs, Graysville, Tenn.
Minnie Hile brand, Graysville,
ary being the western line of
the counties of Bullitt, Nelson, Tenn.
La Rue, Green, Metcalfe, Mon- J. C. Clemens, Knoxville, Tenn.
roe (Ky.), Clay, Jackson, Put- C. G. Howell, Earleyville, Tenn.
nam, White, Warren, Grundy, Mrs. Elsie Howell, Earleyville,
Marion (Tenn.). Tenn.
Population: Approximately, 2,- Mrs. Maggie Schornberg, 1215
Fetter St., Louisville, Ky.
Membership: 492; churches, 12. Dr. Elsie Martinson, Graysville,
Office: 2005 Magazine St., Louis- Tenn.
Mrs. A. F. Harrison, Graysville,
ville, Ky.
Conference: Pres., 0. C. Gods- Graysville, Tenn.: Teachers, Lew-
mark; Sec. of Conference and en Jacobs and Minnie Hilde-
Tract Society Dept., Mrs. Mag- brand. Cleveland. Tenn.:
gie Schornberg; Treas., S. M. Teacher, Miss Clara Jacobs.
Jacobs; Ex. Com., 0. C. Gods- Earleyville, Tenn.: Teachers,
mark, G. W. Wells, V. 0. Cole, C. G. Howell and Mrs. Elsie
S. M. Jacobs, J. F. Brice, A. F. M. Howell. Sanford, Tenn.:
Harrison, M. H. Johnston; Teacher, Miss Maud Dortch.
Canv. Agt., V. 0. Cole. Ogden, Tenn.: Teacher, J. E.
Sabbath-school Department: Sec., Caldwell, M. D. Knoxville,
Mrs. A. F. Harrison, Graysville, Tenn.: Teacher, Mrs. Cyrus
Tenn. Simmons. Lexington, Ky.:
Medical Department: Sec., Dr. Teacher, Mrs. Edith Walker.
Elsie M. Martinson, Graysville,
Educational Department: See., 0. FLORIDA CONFERENCE.
C. Godsmark, 2005 Magazine Organized 1893.
St., Louisville, Ky. Territory: The State of Florida.
MINISTERS. Population: 528,542.
Membership: 286; churches, 12.
0. C. Godsmark, 2005 Magazine Offices: Orlando, Fla., and 1025
St., Louisville, Ky. Jefferson St., Nashville, Tenn.
G. W. Wells, Cleveland, Tenn.
E. L. Sanford, Lexington, Ky. OFFICERS.
\V. C. Wales, 346 Cottage Place, Conference: Pres., Geo. I. Butler;
Knoxville, Tenn. Sec. and Treas., L. H. Crisler;

Ex. Corn., G. I. Butler, C. B. Tract and Missionary Depart-

Stephenson, L. H. Crisler, W. F. ment: Sec. and Treas., Thos.
Martin, Irving Keck. Macmillan; State Agent, J. T.
Tract Society: Canv. Agt., W. L. Eaton, Alpharetta, Ga.
Killen, Orlando. Sabbath-school Department: Sec.,
Sabbath-school Department: Sec., Mrs. Clara C. Phillips, Alpha-
Mrs. R. G. Stringer, Bartow. retta, Ga.
Medical Department: Sec., C. F.
MINISTERS. Curtis, 501 East Fair St., At-
lanta, Ga.
Geo. I. Butler, 1025 Jefferson St.,
Nashville, Tenn. 'MINISTERS.
L. H. Crisler, Orlando.
Irving Keck, Bowling Green. R. M. Gilgore, Graysville, Tenn.
C. B. Stephenson, Brooker. H. F. Coulter, Decatur, Ga.
C. A. Hall, Graysville, Tenn.
LICENTIATES. Geo. B. Douglass, 651 Ash St.,
Macon, Ga.
L. T. Crisler, Orlando. F. R. Shaeffer, East End, Atlanta,
D. G. Stephenson, Brooker. Ga.
Thos. E. Pavey, 1025 Jefferson
St., Nashville, Tenn. LICENTIATE.
Archie Litchfield, Brooker. H. W. Jones, Tallapoosa, Ga.
0. N. Whetsel, Orlando.
Miss M. M. Osborn, 377 Frazier
C. P. Whitford, Orlando. St., Atlanta, Ga.
Mrs. Edith Stephenson, Bartow. J. T. Eaton, Alpharetta, Ga.
Mrs. A. W. Keck, Bowling Green. Thos. Macmillan, 586 Columbus
Mrs. R. G. Stringer, Bartow. Road, Macon, Ga.
Miss Mary. Pavey, Fort Ogden. Mrs. Ella Shaeffer, East End, At-
Mrs. M. A. Butler, Jacksonville. lanta, Ga.
Ward City: Teacher, Archie Litch- LOUISIANA CONFERENCE.
field. Organized 1901.
Territory: The State of Louis-
Population: 1,381,625.
Organized 1901. Membership: 221; churches, 7.
Territory: The State of Georgia. Office: 5013 Laurel St., New Or-
Population: 2,216,331. leans, La.
Membership: 216; churches, 5.
Office: 586 Columbus Road, Ma- OFFICERS.
con, Ga. Conference: Pres., S. B. Horton;
Sec. and Treas., E. V. Orrell
OFFICERS. (2234 Magazine St., New Or-
Conference: Pres., R. M. Kilgore, leans); Ex. Corn., S. B. Horton,
Graysville, Tenn; Vice-pres., H. C. F. Dart, Geo. Coleman, C. A.
F. Courter, Decatur, Ga.; Sec. Saxby, E. E. June.
and Treas., Thos. Macmillan, Tract Society Department: Sec.
586 Columbus Road, Macon, and Treas., E. V. Orrell (2234
Ga.; Ex. Corn., R. M. Kilgore, Magazine St., New Orleans);
H. F. Courter, C. F. Curtis, Cor. Sec., Mrs. C. R. Winterton
Thos. Macmillan, Hugh W. (Welsh); Gen. Agt., C. F. Dart
Jones, J. E. Bowen. (Marthaville).

Sabbath-school Department: Sec., H. W. Pierce, Eshcol.

Miss Ruby Roach (Mansfield). W. J. Blake, R. F. D. No. 2, Am-
MINISTERS. F. R. Rogers, Box 29, Vicksburg.
S. B. Horton, 5013 Laurel St., I. Sanborn, Ridgeland.
New Orleans, La. W. H. Sebastian, Box 327, Yazoo
C. A. Watkins, 5013 Laurel St., City.
New Orleans, La. LICENTIATES.
H. H. Dexter, 5013 Laurel St., J. J. Nabors, Thorn.
New Orleans, La. M. C. Strachan, 2061/2 Huntsman
LICENTIATES. St., Jackson.
N. B. King, 209 Fayette St.,
M. Perdue, Hope Villa. Vicksburg.
E. V. Orrell, 2234 Magazine St., Thomas Murphy, 1512 Ninth Ave.,
New Orleans. Columbus.
Miss Frances Goodwyn, 1107 D. W. Burton, R. F. D. No. 2,
Jackson Ave., New Orleans. Amory.
Mrs. Nora W. Orrell, 2234 Maga- Mrs. H. W. Pierce, Eshcol.
zine St., New Orleans. Mrs. F. R. Rogers, Box 29, Vicks-
Miss Nellie Dunn, Welsh. burg.
Miss Kate Bickham, Fenton. J. D. Grimes, Vicksburg.
Mrs. Belle Horton, 5013 Laurel
Miss A. M. Horton, 5013 Laurel Hatley School: R. F. D. No. 2,
St., New Orleans. Amory, Miss.; W. J. Blake,
Mrs. Mae Dart, Marthaville. principal.
Green Brier School: R. F. D. No.
1, Amory, Miss.; Miss Leona
Organized 1901. Openwood School: Box 29, Vicks-
Territory: The State of Missis- burg, Miss.; Mrs. F. R. Rogers,
sippi. teacher.
Population: 1,551,371. Vicksburg Mission School: 209
Membership: 151; churches, 5. Fayette St., Vicksburg, Miss.;
Office: R. F. D. No. 2. Amory, N. B. King, principal.
Miss. Lintonia Mission School: Yazoo
OFFICERS. City, Miss.; Mrs. W. H. Sebas-
tian, Box 327, Yazoo City, prin-
Conference: Pres., H. G. Thurs- cipal. '
ton; Sec. and Treas., W. J. Columbus Mission School: 1512
Blake; Ex. Corn., H. G. Thurs- Ninth Ave., Columbus, Miss.;
ton, R. S. Owen, H. W. Pierce, Thomas Murphy, principal.
F. R. Rogers, J. H. Rhodes. Jackson Mission School: 2061/
Tract and Missionary Depart- Huntsman St., Jackson, Miss.;
ment: Sec., Mrs. W. J. Blake; M. C. Strachan, principal.
Canv. Agt., H. H. .Johnson Greenville Mission School: 310
(West Point). Hines St., Greenville, Miss.; J.
Sabbath-school and Educational W. Dancer, principal.
Department: Sec., F. R. Rogers
(Box 29, Vicksburg, Miss.).
H. G. Thurston, Box 246, Merid-
ian. Organized 1879.
R. S. Owen, R. F. D. No. 2, Am- Territory: Western Tennessee
ory. and Kentucky, the eastern

boundary being the eastern line MINISTERS.

of the counties of Hardin, Hart, N. W. Allee, 1025 Jefferson St.,
Barren, Allen (Ky.), Macon, Nashville, Tenn.
Smith, Deicalb, Cannon, Coffee, W. R. Burrow, Raleigh, Tenn.
Franklin (Tenn.). C. P. Bollman, Springville, Tenn.
Population: Approximately, 1,- R. G. Garrett, Linwood, Ky.
Membership: 534; churches, 20. LICENTIATES.
General Office Address: Franklin, C. L. _Stone, Hazel, Ky.
Ky. Walter Jones, Bowling Green, Ky.
OFFICERS. W. S. Lowry, Raleigh, Tenn.
Conference: Pres., N. W. Allee; F. G; Warnick, 1025 Jefferson St.,
Vice-pres., W. R. Burrow; Sec. Nashville, Tenn.
and Treas., Mrs. E. C. Spire; L: A. Hansen, 624 Church St.,
Ex. Com . N. W. Allee, W. R. Nashville, Tenn.
Burrow,, C. L. Stone, W. G. H. C. Balsbaugh, Memphis, Tenn.
Dortch, I. A. Ford. A. W. Johnson, Edgefield June-
Tract and Missionary Depart- . tion, Tenn.
ment: Sec., Mrs. E. C. Spire, Frank Mosebar, Springville, Tenn.
Franklin, Ky.; State Agent, B. W. Parker, Raleigh, Tenn.
Sabbath-school Department: Sec.,
C. L. Stone, Hazel, Ky. Mrs. E. C. Spire, Franklin, Ky.
Medical Department: Sec., L. A. Mrs. Mary Balsbaugh, Memphis,
Hansen, 624 Church St., Nash- Term.
ville, Term. Amy Welsh, 1025 Jefferson St.,
Educational Department: Supt. of Nashville, Tenn.
Church Schools, C. L. Stone, G. W. Rich, 1025 Jefferson St.,
Hazel, Ky. Nashville, Tenn.


Organized 1901.
Territory: The Conferences of sentative, P. T. Magan; Mis-
East Michigan, Indiana, North- sionary Sec., D. W. Reavis;
ern Illinois, North Michigan, Publishing Work Representa-
Ohio, Southern Illinois, West tive,. I. H. Evans; Sanitarium
Michigan, Wisconsin, and the Work Representative, David
Superior Mission. Paulson; German Work Repre-
Population: 15,985,583. sentative, C. J. Herrmann; Scan-
Membership: 16,321; churches, dinavian Work ,Representative,
449. H. R. Johnson; Auditor and
Office: 267 West Main St., Battle Business Agt., W. H. Edwards;
Creek, Mich. Ex. Com. A. G. Daniells, Wm.
Covert, W. H. Edwards, the
OFFICERS. Presidents of the Conferences of
Ohio, East Michigan, North
Conference: Pres., A. G. Daniells; Michigan, West Michigan, In-
Vice-pres., William Covert; Sec. diana, Southern Illinois, North-
and Treas., W. H. Edwards; ern Illinois, and Wisconsin, and
Gen. Canv. Agt., J. B. Blosser; J. B. Blosser, M. Bessie De
Sabbath-school and Educational Graw, D. W. Reavis, P. T. Ma-
Field Sec., Miss M. Bessie De gan, I. H. Evans, D. Paulson,
Graw; Training-school Repre- C. J. Herrmann, H. R. Johnson.

Lake Union Conference Associa- R. Kennedy, M. C. Kirkendall, .

tion of Seventh-day Advent- Dr. R. W. Walters, Thos. Thorn-
ists: " Incorporators: Wm. Cov- ton, G. C. Quillan.
ert, Allen Moon, Henry H. Ohio Conference Association:
Burkholder, John D. Cowell, Ira Trustees, H. H. Burkholder, D.
J. Hankins, Will D. Curtis, Wm. E. Lindsay, M. C. Kirkendall,
H. Edwards, Percy T. Magan, R. R. Kennedy, Thos. Thornton,
Sands H. Lane. G. C. Quillan, Dr. R. W. Wal-
OFFICERS. ters. OfficerS: Pres., H. H. Burk-
holder; Vice-pres., D. E. Lind-
Pres., Allen Moon; Vice-pres., sey; Sec., D. E. Lindsey;
Wm. Covert; Sec. and Treas., Treas., C. V. Hamer; Business
W. H. Edwards; Auditor, P. T. Agt., R. R. Kennedy; Auditor,
Magan. W. H. Edwards.
E. R. Williams, 838 South St.,
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. H. H. Burkholder, Bellville.
0. F. Campbell, Ogden Ave., Me- D. E. Lindsey, Clyde.
nominee, Mich. E. J. Van Horn, Lake View.
H. R. Johnson, Box 61, Cam- R. R. Kennedy, Wheelersburg.
bridge, Wis. J. G. Wood, 42 Prairie Ave.,
M. W. Lewis, 3609 Broadway,. Springfield.
Menominee, Mich. M. C. Kirkendall, Academia.
E. A. Sutherland, Berrien Springs, J. 0. Miller, Academia.
Mich. C. C. Webster, Middlefield.
Francis M. Fairchild, Liberty
F. J. Harris, Ensign, via Rapid W. H. Granger, 3222 Warsaw
River, Mich. Ave., Cincinnati.
R. J. Bellows, Ensign, via Rapid W. W. Miller, Academia.
River, Mich. Dr. H. W. Miller, Sin Tsai Hsien,
Ronan, via Hankow, China.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. A. C. Shannon, 70 West Madison
Isabella B. Campbell, Ogden Ave., Ave., Cleveland.
Menominee, Mich. N. W. Lawrence, Academia.
Mrs. Florence Hutchinson, Box C. A. Smith, R. F. D. No. 1, Mt.
885, Laurium, Mich. Vernon.
OHIO CONFERENCE. N. S. Miller, Academia.
Organized 1863. W. E. Bidwell, Academia.
Territory: The State of Ohio. Jas. H. Smith, Huntsville, Ala.
Population: 4,157,545. Dr. B. J. Ferciot, 1103 West Ninth
Membership: 2,250; churches, 85. St., Canton.
Office: Academia, Knox Co., Ohio. Fred M. Fairchild, R. F. D. No. 1,
Mt. Vernon.
OFFICERS. K. R. Haughey, Box 424, Newark.
Conference: Pres., H. H. Burk- G. P. Gaede, Defiance.
holder; Vice-pres. and Sec., D. J. P. Gaede, Defiance.
E. Lindsey; Treas.,C. V. B. L. House, Coshocton.
Hamer; Missionary Sc ., N. S. C. T. Redfield, Bristol.
Miller; Educational Sec., C. E. R. B. Thurber, General Delivery,
Welch; Field Sec., M. C. Kirk- Dayton.
endall; Medical Missionary Sec., F. H. Henderson, Cor. Fifth St.
W. W. Miller; Auditor, W. H. and Linden Ave., Dayton.
Edwards; Ex. Corn., H. H. W. S. Huffaker, 547 Eastern Ave.,
Burkholder, D. E. Lindsey, R. Toledo.

Bessie E. Russell, Academia. Membership: 1,975; churches, 63.

Ella M. Talmage, 799 Yale St., Conference Office: 814 Pine St.,
Akron. North, Lansing, Mich.
Ida M. Walters, 736 West Chapel Tract Society Department Office:
St., Columbus. 226 Washington Ave., North,
Mrs. W. S. Huffaker, Cleveland. Lansing, Mich.
Cora Petithory, 417 Shorb St.,
Flora Clymer, Camp Chase. Conference: Pres., J. D. Gowell;
Anna E. Smith, 576 Robinson Sec., E. K. Slade; Treas., E. I.
Ave., Portsmouth. Beebe; Ex. Com., J. D. Gowell,
Hortense Howell, R. F. D. No. 2, E. K. Slade, A. R. Sandborn,
Franklin Furnace. B. F. Stureman Daniel Wood.
Mayme House, Coshocton. Tract Society Dep
artment: Sec.
Chas. E. Welch, 505 North Gay and Treas., Frank Hiner; Field
St., Mt. Vernon. Sec., H. L. Cohoon (Flint).
Heber H. Votaw, 652 East Center Educational Department: Supt.,
St., Marion. E. K. Slade; Sec. and Treas.,
Anna M. Rice, 567 Case Ave., Miss Tillie E. Barr.
Cleveland. " East Michigan Conference Asso-
Cora Gibson, Clarksville. ciation of Seventh-day Advent-
Dr. L. Ruth Merritt-Miller, Aca- ists: " Pres., J. D. Gowell; Vice-
demia. pres., Daniel Wood; Sec. and
Ella F. McIntyre, 7 Kasr-El-Nil, Treas., E. K. Slade; Auditor,
Cairo, Egypt. E. N. Hatt; Trustees, J. D.
Dr. W. H. Walters, Shawmut, Me. Gowell, E. K. Slade, B. F. Sture-
man, E. N. Hatt, Daniel Wood.
Jas. E. Shultz, Academia.
Robert Thurber, General Delivery, J. D. Gowell, 814 Pine St., North,
Dayton. Lansing.
Clara Gates, 200 Champion Ave., E. K. Slade, 814 Pine St., North,
Columbus. Lansing.
Lulu Pieper, South Webster. B. F. Stureman, 327 West Eighth
R. Christine Sweet, La Grange. St., Flint.
Edith Shepherd, Brighton. C. N. Sanders, R. F. D. No. 2,
Flora Evans, Akron. Battle Creek.
Laura Wickoff, Hamler. A. R. Sandborn, Box 74, West
John Shultz, Clyde. Bay City.
Mrs. C. M. Turner, Lewistown. J. L. Edgar, 1319 Ann Arbor St.,
R. W. Munson, Padang, West
Coast of Sumatra, Netherlands,
ENCE. L. G. Moore, 1120 East Univer-
sity Ave., Ann Arbor.
Organized 1902, from territory Wm. Ostrander, Elmwood.
formerly comprising the Michi- M. Shepard, 221 Euclid Ave., Mt.
gan Conference, organized in Clemens.
1861. M. S. Burnham, Otsego.
Territory: The southeastern por-
tion of Michigan south of the
counties of Arenac and Glad- 0. F. Butcher, 32 Sylvan St., De-
win, and east of the counties of troit.
I s a b e 11 a, Montcalin, Ionia, E. I. Beebe, Ovid.
Eaton, Calhoun, and Branch. Hiram A. Boylan, 931 Washtenaw
Population: 1,170,022. St., Lansing.

A. J. Harris, 106 First St., Jack- Office: 224 Michigan St., Petoskey,
son. Mich.
F. G. Lane, 814 Pine St., North, OFFICERS.
Delmer P. Wood, Box 74, West Conference: Pres., S. E. Wight;
Bay City. Sec. and Treas., E. A. Bristol;
Emil R. Lauda, 424 Michigan Ave., Ex. Com., S. E. Wight, W. R.
Detroit. Matthews, M. C. Guild, J. J.
Irwin, Andrew Maples (harbor
Mina Pierce, 226 Washington Ave., Tract Society Department: Sec.,
North, Lansing. E. A. Bristol; Field Sec., A. J.
Clara E. Kiep, 419 First Ave., Olsen.
Flint. Sabbath-school Department: Sec.,
Lucy F. Tyte, 419 First Ave., J. J. Irwin.
Marie P. Harriman, 426 Trumbull
Ave., Detroit. S. E. Wight, 414 Waukazoo Ave.,
Anna L. Boehm; 37 Irving St., Petoskey, Mich.
Detroit. W. R. Matthews, Traverse City,
Miss Tillie E. Barr, 814 Pine St., Mich.
North, Lansing. J. J. Irwin, Mancelona, Mich.
Gertrude M. Butcher, 32 Sylvan M. C. Guild, 629 Washington Ave.,
St., Detroit. Alpena, Mich.
Rose V. Gooden, 226 Washington C. A. Hansen, Manton, Mich.
Ave., North, Lansing. Chancy Wood, Whittemore, Mich.
Rose E. Peters, Alma. LICENTIATES.
Maude Rowland Lauda, 224 Mich-
igan Ave., Detroit. T. G. Lewis, Mancelona, Mich.
Frank Hiner, 226 Washington E. A. Bristol, 301 Michigan St.,
Ave., North, Lansing. Petoskey, Mich.
H. S. Merchant, Owosso (Middle-
town). E. Jennie Lane, 221 Lake St., Pe-
H. B. McConnell, 208 Third St., toskey, Mich.
Bay City. Ethel Peters, 116 Wellington St.,
L. F. Westfall, Allen. Traverse City, Mich.
Nellie Clough, Mancelona, Mich.
DIRECTORS. Mrs. M. M. Faulkner, Cheboy-
Dist. No. 1, L. F. Westfall. gan, Mich.
Dist. No. 2, H. S. Merchant. A. J. Olsen, 224 Michigan St., Pe-
Dist. No. 3, Daniel Wood. toskey, Mich.
Dist. No. 4, H. B. McConnell.
NORTH MICHIGAN CONFER- Formerly a part of the Michi-
ENCE. gan Conference organized in
Formerly a part of the Michigan 1861; divided and reorganized
Conference organized in 1861; in 1902.
divided and reorganized in 1902. Territory: Southwestern Michi-
Territory: The Lower Peninsula gan south of the counties of
of Michigan, north of the coun- Mason, Lake, Osceola, and Clare,
ties of Bay, Midland, Isabella, and west of the counties of
Mecosta, Newaygo, and Oceana. Midland, Gratiot, Clinton, Ing-
Population: 296,665. ham, Jackson, and Hillsdale.
Membership: 610; churches, 23. Population: 692,928.

Membership: 4,419; churches, 69. Mrs. Mina B. Videto, 308 Wood-

Office: Otsego, Mich. ward Ave., Big Rapids.
Bertha Snyder, 1030 South West
OFFICERS. St., Kalamazoo.
Conference: Pres., A. G. Haughey; T. Carolyn Lemons, 475 Wealthy
Sec. and Treas., E. A. Merriam; Ave., Grand Rapids.
Educational Sec., S. M. Butler;
Field Missionary Sec., W. C. INDIANA CONFERENCE.
Hebner; Sabbath-school Sec.,
Mrs. Hattie E. Allee; Canv. Organized 1872.
Agt., W. H. Heckman; Auditor, Territory: The State of Indiana.
W. H. Edwards; Supt. Medical Population: 2,516,462.
Dept., Dr. P. S. Bourdeau (475 Membership: 2,075; churches, 62.
Wealthy Ave., Grand Rapids, Office: 626 East Eleventh St., In-
Mich.); Ex. Corn., A. G. dianapolis, Ind.
Haughey, S. M. Butler, W. C.
Hebner, M. B. Miller, D. W.
Reavis. Conference: Pres., W. J. Stone;
MINISTERS. Vice-pres., W. D. Curtis; Sec.,
A. G. Haughey, Otsego. W. A. Young; Treas., W. C.
S. M. Butler, Cedar Lake. McCuaig; Ex. Com., W. J.
I. D. Van Horn, 34 Walter Ave., Stone, W. D. Curtis, J. C. Har-
Battle Creek. ris, W. A. Young, M. Dunn;
W. C. Hebner, 186 Champion St., Missionary Sec. and Treas., W.
Battle Creek. C. McCuaig; Field Sec., C. J.
R. C. Horton, 1030 South West Buhalts; Educational Supt., W.
St., Kalamazoo. D. Curtis; Sabbath-school Sec.,
W. D. Parkhurst, 927 Quigly Mrs. R. W. McMahan; Auditor,
Ave., Grand Rapids. W. H. Edwards; Asst. Mission-
M. B. Miller, 29 University Ave., ary Sec., Mrs. Anna McCuaig.
Battle Creek.
J. G. Lamson, College Building,
Battle Creek. W. J. Stone, 3840 North Meridian
H. W. Miller, R. F. D. No. 2, St., Indianapolis.
Battle Creek. W. D. Curtis, Boggstown.
E. H. Root, R. F. D. No. 1, W. A. Young, New Britton.
Coopersville. J. C. Harris, Oolitic.
L. N. Lane, 514 Pearl St., Char- A. W. Bartlett, 1440 East Tenth
lotte. St., Indianapolis.
LICENTIATES. R. S. Donnell, 801 Canal St.,
Fred Brink, Cedar Lake. Evansville.
W. E. Videto, 308 Woodward Ave., S. S. Davis, Elnora.
Big Rapids. C. H. Bliss, 320 West Third St.,
W. H. Heckman, 22 Cass Ave., Peru.
Grand Rapids. F. M. Roberts, Jonesboro.
R. E. Tefft, Coopersville. J. S. Shrock, North Vernon.
D. W. Reavis, Review and Herald, W. A. Ebert, R. F. D. No. 35,
Battle Creek, Mich. Frankton.
J. W. Covert, Wolf Lake.
Mrs. S. M. Butler, Cedar Lake. C. J. Buhalts, 626 East Eleventh
Elizabeth McHugh, 244 South La- St., Indianapolis.
fayette St., Grand Rapids.
Jennie De Young, 244 South La- LICENTIATES.
fayette St., Grand Rapids. U. S. Anderson, Oolitic.
Anna Kamstra, 244 South Lafay- J. E. Collins, 617 Thomas St., New
ette St., Grand Rapids. Albany.

J. E. Dunn, Greenfield. OFFICERS.

R.' H. Sparks; 626 East Eleventh Conference: Pres., J. M. Rees;
St., Indianapolis. Vice-pres., P. Rothrock; Sec.,
E. C. Swartz, North Liberty. Miss Nettie Eaton; Treas.,
J. J. Fellow, R. F. D. No. 3, Southern Illinois Tract Society;
Greentown. Missionary Sec. and Tress.,
Frank Steele, Youngstown. Miss Pearl L. Rees; Missionary
J. F. Cummins, Daleville. Agent, J. S. James; Ex. Corn.,
J. M. Rees, P. Rothrock, Chas.
Thompson, C. L. Taggart, P. G.
Mary Huntzinger, Peru. Stanley.
Mrs. R. W. McMahan, 507 West EducatiOnal and Sabbath-school
Twelfth St., Anderson. Department: Supt., L. A. Reed;
Florence Niehaus, R. F. D. No. 5, Sec., Miss Nettie Eaton.
Evansville. " The Southern Illinois Conference
Clara Lecklider, Gas City. Association of Seventh-day Ad-
H. S. Browning, 2501 Brookside ventists: " Pres., J. M. Rees;
Ave., Indianapolis. Vice-pres., R. B. Craig; Sec.,
J. Theresa Thompson, Russiaville. Chas. Thompson; Treas., P.
CHURCH SCHOOL TEACHERS. Rothrock; Auditor, C. L. Tag-
gart; Councilmen, M. G. Huff-
Miss Lulu Vance, 507 West man and P. G. Stanley.
Twelfth St., Anderson.
Miss Carrie Applegate, Greenfield. MINISTERS.
Miss Elsie Stanley, Princeton. J. M. Rees, Stewardson, Ill.
Mr. J. Kern, Wolf Lake. Chas. Thompson, Stewardson, Ill.
Mrs. Lou Kirby-Curtis, Boggs- C. L. Taggart, Du Quoin, Ill.
town. P. G. Stanley, 511 Lafayette St.,
Mr. 0. T. Knapp, Tell City. Danville, Ill.
Mr. R. H. Hazelton, Kokomo. M. G. Huffman, Stewardson,
Miss Lizzie Bailey, Dana.
Miss Mattie Bailey, Salem. LICENTIATES.
Mrs. J. W. Lecklider, Gas City. Fred W. Wheeler, Stewardson, Ill.
Mrs. E. Crawford, Winamac. L. A. Reed, 643 South Hardin
Miss Verna Stone, Pleasant View. Ave., Jacksonville, Ill.
Miss M. G. Henry, Oolitic. R. B. Craig, 203 Third Ave.,
Miss Bertha Bartholomew, South Peoria, Ill.
Mrs. K. A. Pinckney, Indianapolis. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Miss Clara Silver, 817 Charlton
St., Peoria, Ill.
SOUTHERN ILLINOIS CONFER- Miss Pearl L. Rees, Stewardson,
Formerly a part of the Illinois Miss Nettie Eaton, Stewardson,
Conference organized in 1871;
divided and reorganized in 1902. Mrs. P. G. Stanley, 511 Lafayette
Territory: The southern portion St., Danville, Ill.
of the State of Illinois south J. S. James, Stewardson, Ill.
of the counties of Iroquois,
Ford, Livingston, Woodford, NORTHERN ILLINOIS CON-
Peoria, Knox, Warren, and
Henderson, and including the
city of Peoria. Formerly part Of the Illinois Con-
Population: 1,878,149. ference organized in 1871; divi-
Membership: 490; churches, 24. ded and reorganized in 1902.
Office: Stewardson, Shelby Co., Territory: The northern portion
of the State of Illinois to the

southern boundary of the coun- G. E. Nord, 170 Townsend St.,

ties of Iroquois, Ford, Living. Chicago, Ill.
ston, Woodford, Peoria, Knox, Dr. S. P. S. Edwards, 1213 Fif-
Warren, and Henderson, exclud- teenth St., Moline, Ill.
ing the city of Peoria.
Population: 2,800,000. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Membership: 1,125; churches, 26. J. M. Burdick, Sheridan, Ill.
Office: Room 670, Monon Building,
324 Dearborn St., Chicago, Ill. C. Edwardson, 150 North Hum-
boldt St., Chicago, Ill.
Archer Wright, 314 North B St.,
OFFICERS. Monmouth, Ill.
Conference: Pres., Allen Moon; Olof Johnson, 170 Townsend St.,
See., Thaddeus Legg; Treas., Il- Chicago, Ill.
linois Tract Society; Ex. Com., Anna Hibben, 30 Jansen Ave.,
Allen Moon, N. W. Kauble, E. Chicago, Ill.
A. Curtis, S. Mortenson, C. A. Jean Phillips, 30 Jansen Ave., Chi-
Scholl, S. P. S. Edwards, C. Ed- cago, Ill.
wardson. Ella Hancock, 7107 Ingleside Ave.,
Tract Society Department: Sec. Chicago, Ill.
and Treas., Thaddeus Legg; Ina Grundset, 65 McLean Ave.,
Canv. Agt., C. Edwardson, 150 Chicago,
North Humboldt St., Chicago, Lettie A. Santee, 617 St. Charles
Ill. St., Elgin, Ill.
Educational and Sabbath-school Winifred Burkitt, Pittwood, Ill.
Department: Field and Cor. Mrs. Ida V. Hadley, 553 North
Sec., Miss Winifred Burkitt, California Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Pitt wood, Ill.
" The Illinois Conference Associa- COLPORTELTR.
tion of Seventh-day Advent-
ists: " J. W. Cummings (Pres.), Richard Hook, Pittwood,
Allen Moon (Sec.).
Allen Moon, Room 670, Monon Organized 1871.
Building, Chicago, Ill. Territory: The State of Wiscon-
N. W. Kauble, Sheridan, Ill. sin.
E. A. Curtis, Sheridan, Ill. Population: 2,069,042.
Victor Thompson, Sheridan, Ill. Membership: 3.257; churches, 93.
S. Mortenson, 170 Townsend St., Conference Office: 865 Fifth St.,
Chicago, Ill. Milwaukee, Wis.
C. A. Scholl, 548 West Chicago Missionary Department Office:
Ave., Chicago, Ill. Wisconsin Tract Society, 203
0. S. Hadley, 553 North Califor- High St., Oshkosh, Wis.
nia Ave., Chicago, Ill. Sabbath-school Department Office:
M. L. Andreason, 150 North Hum- Bethel, Wis.
boldt St., Chicago, Ill.
L. D. Santee, 617 St. Charles St., OFFICERS.
Elgin, Ill. Conference: Pres., Wm. Covert;
William Lewsadder, 314 North B Sec. and Treas., R. T. Dowsett;
St., Monmouth, Ill. Sec. and Treas. Wisconsin Tract
Geo. G. Johnson, 265 Duffield Ave., Society, N. P. Neilsen; Sec. and
Galesburg, Treas. Sabbath-school Dept. and
Church-school Supt., Miss Lot-
LICENTIATES. tie E. Farrell; Asst. S. S. Sec.,
J. Tabor, 318 East Fortieth St., Mrs. Nellie Sheppler; Mission-
Chicago, Ill. ary Canv. Agt., R. A. Phelps;


Neilsen, C. P. Farnsworth, C.
J. Herrmann, J. B. Scott, F. F. J. Steinel, 861 Fifth St., Milwau-
Petersen, H. W. Reed. kee.
Lottie Farrell, Bethel.
" Wisconsin Conference Associa-
Helen D. Dowsett, 865 'Fifth St.,
tion of Seventh-day Advent-
ists: " Pres., Wm. Covert; Sec.
Mimi Scharffenberg, 865 Fifth St.,
and Treas., R. T. Dowsett;
other members, T. B. Snow, F.
Ida E. Thompson, 3 Arsenal St.,
Stebbeds, J. a. Mikkelsen.
Hong Kong, China.
Medical Missionary Board: Win. Mrs. Carrie S. Kloss, Crandon.
Covert (Chairman), J. H. Bram- Bessie Sufficool, Rhinelander.
hall, Dr. C. P. Farnsworth, R. T. Mrs. Anna Sufficool, Rhinelander.
Dowsett, H. W. Reed, N. P. Anna M. Jenson, Baraboo.
Neilsen, Dr. W. H. Budge. Mrs. Mary Snow, 526 Menomonie
St., Eau Claire.
MINISTERS. Elvie Mullen, 547 Niagara St.,
Eau Claire.
Wm. Covert, Bethel. Clara Schunk, Kiel.
W. S. Shreve, Spring Green.
Olive M. Olds, Janesville.
J. B. Scott, Chetek.
Annie Nelson, Papeete, Tahiti,
T. B. Snow, 526 Menomonie St., Society Islands, Pacific Ocean.
Eau Claire.
Grace Kellogg, 39-1 Free School
C. J. Herrmann, 307 Merritt St., St., Calcutta, India.
Oshkosh. Edith Martin, Grand Rapids.
.T. C. Mikkelsen, Bethel. Hattie Garlock, care Sanitarium,
F. Stebbeds, Milton Junction. Battle Creek, Mich.
C. W. Olds, Janesville. Samuel Shade', Milton Junction.
I. Sanborn, Ridgeland, Miss. Mrs. Flora Post, Sturgeon Bay.
S. Swinson, Gordon, Douglas Co. Sarah J. Heath, Appleton.
N. P. Neilsen, 203 High St., Osh- Rosa Cornell, 203 High St., Osh-
kosh. kosh.
F. F. Petersen, Baraboo. Walter Kisner, 203 High St., Osh-
Matthew Hill, West Green Bay. kosh.
J. C. Neilsen, 323 Union .St., Nee- G. W. Stillson, Bethel.

LICENTIATES. J. H. Bramhall, R. F. D. No. 4,

R. T. Dowsett, 865 Fifth St., Mil- Mrs. Minnie Bramhall, R. F. D.
waukee. No. 4, Madison.
G. Hoffman, Trade River. Laura Neilsen, R. F. D. No. 4,
L. L. French, Black Creek. Madison.
B. L. Anderson, Poy Sippi. Edith Douglas, R. F. D. No. 4,
F. L. Kinne, Prentice. Madison.
S. E. Nelson, Brushville. Edith Cilley, R. F. D. No. 4, Mad-
J. 1Kloss, Crandon. ison.
C. A. Grauer, 307 Merritt St., Osh- Mrs. Anna Farnsworth, R. F. D.
kosh. No. 4, Madison.
H. P. Anderson, Poy Sippi. Mrs. Martha Garthoffner, R. F. D.
H. A. Washburn, Bethel. No. 4, Madison.
C. P. Farnsworth, R. F. 'D. No. 4, Effie Rhinehart, R. F. D. No. 4.
Madison. Madison.
P. M. Hanson, Bethel. Mabel Pringle, R. F. D. No. 4.
L. E. Sufficool, Eagle River. Madison.
C. D. AcMoody, Reeve. Hannah Neilsen, Tustin.


R. A. Phelps, Milton Junction.
W. P. McCrillis, Tomah. Formerly a part of the Michigan
Andrew Summerton, Moon. Conference, separated as a mis-
Louis Plante, Green Bay. sion field in 1902.
Byron Post, Sturgeon Bay. Territory: The Upper Peninsula
of Michigan.
CHURCH SCHOOL TEACHERS. Population: 261,362.
Membership: 120; churches, 4.
A. W. Hallock, Bethel. Office: Box 885, Laurium, Mich.
P. E. Sheppler, Bethel.
H. H. Howard, Bethel. OFFICERS.
Rosma Whalen, Bethel.
Clara L. Richards, Bethel. Mission: Supt., E. R. Williams;
Mrs. H. A. Washburn, Bethel. Sec. and Treas., Mrs. Florence
Eunice Crawford, Elroy. Hutchinson; Gen. Field Agt., E.
Clara Pettitt, Granton. Fred Hutchinson; Ex. Board,
Ida Salton, Beldenville. E. R. Williams, M. W. Lewis,
Bertha Phelps, Milton Junction. F. J. Harris.
Raymond A. Lovell, 1714 Winter Tract Society Department: Sec.,
St., -West Superior. Mrs. Florence Hutchinson.
Mrs. R. Lovell, 1714 Winter St., Sabbath-school and Educational
West Superior. Department: Sec., Mrs. Florence
Julia Belean, R. F. D. No. 4, Madi- Hutchinson.
C. A. Johnson, 164 Wisconsin St., MINISTERS.
Louise Nelson, 164 Wisconsin St., E. R. Williams, 838 South St.,
Milwaukee. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
Anna Pedersen, 164 Wisconsin St., 0. F. Campbell, Ogden Ave., Me-
Milwaukee. nominee, Mich.
C. W. Johnson, Milton Junction. M. W. Lewis, 3609 Broadway,
Mrs. Gertrude Johnson, Milton Menominee, Mich.
Junction. H. R. Johnson, Box 61, Cambridge,
Lida Ackley, Muscoda. Wis.
Grace Jordan, West Superior. LICENTIATES.
Nettie Smith, Poy Sippi.
K. Virgie Johnson, 1319 Washing- F. J. Harris, Ensign, via Rapid
ton Ave. Racine. River, Mich.
Jennie Nelson, Pine River. Mrs. E. R. Williams, 838 South
David Chapman, Cassville. St., Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
Mildred Bossert, Cassville.
Martha Christensen, Boscobel. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Ellen Fenton, New London.
Esther Modine, Mosling. Miss Belle Campbell, 606 Easter-
Ina Bradbury, Baraboo. day Ave., Sault Ste. Marie,
Jennie Snow, 526 Menomonie St., Mich.
Eau Claire. Mrs. Florence Hutchinson, Box
Henrietta Parfitt, New London. 885, Laurium, Mich.
Mrs. Hattie Olsen, R. F. D. No. E. Fred Hutchinson, Box 885,
4, Madison. Laurium, Mich.


Organized rgoz.
Territory: The Conferences of Health and Temperance Depart-
Minnesota, South Dakota, North ment: Sec., W. M. Adams.
Dakota, Manitoba, and the Sabbath-school Department: Sec.,
mission field of Alberta. Mrs. Jessie L. Adams.
Population: 2,890,639. MINISTERS.
Membership: 4,087; churches, 140. C. A. Beeson, Portage la Prairie,
Office Address: Box 285, Fargo, Manitoba.
N. Dak. W. M. Adams, 438 Selkirk Ave.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
OFFICERS. Neil McGill, cor. Main and Polson
Conference: Pres., C. W. Flaiz; Sts., Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Sec. and Treas., Mrs. Alice H. H. J. Dirksen, Morden, Manitoba.
Robinson; Ex. Corn., C. W. LICENTIATE.
Flaiz, Fred Johnson, C. A. Bur-
John Peters, Rosthern, Saskatche-
man, John G. Walker, C. A.
wan, Northwest Territory, Can-
Beeson; General Agent, F. A.
E. Russell Potter, 438 Selkirk
C. W. Flaiz, Medford, Minn
Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba.
J. W. Boynton, Ponoka, Alberta,
Barbara Purdon, 438 Selkirk Ave.,
Northwest Territory, Canada.
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
LICENTIATE. Mrs. Jessie L. Adams, 438 Selkirk
Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Henry Block, Leduc, Alberta,
Johann G. Baerg, Rosthern, Sas-
Northwest Territory, Canada.
katchewan, Northwest Terri-
tory, Canada.
Organized July, 1903.
Organized 1862.
Territory: Manitoba, Assiniboia,
and Saskatchewan west to the Territory: The State of Minne-
105th meridian. sota.
Population: 320,204. Population: 1,751,395.
Membership: 494; churches, 12. Membership: 2,000; churches, 80.
Office Address: 438 Selkirk Ave., Office: 336 East Lake St., Minne-
Winnipeg, Manitoba. apolis, Minn.
Office Address: Box 989, Minne-
OkkICERS. apolis, Minn
Conference: Pres., C. A. Beeson; OFFICERS.
Vice-pres., W. M. Adams; Sec. Conference: Pres., Fred Johnson;
and Treas., Mrs. Jessie L. Vice-pres., AndrewMe a d;
Adams; Ex. Com., C. A. Beeson, Treas. and Transportation Agt.,
W. M. Adams, John Ramsay, L. C. M. Everest; Sec., P. E. San-
T. Ayers, H. J. Peters. ford; Ex. Com., Fred Johnson,
Tract Society Department: Sec. Andrew Mead, P. A. Hanson,
and Treas., Mrs!" Jessie L. H. L. Halverson, M. B. Van
Adams; Provincial Agent, E. Kirk.
Russell Potter. Missionary Department: Sec., A.
Educational Department: Sec., C. C. Gilbert; Canv. Agt., W. W.
A. Beeson. Ruble.

Sabbath-school Department: Sec., MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.

Miss Ella E. Merickel. Miss Ella E. Merickel, Box 989,
Educational Department: Sec., M. Minneapolis.
B. Van Kirk. Lena Nichols, Stillwater.
Health and Temperance Depart- Celia Tichenor, Box 989, Minne-
ment: Sec., E. M. Chapman. apolis.
Conference Association: Pres., 0. Mrs. E. H. Huntley, 599 Carroll
0. Bernstein; Vice-pres., J. F. St., St. Paul.
Pogue; Sec., Wm. Asp; Treas., W. H. Wild, Sub-Station 9, Min-
C. M. Everest; Board of Trus- neapolis.
tees, 0. 0. Bernstein, J. F. Ralph Campbell, Stillwater.
Pogue, Wm. Asp, C. M. Everest, Alfred Battin, Medford.
A. J. Stone, Andrew Mead, H. S. Gust Freeman, Lake City.
Shaw. C. M. Everest, Box 989, Minne-
Fred Johnson, Box 989, Minne- F. E. Rew, Box 989, Minneapolis.
apolis. H. E. Shelstad, Box 989, Minne-
Andrew Mead, Brainerd. apolis.
H. F. Phelps, 118 West Minnehaha Wm. Asp, Box 989, Minneapolis.
Boulevard, Minneapolis. P. E. Sanford, Box 989, Minne-
W. W. Stebbins, Mankato. apolis.
H. Steen, 674 Sims St., St. Paul. C. A. Lavine, Box 989, Minne-
A. J. Stone, 835 Lawson St., St. apolis.
Paul. Albert V. Olson, Box 989, Minne-
C. L. Emmerson, Batavia. apolis.
J. F. Pogue, Box 989, Minneapolis. Gust Henrickson, Box 989, Minne-
0. 0. Bernstein, Box 989, Minne- apolis.
apolis. James Bellinger, Long Prairie.
J. C. Christenson, Badger.
There are sixteen church schools
E. W. Catlin, Box 989, Minne- in operation.
F. A. Detamore, 102 South Har-
riet St., Stillwater.. NORTH DAKOTA CONFERENCE.
P. A. Hanson, Thief River Falls.
E. H. Huntley, 599 Carroll St., St. Organized 1902.
Paul. Territory: The State of North
Ben Francis, Wells. Dakota.
Chas. M. Babcock, Stillwater. Population: 319,040.
John F. Anderson, 827 Magnolia Membership: 700; churches, 22.
St., St. Paul. Office Address: Box 285, Fargo, N.
S. E. Jackson, Fergus Falls. Dak.
W. W. Ruble, Box 989, Minne-
J. 0. Peet, Batavia. Conference: Pres., John G. Walk-
M. S. Reppe, Box 989, Minneapolis. er; Vice-pres., Lars Neilson;
Geo. L. Budd, Eddy. Sec., A. E. Christian; Treas.,
Amos Ritchey, Roseau. Mrs. Alice H. Robinson; Ex.
A. D. EWart, Bingham Lake. Com., John G. Walker, Lars
M. B. Van Kirk, Box 989, Minne- Neilson, Chas. Leer, E. M.
apolis. Strong, F. G. Specht.
Frank Kozel, Brainerd. Missionary Department: Rec. Sec.,
Ill. M. Chapman, Alexandria. Mrs. Alice H. Robinson; Cor.
A. C. Gilbert, Box 989, Minne- Sec., Miss Hattie E. Ohm;
apolis. Field Sec., C. L. Kendall; Asst.
C, J. Kunkel, Hinckley. Rec. Sec., F. H. Robinson.

Educational and Sabbath-school Transportation Agent, L. D.

Department: Field Sec., F. G. Randall; Ex. Cora., C. A. Bur-
Specht; Rec. Sec., Miss Hattie man, E. G. Hayes, J. W. Beach,
E. Ohm. C. F. Betts, N. M. Jorgensen, D.
" The North Dakota Conference Staats, Conrad Reiswig.
Association: " Trustees, Lars Missionary Department: Rec. Sec.,
Neilson, Henry Vessey, F. H. L. D. Randall; Asst. Sec., G. W.
Robinson, Fred Reitter, Lud- Miller; Cor. Sec., Leona Bur-
wig Kreuger. man; Field Sec., F. L. Perry.
MINISTERS. Sabbath-school Department: Sec.,
John G. Walker, Box 465, James- Mrs. Mattie E. Randall.
town. Health and Temperance Depart-
Valentine Leerz Lincoln, McLean ment: Sec., Milla M. Johnson.
County. Educational Department: Supt.,
Edward Loeppke, Bowdon, Wells C. F. Betts.
County. "The Dakota Conference Associa-
Lars Neilson, Winifred, Ward tion: " Trustees: C. F. Betts,
County. J. G. Walker, L. D. Randall, A.
A. E. Christian, Kenmare, Ward P. Peterson, Chas. Leer.
Henry Johnson, Carrington.
C. A. Burman, Aberdeen.
LICENTIATES. E. G. Hayes, Madison.
F. G. Specht, New Homer. Stuts- N. M. Jorgensen, Gayville.
man County. Conrad Reiswig, Milltown.
Christian Sulzle, Lincoln, McLean F. L. Perry, Aberdeen.
County. Daniel Isaac, Parker.
Mrs. Alice H. Robinson, Box 285, J. W. Christian, Alcester.
Fargo. J. W. Beach, Elk Point.
Miss Hattie E. Ohm, Box 285, C. F. Betts, Elk Point.
Fargo. Bertha E. Jorgensen, Vermillion.
E. M. Strong, Box 275, Hankinson. N. J. Ronlund, 933 North Main
Martin Olson, Valley City, Barnes Ave., Sioux Falls.
County. R. E. Harter, Langford.
F. H. Robinson, Box 285, Fargo.
C. L. Kendall, Norwich, McHenry MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
County. Mattie E. Randall, Box 686, Sioux
Mrs. Annie Johnson, Carrington. Falls.
Margaret Wall, Box 686, Sioux
L. D. Randall, Box 686, Sioux
ENCE. Falls.
Organized 1880. C. M. Clark, Aberdeen.
Territory: The State of South Da- Milla M. Johnson, Webster.
kota, excluding the Black Hills. Leona Burman, Box 873, Aber-
Population: 500,000. deen.
Membership: 893; churches, .26. W. A. Baker, Box 686, Sioux
Office: 732 South First Ave., Sioux Falls.
Falls, S. Dak. Dolphy Hayes, Madison.
Office Address: Box 686, Sioux
OFFICERS. Office Address: Ponoka, Alberta,
Conference: Pres., C. A. Burman; Northwest Territory, Canada.
Vice-pres., E. G. Hayes; Sec., Director: J. W. Boynton; Sec.,
N. M. Jorgensen; Treas. and Miss Stella B. Lowry.


Organized 1902.
Territory: The Conferences of J. H. Morrison, College View,
Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Mis- Nebr.
souri, and Nebraska. Theo. Valentiner, College View,
Population: 8,716,023. Nebr.
Membership: 13,486; churches, A. Swedberg, College View, Nebr.
353. C. A. Thorp, College View, Nebr.
Office: College View, Nebr. LICENTIATES.
OFFICERS. P. E. Berthelsen, College View,
Conference: Pres., E. T. Russell;
M. E. Kern, College View, Nebr.
Vice-pres., L. F. Starr; Sec., L.
Floyd Bralliar, Stuart, Iowa.
A. Hoopes; Auditor, L. E. Koon;
Treas., J. Sutherland; Field MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Missionary, C. W. Hardesty; W. A. George, College View, Nebr.
Ex. Corn., E. T. Russell, L. F. C. W. Hardesty, College View,
Starr, the Presidents of the Nebr.
local Conferences in the Central L. E. Koon, College View, Nebr.
Union Conference, the President J. Sutherland, College View, Nebr.
of Union College, Superintendent Katie Coleman, College View,
of the Colorado Sanitarium, the Nebr.
Field Missionary, and the Man- Carrie Segebart, College View,
ager of the Pacific Press Pub- Nebr.
lishing Company, 18 West Fifth Vera Thompson, College View,
St., Kansas City, Mo. Nebr.
Educational Department: Sec., M. Wallace Newton, College View,
Floyd Bralliar. Nebr.
Medical Missionary and Benevo- David D. Rees, College View,
lent Association Board: E. T. Nebr.
Russell, Dr. W. A. George, Dr. Harvey A. Morrison, College View,
J. D. Shively, F. M. Wilcox, Nebr.
L. A. Hoopes, R. C. Porter, C. Miss Winifred M. Peebles, College
McReynolds. View, Nebr.
" Central Union Conference Asso- Ernest C. Kellogg, College View,
ciation of the Seventh-day Ad- Nebr.
ventists: " Chairman, E. T. Rus- Elmer E. Gardner, College View,
sell; Sec., L. A. Hoopes; A. T. Nebr.
Robinson, J. H. Morrison, J. M. H. Sterns, College View, Nebr.
Sutherland. Miss Roberta Andrews, College
View, Nebr.

IINISTERS. Miss Genevieve Johnson, College
E. T. Russell, College View, Nebr. View, Nebr.
L. F. Starr, Stuart, Iowa. Miss Ada Madison, College View,
L. A. Hoopes, College View, Nebr. Nebr.
L. Johnson, College View, Nebr. Miss Clara George, College View,
Daniel Nettleton, College View, Nebr.
F. H. Westphal, College View, COLORADO CONFERENCE.
W. A. Colcord, College View, Organized 1883.
Nebr. Territory: Colorado and New
J. S. Hart, College View, Nebr. Mexico.

Population: 745,010. E. E. Farnsworth, 1112 South

Membership: 2,415; churches, 44. Eleventh St., Denver.
Office: 1112 South Eleventh St., Chas. Lightner, 937 Elm St., Pu-
Denver, Colo. eblo. -
OFFICERS. J. F. Jensen, Ramah.
L. Vargas, Manzanares.
Conference: Pres., G. F. Watson;
M. Warfle, Roswell, N. Mex.
Vice-pres., H. M. J. Richards;
Sec., E. E. Farnsworth; Treas., Jacob Wibbens, Reinwardt St. 70,
Amsterdam, Holland.
Mrs. Bertie L. Herrell; Ex.
Corn., G. F. Watson, H. M. J.
Richards. G. W. Anglebarger,
Watson Zeigler, C. C. Holbrook, Celia Green, 1112 South Eleventh
W. W. Hills, H. L. Hoover. St., Denver.
Tract Society Department: Sec., Lida Moore, Ouray.
Mrs. Bertie L. Herrell; Cor. Celia McDonald, Loveland.
Sec., E. E. Farnsworth; Canv. Alice Finch, 820 North Spruce St.,
Agt., G. Phillips. Colorado Springs.
Educational Department: Supt., Mrs. Minnie Proctor, 110 East
E. E. Farnsworth. Coal Ave., Albuquerque, N.
Sabbath-school and Young Peo- Mex.
ple's Department: Mrs. Flora Carrie Dowden, Ouray.
Watson. Mrs. Bertie L. Herrell, 1112 South
MINISTERS. Eleventh St., Denver.
G. F. Watson, 1112 South Elev- W. H. Moore, Hygiene.
enth St., Denver. G. Phillips, 1112 South Eleventh
Watson Zeigler, Fort Collins. St., Denver.
G. W. Anglebarger, 1112 South Mrs. Flora Watson, 1112 South
Eleventh St., Denver. Eleventh St., Denver.
Dr. W. W. Hills, 831 East Cos-
tilla St., Colorado Springs.
H. M. J. Richards, 1112 South IOWA CONFERENCE.
Eleventh St., Denver.
Geo. 0. States, 412 First St., Boul- Organized 1863.
der. Territory: The State of Iowa.
M. Mackintosh, Monte Vista. Population: 2,231,853.
L. A. Spring, Glenwood Springs. Membership: 3,841; churches, 107.
.1. B. Wilson, Box 34, Pueblo. Office: 603 East Twelfth St., Des
S. F. Svensson, 1112 South Elev- Moines, Iowa.
enth St., Denver.
H. A. Aufderhar, Fort Morgan. OFFICERS.
H. L. Hoover, 1211 St. John St., Conference: Pres., L. F.. Starr;
Albuquerque, N. Mex. Vice-pres., B. E. Fullmer; Sec.,
F. M. Wilcox, _ care Sanitarium, Mrs. Flora. V. Dorcas; Treas.,
Boulder. J. W. Dorcas; Ex. Corn., L. F.
Wm. Kennedy, Durango. Starr, B. E. Fullmer, N. C. Ber-
C. H. Bates, 211 West Golden gersen, B. L. Dieffenbacher, C.
Ave., Cripple Creek. A. Washburn, J. W. Dorcas, J.
Thomas Branch, Plainfield Estate, H. Kraft.
Cholo, near Blantyre, British Missionary Department: Sec. and
Central Africa. Treas., J. 0. Beard; Asst. Sec.,
LICENTIATES. Mrs. Nettie Shaw.
W. F. Hills, 429 Maxwell. Ave., Sabbath-school Department: Sec.,
Boulder. Mrs. Flora V. Dorcas; Asst.
Meade MacGuire, Meeker. Sec., Nellie V. McWilliam.
G. M. Alway, 602 South Thir- Young People's Society: Cor. and
teenth St., Rocky Ford. Field Sec., Della Wallace.

Conference Association: L. F. Ed. Swap, 603 East Twelfth St.,

Starr, C. A. Washburn, C. G. Des Moines.
Johnston, C. W. Smouse, J. W. W. C. Hankins, Sigourney.
Crouse, J. H. Kraft, N. C. Ber- Arthur Rhoads, R. F. D., Corning.
gersen. J. M. Moore, Parkersburg.
MINISTERS. A. F. Ferguson, Sandyville.
Anna Burke, Story City.
L. F. Starr, Stuart.
Della Wallace, 543 West Second
C. A. Washburn, Mt. Pleasant.
St., Ottumwa.
B. E. Fullmer, 603 East Twelfth
Minnie Hahn, 543 West Second
St., Des Moines.
St., Ottumwa.
N. C. Bergersen, Story City.
Earl Hahn, 543 West Second St.,
E. E. Gardner, Hampton.
J. H. Kraft, Atlantic. Margaret Young, 543 West Second
B. L. Dieffenbacher, 603 East St., Ottumwa.
Twelfth St., Des Moines. Jessie Welsh, 311 North First St.,
J: 0. Beard, 603 East Twelfth St., Oskaloosa.
Des Moines. Katie Earle, 311 North First St.,
G. R. Hawkins, 603 East Twelfth Oskaloosa.
St., Des Moines. Fannie Black, Stuart.
E. C. Olsen, Forest City. Dr. A. A. Zipf, Onawa.
T. H. Jeys, Stuart. Otis M. Kittle, 543 West Second
Henry Rorholm, Radcliffe. S., Ottumwa.
W. E. Frederick, Stuart. E. J. Deitel, Hawkeye.
LICENTIATES. Emma Poch, Atlantic.
P. E. Brotherson, Jacksonville.
N. L. McClintock, Blencoe.
J. W. Dorcas, 603 East Twelfth CHURCH SCHOOLS.
St., Des Moines. Superintendent: Floyd Bralliar,
F. M. Corbaley, 666 May St., Bur- Stuart.
lington. Teachers: Pearl Bascom, Council
Paul Curtis, College View, Nebr. Bluffs; Mable Ferguson, Blen-
A. F. French, Grant City, Mo. coe; Essie Ferguson, Winter-
Mrs. G. R. Hawkins, 603 East set; Grace O'Neil, Des Moines;
Twelfth St., Des Moines. Christiana Owen, Burlington;
Wm. Johnson, 603 East Twelfth Edna Schee, Sioux Rapids;
St., Des Moines. Carrie Shepherd, Ames; Minnie
C. E. Rentfro, 603 East Twelfth Wolford, Dubuque.
St., Des Moines.
Calvin Starr, 603 East Twelfth
Geo. H. Skinner, 603 East Twelfth
Organized 1875.
St., Des Moines.
Floyd Bralliar, Stuart. Territory: The State of Kansas.
Geo. A. Larson, Winterset. Population: 1,470,495.
Arthur McClintock, Kalona. Membership: 2,550; churches, 100.
Office: 821 West Fifth St., To-
J. W. Crouse, Parkersburg.
W. H. Cox, Stuart. OFFICERS.
J. C. Clemens, Sheldon. Conference: Pres., C. McRey-
Mrs. Flora V. Dorcas, 603 East nolds; Vice-pres., I. A. Crane;
Twelfth St., Des Moines. Sec., Florence P. Rice; Treas.,
Nellie V. McWilliam, 603 East C. F. Parmele; Sec. and Treas.
Twelfth St., Des Moines. Missionary Dept., C. F. Par-
Lloyd Manfull, 603 East Twelfth mele; Sec. Sabbath-school and
St., Des Moines. Young People's Dept., Mrs.

Belle Emerson; Supt. Educa-

t ion al and Sabbath-school J. C. Becker, 821 West Fifth St.,
Depts., B. E. Huffman; Gen. Topeka.
Missionary, Frank Jencks; Ex. Laura Humphrey, care Sanita-
Corn., C. McReynolds, I. A. rium, Boulder, Colo.
Crane, L. F. Trubey, B. E. Huff- Edith Hiatt, Wichita.
man, J. G. Hanhardt, N. B. Mary Doan, 821 West Fifth St.,
Emerson, Wm. Stone. Topeka.
Jessie Cornforth, Hiawatha.
MINISTERS. Minnie Wheeler, Hiawatha.
C. McReynolds, 821 West Fifth P. N. Kelly, Wakeeney.
St., Topeka. Belle Emerson, 821 West Fifth
I. A. Crane, South Haven. St., Topeka.
L. F. Trubey, Hiawatha. M. W. Neal, Columbus.
R. W. Parmele, 1120 South Main Lizzie Sutton, Thayer.
St., Ft. Scott. Kate B. Dick, 821 West Fifth St.,
J. G. Hanhardt, Shaffer. Topeka.
J. W. Norwood, Cherokee. Lillie Hornbeck, 616 Spruce St.,
B. E. Huffman, 821 West Fifth Leavenworth.
St., Topeka. Jennie Edwards, 616 Spruce St.,
T. Godfrey, Ellsworth. Leavenworth.
A. E. Johnson, Junction City. Mary Edwards, 1120 South Main
D. H. Oberholtzer, Thayer. St., Ft. Scott.
R. H. Brock, Arkansas City. V. W. Robb, Wichita.
J. B. Ashcraft, Pratt. J. A. Swearingen, Corcordia.
J. Riffel, 821 West Fifth St., To- John Riley, Burlington.
peka. Fred Clark, R. F. D. No. 4, North
I. F. Thorn, Liberal. Topeka.
B. W. Brown, Concordia. W. B. Roberts, Ottawa.
N. T. Sutton, 821 West Fifth St., J. IV. Singleton, 206 Loomis St.,
Topeka. Winfield.
Sydney Scott, 723 Walker St., J. Smith, 206 Loomis St., Win-
Kansas City, Kans. field.
Anna Anderson, Atchison.
A. S. Bringle, Beloit. Jennie Hill, Ottawa.
Wm. M. Stone, Thayer. Vesta Baldwin, Oswego.
J. E. Anderson, Junction City. Nettie Hardiman, Thayer.
C. F. Parmele, 821 West Fifth Stella Secrist, Thayer.
St., Topeka. Ethyl Easley, Buffalo.
N. P. Dixon, Portis. Florence Barbee, Rose.
J. F. Harder, Windom. Hannah Jensen, Wichita.
I. C. Sultz, Kinsley.
C. E. Peckover, 821 West Fifth
Belle Dixon, Portis.
St., Topeka.
E. A. Morey, Hutchinson.
N. B. Emerson, 821 West Fifth Max Hill, Wellington.
St., Topeka. J. F. Harder, Windom.
W. A. Easley, 821 West Fifth St., Mrs. S. E. Surber, College View,
Topeka. Nebr.
Dr. Geo. A. Droll, 321 Market St.,
Frank Jencks, Thayer. L. C. Christofferson, 321 North
R. L. Bradford, 923 Oakland Ave., Market St., Wichita.
Kansas City, Kans. Mrs. L. C. Christofferson, 321
H. E. Kirk, 421 Polk St., Topeka. North Market St., Wichita.

Dr. Lydia E. Parmele, 1120 South B. E. Beddoe, Rolla.

Main St., Ft. Scott. D. P. Ziegler, Celt.
MISSOURI CONFERENCE. M. E. George, 714 Walton Ave.,
St. Louis.
Organized 1876. Mrs. M, E. George, 714 Walton
Territory: The State of Missouri. Ave., St. Louis.
Population: 3,106,665. Jas. Cochran, 1814 East Four-
Membership: 2,000; churches, 42. teenth St., Kansas City.
Office: 1814 East Fourteenth St., Mrs. E. A. Merrell, 719 Highland
Kansas City, Mo. Ave., Kansas City.
Eva Hough, 8 Fountain Place,
OFFICERS. Kansas City.
Conference: Pres., R. C. Porter; Mrs. R. C. Porter, Hamilton.
Vice-pres., W. T. Millman; Sec. Miss Cora Rapp, 1315 Taylor Ave.,
and Treas., Jas. Cochran; Ex. St. Louis.
Corn., R. C. Porter, W. T. Mill- Nora Hough, Golden City.
man, W. S. Cruzan, L. W. Mrs. A. E. Daniels, 1325 Old
Terry, E. A. Merrell. Manchester Road, St. Louis.
Missionary Department: Sec. and Miss Birdie Cruzan, 1213 West
Treas., Jas. Cochran; Cor. Sec., Ninth St., Joplin.
S. J. Quantock; State Mission- F. E. Fairchild, 1814 East Four-
ary Agent, F. E. Fairchild. teenth St., Kansas City.
Educational and Sabbath-school S. J. Quantock, 1814 East Four-
Department: Supt., W. S. Cru- teenth St., Kansas City.
zan; See., Mrs. A. E. Daniels.
" The Missouri Conference Asso- ARIES.
ciation of Seventh-day Advent-
ists: " Board, R. C. Porter, Jas. Mary Wilbur, Vita Morrow, M.
Cochran, J. J. Nichols, H. Quan- Sophia Blaser, Crystal Surdam,
tock, W. S. Cruzan. Florence Lemons, L. Belle Math-
ews, Annie Nordlind, Florence
MINISTERS. Burgess, Sadie Tindall, Bessie
R. C. Porter, Hamilton. Barnhart, W. P. Fairchild, J.
W. T. Millman, Gallatin. B. Stuyvesant.
W. S. Cruzan, Rolla.
E. A. Merrell, 719 Highland Ave..
Kansas City. Mrs. H. C. Tarr, Dr. M. T. Clark,
A. P. Heacock, 1703 North Second Mrs. M. T. Clark, Charles
St., St. Joseph. Schwarz.
H. K. Willis, Pleasant Hill.
D. E. Scoles, Washburn.
L. W. Terry, R. F. D. No. 3, Ap- NEBRASKA CONFERENCE.
pleton City. Organized 1878.
H. Gellert, Bobring Station, St. Territory: The State of Ne-
Louis. braska, Wyoming, and the
C. H. Chaffee, Goldsberry. Black Hills (five southwestern
A. A. Meyer, cor. Utah and Texas counties) of South Dakota.
Sts., St. Louis. Population: 1,162,000.
LICENTIATES, Membership: 2,680; churches, 60.
Office: 1505 E Street, Lincoln,
H. Meyer, Salisbury. Nebr.
H. C. Tarr, 311 West Ashland St.,
Sydney Scott, 726. Walker St., Conference: Pres., A. T. Robin-
Kansas City, Kans. son; Sees and Treas., C. H.
Miller; Miss. Sec. and Treas., Esther Smith, Cheyenne, wry.
C. H. Miller; Educational Supt., Mrs. E. P. MacLay, Fremont.
C. R. Kite; Canv. Agt., F. H. Walter Rich, Red Cloud.
Hahn; Sabbath-school Sec., George Huenergardt, College
Miss Alice I. Teeple; Ex. Corn., View.
A. T. Robinson, J. J. Graf, L. William Batterson, 1505 E St.,
E. Johnson, J. H. Wheeler, A. Lincoln.
C. Anderson. Maggie Warnock, Fremont.
The Nebraska Conference Asso- Lena Frederickson, Fremont.
ciation of the Seventh-day Ad- Pearl West, Tekamah.
ventists: " A. T. Robinson, T.
McAlpine, J. Sutherland, G. LICENSED COLPORTEURS.
Mathiesen, D. R. Callahan.
W. J. Wilson, Dunbar.
MINISTERS. G. P. Loy, 1505 E St., Lincoln.
A. T. Robinson, 1505 E St., Lin- Robert. Ryan, 235 South Ninth St.,
coln. Lincoln.
W. B. Hill, College View. W. P. Surber, College View.
J. H. Wheeler, College View. P. 0. Johnson, 1505 E St., Lincoln.
R. F. Andrews, College View. Jacob Kroeker, Culbertson.
P. P. Gaede, College View. Earnest Mathwig, Olerich, S. Dak.
L. E. Johnson, Arcadia. Peter Lindall, 1224 South Fifty-
C. R. Kite, College View. first St., Sta. B, Omaha.
A. C. Anderson, 1301 North Chas. W. Graves, McCook.
Twenty-first St., Lincoln. C. S. Wilbur, Arcadia.
G. W. Berry, Sheridan, Wyo. L. B. Porter, Tekamah.
J. J. Graf, College View.
Orrin Hall, Lead, S. Dak.
LICENTIATES. E. H. Curtis, College View.
0. A. Hall, Lead, S. Dak. Mary Kinneburgh, College View.
W. H. Campbell, Hemingford. Emma L. Runck, College View.
0. E. Jones, College View. Anna Pierce, College View.
N. C. Nelson, College View. Elsie Baer, 1505 E St., Lincoln.
F. W. H. Schroeder, Culbertson. Lillie Johnson, Seward.
B. M. Garton, Hartington. Ida Brown, Normal.
Chas. Svenson, 1505 E St., Lin- Walter Rich, Red Cloud.
coln. Rosa Wise, Cortland.
F. H. Hahn, Arcadia. Walter Campbell, Hemingford.
G. A. Kirkle, Hemingford. Stella Allred, Arcadia.
E. L. Cook, Hartington. Katherine Runck, Alma.
J. W. Beams, Kaycee, Wyo. F. W. H. Schroeder, Norfolk.
Nina Teeple, College View.
C. H. Miller, 1505 E St., Lincoln. Ruth Jones, College View.
Sarah Grobe, Cheyenne, Wyo. Mabel Mosser, Ft. Calhoun.


Organized i9oi; reorganized rgoz.

Territory: The Conferences of OFFICERS.

Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Conference: Pres., J. A. Sommer-
Texas. ville; Sec. of Conference and
Population: 5,150,665. Tract Society Dept., Miss Flora
Membership: 2,896; churches, 87. E. Heermann; Treas., Arkansas
Office: Keene, Johnson Co., Tex. Tract Society; Canv. Agt., W.
L. Manfull; Sec. Sabbath-
OFFICERS. school Dept., Miss Flora E.
Conference: Pres., N. P. Nelson; Heermann; Transportation
Vice-pres., H. Shultz; Sec., Agt., U. Bender; Ex. Com., J.
Treas., and Auditor, C. N. A. Sommerville, H. Clay Grif-
Woodward; Field Missionary, fin, V. B. Watts, U. Bender, W.
W. L. Manfull; Ex. Com., N. P. L. Manful!.
Nelson, H. Shultz, C. N. Wood-
ward, the Presidents of the MINISTERS.
Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkan- J. A. Sommerville, Springdale.
sas Conferences, the Principal H. Clay Griffin, Washburn, Mo.
of Keene Academy, the Super-
intendent of Keene Sanitarium, LICENTIATES.
and the Field Missionary. V. B. Watts, Siloam Springs.
" The Southwestern Union Con- U. Bender, Booneville.
ference Association of Seventh- J. L. Upton, Springdale.
day Adventists: " Trustees, G. J. Divillbiss, Sallisaw, Ind. T.
G. Rupert, W. A. McCutchen, B. F. Gowdy, Hartford (Gwynn
T. T. Stevenson, A. E. 'Field, C. P. 0.).
MINISTERS. Miss Flora E. Heermann, Spring-
N. P. Nelson, Keene, Tex. dale.
H. Shultz, Lockeford, San Joa- John F. Stringer, Black Rock.
quin Co., Cal. D. S. James, Gentry.
C. B. Hughes, Keene, Tex. Mrs. U. Bender, Booneville.
Kate Beeler, 1623 Broadway,
S. S. Ryles, Springdale, Ark. R. H. Devreaux, Devall's Bluff.
Thos. Defreeze, 308 West Fif- W. C. Green, 1623 Broadway,
teenth Ave. Corsicana, Tex. Little Rock.
J. W. Johnston, 708 Brazos St., Mrs. S. C. Clement, Gentry.
Houston, Tex: Geo. Qualls, Cline.
C. N. Woodward, Keene, Tex. OKLAHOMA CONFERENCE.
Organized 1894.
Territory: Oklahoma and Indian
Organized 1888. Population: 790,391.
Territory: The State of Ar- Membership: 1,346; churches, 45.
kansas. Office: 217 West Seventh St., Ok-
Population: 1,311,564. lahoma City, Okla. T.
Membership: 449; churches, 19. Office Address: Box 239, Okla-
Office: Springdale, Ark. homa City, Okla. T.

OFFICERS. A. J. Waters, Coalgate, Ind. T.

Mariah Johnson, Welston, Okla. T.
Conference: Pres., G. F. Haffner; Mrs. Laura B. Field, 606 West
Sec., Wm. Voth; Treas., T. J. Ninth St., Oklahoma City, Okla.T.
Eagle; Sec. and Treas. of Mis-
sionary Dept., T. J. Eagle; Cor.
Sec., Wm. Voth; Supt. of Edu-
cational Dept., Mrs. Hattie So- TEXAS CONFERENCE.
renson; Sec. of Sabbath-school Organized 1878.
Dept., Mrs. Laura B. Field;
State Missionary, James But- Territory: The State of Texas.
ka; Ex. Com., G. F. Haffner, Population: 3,048,710.
C. Sorenson, M. H. Gregory, A. Membership: 1,101; churches, 23.
E. Field, T. J. Eagle. Office: Keene, Johnson Co., Tex.
G. F. Haffner, Box 239, Oklahoma Conference: Pres., N. P. Nelson;
City, Okla. T. Sec., Ida A. Nelson; Treas., T.
M. H. Gregory, 908 West First T. Stevenson; Sec. and Treas.
St., Independence, Kans. of Tract Society Dept., Edward
A. E. Field, Box 239, Oklahoma Harris; Sec. S. S. Dept., Mrs.
City, Okla. T. Kitty Stevenson; Ex. Com., N.
D. T. Sturgeon, Gage, Okla. T. P. Nelson, W. A. McCutchen,
C. Sorenson, Perkins, Okla. T. W. W. Eastman, T. W. Field,
Uriah Dake, Cement, Okla. T. G. E. Faucher, L. W. Felter;
A. J. Voth, Kiel, Okla. T. Canv. Agt., W. W. Eastman;
W. H. White, Colony, Okla. T. Supt. of Church Schools, Mrs.
J. R. Bagby, Winchester, Okla. T. Cora Jones; Trans. Agt., W. A.
F. H. Conway, Pawnee, Okla. T. McCutchen.
T. J. Hickman, Harper, Okla. T. " Texas Conference Association of
Henry Woodruff, Hereford, Tex. Seventh-day Adventists:"
LICENTIATES. Trustees, W. A. McCutchen, T.
T. Stevenson, C. N. Woodward,
E. L. Maxwell, Box 239, Okla- H. B. French.
homa City, Okla. T.
Minnie Syp, Putnam, Okla. T. MINISTERS.
Hans Bonde, Norman, Okla. T. N. P. Nelson, Keene.
George Ebel, Oleta, Okla. T. W. A. McCutchen, Keene.
J. B. Hampton, Taloga, Okla. T. T. W. Field, Keene.
William Braley, Woodward, Okla. J. N. Somerville, Keene.
Territory. H. B. French, Keene.
C. C. Uhrig, Enid, Okla. T. A. W. Jenson, Keene.
Bernard Voth, Cement, Okla. T. C. W. Miller, Keene.
W. L. Baxter, Cement, Okla. T. W. W. Eastman, Keene.
H. H. Martin, Box 239, Oklahoma Andrew Nelson, Keene.
City, Okla. T. August Kunze, Reese, Mich.
William Voth, Box 239, Oklahoma E. B. Hopkins, Marietta.
City, Okla. T. J. M. Huguley, Plano.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. N. J. Etheredge, Rives, Fisher Co.
James Butka, Enid, Okla. T.
W. L. Manfull, Addington, Ind. T. LICENTIATES.
J. J. Jobe, Krebs, Ind. T. W. M. Cubley, Levi.
Lee Gregory, 400 West Eighth N. V. Willess, Keene.
St., Oklahoma City, Okla. T. L. W. Felter, 2010 Chestnut St.,
Sophia V. Parker, 121 West Fif- Houston.
teenth St., Oklahoma City, E. L. Neff, 721 Wyoming St., San
Okla. T. Antonio.


Lottie White, Keene. Mrs. W. L. Young, Keene.
Jessie Hunter, 2010 Chestnut St., Mrs. Satie Waters, Keene.
Houston. Ada Philips, Keene.
A. S. McCulley, Keene. A. M. Woodall, Dallas.
W. L. Brandon, 2010 Chestnut St., Myrtle -Kirk, Rolyat.
Houston. Sallie Lu Ramsey, Antelope Gap.
Dr. P. F. Haskell, Keene. Iva Smith, Corsicana.
Mrs. Emma Johnson, Keene.
0. Glass, Keene.
Kate Beeler, Keene.
Mrs. N. V. Willess, Keene. W. L. Adams, Marietta.
Mrs. W. M. Cubley, Levi. Mrs. W. L. Adams, Marietta.
Mrs. E. L. Neff, 721 Wyoming St., Anna J. Olson, Keene.
San Antonio. Clara Seaman, Keene.
W. F. Mayers, Keene. C. U. Taylor, Wills Point.


Organized igoz.
Territory: California, Oregon, LICENTIATES.
Washington, Nevada, Idaho, I. C. Colcord, Honolulu, Hawaiian
Montana, Utah, Arizona, Alas- Territory.
ka, British Columbia, and Ha- J. J. Ireland, 1059 Castro St:,
waiian Territory. Oakland, Cal.
Population: 3,546,579.
Membership: 9,877; churches, 211. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Office: 1059 Castro St., Oakland, H. H. Hall, 1059 Castro St., Oak-
Cal. land, Cal.
OFFICERS. J. G. Da Silva, Honolulu, Ha-
waiian Territory.
Conference: Pres., W. T. Knox; S. C. Osborne, Lytton, Cal.
Sec., J. J. Ireland; Treas., E. A.
Chapman (Twelfth and Castro
Sts., Oakland, Cal.); Mission- ARIZONA CONFERENCE.
ary Sec., H. H. Hall; Traveling Organized 1902.
Missionary, S. C. Osborne; Territory: Arizona.
Educational Sec., M. E. Cady Population: 122,931.
(Healdsburg, Cal.); Ex. Com., Membership: 173; churches, 4.
W. T. Knox, A. T. Jones, Clar- Office: 525 Central Ave., Phoenix,
ence Santee, W. B. White, A. J. Ariz.
Breed, C. C. Lewis, W. R. Sim-
mons, S. C. Osborne, H. H. OFFICERS.
Hall. Conference: Pres., A. J. Howard;
Educational Committee: A. T. Sec. and Treas., Mrs. M. T.
Jones, R. S. Owen, W. B. Poston; Missionary Sec., Mrs.
White, Geo. Pettit, W. S. Sad- M. T. Poston; Educational Sec.,
ler, C. C. Lewis, M. E. Cady. A. J. Howard; Sec. of Young
People's Work, Miss Nellie M.
MINISTERS. Brown; Sabbath-school Sec.,
W. T. Knox, 816 Twentieth St., Mrs. Ina Bond; Missionary
Oakland, Cal. Agt., T. L. Thuemler; Ex. Corn.,
A. M. Dart, Juneau, Alaska. A. J. Howard, C. D. M. Wil-
J. H. Behrens, Honolulu, Hawai- liams, J. E. Bond, Marcial
ian Territory. Serna, E. C. Bond, M. D.


A. J. Howard, 525 Central Ave., 0. E. Davis, 609 Gore Ave., Van-
Phoenix. couver, British Columbia.
C. D. M. Williams, 335 Taylor St., Mrs. M. M. Wilson, 609 Gore Ave.,
Phoenix. Vancouver, British Columbia.
J. E. Bond, Box 284, Williams. Miss Isabel Reith, 609 Gore Ave.,
Marcial Serna, Tucson. Vancouver, British Columbia.


Pitt Meadows, British Columbia.
Mrs. J. E. Bond, Box 284, Wil-
E. C. Bond, M. D., 525 Central Organized 1873.
Ave., Phoenix. Territory: All of California north
Mrs. M. T. Poston, 525 Central of the Tehachapi and Santa
Ave., Phoenix. Ynez mountains, and the State
T. L. Theumler, 525 Central Ave., of Nevada.
Phoenix. Population: 1,250,000.
Ralph Acosta, Nogales. Membership: 4,012; churches, 55.
Mrs. A. J. Howard, 525 Central Office: 306 San Pablo Ave., Oak-
Ave., Phoenix. land, Cal.
Miss Nellie M. Brown, 135 South
Fourth Ave., Tucson. OFFICERS.
Conference: Pres., A. T. Jones;
CHURCH SCHOOLS. Vice-pres., A. S. Kellogg; Sec.,
Phoenix and Tucson. J. D. Rice; Treas., Pacific Press
Pub. Co.; Ex. Corn., A. T.
Jones, A. S. Kellogg, M. H.
Brown, M. E. Cady, J. S. Os-
BRITISH COLUMBIA CONFER- borne, M. C. Wilcox, D. T. Fero,
ENCE. B. F. Richards, C. N. Martin,
Organized 1902. T. J. Evans.
Department of Publication: Sec.,
Territory: British Columbia. A. J. Bourdeau; Gen. Agt., A.
Population: Estimated, 44,000. S. Kellogg.
Membership: 95; churches, 5. Educational Department: Pres.
Office: 609 Gore Ave., Vancouver, Healdsburg College, E. D.
British Columbia. Sharpe; Supt. Church Schools,
J. S. Osborne; Supt. Young Peo-
OFFICERS. ple's Work, W. S. Sadler; Sec.
Conference: Pres., J. L. Wilson; Sabbath-school and Young Peo-
Sec., J. J. Dougan; Treas., The ple's Work, Mrs. Carrie R.
Tract and Missionary Society; King.
Missionary Sec., Mrs. M. M. " California Conference Associa-
Wilson; Sabbath-school Sec., tion of Seventh-day Advent-
Mrs. M. M. Wilson; Ex. Com., ists: ". Directors, C. H. Jones,
J. L. Wilson, J. J. Dougan, W. (Pres.), M. H. Brown (Sec.), E.
C. Young, A. Gilmore, W. M. A. Chapman, E. E. Parlin, Geo.
Manson. W. Mills, R. P. Gray, E. G. Ful-
J. L. Wilson, 609 Gore Ave., Van- MINISTERS.
couver, British Columbia. A. T. Jones, 503 West Main St.,
W. C. Young, Armstrong, British Battle Creek, Mich.
Columbia. J. W. Bagby, Armona.

A. Brorsen, 4165 Lusk Ave., Oak- Petaluma, Red Bluff, San Fran-
land. cisco, Sanitarium, San Jose,
M. H. Brown, Rutherford. Santa Rosa, Sebastopol (Cal.),
M. E. Cady, Healdsburg. Reno, St. Clair, and Vacaville
D. T. Fero, cor. Wright and (Nev.).
Wooster Ave., San Jose.
J. S. Harmon, Healdsburg.
C. M. Gardner, Hanford. MONTANA CONFERENCE.
E. J. Hibbard, Healdsburg. Organized 1898.
B. L. Howe, Fresno.
M. C. Israel, Sonora. Territory: The State of Montana.
A. S. Kellogg, Healdsburg. Population: 243,329.
H. C. Lacey, Healdsburg. Membership: 464; churches, 13.
C. E. Leland, Susanville. Conference and Sabbath-school
C. N. Martin, Chico. Department Office: 534 Menden-
N. C. McClure, Healdsburg. hall St., Bozeman.
Isaac Morrison, Auburn. Tract Society Office: 108 Grand
A. J. Osborne, Big Pine. St., Helena, Mont.
J. D. Rice, 306 San Pablo Ave.,
Oakland. OFFICERS.
B. F. Richards, 1605 Laguna St., Conference: Pies., W. B. White;
San Francisco. Sec., Mrs. Nettie G. White;
G. W. Rine, 306 San Pablo Ave., Missionary Sec., Treas., and
Oakland. Canv. Agt., A. E. Everett; Sab-
H. A. St. John, Sanitarium. bath-school and Educational
E. D. Sharpe, Healdsburg. Sec., Lulu T. White; Ex. Corn.,
C. L. Taylor, Sanitarium. W. B. White, J. C. Foster, L. A.
M. C. Wilcox, care Pacific Press Gibson, A. E. Everett, A. E.
Pub. Co., Oakland. Parker.
W. C. White, Sanitarium.
Mrs. A. C. Bainbridge, 622 Golden W. B. White, 534 Mendenhall St.,
Gate Ave., San Francisco. Bozeman.
J. W. Beardslee, Healdsburg. J. C. Foster, Box 925, Billings.
A. J. Bourdeau, 306 San Pablo L. A. Gibson, Great Falls.
Ave., Oakland. W. A. Gosmer, 108 Grand St.,
Dr. H. E. Brighouse, 420 Dolores Helena.
St., San Francisco. LICENTIATES.
Mrs. Carrie R. King, 306 San
Pablo Ave., Oakland. W. D. Emery, Hamilton.
J N. Miller, Santa Paula. Paul Iverson, Great Falls.
J. S. Osborne, Healdsburg.
Mrs. E. E. Parlin, 203 Parrott
Bldg., San Francisco. A. E. Everett, 108 Grand St.,
Mrs. Cora A. Rice, 6290 Racine Helena.
St., Oakland. Claude Conard, Box 193, Bozeman.
J. A. L. Derby, Healdsburg. Mrs. Nettie G. White, 534 Men-
Milton H. St. John, 420 Dolores denhall St., Bozeman.
St., San Francisco. Miss Lulu T. White, 534 Menden-
S. W. Walker, Yuba City. hall St., Bozeman.
Alameda, Armona, Bakersfield,
Crow's Landing, Eureka, Fres- Bozeman, Cora, Great Falls, Ham-
no, Glennville, Hanford, Healds- ilton, Helena, Missoula, Page-
burg, Oakland, Pepperwood, ville, Stevensville.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CON- E. S. Ballenger, Redlands.

FERENCE. P. P. Adams, Pomona.
Organized 1901. R. W. Miller, Fernando.
Otis J. Fisher, Station A, Pasa-
Territory: That part of Califor- dena.
nia south of the summit of the C. A. Pedicord, Battle Creek,
Tehachapi and Santa Ynez Mich.
mountains. T. S. Whitelock, 715 Tenth St.,
Population: 301,010. San Diego.
Membership: 1,201; churches, 19.
OFFICERS. Mrs. Deborah Knight, Fernando.
Mrs. M. E. Hoyt, 1118 San Julian
Conference: Pres., Clarence San-
St., Los Angeles.
tee; Sec., C. E. Knight; Treas.,
Laura Morrison, 540 St. Louis St.,
Southern California Association
Los Angeles.
of Seventh-day Adventists; Ex.
C. A. Cary, 143 Carr St., Los An-
Coin., Clarence Santee, W: M. geles.
Healey, R. S. Owen, A. M. Way,
S. Thurston, C. E. Knight, Rob- CHURCH SCHOOLS.
ert Vickery, L. 0. Johnson.
Escondido, Centralia, Fernando,
Educational Committee: Clarence
Garden Grove, Los Angeles,
Santee (Chairman), E. S. Bal-
Norwalk, Pasadena, Pomona,
lenger (Sec.), H. E. Giddings,
Redlands, Santa Ana, San
A. M. Way. Diego, San Pasqua].
Tract Society: Pres., C. Santee;
Sec. and Treas., R. W. Miller.
"Southern California Association
of Seventh-day Adventists: " UPPER COLUMBIA CONFER-
Executive Board, Clarence San- ENCE.
tee, W. M. Healey, R. S. Owen, Organized 1880.
S. Thurston, A. M. Way, Robert
Vickery, L. 0. Johnson; Officers, Territory: Idaho, and that por-
Pres., C. Santee; Sec., C. E. tion of the States of Oregon
Knight. and Washington lying east of
Sabbath-school Secretary: E. S. the Cascade Mountains, except
Ballenger (511 Stewart Ave., Klamath and Wasco Counties,
Redlands). Oregon.
Population: 431,435.
MINISTERS. Membership: 1,514; churches, 49.
Clarence Santee, Fernando. Office: College Place, Wash.
W. M. Healey, 317 West Third
St., Los Angeles.
S. Thurston, Fernando. Conference: Pres., A. J. Breed;
J. W. Adams, 143 Carr St., Los See. and Treas., J. L. Kay; Ex.
Angeles. Corn., A. J. Breed, J. A. Hol-
R. S. Owen, Fernando. - brook, J. M. Willoughby, C. C.
C. E. Knight, Fernando. Lewis, A. Schlotthauer, S. Yar-
S. T. Hare, 143 Carr St., Los An- nell, T. L. Ragsdale.
geles. Tract Society: Sec., E. E. Smith;
H. E. Giddings, Fernando. Canv. Agt., C. II. Allen.
J. F. Ballenger, Redlands. Sabbath-school Department: Cor.
Wm. AT. Simpson, Riverside. Sec., Mrs. J. L. Kay.
" Upper Columbia Mission Soci-
LICENTIATES. ety: " Pres., A. J. Breed; Sec.,
E. H. Adams, 143 Carr St., Los T. L. Ragsdale; Treas., J. L
Angeles. Kay.
k- r cs
A. J. Breed, College Place, Wash. Conference: Pres., W. A. Alway;
J. A. Holbrook, College -Place, Sec. and Treas., Alfred White-
Wash. . head; Missionary and Sabbath-
J. M. Willoughby, Cambridge, school Sec., Mrs. Fannie P.
Idaho. Johnson; Ex. Corn., W. A. Al-
W. W. Steward, Boise, Idaho. way, A. G. Christiansen, Alfred
F. D. Starr, Forest, Idaho. Whitehead, W. J. Felt, Charles
C. E. Ford, Medical Lake, Wash. Nelson.
J. Bartlett, Spaulding, Idaho.
W. H. Saxby, 6 East Fourth Ave., MINISTERS.
Spokane, Wash. W. A. Alway, 13 South Main St.,
C. C. Lewis, College Place, Wash. Salt Lake City.
H. J. Schnepper, Wilcox, Wash. A. G. Christiansen, Provo.
J. L. Kay, College Place, Wash. Alfred Whitehead, Box 286,
F. D. Wagner, Dayton, Wash. Springville.
W. R. Smith, Nampa, Idaho.
0. K. Butler, Payette, Idaho. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
W. S. Holbrook, College Place, Charles Nelson, Box 151, Logan.
Wash. Mrs. Fannie P. Johnson, 124 West
J. C. Little, College Place, Wash. Center St., Provo.
George Casebeer, College Place,
A. R. Starr, North YakimaWa,sh.
Dr. I. A. Dunlap, College Place, Formerly the North Pacific Con-
Wash. ference, organized 1877; reor-
Addie Carnahan, Baker City, Ore- ganized 1902.
gon. Territory: All of the State of
A. D. Schlotthauer, Wilcox, Wash. Oregon lying west of the sum-
Mrs. Lillie Starr, North Yakima, mit of the Cascade Mountains,
Wash. and Wasco and Klamath Coun-
E. E. Smith, College Place, Wash. ties lying east of the range.
Mary Schlotthauer, Wilcox, Wash. Population: 325,450.
Dr. S. Yarnell, Mount View Sani- Membership: 1,338; churches, 34.
tarium, Spokane, Wash. Office: 201 Second St., Portland,
Effie Brown, Mount View Sanita- Oregon.
rium, Spokane, Wash.
Conference: Pres., F. M. Burg;
Myrtle and Cambridge, Idaho; Sec., Nellie Nelson; Treas.,
Fruitland, Natchez, Pine City, ; Missionary Sec., G.
and North Yakima, Wash.; W. Pettit; Traveling Missionary
Cove and Union, Oregon. Agt., J. M. Cole; Field Educa-
tional Sec., F. S. Bunch; Assist-
UTAH CONFERENCE: ant Field Educational Sec., A.
Carey; Cor. Educational and S.
Organized 1902. S. Sec., Mrs. Elthea Smith; Ex.
Territory: Utah. Com., F. M. Burg, W. R. Sim-
Population: 276,749. mons, J. M. Cole, F. S. Bunch,.
Membership: 143; churches, 4. A. Carey.
Offices: Box 286, Springville, and " Western Oregon Conference of
13 South Main St., Salt Lake Seventh-day Adventists:" Board,
City, Utah. F. M. Burg, W. R. Simmons, J.

M. Cole, F. S. Bunch; A. Carey. WESTERN WASHINGTON CON-

Officers: Pres., F. M. Burg; FERENCE.
Vice- pres., W. R. Simmons;
Sec. and Treas., Organized 1902.
Territory: All of the State of
MINISTERS. Washington west of the Cas-
cade Mountains.
F. M. Burg, 201 Second St., Port-
Population: 334,083.
land, Oregon.
H. W. Decker, West Ave., Mt. Membership: 885; churches, 28.
Tabor, Oregon. Office: 309 Second Ave., North,
T. H. Starbuck, Central, Oregon. Seattle, Wash.
R. D. Benham, Central, Oregon. OFFICERS.
J. J. Westrup, Cottage Grove,
Oregon. Conference: Pres., E. L. Stewart;
W. L. Black, Myrtle Point, Ore- Sec. and Treas., Daisy D.
gon. Cuddy; Missionary and Educa-
A. Carey, Hildebran, N. C. tional Sec., Lee Moran; Edu-
H. W. Babcock, Cottage Grove, cational Field Sec., F. S. Bunch
Oregon. (Gravelford, Oregon); S. S.
Fred Jorg, 852 Vancouver Ave., Sec., W. H. Coffin; Ex. Com., E.
Portland, Oregon. L. Stewart, W. W. Sharp, W. F.
F. S. Bunch, Gravelford, Oregon. Martin, J. R. Clark, 0. A. Pe-
J. M. Cole, R. F. D. No. 4, Salem, terson; Canv. Agt., Lee Moran.
L. W. Webster, 287 East Eighth MINISTERS.
St., Eugene, Oregon. E. L. Stewart, Kent, Wash.
C. A. Wyman, New Era, Oregon. W. W. Sharp, Whatcom, Wash.
.1. E. Graham, Seabeck, Wash. W. F. Martin, Kalama, Wash.
W. C. F. Ward, Puyallup, Wash.
LICENTIATES. T. H. Watson, Tacoma, Wash.
A. J. Stover, Sara, Wash.
J. J. W. Clark, Manor, Wash. H. C. J. Wollekar, 7449 Fourth
G. W. Pettit, 201 Second -St., Ave., N. E., Seattle, Wash.
Portland, Oregon.
W. J. Burden, cor. Fourth and MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Ankeny Sts., Portland, Oregon.
R. W. Airey, Gravelford, Oregon. Lee Moran, Kent, Wash.
C. L. Butterfield, Newburg, Ore- Mrs. W. W. Sharp, Whatcom,
gon. Wash.
Dr. A. Q. Shryock, 612 Third
Belle Shryoek, 612 Third Ave.,
W. R. Simmons, M. D., West Ave., Seattle, Wash.
Mt. Tabor, Oregon. Albert Beck, 612 Third Ave., Se-
Mrs. W. R. Simmons, West Ave., attle, Wash.
Mt. Tabor, Oregon. G. W. Moore, 612 Third Ave., Se-
Eliza Cole, St. Jon's, Oregon. attle, Wash.
B. C. Tabor, The Dalles, Oregon. David Dodge, 309 Second Ave.,
Mrs. B. C. Tabor, The Dalles, Ore- North, Seattle, Wash.
gon. W. J. Boynton, 309 Second Ave.,
A. Williams, Astoria, Oregon. North, Seattle, Wash.


Montavilla, Blachley, Royal, Rose- Seattle, Tacoma, Hoquiam, Aber-
burg, Monitor, Johnson, The deen, Deming, Colby, Puyallup,
Dalles, Dayton, Oregon. Enterprise, Wash.


Population: 154,000. J. H. Behrens, Honolulu, Hawai-
Membership: 37; church, 1. ian Territory.
General Address: Honolulu, Ha- LICENTIATE.
waiian Territory.
I. C. Colcord, Honolulu, Hawaiian
Superintendent: J. H. Behrens;
Sec., Mrs. A. C. Behrens; J. G. Da Silva, Honolulu, Ha-
Treas., J. H. Behrens. waiian Territory.
Advisory Board: J. H. Behrens,
Tract Society: Sec., Mrs. A. C. Population: 63,592.
Behrens. Membership: 15.
Sabbath-school: Sec., Mrs. Cora Minister: A. M. Dart, Juneau,
Lyle. Alaska.


Organized 1894.
Territory: The Conferences of Book Committee: W. D. Salis-
New South Wales, New Zea- bury, J. M. Johanson, A. W.
land, Queensland, South Aus- Anderson, G. Teasdale, Mrs. V.
tralia, Tasmania, Victoria, J. Farnsworth.
West Australia, and the mis- Transportation Board: New South
sion field of Micronesia, Melan- Wales, J. A. Burden; Victoria,
esia, Polynesia, and the East J. Gillespie; New Zealand, A.
Indies. Mountain; South Australia, A.
Population: Over 50,000,000. W. Semmens; Queensland, J. H.
Membership, 2,858; churches, 67. Mills; Tasmania, P. H. Prety-
Office: 56 George St., West, Syd- man; West Australia, J. Pal-
ney, N. S. W., Australia. lant.
G. A. Irwin, 56 George St., West,
Conference: Pres., G. A. Irwin; Sydney, N. S. W., Australia.
Vice-pres., E. W. Farnsworth; E. W. Farnsworth, Echo Office,
Sec. and Treas., Miss Edith M. Best St., North Fitzroy, Vic-
Graham; Ex. Corn., G. A. Ir- toria, Australia.
win, E. W. Farnsworth, the E. H. Gates, " Sunnyside," Coor-
Presidents of the local Confer- anbong, N. S. W., Australia.
ences, and E. H. Gates, D. H. J. A. Burden, Sanitarium, Wah-
Kress, W. D. Salisbury, J. M. roonga, N. S. W., Australia.
Johanson, C. W. Irwin, J. A. Dr. D. H. Kress, Sanitarium,
Burden. Wahroonga, N. S. W., Austra-
Sabbath-school Department: Sec., lia.
Mrs. J. Hindson. C. H. Parker, S. D. A. Mission,
Educational Department: Sec., C. Suva Vou, Fiji, Pacific Ocean.
W. Irwin. E. S. Butz, Nukualofa, Tonga,
Medical Department: Sec., Dr. D. Friendly Islands, South Pacific
H. Kress. Ocean.
Mission Department: Sec., E. H. B. J. Cady, Papeete, Tahiti, So-
Gates. ciety Islands, Pacific Ocean.

G. E. Jones, Arorangi, Raratonga, MINISTERS.

C.:Mk Islands, Pacific Ocean. S. M. Cobb, 56 George St., West,
R. - W. Munson, Padang, West Sydney, N. S. MT., Australia.
Coast Sumatra, Netherlands, G. B. Starr, Sanitarium, Wah
East Indies. roonga, N. S. W., Australia.
C. W. Irwin, Avondale School, J. L. McElhaney, 56 George St.,
Cooranbong, N. S. W., Aus- West, Sydney, N. S. W., Aus-
tralia. tralia.
Arthur Currow, Suva Vou, Fiji, F. MT. Paap, 56 George St., West,
Pacific Ocean. Sydney, N. S. MT., Australia.
Pauliasi Bunoa, Suva Vou, Fiji, G. MT. Tadich, 56 George St.,West,
Pacific Ocean. Sydney, N. S. W., Australia.
A. H. Piper, 56 George St., West, W. J. McGowan, 56 George St.,
Sydney, N. S. W., Australia. West, Sydney, N. S. MT., Aus-
W. E. Floding, Sanitarium, Apia, tralia.
Samoa, Pacific Ocean.
L. Roth, Papeete, Tahiti, Society MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Islands, Pacific Ocean. J. Hindson, 56 George St., West,
Sydney, N. S. W., Australia.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Miss Annie E. Pearce, " Elton,"
Paul J. Deane, Papeete, Tahiti, Percival Road, Petersham, N.
Society Islands, Pacific Ocean. S. W., Australia.
J. R. McCoy, Pitcairn Island, Pa- P. B. Rudge, 56 George St., West,
cific Ocean, care British Consul, Sydney, N. S.: W., Australia.
Papeete, Tahiti, Society Is- Mrs. J. Hindson, 56 George St.,
lands. West, Sydney, N. S. W., Aus-
F. MT. Reekie, 56 George St.,West, tralia.
Sydney, N. S. W., Australia. Miss A. Walker, " Hill View,"
Wallsend, N. S. MT., Australia.


Organized 1889.
Organized 1895.
Territory: The Colony of New
Territory: The State of New Zealand.
South Wales. Population: 625,656.
Population: 1,132,234. Membership: 423; churches, 15.
Membership: 608; churches 13. Office: 37 Taranaki St., Welling.
Office: 56 George St.. West, ton, New Zealand.
Sydney, N. S. W., Australia.
OFFICERS. Conference: Pres., W. L. H.
Conference: Pres., S. M. Cobb; Baker; Vice-pres., G. A. Wantz-
Vice-pres., G. A. Irwin; Sec. lick; Sec., MT. J. Smith; Treas.,
and Treas., J. Hindson; Ex. New Zealand Tract Society;
Corn., S. M. Cobb, G. A. Irwin, Ex. Corn., W. L. H. Baker, G.
J. Hindson, P. B. Rudge, G. F. A. Wantzlick, A. Mountain, W
Goodman. J. Smith, C. A. Paap.
Tract and Missionary Depart- Tract Society Department: Sec.,
ment: Sec. and Treas., Miss Mrs. W. L. H. Baker; Treas.,
Edith Ford; Gen. Agt., P. B. Miss W. Greenfield; Gen. Agt.,
Rudge. A. Mountain.
Sabbath-school Department: Sec., Sabbath-school Department: Sec..
Miss Annie E. Pearce. Mrs. W. L. H. Baker.

Educational Department: Sec., W. LICENTIATE.

J. Smith. A. Smart, 186 Edward St., Bris-
MINISTERS. bane, Queensland, Austraia.
W. L. H. Baker, 37 Taranaki St., MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Wellington, New Zealand. Miss Louise Tuxen, 186 Edward
G. A. Wantzlick, 37 Taranaki St., St., Brisbane, Queensland, Aus-
Wellington, New Zealand. tralia.
F. E. Lyndon, 37 Taranaki St., Miss Carrie Prebble, 186 Edward
Wellington, New Zealand. St., Brisbane, Queensland, Aus-
W. J. Smith, 37 Taranaki St,
Wellington, New Zealand. SOUTH AUSTRALIAN CONFER-
C. A. Paap, 37 Taranaki St., Wel- ENCE.
lington, New Zealand.
W. H. Pascoe, 37 Taranaki St., Organized 1899.
Wellington, New Zealand. Territory: The State of South
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Population: 320,431.
Mrs: W. L. H. Baker, 37 Taranaki Membership: 284; churches, 4.
St., Wellington, New Zealand. Office: 93 Franklin St., Adelaide,
Mrs. M. Caro, Napier, New Zea- South Australia, Australia.
A. Mountain, 37 Taranaki St., OFFICERS.
Wellington, New Zealand. . Conference: Pres., Wm. Wood-
, . ford; Vice-pres., A. W. Sem-
mens; Sec., A. H. Rogers;
Organized 1899. Corn., W. Woodford, A. W.
Semmens, T. H. Craddock, H.
Territory: The State of Queens- Mitchell.
land. Tract Society Department: Sec.
Population: 516,496. and Treas., R. H. Constandt;
Membership: 253; churches, 6. Gen. Agt.,
Office: 186 Edward St., Brisbane, Sabbath-school Department: Sec.
Queensland, Australia. and Treas., Mrs. A. W. Sem-
Conference: Pres., S. W. Nellis;
Sec. and Treas., J. H. Mills; Ex. Wm. Woodford, 93 Franklin St.,
Corn., S. W. Nellis, J., H. Mills, Adelaide, South Australia, Aus-
A., Smart, J. Sheppard. J. H. tralia.
Hewitt, H. W. Goldspink. LICENTIATES.
Tract Society Department: Sec. T. H. Craddock, 93 Franklin St.,
and Treas., Miss Enima Hill; 'Adelaide, South Australia, Aus-
Gen. Agt., H. J. Cooper. tralia.
Sabbath-school Department: Sec. A. W. Semmens, Medical Insti-
and Treas., Miss Louise Tuxen. tute, Victoria Square, Adelaide,
South Australia, Australia.
A. H. Rogers, 93 Franklin St.,
S. W. Nellis, 186 Edward St., Adelaide, South Australia, Aus-
Brisbane, Queensland, Austra- tralia.
lia. R. H. Consta,ndt, 93 Franklin St.,
R. D. Quinn, 186 Edward St., Bris- Adelaide, South Australia, Aus-
bane, Queensland,' Australia. tralia.


Organized 1901. W. A. Hennig, 334 Canning St.,
Territory: The State of Tas- North Carlton, Victoria, Aus-
mania. tralia.
Population: 172,780. J. H. Woods, Oxford Chambers,
Membership: 191; churches, 5. Bourke St., Melbourne, Vic-
Office: 131 St. Johns St., Laun- toria,
ceston, Tasmania. R. Hare, Oxford Chambers,
Bourke St., Melbourne, Vic-
OFFICERS. toria, Australia.
Conference: Pres., E. Hilliard; MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Vice-pres., G. Teasdale; Sec.
and Treas., P. H. Pretyman; W. R. Carswell, Oxford Chambers,
Ex. Corn., E. Hilliard, G. Teas- Bourke St., Melbourne, Vic-
dale, Henry Murfet. toria, Australia.
Tract Society Department: Sec. Mrs. W. A. Hennig, 334 Canning
and Treas., Miss W. Greenfield. St., North Carlton, Victoria,
Sabbath-school Department: Sec. Australia.
and Treas., Miss Edith B. Hill.
Educational Department: Sec., G. WEST AUSTRALIAN' CONFER-
Organized 1902.
E. Hilliard, 131 St. Johns St.,
Launceston, Tasmania. Territory: The State of West
C. Teasdale, 131 St. Johns St., Australia.
Launceston, Tasmania. Population: 220,000.
Membership: 176; churches, 5.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATE. Office: 201 Newcastle St., Perth,'
Mrs. E. Hilliard, 131 St. Johns West Australia, Australia.
St., Launceston, Tasmania. OFFICERS.
Conference: Pres., J. Pallant;
VICTORIAN CONFERENCE. Vice-pres., L. V. Finster; Sec.,
Organized 1888. Mrs. Freeman; Treas., West
Territory: The State of Victoria. Australian Tract Society; Ex.
Population: 1,140,405. Com., J. Pallant, L. V. Finster,
Membership: 524; churches, 9. W. Howie, H. Ward, E.
Office: Oxford Chambers, Bourke Chandler.
St., Melbourne, Victoria, Aus- Tract Society Department: Sec.
tralia. and Treas., Miss Susie Gurner;
OFFICERS. Canv. Agt., R. A. Caldwell.
Sabbath-school Department: Sec.,
Conference: Pres., W. A. Hennig; and Treas., Mrs. L. V. Finster.
Vice-pres., A. W. Anderson;
Sec. and Treas., J. Gillespie; MINISTERS.
Ex. Corn., W. A. Hennig, A. W. J. Pallant, 201 Newcastle St.,
Anderson, J. Gillespie, E. Wat- Perth, West Australia, Austra-
son, J. H. Woods, C. Hallam, lia.
C. Prismall. L. V. Finster, 201 Newcastle St.,
Tract Society Department: Sec. Perth, West Australia, Austra-
and Treas., Miss Lizzie M. lia.
Gregg; Gen. Agt., H. Harker. LICENTIATE.
Sabbath-school Department: Sec.
and Treas., Mrs. W. A. Hennig. N. J. Walldorff, 201 Newcastle
Educational Department: Sec., A. St., Perth, West Australia,
W. Anderson. Australia.


W. Brittain, 201 Newcastle St., Address: Pitcairn Island, Pacific
Perth, West Australia, Austra- Ocean, care British Consul, Pa-
lia. peete, Tahiti, Society Islands.
R. A. Caldwell, 201 Newcastle St., Membership: 60; church, 1.
Perth, West Australia, Aus- Missionary Licentiate and S. S.
tralia. Sec: J. R. McCoy.
Miss Farquhar, 201 Newcastle St.,
Perth, West Australia, Aus-
Miss M. Chandler, 201 Newcastle
St., Perth, West Australia, Address: Apia, Upola, Samoa,
Australia. Pacific Ocean.
Miss Susie Gurner, 201 Newcastle Membership: 10; churches, 1.
St., Perth,
- West Australia, Licentiate: Wm. E. Floding.
Address: Papeete, Tahiti, Society
Population: 8,900. Islands, Pacific Ocean.
Membership: 50; churches, 1. Membership: 111; churches, 4.
Address: Arorangi, Raratonga, Director and Treasurer: B. J.
Cook Islands, South Pacific Cady.
Ocean. Minister: B: J. Cady.
Director: G. F. Jones. Licentiate: Luke Roth.
Minister: G. F. Jones. Missionary Licentiate: Paul J.
Teacher: Miss Evelyn Gooding. Deane.
Teacher: Miss Anna M. Nelson.
Population: 125,402.
Membership: 136; churches, 1. SUMATRA MISSION.
Address: Suva Vou, Fiji, Pacific Address: Padang, West Coast
Ocean. Sumatra, Netherlands, East In-
Director: J. E. Fulton; Treas., dies.
- Arthur Currow. Membership: 12; churches, 2.
Ministers: J. E. Fulton, C. H. Director and Treasurer: R. W.
Parker. Munson.
Licentiates: Arthur Currow, Paul- Minister: R. W. Munson.
iasi Burma.


Population: 19,250. Missionaries: Mr. and Mrs. S. T.
Membership: 20; churches, 1. Belden, Norfolk Island, Pacific
Address: Nukualofa , Tonga, Ocean.
Friendly Islands, Pacific Ocean. Sabbath-school Secretary: Mrs.
Director and Minister: E. S. Butz. S. T. Belden.
Organized July 23, 5901.

Territory: The following-named Executive Committee: L. R. Con-

Union Conferences: German radi, 0. A. Olsen, W. C. Sisley,
Union (with German East Af- Dr. Carl Ottosen, P. A. Hansen,
rica as a mission field), Scan- B. G. Wilkinson, 0. A. John-
dinavian Union, British Union, son, Dr. P. A. De Forest, H. F.
Latin Union Mission, and Ori- Schuberth, D. P. Gaede, J. T.
ental Union Mission. Boettcher, E. Lind, H. R. Sal-
Population: 472,596,944. isbury, W. H. Wakeham.
Headquarters: 451 Holloway DEPARTMENT COMMITTEES.
Road, London, N., England.
Finance: W. C. Sisley (Chair-
OFFICERS. man), L. R. Conradi, B. G. Wil-
kinson, P. A. Hansen, 0. A. Ol-
President: L. R. Conradi, Grindel- sen.
berg 15a, Hamburg, Germany. Educational: H. R. Salisbury
Vice-president: 0. A.. Olsen, 451 (Chairman), B. G. Wilkinson,
Holloway Road, London, N., 0. A. Johnson, H. F. Schuberth.
England. Medical: Dr. Carl Ottosen (Chair-
Recording Secretary: H. R. Salis- man), Dr. A. B. Olsen, Dr. P. A.
bury, 451 Holloway Road, Lon- De Forest, Dr. A. J. Hoenes, L.
don, N., England. R. Conradi, W. C. Sisley.
Corresponding Secretary: G u y Publishing: L. R. Conradi (Chair-
Grindelberg 15a, Ham- man), W. C. Sisley, E. Lind,
burg, Germany. B. G. Wilkinson.
Treasurer: W. C. Sisley, 451 Hol-
loway Road, London, N., Eng- MINISTER.
land. L. R. Conradi, Grindelberg 15a,
Auditor: E. Lind, Arboga, Sweden. Hamburg, Germany.


Organized 1901.
Territory: German Empire, Ger- OFFICERS.
man-Switzerland, Luxemburg, Pres., L. R. Conradi; Vice-pres.,
Russia, Holland, Flemish Bel- H. F. Schuberth; Rec. Sec., 0.
gium, Austria-Hungaria, Ru- Luepke; Cor. and S. S. and
mania, Bulgaria, Servia, Mon- Miss. Sec. for all German fields
tenegro. not otherwise provided for, Miss
Population: 260,300,000. Katherine Laubban; Treas. for
Membership: 4,734; churches, 161. all German fields not otherwise
Telegraphic Address: Conradi, provided for, B. Severin; Audi-
Grindelberg, Hamburg. tor, H. Hartkop; Transportation
Office Address for German Union Agent, A. Pages; Ex. Coin., L.
Conference, and all the Ger- R. Conradi, J. T. Boettcher, H.
man Union fields and workers: F. Schuberth, J. Pieper, E.
Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger- Frauchiger, H. J. Loebsack, D.
many. P. Gaede, J. F. Huenergardt, W.

Krumm, A. J. Hoenes, H. Hart- Population: 2,300,000.

kop, C. W. Weber, 0. Luepke, Membership: 278; churches, 7.
J. Erzenberger, L. Mathe, G.
Legal Association.: " Hamburger Pres., J. T. Boettcher; Rec. See.,
Sieb ent en-Tag-Adventist en Ve- W. Kury; Treas., A. Sebold;
rein: " Pres., L. R. Conradi; S. S. Sec., Mrs. A. Sebold; Mis-
See., H. Hartkop; Trustees: L. sionary Sec., H. Erzenberger;
R. Conradi, H. F. Schuberth, W. Ex. Corn., J. T. Boettcher, W.
Krumm, A. Pages, A. Doerner, Kury, J. Erzenberger, L. Au-
H. Hartkop, J. Pieper. franc, A. Weidemarr.
H. F. Schuberth.
- J. T. Boettcher, J. Erzenberger.
J. Christiansen, C. von Fintel.
G. W. Hockart.
Organized 1901.
M. Scheidegger.
Territory: Provinces of Branden-
burg, Pomerania, Posen, East-
ern and Western Prussia, Sile- RHENISH-PRUSSIAN CONFER-
sia, and the Kingdom of Sax- ENCE.
Population: 21,500,000. Organized 1903.
Membership: 1,170; churches, 26. Territory: Rhenish Province.
Population: 6,000,000.
OFFICERS. Membership: 268; churches, 8.
Pres., E. Frauchiger; Sec., C.
Reihlen; Treas., F. Rockel; OFFICERS.
Gen. Canv. Agts., E. Nopper, Pres., G. W. Schubert,; Sec., J.
W. Koehler, H. Lukat; Ex. Wolfgarten; Ex. Corn., G. W.
Com., E. Frauchiger, G. Ob- Schubert, A. Darner, G. Heil, C.
lander, C. Riehlen, E. Nopper, KUller, W. Varlemann.

G. W. Schubert.
E. Frauchiger, G. ()blander, D.
C. Miller, J. Wolfgarten. '
E. Enseleit, K. Sinz, F. Rohne, H.
0. Kretclamar, 0: Schwenecke, F.
Uldokat, J. Christoffers, G. SOUTH GERMAN CONFER-
Domnik, E. Tischer, R. Schulz,
F. Prieser, M. Scharer, R. ENCE.
Kunitz. Organized 1902.
Territory: Bavaria, Wurtemberg,
GERMAN-SWISS CONFER- Baden, Alsace-Lorraine, Hessia
ENCE. south of the Main, Hohenzol-
Organized 1901. lern, and Luxemburg.
Address: Weiherweg 48, Basle, Population: 13,000,000.
Switzerland. Membership: 311; churches, 18.

OFFICERS. Com., J. Pieper, 0. Luepke, W.

Pres., C. W. Weber; Sec., R. Krumm, A Pages, J. Lippertz.
Schillinger; Treas., B. Severin; MINISTERS.
Canv. Agt., A. Kollhosser; Ex.
Com., C. W. Weber, H. Bau- J. Pieper, 0. Luepke, 0. Madsen.
mann, H. Zercher, 0. Linden- LICENTIATES.
W. Staubert, 0. Stoye.
C. W. Weber, H. Baumann, M.
Steuckrath. H. Behr, A. Sommer, J. Ott, W.
Schwenecke, J. Jorgensen; F.
LICENTIATES. Schmidtz, M. Rieger E. Bahr,
C. Dangschar, R. Schillinger. M. Christensen, M. Mac
ke, W.
Heomiann, L. Michel, M. Janert,
Carl Untermaier, Carl Kamm, M.
Loesch, A. Hauschildt, A. Walk- AUSTRIAN MISSION.
emayer, M. H. Wentland.
Population: 26,000,000.
Membership: 20; church, 1.
ENCE. L. Mathe.
Organized 1901. MINISTER.
Territory: German colonies of L. Mathe.
Population: 1,500,000. R. Lusky, E. Schliitt, G. Gruber.
Membership: 788; churches, 32.
Pres., H. J. Loebsack; Vice-pres., Territory: Rumania, Bulgaria,
H. K. Loebsack; Rec. Sec., S. S. Servia, and Montenegro.
and Miss. Sec., Miss Katherine Population: 12,500,000.
Laubhan; Treas., A. Langholf; Membership: 85; churches, 4.
Ex. Corn., H. J. Loebsack, H. K. OFFICERS.
Loebsack, J. Schuerer, M.
Fischer, G. Lehmann. Director, G. Perk; Adv. Com., G.
Perk, G. Krieger, G. Beyerle.
H. J. Loebsack, H. K. Loebsack,
R. Voss. G. Perk, G. Tetz.
Territory: All States north of N. Britschewsky.
the Main and west of Branden-
burg and Pomerania, except
Population: 16,000,000. SION.
Membership: 1,012; churches, 32. Territory: German East Africa.
OFFICERS. Population: 6,500,000; Europeans,
Pres., J. Pieper; Rec. Sec., 0. 1,300.
Luepke; Canv. Agt., J. Lip- DIRECTOR.
pertz; Treas., B. Severin; Ex. J. Ehlers.


J. Ehlers, A. C. Enns. G. Unk, P. Todar, P. Gyangyosi,
F. Adomeit, S. Kelemann, A.
Including Flemish Belgium. MIDDLE RUSSIAN MISSION.
Population: 9,000,000. Territory: The Native Russians.
Membership: 59; churches, 3. Population: 105,000,000.
Membership: 245; churches, S.
Director, H. F. Schuberth; Sec., OFFICERS.
E. Lagerwey; Advisory Com- Treas., A. Langholf; Adv. Corn.,
mittee, H. F. Schuberth, . J. J. Perk, J. Ebel, A. Ugrick.
Wibbens, J. Wintzen, R. G.
Klingbeil. MINISTERS.
J. Perk, J. Ebel.
R. G. Klingbeil.
A. Ugrick.
J. Wintzen, J. Wibbens.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Territory: The Baltic Provinces,
M. Arendse, P. Schilstra. Polando, and Vollrynia.
Population: 20,000,000.
Membership: 356; churches, 16.'
Population: 21,000,000. Director, D. P. Gaede; Rec. See.,
Membership: 142; churches, 6. 0. Wildgrube; Treas., A. Lang-
holf ; Adv. Com, D. P. Gaede,
OFFICERS. J. Sprohge, K. Rempfert, 0.
Director, J. F. Huenergardt; Ad- Wildgrube.
visory Committee, J. F. Huen- MINISTER.
ergardt, M. Odz, M. Rossi, S. D. P. Gaede.
Kelemann, S. Bodirnya.
0. Wildgrube, J. Jurickson.
J. F. Huenergardt.
LICENTIATE. J. Sprohge, A. Rauck, G. Loeb-
K. Reif schneider. sack, K. Rempfert.


Organized Igor.
Population: 12,545,944. NORWAY CONFERENCE.
Membership: 2,215; churches, 71.
Organized 1887.
Territory: The Conferences of
Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, Population: 2,231,000.
and the Missions of Finland, Membership: 698; churches, 21.
Iceland, and Greenland. Office: Akersgaden 74, Christi-
Office: Margrethevej 5, Copen- ania, Norway.
hagen, V., Denmark. (All persons named below may be
addressed as above.)
Chairman, P. A. Hansen; Sec., 0.
A. Johnson; Treas., E. Lind; Conference: Pres., 0. A. Johnson;
Advisory Committee, P. A. Sec., C. B. Jensen; Treas., A. C.
Hansen, 0. A. Johnson, 0. Christensen; Sec, of Sabbath-
Johnson, E. Lind, J. C. Ottosen, school and Tract and Mission-
Z. Sherrig, John Hoffman. ary Depts., Johanne Christen-
sen; Canv. Agt., 0. J. Olsen;
Ex. Corn., 0. A. Johnson, H. M.
Hansen, 0. P. Norderhus, A. C.
DENMARK CONFERENCE. Christensen, 0. J. Olsen, H. L.
Organized 1880. Halvorsen, C. B. Jensen.-
Territory: Denmark. MINISTERS.
Population: 2,460,000. 0. A. Johnson, H. M. Hansen, N.
Membership: 646; churches, 20. P. Nelsen, 0. P. Norderhus, A.
Office: Margrethevej 5, Copen- Sewaldsen, 0. J. Olsen.
hagen, V., Denmark.
(All persons named below may MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
be addressed as above.) Edward Iversen, Johanne Bjorck-
OFFICERS. elund, Julie Lycke, Oscar An-
Conference: Pres., P. A. Hansen;
Vice-pres., J. C. Raft; Sec. and
Treas., Jens Olsen; Sec. Sab- SWEDEN CONFERENCE.
bath-school a n d Missionary Organized 1882.
Depts., Jens Olsen; Canv. Agt.,
Z. Sherrig; Auditors, J. P. Han- Population: 5,136,441.
sen, A. J. Aagaard; Ex. Corn., Membership: 794; churches, 28.
P. A. Hansen, 'J. C. Raft, N. Office: Kungsgatan 34, Stockholm,
Clausen, N. P. Nelsen, Jens Sweden.
Olsen. (All persons named below may be
addressed as above.)
P. A. Hansen, J. C. Raft, N. Clau- OFFICERS.
sen, L. H. Christian, P. Chris- Pres., 0. Johnson; Vice-pres., J
tensen. M. Erikson; Sec., E. J. Ahren;
Treas., J. R. Lindqvist; Sec. S.
LICENTIATE. S. and Missionary Dept., Ellen
L. Murderspach. Niemann; Canv. Agt., E. Lind,
Arboga, Sweden; Auditors, E.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATE. Lind, A. F. Roos; Ex. Com., 0.
J. P. Hansen. Johnson, J. M. Erikson, J. R.

Lindqvist, B. J. Karlsson, C. OFFICERS.

Kahlstrom. Director, John Hoffman; Sec., Ad.
Conference Association: " Sails- Boettcher; Treas., M. Boett-
kapet Sanningens Harold." cher; Advisory Board, John
Pres., 0. Johnson; Vice-pres., Hoffman, Fred Anderson, A.
K. A. Farnstrom; Sec., E. J. Boettcher, K. Sandelin, N. Ham-
Ahren; Treas., E. Lind; other mar; Canv. Agt., N. Hammar;
members, J. Bergstrom, B. J. S. S. Sec., Mrs. Minnie Hoff-
Karlsson, J. M. Erikson; Audit- man; Miss. Dept. Sec., A. Boett-
ofs, K. Mattson, B. 0. Olssen. cher.
John Hoffman, Fred Anderson.
0. Johnson, K. A. Farnstrom, E.
J. Ahren, L. Karlsson, F. R. LICENTIATE.
Oberg, A. J. Settergren, J. M.
Erikson. Alma Bjdigg.
Birger Andersson, B. J. Karlsson. ICELAND MISSION.
A. Lundgren, Mathilda Olsson, Population: 81,503.
Anna Forsen. Address: Seydisfjord, Iceland.
David Ostlund.
Population: 2,637,000.
Office: <Jilouregatan 2, Helsingfors, MISSIONARY LICENTIATE.
Finland.'s Nils Anderson.


Organized 1902.
Territory: The Conferences of F. D. Gauterau, 451 Holloway
South England and North Eng- Road, London, N., England.
land, and the Missions of Ire- LICENTIATES.
land, Scotland, and Wales. H. R. Salisbury, 451 Holloway
Population: About 42,000,000. Road, London, N., England.
Membership: 858; churches, 31. M. E. Olsen, 451 Holloway Road,
Office: 451 Holloway Road, Lon- London, N., England.
don, N., England.
Conference: Pres., 0. A. Olsen; Organized 1902; formerly a part
Vice-pres., J. 0. Corliss; Sec. of the British Conference or-
and Treas., A. Bacon; Ex. Com., ganized in 1898.
0. A. Olsen, J. 0. Corliss, E. Territory: The southern half of
E. Andross, Wm. A. West- England, south of the north-
worth, Wm. Hutchinson, A. F. ern boundary of the counties
Ballenger, W. C. 'Sisley, H. R. of Norfolk, Cambridge, Hunt-
Salisbury, Dr. A. B. Olsen; ingdon, Bedford, Buckingham,
Trans. Agt. and S. S. Sec., A. Oxford, and Gloucester.
Bacon. Population: About 15,804,578.
MINISTERS. Membership: 388; churches, 11.
0. A. Olsen, 451 Holloway Road, Office: 451 Holloway Road, Lon-
London, N., England. don, N., England.

OFFICERS. S. G. Haughey, 176 Melbourne

Conference: Pres., 0. A. Olsen; Road, Leicester, England.
Sec. and Treas., A. Bacon; Ex. D. A. Parsons, 176 Melbourne
Corn., 0. A. Olsen, H. R. Salis- Road, Leicester, England.
bury, H. W. Armstrong, G. W. LICENTIATE.
Amos S. Marchus, 176 Melbourne
MINISTER. Road, Leicester, England.
W. Knight, 451 Holloway Road, MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
London, N., England.
(All of whom may be addressed
LICENTIATES. at 176 Melbourne Road, Leices-
ter, England.)
S. Aris, 451 Holloway Road, Lon-
C. H. Castle, Joseph Brandt, Miss
don, N., England.
Clara Sanders, Miss Jessie F.
H. W. Armstrong, 451 Holloway
Bacon, Miss Emily Cousins, Mrs.
Road, London, N., England.
Pauline Castle, Mrs. L. A. Par-
C. C. Jensen, 451 Holloway Road,
London, N., England. sons.


Miss F. B. Cude, 451 Holloway Territory: Ireland.
Road, London, N., England. Population: 4,704,750.
Mrs. Edith Bartlett, 451 Holloway Membership: 101; churches, 2.
Road, London, N., England. Office: Moss Road, Ballyclare,
Mrs. Laura Whitgrove, 451 Hollo- County Antrim, Ireland.
way Road, London, N., England.
Mrs. C. C. Jensen, 451 Holloway OFFICERS.
Road, London, N., England. Mission: Director, Wm. Hutchin-
son; Sec. and Treas., Mrs. E.
McCulla; Gen. Agt., S. Joyce;
NORTH ENGLAND CONFER- Advisory Corn., Wm. Hutchin-
son, S. Joyce, Wm. Shaw, Dr. J.
J. Bell, A. E. J. McCreary.
Organized 1902; formerly a part
of the British Conference. MINISTER.
Territory: All of England not in- Wm. Hutchinson, Moss Road,
cluded in the South England Ballyclare, County Antrim, Ire-
Conference. land.
Population: About 15,500,000.
Membership: 301; churches, 15. LICENTIATES.
Office: 176 Melbourne Road, Lei- John McAvoy, 36 St. Ives Gar-
cester, England. dens, Stranmillis -Road, Belfast,
OFFICERS. S. Joyce, Moss Road, Ballyclare,
Conference: Pres., E. E. Andross; County Antrim, Ireland.
Sec. and Treas., C. H. Castle; MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Ex. Com., E. E. Andross, M. A.
Altman, J. Brandt, G. Hawkins, Mrs. E. J. Hutchinson, Moss Road,
S. S. Barnard. Ballyclare, County Antrim, Ire-
MINISTERS. Mrs. J. McClelland, Moss Road,
Ballyclare, County Antrim, Ire-
E. E. Andross, 176 Melbourne land.
Road, Leicester, England. Mrs. E. McCulla, Moss Road,
J. W. McCord, 176 Melbourne Ballyclare, County Antrim, Ire-
Road, Leicester, England. . land.


Territory: Scotland. Territory: Wales.
Population: 4,471,647. Population: 1,519,035.
Membership: 32; church, 1. Membership: 36; churches, 2.
Office: 7 Maxwell St., Edinburgh, Office: 55 Morden Road, Newport,
Scotland. Mon., Wales.

Mission: Director, Wm. A. West-
worth; Sec., W. B. Scott; Mission: Director, A. F. Ballen-
Treas., Mrs. W. A. Westworth; ger; Sec. and Treas., Mrs. A. F.
Canv. Agt., W. B. Scott; Ex. Ballenger; Advisory Corn., A. F.
Corn., Wm. A. Westworth, W. Ballenger, W. IL Meredith, W.
B. Scott, E. Aplin, R. M. Lamie, Robinson, Walter Halliday, Ar-
C. Dyer. thur Rodd.
Win. A. Westworth, 7 Maxwell
A. F. Ballenger, 55 Morden Road,
St., Edinburgh, Scotland.
Newport, Mon., Wales.
LICENTIATES. W. H. Meredith, 96 East St., Pon-
typridd, South Wales.
W. B. Scott, Scroggieside, Wormit,
Alexander Ritchie, 7 Maxwell St.,
Edinburgh, Scotland. Walter Halliday, 71 Nprfolk St.,
W. Robinson, 55 Morden Road,
Mrs. Alexander Ritchie, 7 Maxwell
Newport, Mon., Wales.
St., Edinburgh, Scotland.
E. Aplin, 22 Ballindolloch Drive, MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Dennistoun, Glasgow, Scotland.
R. P. Miller, 48 Temple Park Mrs. A. L. Robinson, 55 Morden
Crescent, Edinburgh, Scotland. Road, Newport, Mon., Wales.
J. Nethery, 23 Springvalley Gar- Arthur Rodd, 55 Morden Road,
dens, Edinburgh, Scotland. Newport, Mon., Wales.


Territory: The French-Swiss Con- Committee of Publication: B. G.
ference, and the French, Span- Wilkinson, Chas. T. Everson, J.
ish, Italian, Portuguese, Bel- Curdy, J. Robert, L. P. Tieche,
gium, and Algerian Mission J. Vuilleumier, Tell Nussbaum.
. Fields.
Population: 101,738,668. MINISTER.
Membership: 571; churches, 22.
General Headquarters: 108 rue de B. G. Wilkinson, 8 rue Belloni,
Vaugirard, Paris, France. Paris, France.

Conference: Supt., B. G. Wilkin- FRENCH-SWISS CONFERENCE.
son (8 rue Belloni, Paris) ; Sec.
and Treas., J. Robert; Sabbath- Territory: The French-speaking
school Sec., Mrs. J. Robert; Ex. part of Switzerland.
Com., B. G. Wilkinson, L. P. Population: 800,000.
Tieche, Chas. T. Everson, Membership: 404; churches, 12.
Joseph Curdy, J. Robert; Busi- Office: 29 rue de la Synagogue,
ness Agent, J. Robert. Geneva, Switzerland.

Conference: Pres., L. P. Tieche; Fred E. Robert, 108 rue de Vau-
Sec. and Treas., Arnelie Eva; girard, Paris, France.
Missionary and Sabbath-school J. P. Badaut, 108 rue de Vau-
Sec., Miss Amelie Eva; Canv. girard, Paris, France.
Agt., Henri Provin; Ex. Corn.,
L. P. Tieche, Pierre Schild, A.
Guenin, J. Robert, A. Boric.
Paul Badaut, 108 rue de Vau-
MINISTER. girard, Paris, France.
L. P. Tieche, 1 rue Jean Charles,
Geneva, Switzerland.
Territory: Italy (110,665 square
Chas. Augsbourger, 29 rue de la miles).
Synagogue, Geneva, Switzer- Population: 32,449,754.
land. Membership: 37; church, 1.
David Lecoultre, 29 rue de la Syn- Address: 79 Via Napoli, Rome,
agogue, Geneva, Switzerland. Italy.
Henri Provin, 29 rue de la Syna- Chas. T. Everson.
gogue, Geneva, Switzerland.
Miss Amelie Eva, 29 rue de la MINISTER.
Synagogue, Geneva, Switzer- Chas. T. Everson.
Bertha Perrin, 29 rue de la Syna- MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
gogue, Geneva, Switzerland. Leopold Benezet, Alfred Vaucher.
Jane Bourquin, 29 rue de la Syna-
gogue, Geneva, Switzerland.
FRENCH M ISSION. Territory: Spain (196,173 square
Territory: France (204,177 square miles) .
miles). Population: 17,743,976.
Population: 38,517,975. Address: 198 Calle de Carretera
Membership: 130; churches, 9. de Barcelona, Sabade]l, near
Office: 108 rue de Vaugirard, Barcelona, Spain.
. Paris, France.
Mission: Director, B. G. Wilkin-
son; Sec. and Treas., J. Robert, MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
S. S. Sec., Mrs. J. Robert; Canv. Frank Bond, Walter Bond, A.
Agt., Tell Nussbaum (rue Brullet.
George 1, Montpellier, France);
Ex. Corn., B. G. Wilkinson, Tell
Nussbaum, G. Roth, J. P. Ba- PORTUGUESE MISSION.
daut, M. Roumajon. Territory: Portugal (34,038 sq.
Population: 5,049,729.
Jean Vuilleumier, 108 rue de Vau-
girard, Paris, France. DIRECTOR.
G. Roth, 108 rue de Vaugirard,
Paris, France.


Joseph Curdy.
Territory: Belgium (11,373, square
Population: 2,697,813. Arthur Jacques, 30 rue Chaussie
Address: Rue du Weg 29, Mont- de Bruzelles, Damphremy, Bel-
sur-Marchienne, near Charleroi, gium.
Territory: Algeria.
Joseph Curdy. Population: 4,479,421.


Territory: Greece, Turkish Em- OFFICERS.
pire, Egypt, Soudan, Persia, Advisory Corn., A. W. George, Z.
Abyssinia. G. Baharian.
Population: 60,000,000. MINISTER.
Address: Kasr-el-Nil 7, Cairo,
Egypt. Z. G. Baharian, English Post-
office, Galata, Constantinople,
OFFICERS. Turkey, via London.
Advisory Committee, W. H. Wake- MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
ham, L. R. Conradi, A. W. A. W. George, English Post-office,
George, J. H. Krum, Z. G. Ba- Constantinople, Turkey, Europe.
harian; Treas., B. Severin. Aznive Inedjian, Samatia, Con-
stantinople, Turkey.
EGYPTIAN MISSION. Alexander Buzugherian, Adana,
Territory: Egypt, Soudan, and Enock Ayvazian, Alexandrette,
Abyssinia. Turkey.
Population: 25,000,000. Garabed Tatarian, Adrianople,
Address: Kasr-el-Nil 7, Cairo, Turkey.
H. Wakeharn; Sec., SYRIAN MISSION.
Supt., W.
G. Wakeham; Adv. Corn., W. H. Territory: Syria, Palestine, Meso-
Wakeham, Awada Ebd-Elsha- potamia.
heed, L. Passebois, Dr. J. M. Population: 10,000,000.
Keichline. MINISTER.
MINISTERS. J. H. Krum, Deutsche Post, Syria.
W. H. Wakeham, Awada Ebd-El- LICENTIATE.
shaheed. Sven Jespersson, Deutsche Post,
Dr. J. M. Keichline, Ida Schlegel, MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
J. K. Ouzounian, Miss Ella F. Mrs. S. Jespersson, Deutsche Post,
McIntyre. Jerusalem, Palestine.
F. and S. Hoerner, Deutsche Post,
Jaffa, Palestine.
TURKISH MISSION. Wilhelmine Miiller, Deutsche Post,
Territory: European Turkey and Jaffa, Palestine.
Asia Minor. Elias Zarub, Beirut, Deutsche
Population: 15,000,000. Post, Syria.


Organized 1902.
Territory: The Conference of Cape MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Colony (including Orange River Mrs. W. H. Anderson, S. D. A.
Colony) and Natal-Transvaal, Mission, Buluwayo, Rhodesia,
and the missions of Basutoland, South Africa.
Rhodesia, Nyassaland, and Ba- Mrs. M. C. Sturdevant, S. D. A.
rotseland. Mission, Buluwayo, Rhodesia,
Population: 5,850,000 blacks (ex- South Africa.
clusive of Barotseland) ; 1,000,- Mrs. J. A. Chaney, Sweetwaters,
000 European descent. Zwaartkops, Natal, South
Membership: 715; churches, 15. Africa.
Office: 28a Roeland St., Cape D. Kalaka, Kolo, Mafeteng, Ba-
Town, South Africa. sutoland, South Africa.
OFFICERS. Mrs. F. B. Armitage, S. D. A. Mis-
Pres., W. S. Hyatt; Sec. and sion, Gwelo, Rhodesia, South
Treas., 0. 0. Fortner; Ex. Corn., Africa.
W. S. Hyatt, H. J. Edmed, E. A.
Ingle, 0. 0. Fortner, C. H. Hay-
ton, J. V. Willson, W. H. An: CAPE COLONY CONFERENCE.
Berson, J. H. Camp, J. M. Free- Formerly the South African
man, C. H. Pretyman, H. W. organized 1892.
Lindsay, J. H. Commin, J. A. Population: 2,215,000.
Chaney. Area: 327,101 square miles.
Sabbath-school Department: Sec., Membership: 540; churches, 11.
Mrs. A. H. Mason, Box 647, Cape Office: 28a Roeland St., Cape
Town. Town, South Africa.
Educational Department: Sec.,
Mrs. C. H. Hayton, Kenilworth. OFFICERS.
Missionary Department: Sec., J. Conference: Pres., E. A. Ingle;
A. Chaney. Sec. and Treas., 0. 0. Fortner
Auditor: J. V. Willson, 7 Cheap- Ex. Com ., E. A. Ingle, D. F.
side, Kimberley, South Africa. Tarr, J. H. Commin, H. W.
MINISTERS. Lindsay, G. W. Shone, F. Visser,
W. S. Hyatt, 28a Roeland St., A. H. Mason.
Cape Town, South Africa. International Tract Society: Sec.
I. J. Hankins, 28a Roeland St., and Treas., 0. 0. Fortner.
Cape Town, South Africa. Sabbath-school Department: Sec.,
M. C. Sturdevant, S. D. A. Mis- Mrs. A. H. Mason, Box 647, Cape
sion, Bfiluwayo, Rhodesia, South Town.
F. B. Armitage, S. D. A. Mission,
Gwelo, Rhodesia, South Africa. D. F. Tarr, Cambridge, near East
J. M. Freeman, Kolo, Mafeteng, London, Cape Colony, South
Basutoland, South Africa. Africa:
M. A. Altman, 28a Roeland St., LICENTIATES.
Cape Town, South Africa. P. Smailes, Lansdowne Road,
LICENTIATES. Claremont, South Africa.
W. H. Anderson, S. D. A. Mission, D. H. Groenewald, The Avenue,
Buluwayo, Rhodesia, South Stellenbosch, South Africa.
Africa. G. W. Shone, 57 Railway Cottage,
J. A. Chaney, Sweetwaters, Bloemfontein, Orange River Col-
bk Natal, South ony, South Africa.
Africa. C. H. Hayton, Union College, Ken-

ilworth, Cape Colony, South Af- OFFICERS.

rica. Conference: Pres., H. J. Edmed;
David Sparrow, York St., Gra- Vice-pres., J. H. Camp; Sec.,
hamstown, South Africa. Treas., and Business Manager,
C. H. Pretyman; Ex. Corn., H.
J. V. Willson, 7 Cheapside, Kim- Schmidt, J. H. Camp, J. A.
berley, South Africa. Chaney, J. C. Baumann, C. H.
Mrs. J. V. Willson, 7 Cheapside, Pretyman.
Kimberley, South Africa. Sabbath-school Department: Sec.,
Ellen I. Burrill, Union College, Mrs. J. A.' Chaney; Treas., A.
Kenilworth, Cape Colony, South Beissner.
0. 0. Fortner, 28a Roeland St., MINISTERS.
Cape Town, South Africa. IL J. Edmed, Mayor's Walk,
Amelia Webster, care Cape Sani- Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South
tarium, Plumstead, Cape Col- Africa.
ony, South Africa. A. W. Kuehl, Box 2482, Johannes-
W. B. Commin, " Wolvenhoek," burg, Transvaal, South Africa.
Wellington, South Africa.
Chas. Haupt, P. 0. Simondium, LICENTIATES.
Paarl, Cape Colony, South Af- J. A. Chaney, Sweetwaters,
rica. Zwaartkops, Natal, South Af-
R. Moko, 28a Roeland St., Cape rica.
Town, South Africa.
D. C. Theunissen, 28a Roeland St., MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Cape Town, South Africa. J. H. Camp, C. H. Pretyman, H.
T. J. Francis, 28a Roeland St., Schmidt, S. De Lange, Mrs. J. A.
Cape Town, South Africa. Chaney, Miss M. Robertson,
Mrs. D. H. Groenewald, The Ave- Mrs. H. J. Edmed.
nue, Stellenbosch, Cape Colony, CHURCH SCHOOL.
South Africa.
Mrs. D. F. Tarr, Cambridge, near Sweetwaters, Zwaartkops, Natal.
East London, Cape Colony,
South Africa.
F. Reed, Cape Sanitarium, Plum- MATABELE MISSION.
stead, Cape Colony, South Af- Established 1894.
rica. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Buhr-
LICENSED COLPORTEIIRS. wayo, Rhodesia, South Africa.
Director: W. H. Anderson; S. S.
Q. H. Jubber, off Vineyard Road, Sec., Mrs. M. C. Sturdevant.
Claremont, South Africa.
A. Tickton, 24 York St , Kim- MINISTER.
berley, South Africa. M. C. Sturdevant.
Mrs. A. Tickton, 24 York St., Kim-
berley, South Africa. LICENTIATE.
W. H. Anderson.
Mrs. W. H. Anderson, Mrs. M. C.
Organized 1902. Sturdevant.
Population: 1,830,000.
Area: 156,642 square miles.
Membership: 95; churches, 3. GWELO MISSION.
Office: 4 Holmes and Dunn's Established 1901.
Chambers, West St., Durban, Address: S. D. A. Mission, Gwelo,
Natal, South Africa. Rhodesia, South Africa.


F. B. Armitage. Mrs. T. H. Branch.
F. B. Armitage. Miss Mabel Branch.
Established 1899.
NYASSALAND MISSION. Population: 262,261.
Acquired 1902. Square Miles: 10,293.
Population: 850,000 natives; 450 Address: Kolo, Mafeteng, Basuto-
whites; area, 340,000 square land, South Africa.
miles. DIRECTOR.
Address: Plainfield Estate, Cholo,
near Blantyre, British Central J. M. Freeman.
DIRECTOR. J. M. Freeman.
J. H. Watson,* T. H. Branch.
*Deceased. Murray Kalaka, S. D. Kalaka.


Address: Casilla del Correo 481, Lipke, Emil Schenk, Geo. Wis-
Buenos Ayres, Argentine Re- chral, John Hetrick; S. S. Sec.,
public, South America. Isidora Spies, Brusque, Santa
Catherine, Brazil, South Amer-
J. W. Westphal. MINISTERS.
MINISTER. H. F. Graf, F. W. Spies, Ernesto
J. W. Westphal.
Population: 14,002,335. John Lipke, A. B. Stauffer. Dr. A.
Territory: Brazil, South America. L. Gregory, Mrs. Lulu V. Greg-
Membership: 900; churches, 15. ory.
Office Address: Caixa do Correio
768, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
(All persons named below may be Organized 1902.
addressed as above.) Territory: Argentine Republic,
South America.
OFFICERS. Population: 4,086,654.
Conference: Pres., H. F. Graf; Membership: 460; churches, 15.
Sec. and Treas., A. B. Stauffer; Office: Casilla del Correo 481,
Ex. Com., H. F. Graf, F. W. Buenos Ayres, Argentine Re-
Spies, Dr. Abel Gregory, John public, South America.

1 persons named below may be WEST COAST MISSION, SOUTH

ddressed as above.) AMERICA.
OFFICERS. (Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, and
Conference: Pres., N. Z. Town; Peru.)
Sec. and Treas., E. W. Snyder; General Address: Casilla 240, Iqui-
Cor. and S. S. Sec., Mrs. Sadie que, Chile, South America.
R. Town. Membership: 150; churches, 4.
N. Z. Town, Juan McCarthy, E.
W. Snyder, R. H. Habenicht. H. F. Ketring.
H. F. Ketring, Enrique Balada.
J. V. Maas, E. D. Lude.
L. Brooking, 0. Oppegard, Rod. E. W. Thomann.
Diriwa,echter; Mrs. R. H. Habe-
nicht, Mrs. Sadie R. Town, Louis MISSIONARY LICENTIATE.
Ernst, Mrs. E. W. Snyder. F. W. Bishop.


Address: 3 Arsenal St., Hong Director, J. L. Shaw; Advisory
Kong, China. Committee, J. L. Shaw, R. S.
Ingersoll, H. Armstrong, L. F.
OFFICERS. Hansen, H. B. Meyers, W. W.
Quantock; Sec. and Treas., Mrs.
Director, J. N. Anderson; Advis- M. M. Quantock; Sec. S. S.
ory Committee, J. N. Anderson, Dept., Mrs. L. F._ Hansen (51
E. Pilquist, A. C. Selmon, H. W. Park St., Calcutta).
Miller, E. H. Wilbur; Sec. and
Treas., Mrs. Emma Anderson. MINISTERS.
J. L. Shaw, G. K. Owen, H: Arm-
MINISTERS. strong.
J. N. Anderson, E. Pilquist, A. C. LICENTIATE.
Selmon, H. W. Miller. H. B. Meyers.
Mrs. Emma Anderson, Ida Thomp- L. J. Burgess, W. W. Quantock,
son, E. H: Wilbur, Mrs. E. -H. Mrs. M. M. Quantock, R. S.
Wilbur, Charlotte Simpson, Ingersoll, Mrs. Olive P. Inger-
Carrie Erickson, Mrs. Maude A. soll, Mrs. J. L. Shaw, Thekla
Miller, Mrs. Bertha L. Selmon. Black, Samantha Whiteis, Mrs.
S. J. Olney, Georgia Burrus-
Burgess, Della Coates, A. Helen
Wilcox, Annie Knight, Ida
INDIA MISSION. Royer-Reagan, Mrs. A. S. Flem-
General Address: 39-1 Free School ing, Grace Kellogg, Anna Orr,
St., Calcutta, India. L. F. Hansen, Mrs. L. F. Hansen.

JAPAN MISSION. Port of Spain, Trinidad, West

General Address: 30 Oiwaki-cho, W. A. Sweany, King St., Bridge-
Hongo Ku, Tokio, Japan. town, Barbados, West Indies.
OFFICERS. D. E. Wellman, 24 ChurchSt., St.
John's, Antigua, West Indies.
Director, F. W. Field; Advisory D. C. Babcock, 79 Robb St.,
Committee, F. W. Field, S. A. Georgetown, Demerara, British
Lockwood, W. D. Burden, T. H. Guiana, South America.
Okohira, H. Kuniya; Sec. and Philip Giddings, New Amsterdam,
Treas., W. D. Burden. Berbice, British Guiana, South
MINISTER. America.
LICENTIATE. L. E. Wellman, Roadtown, Tor-
tola, Virgin Islands, West In-
T. H. Okohira. dies.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. James Mathews, Scarboro, Tobago,
West Indies.
W. D. Burden, Mrs. W. D. Bur- T. L. M. Spencer, San Fernando,
den, H. Kuniya, Mrs. F. W. Trinidad, West Indies.
Field, S. A. Lockwood, Mrs. W. T. Downer, " Our Retreat," E.
Myrtle Lockwood. B. Demerara River, British
Guiana, South America.
EAST CARIBBEAN CONFER- S. A. Wellman, 31 Dundonald St.,
Port of Spain, Trinidad, West
Organized 1903.
Territory: The Guianas, Trinidad, MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
the Lesser Antilles, with Ven- G. Subaran, Tunapuna, Trinidad,
ezuela as a mission field. West Indies.
Population: 4,003,702. Lambert W. Brown, Georgetown,
Membership: 260; churches, 6. Demerara, British Guiana,
Office: 31 Dundonald St., Port of South America.
Spain, Trinidad, West Indies. R. Hyder, Georgetown, Demerara,
British Guiana, South America.
Conference: Pres., A. J. Haysmer;
Vice-pres., W. G. Kneeland; Sec. Bridgetown, Barbados, West In-
and Treas., S. A. Wellman; Sab- dies; Mrs. VV. A. Sweany,
bath-school Sec., Mrs. A. J. teacher.
Haysmer; Ex. Com., A. J. Hays-
mer, W. G. Kneeland, D. C. Bab-
cock, W. A. Sweany, D. E. Well- JAMAICA CONFERENCE.
man, T. L. M. Spencer, J. N. Organized 1903._
International Tract Society: Offi- Territory: The Island of Jamaica.
cers the same as for the Con- Population: 756,000.
ference. Membership: 1,188; churches, 17.
Office: 32 Text Lane, Kingston,
MINISTERS. Jamaica, West Indies.
A. J. Haysmer, 31 Dundonald St.. (All persons named below may be
Port of Spain, Trinidad, West addressed as above.)
W. G. Kneeland, Scarboro, To- OFFICERS.
bago, West Indies. Conference: Pres. and Treas., J. B.
Geo. F. Enoch, 31 Dundonald St., Beckner; Sec., J. A. Strickland;
Tanner, Linton Rash ford, Hu- H. A. Owen, Mrs. H. A. Owen.
bert Fletcher, John R. Parch- Wm. Evans, Miss Ada Evans,
ment. A. N. Allen, Jas. G. Smalley,
Tract and Missionary Depart- A. J. Hetherington, Mrs. A. J.
ment: Sec., Norman Johnston. Hetherington.
Sabbath-school Department: Sec,
and Treas., Mrs. M. A. Beckner.
MINISTERS Address: Boras del Toro, Panama.
J. B. Beckner, W. J. Tanner, J. A. DIRECTOR AND TREASURER.
I. 0. Knight.
Hubert Fletcher, Frank Hall, Me-
thusalah Jones, Hubert Randle. T. G. Knight.
MEXICAN MISSION,,./ Mrs. I. G. Knight, S. P. Smith,
Office Address: Apartado 2229, Mrs. S. P. Smith.
Mexico City, D. F.
Office: 1599 Avenue 22, Tacubaya, PORTO RICO MISSION.
D. F., Mexico. Address: 120 Calle Mendez Vigo,
Mayaguez, Porto Rico, West In-
Superintendent, Geo. M. Brown;
Treas., G. W. Caviness; Sec., DIRECTOR.
A. Cooper; Sabbath-school Sec., B. E. Connerly.
Mrs. Carrie C. Kelley; Mission
Committee, Geo. M. Brown, G. MINISTER.
W. Caviness, A. 0. Bodwell, W. B. E. Connerly.
S. Swayze, J. W. Erkenbeck.
MINISTERS. Mrs. A. M. Fischer, Mrs. B. E.
Geo. M. Brown, 0. W. Caviness, J. Connerly.
A. Leland, A. G. Bodwell, A.
Address: Hamilton, Bermuda Is-
Mrs. 0. W. Caviness, F. C. Kelley,
Mrs. Carrie C. Kelley, Mrs. A. DIRECTOR AND MINISTER.
G. Bodwell, Miguel Placentia. J. A. Morrow.
CENTRAL AMERICAN MIS- Mrs. M. R. Enoch, Box 144, Ham-
SION. ilton, Bermuda Islands
Address: Box 105, Belize, British
Honduras, Central America. GOLD COAST MISSION, WEST
Address: Cape Coast Castle, Gold
H. C. Goodrich. Coast, Africa.
H. C. Goodrich. .1. M. Hyatt.

EMMANUEL MISSIONARY (Sec.), and the Presidents of

COLLEGE. the Conferences of Iowa, Col-
orado, Kansas, Missouri, and
(Successor to Battle Creek Col- Nebraska.
lege.) Executive Committee: E. T. Rus-
Berrien Springs, Mich. sell, J. Sutherland, W. A. George;
Established in Battle Creek, Mich., L. A. Hoopes, M. W. Newton,
1874; re-established in Berrien and the President of the Ne-
Springs, 1901. braska Conference.
Board of Trustees: Wm. Covert, Faculty: President; Lewis A.
Allen Moon, W. J. Stone, A. G.. Hoopes, Bible Department; M.
Haughey, J. D. Gowell, A. G. Wallace Newton, Physical Sci-
Daniells, David Paulson, A. T. ence, Trigonometry and Sur-
Jones, E. A. Sutherland, N. H. veying, Physical Culture; David
Druillard, Joseph H. Haughey, D. Rees, English Language and
P. T. Magan. Literature; Milton E. Kern,
Officers of the Board: Pres., Wm. Preceptor and Librarian, An-
Covert; Vice-pres., Allen Moon; cient and Modern History,
Treas., N. H. Druillard; Sec., Bible; William A. George, Bio-
P. T. Magan. logical Science, Hydrotherapy;
Faculty: Chairman, E. A. Suther- Harvey A. Morrison, Higher
land, Christian Education; P. T. Mathematics; William A. Col-
Magan, Dean; E. J. Waggoner, cord, Mental Philosophy, Logic,
Bible; Joseph H. Haughey, Bible, History; Peter E.
Mathematics; Ar t h ur W. Berthelsen, Danish-Norwegian,
Spaulding, English; Mrs. M. E. French; Christian A. Thorp,
Holser, Preceptress, and Ger- Danish Bible; August Swedberg,
man; Paul Christman, Sciences; Swedish, G. A. Grauer,
Secretary, M. Bessie De Graw, German Department, Bible and
Pedagogy; Mrs. S. V. Suther- History; Theodore Valentiner,
land, Drawing and Painting; German Language; Miss Wini-
Mrs. Ray Morse, Bookkeeping fred M. Peebles, Greek, Latin,
and Stenography; 0. A. Morse, Spanish, - Instrumental Music;
Instrumental Music and Vocal Ernest C. Kellogg, Curator of
Culture; A. S. Baird, Manual Museum, Assistant in Natural
Industries; J. B. Blosser, Can- Science, Normal. Studies; Elmer
vassing Work; Frank M. Wil- E. Gardner, Secretary, Commer-
son, Manager Advocate Printing cial Dept., Bookkeeping, Pen-
Office; Norman L. Hill, In- manship, Phonography; Mahlon
structor in Printing. H. Sterns, Vocal. Music, Voice
Culture; Miss Roberta Andrews,
Assistant in English; Miss Vera
UNION COLLEGE. E. Thompson, Normal Work;
Miss Genevieve Johnson, Assist-
College View, Nebr. ant in Instrumental Music;
Established 1891. Miss Carrie Segebart, Precep-
Board of Managers: E. T. Russell tress and Matron; Joseph
J. Sutherland, W. A. George, Sutherland, Business Manager;
M. W. Newton, L. A. Hoopes Olof Nerlund, Instructor in

Swedish; Miss Ada Madison, pal, Geo. E. Johnson;- Anna El-

Instructor on Guitar and Man- der, Intermediate Grades; Ora
dolin; Miss Clar.a. George, In- Edwards, Primary Grades.
structor in Drawing; 0. V. Cot-
ton, Instructor in Violin.
HEALDSBURG COLLEGE. South Lancaster, Mass.
Healdsburg, Cal. Established 1882.
Established 1882. Board of Trustees: H. W. Cottrell,
W. A. Wilcox, G. B. Thompson,
Board of Trustees: M. E. ,Cady, R. A. Underwood, A. E. Place,
J. A. Dolson, G. W. Mills,- E. D. 0. 0. Farnsworth, P. F. Bick-
Sharpe, M. H. Brown, A. S. Kel- nell, J. W. Watt, J. E. Jayne.
logg. Officers of the Board: Pres., H. W.
Officers of the Board: Pres., M. E. Cottrell; Sec:, Frederick Griggs;
Cady; Sec. and Treas., H. G. Treas., Geo. W. Palmer; Au-
Lucas. ditor, D. B. Parmelee.
(Pacific Educational Association Faculty: Frederick Griggs, Prin
[recently incorporated, to which cipal, Pedagogics; -M. D. Matt-
College property will be trans- son, Bible and History; Miss
ferred]: A. S. Kellogg, A. T. Lucinda A. Marsh, Science;
Jones, M. E. Cady, Geo. W. Mrs. Sara J. Hall, English
Mills, J. A. Dolson, C. L. Tay- Language; Roy F. Cottrell,
lor, M. H. Brown.) Preceptor, Mathematics; Wini-
Faculty: College Department, E. fred L. Holmden, Languages;
D. Sharpe, President; H. G. D. B. Par-melee, Commercial
Lucas, Vice-president; H. C. Department, Business Course;
Lacey, Bible and History; W. Paul C. Mason, Commercial De-
E. Howell, English and Pho- partment, Shorthand Course;
nography; H. G. Lucas, Commer- Medora S. Stone, Music; Chas.
cial Dept.; E. D. Sharpe and L. Johnson, Agricultural De-
J. L. Derby, Sciences; Jessie 0. partment; M. N. Cross, Broom-
Barber, Math4matics; J. W. making; Mrs. E. M. Long,
Beardsle.e, Singing and Voice Basketry and Sloyd; Susie M.
Culture; Geol. B. Miller, Piano Sisley, Primary Department;
and Organ; W. Wallace, Orches- Janet MT. Haskell, Preceptress,
tral Instruments; Mrs. E. D. Intermediate Department; Mrs.
Sharpe, Preceptress; Mrs. H. G. M. D. Mattson, Matron Culi-
Lucas, Matron; J. A. Dolson, nary Department; Geo. W.
Business Manager. Palmer, Steward.
Industrial Department: J. A. Dol-
son, Superintendent; Henry
Kristal, Tent-making; A. F. MT. VERNON ACADEMY.
Haines, Printing; George Wal-
lace, Carpentry; J. A. Dolson, Academia, Ohio.
Painting; L. C. Nelson, Agri-
Established 1893.
' culture; Mr. IVIoler, Baking;
James Henderson, Plumbing; Officers: Pres., H. H. Burkholder;
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Boger, Nurs- Sec., C. E. Welch; Treas. and
ing; J. F. Gaster, Cooking; Mrs. Business Manager, J. W. Lough-
J. F. Gaster, Dressmaking; H. head; Auditor, W. H. Edwards.
P. Hansen, Blacksmithing. Executive Committee: J. W.
Timberland Industrial School: Loughhead, H. H. Burkholder,
Principal, U. T. Cady. N. W. Lawrence, C. V. Hamer,
Primary and Intermediate Depart- . R. R. Kennedy, C. E. Welch,
ment (Church School): Princi- Thos. Thornton.

Faculty: Principal, J. W. Lough- KEENE ACADEMY.

head, History; Norris W. Law- Keene, Johnson Co., Tex.
rence, Bible; Wm. L. Secor,
Established 1894.
Natural Sciences; Jeremiah B.
Clymer, Mathematics and Ger- Board of Managers: N. P. Nel-
man; Mrs. Anna E. Shepherd, son, G. F. Haffner, J. A. Somer-
Preceptress, Instrumental ville, C. B. Hughes, T. T. Stev-
enson, D. C. Field, J. D. Mat-
Music; Miss Laura Hutchinson,
thieus, B. F. Woods, J. C. Mos-
Matron, Special Physiology; ley, A. C. Jones, . N. Wood-
Clare Shepherd, English Lan- ward.
guage, Literature, and Latin; Instructors: C. B. Hughes, Prin-
Mrs. C. V. Hamer, Common cipal, Bible and Rhetoric; J. P.
Branches; Emma Richardson, Lorenz, Bible Doctrines and
Drawing; Norman T. Lough- German; H. T. Curtis, Mathe-
head, Assistant in History, matics, Science, Latin, and
Printing. Bookkeeping; J. L. Jones, As-
sistant in Mathematics and
Science; Mrs. A. Nelson, Vocal
and Instrumental Music and
WALLA' WALLA COLLEGE. Voice Culture; Mrs. C. B.
College Place, Wash. Hughes, Pteceptress, Theory and
Practice of Teaching.
Established 1892. Industrial Department: T. T.
Stevenson, Business Manager;
Board of Managers: A. J. Breed, W. B. Etchison, Farm Foreman;
F. M. Burg, C. M. Christiansen, Mrs. W. B. Etchison, Matron.
T. L. Ragsdale, C. D. Hobbs, S.
A. Miller, W. B. White, E. L.
Officers: Pres., A. J. Breed; Sec.,
C. D. Hobbs; Treas., C. M. Chris- SCHOOL.
tiansen. Graysville, Tenn.
Faculty: Pres., C. C. Lewis, Rhet- Established 1896.
oric, Mental Science, School
Management; J. L. Kay, Mathe- Board of Trustees: R..M. Kilgore,
maticA, Latin, Spanish; Isaac Chairman; J. E. Tenney, Sec.;
A. Dunlap, Physiology, .Sanitary C. L. Kilgore, Treas. and Busi-
Science, Nurses' Training Class; ness Manager; Geo. I. Butler,
G. A. Snyder, English Bible and Smith Sharp, 0. M. Hayward,
Church History; Roger W. A. F. Harrison.
Brown, Preceptor, Sciences; B. Faculty: J. Ellis Tenney, Prin-
B. Smith, Commercial Depart- cipal, Bible; Elder Granville 11.
ment, Bookkeeping, Penman- Baber, History and the Spanish
ship, Commercial Law, Commer- Language; Elsie M. Martinson,
cial Arithmetic; C. D. Hobbs, M. D., Natural Sciences and
Bookkeeper, Shorthand, Type- Nursing; Mary Alicia Steward,
writing; Mrs. H. C. Conard, In- English Language and Music;
termediate Dept., History, Eng- Charles L. Kilgore, Commercial
lish Literature; Mrs. Grace Department; Thos. D. Rowe,
Wood-McNabb, Vocal and In- Preceptor, Preparatory Depart-
strumental Music, Voice Cul- ment; Mettie Sharp-Lenker,
ture; Clara E. Rogers, Precep- Preceptress, Assistant in Pre-
tress, Grammar, Drawing, Art; paratory Department.
Mrs. R. W. Brown, Matron; C. Industrial Departments: Mrs. Ma-
M. Christiansen, Business Man- belle D. Rowe, Plain Sewing and
ager. Dressmaking; Mrs. Della Tins-

ley Caldwell, Hygienic Cookery; Hospital and Laboratories: Battle

Elmer E. Woodruff, Fruit Rais- Creek, Mich.
ing and Farming. Board of Trustees: J. H. Kellogg,
E. L. Eggleston, C. E. Stewart,
D. Paulson, Jesse Arthur.
Officers: Pres., J. H. Kellogg;
Fernando, Cal. Sec., E. L. Eggleston; Treas., C.
Established 1902. E. Stewart.
Board of Directors: H. E. Gid- Faculty: President, J. H. Kellogg,
dings, Chairman; C. E. Knight, M. D., Professor of Clinical Sur-
Sec. and Business Manager; A. gery, Physiologic Therapeutics,
M. Way, Robert Vickery, L. 0. Principles of Rational Medicine;
Johnson. Bayard Holmes, B. S., M. D.,
Faculty: President, H. E. Gid- Professor of Clinical Surgery;
dings, Mathematics; R. S. Frank X. Walls, M. D., Pro-
Owen, Bible Miss M. E. Harris, fessor of Clinical Medicine; W.
Sciences; W. T. Stagg, Com- H. Riley, M. S., M. D., Professor
mercial Dept.; Mrs. Frances of Nervous and Mental Dis-
Cameron, History; Miss Edna eases, Brain Anatomy; Sarah
Pincus, Music; A. W. H. Mil- Hackett Stevenson, M. D., Pro-
lard, Principal Preparatory fessor of Obstetrics; David
Dept.; Mrs. M. E. Giddings, As- Paulson, M. D., Professor of
sistant in Preparatory Dept.; General Therapeutics; Alfred B.
0. J. Fisher, Supt. Industrial Olsen, M. S., M. D., M. R. C. S.,
Dept.; Claude Morgan, Farm L. R. C. P., Special Lecturer in
Director; C. T. Adams, Precep- Physiology and Pathology; E.
tor; Miss L. E. Sorenson, L. Eggleston, M. D., Secretary,
Matron. Professor of Chemistry and Ma-
teria Medica; Chas. E. Stewart,
M. D., Professor of Practice of
HUNTSVILLE TRAINING Medicine and Physical Diagno-
SCHOOL. sis; Wm. B. Holden, B. S., M.
(Successor to Oakwood Industrial D. Professor of Clinical Surgery
School.) and. Anatomy; J. F. Byington,
A. B., M. D., Professor of Dis-
Huntsville, Ala. eases of the Eye,- Ear, Nose, and
Established 1895. Throat; Judge Jesse Arthur,
Board of Directors: Geo. I. Butler. Professor of Medical Jurispru-
(Chairman), B. E. Nicola. (Sec.), dence; Geo. Thomason, M. D.,
E. B. Melendy, W. L. McNeely, Professor of Physiology; John
S. M. Jacobs, L. C. Sheafe, R. M. F. Morse, M. D., Professor of
Kilgore. Biology, Histology, and Embry-
Faculty: Principal, B. E. Nicola, ology; Frank J. Otis, M. D.,
Professor of Bacteriology and
Bible, Science, History; James
Sanitary Science; Newton G.
H. Smith, Preceptor, English
Commercial Branches; Mrs. Ida Evans, B. S., M. D., Professor of
M. Foid, Matron, Nurses' Pre- Pathology and Principles of
paratory Dept.; E. B. Melendy, Surgery; Mary- V. Dryden,- M.
D., Professor of Clinical Ob-
Business Manager.
stetrics and Pediatrics; Many.
Wild-Paulson, M. D., Professor
AMERICAN MEDICAL MISSION- of Clinical Obstetrics; Martin
A. Mortensen, M. D., Instructor
in Clinical Medicine; R. H. Har-
Incorporated 1895. ris, M. D., Instructor in Chem-
Office: 28 Thirty-third Place, Chi- istry; Wm. T. Thornton, M. D.,
cago, Ill. Assistant in Histology and

Pathology; Jean A. Vernier, M. Edith J. Commin, Mr. Arthur

D., Instructor in Gynecology; Comm in.
Mary P. Hunter, M. D., In-
structor in Clinical Gynecology; Uitenhage School: Teacher, Miss
Julia A. White, M. D., Instruc- Cora Blodgett, care S. D. A.
tor in Obstetrics; J. Edgar Col- Church, Uitenhage, South Af-
loran, Instructor in Genito- rica.
Urinary and Skin Diseases.
451 Holloway Road, London, N.,
Cooranbong, N. S. W., Australia.
Board: C. W. Irwin, E. H. Gates,
M. Hare, J. E. Fulton, E. C. Established 1901.
Chapman, M. E. Minchin, Presi- Board of Management: 0. A. Ol-
dent of the New South Wales sen, J. 0. Corliss, E. E. Andross,
Conference. Wm. Hutchinson, A. F. Ballen-
Faculty: C. W. Irwin, Principal; ger, Win. A. Westworth, W. C.
J. E. Fulton, Bible; J. H. Paap, Sisley, H. R. Salisbury, A. B.
Mathematics and Science; F. L. Olsen.
Chaney, Preceptor, Physiology Officers: Pres., 0. A. Olsen; Sec.
and Bookkeeping; Mrs. M. S. and Treas., A. Bacon.
Boyd, Preceptress, Matron, and Faculty: Principal, H. R. Salis-
Instructor in Cookery; Miss bury; Teachers, -Wm. Hutchin-
Hattie Andre, Preparatory De- son, Dr. A. B. Olsen, W. T. Bart-
partment, Teachers' Training lett, Clernen Hamer, G. W.
Course; MrS. J. H. Paap, Instru- Bailey, Mrs. H. R. Salisbury.
mental Music, Drawing, and
Painting; Mrs. C. W. Irwin,
Sewing, and Assistant Teacher; SWEDISH INDUSTRIAL
Mrs. F. L. Chaney, Preceptress
of Boys' Hall; Miss Minnie SCHOOL.
Hawkins, Primary Department; Nyhyttan, JarnboAs, Sweden.
Mrs. A. Daniels, Assistant Ma- Board of Managers: B. J. Karls-
tron. son, C. J. Karlsson, J. Berg-
strom; Matron, Axia Danielson.
CLAREMONT UNION COLLEGE. Teachers: B. J. Karlsson, Maria
Haglund, Axia Danielson.
Kenilworth, near Cape Town,
South Africa.
Board of Trustees: W. S. Hyatt
(Chairman), C. H. Hayton SCHOOL.
(Treas.), E. A. Ingle (Sec.), F. Friedensau, Post Grabow, Bez.
Reed, J. H. Commin, 0. 0. Fort- Magdeburg, Germany.
ner, P. Smailes.
Faculty: Principal, C. H. Hayton; Teachers: 0. Luepke, A. J. Hoenes,
Preceptress, Miss Ellen I. Bur- M. D.; H. Bartels; Matron, Mrs.
rill; Matron, Mrs. C. H. Hay- L. Luepke; Treas., N. Schlat-
ton; other teachers, Miss Helen terer; Business Manager, W.
Hyatt, W. H. Haupt, Miss Krumm.

Bethel, Wis. Sheridan, Ill.
Established 1899. Established 1900.
Board: Wm. Covert (Pres.), H. A. School Board: Allen Moon, N. W.
Washburn (Sec.), P. M. Han- Kauble, G. A. Wheeler, E. A.
son (Business Manager), H. W. Curtis, Jacob Klooster.
Reed, J. C. McChesney, J. C. Faculty: Principal, N. W. Kauble,
Mikkelsen, T. B. Snow. J. M. Burdick, Miss Mary Cook,
Faculty: H. A. Washburn, Prin- Mrs. Hattie Kauble.
cipal; A. W. Hallock, Science,
Carpentry; Paul E. Sheppler,
Preceptor, Mathematics, Horti-
culture; Miss Rosma M. Whalen, BOGGSTOWN MANUAL TRAIN-
Preceptress, Language, Sewing, ING ACADEMY.
Floriculture; Miss Clara L.
Richards, Matron, Nursing, Near Boggstown, Ind.
Dressmaking, Cookery; Henry Established 1902.
H. Howard, Intermediate De-
partment; Mrs. Emma B. Wash- Post-office Address: R. F. D. No.
burn, Primary Department; 1, Fairland, Ind.
, Music; Melvin L. Educational Board: W. J. Stone
Wood, Bee Culture; Daniel (Pres.), C. J. Boyd (Sec. and
Graber, Farmer. Treas.), W. D. Curtis, B. F.
Machlan, Wm. Applegate, T. E.
Faculty: Principal, B. F. Machlan,
CEDAR LAKE INDUSTRIAL Bible, Language, Science; Pre-
ceptor, C. J. Boyd, Agriculture,
Floriculture, Horticulture, Gen-
Cedar Lake, Mich. eral History; Miss Marie Bu-
halts, Preceptress and Matron;
Established 1899.
Mrs. Merta I. Machlan, Sewing
Board of Trustees: J. G. Lamson and Dressmaking; Mrs. E. Gal-
(Chairman), S. M. Butler (Sec. ligher, Music.
and Treas.), A. G. Haughey,
Fred Brink, K K. Slade, S. E.
Faculty: S. M. Butler, Principal,
Rhetoric, Grammar, U. S. His- Stuart, Iowa.
tory,Arithmetie, Spelling, Read- Established 1902.
ing; Mrs. Louisa A. Butler, As-
sistant Principal, Grammar, Board, of Managers: L. F. Starr
Geography, Bible; B. E. Craw- (Pres.), Floyd Bralliar, W. H.
ford, Preceptor, Agriculture, Cox, Chris Juhl.
Physiology, General Science, Faculty: Principal, T. H. Jeys,
Commercial Arithmetic, Stenog- Bible, Arithmetic, English, Sci-
raphy, Typewriting; Mrs. B. E. ence; Preceptor, J. W. Crouse,
Crawford, Preceptress and Ma- Physiology, Geography, Arith-
tron, Domestic Economy, Book- metic, History; Primary, Church
keeping, Music. School, Lillie Crouse,


Gravelford, Coos Co., Oregon. DIATE SCHOOL.
Established 1900. Elk Point, S. Dak.
Board of Managers: C. C. Lewis, Established 1902.
F. M. Burg, F. S. Bunch, Mrs. Trustees: J. W. Beach, C. A. Bur-
Alice Gage, 0. S. Coleman. man, C. F. Betts, Allan Cates,
Officers: Pres., F. S. Bunch; Sec., Albert Tucker, A. P. Peterson,
Mrs. Alice Gage. Ed. Pond.
Faculty: Principal, F. S. Bunch;
Assistant, Miss Myra E. Camp. Director: J. W. Beach.
Teachers: J. W. Beach, Prof.
Branson, Maud Weller; Matron,
Eshcol, Miss.
Established 1903.
Board of Directors: H. G. Thurs- SCHOOL.
ton, R. S. Owen, H. W. Pierce,
F. R. Rogers, J. H. Rhodes. Minetto, N. Y.
Faculty: Principal, W. J. Blake; Established 1903.
other Teachers, Mrs. W. J.
Blake, Mrs. H. W. Pierce; Me- Managers: C. H. Coe, W. L. Skin-
chanical Dept., H. W. Pierce; ner.
Matron, Mrs. H. W. Pierce. Teachers: Miss Ethel Harris, Miss
Bessie Jackson.

Farmington, Nova Scotia. MEDIATE SCHOOL.
Established 1903. Hazel, Ky.
Educational Board: W. H. Thurs- Established 1901.
ton, Wm. Guthrie,D. W. Dim-
mock, Geo. E. McCready Price. Teachers: C. L. Stone, Mrs. C. L.
Principal: Geo. E. McCready Stone.
Price; Matron, Mrs. Kate Ja-
South Black Ave., Bozeman, Mont.
Established 1902.
Lorne Park, Ontario.
Teachers: Claude Conard, Miss
Established 1903. Lulu T. White; Matron, Edna
Board of Directors: Geo. B. Parker. /P3' - f
Thompson (Chairman), Eugene
Leland (Sec.), T. H. Robinson
(Treas.), S. G. Huntington, MINNESOTA INDUSTRIAL
Chas. Stewart. SCHOOL.
Faculty: Eugene Leland, Princi-
pal; Charles E. Sweeten, Man- Anoka, Minn.
ager Industrial Department; Teachers: M. B. Van Kirk: Miss
Mrs. J. Eva Leland, Matron. Wavie Tubbsi


Margrethevej 5, Copenhagen, Diamante, Entre Rios, Argentine
V., Denmark. Republic, South America.
Teachers: N. Z. Town, Mrs. N. Z.
Teachers: L. H. Christian, L. Town, Arthur Fulton.
Collegio International, Curityba,
ACADEMY. Teachers: Paul Kramer, Mrs. P.
Kramer, W. Ehlers.
292 Kamakela, Honolulu, Ha-
waiian Territory. BRUSQUE SCHOOL.
Established 1897. Mission Industrial, Brusque, Bra-
Faculty: I. C. Colcord, Mrs. I. C. zil, South America.
Colcord, Mrs. A. C. Behrens. Teacher: John Lipke.

Time, thou speedest on but slowly;
Hours, how tardy is your pace!
Ere with Him, the high and holy,
I hold converse face to face.
Here is naught but care and mourning;
Comes a joy, it will not stay;
Fairly shines the sun at dawning,
Night will soon o'ercloud the day.

Onward then! not long I wander

Ere my Saviour comes for me,
And with him abiding yonder,
All his glory I shall see.
0, the music and the singing
Of the hosts redeemed by love!
0, the hallelujahs ringing
Through the halls of light above!

REVIEW AND HERALD PUB- er, L. A. Smith, D. \V. Reavis,

LISHING ASSOCIATION. A. G. Daniells, W. W . Prescott,
E. R. Palmer.
222 North Capitol St., Washing-
Incorporated 1903 COMPANY.
Territory: The Atlantic, Cana- Main Office: Twelfth and Castro
dian, Lake, and Northern Union Sts., Oakland, Cal.
Conferences. Branch Offices: 44 Crocker Bldg.,
Board of Trustees: W. W. Pres- San Francisco, Cal.; 14-18 West
cott, S. N. Curtiss, H. W. Cot- Fifth Street, Kansas City, Mo.
trell, Dr. J. H. Neall, W. T. Territory: The Pacific, Central,
Bland, E. R. Palmer, W. M. and Southwestern Union Con-
Lewis, W. B. Walters. ferences.
Officers: Pres., W. W. Prescott; Directors: W. T. Knox, C. H.
Vice-pres. and Bus. Mgr., S. N. Jones, M. C. Wilcox, M. H.
Curtiss; Sec., W. B. Walters. Brown, H. H. Hall, W. E. Wha-
Editors: Review and Herald, W. lin, E. A. Chapman.
W. Prescott; Associate Editors, Officers: Pres., W. T. Knox; Vice-
L. A. Smith, W. A. Spicer. The pres. and Gen. Mgr., C. H.
Sentinel of Christian Liberty, Jones; Sec., A. G. Miller; Treas.,
John D. Bradley. The Youth's E. A. Chapman; Manager San
Instructor, Miss Fannie M. Francisco Branch, C. N. Lake;
Dickerson. The Sabbath-school Manager Kansas City Branch,
Worker, Mrs. L. Flora Plum- Jas. Cochran.
mer. Publishing Committee: C. H.
Cable Address: Review, Washing- Jones, H. H. Hall, W. T. Knox,
ton, D. C. M. C. Wilcox, M. H. Brown, W.
N. Glenn, C. M. Snow.
Editors: Signs of the Times, Edi-
REVIEW AND HERALD. tor, M. C. Wilcox; Asst. Editors,
Corporate Name: Seventh-day Ad- C. M. Snow, W. N. Glenn.
ventist Publishing Association. Editorial Committee: Our Little
Established 1850. Incorporated Friend, M. C. Wilcox, H. H.
May, 1861. Reincorporated 1891. Hall, W. H. B. Miller.
Office: Battle Creek, Mich. Editorial Committee: Bible Stu-
Directors: I. H. Evans, G. W. Am- dents' and Apples of Gold Li-
adon, S. H. Lane, A. G. Dan- braries, MT. N. Glenn, H. H. Hall,
iells, MT. MT. Prescott, C. D. M. C. Wilcox.
Rhodes, Joseph Smith. Cable Address: Uprising, Oakland,
Officers: Pres. and Mgr., I. H. Cal.
Evans; Sec. and Treas., C. D.
Rhodes; Mgr. Dept. of Circula- SOUTHERN PUBLISHING AS-
tion, D. W. Reavis.
Publishing Committee: I. H. SOCIATION.
Evans (Chairman), G. MT. Am- 1025 Jefferson St., Nashville, Tenn.
adon (Secretary), S. H. Lane, H. Territory: The Southern Union
E. Osborne, Adelaide Bee Coop- Conference.

Board of Managers: Pres., G. I. sen, W. C. Sisley, A. Bacon, W.

Butler; Vice-pres., J. E. White; T. Bartlett, H. R. Salisbury.
Sec., W. 0. Palmer; Business Editors: Present Truth, W. T.
Manager and Treas., I. A. Ford; Bartlett; Assistant Editors, J.
other members, N. W. Alice, Dr. 0. Corliss, M. E. Olsen; The
0. M. Hayward, J. N. Nelson. Missionary Worker, Conference
Editor: The Southern Watchman, Committee; Good Health, A. B.
Geo. I. Butler; Associate Edi- Olsen, M. E. Olsen.
tors, Elder J. E. White, Miss
INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING 16 Best St., North Fitzroy, Mel-
bourne, Victoria, Australia.
Directors: W. D. Salisbury, N. D.
College View, Nebr. Faulkhead, A. W. Anderson, H.
Established 1903. E. Simkin, E. W. Farnsworth,
G. A. Irwin, J. M. Johanson.
Field of Operation: The publica- Officers: Pres., W. D. Salisbury;
tion and sale of German, Dan- Vice-pres., N. D. Faulkhead;
ish-Norwegian, and Swedish lit- See., A. W. Anderson; Treas.,
erature among those national- N. D. Faulkhead; Gen. Field
ities in the United States. Agt., J. M. Johanson.
Officers: Pres., E. T. Russell; Sec.,
A. Swedberg; Treas., J. Suth-
Trustees: -E. T. Russell, A. Swed- Cooranbong, N. S. W., Australia.
berg, Theodore Valentiner, C. A. Board: E. C. Chapman, J. H.
Thorp, J. Sutherland, F. H. Paap, E. H. Gates, J. A. Bur-
Westphal, T. G. Johnson. den, A. Davis.
Counselors: N. P. Nelson, L. John- Officers: Manager, E. C. Chapman;
son, H. Shultz, S. F. Svensson, Sec. and Treas., Miss Eva Os.
Fred Johnson, J. J. Graf, C. J. borne.
Herrmann, S. Mortenson, H. R.
Johnson, H. H. Hall, L. A.
Hoopes, G. F. Haffner, E. G. HAMBURG PUBLISHING
Olsen, J. Wallenkampf, C. Me-
leen, John Walker, C. A. Bur-
man. Internationale Traktatgesellschaft
Editors: Evangeliets Sendebud, C. in Hamburg, Grindelberg 15a,
A. Thorp; Sions Vaktare, A. Hamburg, Germany.
Swedberg; Christlicher Haus- Publishing Board: Chairman, L.
freund and Der Deutsche Ar- R. Conradi; H. Hartkop, A.
beiter, T. Valentiner. Doerner, H. F. Schuberth,
Krumm, A. Pages (Auditor), J.
Local Committee: H. Hartkop, M.
International Tract Society, Editors: Herold der Wahrheit, L.
Limited. R. Conradi, H. F. Schuberth;
Gute Gesundheit, A. J. Hoenes,
Office: 451 Holloway Road, Lon- M. D., P. A. De Forest, M. D.,
don, N., England. H. F. Schuberth; Zions Wachter
Cable Address: Uprising, London. (Holland), L. R. Conradi; Unser
Publishing Board: Chairman, 0. kleiner Freund, A. Plass; Zions-
A. Olsen; Sec. and Manager, W. wachter, edited by German
C. Sisley; Directors, 0. A. 01- Union Conference Committee.

BASLE PUBLISHING HOUSE. Editors: Evangeliets Sendebud,

-Clausen, 0. A. Johnson; Sund-
Librarie Polyglotte. hedsbladet, J. C. Ottosen, M. D.
Weiherweg 48, Basle, Switzerland.
Advisory Committee: L. R. Con-
radi (Chairman), J. Robert STOCKHOLM PUBLISHING
(Secretary), B. G. Wilkinson, T. HOUSE.
Nussbaum, J. Curdy. Kungsgatan 34, Stockholm, Swe-
Editors: Le Messager de la Proph- den.
&tie and Les Signs des Temps,
J. Vuilleumier, B. G. Wilkin- Corporate Name: Skandinaviska
son, J. Curdy; Le Vulgarisateur, Forlagsexpeditionen.
P. A. De Forest, M. D. Sec. and Treas., J. R. Lindqvist.
Editor: Tidens Tecken, E. J.
Ahren; Missionaren, E. J.
423o St. Catherine St., Montreal, DENMARK PUBLISHING
Quebec. HOUSE.
Publishing Committee: W. H. C. C. Hansen & Co., Margrethe-
Thurston, S. D. Hartwell. vej 5, Copenhagen, V., Den-
Manager: S. D. Hartwell. mark.
Editor: Canadian Union Messen- Cable Address: Expedit, Copen-
ger, S. D. Hartwell. hagen.
Secretary and Treasurer: Jens
z8a Roeland St., Cape Tov:\n, South CIETY.
Africa. Address: Jagaregatan 2, Helsing-
Publishing Committee: W. S. fors, Finland.
Hyatt (Chairman), 0. 0. Fort- Publishing Board: John Hoffman,
ner (Sec.), J. H. Camp, W. H. Fred Anderson, Ad. Boettcher,
Anderson, C. H. Hayton, E. A. K. Sandelin, N. Hammar.
Ingle, H. W. Lindsay. Officers: Secretary, Ad. Boett-
Editorial Committee: W. S. Hy- cher; Treasurer, Mrs. M. Boett-
att, 0. 0. Fortner. cher.
Editors: South African Sentinel, Editors: Aikain Vartija, K. San-
W. S. Hyatt; South African delin, John Hoffman, Ad. Boett-
Journal of Health, W. S. Hyatt; cher.
- South African Missionary, 0. 0.
Office: 1599 Avenue 22, Tacubaya,
D. F., Mexico.
Akersgaden 74, Christiania, Nor-
Corporate Name: La Verdad Corn-
way. pania de Publicaciones.
Corporate Name: Skandinaviske Officers: The Mission Committee.
Forlags-og Trykkerif orening.
Periodicals: El Mensajero de la
Verdad and La Salud (in Span-
Cable Address: Sundhedsbladet, ish), and The Mexican Field (in
Ekspedition, Christiania. English).

SOUTH LANCASTER PRINT- Editors: Good Health, J. H. Kel-

ING COMPANY. log, M. D.; Modern Medicine; J.
South Lancaster, Mass. H. Kellogg, M. D.; Assistant
Editors, C. E. Stewart, M. D.,
Committee: (Conference Commit- R. H. Harris, M. D.; Bulletin of
tee of the Central New England the American Medical Temper-
Conference): A. E. Place, M. D. ance Association, Editorial Com-
Mattson, K. C. Russell, P. P. mittee, N. S. Davis, A. M., M.
Lane, H. H. Stacy. D., L. L. D.; T. D. Crothers,
Officers: Pres., A. E. Place; Supt., M. D.; J. H. Kellogg, M. D.
Geo. R. Israel; Treas., H. B.


Battle Creek, Mich. The Watchman Press, 38 Free
Organized 1866; Incorporated School St., Calcutta, India.
1898. Publishing Committee: J. L.
Directors: J. H. Kellogg, M. D.; Shaw, R. S. Ingersoll, H. Arm-
David Paulson, M. D.; Geo. H. strong, L. F. Hansen, H. B.
Murphy, Geo. Thomason, M. D. Meyers, W. W. Quantock.
Officers: Pres., J. H. Kellogg; Editor: Oriental Watchman and
Treas., G. H. Murphy. Eastern Tidings, J. L. Shaw.
Issued under the Auspices of the Seventh-day Adventist

ENGLISH PAPERS GEN- Capitol St., Washington, D. C.;

John D. Bradley, editor; edi-
ERAL. torial contributors, A. T. Jones,
The Advent Review and Sabbath A. G. Daniells, M. C. Wilcox,
Herald (leading church paper); L. A. Smith, C. P. Bollman.
weekly; twenty-four pages; an- The Youth's Instructor (a journal
nual subscription, $1.50; pub- for youth and children); week-
lished at 222 North Capitol St., ly; eight pages; annual sub-
Washington, D. C.; editor, W. scription, 75 cents; 222 North
W. Prescott; associate editors, Capitol St., Washington, D. C.;
L. A. Smith, W. A. Spicer. editor, Miss Fannie M. Dicker-
The Signs of the Times (leading son.
missionary paper and prophetic The Sabbath-school Worker (or-
expositor) ; illustrated weekly; gan of the Sabbath-school De-
sixteen pages; annual subscrip- partment of the General Con-
tion, $1.50; to foreign coun- ference) ; monthly; sixteen
tries, $1.75; published by Pa- pages; annual subscription, 35
cific Press Publishing Co., Oak- cents; in clubs of two or more,
land, Cal.; editor, M. C. Wil- 25 cents; published at 222
cox; assistant editors, C. M. North Capitol St., Washington,
Snow, W. N. Glenn. D. C.; Mrs. L. Flora Plummer,
The Present Truth (devoted to a editor.
presentation of the doctrine of The Oriental Watchman; month-
the second coming of Christ, ly; sixteen pages; annual sub-
and general Bible truth); week- scription, 2 rupees (sixty-five
ly; sixteen pages; annual sub- cents); International Tract So-
scription, 6s 6d ($1.60); 451 ciety, 39-1 Free School St., Cal-
Holloway Road, London, N., cutta, India; editor, J. L. Shaw.
England; editor, W. T. Bart- The Caribbean Watchman;
lett; assistant editors. J. 0. monthly; twenty-four pages;
Corliss, M. E. Olsen. annual subscription, 2 shillings;
The Australasian Signs of the published at 31 Dundonald St.,
Times (devoted to an exposi- Port of Spain, Trinidad, West
tion of Bible truth and signs of Indies; editor, Geo. F. Enoch.
the times); weekly; twelve The Advocate of Christian Educa-
pages; annual subscription, 4s tion (devoted to educational in-
6d; to countries outside of Aus- terests) ; monthly; thirty-two
tralia, and in the postal union, pages; annual subscription, 50
8s 6d ($2.00); 16 Best St., cents; editors, E. A. Suther-
North Fitzroy, Victoria, Aus- land, Miss M. Bessie De Graw;
tralia; editor, Mrs. V. J. Farns- The Advocate, Berrien Springs,
worth. Mich.
The Sentinel of Christian Liberty Sabbath-school Quarterly; forty-
(a weekly publication devoted eight pages; containing the S.
to the interests of religious lib- D. A. International Sabbath-
erty) ; sixteen pages; annual school lessons; annual subscrip-
subscription,$1; Review and tion, 20 cents; Pacific Press
Herald Pu. Assn., 222 North Pub. Co., Oakland, Cal.

Bible Students' Library; quar- Mich.; editor, J. H. Kellogg,

terly; annual subscription, 25 M. D.
cents; Pacific Press Pub. Co., The Pacific Health Journal (de-
Oakland, Cal.; editorial com- voted to health in the home and
mittee, W. N. Glenn, H. H. general sanitary topics);
Hall, M. C. Wilcox. monthly; sixteen pages (maga-
Apples of Gold Library; quarter- zine form); annual subscrip-
ly; annual subscription, five tion, 50 cents; published by the
copies, 25 cents; twelve copies, Pacific Press Pub. Co., Oakland,
50 cents; Pacific Press Pub. Co., Cal.; G. H. Heald, editor (Sani-
Oakland, Cal.; editorial com- tarium, Cal.); H. H. Hall, busi-
mittee, M. C. Wilcox, W. N. ness manager.
Glenn, C. N. Snow. The Australasian Good Health;
Our Little Friend (a child's monthly; sixteen pages; annual
paper); illustrated weekl y; subscription, 2s 6d; 283 Pitt
eight pages; annual subscrip- St., Sydney, Australia; editor,
tion, 50 cents; Pacific Press Dr. D. H. Kress.
Pub. Co., Oakland, Cal.; edito- South African Journal of Health;
rial committee, M. C. Wilcox, monthly; sixteen pages; annual
H. H. Hall, W. H. B. Miller. subscription, 60 cents; editor,
The Life Boat; an illustrated W. S. Hyatt; 28a Roeland St.,
monthly journal devoted to Cape Town, South Africa.
charitable, philanthropic, Good Health (devoted to hygiene
health- and soul-saving work; and the principles of healthful
32 pages; annual subscription, living) ; monthly; thirty-two
35 cents; to foreign countries, pages; yearly subscription, is
50 cents; published by the In- 6d; 451 Holloway Road, Lon-
ternational Medical Missionary don, N., England; editors, A. B.
and Benevolent Association, 28 Olsen, M. D., M. E. Olsen.
Thirty-third Place, Chicago, The Medical . Missionary; month-
Ill.; editor, David Paulson, ly; Battle Creek, Mich., editor,
M. D. G. C. Tenney.
South African Sentinel (devoted
to an exposition of the signs of
the times and Sabbath truth);
monthly; sixteen pages; annual GERMAN PAPERS.
subscription, 60 cents; to coun- Herold der Wahrheit and Pro-
tries outside of South Africa phetischer Erklarer (German);
and in the Postal Union, 75 semimonthly; eight pages; an-
cents; editor, W. S. Hyatt; 28a nual subscription, mk. 2 (60
Roeland St., Cape Town, South cents for America) ; Grindel-
Africa. berg 15a, Hamburg, Germany;
Bible Training School (devoted to editors, L. R. Conradi, H. F.
the interests of house-to-house Schuberth.
Bible work); sixteen pages; Christlicher Hausfreund (Ger-
monthly; 25 cents a year; man); weekly; twelve pages;
South Lancaster, Mass.; editor, annual subscription, $1; Col-
S. N. Haskell. lege View, Nebr.; editor, T. Val-
entiner; advisory committee, H.
Shultz, C. J. Herrmann.
ENGLISH PAPERS HEALTH. Der Deutsche Arbeiter; eight
pages; monthly; 25 cents; Col-
The Good Health (devoted to san- lege View, Nebr.
itary science and domestic hy- Gute Gesundheit (German health
giene); monthly; eighty pages paper); monthly ; sixteen
(magazine form); annual sub- pages; annual subscription, mk.
scription, $1; Battle Creek, 1.60 (for America, 50 cents);

Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger- Sundhedsbladet (Danish-Norwe-

many; editors, A. J. Hoenes, P. gian health journal); monthly;
A. De Forest, H. F. Schuberth. twenty-four pages; annual sub-
Unser kleiner Freund (German scription, kr. 2.50; rate for
child's paper); monthly; eight America, 80 cents; Akersgaden
pages; annual subscription, 80 74, Christiania, Norway; edi-
pfg. (for America, 30 cents); tor, J. C. Ottosen.
Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger-
many; editor, A. Plass.
Tidens Tecken (Swedish); semi-
SPANISH PAPERS. monthly; eight pages; annual
subscription, kr, 2; rate for
El Mensajero de la Verdad (Span- America, 40 cents; Kungsgatan
ish); monthly; sixteen pages; 34, Stockholm, Sweden; editor,
annual subscription, 50 centa- E. J. Ahren.
vos (35 cents); 1599 Avenue 22, Sions Vaktare och Sanningens
Tacubaya, D. F., Mexico; edi- Harold (Swedish) ; weekly;
tor, G. . Caviness. twelve pages; annual subscrip-
La Salud (Spanish health jour- tion, $1; College View, Nebr.;
nal) monthly ; twenty-four editor, A. Swedberg; Commit-
pages; annual subscription, 75 tee, Fred Johnson, C. Meleen.
cents Mexican; Apartado 138,
Guadalajara, Mexico; editor, J,
W. Erkenbeck.
El Faro (Spanish) ; monthly; FRENCH PAPERS.
twelve pages; annual subscrip-, Les Signes des Temps et Senti-
tion, 50 cents; River Plate. nelle de la Liberte; monthly;
Conference; Casilla del Corree, annual subscription, 1 fr. 50;
481, Buenos Ayres, Argentine published at 108 rue de Vau-
Republic, South America. girard, Paris, France, and 29 rue
Senales de los Tiempos (Span- de la Synagogue, Geneva, Swit-
ish); monthly; eight pages; $1 zerland; editors, J. Vuilleumier,
a year; published by the Inter- B. G. Wilkinson, J. Curdy.
national Tract Society, Casilla Le Messager de la Prophetie
240, Iquique, Chile, South Amer- (French); semimonthly; eight
ica; editors, H. F. Ketring, E. pages; annual subscription, fr.
W. Thomann. 2; 29 rue de la Synagogue,
Geneva, Switzerland; editors
J. Vuilleumier, B. G. Wilkinson,
Le Vulgarisateur et Messager de
Evangeliets Sendebud (Danish- l'Hygiene (French); monthly;
Norwegian religious journal); sixteen pages; fr. 2.50 (50 ets.);
semimonthly; sixteen pages; Weiherweg 48, Basle, Switzer-
annual subscription, kr. 2.50; land; editor, P. A. De Forest.
rate for America, $1.00; Akers-
gaden 74, Christiania, Norway;
editors, N. Clausen, 0. A. John-
Evangeliets Sendebud og Sand- Zions-Wachter (Holland); month-
hedens Tidende (Danish-Norwe- ly; eight pages; annual sub-
gian); weekly; twelve pages; scription, .75 franco, to foreign
annual subscription, $1; College countries, 1 franco (20 cents);
View, Nebr.; editor, C. A. International Tract Society,
Thorp; Committee, L. Johnson, Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger-
H. R. Johnson. many; editor, L. R. Conradi.

FINNISH PAPER. Conference) ; weekly; eight

Aikain Vartija (Finnish); month- pages; 50 cents a year; Miss
ly; eight pages; annual sub- Jennie Thayer, editor; pub-
lished at South Lancaster,
scription, 50 cents; Jfigaregatan
2, Helsingfors, Finland; edi- Mass.
torial committee, K. Sandelin,
Canadian Union Messenger (offi-
cial organ of the Canadian
J. Hoffman, Ad. Boettcher.
Union Conference); semimonth-
ly; 35 cents; 4230 St. Catherine
JAPANESE PAPER. St., Montreal, Quebec; S. D.
Hartwell, editor.
Owari No Fukuin (Japanese); The Southern Watchman (official
monthly; eight pages seven organ of the Southern Union
Japanese, one English; annual Conference ) ; weekly; sixteen
subscription, 25 cents; No. '30 pages; $1.00; The Southern
Oiwaki-cho, Hongo Ku, Tokio, Publishing Association, 1025-27
Japan; editor, T. H. Okohira. Jefferson St., Nashville, Tenn.;
editor, Geo. I. Butler; associate
editors, J. E. White, Eliza J.
0 Arauto da Verdade '(Portu- The Central Advance (official or-
guese); monthly; sixteen gan of the Central Union Con-
pages; annual subscription, 65 ference) ; biweekly; twelve
cents; in clubs of 5 or more pages; fifty cents a year; Col-
copies, 50 cents each; Caixa do lege View, Nebr.; editor, W. A.
Correio 768, Rio de Janeiro, Colcord; editorial committee, E.
Brazil, South America. T. Russell, L. A. Hoopes, W. A.
ICELANDIC PAPER. The Southwestern Union Record
(official organ of the South-
Fraekorn (Icelandic); semimonth- western Union Conference);
ly; eight pages; annual sub- eight pages; weekly; fifty cents
scription, 60 cents; Seydisfjord, a year; C. N. Woodward, edi-
Iceland; editor, David Ostlund. tor; N. P. Nelson, associate edi-
tor; published at Keene, Tex.
Pacific Union Recorder (official
FIJIAN PAPER. organ of the Pacific Union Con-
Rarama (Fijian) ; quarterly; ference); biweekly; sixteen
Suva Von, Fiji, Pacific Ocean; pages; fifty cents a year; edi-
editor, C. H. Parker. torial committee, J. J. Ireland,
M. H. Brown, Edith 0 King;
published at 1059 Castro St.,
The Christian Record (a paper Union Conference Record (official
printed for the blind, printed organ of the Australasian
in Improved Braille and in New Union Conference); semimonth-
York point); monthly; twenty ly; eight pages; annual sub-
pages; subscription, $2 per scription, 2s 6d; in countries
year; published by the General outside of Australia, and in the
Conference at 271 West Main Postal Union, 75 cents; pub-
St., Battle Creek, Mich.; editor, lished by the Australasian
L. N. Muck. Union Conference, 56 George
St., West, Sydney, N. S. W.,
Australia; editor, Mrs. J. Hind-
Atlantic. Union Gleaner (official Zions-Wachter (organ of the Ger-
organ of the Atlantic Union man Union Conference);

semimonthly; sixteen pages; Medical Missionary and Benev-

annual subscription, 40 cents; olent Association, Boulder,
International Tract Society, Colo.; editor, F. M. Wilcox.
Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger- India: Eastern Tidings; monthly;
many. four pages; annual subscription
The Missionary Worker (official Re. 1; published by the Inter-
organ of the British Union Con- national Tract Society, 39-1
ference); monthly; eight pages; Free School St., Calcutta, India.
Is per year; postpaid, is 6d; In- Indiana: The Indiana Reporter;
ternational Tract Society, Ltd., semimonthly; four pages; 25
451 Holloway Road, London, N., cents; Indiana Tract Society,
England. 626 East Eleventh St., Indian-
South African Missionary; apolis, Ind.; editor, W. C. Mc-
monthly; eight pages; annual Cuaig.
subscription, 60 cents; to coun- Iowa: The Workers' Bulletin;
tries outside of South Africa weekly; four pages; 25 cents;
and in the Postal Union, 75 Iowa Tract Society, 603 East
cents; editor, 0. 0. Fortner; Twelfth St., Des Moines, Iowa;
28a Roeland St., Cape Town, editor, Wm. E. Perrin.
South Africa. Kansas: The Kansas Worker;
semimonthly; four pages; 25
CONFERENCE OR LOCAL cents; Kansas Tract Society,
821 West Fifth St., Topeka;
PAPERS. Kans.; editor, C. F. Parmele.
Argentina: La Carta Mensual; Manitoba: Manitoba Worker;
and Der Monatliche Brief monthly; four pages; 25 cents;
(Spanish and German editions Manitoba Tract Society, 438
of same paper) ; monthly; four Selkirk Ave., Winnipeg, Mani-
pages; River Plate Conference, toba; editor, Mrs. Jessie L.
Casilla del Correo 481, Buenos Adams.
Ayres, Argentine Republic, Mexico: The Mexican Field;
South America. monthly; four pages; published
Australia: Children's Friend (a by the Mexican S. D. A. Mis-
child's paper); illustrated sion, 1599 Avenue 22, Tacu-
weekly; eight pages; editor, baya, D. F.
Mrs. E. W. Farnsworth; 14 Michigan: The Haskell Home Ap-
Best St., North Fitzroy, Vic- peal (published in the interests
toria, Australia. of Haskell Memorial Home);
Brazil: The Mission Arbeiter; quarterly; four pages; 25 cts.;
eight pages; monthly; pub- International Medical Mission-
lished by the Brazil Conference, ary and Benevolent Association,
Caixa do Correio 768, Rio de Battle Creek, Mich.; editor,
Janeiro, Brazil, South America; Mrs. E. H. Whitney.
editors, F. W. Spies and J. Minnesota: The Minnesota Work-
Lipke. er; weekly; four _ pages; 35
Colorado: Echoes from the Field; cents; Minnesota Tract Society,
semimonthly; four pages; an- Box 989, Minneapolis, Minn.;
nual subscription, 25 cents; editorial committee, C. M. Ev-
Colorado Tract Society, 1112 erest, P. E. Sanford.
South Eleventh St., Denver, Missouri: The Workers' Record;
Colo.; editor, Mrs. Bertie L. semimonthly; four pages; 25
Herrell. cents; Missouri Tract Society,
The Helping Hand (devoted to 1814 East Fourteenth St., Kan-
the interests of the Colorado sas City, Mo.; editor, Jas. Coch-
Sanitarium; quarterly; eight ran.
pages; annual subscription, 25 Montana: The Montana Bivouac;
cents; published by Colorado monthly; four pages; 25 cents;

Missionary Dept. of Montana pages; 25 cents; Stewardson,

Conference, 108 Grand St., Hel- Ill.; editor, Pearl L. Rees.
ena, Mont.; editor, A. E. Ever- Sweden: Missionaren; semi-
ett. monthly; eight pages; kr. 1 (50
New York: The Indicator week- cts. for America); Scandinavian
ly; four pages; 25 cents;' New Publishing Association, Kungs-
York Tract Society, 317 West gatan 34, Stockholm, Sweden;
Bloomfield St., Rome, N. Y.; editor, E. J. Ahren.
editor, T. E. Bowen. Upper Columbia: The Reaper;
Northern Illinois: The Illinois semimonthly; four pages; 25
Recorder; weekly; four pages; cents; Upper Columbia Tract
25 cents; Illinois Conference, Society, College Place, Wash.;
Room 670, Monon Bldg., Chi- editor, E. E. Smith.
cago, Ill.; editor, Thaddeus The Workers' Educator (published
Legg. in the interests of Walla Walla
North Dakota Gleaner (published College); monthly; eight pages;
in German and English); 25 cents; Walla Walla College,
monthly; four pages; 25 cents; College Place, Wash.
North Dakota Tract Society, West Australia: The Messenger;
Box 285, Fargo, N. Dak.; edi- monthly; 20 cents; West Aus-
tors, Hattie E. Ohm, Mrs. Alice tralian Conference, 201 New-
H. Robinson. castle St., Perth, West Aus-
Ohio: The Welcome Visitor; four tralia, Australia; editor, Jesse
pages; weekly; 25 cents; Ohio Pallant.
Conference, Academia, Ohio; West Michigan: The West Mich-
editor, N. W. Lawrence. igan Herald; weekly; four
Porto Rico: El Centinela de la pages; 25 cents; Otsego, Mich.
Verdad (Spanish); s ix t e en (also contains reports from
pages; monthly; 25 cents; pub- North Michigan Conference).
lished at 120 Calle Mendez Vigo, West Coast Mission: Revista Ad-
Mayaguez, Porto Rico, West In- ventista (Spanish); monthly;
dies; editor, B. E. Connerly. eight pages; Casilla 240, Iqui-
South Dakota: South Dakota que, Chile, South America.
Worker; weekly; four pages; Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Re-
annual subscription, 40 cents; porter; weekly; four pages; 25
Intermediate School, Elk Point, cents; Wisconsin Tract Society,
S. Dak.; editor, Mrs. L. V. 203 High St., Oshkosh; editor,
Beach. N. P. Neilsen.
Southern Illinois: Southern Illi-
nois Herald; biweekly; four Total number of papers 86

How long, 0 Lord our Saviour,

Wilt thou remain away?
Our hearts are growing weary
Of thy so long delay.
O when shall come the moment,
When, brighter far than morn,
The sunshine of thy glory
Shall on thy people dawn?
Established 1867.
Room 203, Parrott Bldg., 825 Mar-
Board of Directors: Pres., J. H. ket St., San Francisco, Cal.
Kellogg; Vice-pres., C. E. Stew-
art; Sec., Elmer L. Eggleston; Incorporated 1902.
Treas., G. H. Murphy; other Directors: Pres., W. R. Simmons,
members, A. R. Henry, L. Mc- M. D.; Sec. and Treas., E. E.
Coy, D. Paulson, Geo. Thoma- Parlin; T. J. Evans, M. D.; A.
son, A. T. Jones, W. H. Riley. N. Loper, M. D.; Silas Yarnell,
M. D.; A. Q. Shryock, M. D.;
Faculty: Supt., J. H. Kellogg, M. W. T. Knox, A. Boeker.
D.; Accountant and Steward, M.
W. Wentworth; Gen. Matron,
Abbie E. Aldrich; Chaplain, L.
McCoy; Receiving Physician, J. AND INSTITUTIONS.
F. Morse; Medical Clerk, R. H.
Harris; Medical Matron, Eliza- CALIFORNIA MEDICAL MIS-
beth M. Harris; Physicians in SIONARY AND BENEVOLENT
Charge: J. H. Kellogg, J. F. ASSOCIATION.
Morse, W. H. Riley, C. E. Stew-
Incorporated August 2, 1898.
art, Geo. Thomason, J. F. Bying-
ton, Frank J. Otis, Elmer F. Directors: Pres., T. J. Evans, M.
Otis, E. L. Eggleston, R. H. Har- D.; Sec., E. E. Parlin; Treas.,
ris, Lillian B. Eshelman, Eliza- G. H. Heald, M. D.; R. A. Bu-
chanan, M. D.; W. T. Knox; L.
beth M. Harris, S. Etta Kerby, M. Bowen, W. C. White, W. S.
Carrie E. Staines, Jean A. Ver- -Sadler, A. Boeker.
nier, Julia A. White, Mary F.
28 Thirty-third Place, Chicago, Ill. Sanitarium, Napa County, Cal.
Faculty: Med. Supt., David Paul- Committee of Counsel: L. M.
son, M. D.; M. A. Mortensen, Bowen, T. J. Evans, C. L. Tay-
M. D.; N. G. Evans, M. D.; Ma- lor, Mrs. J. L. Jugs, H. E. Ross.
tron, Mrs. E. B. VanDorn; Officers: Superintendent, T. J.
Treas., N. W. Paulson; Chaplain Evans, M. D.; Manager, L. M.
and Supt. of Life Boat Mission, Bowen; Matron, Mrs. J. L.
E. B. VanDorn; Matron Life Ings Steward, H. E. Ross;
Boat Rest, Fannie Emmel; Dis- Chaplain,
' C. L. Taylor.
pensatory Physicians, J. Edgar Medical Faculty: T. J. Evans, M.
Colloran, M. D., and Mary I. D.; Geo. H. Heald, M. D.; Mar-
Goodison, M. D. garet Evans, M. D.

SAN FRANCISCO BRANCH Food Store, 46 San Pablo Ave.,

SANITARIUM. Oakland, Cal.
1436 Market St., San Francisco, Food Store, 72-74 Santa Clara
St., San Jose, Cal.
Cal. Food Store, 2113-2115 Fresno St.,
Officers: Superintendent, R. A. Fresno, Cal.
Buchanan, M. D.; W. S. Sadler, Food Store, 63 East First South
If. E. Brighouse, E. G. Fulton, St., Salt Lake City, Utah.
E. E. Parlin. Food Store, 124 West Center St.,
Provo, Utah.
971 Howard St., San Francisco,
719-2 K St., Sacramento, Cal.
Cor. Third and J Sts., Eureka, Cal. Board of Directors: Pres., W. R.
Superintendent: C. F. Dail, M. D. Simmons, West Ave., Mt. Tabor,
Oregon; Sec., R. Rose, West Ave.,
Mt. Tabor, Oregon; Elder H. W.
SAN FRANCISCO HYDRIATIC Decker, West Ave., Mt. Tabor,
DISPENSARY. Oregon; G. E. Tyszkiewiez, St.
Helena, Oregon; Elder F. M.
916 Laguna St., San Francisco, Burg, 201 Second St., Portland,
Cal. Oregon.
Committee of Management: Elder
W. S. Sadler, President, 2315 PORTLAND SANITARIUM.
Jackson St.; R. A. Buchanan, Established 1896.
M. D., Viee-pres.; E. E. Parlin,
See.; H. E. Brighouse, M. D., West Ave., Mt. Tabor, Oregon.
Treas.; Elder A. S. Kellogg, Portland Sanitarium and Benevo-
F. T. Lamb, M. D., A. J. San- lent Association: Pres., W. R.
derson, M. D., E. E. Otterbeck. Simmons, M. D.; Sec., R. Rose;
Treas. and Chaplain, Elder H.
W. Decker.
SANITARIUM FOOD COMPANY. Board of Managers: W. R. Sim-
Sanitarium, Cal. mons, R. Rose, G. E. Tyszkie-
wicz, H. W. Decker, F. M. Burg
Incorporated Aug. 1, 1902. Medical Faculty: W. R. Simmons,
Directors: Pres., A. Boeker; Sec., M. D.; W. B. Holden, M. D.;
E. E. Parlin; Treas., F. A. H. W. Schwartz, M. D.; Jean
Bowen; T. J. Evans, W. C. Whitney, M. D.
White, E. G. Fulton, Z. Thorp, Training-school Faculty: W. R.
H. H. Haynes. Simmons, W. H. Holden, H. W.
Schwartz, Jean H. Whitney,
Mrs. W. R. Simmons, Mrs. Ella
INSTITUTIONS. Moore, Mrs. H. W. Schwartz.
Food Factory, Sanitarium, Cal.
Vegetarian Caf, 755 Market St., PORTLAND SANITARIUM
San Francisco, CM.
Vegetarian Caf, 44 San Pablo FOOD COMPANY.
Ave., Oakland, Cal. Pres., J. J. Knapp, 405 East Burn-
Food Store, 1482 Market St., San side St., Portland, Oregon; Sec.,
Francisco, Cal. R. Rose.

Board of Managers: J. J. Knapp, Cal.), Abbie Winegar-Simpson,

R. Rose, W. R. Simmons, L. I. M. D.
MISSIONARY AND BENEVO- 315-319 West Third St., Los
Office: 338 Columbia St., Van-
couver, B. C.
Board of Trustees: J. L. Wilson, THE LOS ANGELES SANITA-
Win. Manson, S. A. Wilband, RIUM FOOD CO.
J. J. Dougan, J. F. Wilson.
Officers: Pres., J. L. Wilson; Sec 317 West Third St., Los Angeles,
and Treas., J. J. Dougan. Cal.
338 Columbia St., Vancouver,
Established 1903.
B. C.
Controlled by Arizona Medical
Missionary and Benevolent As-
ROOMS. Board of Trustees: A. J. Howard,
Victoria, B. C. 525 Central Ave., Phoenix,
Ariz.; W. R. Simmons; Pauline
LOS ANGELES MEDICAL MIS- Laurin, 647 South Seventh Ave.,
Phoenix, Ariz.; Lillie Masters,
SIONARY AND BENEVO- Buena Park, Cal.; E. C. Bond,
LENT ASSOCIATION. M. D., 525 Central Ave., Phoe-
Officers: Pres., Clarence Santee nix, Ariz.
W. M. Healey, G. B. Hemphill,' Officers: Pres., A. J. Howard;
A. N. Loper, J. H. Cummins, Sec. and Treas., Mrs. M. T.
William Yarnell, Frank Bell; Poston; Superintendent, E. C.
Medical Supt., A. N. Loper, Bond, M. D.; Matron, Mrs. E.
M. D., 191/2 West Colorado St., R. Palmer.
Pasadena, Cal.; Business Man-
ager, W. M. Healey, 317 West
Third St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Spokane, Wash.
PRISES. Established 1899.
PASADENA SANITARIUM. Corporate Name: " The Upper
Arcade Block, Pasadena, Cal. Columbia Medical Missionary
Medical Faculty: A. N. Loper, M. and Benevolent Association."
D.; Abbie Winegar-Simpson, M. Board of Trustees: A. J. Breed,
D., 317 West Third St., Los An- Chairman; S. A. Anderson,
geles, Cal. Sec. and Treas.; J. W. Posey;
Silas Yarnell, M. D.; W. R.
Simmons, M. D.; W. H. Saxby,
LOS ANGELES SANITARIUM. Greenville Holbrook.
317 West Third St., Los Angeles, Officers: Supt., Silas Yarnell, M.
Cal. D; Treas., S. A. Anderson.
Medical Faculty: A. N. Loper, M. Medical Faculty: Silas Yarnell,
D. (Arcade Block, Pasadena, M. D.; Effie A. Brown, M. D.


ROOMS. 1016 Elk St., Whatcom, Wash.
College Place, Wash. Established 1903.
Superintendent: I. M. Dunlap, Medical Superintendent: Alfred
M. D. Shryock, M. D.
Manager: J. S. Emmerson.
Sefton Block, San Diego, Cal. 616 Third Ave., Seattle, Wash.
Manager: S. J. Lashier.
Superintendent: '1'. S. Whitelock,
M. D.
BENEVOLENT ASSOCIA- Trustees: H. F. Rand, F. M. Wil-
TION. cox, Kate Lindsay, J. E. Cooper,
612 Third Ave., Seattle, Wash. J. H. Kellogg, E. T. Russell, H.
L. Hoover.
Board of Directors: Pres., Alfred Officers: Medical Superintendent,
Shryock, 612 Third Ave., Se- H. F. Rand; Sec. and Treas., F.
attle, Wash.; Sec., W. W. Sharp, M. Wilcox; Steward, N. C.
Whatcom, Wash.; T. J. Allen, Johnson; Matron, Miss Emily
1016 Tacoma Ave., Tacoma, Stevens; Manager of Denver
Wash.; W. R. Simmons, Mt. Branch, J. G. Weller.
Tabor, Oregon; E. L. Stewart; Executive Committee: Members
O. A. Peterson; J. R. Clark, of the Board of Trustees who
Treas.; S. J. Lashier, 616 Third may be present, and C. L. Bur-
Ave., Seattle, Wash. lingame, N. C. Johnson, Miss
Emily Stevens, Helen N. Rice,
Wm. Mickleson, Ida S. Herr, J.
DEPARTMENTAL ENTER- :2 G. Weller, Andrew Bernsen, R
PRISES. R. Cook.
Medical Faculty: H. F. Rand, M.
1016 Tacoma Ave., Tacoma, Wash. Cooper, M. D.; Kate Lindsay,
M.. D.
Established 1901.
Medical Superintendent: T. J. Al-
len, M. O.; Matron, Mrs. T. J. IOWA SANITARIUM.
Allen. 603 East Twelfth St., Des Moines,
SEATTLE SANITARIUM. Established 1899.
612 Third Ave., Seattle, Wash. hoard of Trustees: Pres., C. H.
Parsons; Sec., Emma Perrine;
Established 1901. J. W. Dorcas, L. F. Starr, N. C.
Bergersen; J. H. Kellogg, J. D.
Superintendent: A. Q. Shryock; Shively.
M. D.; niatron, Stella L. Shry- Faculty: Supt., J. E. Colloran,
ock. M. D.; B. E. Fullmer, M. D.;
Medical Faculty: Alfred Shryock, Business Manager, J. W. Dor-
S. I. Sadler. cas.

NEBRASKA SANITARIUM. Faculty: M. M. Martinson, M. D.;

Stella C. Martinson, M. D.; J.
College View, Nebr. E. Tenney; Elsie M. Martinson,
Board of Managers: WI. A. George, M. D.; Mrs. A. F. Harrison,
D. It. Callahan, L. A. Hoopes, Mettle S. Lenker, Miss Ida Sim-
M. W. Newton, Bert Glasscock. mons, Matron; Smith Sharp,
Officers: Pres., WI. A. (4.orge; Treas. and Bus. Mgr.; J. D.
Sec., Miss Josephine Nelson; Caldwell, Sec.
Treas. and Business Manager,
D. R. Callahan; Chaplain, D.
Medical Faculty: Med. Supt., W. Keene, Tex.
A. George, M. D.; Medical and
Surgical Counselor, J. H. Kel- Advisory Board: N. P. Nelson, A.V.
logg, M. D.; Lyra Hunt George, M. Cubley, A. S. McCully, B. F.
M. D. Woods, P. F. Haskell, A. C.
Jones, C. W. Miller.
Superintendent: P. F. Haskell,
Melrose, Mass.
i8og Wallace St., Philadel-
Board of Trustees: .A. E. Place
(Pres.), W. M. Lee (Sec. and phia, Pa.
Treas.), C. C. Nicola, H. W. Officers: Supt., A. .1. Read, M. D.;
Cottrell, W. L. Payne, D. M. Asso. Physician, J. C. Brad-
II. B. Tucker, .1. H. Kel- ford, M. D.; 'Matron, Mrs. A. J.
logg. Read; Business Manager, M. 0.
Officers: Superintendent, C. C. Bradford; ( haplain, Ellery
Nicola.; Chaplain, Lee S. Wheel- Robinson; Matron Culinary
er; Treas., W. M. Lee; Steward, Dept., Mrs. Ellery Robinson.
C. P. Frye.
Medical Faculty: C. C. Nicola, M.
D.; Mary B. Nicola, M. D.; Miss MADISON SANITARIUM.
Lucinda Marsh, M. D.; Clarence R. F. D. No. 4, Madison, Wis.
F. Ball, M. D.; J. H. Kellogg,
Consulting Physician. Faculty: Supt., C. P. Farnsworth,
M. ll.; Asst. Supt., Mrs. Anna
Farnsworth, M. D.; Bus. Mgr.,
SOUTHERN SANITARIUM. .1. H. Brainhall; Matron, Mrs.
Martha Garthoffner.
Graysville, Tenn.
Board of Directors: M. M. Mar- DETROIT SANITARIUM.
tinson, Supt.; Stella C. Martin-
son, Assistant; Smith Sharp, 54 Farrar St., Detroit, Mich.
Treas. and Bus. Mgr.; .1. D. Established 1899.
Caldwell, Sec.; R. M. Kilgore,
S. M. Jacobs, S. I. Greer, A. F. Officers: Supt., II. B. Farnsworth,
Harrison, J. W. Franklin. M. D.; Manager, H. H. Todd;
Cashier, Birdie Rogers; Matron,
Southern Sanitarium Training- Mrs. Haynes.
school for Nurses.
Board of Directors: Smith Sharp, JACKSON SANITARIUM.
R. M. Kilgore, S. M. Jacobs, S.
I. Greer, M. M. Martinson, M. fo6 First St., Jackson, Mich.
D., J. W. Franklin, A. F. Har- Officers: Supt., A. J. Harris;
rison. Matron, Mrs. A. J. Harris.


922 Niagara St., Buffalo, N. Y. Fifty-fifth St. and Cabanne Ave.,
Superintendent: A. R. Satterlee, St. Louis, Mo.
M. D. Superintendent: Howard Truex,
M. D.
1213 Fifteenth St., Moline, Ill.
Knowlton, Quebec.
Physicians: S. P. S. Edwards,
M. D., Maria L. Edwards, M. D. Board of Management: H. E.
Rickard, S. A. Farnsworth, Geo.
A. Cushing, Harvey McClary.
Medical Superintendent: W. H.
203 Third Ave., Peoria, Ill. White, M. D.
Superintendents: .1. E. Frown, M. Nurses: Ceo. Litchfield, Mrs. Geo.
D.; R. B. Craig. Litchfield.
Matron: Mrs. W. H. White.
1623 Broadway, Little Rock, Ark.
Directors: Mrs. Etta Green, AV. C.
Green. 282 Duckworth St., St. Johns,
NASHVILLE SANITARIUM AS- Medical Superintendent: A. E.
Lemon, M. D.; Mrs. Carrie
SOCIATION. Lemon, M. 1)., Associate.
Nashville, Tenn.
Board of Directors: Pres., J. E.
White; Sec. and Treas., B. W. CATERHAM SANITARIUM.
Spire. Caterham, Surrey, England.
(Sanitarium work is carried on in
two places in Nashville. Work Established 1903.
for the white people is con- Board of Managers: W. C. Sisley,
ducted at 624 Church St., L. A. A. B. Olsen, H. R. Salisbury.
Hansen, manager; that for the Officers: Chairman, W. C. Sisley;
colored, at the Nashville Col- See. and Treas., A. B. Olsen.
ored Sanitarium, 447 North Medical Superintendent: A. B. Ol-
Cherry St., Lottie C. Isbell, M. sen, M. D.; Associate Physi-
D., in charge. cians, Mrs. A. B. Olsen, M. D.,
Mrs. Eulalia S. Richards, M. D.


- Hildebran, N. C. 8o Regent St., Leicester, England.
Board of Directors: J. 0. Johns- Established. 1003.
ton (Pres.), M. H. Johnston Board of Managers: E. E. An-
(Sec. and Treas.), B. A. Rogers, dross, G. M. Harris, A. B. Olsen.
D. T. Shireman, C. D. Wolf, R. Officers: Chairman, A. B. Olsen;
T. Nash. See. and Treas., G. M. Harris.
Medical Superintendent: A. Carey, Medical Superintendent: A. B.
M. D. Olsen, M. D.

BELFAST SANITARIUM. Treas., John Lorntz: other

members, H. J. _Hansen, C. B.
39 Antrim Road, Belfast, Ireland. Jensen, Johanne Christensen.
Established 1902.
Board of Managers: .1. .1. Bell, SKODSBORG SANATORIUM.
Win. Hutchinson, S. Joyce, A.
E. J. McCreary, J. MeAyoy. (Scandinavian Philanthropic So-
Officers: Chairman, Dr. J. J. Bell. ciety.)
Medical Superintendent: 1)r. J. J.
Bell; Matron, Miss Isabella Skodsborg, Denmark.
Bell. Office: S Kongensgade 36, Copen-
FRIEDENSAU SANITARIUM. Officers: Director, J. C. Ottosen,
M. D.; Bus. Mgr. and Treas.,
Friedensau, Post Grabow, Bez. C. C. Hansen; Matron, Afartha
Magdeburg, Germany. Anderson; Inspector, R. J. Aa-
" Deutscher Verein fur Gesund- Medical Faculty: J. C. Ottosen,
heitspflege." Legal organization M. D.; C. C. Diget, M. D.
for holding the Friedensau
Trustees: L. R. Conradi, A. J.
Hoenes, Otto Luepke, Aug. FRYDENSTRANDS SANITA-
Doerner, H. F. Schuberth, W. RIUM.
Krumin, H. Hartkop.
Officers: Pres., L. R. Conradi; Frederikshavn, Denmark.
Vice-pres., W. Krumni; See., 0. Officers: Director, N. P. Nelson,
Luepke. M. D.; General Manager, C. C.
Medical Superintendent: A. J. Hansen.
Hoenes, M. D.; Matron. Mrs. M.
A. Creeper; Treas., N. Schlat-
terer; Business 1Mana,,er, W. CHRISTIANIA HEALTH HOME.
Nurse: Charlotte Creeper. Thor Olsens Gade i, Christiania,
INSTITUT SANITAIRE. Superintendent: 0. J. Olsen.
Wciherweg 48, Basle, Switzerland.
Trustees: L. R. Conradi, P. A. De OREBRO HEALTH HOME.
Forest, Erzenberger. W.
Klostergaten 33, Orebro, Sweden.
Kury, A. Jacquart, P. Sehild, P.
Roth, .1. Robert, J. Curdy, J. P. Superintendent: C. Kahl s trom.
Managing Board: L. R. Conradi,
P. A. De Forest, J. Robert, W.
Kury, .1. T. Boettcher, B. G. CAPE SANITARIUM.
Wilkinson, L. P. Tieche. Plumstead, Cape Colony, South
Medical Superintendent: P. A. De
Forest, M. D.
Trustees and Board of Managers:
Executive Committee of the
Officers: Superintendent, Miss
SOCIETY. Amelia Webster; Manager, I.
Officers: Pres., 0. A. Johnson; R. Armer; Matron, Mrs. I. R.
Vice-pres., 0. J. Olsen; Sec. and Armer.


Wahroonga, N. S. W., Australia. Guadalajara, Mexico.
Established 1902. Established 1890.
Board: J. A. Burden, D. H. Kress, Board of Managers: J. H. Kellogg,
G. A. Irwin, E. W. Farnsworth, W. J. Erkenbeck, G. M. Brown,
S. M. Cobb, J. Hindson, M. J. W. Erkenbeck, J. A. Leland,
Hare. \V. B. Tovey.
Officers: Pres. and Treas., J. W.
Erkenbeck, M. D.
AVONDALE HEALTH RE- Physicians: J. W. Erkenbeck, M.
TREAT. D.; W. J. Erkenbeck, M. D.;
Mrs. Maude Edgerton-Erken-
Cooranbong, N. S. W. Australia. beck, M. D.
Board: C. W. Irwin, D. H. Kress,
Mrs. L. Kress, M. Hare, 11. E.
Minchin, J. H. W. Geiss, M. D. CALCUTTA SANITARIUM.
Rogers. 51 Park St., Calcutta, India.
Medical Superintendent: R. S. In-
CHRISTCHURCH SANITARIUM. gersoll, M. D.; Olive P. Inger-
soll, M. D.
Papanui, Christchurch, New
Board: W. L. H. Baker; Presiding
Physician; W. J. Smith, S. H. 42 Yamamoto-dori, Nichome,
Amyes, W. H. Covell. KObe, Japan.
Established 1903.
Superintendent: S. A. Lockwood,
228 Clarence St., Sydney, N. S. WASHINGTON SANITARIUM .
W., Australia.
Board: G. A. Irwin, J. A. Burden, ( In process of erection.)
D. H. Kress, F. L. Sharp, P. B. Incorporated 1904.
Corporate Name: Washington (D.
C.) Sanitarium Association.
SAMOA SANITARIUM. Address: 222 North Capitol St.,
Apia, Samoa. Washington, D. C.
Board of Trustees: A. G. Daniells,
Superintendent: A. M. Vollmer, W. C. White, G. A. Hare, M. D.,
M. D.; Mrs. Maude Otis -Voll- A. P. Needham, J. R. Scott, J.
mer, M. D. N. Nelson, J. H. Neall, M. D.

Burlington, Vt.: 308 Main St., H. Jerusalem, Palestine: J. If. Krum
F. Litchfield in charge. in charge.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa: 214 Granby Kimberley, South Africa: 7 Cheap-
Block, R. L. Mantz in charge. side; J. V. -Willson, manager.
Cleveland, Ohio: 230 Euclid Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.: 164 Wisconsin
F. A. Stahl in charge. St., C. A. Johnson and R. T.
Colorado Springs, Colo.: 320 Tejon Dowsett, managers.
St., F. W. Patterson in charge. Minneapolis, Minn.: Cor, Frank-
lin and Bloomington Ayes., Miss
Columbus, Ohio: 112 East Broad Olina Sherman in charge.
St., U. E. Whiteis in charge. Mt. Vernon, Ohio: South Main St.,
Council Bluffs, Iowa: 123 Knepper Secor in charge.
St., Miss A. A. Zipf, M. D., in Newark, Ohio: 103 East Main St.,
charge. C. E. Robishaw in charge.
Denver, Colo.: 1543 (lenartn St., Rockampton, Queensland, Austra-
J. G. Weller in charge. lia: A. A. Robie in charge.
Findlay, Ohio: 123 Sandusky St., South Haven, Mich.: 110 Quaker
Ralph Mackin in charge. St., P. S. Staines in charge.
Ft. Wayne, Ind.: 136 Washington Toledo, Ohio: 236 Michigan St.,
Blvd., G. W. Mann in charge. L. M. McAbee in charge.
Guadalajara, Mexico: W. J. Er- Waterloo, Iowa: 621 Commercial
kenbeck, M. D., in charge. St., .1. L. Monning in charge.
Jaffa, Palestine: F. Homer, West Superior, Wis.: 1714 Winter
Deutsche Post, in charge. St., R. A. Lovell in charge.


283 Pitt St., Sydney, N. S. W., J. Vegetarian Caf6, 3221/ North Te-
Hindson, manager. jon St., Colorado Springs, Colo.,
54 Farrar St., Detroit, Mich., H. F. W. Patterson, manager.
IL Todd, manager. The Hygeia, Washington Ave.,
755 Market St., San Francisco, Battle Creek, Mich., Ernest
Cal., E. 0. Fulton, manager. Vince, manager.
44 San Pablo Ave., Oakland, Cal. Hygienic Caf, 1017 Walnut St.,
317 West Third St., Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Pa.
Cal., C. F. Marvin, manager. Spokane, Wash., 170 South How-
607 Locust St., Des Moines, Iowa, ard St.
Hoyt & Emmons, managers.
Hygeia Dining Rooms, 58th St. Good Health Restaurant, 616
and Drexel Ave., Chicago, Third St., Seattle, Wash.
J. C. Mussulman, manager. Hygienic Restaurant, Sheridan,
145 South Thirteenth St., Lin- Wyo., J. R. Ferren, manager.
coln, Nebr., H. A. Hehard, man- Hygienic Caf, 164 Wisconsin St.,
ager. Milwaukee, Wis.
Lovstrode 8, Copenhagen, K., Den- Hygienic Caf, 426 State St.,
mark, C. C. Hansen, manager. Madison, Wis.
Vegetarian Caf, 1543 Glenarm Pure Food Caf, 410 East Twelfth
St., Denver, Colo., J. 0. Weller, St., Kansas City, Mo., A. B.
manager. Shrake, manager.

North Michigan Tract Society, health Restaurant, 391 Sixth

Petoskey, Mich. Ave., New York City, Carl Ras-
Nashville, Tenn., Cor. Church and inte,:,,en, manager.
Vine. Sts., L. A. Hansen, man- Hygienic Dining Rooms, 1209 G
Jamestown, N. Y., 105 East Third St., N. W., Washington, D. C.
St., J. B. Stow, manager. Restaurant, 307 Madison St.,
The Laurel, 11 West Eighteenth Fa irmon t, W. Va., Ellen V.
St., New York City. Vallee, manager.

JAMES WHITE MEMORIAL Kellogg, Mrs. M. M. Morse,
HOME. Mrs. Jesse Arthur, Mrs. A. G.
Daniells, Mrs. S. II. Lane; See.,
31 Aldrich St., Battle Creek, Mich. Lena .1. Steinel; Steward, L. A.
Established 1893. Curtis.
(Trustees and Board of Managers
same as for the Haskell Me-
Matron: Mrs. A. E. Baker-Smith. MISSIONARY AND BENEVO-
HASKELL MEMORIAL HOME. 28a Roeland St., Cape Town,
Hubbard St., Battle Creek, Mich. South Africa.
Established 1894. Board of Trustees: E. A. Ingle,
Board of Trustees: J. H. Kellogg 1). F. Tarr, J. H. Commin, F.
(Pres.), L. McCoy (See.), C. M.. Visser, G. W. Shone, A. H. Ma-
Christiansen (Treas.), H. F. son.
Rand, J. S. Comins. Officers of the Board: Chairman,
Board of Lady Managers: Pres., E. A. Ingle; Sec. and Treas.,
Mrs. E. H. -Whitney; Mrs. E. E. O. 0. Fortner.


Alabama: Montgomery, Charity Life Boat Rest for Girls, 425
Mission, T. B. Buckner, Supt. South Clark St., Miss Fannie
Australia: Melbourne, Helping Emmel, Matron; Swedish Med-
Hand Mission for Men, Latrobe ical Mission, 209 Oak St.
St., Business Manager, J. C. Nebraska: Lincoln City Mission,
Diverall. 235 South Ninth St., Lincoln,
Illinois: Chicago, Workingmen's Robert Ryan, Manager.
Home, 1339 State St.; Life Boat New Zealand: Napier, Bethany
Mission, 436 State St., E. B. Home for Prisoners; Matron,
Van Dorn, Supt.; Medical Mis- Miss A. Parr.
sion, 2-4 Thirty-third Place; Sweden: Gothenburg, Bethesda
Medical Missionary Dispensary, Mission, Medre Fogelberg s-
3558 Halsted St.; Health Food gatan 6; Matron, Miss Anna
Store, 3114 Cottage Grove Ave.; Hallberg.

Of Some of the Principal Offices of the Denomination.
General Conference or General Christiania Publishing House or
Conference Association, 2 2 2 the Norwegian Conference, Ak-
North Capitol St., Washington, ersgaden 74, Christiania, Nor-
D. C.: Adventist, Washington, way: Sundhedsbladet, Ekspedi-
D. C. tion, Christiania.
A B C and Western Union Tele- The Sanitarium, Battle Creek,
graphic Codes used. Mich.: Health, Battle Creek,
South African Conference, 28a Mich.
Roeland St., Cape Town, South
Africa: Adventist, Cape Town.
Hamburg Publishing House or the
German Union Conference,
Echo Publishing Company, 16 Best Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger-
St., North Fitzroy, Melbourne,
many: Conradi, Grindelberg,
Australia: Echo, Melbourne.
New Zealand Conference, " Beulah
Hall," 37 Taranaki St., Welling- Basle Publishing House and the
ton, New Zealand: Mastery, Institut Sanitaire, Weiherweg
Wellington. 48, Basle, Switzerland: Poly -
Australasian Union Conference, glotte, Basle.
56 George St., West, Sydney, Jamaica Conference, 32 Text Lane,
N. S. W., Australia: Union, Kingston, Jamaica, West In-
Sydney. dies: Adventist, Kingston, Ja-
Review and Herald Publishing maica.
Assn. 222 North Capitol St., India Mission, 39-1 Free School
Washington, D. C.: Review, St., Calcutta; India: Adventist,
Washington, D. C. Calcutta, India.
Pacific Press Publishing Company,
1059 Castro St., Oakland, Cal.: Denmark Conference: Margret-
Uprising, Oakland, Cal. hevej 5, Copenhagen, V., Den-
London Publishing House, the mark: Expedit, Copenhagen.
British Union Conference, or the International Health Association,
South England Conference, 451 70-74 Legge St., Birmingham,
Holloway Road, London, N., England: Hygiene, Birming-
England: Uprising, London. ham.

CONFERENCE PRESIDENTS European General Conference: L.

AND MISSION FIELD SUPER- R. Conradi, Grindelberg 15a,
Hamburg, Germany.
INTENDENTS. German Union Conference: L. R.
GENERAL ORGANIZATIONS. Conradi, Grindelberg 15a, Ham-
burg, Germany.
General Conference: A. G. Dan- Scandinavian Union Conference:
jells, 222 North Capitol St., P. A. Hansen, Margrethevej 5,
Washington, D. C. Copenhagen, V., Denmark.
General Conference Association: British Union Conference: O. A.
A. G. Daniells, 6222 North Cap- Olsen, 451 Holloway Road, Lon-
itol St., Washington, D. C. don, N., England.
Sabbath-school Department: W. Latin Union Mission: B. G. Wil-
A. Spicer, 222 North Capitol St., kinson, 8 rue Belloni, Paris,
Washington, D. C. France.
Religious Liberty Department: Oriental Union Mission: W. H.
Allen Moon, Room 670, Monon Wakeham, Kasr-el-Nil 7, Cairo,
Building, 324 Dearborn St., Chi- Egypt.
cago, Ill. South African Union Conference:
Educational Department: L. A. W. S. Hyatt, 28a Roeland St.,
Hoopes, College View, Nebr. Cape Town, South Africa.
International Medical Missionary South American Union Mission:
and Benevolent Association: J. J. W. Westphal, Casilla del
H. Kellogg, Battle Creek, Mich. Correo 481, Buenos Ayres, Ar-
gentine Republic, South Amer-
Atlantic Union Conference: H. W. LOCAL CONFERENCES AND
Cottrell, South Lancaster, Mass. MISSIONS.
Canadian Union Conference: W.
H. Thurston, 4230 St. Catherine Alabama: W. L. McNeely, 1121
St., Montreal, Quebec. North Seventeenth St., Bir-
Southern Union Conference: Geo. mingham, Ala.
I. Butler, 1025 Jefferson St., Alaska: A. M. Dart, Juneau,
Nashville, Tenn. Alaska.
Lake Union Conference: A. G. Alberta: J. W. Boynton, Ponoka,
Daniells, 222 North Capitol St., Alberta, Northwest Territory,
Washington, D. C.; Vice-pres., Canada.
Wm. Covert, Bethel, Wis. Arizona: A. J. Howard, 525 Cen-
Northern Union Conference: C. tral Ave., Phoenix, Ariz.
W. Flaiz, Medford, Minn. Arkansas: J. A. Sommerville,
Central Union Conference: E. T. Springdale, Ark.
Russell, College View, Nebr. Austrian Mission: L. Mathe, Grin-
Southwestern Union Conference: delberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger-
N. P. Nelson, Keene, Tex. many.
Pacific Union Conference: W. T. Balkan Mission: G. Perk, Grindel-
Knox, 816 Twentieth St., Oak- berg 15a, Hamburg, Germany.
land, Cal. Basutoland: J. M. Freeman, Rob),
Australasian Union Conference: Mafeteng, Basutoland, South
G. A. Irwin, 56 George St., Africa.
West, Sydney, N. S. W., Aus- Belgium Mission: Joseph Curdy,
tralia. rue du Weg 29, Mont-sur-Mar-

chienne, near Charleroi, Bel- Florida: Geo. I. Butler, 1025 Jef-

gium. ferson St., Nashville, Tenn.
Brazil: H. F. Graf, Caixa do Cor- French-Swiss: L. P. Tieche, 1 rue
reio 768, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Jean Charles, Geneva, Switzer-
South America. land.
British Columbia: J. L. Wilson, French Mission: B. G. Wilkinson,
609 Gore Ave., Vancouver, Brit- 8 rue Belloni, Paris, France.
ish Columbia. Friendly Islands Mission: E. S.
California: A. T. Jones, 503 West Butz, Nukualof a, Tonga,
Main St., Battle Creek, Mich.; Friendly Islands, Pacific Ocean.
Vice-pres., A. S. Kellogg, Georgia: R. M. Kilgore, Grays-
Healdsburg, Cal. ville, Tenn.
Cape Colony: E. A. Ingle, 28a German-Swiss: J. T. Boettcher,
Roeland St., Cape Town, South Weiherweg 48, Basle, Switzer-
Africa. land.
Carolina: J. O. Johnston, Eufola, Gold Coast Mission: J. M. Hyatt,
N. C. Cape Coast Castle, Gold Coast,
Central America Mission: H. C. Africa.
Goodrich, Box 105, Belize, Brit- Greater New York: C. II. Ed-
ish Honduras, Central America. wards, 1336 Prospect Ave., con
Central New England: A. E. 169th St., New York, N. Y.
Place, South Lancaster, Mass. Gwelo Mission: 1.0. B. Armitage,
Chesapeake : 0. 0. Farnsworth, S. D. A. Mission, Gwelo, Rho-
Westminster, Md. desia, South Africa.
China: J. N. Anderson, 3 Arsenal Hawaiian Mission: .J. H. Behrens,
St., Hong Kong, China. Honolulu, Hawaiian Territory.
Colorado: G. F. Watson, 1112 Holland Mission: H. F. Selm-
South Eleventh St., Denver, berth, Grindelberg 15a, am-
Colo. burg, Germany.
Cook Islands Mission: G. F. Jones, Hungarian Mission: J. F. 1 luen-
Arorangi, Raratonga, Cook is- ergardt, Grindelberg 15a, :Ham-
lands, Pacific Ocean. burg, Germany.
Cumberland: O. C. Godsmark, Iceland: David Ostlund, Seydi;-
2005 Magazine St., Louisville, fjord, Iceland.
Ky. Indiana: W. .1. Stone, 3840 North
Denmark: P. A. Hansen, Mar- Meridian St., Indianapolis, hid.
grethevej 5, Copenhagen, V., India Mission: J. L. Shaw, 39-1
Denmark. Free School St., Calcutta,
East Caribbean: A. J. Haysmer, Iowa: L. F. Starr, Stuart, Iowa.
31 Dundonald St., Port of
Spain, Trinidad, West Indies. Ireland Mission: Wm. 11utchin-
East German: E. Frauehiger, son, I,Ioss Road, Ballyclare,
Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger- County Antrim, Ireland.
many. Italian Mission: C. T. Everson,
East Michigan: J. D. Gowell, 814 79 via Napoli, Rome, Italy.
Pine St., North, Lansing, Mich. Jamaica: J. B. Beckner, 32 'l'ext
Eastern Pennsylvania: R. A. Lane, Kingston, jamaica, West
derwood, Box 6i4, Williams- Indies.
port, Pa. Japan Mission: F. W. Field, 30
Egyptian Mission: W. H. Wake- Oiwaki-cho, Hongo Ku, Tokio,
ham, Kasr-el-Nil 7, Cairo, Japan.
Egypt. Kansas: C. Melleynokls, 821 West
Fiji Mission: J. E. Fulton, Avon- Fifth St., Topeka, Kans.
dale School, Cooranbong, N. S. Louisiana: S. B. Horton, 5013
W., Australia. Laurel St., New Orleans, La.
Finland: John Hoffman, Jitgare - Maine: P. F. Bicknell, 1377 Wash-
gatan 2, Helsingfors, Finland. ington Ave., North Deering, Me.

Manitoba: C. A. Beeson, Portage Blantyre, British Central Af-

la Prairie, Manitoba. rica.
Maritime: W. H. Thurston, 4230 Ohio: H. H. Burkholder, Bell-
St. Catherine St., Montreal, ville, Ohio.
Quebec. Oklahoma: G. F. Haffner, Box
Matabele Mission: W. II. Ander- 239, Oklahoma City, Okla. T.
son, S. D. A. Mission, Bula- Ontario: Geo. B. Thompson, 140
wayo, Rhodesia, South Africa. South Wentworth St., Hamil-
Mexico Mission: Geo. M. Brown, ton, Ontario.
1599 Avenue 22, Tacubaya, D. Panama Mission: I. G. Knight,
F., Mexico. Boras del Toro, Panama.
Middle Russian Mission: J. Perk, Pitcairn Island Mission: J. R. Mc-
Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger- Coy, Pitcairn Island, Pacific
many. Ocean, care British Consul, Pa-
Minnesota: Fred Johnson, Box peete, Tahiti, Society Islands.
989, Minneapolis, Minn. Porto Rico Mission: B. F. Con-
Missouri: H. C. Porter, Hamilton, nerly, 120 Calle Mendez Vigo,
Mo. Mayaguez, Porto Rico, West
Mississippi: H. G. Thurston, Indies.
Box 246, Meridian, Miss. Queensland: S. W. Nellis, 186
Montana: W. B. White, 534 Men- Edward St., Brisbane, Queens-
denhall St., Bozeman, Mont. land, Australia.
Natal-Transvaal: H. J. Edmed, Quebec: H. E. Rickard, Fitch Bay,
Mayor's \Valk, Pietermaritz- Quebec.
burg, Natal, South Africa. Rhenish Prussia: G. W. Schubert,
Nebraska: A. T. Robinson, 1505 Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger-
E St., Lincoln, Nebr. many.
Newfoundland: W. H. Thurston, River Plate: N. Z. Town, Casilla
4230 St. Catherine St., Mon- del Correo 481, Buenos Ayres,
treal, Quebec. Argentine Republic, South
New Jersey: J. E. Jayne, 165 America.
Godwin St., Paterson, N. J. Samoan Mission: Wm. E. Mod-
New South Wales: S. M. Cobb, Mg, Apia, Samoa, Pacific Ocean.
56 George St., West, Sydney, Scotland Mission: Wm. A. West-
N. S. W., Australia. worth, 7 Maxwell St., Edin-
New York: S. H. Lane, 317 West burgh, Scotland.
Bloomfield St., Rome, N. Y. Society Islands Mission: B. J.
New Zealand: W. L. II. Baker, Cady, Papeete, Tahiti, Society
37 Taranaki St., Wellington, Islands, Pacific Ocean.
New Zealand. South Australia: Wm. Woodford,
North Dakota: John G. Walker, 93 Franklin St., Adelaide, South
Box 465, Jamestown, N. Dak. Australia, Australia.
North England: E. E. Andross, South Dakota: C. A. Burman,
176 Melbourne Road, Leicester, Aberdeen, S. Dak.
England. South England: 0. A. Olsen, 451
North Michigan: S. E. Wight, 414 llolloway Road, London, N.,
Waukazoo Ave., Petoskey, Mich. England.
North Russian Mission: D. P. South German: C. W. Weber,
Gaede, Grindelberg 15a, Ham- Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger-
burg, Germany. many.
Northern Illinois: Allen Moon, South Russian: H. J. Loebsack,
Room 670, Monon Building, Chi- Brindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger-'
cago, 111. many.
Norway: 0. A. Johnson, Akers- Southern California: Clarence
gaden 74, Christiania, Norway. Santee, Fernando, Cal.
Nyassaland Mission: Southern Illinois: J. M. Rees,
Plainfield Estate, Cholo, near Stewardson,

Southern New England: Geo. E. Western Washington: E. L. Stew-

Langdon, 61 Whitmore St., art, Kent, Wash.
Hartford, Conn. Wisconsin: Wm. Covert, Bethel,
Spanish Mission: W. Bond, Calle Wis.
Carratera de Barcelona 198,
Sabadell, Spain.
Sumatra Mission: R. W. Munson, SECRETARIES OF CONFER-
Padang, West Coast Sumatra, ENCES AND MISSIONS.
Netherlands, East Indies.
Superior Mission: E. R. Williams, GENERAL ORGANIZATIONS.
838 South St., Sault Ste. Marie, General Conference: W. A. Spicer,
Mich. 222 North Capitol St., Wash-
Sweden: 0. Johnson, Kungsgatan ington, D. C.
34, Stockholm, Sweden. General Conference Association:
Syrian Mission: J. H. Krum, Bei- W. T. Bland, 222 North Capitol
rut, Deutsche Post, Syria. St., Washington, D. C.
Tasmania: E. Hilliard, 131 St. Sabbath-school Department: Mrs.
Johns St., Launceston, Tas- L. Flora Plummer, 222 North
mania. Capitol St., Washington, D. C.
Tennessee River: N. W. Allee, Religious Liberty Department:
1025 Jefferson St., Nashville,
Tenn. Educational Department: Freder-
Texas: N. P. Nelson, Keene, Tex. ick Griggs, South Lancaster,
Turkish Mission: A. W. George, Mass.
English Post-office, Constanti- International Medical Missionary
nople, Turkey, Europe. and Benevolent Association: J.
Upper Columbia: A. J. Breed, F. Morse, Battle Creek, Mich.
College Place, Wash.
Utah: W. A. Alway, 13 South UNION CONFERENCES.
Main St., Salt Lake City, Utah. Atlantic Union Conference: Wm.
Vermont: J. W. Watt, North A. Wilcox, South Lancaster,
Wolcott, Vt. Mass.
Victoria: W. A. Hennig, 334 Can- Canadian Union Conference: S. 1).
ning St., North Carlton, Vic- Hart well, 4230 St. Catherine
toria, Australia. St., Montreal, Quebec.
Virginia: R. D. Hottel, New Mar- Southern Union Conference: John
ket, Va. K. Macmillan, 1025 Jefferson
Wales Mission: A. F. Ballenger, St., Nashville, Tenn.
55 Morden Road, Newport, Lake Union Conference: W. H.
Mon., Wales. Edwards, 267 West Main St.,
West Australia: J. Pallant, 201 Battle Creek, Mich.
Newcastle St., Perth, West Aus- Northern Union Conference: Mrs.
tralia, Australia. Alice H. Robinson, Box 285,
West Coast Mission: H. F. Ket- Fargo, N. Dak.
ring, Casilla 240, Iquique, Chile, Central Union Conference: L. A.
South America. Hoopes, College View, Nebr.
West German: J. Pieper, Grindel- Southwestern Union Conference:
berg 15a, Hamburg, Germany. C. N. Woodward, Keene, Tex.
West Michigan: A. G. Haughey, Pacific Union Conference: J. J.
Otsego, Mich. Ireland, 1059 Castro St., Oak-
West Virginia: S. G. Huntington, land, Cal.
1200 Seventh St., Parkersburg, Australasian Union Conference:
W. Va. Miss Edith M. Graham, 56
Western Oregon: F. M. Burg, 201 George St., West, Sydney, N.
Second St., Portland, Oregon. S. W., Australia.
Western Pennsylvania: E. J. General European Conference:
Dryer, 246 West Twenty-third Guy Dail, Grindelberg 15a,
St., Erie, Pa. Hamburg, Germany.

German Union Conference: Rec. East Caribbean: S. A. Wellman,

See., 0. Luepke; Cor. Sec., Miss 31 Dundonald St., Port of
Katherine La ubhan, Grindel- Spain, Trinidad, West Indies.
berg 15a, Hamburg. Germany. East German: C. Reihlen, Grin-
Scandinavian Union Conference: delberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger-
0. A. Johnson, Akersgaclen 74, many.
Christiania, Norway. East Michigan: E. K. Slade, 814
British Union Conference: A. Pine St., North, Lansing, Mich.
. bacon. 451 Holloway Road, Eastern Pennsylvania: V. H.
London, N., England. Cook, Box 614, Williamsport,
Latin Union Mission: J. Robert, Pa.
108 rue de Vatigirard, Paris. Egyptian Mission: G. Wakeham,
France. Ka sr-el -Nil 7, Cairo, Egypt.
Oriental Union Mission: Finland: Ad. BoetteherRigare-
gat an 2, Helsingfors, Finland.
South African Union Conference: Florida: L. TT. Crisler, Orlando,
0. O. Fortner. 28a Roeland St., Fla.
Cap. Town, South Africa. French-Swiss: Miss Ainelie Eva,
29 rue de la Synagogue, Geneva,
LOC:1 I. CONFERENCES A ND Switzerland.
MISSIONS. French Mission: J. Robert, 108
rue de Vaugirard. Paris, France.
Alabama: C. E. Giles, Attalla, Georgia: Thos. Macmillan, 586
Ala. Columbus lload, Macon, Ga.
Arizona: Mrs. M. T. Poston, 525 German-Swiss: W. Kury, Weiher-
Central Ace., Phoenix, Ariz. weg 48, Basle, Switzerland.
Arkansas: Miss Flora E. Heer- Greater New York: IT. H. Mar-
mann, Springdale, Ark. tin, 57 Grand St., New York,
Brazil: A. B. Stauffer, Caixa do N. Y.
Correio 768, Rio de Janeiro, Hawaiian Mission: Mrs. A. C.
Brazil, South America. Behrens, Honolulu, Hawaiian
British Columbia: J. .T. Dougan, Territory.
609 Gore Ave., Vancouver, Brit- Holland: E. Lay-erwey, Grindel-
ish Columbia. berg 15a, Hamburg, Germany.
California: .1. 1). Rice, 306 San Indiana: W. A. Young, New
Pablo Ave., Oakland, Cal. Britton. Ind.
Cape Colony: 0. O. Fortner, 28a India Mission: Mrs. M. M. Quan-
Roeland St., Cape Town, South tock. 39-1 Free School St., Cal-
Africa. cutta, India.
Carolina: .1c,,,sie V. Bosworth, Iowa: Mrs. Flora V. Doreas, 603
Eufola, N. C. East T welfth St., Des Moines,
Central New England: TT. B. Iowa.
Tucker, South Lancaster, Ma ss. Ireland Mission: Mrs. E. McCulla,
Moss Road, Ballyelare, County
Chesapeake: H. S. Weaver, 903 Antrim, Ireland.
Woodley St., Baltimore, Md.
Jamaica: J. A. Strickland, 32
China: Mrs. .T. N. Anderson, 3 Ar- Text Lane. Kingston, Jamaica,
senal St., Hong Kong. China. West Indies.
Colorado: E. E. Farnsworth, 1112 Japan Mission: W. D. Burden, 845
South Eleventh St., Denver, Sendagaya mura, Tokio, Japan.
Colo. Kansas: Florence P. Rice, 821
Cumberland: Mrs. Mapgie Sehorn- West Fifth St., Topeka, Kans.
berg, 1215 Fetter St., Louis- Louisiana: E. V. Orrell, 2234
ville, Ky. Magazine St., New Orleans, La.
Denmark: Jens Olsen, Margret- Maine: Miss Eliza H. Morton,
hevej 5, Copenhagen, V., Den- 1377 Washington Ave., North
mark. Deering, Me.

Manitoba: Mrs. Jessie L. Adams, Ontario: B. B. Noftsger, 140

438 Selkirk Ave., Winnipeg, South Wentworth St., Hamil-
Manitoba. ton, Ontario.
Maritime: Alberta McLeod, Box Queensland: J. H. Mills, 186 Ed-
7, Moncton, New Brunswick. ward St., Brisbane, Queens-
Mexico Mission: A. Cooper, 1599 land, Australia.
Avenue 22, Tacubaya, D. F., Quebec: S. D. Hartwell, 4230 St.
Mexico. Catherine St., Montreal, Quebec.
Minnesota: P. E. Sanford, Box Rhenish Prussia: J. Wolfgarten,
989, Minneapolis, Minn. Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger-
Missouri: Jas. Cochran, 1814 East many.
Fourteenth St., Kansas City, River Plate: B. W. Snyder, Ca-
Mo. silla del Correo 481, Buenos
Mississippi: W. J. Blake, R. F. D. Ayres, Argentine R e p-u b 1 i c,
No. 2, Amory, Miss. South America.
Montana: Mrs. Nettie G. White, Scotland Mission: W. 11. Scott,
534 Mendenhall St., Bozeman, Scroggieside, Wormit, Scotland.
Mont. South Australia: A. H. Rogers,
Natal-Transvaal: C. H. Prety- 93 Franklin St., Adelaide, South
man, 4 Holmes and Dunn's Australia, Australia.
Chambers, West St., Durban, South Dakota: N. M. Jorgensen,
Natal, South Africa. Gayville, S. Dak.
Nebraska: C. H. Miller, 1505 E South England: A. Bacon, 451
St., Lincoln, Nebr. Holloway Road, London, N.,
Newfoundland: A. E. Lemon, 282 England.
Duckworth St., St. Johns, New- South German: R. Schillinger,
foundland. Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger-
New Jersey: Mrs. Anna E. Ram- many.
bo, 140 Sheridan Ave., Paterson, South Russian: Miss Katherine
N. J. Laubh an, Grindelberg 15a,
New South Wales: J. Hindson, 56 Hamburg, Germany.
George St., West, Sydney, N. S. Southern California: C. E.
W., Australia. Knight, Fernando, Cal.
New York: T. E. Bowen, 317 Southern Illinois: Miss Nettie
West Bloomfield St., Ronie, Eaton, Stewardson,
N. Y. Southern New England: D. K.
New Zealand: W. J. Smith, 37 Royer, 61 Whitmore St., Hart-
Taranaki St., Wellington, New ford, Conn.
Zealand. Superior Mission: Mrs. F. Hutch-
North Dakota: A. E. Christian, inson, Box 885, Laurium, Mich.
Kenmare, N. Dak. Sweden: E..1. Afir6n, Kungsgatan
North England: C. H. Castle, 176 34, Stockholm, Sweden.
Melbourne Road, Leicester, Tasmania: P. H. Pretyman, 131
England. St. John St., Launceston, Tas-
North Michigan: E. A. Bristol, mania.
301 Michigan St., Petoskey, Tennessee River: Mrs. E. C. Spire,
Mich. Franklin, Ky.
North Russian Mission: 0. Wild- Texas: Miss Ida A. Nelson,
grube, Grindelberg 15a, Ham- Keene, Tex.
bur., Germany. Upper Columbia: J. L. Kay, Col-
Northern Illinois: Thaddeus Legg, lege Place, Wash.
Room 670, Monon Building, Utah: Alfred Whitehead, Box
Chicago, Ill. 286, Springville, Utah.
Norway: C. B. Jensen, Akers- Vermont: F. M. Dana, 190 North
gaden 74, Christiania, Norway. Winooski Ave., Burlington, Vt.
Ohio: D. E. Lindsey, Clyde, Ohio. Victoria: J. Gillespie, Oxford
Oklahoma: Wm. Voth, Box 239, Chamber;, Bourke St., Mel-
Oklahoma City, Okla. T. bourne, Victoria, Australia.

Virginia: A. M. Neff, New Mar- International Medical Missionary

ket, Va. and Benevolent Association: C.
Wales Mission: Mrs. A. F. Bal- E. Stewart, Battle Creek, Mich.
lenger, 55 Morden Road, New-
port, Mon., Wales. UNION CONFERENCES.
West Australia: Sirs. Freeman,
201 Newcastle St., Perth, West Atlantic Union Conference: Wm.
Australia, Australia. A. Wilcox, South Lancaster,
West Coast: IL F. Ketrimo', Ca- Mass.
silla 240, Iquique, Chile, South Canadian Union Conference: S. D.
America. fartwell, 4230 St. Catherine
West German: 0. Luepke, Grin- St., Montreal, Quebec.
delberg 15a, Hamburg., Ger- Southern Union Conference: L A.
many. Ford, 1025 Jefferson St., Nash-
West Michigan: E. A. Merriam, ville, Tenn.
Otsego, .Mich. Lake Union Conference: W. H.
West Virginia: P. W. Province, Edwards, 267 West Main St.,
1200 Seventh St., Parkersburg, Battle Creek, Mich.
W. Va . Northern Union Conference: Mrs.
Western Oregon: Miss Nellie Nel- Alice A. Robinson, Box 285,
son, 201 Second St., Portland, Fargo, N. Dak.
Oregon. Central Union Conference: J.
Western Pennsylvania: V. II. Sutherland, College View, Nebr.
Cook, Box 614, Williamsport, Southwestern Union Conference:
I'a. C. N. Woodward, Keene, Tex.
Western Washington: Daisy 1). Pacific Union Conference: E. A.
Cuddy, 309 Second Ave., North, Chapman, care Pacific Press
Seattle, AVa sh. Pub. Co., Oakland, Cal.
Wisconsin: R. T. Do wsett, 865 Australasian Union Conference:
Fifth St., :Milwaukee, Wis. Miss Edith Si. Graham, 56
George St., West, Sydney, N. S.
W., Australia.
European General Conference: W.
TREASURERS OF CONFER- C. Sisley, 451 Holloway Road,
ENCES AND MISSIONS. London, N., England.
German Union Conference: B.
GENERA L ORGANIZATIONS. Severin, Grindelberg 15a, !Ham-
General Conference: I. H. Evans, burg, Germany.
Battle Creek, ich. ; A ssistant Scandinavian Union Conference:
Treasurer. W. 'I'. Bland, 222 E. Lind, Arboga, Sweden.
North Capitol St., Washington, British Union Conference: A.
D. C. Bacon, 451 Holloway Road,
General Conference Association: London, N., England.
I. H. Evans, Battle Creek, Latin Union Mission: J. Robert,
Mhb.; Assistant. Treasurer, W. 108 rue de Vaugirard, Paris,
T. Bland, 222 North Capitol France.
St., Washington, D. C. South African Union Conference:
Sabbath-school Department, Re- O. O. Fortner, 28a Roeland St.,
ligious Liberty Department, Cape Town, South Africa.
and Educational Department:
W. T. Bland, 222 North Capitol LOCAL CONFERENCES AND
St., Washington, D. C. MISSIONS.
(All remittances intended for the
organizations named above Alabama: C. E. Giles, Attalla,
should be sent to the Assistant Ala.
Treasurer, W. T. Bland, at the Arizona: Mrs. M. T. Poston, 525
address stated.) Central Ave., Phoenix, Ariz.

Arkansas: Arkansas Tract Soci- Georgia: Thos. Macmillan, 586

ety (Miss Flora E. Heermann), Columbus Road, Macon, Ga.
Springdale, Ark. German-Swiss: A. Sebold, Wei-
Brazil: A. B. Stauffer, Caixa do herweg 48, Basle, Switzerland.
Correio 768, Rio de Janeiro, Greater New York: E. H. Hall,
Brazil, South America. 2138 Fifth Ave., New York,
British Columbia: Tract and Mis- N. Y.
sionary Society (Mrs. M. M. Hawaiian Mission: J. H. Behrens,
Wilson), 609 Gore Ave., Van- Honolulu, Hawaiian Territory.
couver. British Columbia. Indiana: W. C. McCuaig, 626
California: Pacific Press Publish- East Eleventh St., Indianapolis,
ing Co. (E. A. Chapman, Ind.
Treas.), Oakland, Cal. India Mission: Mrs. M. M. Quan-
Cape Colony: 0. 0. Fortner, 28a tock, 39-1 Free School St., Cal-
Roeland St., Cape Town, South cutta, India.
Africa. Iowa: J. W. Dorcas, 603 East
Carolina: Jessie V. Bosworth, Twelfth St., Des Moines, Iowa.
Eufola, N. C. Ireland Mission: Mrs. E. McCulla,
Central America Mission: H. C. . Moss Road, Ballyclare, County
Goodrich, Box 105, Belize, Brit- Antrim, Ireland.
ish Honduras, Central America. Jamaica: J. 11. Beckner, 32 Text
Central New England: H. B. Lane, Kingston, Jamaica, West
Tucker, South Lancaster, Mass. Indies.
Chesapeake: H. S. Weaver, 903 Japan Mission: IV. 1). Burden, 845
Woodley St., Baltimore, Md. Sendagaya, mura, Tokio, Japan.
China: Mrs. J. N. Anderson, 3 Kansas: C. F. Parinele, 821 West
Arsenal St., Hong Kong, China. Fifth St., Topeka, Kans.
Colorado: Mrs. Bertie L. }Terrell, Louisiana: E. V. Orrell, 2234
1112 South Eleventh St., Den- Magazine St., New Orleans, La.
ver, Colo. Maine: Miss Eliza. H. Morton,
Cumberland: S. M. Jacobs, Grays- 1377 Washington Ave., North
'dile, Tenn. Deering, Me.
Denmark: Jens Olsen, Margret- Manitoba: Mrs. Jessie L. Adams,
hevej 5, Copenhagen, V., Den- 438 Selkirk Ave., Winnipeg,
mark. Manitoba.
East Caribbean: S. A. Wellman, Maritime: Alberta McLeod, Box
31 Dundonald St., Port of 7, Moncton, New - Brunswick.
Spain, Trinidad, West Tndies. Mexico Mission: G. IV. Caviness,
East German: F. Rocket, Grindel- 1599 Avenue 22, Taeubaya, D.
berg 15a, Hamburg, Germany. F., Mexico.
East Michigan: E. I. Beebe, 814 Middle Russian Mission: A. Lang-
Pine St., North, Lansing, Mich. holf, Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg,
Eastern Pennsylvania: V. H. Germany.
Cook, Box 614, Williamsport, Minnesota: C. M. Everest, Box
Pa. 989, Minneapolis, Minn.
Fiji Mission: Arthur Currow, Missouri: Jas. Cochran, 1814 East
Suva Vou, Fiji, Pacific Ocean. Fourteenth St., Kansas City,
Finland: M. Boettcher, Jagare- Mo.
gatan 2, Helsingfors, Finland. Mississippi: W. .1. Blake, R. F. D.
Florida: L. H. Crisler, Orlando, No. 2, Amory, Miss.
Fla. Montana: A. E. Everett, 108
French-Swiss: Miss Amelie Eva, Grand St., Helena, Mont.
29 rue de la Synagogue, Geneva. Natal-Transvaal: C. H. Prety-
Switzerland. man, 4 Holmes and Dunn's
French Mission: J. Robert, 108 Chambers, West. St., Durban,
rue de Vaugirard, Paris, France. Natal, South Africa.

Nebraska: C. H. Miller, 1505 E Scotland Mission: Mrs. W. A.

St., Lincoln, Nebr. West worth, 7 Maxwell St.,
New Jersey: Mrs. Anna E. Ram- Edinburgh, Scotland.
bo, 140 Sheridan Ave., Pater- Society Islands Mission: B. J.
son, N. J. Cady, Papeete, Tahiti, Society
New South Wales: J. Hindson, 56 Islands, Pacific Ocean.
George St., West, Sydney, N. S. South Australia: A. W. Semmens,
W., Australia. Medical Institute, Victoria
New York: T. E. Bowen, 317 Square, Adelaide, South Aus-
West Bloomfield St., Rome, N. tralia, Australia.
Y. South Dakota: L. D. Randall,
New Zealand: New Zealand Tract Box 686, Sioux Falls, S. Dak.
Society (Miss W. Greenfield, South England: A. Bacon, 451
Treas.). 37 Taranki St., Wel- Holloway Road, London, N.,
lington, New Zealand. England.
South German: B. Severin, Grin-
North Dakota: Mrs. Alice H. delberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger-
Robinson, Box 285, Fargo, N. many.
Dak. South Russian: A. Langholf,
North England: C. F. Castle, 176 Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger-
Melbourne Road, Leicester, many.
England. Southern California: Southern
North Michigan: E. A. Bristol, California Association of Sev-
301 Michigan St., Petoskey, enth-day Adventists (C. E.
Mich. Knight), Fernando, Cal.
North Russian Mission: A. Lang- Southern Illinois: Southern Illi-
holf, Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, nois Tract Society (Miss Pearl
Germany. L. Rees), Stewardson, Ill.
Northern Illinois: Illinois Tract Southern New England: D. K.
Society (Thaddeus Legg), Room Royer, 61 Whitmore St., Hart-
670, Monon Building, Chicago, ford, Conn.
Ill. Superior Mission: Mrs. F. Hutch-
Norway: A. C. Christensen, Ak- inson, Box 885, Laurium, Mieh.
ersgaden 74, Christiania, Nor- Sweden: J. R. Lindqvist, Kungs-
way. gatan 34, Stockholm, Sweden.
Ohio: C. V. Hamer, Academia, Tasmania: P. H. Pretyman, 131
Ohio. St. Johns St., Launceston, Tas-
Oklahoma: T. J. Eagle, Box 239, mania.
Oklahoma City, Okla. T. Tennessee River: Mrs. E. C.
Ontario: B. B. Noftsger. 140 Spire, Franklin, Ky.
South Wentworth St., Hamil- Texas: T. T. Stevenson, Keene,
ton, Ontario. Tex.
Panama: I. G. Knight, Bocas del Upper Columbia: J. L. Kay, .Col-
Toro, Panama. lege Place, Wash.
Queensland: J. H. Mills, 186 Ed- Utah: Alfred Whitehead, Box
ward St., Brisbane, Queensland, 286, Springville, Utah.
Australia. Vermont: F. M. Dana, 190 North
Quebec: S. D. Hartwell, 4230 St. Winooski Ave., Burlington, Vt.
Catherine St., Montreal, Quebec. Victoria: J. Gillespie, Oxford
Rhenish Prussia: B. Severin, Grin- Chambers. Bourke St., Mel-
delberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger- bourne, Victoria, Australia.
many. Virginia: 0. F. Dart, 2414 Church
River Plate: E. W. Snyder, Ca- Hill Ave., Richmond, Va.
silla del Correo 481, Buenos Wales Mission: Mrs. A. F. Bal-
Ayres, Argentine Republic, lenger, 55 Morden Road, New-
South America. port, Mon., Wales.

West Australia: Miss S. Gurner, California: A. J. Bourdeau, 306

201 Newcastle St., Perth, West San Pablo Ave., Oakland, Cal.
Australia, Australia. Cape Colony: 0. 0. Fortner, 28a
West German: B. Severin, Grin- Roeland St., Cape Town, South
delberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger- Africa.
many. Carolina: Jessie V. Bosworth,
West Michigan: E. A. Merriam, Eufola, N. C.
Otsego, Mich. Central New England: H. B.
West Virginia: C. E. White, 1200 Tucker, South Lancaster, Mass.
Seventh St., Parkersburg, W. Chesapeake: Mrs. H. S. Weaver,
Va. 903 Woodley St., Baltimore,
Western Oregon: Md.
Western Pennsylvania: V. H. Colorado: Mrs. Bertie L. Herrell,
Cook, Box 614, Williamsport, 1112 South Eleventh St., Den-
Pa. ver, Colo.
Western Washington: Daisy D. Cumberland: Mrs. Maggie Schorn-
Cuddy, 309 Second Ave., North, berg, 1215 Fetter St., Louisville,
Seattle, Wash. Ky.
Wisconsin: R. T. Dowsett, 865 Denmark: Jens Olsen, Margret-
Fifth St., Milwaukee, Wis. hevej 5, Copenhagen, V., Den-
East Caribbean: S. A. Wellman,
SECRETARIES OF TRACT SO- 31 Dundonald St., Port of
CIETY DEPARTMENTS. Spain, Trinidad, West Indies.
East Michigan: Frank Hiner, 226
UNION CONFERENCES. Washington Ave., North, Lan-
Southern Union Conference: B. sing, Mich.
W. Spire, Sta. K., Nashville, Eastern Pennsylvania: V. H.
Tenn. Cook, Box 614, Williamsport,
Lake Union Conference: D. W. Pa.
Reavis, 267 West Main St., Finland: A. Boettcher, ,liigarega-
Battle Creek, Mich. tan 2, Helsingfors, Finland.
Pacific Union Conference: H. H. French-Swiss: Miss Amelie Eva,
Hall, 1059 Castro St., Oakland, 29 rue de 1 EL Synagogue, Geneva,
Cal. Switzerland.
German Union Conference: Miss French Mission: Mrs. J. Robert,
Katherine Laubhan, Grindel- 108 rue de Vaugirard, Paris,
berg 15a, Hamburg, Germany. France.
South African Union Conference: Georgia: Thos. Macmillan, 586
J. A. Chaney, Sweetwaters, Columbus Road, Macon, Ga.
Zwaartkops, Natal, South Af- German-Swiss: H. Erzenberger,
rica. Weiherweg 48, Basle, Switzer-
LOCAL CONFERENCES AND Greater New York: E. H. Hall,
MISSIONS. 14 and 17 Jacot Bldg., 39 Union
Alabama: C. E. Giles, Attalla, Square, New York, N. Y.
Ala. Hawaiian Mission: Mrs. A. C.
Alberta: Miss Stella B. Lowry, Behrens, Honolulu, Hawaiian
Ponoka, Northwest Territory, Territory.
Canada. Indiana: W. C. McCuaig, 626
Arizona: Mrs. M. T. Poston, 525 East Eleventh St., Indianapolis,
Central Ave., Phoenix, Ariz. Ind.
Arkansas: Miss Flora E. Heer- India Mission: Mrs. M. M. Quan-
mann, Springdale, Ark. tock, 39-1 Free School St., Cal-
British Columbia: Mrs. M. M. cutta, India.
Wilson, 609 Gore Ave., Van- Iowa: J. 0. Beard, 603 East
couver, British Columbia. Twelfth St., Des Moines, Iowa.

Ireland Mission: Mrs. E. McCulla, Norway: Johanne Christensen,

Moss Road, Ballyclare, County Akersgaden 74, Christiania,
Antrim, Ireland. Norway.
Jamaica: Norman Johnston, 32 Ohio: N. S. Miller, Academia,
Text Lane, Kingston, Jamaica, Ohio.
West Indies. Oklahoma: T. J. Eagle, Box 239,
Japan Mission: W. D. Burden, ' Oklahoma City, Okla. T.
845 Sendagaya mura, Tokio, Ontario: B. B. Noftsger, 140
Japan. South Wentworth St., Hamil-
Kansas: C. F. Parmele, 821 West ton, Ontario.
Fifth St., Topeka, Kans. Queensland: Miss Emma Hill, 186
Louisiana: E. V. Orre11, 2234 Mag- Edward St., Brisbane, Queens-
azine St., New Orleans, La. land, Australia.
Maine: Miss Eliza H. Morton, Quebec: S. D. Hartwell, 4230 St.
1377 Washington Ave., North Catherine St., Montreal, Quebec.
Deering, Me. River Plate: E. W. Snyder, Ca-
Manitoba: Mrs. Jessie L. Adams, silla del Correo 481, Buenos
438 Selkirk Ave., Winnipeg, Ayres, Argentine Republic,
Manitoba,. South America.
Maritime: Miss Alberta McLeod, Scotland Mission: W. B. Scott,
Box 7, Moncton, New Bruns- Scroggieside, Wormit, Scot-
wick. land.
Minnesota: A. C. Gilbert, Box South Australia : R. H. Constandt,
989, Minneapolis, Minn. 93 Franklin St., Adelaide, South
Missouri: ,las. Cochran, 1814 East Australia, Australia.
Fourteenth St., Kansas City, South Dakota: L. D. Randall
Mo. Box 686, Sioux Falls, S. Dak.
Mississippi: Mrs. W. J. Blake,
R. F. 1). No. 2, Amory, Miss. South England: A. Bacon, 451
Holloway Road, London, N..
Montana: A. E. Everett, 108 England.
Grand St., Helena, Mont.
Natal-Transvaal: C. H. Prety- Southern California: R. W. Mil-
man, 4 Holmes and Dunn's ler, Fernando, Cal.
Chambers, West St., Durban, Southern Illinois: Miss Pearl L.
Natal. South Africa. Rees, Stewardson, Ill.
Nebraska: C. H. Miller, 1505 E Southern New England: D. K.
St., Lincoln, Nebr. Royer, 61 Whitmore St., Hart-
New South Wales: Miss Edith ford, Conn.
Ford, 56 George St., West, Superior Mission: Mrs. Florence
Sydney, N. S. W., Australia. Hutchinson, Box 885, Laurium,
New York: T. E. Bowen, 317 Sweden: Ellen Niemanis, Kungs-
West Bloomfield St., Rome, gatan 34, Stockholm, Sweden.
N. Y.
New Zealand: Mrs. W. L. H. Tasmania: Miss W. Greenfield,
Baker, 37 Taranaki St., Wel- 131 St. Johns St., Launceston,
lington, New Zealand. Tasmania.
North Dakota: Mrs. Alice H. Rob- Tennessee River: Mrs. E. C. Spire,
inson, Box 285, Fargo, N. Dak. Franklin, Ky.
North England: C. H. Castle, 176 Texas: Edward Harris, Keene,
Melbourne Road, Leicester, Tex.
England. Upper Columbia: E. E. Smith,
North Michigan: E. A. Bristol, College Place, Wash.
301 Michigan St., Petoskey, Utah: Mrs. Fannie P. Johnson,
Mich. 124 West Center St., Provo,
Northern Illinois: Thaddeus Utah.
Legg, Room 670, Monon Build- Vermont: F. M. Dana, 190 North
ing, Chicago, Ill. Winooski Ave., Burlington, Vt.

Victoria: Miss L. M. Gregg, Ox- Arizona: Mrs. Ina Bond, 525

ford Chambers, Bourke St., Mel- Central Ave., Phoenix, Ariz.
bourne, Victoria, Australia. Arkansas: Miss Flora E. Heer-
Virginia: A. M. Neff, New Mar- mann, Springdale, Ark.
ket, Va. Basutoland: J. M. Freeman, Kolo,
West Australia: Miss S. Gurner, Mafeteng, Basutoland, South
201 Newcastle St., Perth, West Africa.
Australia, Australia. Bermuda: Mrs. M. R. Enoch, Box
West Michigan: E. A. Merriam, 144, Hamilton, Bermuda Is-
Otsego, Mich. lands.
West Virginia: C. E. White, 1200 Brazil: Isidora Spies, Brusque,
Seventh St., Parkersburg. W. Santa Catherina, Brazil, South
Va. America.
Western Oregon: G. W. Pettit, British Columbia: Mrs. M. M.
201 Second St., Portland, Ore- Wilson, 609 Gore Ave., Van-
gon. couver, British Columbia.
Western Pennsylvania: V. H. California: Mrs. Carrie R. King,
Cook, Box 614, Williamsport, 306 San Pablo Ave., Oakland,
Pa. Cal.
Western Washington: Lee Moran, Cape Colony: Mrs. A. H. Mason,
309 Second Ave., North, Seattle, Box 647, Cape Town, South
Wash. Africa.
Wisconsin: N. P. Neilsen, 203 Carolina: Mrs. Emma B. Rogers,
High St., Oshkosh, Wis. Hildebran, N. C.
Central America: H. C. Goodrich,
SECRETARIES OF SABBATH- Box 105, Belize, British Hon-
SCHOOL DEPARTMENTS. duras, Central America.
Central New England: Mrs. W.
GENERAL ORGANIZATIONS. M. Lee, South Lancaster, Mass.
General Conference: Mrs. L. Flora Chesapeake: Miss Helen V. Price,
Plummer, 222 North Capitol 903 Woodley St., Baltimore,
St., Washington, D. C. Md.
China: Mrs. Emma Anderson, 3
Arsenal St., Hong Kong, China.
Australian Union Conference: Colorado: Mrs. Flora Watson,
Mrs. J. Hindson, 56 George St., 1112 South Eleventh St., Den-
West, Sydney, N. S. W., Aus- ver, Colo.
tralia. Cook Islands: Mrs. G. F. Jones,
British Union Conference: A. Arorangi, Raratonga, Cook Is-
Bacon, 451 Holloway Road, Lon- lands, Pacific Ocean.
don, N., England. Cumberland: Mrs. A. F. Harri-
German Union Conference: Miss son, Graysville, Tenn.
Katherine Laubhan, Grindel- Denmark: Jens Olsen, Margret-
berg 15a, Hamburg, Germany. hevej 5, Copenhagen, V., Den-
Latin Union Mission: Mrs. J. mark.
Robert, 108 rue de Vaugirard, East Caribbean: Mrs. A. J. Hays-
Paris, France. mer, 31 Dundonald St., Port of
Oriental Union Mission: G. Dail, Spain, Trinidad, West Indies.
Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger- East German:
many. East Michigan: Miss Tillie E.
South African Union Conference: Barr, 814 Pine St., North, Lan-
Mrs. A. H. Mason, Box 647, sing, Mich.
Cape Town, South Africa.
Eastern Pennsylvania: Miss
LOCAL CONFERENCES AND Nellie Underwood, Box 614,
MISSIONS. Williamsport, Pa.
Alabama: C. E. Giles, Attalla, Fiji: Arthur Currow, Suva Vou,
Ala. Suva, Fiji, South Pacific Ocean.

Finland: Mrs. Minnie Hoffman, Mexico Mission: Mrs. Carrie C.

Jiigaregatan 2, Helsingfors, Fin- Kelley, Avenue Morelos, Mix-
land. coac, D. H., Mexico.
Florida: Mrs. R. G. Stringer, Minnesota: Mrs. Ella E. Merickel,
Bartow, Fla. Box 989, Minneapolis, Minn.
French-Swiss: Miss Amelie Eva, Missouri: Mrs. A. E. Daniels,
29 rue de la Synagogue, Geneva, 1325 Old Manchester Road, St.
Switzerland. Louis, Mo.
French Mission: Mrs. J. Robert, Mississippi: F. R. Rogers, Box 29,
108 rue de Vaugirard, Paris, Vicksburg, Miss.
France. Montana: Miss Lulu T. White,
Friendly Islands: W. W. Palmer, 534 Mendenhall St., Bozeman,
Nukualofa, Tonga, Friendly Mont.
Islands, Pacific Ocean. Natal-Transvaal: Mrs. J. A.
Georgia: Mrs. Clara C. Phillips, Chaney, SNyeetwaters, Zwaart-
Alpharetta, Ga. kops, Natal, South Africa.
German-Swiss: Mrs. A. Sebold, Nebraska: Miss Alice I. Teeple,
Weiherweg 48, Basle, Switzer- 1505 E St., Lincoln, Nebr.
land. New Jersey: Mrs. Anna E. Ram-
Greater New York: Mrs. L. H. bo, 140 Sheridan Ave., Pater-
Proctor, 74 Fountain Ave., son, N. J.
Brooklyn, N. Y. New South Wales: Miss Annie E.
Hawaiian Mission: Mrs. Cora Pierce, " Elton," Percival Road,
Lyle, Honolulu, Hawaiian Ter- Petersham, N. S. W., Australia.
ritory. New York: Mrs. L. M. Calkins,
Iceland: D. Ostlund, Seydisfjord, 509 William St., Rome, N. Y.
Iceland. New Zealand: Mrs. W. L. H.
Indiana: Mrs. R. W. McMahan, Baker, 37 Taranaki St., Wel-
507 West Twelfth St., Ander- lington, New Zealand.
son, Ind. Norfolk Island: Mrs. S. T. Bel-
India Mission: Mrs. L. F. Hansen, den, Norfolk Island, South Pa-
51 Park St., Calcutta, India. cific Ocean.
Iowa: Mrs. Flora V. Dorcas;
Asst. Sec., Miss Nellie V. Mc- North Dakota: Miss Hattie E.
William, 603 East Twelfth St., Ohm, Box 285, Fargo, N. Dak.
Des Moines, Iowa. North England:
Jamaica: Mrs. M. A. Beckner, 32 North Michigan: J. J. Irwin,
Text Lane, Kingston, Jamaica, Mancelona, Mich.
West Indies. Northern Illinois: Miss Winifred
Japan: F. W. Field, 30 Oiwaki- Burkitt, Pittwood, Ill.
cho, Hongo Ku, Tokio, Japan. Norway: Johanne Christensen,
Kansas: Mrs. Belle Emerson, 821 Akersgaden 7 4 , Christiania,
West Fifth St., Topeka, Kans. Norway.
Louisiana: Miss Ruby Roach, Ohio: C. E. Welch, 505 North Gay
Mansfield, La. St., Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
Maine: Mrs. P. F. Bicknell, 1377 Oklahoma: Mrs. Laura B. Field,
Washington Ave., North Deer- 606 West Ninth St., Oklahoma
ing, Me. City, Okla. T.
Manitoba: Mrs. Jessie L. Adams, Ontario: B. B. Noftsger, 140
438 Selkirk Ave., Winnipeg, South Wentworth St., Hamil-
Manitoba. ton, Ontario.
Matabeleland: Mrs. M. C. Sturde- Pitcairn Island: J. R. McCoy, Pit-
vant, S. D. A. Mission, Bulu- cairn Island, Pacific Ocean, via
wayo, Rhodesia, South Africa. Mangareva and Papeete.
Maritime: Miss Alberta McLeod, Porto Rico: Mrs. B. E. Connerly,
Box 7, Moncton, New Bruns- 120 Calle Mendez Vigo, Maya-
wick. guez, Porto Rico, West -Indies.

Queensland: Miss Louise Tuxen, Virginia: A. M. Neff, New Mar-

186 Edward St., Brisbane, ket, Va.
Queensland, Australia. West Australia: Mrs. L. V. Fin-
Quebec: S. D. Hartwell, 4230 St. ster, 201 Newcastle St., Perth,
Catherine St., Montreal, Que- West Australia, Australia.
bec. West Michigan: Mrs. Hattie E.
River Plate: Mrs. Sadie R. Town, Allee, Otsego, Mich.
Casilla del Correo 481, Buenos West Virginia: Miss Emma S.
Ayres, Argentine Republic, Newcomer, Hagerstown, Md.
South America. Western Oregon: A I rs. Elthea
Samoa: Wm. E. Floding, Apia, Smith, 201 Second St., Port-
Samoa, Pacific Ocean. land, Oregon.
Scotland Mission: Western Pennsylvania: Miss
Society Islands: Mrs. B. J. Cady, Fannie Fondersmith, 604 Her-
Papeete, Tahiti, Society Is- ron Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.
lands, Pacific Ocean. Western Washington: \V. H. Cof-
South Australia: Mrs. A. W. fin, 309 Second Ave., North,
Semmens, Medical Institute, Seattle, Wash.
Victoria Square, Adelaide, Wisconsin: Miss Lottie E. Far-
South Australia, Australia. rell, Bethel, Wis.; Assistant.
South Dakota: Mrs. Mattie E. Mrs. Nellie Sheppler, Bethel,
Randall, Box 686, Sioux Falls, Wis.
S. Dak.
South Russian: Miss Katherine
Laubh an, Grindelberg 15a, CANVASSING MISSIONARY
Hamburg, Germany. AGENTS.
Southern California: E. S. Bal-
lenger, 511 Stewart Ave., Red-
lands, Cal. Atlantic Union Conference: F. E.
Southern Illinois: Miss Nettie Painter, Wilkinsburg, Pa.
Eaton, Stewardson, Ill. Southern Union Conference: A. F.
Southern New England: Mrs. S. Harrison, Graysville, Tenn.
A. Whittier, 122 Shelton St., Lake Union Conference: J. B.
Bridgeport, Conn. Blosser, Berrien Springs, Mich.
Superior Mission: Mrs. Florence Northern Union Conference: F. A.
Hutchinson, Box 885, Lauriuni, Detamore, 102 South lIarriet
Mich. St., Stillwater, Minn.
Sweden: Ellen Niemann, Kungs- Central Union Conference: C. W.
gatan 34, Stockholm, Sweden. Hardesty, College View, Nebr.
Tasmania: Miss Edith B. Hill, Southwestern Union Conference:
131 St. John St., Launceston, W. L. Manfull, Addington, Ind.
Tasmania. T.
Tennessee River: C. L. Stone, Pacific Union Conference: S. C.
Hazel, Ky. Osborne, Lytton, Cal.
Texas: Mrs. Kitty Stevenson, Australasian Union Conference:
Keene, Tex. J. M. Johanson, 16 Best St.,
Upper Columbia: Mrs. J. L. Kay, North Fitzroy, Melbourne, Vic-
College Place, Wash. toria, Australia.
Utah: Mrs. Fannie P. Johnson, LOCAL CONFERENCES AND
124 West Center St., Provo, MISSIONS.
Vermont: Miss Lizzie A. Stone, Arizona: T. L. Thuemler, 525 Cen-
190 North Winooski Ave., Bur- tral Ave., Phoenix. Ariz.
lington, Vt. Arkansas: W. L. Manfull, Ad-
Victoria: Mrs. W. A. Hennig, 334 dington, Ind. T.
Canning St., North Carlton. Vic- California: A. S. Kellogg, Healds-
toria, Australia. burg, Cal.

Carolina: Ed. C. Rogers, Hilde- Nebraska: F. H. Hahn, Arcadia,

bran, N. C. Nebr.
Central New England: H. C. Wil- New South Wales: P. B. Rudge,
cox, South Lancaster, Mass. 56 George St., West, Sydney,
Colorado: G. Phillips, 1112 South N. S. W., Australia.
Eleventh St., Denver, Colo. New York:
Cumberland: V. 0. Cole, Cleve- New Zealand: A. Mountain, 37
land, Tenn. Taranaki St., Wellington, New
Denmark: Z. Sherrig, Margret- Zealand.
hevej 5, Copenhagen, V., Den- North Dakota: C. L. Kendall,
mark. Norwich, McHenry Co., S. Dak.
East German: E. Nopper, W. North Michigan: A. J. Olsen, 224
Koehler, and H. Lukat, Grindel- Michigan St., Petoskey, Mich.
berg 15a, Hamburg, Germany. Northern Illinois: C. Edwardson,
East Michigan: H. L. Cohoon, 150 North Humboldt St., Chi-
Flint, Mich. cago, Ill.
Eastern Pennsylvania: F. F. Fry, Norway: 0. J. Olsen, Akersgaden
Box 614, Williamsport, Pa. 74, Christiania, Norway.
Finland: N. Hammar, Jligare- Ohio: M. C. Kirkendall, Aca-
gatan 2, Helsingfors, Finland.
demia, Ohio.
Florida: W. L. Killen, Orlando,
Fla. Oklahoma: James Butka, Enid,
French-Swiss: H. Provin, 29 rue Okla. T.
de la Synagogue, Geneva, Swit- Queensland: H. J. Cooper, 186 Ed-
zerland. ward St., Brisbane, Queensland,
French Mission: Tell Nussbaum, Australia.
rue George 1, Montpellier, River Plate: .
France. Scotland Mission: W. B. Scott,
Georgia: J. T. Eaton, Alpharetta, Scroggieside, Wormit, Scotland.
Ga. South Australia:
Indiana: C. J. Buhalts, 626 East South Dakota: F. L. Perry, Box
Eleventh St., Indianapolis, Ind. 686, Sioux Falls, S. Dak.
Iowa: South German: A. Kol lhosser,
Ireland: S. Joyce, Moss Road, Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger-
Ballyclare, County Antrim, Ire- many.
land. Southern California:
Kansas: Frank Jencks, Thayer, Southern Illinois: J. S. James,
Kans. Stewardson, Ill.
Louisiana: C. F. Dart, Martha-
ville, La. Southern New England: H. C.
Maine: Mrs. P. F. Bicknell, 1377 Wilcox, South Lancaster, Mass.
Washington Ave., North Deer- Superior Mission: E. Fred Hutch-
ing, Me. inson, Laurium, Mich.
Manitoba: E. Russell Potter, 438 Sweden: E. Lind, Arboga, Sweden.
Selkirk Ave., Winnipeg, Mani- Tennessee River: Geo. W. Rich,
toba. 1025 Jefferson St., Nashville,
Maritime: Levi Longard, Tantal- Tenn.
lon, Nova Scotia. Texas: W. W. Eastman, Keene,
Minnesota: W. W. Ruble, Box Tex.
989, Minneapolis, Minn. Upper Columbia: C. H. Allen, Col-
Missouri: F. E. Fairchild, 1814 lege Place, Wash.
East Fourteenth St., Kansas Vermont: A. W. Boardman, 190
City, Mo. North Winooski Ave., Burling-
Mississippi: H. H. Johnson, West ton, Vt.
Point, Miss. Victoria: H. Harker, Oxford
Montana: A. E. Everett, 108 Chambers, Bourke St., Mel-
Grand St., Helena, Mont. bourne, Victoria, Australia.

West Australia: R. A. Caldwell, West Virginia: David Haddix, 161

201 Newcastle St., Perth, West Ross St., Grafton, W. Va.
Australia, Australia. Western Oregon: J. M. Cole, R. F.
D. No. 4, Salem, Oregon.
West German: J. Lippertz, Grin- Western Pennsylvania: T. D. Gib-
delberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger- son, Wilkinsburg, Pa.
many. Western Washington: Lee Moran,
West Michigan: W. H. Heckman, 309 Second Ave., North, Seattle,
22 Cass Ave., Grand Rapids, Wash.
Mich. Wisconsin: R. A. Phelps, Milton
Junction, Wis.

Only the names of ordained and Andreason, M. L., 150 North Hum-
licensed ministers appear in boldt St., Chicago, Ill.
this list. To determine the na- Andrews, W. R., Fredericton,
ture of any person's appoint- New Brunswick.
ment, reference should be made Andrews, R. F., College View,
to the directory of the Confer- Nebr.
ence operating in the field Andross, E. E., 176 Melbourne
where the worker is located. Road, Leicester, England.
This applies to the workers Anderson, A. C., 1301 North Twen-
named above, as well as all ty-first St., Lincoln, Nebr.
other classes. Anglebarger, G. W., 1112 South
Abd-Elshabeed, A wad a, Luxor, Eleventh St., Denver, Colo.
Upper Egypt. Aris, S., 451 Holloway Road, Lon-
AcMoody, C. D., Reeve, Wis. don, N., England.
Adams, J. W., 143 Carr St., Los Armitage, F. B., S. D. A. Mission,
Angee s, Cal. Gwelo, Rhodesia, South Africa.
Adams, P. P., Pomona, Cal. Armstrong, W. II., 331 North
Adams,E. II., 143 Carr St., Los Green St., Greensboro, N. C.
, Cal.
Angees Armstrong, Harry, 39-1 Free
Adams, W. M., 438 Selkirk Ave., School St., Calcutta, India.
Winnipeg, Manitoba. Armstrong, H. W., 451 Holloway
A hven, E. J., Kungsgatan 34, Road, London, N., England.
Stockholm, Sweden. Asheraft, J. B., Pratt, Kans.
Airey, R. W., Gravelford, Oregon. Aufderhar, H. A., Fort Morgan,
Allee, N. W., 1025 Jefferson St., Colo.
Nashville, Tenn. Augsbourger, C., 29 rue de la Syn-
Altman, M. A., 28a Roeland St., agogue, Geneva, Switzerland.
Cape Town, South Africa.
Alway, W. A., 13 South Main St., Babcock, D. C., 79 Robb St.,
Salt Lake City, Utah. Georgetown, Demerara, British
Alway, G. M., 602 South Thir- Guiana, South America.
teenth St., Rocky Ford, Colo. Babcock, H. W., Cottage Grove,
Anderson, B. L., Poy Sippi, Wis. Oregon.
Anderson, H. P., Poy Sippi, Wis. Babcock, M. S., 2200 Chestnut
Arlderson, Fred, Jkgaregatan 2, Ave., Newport News, Va.
Helsingf ors, Finland. Babcock, Charles M., Stillwater,
Anderson, J. N., care British Post- Minn.
office, Canton, China. Baber, G. H., Graysville, Tenn.
Anderson, W. H., S. D. A. Mis- Badaut, J. P., 108 rue de Vau-
sion, Buluw a yo, Rhodesia, girard, Paris, France.
South Africa. Bagby, J. W., Armona, Cal.
Anderson, John F., 827 Magnolia Bagby, J. R., Winchester, Okla. T.
St., St. Paul, Minn. Baharian, Z. G., English Poste
Anderson, U. S., Oolitic, Ind. restante, Galata, Constanti-
Anderson, J. E., Junction City, nople, Turkey, via London, Eng-
Kans. land.
Anderson, Birger, Kungsgatan 34, Baierle, C., Box 320, McKeesport,
Stockholm, Sweden. Pa.

Baker, W. L. H., 37 Taranaki St., Bland, W. T., 222 North Capitol

Wellington, New Zealand. St., Washington, D. C.
Balada, Enrique, Casilla 240, Iqui- Bliss, Geo., VVillet, N. Y.
que, Chile, South America. Bliss, C. H., 320 West Third St.,
Ball, D. A., 217 Saxton St., Lock- Peru, Ind.
port, N. Y. Block, Henry, Leduc, Alberta,
Ballenger, J. F., Redlands, Cal. Northwest Territory, Canada.
Ballenger, E. S., Redlands, Cal. Blosser, J. B., Berrien Springs,
Ballenger, A. F., 55 Morden Road, Mich.
Newport, Mon., Wales. Bodwell, A. G., 1599 Avenue 22,
Balsbaugh, II. C., Memphis, Tenn. Tacubaya, D. F., Mexico.
Barry, A., 1025 Jefferson St., Boettcher, J. T., Weiherweg 48,
Nashville, Tenn. Basle, Switzerland.
Bartlett, J., Spaulding, Idaho. Bollman, C. P., Springville, Tenn.
Bartlett, A. W., 1440 East Tenth Bond, Walter, 198 Calle de Car-
St., Indianapolis, Ind. retera de Barcelona, Sabadell,
Basney, H. C., 818 Penn Ave., Sta- near Barcelona, Spain.
tion D, Pittsburg, Pa. Bond, Frank, 198 Calle de Car-
Bates, C. H., 211 West Golden retera de Barcelona, Sabadell,
Ave., Cripple Creek, Colo. near Barcelona, Spain.
Baumann, H., Grindelberg 15a, Bond, J. E., Box 284, Williams,
Hamburg, Germany. Ariz.
Baxter, W. L., Cement, Okla. T. Bond, Mrs. J. E., Box 284, Wil-
Beach, J. W., Elk Point, S. Dak. liams, Ariz.
Beams, J. W., Kaycee, Wyo. Bonde, Hans, Nofman, Okla. T.
Beard, J. 0., 603 East Twelfth St., Bourdeau, A. C., 166 Kalamazoo
Des Moines, Iowa. St., Battle Creek, Mich.
Beckner, J. B., 32 Text Lane, Bourdeau, D. T., 475 `Wealthy
Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich.
Beddoe, B. E., Rolla, Mo. Bowen, T. E., 317 West Bloom-
Beebe, E. I., Ovid, Mich. field St., Rome, N. Y.
Beeson, C. A., Portage la Prairie, Boylan, Hiram A., 931 Washte-
Manitoba. naw St., Lansing, Mich.
Behrens, J. H., Honolulu, Hawai- Boynton, J. W., Ponoka, Alberta,
ian Territory. Northwest Territory, Canada.
Bell, A. R., 3 Van Houten Ave.,
Bradford, Robt. L., 923 Oakland
Jersey City, N. J.
Ave., Kansas City, Kans.
Bellows, R. J., Ensign, via Rapid
River, Mich. Bralliar, Floyd, Stuart, Iowa.
Bender, U., Booneville, Ark. Braley, Wm., Woodward, Okla. T.
Benham, R. D., Central, Oregon. Branch, Thomas, Plainfield Es-
Bergersen, N. C., Story City, tate, Cholo, near Blantyre, Brit-
Iowa. ish Central Africa.
Bernstein, 0. 0., Box 989, Minne- Breed, A. J., College Place, Wash.
apolis, Minn. Brice, J. F., 143 Constitution St.,
Berry, G. W., Sheridan, Wyo. Lexington, Ky.
Berthelsen, P. E., College View, Bringle, A. S., Beloit, Kans.
Nebr. Brink, Fred, Cedar Lake, Mich.
Bicknell, P. F., 1377 Washington Bristol, E. A., 301 Michigan St.,
Ave., North Deering, Me. Petoskey, Mich.
Betts, C. F., Elk Point, S. Dak. Bristol, A. J., Takoma Park, D. C.
Bird, W. L., Hackleburg, Ala. Brock, R. H., Arkansas City,
Bird, A. C., Elkwood, Ala. Kans.
Black, W. L., Myrtle Point, Oregon. Brorsen, A., 4165 Lusk Ave., Oak-
Blake, W. J., R. F. D. No. 2, Am- land, Cal.
ory, Miss. Brown, M. H., Rutherford, Cal.

Brown, G. M., 1599 Avenue 22, Casebeer, Geo., College Place,

Tacubaya, D. F., Mexico. Wash.
Brown, 11. W., Concordia, Kans. Chancy, J. A., Sweetwaters,
Brunet, A., 198 Calle de Carretera Zwaartkops, Natal, South Af-
de Barcelona, Sabadell, near rica.
Barcelona, Spain. Christian, L. H., Margrethevej 5,
Brunson, John A., care Sanita- Copenhagen, V., Denmark.
rium, Battle Creek, Mich. Christian, A. F., Kenmare, N.Dak.
Buckner, T. B., Charity Mission, Christian, J. W., Alcester, S. Dak.
Montgomery, Ala. Christiansen, A. G., Provo, Utah.
Budd, Geo. L., Eddy, Minn. Christensen, P., Margrethevej 5,
Bulutlts, C. J., 626 East Eleventh Copenhagen, V., Denmark.
St.. -Indianapolis, Ind. Christenson, 1. C., Badger, Minn.
Bunch, F. S., Gravelford, Oregon. Clark, J. J. W., Manor, Wash.
Burma, Pa uliasi, Suva You, Fiji, Clark, A. J., 5 Crescent St., New
Pacific Ocean. London, Conn.
Burden, W. J., Cor. Fourth and Clausen, N., Margrethevej 5,
Ankeny Sts., Portland, Oregon. Copenhagen, V., Denmark.
Burden, J. A., Sanitariinn, Wah- Cobb, S. M., 56 George St., West,
roonga, N. S. W., Australia. Sydney, N. S. W., Australia.
Burg, F. M., 201 Second St., Port- Colcord, W. A., College View,
land, Oregon. Nebr.
Burkholder, H. H., Bellville, Ohio. Coleord, I. C., Honolulu, Hawaiian
Burman, C. A., Aberdeen, S. 1)ak. Territory.
Burnham, M. S., Otsego, Mich. Cole, J. M., R. F. D. No. 4, Salem,
Burri11, A. 0., 645 West Ave., Buf- Oregon.
falo, N. Y.
Burrow, W. R., Raleigh, Tenn. Collie, J. W., Box 186, Boulder,
Butcher, 0. F., 32 Sylvan Ave., Colo.
Detroit, Mich. Collins, J. E., 617 Thomas St.,
Butler, Geo. I., 1025 Jefferson St., New Albany, Ind.
Nashville, Tenn. Connerly, B. E., 120 Calle Men-
Butler, S. M., Cedar Lake, Mich. dez Vigo, Mayaguez, Porto
Butler, O. K., Payette, Idaho. Rico, West Indies.
Butterfield, C. L., Newburg, Ore- Conradi, L. R., Grindelberg 15a,
gon. Hamburg, Germany.
Butz, E. S., Nukualofa, Tonga, Constandt, R. H., 93 Franklin St.,
Friendly Islands, Pacific Ocean. Adelaide, South Australia, Aus-
Cady, B. J., Papeete, Tahiti, So- Conway, F. H., Pawnee, Okla. T.
ciety Islands, Pacific Ocean. look, E. L., Hartington, Nebr.
Cady, M. F., Healdsburg, Cal. Corbaley, F. M., 666 May St., Bur-
Caldwell, j. E., Ogden, Tenn. lington, Iowa.
Campbell, W. H., Hemingford, Corliss, J. 0., 222 North Capitol
Nebr. St., Washington, D. C.
Campbell, 0. F., Ogden Ave., Me- Cottrell, H. W., South Lancaster,
nominee, Mich. Mass.
Carr, H. W., Route 1, Randolph, Cottrell, R. F., care Academy,
N. Y. South Lancaster, Mass.
Carey, A., Hildebran, N. C. Courter, H. F., Decatur, Ga.
Catlin, E. W., Box 989, Minne- Cousins, J. B., London, Ontario.
apolis, Minn. Covert, Wm., Bethel, Wis.
Caviness, G. W., 1599 Avenue 22, Covert, J. W., Wolf Lake, Ind.
Taeubaya, D. F., Mexico. Craddock, T. H., 93 Franklin St.,
Chaffee, C. H., Goldsberry, Mo. Adelaide, South Australia, Aus-
Chapman, E. M., Alexandria, Minn. tralia.

Craig, R. B., 203 Third Ave., Pe- Dunn, J. E., Greenfield, Ind.
oria, Ill.
Crane, I. A., South Haven, Kans. Easley, W. A., 821 West Fifth
Crisler, L. H., Orlando, Fla. St., Topeka, Kans.
Crisler, L. T. Orlando, Fla. Eastman, W. W., Keene, Tex.
Cruzan, W. S., Rolla, Mo. Ebel, George, Oleta, Okla. T.
Cubley, W. M., Levi, Tex. Ebel, J., Grindelberg 15a, Ham-
Cummins, J. F., Daleville, Ind. burg, Germany.
Curdy, J., rue du Weg 29, Mont- Ebert, W. A., R. F. D. No. 35,
sur-Marchienne, near Charleroi, Frankton, Ind.
Belgium. Edgar, J. L., 1319 Ann Arbor St.,
Currow,Arthur, Suva Vou, Fiji, Flint, Mich.
Pacic Ocean. Edmed, H. J., Mayor's Walk,
Curtis, Paul, College View, Nebr. Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South
Curtis, W. D., Boggstown, Ind. Africa.
Curtis, E. A., Sheridan, Ill. Edwards, C. H., 1336 Prospect
Ave., cor. 169th St., New York,
Dake, U. B., Cement, Okla. T. N. Y.
Dana, F. M., 190 North Winooski Edwards, S. P. S., 1213 Fifteenth
Ave., Burlington, Vt. St., Moline, Ill.
Dangschar, C. Grindelberg 15a, Ellis, J. M., South Stukely, Que-
Hamburg, Ger many. bec.
Daniells, A. G., 222 North Capi- Emery, W. D., Hamilton, Mont.
tol St., Washington, D. C. Emerson, N. B., 821 West Fifth
Dart, C. J., Attalla, Ala. St., Topeka, Kans.
Dart, A. M., Juneau, Alaska. Emmerson, C. L., Batavia, Minn.
Davis, S. S., Elnora, Ind. Enoch, Geo. F., 31 Dundonald St.,
Decker, H. W., West Ave., Mt. Port of Spain, Trinidad, West
Tabor, Oregon. Indies.
Defreeze, Thos., 308 West Fif- Enseleit, E., Grindelberg 15a,
teenth Ave., Corsicana, Tex. HOmburg, Germany.
Detamore, F. A., 102 South Har- Erikson, J. M., Kungsgatan 34,
riet St., Stillwater, Minn. Stockholm, Sweden.
De Vinney, F. H., Worcester, Os- Erzenberger, J., Weiherweg 48,
wego Co., N. Y. Basle, Switzerland.
Dexter, H. H., 5013 Laurel St., Etheredge, N. J., Rives, Fisher
New Orleans, La. Co., Tex.
DiefFenbacher, B. L., 603 East Everson, C. T., 79 via Napoli,
Twelfth St., Des Moines, Iowa. Rome, Italy.
Dirksen, H. J., Morden, Manitoba. Evans, I. H., care Review and
Divillbiss, J., Sallisaw, Ind. T. Herald, Battle Creek, Mich.
Dixon,N. P., Portis, Kans.
, R. S., 801 Canal St., Ewart, A. D., Bingham Lake,
Evansville, Ind. Minn.
Douglass,'G. B., 651 Ash St., Ma-
con, Ga. Fairchild, F. M., Liberty Center,
Dorcas, J. W., 603 East Twelfth Ohio.
St., Des Moines, Iowa. Farman, H. J., Bakersfield, Vt.
Downer, W. T., " Our Retreat," Fernstrom, K. A., Kungsgatan 34,
E. B. Demerara River, British Stockholm, Sweden.
Guiana, South America. Farnsworth, E. W., 16 Best St.,
Dowsett, R. T., 865 Fifth St., Mil- North Fitzroy, Victoria, Aus-
waukee, Wis. tralia.
Droll, Geo. A., 321 North Market Farnsworth, S. A., South Stukely,
St., Wichita, Kans. Quebec.
Dryer, E. J., 246 West Twenty- Farnsworth, 0. 0., Westminster,
third St., Erie, Pa. Md.

Farnsworth, C. P., R. F. D. No. 4, Gardner, E. E., Hampton, Iowa.

Madison, Wis. Gardner, C. M., Hanford, Cal.
Farnsworth, E. E., 1112 South
Garrett, R. G., Linwood, Ky.
Eleventh St., Denver, Colo.
Fellow, J. J., R. R. No. 3, Green- Garton, B. M., Hartington, Nebr.
town, Ind. Gates, E. H., " Sunnyside," Coor-
Felter, L. W., 2010 Chestnut St., anbong, N. S. W., Australia.
Houston, Tex. Gauterau, F. D., 451 Holloway
Fenner, H., Grindelberg 15a, Ham- Road, London, N., England.
burg, Germany. Gellert, Henry, Bobring Station,
Fero, D. T., Wright and Wooster St. Louis, Mo.
Ayes., San Jose, Cal.
Field, A. E., Box 239, Oklahoma Gibson, L. A., Great Falls, Mont.
City, Okla. T. Giddings, H. E., Fernando, Cal.
Field, F. W., 30 Oiwaki-cho, Giddings, Phillip, New Amster-
IIongo Ku, Tokio, Japan. dam, Berbice, British Guiana,
Field, T. W., Keene, Tex. South America.
Finster, L. V., 201 Newcastle St., Gilbert, F. C., South Lancaster,
West Perth, West Australia, Mass.
Australia. Gilbert, A. C., Box 989, Minne-
Fisher, Otis J., Station A, Pasa- apolis, Minn.
dena, Cal. Gilbert, A. D., care Pacific , Press,
Fisk, B. E., Richburg, N. Y. Oakland, Cal.
Fitzgerald, W. J., 1942 North Giles, C. E., Attalla, Ala.
Seventeenth St., Philadelphia, Godfrey, T., Ellsworth, Kans.
Pa. Godsmark, Otho C., 2005 Maga-
Flaiz, C. W., Medford, Minn zine St., Louisville, Ky.
Fletcher, Hubert, 32 Text Lane,
Goodrich, H. C., Box 105, Belize,
Kingston, J'amaica, West In- British Hondur as, Central
Floding, Wm. E., Sanitarium,
Goodrich, J. B., Blaine, Me.
Apia, Samoa, Pacific Ocean. Gosmer, W. A., 108 Grand St.,
Foggin, W. R., 1200 Seventh St.,
Helena, Mont.
Parkersburg, W. Va.
Dowdy, B. F., Hartford (Gwynn
Ford, C. E., Medical Lake, Wash. P. 0.), Ark.
Foster, J. C., Box 925, Billings,
Gowell, J. D., 814 Pine St., North,
Lansing, Mich.
Francis, B., Wells, Minn.
Graf, H. F., Caixa do Correio 768,
Franke, E. E., Hollis, Long Is- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South
land, N. Y. America.
Frauchiger, E., Grindelberg 15a,
Graf, J. J., College View, Nebr.
Hamburg, Germany.
Graham, J. E., Seabeck, Wash.
Frederick, W. E., Stuart, Iowa.
Granger, W. H., 3222 Warsaw
Freeman, J. M., Kolo, Mafeteng,
Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Basutoland, South Africa.
Grauer, G. A., 307 Merritt St.,
French, H. B., Keene, Tex.
Oshkosh, Wis.
French, L. L., Black Creek, Wis.
Gregory, M. H., 908 West First
French, A. F., Grant City, Mo. St., Independence, Kans.
Fullmer, B. E., 603 East Twelfth Griffin, H. Clay, Washburn, Mo.
St., Des Moines, Iowa. Griggs, Frederick, South Lancas-
Fulton, J. E., Avondale School, ter, Mass.
Cooranbong, N. S. W., Aus- Groenewald, D. H., The Avenue,
tralia. Stellenbosch, South Africa.
Guild, M. C., 629 Washington
Gaede, P. P., College View, Nebr. Ave., Alpena, Mich.
Gaede, D. P., Grindelberg 15a, Guthrie, Wm., 282 Maynard St.;
Hamburg, Germany. Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Habenieht, R. H., Casilla del Cor- Haskell, C. P., Geneva, Ohio.

reo 481, Buenos Ayres, Argen- Haughey, A. G., Otsego, Mich.
tine Republic, South America. Haughey, S. G., 176 Melbourne
Hadley, 0. S., 553 North Califor- Road, Leicester, England.
nia Ave., Chicago, Ill. Hawkins, G. R., 603 East Twelfth
Haffner, G. F., Box 239, Oklahoma St., Des Moines, Iowa.
City, Okla. T. Hawkins, Mrs. G. R., 603 East.
Ilagle, B., Mendon, Mich. Twelfth St., Des Moines, Iowa.
Hahn, F. H., Arcadia, Nebr. Hayes, E. G., Madison, S. Dak.
Hale, D. U., Keene, Tex. Haysmer, A. J., 31 Dundonald St.,
Hall, C. A., Graysville, Tenn. Port of Spain, Trinidad, West
Hall, 0. A., Lead, S. Dak. Indies.
Hall, Frank, 32 Text Lane, Kings- Hayton, C. H., Union College,
ton, Jamaica, West Indies. Kenilworth, Cape Colony, South
Halladay, F. W., Station K, Nash- Africa.
ville, Tenn. Hayward, 0. M., Graysville, Tenn.
Halliday, Walter, 71 Norfolk St., Heacock, A. 1'., 1703 North Sec-
Swansea, Wales. ond St., St. Joseph, Mo.
Hampton, J. B., Taloga, Okla. T. Healey, W. M., 317 West Third
Hanhardt, J. G., Shaffer, Kans. St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Hankins, I. J., 28a Roeland St., Hebner, W. C., 186- Champion St.,
Cape Town, South Africa. Battle Creek, Mich.
Hanna, J. G., Charlottetown, Heckman, W. II., 22 Cass Ave.,
Prince Edward Island. Grand Rapids, Mich.
Hansen, H. M., Akersgaden 74, Hennig, W. A., 334 Cannily, St..
Christiania, Norway. North Carlton, Victoria, Aus-
Hansen, P. A., Margrethevej 5, tralia.
Copenhagen, V., Denmark. Herrell, H. W., 2414 Church Hill
Hansen, C. A., Manton, Mich. Ave., Richmond, Va..
Hansen, L. A., 624 Church St., Herrmann, C. J., 307 Merritt St.,
Nashville, Tenn. Oshkosh, Wis.
Hanson, P. M., Bethel, Wis. Hersum, S. J., Richmond. Me.
Hanson, P. A., Thief River Falls, Hibbard, E. J., Healdsburg, Cal.
Minn. Hickman, T. J., Harper, Okla. 1.
Harder, J. F., Windom, Kans. Hicks, F. H., Box 40, Salamanca,
Hare, Robert, Oxford Chambers, N. Y.
Bourke St., Melbourne, Vic- Hill, Matthew, West Green Bay.
toria, Australia. Wis.
Hare, S. T., 143 Carr St., Los An- Hill, W. B., College View, Nebr.
geles, Cal. Hill, Wm., Rochester, Ind.
Harmon, J. S., Healdsburg, Cal. Hills, Dr. W. NV., 831 East Costilla
Harris, A. J., 106 First St., Jack- St., Colorado Springs, Colo.
son, Mich. Hills, W. F., 429 Maxwell Ave.,
Harris, F.. J., Ensign, via Rapid Boulder, Colo.
River, Mich. Hilliard, E., 131 St. Johns St.,
Harris, J. C., Oolitic, Ind. Launceston, Tasmania.
Harrison, A. F., Graysville, Tenn. Hockart, G. W., Weiherweg 48,
Hart, J. S., College View, Nebr. Basle, Switzerland.
Hoffman. G., Trade River, Wis.
Harter, R. E., Langford, S. Dak. Hoffman, John, T ga re gatan 2.
Hartwell, S. D., 4230 St. Cath- Helsingfors, Finland.
erine St., Montreal, Quebec. Holbrook, .T. A., College Place.
Hartwell, H. C., South Lancaster, Wash.
Mass. Holbrook, W. S., College Place.
Haskell, S. N., South Lancaster, Wash.
Mass. -Hoopes, I. A., College View, Nebr.
Haskell, Mrs. H. H., South Lan- Hoover, H. L., 1211 St. John St.,
caster, Mass. Albuquerque, N. Mex.

Hopkins, E. B., Marietta, Tex. Johnson, Lewis, College View,

Horton, R. C., 1030 South West Nebr.
St., Kalamazoo, Mich. Johnson, Fred, Box 989, Minne-
Horton, S. B., 5013 Laurel St., apolis, Minn.
New Orleans, La. Johnson, A. E., Junction City,
Hottel, R. D. New Market, Va. Kans.
Howard, A. J., 525 Central Ave., Johnson, Geo. G., 265 Duffield
Phoenix, Ariz. Ave., Galesburg, Ill.
Howe, B. L., Fresno, Cal. Johnson, H. R., Box 61, Cam-
Huenergardt, J. F., Grindelberg bridge, Wis.
15a, Hamburg, Germany. Johnson, Henry, Carrington, N.
Huffman, B. E., 821 West Fifth Dak.
St., Topeka, Kans. Johnson, Wm., 603 East Twelfth
Huffman, M. G., Stewardson, 111. St., Des Moines, Iowa.
Hughes, C. B., Keene, Tex. Johnson, L. E., Arcadia, Nebr.
Huguley, J. M., Plano, Tex. oh nson , 0., Kungsgatan 34,
Huntington, S. G., 1200 Seventh Stockholm, Sweden.
St., Parkersburg, W. Va. .lohnson, 0. A., Akersgaden 74,
liuntley, E. H., 599 Carroll St., Christiania, Norway.
St. Paul, Minn. Johnson, A. W., Edgefield Junc-
Hutchinson, Wm., Moss Road, tion, Tenn.
Ballyclare, Co. Antrim, Ireland. Johnston, J. W., 708 Brazos St.,
Hyatt, A. R., care Sanitarium, Houston, Tex.
Battle Creek, Mich. Johnston, J. 0., Eufola, N. C.
Hyatt, W. S., 28a Roeland St., Jones, A. T., 503 West Main St.,
Cape Town, South Africa. Battle Creek, Mich.
Hyatt, J. M., Cape Coast Castle, Jones, Walter, Bowling Green,
Gold Coast, West Africa. Ky.
1_1 Jones, J. F., 221 King St., Wil-
Ireland, J. J., 1059 Castro St., mington, Del.
Oakland, Cal. Jones, H. W., Tallapoosa, Ga.
Irwin, G. A., 56 George St., West, Jones, G. F., Arorangi, Raratonga,
Sydney, N. S. W., Australia. Cook Islands, Pacific Ocean.
Irwin, C. W., Avondale School, Jones, 0. E., College View, Nebr.
Cooranbong, N. S. W., Austra- Jones, Methusalah, 32 Text Lane,
lia. Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.
Irwin, John J., Mancelona, Mich. Jorg, F., 852 Vancouver Ave.,
Isaac, J., Berlin, Ontario. Portland, Oregon.
Isaac, Daniel, Parker, S. Dak. .Jorgensen, N. M., Gayville, S.
Israel, M. C., Sonora, Cal. Dak.
Iverson, Paul, Great Falls, Mont. .lorgensen, Bertha E., Gayville, S.
Jackson, S. E., Fergus Falls, Joyce, S., Moss Road, Ballyclare,
Minn. Co. Antrim, Ireland.
Jayne, J. E., 165 Godwin St., Pat-
erson, N. J. Jurickson, J., Grindelberg 15a,
Jencks, Frank, Thayer, Kans. Hamburg, Germany.
.Jensen, C. C., 451 Holloway Road,
London, N., England. Karlsson, L., Kungsgatan 34,
Jensen, J. F., Ramah, Colo. Stockholm, Sweden.
Jenson, A. W., Keene, Tex. Karlsson, B. J., Kungsgatan 34,
Jespersson, S., Jerusalem, Pales- Stockholm, Sweden.
tine, Deutsche poste, via Ger- Kauble, N. W., Sheridan, Ill.
many. Kay, J. L., College Place, Wash.
.leys, Thos. H., Stuart, Iowa. Keck, Irving, Bowling Green, Fla.
John, A. A., San Juan de Latran Kellogg, A. S., Healdsburg, Cal.
5, Mexico, D. F. Kellogg, M. G., Healdsburg, Cal.

Kennedy, Wm., 436 Fourteenth Lane, E. G., 814 Pine St., North,
St., Durango, Colo. Lansing, Mich.
Kennedy, R. R., Wheelersburg, Langdon, Geo. E., 61 Whitmore
Ohio. St., Hartford, Conn.
Kern, M. E., College View, Nebr. Larson, G. A. Winterset, Iowa.
Keslake, C. H., 1111 East State Lauda, Emil R., 424 Michigan
St Trenton, N. it Ave., Detroit, Mich.
Ketritig, H. Casilla 240, Iqui- Lawrence, N. W., Academia, Ohio.
que, Chile, South America. Lecoultre, D., 29 rue de la Syna-
Kilgore, R. M., Graysville, Tenn. gogue, Geneva, Switzerland,
King, George A., 982 East 166th Leer, Valentine, Lincoln, McLean
St., Brooklyn, N. Y. CO. Dak.
King, N. B., 209 Fayette St,, Leland, Eugene, Lorne Park, On-
Vicksburg, Miss. tario.
Kinne, P. Z., Kirkville, N. Y. Leland, C. E., Susanville, Cal.
Kinne, E. L., Prentice, Wis, Leland, J. A., S Camurena. St.,
Kirk, H. E., 421 Polk St., Topeka, Guadalajara, Mexico.
Kans. Lemon, A. E., 282 Duckworth St.,
Kirkendall, M. C., Academia, Ohio. St. Johns, Newfoundland.
Kirkle, G. A., Itemingforcl, Nebr. Lewis, C. C., College Place, Wash.
Kite, C. R., College View, Nebr. Lewis, T. G., Mancelona, Mich.
Klingbeil, R. G., Grindelberg 15a, Lewis, M. W., 3609 Broadway,
Hamburg, Germany. Menominee, Mich.
Kloss, J., Crandon, Wis. Lewsadder, Wm., 314 North 13 St.,
Kneeland, W. G., Scarboro, To- Monmouth, Ill.
bago, West Indies. Lightner, Chas., 937 Elm St., Pu-
Knight, W., 451 Holloway Road, eblo, Colo.
London, N., England. Lindsey, D. E., Clyde, Ohio.
Knight, I. G., Bocas del Toro, Litchfield, Archie, Brooker, Fla.
Panama. Little, J. C., College Place, Wash.
Knight, C. E., Fernando, Cal.
Knox, W. T., 816 Twentieth St., Locken, J. B., Barron, Wis.
Oakland, Cal. Loebsack, H. J., Grindelberg 15a,
Kraft, J. H., Atlantic, Iowa. Hamburg, Germany.
Kress, D. II., Sanitarium, Wah- Loebsack, H. K., Grindelberg 15a,
roonga, N. S. W., Australia. Hamburg, Germany.
Krum, J. H., Deutsche post (via Loeppke, Edward, Bowdon, Wells
Germany), Beirut, Syria. Co., N. Dak.
Kozel, Frank, Brainerd, Minn. Longacre, C. S., Station D, Pitts-
Kueller, C., Grindelberg 15a, Ham- burg, Pa.
burg, Germany. Longard, Levi, Tantallon, Nova
Kuehl, A. W., Box 2482, Johan- Scotia.
nesburg, Transvaal, South Af- Loughborough, J. N., 1228 Chest-
rica. nut St., Oakland, Cal.
Kunkel, C. J., Hinckley, Minn.
Kunze, August, Reese, Mich. Lowry, W. S., Raleigh, Tenn.
Lucas, V. H., 1414 Harrison St.,
Lacey, H. C., Healdsburg, Cal. Wilmington, Del.
Lair, J. W., 1306 Seventh St., Luepke, 0., Grindelberg 15a, Ham-
Parkersburg, W. Va. burg, Germany.
Lake, D. D., Healdsburg, Cal. Linde, E. D., Casilla del Correo
Lamson, J. G., College Building, 481, Buenos Ayres, Argentine
Battle Creek, Mich. Republic, South America.
Lane, S. H., 317 West Bloomfield Lukens, Morris, 5237 Cedar Ave.,
St., Rome, N. Y. Philadelphia, Pa.
Lane, L. N., 514 Pearl St., Char- Lyndon, F. E., 37 Taranaki St.,
lotte, Mich. Wellington, New Zealand.

Maas, J. V., Casilla del Correo Meleen, C., 10 Highland St.,

481, Buenos Ayres, Argentine Jamestown, N. Y.
Republic, South America. Meredith, W. H., 96 East St.,
Mace, P. W., Westminster, Md. Pontypridd, South Wales.
MacGuire, Meade, Meeker, Colo. Merrell, E. A., 719 Highland Ave.,
Marchus, Amos S., 176 Melbourne Kansas City, Mo.
Road, Leicester, England. Meyer, H., Salisbury, Mo.
Mackintosh, M., Monte Vista, Meyer, A. A., cor. Utah and Texas
Colo. Sts., St. Louis, Mo.
MacLay, W. D., Fremont, Nebr. Meyers, H. B., 39-1 Free School
Madsen, 0., Grindelberg 15a, St., Calcutta, India.
Hamburg, Germany. Mikklsen, J. C., Bethel, Wis.
Magan, P. T., Berrien Springs, Miles, E. E., South Lancaster,
Mich. Mass.
Martin, W. F., Kalania, Wash. Miller H. W., R. F. D. No. 2,
Martin, C. N., Chico Post-office, Battle Creek, Mich.
Cal. Miller, M. 13., 29 University Ave.,
Martin, H. H., Box 239, Oklahoma Battle Creek, Mich.
City, Okla. T. Miller, C. W., Keene, Tex.
Mathe, L., Grindelberg 15a, Ham- Miller, A. L., Woodstock, Ontario.
burg, Germany. Miller, W. W., Academia, Ohio.
Mathews, James, Scarboro, To- Miller, J. 0., Academia, Ohio.
bago, West Indies. Miller, H. W., Sin Tsai Hsien, Ro-
Matthews, W. R., Traverse City, nan, via Hankow, China.
Mich. Miller, R. W., Fernando, Cal.
Mattson, M. I)., South Lancaster, Millman, W. T., Gallatin, Mo.
Mass. Mitchell, H. M., Academia, Ohio.
Maxwell, E. L., Box 239, Okla- Moon, Allen, Room 670, Monon
homa City, Okla. T. Bldg., 324 Dearborn St., Chi-
McAvoy, John, 36 St. Ives Gar- eag,o,
dens, Stranmillis Road, Belfast, Moore, L. G., 1120 East Univer-
Ireland. sity Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich.
McCarthy, Juan, Casilla del Cor- Morrow, J. A., Box 54, Hamilton,
reo 481, Buenos Ayres, Argen- Bermuda Islands.
tine Republic, South America. Morrison, Isaac, Auburn, Cal.
McClintock, N. L., Blencoe, Iowa. Morrison, J. H., College View,
McClintock, Arthur, Kalona, Iowa. Nebr.
McClure, N. C., Healdsburg, Cal.
McCord, J. W., 176 Melbourne Mortenson, S., 170 Townsend St.,
Road, Leicester, England. Chicago, Ill.
McCoy, L., Battle Creek, Mich. Mo s e h a r, Frank, Springville,
McCutchen, W. A., Keene, Tex. Tenn.
McElhaney, J. L., 56 George St., Murderspach, L., Margrethevej 5,
West, Sydney, N. S. W., Aus- Copenhagen, V., Denmark.
tralia. Munson, R. W., Padang, West
McGill, Neil, cor. Main and Poi- Coast Sumatra, Netherlands,
son Sts., Winnipeg, Mani- East Indies.
toba. Murphy, Thomas, 1512 Ninth
McGowan, W. J., 56 George St., Ave., Columbus, Miss.
West., Sydney, N. S. W., Aus-
tralia. Nabors, J. J., Thorn, Miss.
McNeely, W. L., 1121 North Sev- Nash, R. T., Waynesville, N. C.
enteenth St., Birmingham, Ala. Neff, A. C., Quicksburg, Va.
McReynolds, C., 821 West Fifth Neff, E. L., 721 Wyoming St., San
St., Topeka, Kans. Antonio, Tex.
McVagh, C. F., Coudersport, Pa. Neilsen, J. C., 323 Union St.,
Mead, Andrew, Brainerd, Minn. Neenah, Wis.


Neilsen, N. P., 203 High St., Osh- Owen, Roderick S., Fernando, Cal.
kosh, Wis. Owen, G. KS., 39-1 Free School St.,
Neilson, Lars, Winifred, Ward Calcutta, India.
Co., N. Dak.
Nelsen, N. P., Akersgaden 74, Paap, F. W., 56 George St., West,
Christiania, Norway. Sydney, N. S. W., Australia.
Nelson, S. E., Brushville, Wis. Paap, C. A., 37 Taranaki St., Wel-
Nelson, Andrew, Keene, Tex. lington, New Zealand.
Nelson, N. 1'., Keene, Tex. Painter, T. H., Stanleyton, Pare
Nelson, N. C., College View, Nebr. Co., Va.
Nellis, S. W., 186 Edward St., Pallant, .11, 201 Newcastle St.,
Brisbane, Queensland, Austra- West Perth, West Australia,
lia. Australia.
Nettleton, Daniel, College Vi:'w, Palmer, F. R., 525 Central Ave.,
Nebr. Phoenix, Ariz.
Nicola, H., 123 Manchester Parker, C. H., Suva Von, Fiji, Pa-
Battle Creek, Mich. cific ran.
Nicola, L. T., Union, Broome Co., Parker, 11. W., Ral'igh, Tena.
N. Y. Parkhurst, W. D., 027 Quigly
Nicola, B. E., Box 414, Huntsville, Ave., ((rand Rapids, Mich.
Ala. Parmele, R. W., 1120 South Ma:n
Nord, G. E., 170 Townsend St., St., F,. Scott, Ka71s.
Chicago, Ill. Parmelc, C. F., 821 West Fifth
Norderhus, 0. -P., Akersaden 74, St., To; tka, Kan,.
Christiania, Norway. Parmelee, D. B., South Lancast r.
Norwood, J. W., Clerokee, Kans. Mass.
Davey, Thomas E., 1025 Jefferson
()berg, F. R., Kungsgatan 34, St., Nashville, Tenn.
Stockholm, Sweden. Par:ons, D. A., 176 Melbourne
Oberholtzer, D. II., Thayer, Kans. Road, Leicester, En,2,:land.
Oblaender, G., Grindelberg 15,a, Pascot, W. H., 37 Taranaki St
Hamburg, Germany. Wellington, New Z:,aland.
Okohira, T. II., 856 Sendagaya Peabody, F., West Valley, N. V.
mum, Tokio, Japan. Peekover, C. E., 821 West Fi'th
0,rden, A. R., Ellsworth, Kans. St., Topeka, Kans.
Olds, C. IV., Janesville, Wis. Perdue, M., Hope Villa, La.
Olsen, 0. Akersgaden 74, Chris- feet, .1. 0., Batavia, Minn.
tiania, Norway. Pedicord, C. A., Battle Creek,
Olsen, 0. A., 451 Holloway Road, Mich.
London, N., England. Perk, G., Grindelberg 15a, Ham-
Olsen, M. E., 451 Holloway Road, burg, Germany.
London, N., England. Perk, J., Grindelberg 15a, Ham-
Olsen, E. G., Forest City, Iowa. burg, Germany.
Orrell, E. V., 2234 Magazine St., Perry, F. L., Aberdeen, S. Dak.
New Orleans, La. Peters, John, Rosthern, Saskateh-
Osborne, H. E., Battle Creek, e w a n, Northwest Territory,
Mich. Canada.
Osborne, P. B., R. F. D. No. 4 and Petersen, F. F., Baraboo, Wis.
5, Skowhegan, Me. Pettit, G. IV., 201 Second St.,
Osborne, A. J., Big Pine, Cal. Portland, Oregon.
Ostlund, David, Seydisfjord, Ice- Phelps, H. F., 118 West Minne-
land. haha Boulevard, Minneapolis,
Ostrander, Wm., Elmwood, Mich. Minn.
Ottosen, J. C., Margrethevej 5, Pieper, J., Grindelberg 15a, Ham-
Copenhagen, V., Denmark. burg, Germany.
Owen, Rodney S., R. F. D. No. 2, Pilquist, E., Sin Tsai Hsien, Ro-
Amory, Miss. nan, via Hankow, China.

Piper, A. H., 56 George St., West, Richards, H. M. J., 1112 South

Sydney, N. S. W., Australia. Eleventh St., Denver, Colo.
Pierce, H. MT., Eshcol, Miss. Richardson, F. I., 2719 (4 St., San
Place, A. E., South Lancaster, Diego, Cal.
Mass. Rickard, H. E., Fitch Bay, Quebec.
Pogue, J. F., Box 989, Minne- Riffel, Jacob, 821 West Fifth St.,
apolis, Minn. Topeka, Kans.
Prescott, W. W., 222 North Cap- Rine, G. W., 306 San Pablo Ave.,
itol St., Washington, D. C. Oakland, Cal.
Price, Geo. E. McCready, Far- Ritchey, Amos, Roseau, Minn.
mington, Nova Scotia. Ritchie, Alexander, 7 Maxwell St.,
Porter, R. C., Hamilton, Mo. Edinburgh, Scotland.
Proctor, L. H., 74 Fountain Ave., Robert, Fred E., 108 rue de Vau-
Brooklyn, N. Y. girard, Paris, France.
Province, P. W., 1200 Seventh St., Roberts, F. M., Jonesboro, Ind.
Parkersburg, W. Va. Robinson, A. T., 1505 E St., Lin-
Purdham, B. F., Stanleyton, Page coln, Nebr.
Co., Va. Robinson, W., 55 Morden Road,
Purdon, T. II., 82 North Main St., Newport, Mon., Wales.
Rutland, Vt. Rogers, A. H., 93 Franklin St.,
Adelaide, South Australia, Aus-
Quinn, R. D., 186 Edward St., tralia.
Brisbane, Queensland, Austra- Rogers. J. H., 406 Cornwell St.,
lia. Los Angeles, Cal.
Rogers, F. R., Box 29, Vicksburg,
Raft, J. C., Ma rgre the vej 5, Miss.
Copenhagen, V., Denmark. Rohne, Fr., Grindelberg 15a,, Ham-
Randle Hubert, 32 Text Lane, burg, Germany.
Kingston, Jamaica, West In- Ronlund, N. J., 933 North Main
dies. Ave., Sioux Falls, S. Dak.
Raymond, E. A., Fernwood, N. Y. Root, E. H., R. F. D. No. 1,
Raymond, J. W., 108 West Che- Coopersville, Mich.
mung St., Elmira, N. Y. Rorholm. Henry, Radcliffe, Iowa.
IZ,easer, G. W., Route 6, Salem Rosenfeld, E., Jamestown, N. Y.
Oregon. Roth, G., 108 rue de Vaugirard,
Paris, France.
11,:'avis, D. W., care Review and Roth, Luke, Papeete, Tahiti, Soci-
herald, Battle Creek, Mich. ety Islands, Pacific Ocean.
Reed, H. W., 206 Main St., Osh- Rowe, Thomas, Graysville, Tenn.
kosh, Wis. Ruble, W. W., Box 989, Minne-
Reed, L. A., 643 South Hardin apolis, Minn.
Ave., Jacksonville, Rule, C. B., Guyandotte, W. Va.
Rees, J. M., Stewardson, Rupert, G. G., Oklahoma City,
Reifschneider, K., Grindelberg 15a, Okla. T.
Hamburg, Germany. Russell, K. C., 71 Wyoming Ave.,
Reinke. 0. E., 1124 Putnam Ave., Melrose, Mass.
Brooklyn, N. Y. Russell. E. T., College View, Nebr.
Reiswig, Conrad, Milltown, S. Ryles, S. S., Springdale, Ark.
Rentfro, C. F., 603 East Twelfth Sadler, W. S., 28 Thirty-third
St., Des Moines, Iowa. Place, Chicago, Ill.
Salisbury, H. R.. 451 Holloway
Reppe, M. S., Box 989, Minneap- Road, London, N., England.
olis, Minn. Sanborn, 1., Ridgeland, Miss.
Rice, J. D., 306 San Pablo Ave., Sandborn, A. R., Box 74, West
Oakland, Cal. Bay City, Mich.
Richards, B. F., 1605 Laguna St., Sanders, C. N., R. F. D. No. 2,
San Francisco, Cal. Battle Creek, Mich.

Sanford, E. L., Lexington, Ky. Sheafe, L. C., 83 L St., N. W.,

Santee, L. D., 617 St. Charles St., Washington, D. C.
Elgin, Ill. Shepard, M., 221 Euclid Ave., Mt.
Santee, Clarence, Fernando, Cal. Clemens, Mich.
Satterlee, A. R., 922 Niagara St., Shireman, D. T., llildebran, N. C.
Buffalo, N. Y. Shone, G. W., 37 Railway Cottage,
Saxby, W. H., 6 East Fourth Bloemfontein, Orange River
Ave., Spokane, Wash. Colony, South Africa.
Schilling, J. H., 1035 Douglass St., Shreve, W. S., Spring Green, Wis.
Reading, Pa. Shroek, S. S., 205 Colfax Ave,
Schillinger, R., Grindelberg 15a, Scranton, Pa.
Hamburg, Germany. Shrock, J. S., North Vernon, Ind.
Schnepper, H. J., Wilcox, Wash. Shultz, H., Lockeford, San Joa-
Scholl, C. A., 548 West Chicago quin Co., Cal.
Ave., Chicago, Ill. Simpson, Wm. W., Riverside, Cal.
Schroder, F. W. H., Culbertson, Sinz, ;rindelberg 15a, Ham-
Nebr. burg, Germany.
Schuberth, H. F., Grindelberg 15a, Sk inner, Geo. 11., 603 East
Hamburg, Germany. Twelfth St., Des Moines, Iowa.
Schubert, G. W., Grindelberg 15a, Slade, E. K., 814 Pine St., North,
Hamburg, Germany. Lansing, -Mich.
Schwantes, Ernesto, Caixa do Cor- Smailes, P., Landesdowne Road,
reio 768, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Claremont, South Africa.
South America. Smart, A.. 186 Edward St., Bris-
Schwartz, W. F., Box 614, Wil- bane, Queensland, Australia.
liamsport, Pa. Smith, W. J., 37 Taranaki St.,
Scoles, D. E., Washburn, Mo. -Wellington, New Zealand.
Scott, Sydney, 723 Walker St., Smith, C. A., R. F. D. No. 1, Mt.
Kansas City, Kans. Vernon, Ohio.
Scott, J. B., Chetek, Wis.
Smith, W. H., 2146 Atlas Ave.,
Scott, W. B., Scroggieside, Wor- Harrisburg, Pa.
mit, Scotland.
Smith, W. R., Nampa, Maim.
Sebastian, W. H., Box 327, Yazoo Snow, T. B., 526 -Menominee St.,
City, Miss. Eau Claire, Wis.
Seefried, A., Grindelberg 15a,
Snyder, E. W., Casilla 38, Asun-
Hamburg, Germany.
cion, Paraguay, South America.
Seeney, F. H., Cheswold,
Snyder, G. A., College Place,
Selmon, A. C., Sin Tsai Mien, Ho-
nan, via Hankow, China. Sommerville, J. A., Springdale,
Semmens, A. W., Adelaide Medi-
cal Institute, Victoria Square,
Sommerville, J. N., Keene, Tex.
Adelaide, South Australia.
Sorenson, C., Perkins, Okla. T.
Serna, Marcia], Tucson, Ariz.
Sparks, R. H., 626 East Eleventh
Settergren, A. J., Kungsgatan 34,
St., Indianapolis, Ind.
Stockholm, Sweden.
Sparrow, David, York St., Gra-
Sewaldsen, A., Akersga.den 74,
hamstown, South Africa.
Christiania, Norway.
Shaeffer, F. R., East End, At- Spear, Win. H., Woodstock, On-
lanta, Ga. tario.
Shannon, A. C., 70 West Madison Specht, F. G., New Home, Stilts-
St., Cleveland, Ohio. man Co., N. Dak.
Sharp, W. W., Whatcom, Wash. Spencer, T. L. M., San Fernando,
Sharp, Smith, Graysville, Tenn. Trinidad, West I ndies.
Sharpe, E. D.,'Healdsburg, Spicer, W. A., 222 North Capitol
Shaw, J. L. 39-1 Free School St., St., Washington, D. C.
Calcutta India. Spies, F. W., Caixa do Correio 768,
Shaw, H. ,S., 734 East State St., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South
Jacksonville, Ill. America.

Spring, L. A., Glenwood Springs, Sturgeon, D. F., Gage, Okla. T.

Colo. Suilicool, L. E., Eagle River, Wis.
Stanley, P. G., 511 LaFayette St., Sulzle, Christian, Lincoln, McLean
Danville, Ill. Co., N. Dak.
Starbuck, T. H., Central, Oregon. S u t 11 erl anti, E. A., Berrien
Starr, G. B., Sanitarium, Wah- Springs, Mich.
roonga, N. S. W., Australia. Sutton, N. T., 821 West Fifth St.,
Starr, L. F., Stuart, Iowa. Topeka, Kans.
Starr, F. D., Forest, Idaho. Svenson, Chas., 1505 E St., Lin-
Starr, Calvin, 603 East Twelfth coln, Nebr.
St., Des Moines, Iowa. Svensson, S. F., 1112 South Elev-
States, Geo. 0., 412 First St., enth St., Denver, Colo.
Boulder, Colo. Swartz, E. C., North Liberty, Incl.
Staubert, W., Grindelberg 15a, Sweany, W. A., King St., Bridge-
Hamburg, Germany. town, Barbados, West Indies.
Stebbeds, F., Milton Junction, Swedberg, A., College View, Nebr.
Wis. Swinson, S., Gordon, Douglas Co.,
Stebbins, W. W., Mankato, Minn. Wis.
Steele, Frank, Youngstown, Ind. Syp, Sirs. Minnie, Putnam, Okla. 'T.
Steen, H., 674 Sims St., St. Paul,
Minn. Tabor, J., 318 East Fortieth St.,
Stein, Wm., Caixa do Correio 768, Chicago, Ill.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South Tadich, G. W., 56 George St.,
America. West, Sydney, N. S. W., Aus-
Stein, John W., Winchester, Ky. tralia.
Stephenson, C. B., Brooker, Fla. Taggart, C. L., Du Quoin, Ill.
Stephenson, D. G., Brooker, Fla. Tait, A. 0., 1311 Fourth Ave.,
Stevens, G. A., 222 North Capitol Oakland, Cal.
St., Washington, D. C. Tanner, W. Jay, 32 Text Lane,
Stevens, J. C., 77 Cummins St., Kingston, Jamaica,West Indies.
Irvington, N. J. Tarr, D. F., Cambridge, near East
Steward, W. W., Boise, Idaho. London, Cape Colony, South
Stewart, E. L., Kent; Wash. Africa.
St. John, H. A., Sanitarium, Cal. Tarr, H. C., 311 West Ashland
Stone, C. L., Hazel, Ky. St., Nevada, Mo.
Stone, W. J., 3840 North Merid- Taylor, C. L., Sanitarium, Cal.
ian St., Indianapolis, Ind. Taylor, C. 0., Norwood, N. Y.
Stone, A. J., 835 Lawson St., St. Teasdale, Geo., 131 St. Johns St.,
Paul, Minn. Launceston, Tasmania.
Stone, W. M., Thayer, Kans. Tefft, R. E., Coopersville, Mich.
Stover, A. J., Sara, Wash. Tenney, G. C., Battle ('reek, Mich.
Stow, J. B., 105 East Third St., Tenney, J. F., Graysville, Tenn.
Jamestown, N. Y. Terry, L. W., R. F. 1). No. 3, Ap-
Stoye, 0., Grindelberg 15a, Ham- pleton City. Mo.
burg, Germany. Tetz, G., Grindelberg 15a, Ham-
Strachan, M. C., 2061 Huntsman burg, Germany.
St., Jackson, Miss. Thomann, E. W., Casilla 240,
Strickland, J. A., 32 Text Lane, Iquique, Chile, South America.
Kingston, Jamaica, West In- Thompson, Chas., Stewardson,
dies. Thompson, G. B., 140 South
Stueckrath, M., Grindelberg 15a, Wentworth St., Hamilton, On-
Hamburg, Germany. tario.
Sturdevant, M. C., S. D. A. Mis- Thompson, V., Sheridan, Ill.
sion, B ul u w a y o, Rhodesia, Thorn, I. F., Liberal, Kans.
South Africa. Thorp, C. A., College View, Nebr.
Stureman, B. F., 327 West Eighth Thurston, TT. G., Box 246, Merid-
St., Flint, Mich. ian, Miss.

Thurston, S., Fernando, Cal. Ward, W. C. F., Puyallup, Wash.

Thurston, W. H., 4230 St. Cath- Waffle, M., Roswell, N. Mex.
erine St., Montreal, Quebec. Warnick, F. G., 1025 Jefferson St.,
Tieche, L. P., 1 rue Jean Charles, Nashville, Tenn.
Geneva, Switzerland. Warren, Luther, Stuart, Iowa.
Town, N. Z., Casilla del Correo Washburn, J. S., 1728 Fourteenth
481, Buenos Ayres, Argentine St., N. W., Washington, D. C.
Republic, South America. Washburn, C. A., Mt. Pleasant,
Traugh, J. A., 1200 Seventh St., Iowa.
Parkersburg, W. Va. Washburn, H. A., Bethel, Wis.
Trubey, L. F., Hiawatha, Kans. Watkins, C. A., 5013 Laurel St.,
New Orleans, La.
Ugrick, A., Grindelberg 15a, Ham- Watson, G. F., 1112 South Elev-
burg, Germany. enth St., Denver, Colo.
Uhrig, Conrad C., Enid, Okla. T. Watson, T. H., Tacoma, Wash.
Underwood, R. A., Box 614, Wil- Watt, J. W., North Wolcott, Vt.
liamsport, Pa. Watts, V. B., Siloam Springs,
Upton, J. L., Springdale, Ark. Ark.
Utchmann, W. R., South Lancas- Weaver, H. S., 903 Woodley St.,
ter, Mass. Baltimore, Md.
Weber, C. W., Grindelberg 15a,
Valentiner, T., College View, Hamburg, Germany.
Nebr. Webster, C. C., Middlefield, Ohio.
Van Deusen, E., Lowell, Mich. Webster, E. W., 287 East Eighth
Van Horn, E. J., Lake View; Ohio. St., Eugene, Oregon.
Van Horn, 1. D., 34 Walter Ave., Wells, G. W., Cleveland, Tenn.
Battle Creek, Mich. Wellman, D. E., 24 Church St.,
Van Kirk, M. B., Box 989, Minne- St. John's, Antigua, West In-
apolis, Minn. dies.
Vargas, L., Manzanares, Colo. Wellman, L. E., Roadtown, Tor-
Videto, W. E., 308 Woodward tola, Virgin Islands, West In-
Ave., Big Rapids, Mich. dies.
Voss, R., Grindelberg 15a, Ham- Wellman, S. A., 31 Dundonald St.,
burg, Germany. Port of Spain, Trinidad, West
Voth, Wm., Box 239, Oklahoma Indies.
City, Okla. T. Westworth, Wm. A., 7 Maxwell
Voth, A. J., Kiel, Okla. T. St., Edinburgh, Scotland.
Voth, Bernard, Cooper, Okla. T. Westrup, J. J., Cottage Grove,
Voth, D., Grindelberg 15a, Ham- Oregon.
burg, Germany. Westphal, J. W., Casilla del Cor-
Vuilleumier, J., 108 rue de Vau- reo 481, Buenos Ayres, Argen-
girard, Paris, France. tine Republic, South America.
Waggoner, E. J., Berrien Springs, Westphal, F. H., College View,
Mich. Nebr.
Wagner, F. D. , Dayton, Wash. Wheeler, L. S., care Sanitarium,
Wakeham, W. H., Kasr-el-Nil 7, Melrose, Mass.
Cairo, Egyp t. Wheeler, Geo. B., South Lancas-
Wales, W. C ., 346 Cottage St., ter, Mass.
Knoxville, T enn. Wheeler, F., West Monroe, N. Y.
Walker, John G., Box 465, James- Wheeler, J. H., College View,
town, N. Da k. Nebr.
Walldorff, N. J., 201 Newcastle Wheeler, Fred W., Ste wardson,
St., Perth, West Australia, Ill.
Australia. Whetsel, 0. N., Orlando, Fla.
Wantzlick, G. A., 37 Taranaki St., White, J. E., Station K, Nash-
Wellington, New Zealand. ville, Tenn.

White, Mrs. E. G., " Elmshaven," Williams, C. D. M., 335 Taylor

Sanitarium, Cal. St., Phoenix, Ariz.
White, W. C., Sanitarium, Napa Willis, H. K., Pleasant Hill, Mo.
Co., Cal. Willoughby, J. M., Cambridge,
White, W. H., Colony, Okla. T. Idaho.
White, W. B., 534 Mendenhall St., Wilson, J. L., 609 Gore Ave., Van-
Bozeman, Mont.
Whitehead, Alfred, Box 286, couver, British Columbia.
Springville, Utah. Wilson, J. B., Box 34, Pueblo,
Whitelock, T. S., 715 Tenth St., Colo.
San Diego, Cal. Wintzen, J., Grindelberg 15a,
Whitney, S. B., 109 Harrison Hamburg, Germany.
Place, Syracuse, N. Y. Wolf, C. D., Hildebran, N. C.,
Whittier, S. A., 122 Shelton St., Wolf garten, J., Grindelberg 15a,
Bridgeport, Conn. Hamburg, Germany.
Wibbens, Jacob, Reinwardt St. Wollekar, H. C. J., 7449 Fourth
70, Amsterdam, Holland. Ave., N. E., Seattle, Wash.
Wight, S. E., 414 Waukazoo Ave.,
Petoskey, Mich. Wood, J. G., 42 Prairie Ave.,
Wightman, J. S., Conewango Val- Springfield, Ohio.
ley, N. Y. Wood, C. A., Whittemore, Mich.
Wightman, Mrs. Lulu, Conewango Wood, Delmer P., Box 74, West
Valley, N. Y. Bay City, Mich.
Wilcox, F. M., care Sanitarium, Woodford, Wm., 93 Franklin St.,
Boulder, Colo. Adelaide, South Australia, Aus-
Wilcox,- El. H., Route 1, Norwood, tralia.
N. Y. Wooding, M. S., Danville, Va.
Wilcox, M. C., 1059 Castro St., Woodruff, H., Hereford, Tex.
Oakland, Cal. Woods, J. H., Oxford Chambers,
Wildgrube, 0. Grindelberg 15a, Bourke St., Melbourne, Vic-
Hamburg, Germany. toria, Australia.
Wilkinson, B. G., 8 rue Belloni, Wyman, C. A., New Era, Oregon.
Paris, France.
Willess, M. V., Keene, Tex. Young, W. C., Armstrong, British
Williams, I. N., Corydon, Pa. Columbia.
Williams, E. R., 838 South St., Young, W. A., New Britton, Ind.
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
Williams, Mrs. E. R., 838 South Ziegler, Watson, Ft. Collins, Colo.
St., Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Ziegler, D. P., Celt, Mo.

Elder Uriah Smith, March 6, Wm. S. Nelson, Oct. 31, 1903; at
1903; at Battle Creek, Mich. Portland, Oregon.
Donna Humphrey, March 6, 1903; Mrs. W. W. Eastman, Nov. 27,
at Calcutta, India. 1903; at Keene, Tex.
A. La Rue, April 26, 1903; at A. Druillard, Dec. 29, 1903; at
Hong Kong, China. Berrien Springs, Mich.
Elder S. Osborn, July 19, 1903; J. H. Watson, December, 1903; in
at Salt River, Ky. Nyassaland, British Central Af-

Abbott, George K., Sanitarium, Dryden, Mary V., Sanitarium,

Battle Creek, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich.
Allen, T. J., 1016 Tacoma Ave., Dunlap, I. A., College Place,
Tacoma, Wash. Wash.
Ball, Clarence F., Sanitarium, Edwards, S. P. S., 1213 Fifteenth
Melrose, Mass. St., Moline, Ill.
Banta, Margaret, Sanitarium, Edwards, Mrs. Maria L., 1213 Fif-
Battle Creek, Mich. teenth St., Moline, Ill.
Bell, J. J., 39 Antrim Road, Bel- Eggleston, Elmer L., Sanitarium,
fast, Ireland. Battle Creek, Mich.
Bond, E. C., 525 Central Ave., Erkenbeck, Maude, Sanitarium,
Phoenix, Ariz. Guadalajara, Mexico.
Bourdeau, Mrs. P. S., 475 Wealthy Erkenbeck, J. W., Sanitarium,
Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Guadalajara, Mexico.
Boyer, Lillian B., Springdaie, Ark. Erkenbeck, W. J., Guadalajara,
Bradford, Joel C., 1809 Wallace Mexico.
St., Philadelphia, Pa. Eshelman, Lillian B., Sanitarium,
Braucht, F. E., 854 West Polk St., Battle Creek, Mich. -
Chicago, Ill. Evans, Newton G., 28 Thirty-
Brighouse, Henrietta E., 1436 third Place, Chicago, Ill.
Market St., San Francisco, Cal. Evans, T. J., Sanitarium, Cal.
Britton, Mary E., 328 North Evans, Margaret, Sanitarium, Cal.
Limestone St., Lexington, Ky. Farnsworth, C. P., R. F. D. No. 4,
Brown, Effie, Mt. View Sanita- Madison, Wis.
rium, Spokane, Wash. Farnsworth, Anna B., R. F. D.
Buchanan, R. A., 1436 Market St., No. 4, Madison, Wis.
San Francisco, Cal. Farnsworth, H. B., 54 Farrar St.,
Byington, J. F., Sanitarium, Bat- Detroit, Mich.
tle Creek, Mich. Froom, J. E., 203 Third Ave., Pe-
Caldwell, J. E., Graysville, Tenn. oria, Ill.
Carey, A., Hildebran, N. C. Fullmer, B. E., 603 East Twelfth
Christman, Paul, Berrien Springs, St., Des Moines, Iowa.
Mich. Gardner, W. L., Box 612, Salt
Colloran, J. Edgar, 603 East Lake City, Utah.
Twelfth St., Des Moines, Iowa. Gardner, Mrs. Eva, Box 612, Salt
Colloran, Mrs. Maude A., 603 East Lake City, Utah.
Twelfth St., Des Moines, Iowa. Gaston, Paul K., Sanitarium, Bat-
Cooper, J. E., Boulder, Colo. tle Creek, Mich.
Copeland, W. Claude, Sanitarium, Geisel, Carolyn, Sanitarium, Bat-
Battle Creek, Mich. tle Creek, Mich.
Cr isler, Florence, Sanitarium, George, Arthur W., English Post-
Battle Creek, Mich. office, Constantinople, Turkey,
Dail, C. F., cor. Third and J Sts., Europe.
Eureka, Cal. George, W. A., College View,
De Forest, P. A., Weiherweg 48, Nebr.
Basle, Switzerland. George, Lyra Hunt, College View,
Diget, C. C., Skodsborg, Denmark. Nebr.
Doodakyan, H. M., Sanitarium, Gibson, G. H., Papanui, Christ-
Battle Creek, Mich. church, New Zealand.

Garvin, D. E., Empire, Colo. Kress, Mrs. Lauretta, Sanitarium,

Goodison, Mary I., 28 Thirty- Wahroonga, N. S. W., Austra-
third Place, Chicago, Ill. lia.
Hare, G. A., 222 North Capitol Leake, Ruth 0. Bryant, 235 Van
St., Washington, D. C. Buren St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Harris, Rowland H., Sanitarium, Lemon, A. E., 282 Ducw orth St.,
Battle Creek, Mich. St. Johns, Newfoundland.
Harris, Elizabeth M., Sanitarium, Lemon, Carrie M., 282 Duck-
Battle Creek, Mich. worth St., St. Johns, New-
Haskell, Pliny F., Keene, Tex. foundland.
Hetherington, A. J., Utilla, Bay Lindsay, Kate, Sanitarium, Boul-
Islands, Central America. der, Colo.
Hayward, Otis M., Graysville, Lockwood, S. L., 42 Yamamoto-
Tenn. dori, Nichome, Kobe, Japan.
Heald, G. H., Sanitarium, Cal. Lockwood, Mrs. Myrtle E., 42
Heald, John E., Sanitarium, Bat- Yamamoto-dori, Nichome, Kobe,
tle Creek, Mich. Japan.
Heiman, Evelyn, Cotati, Cal. Loper, A. N., 19% West Colorado
Herr, Mrs. Ida, Boulder, Colo. St., Pasadena, Cal.
Hinds, M. Clair, Phoenix, Ariz. Mortensen, M. A., 28 Thirty-third
Holden, W. B., Mt. Tabor, Ore- Place, Chicago, Ill.
gon. Martinson, M. M., Graysville,
Hoenes, A. J., Friedensau, Post Tenn.
Grabow, Bez. Magdeburg, Ger- Martinson, Mrs. Stella, Graysville,
many. Tenn.
Howe, E. Mabel, Sanitarium, Martinson, Elsie M., Graysville,
Battle Creek, Mich. Tenn.
Humphrey, Amy R., Sanitarium, Mantz, R. L., Cedar Rapids,
Battle Creek, Mich. Iowa.
Hunter, Mary P., 28 Thirty-third Mantz, M. Alace,Sanitarium,
Place, Chicago, Ill. Battle Creek, Mic.
Ingersoll, Robert S., 51 Park St., Marsh, Lucinda A., South Lancas-
Calcutta, India. ter, Mass.
Ingersoll, Mrs. Olive P., 51 Parl4 Merritt, Elsie B., Benton Harbor,
St., Calcutta, India. Mich.
Isbell, Lottie C., 447 North Cherry Martin, Walter F., Sanitarium,
St., Nashville, Tenn. Battle Creek, Mich.
John, A. Allen, 5 San Juan de Miller, Ruth Merritt, Academia,
Letran, Mexico City, D. F. Ohio.
Johnson, Sophie, 2719 G St., San Miller, Harry W., Sin Tsai Hsien,
Diego,Cal. Honan, via Hankow, China.
Keichline, John M., Kas-er-Nil 7, Miller, Mrs. Maude T., Sin Tsai
Cairo, Egypt. Hsien, Honan, via Hankow,
Keller, Martin P., Huntley, New China.
Zealand. Miller, Rudolph R., Sanitarium,
Keller, Mrs. Nettie, Huntley, Battle Creek, Mich.
New Zealand. Moran, F. B., 315 West Third St.,
Kellogg, J. H., Sanitarium, Bat- Los Angeles, Cal.
tle Creek, Mich. Morse, John F., Sanitarium, Bat-
Kellogg, M. G., Healdsburg, Cal. tle Creek, Mich.
Kerby, S. Etta, Sanitarium, Bat- Myers, George R., Sanitarium,
tle Creek, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich.
Kitchell, Wm. E., Sanitarium, Nelson, Albert W., Sanitarium,
Battle Creek, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich.
Knox, Chas. R., Sanitarium, Bat- Nicola, C. C., Sanitarium, Mel-
tle Creek, Mich. rose, Mass.
Kress, D. H., Sanitarium, Wah- Nicola, Mrs. Mary B., Sanitarium,
roonga, N. S. W., Australia. Melrose, Mass.

Olsen, A. B., Surrey Hills Hydro- Selmon, A. C., Sin Tsai Hsien,
pathic Institute, Caterham, Sur- Ronan, via Hankow, China.
rey, England. Selmon, Mrs. Bertha L., Sin Tsai
Olsen, Mrs. Mary, Surrey Hills Hsien, Honan, via Hankow,
Hydropathic Institute, Cater- China.
ham, Surrey, England. Schwartz, H. W., Mt. 'labor, Ore-
Otis, Elmer F., Sanitarium, Bat- gon.
tle Creek, Mich. Shively, J. Dow, Sanitarium, Bat-
Otis, Mrs. Clara L., Sanitarium, tle Creek, Mich.
Battle Creek, Mich. Shryock, A. Q., 612 Third St.,
Otis, Frank J., Sanitarium, Bat- Seattle, Wash.
tle Creek, Mich. Simmons, W. R., Mt. Tabor, Ore-
Otis, L. J., Seatonville, Ill. gon.
Ottosen, J. C., Sanatorium, Skods- Simpson, Abbie \Vinegar, 317
borg, Denmark. West Third St., Los Angeles,
Pampaian, Vahon,Grindelberg Cal.
15a, Hamburg,many. er Staines, Carrie S., Sanitarium,
Parmele, Lydia Kynett, 1120 Battle Creek, Mich.
South Main St., Ft. Scott, Stewart, Chas. E., Sanitarium,
Kans. Battle Creek, Mich.
Paulson, David, 28 Thirty-third Thomason, Geo., 29 Waterloo
Place, Chicago, Ill. Place, Dublin, Ireland.
Paulson, Mary W., 28 Thirty- Thornton, William T., Sanita-
third Place, Chicago, Ill. rium, Battle Creek, Mich.
Perrine, Emma A., 603 East Truex, Howard, Fifty-fifth St.
Twelfth St., Des Moines, Iowa. and Cabanne Ave., St. Louis,
Prince, Calvin 0., South Lancas- Mo.
ter,Mass. Upson, Wilbur 0., San Jose, Cal.
Rand H. F., Sanitarium, Boulder, Vernier, Jean A., Sanitarium,
Colo. Battle Creek, Mich.
Rand, Eunice, Sanitarium, Boul- Vollmer, Alfred M., Apia, Samoa,
der, Colo. Pacific Ocean.
Read, A. J., 1809 Wallace St., Vollmer, Maude Otis, Apia, Sa-
Philadelphia, Pa. moa, Pacific Ocean.
Reed, D. W., Union Bank Bldg., Wescott, Leona, Sanitarium, Bat-
Greeley, Colo. tle Creek, Mich.
Reed, Mrs. Eva, Union Bank White, Julia A., Sanitarium,
Bldg., Greeley, Colo. Battle Creek, Mich.
Richards, Frank C., 7 Maxwell White, W. H., Knowlton, Quebec.
St., Edinburgh, Scotland. Whitelock, T. S., 715 Tenth St.,
Richards, Mrs. Eulalia S., 7 Max- San Diego, Cal.
well St., Edinburgh, Scotland. Whitney, Jean H., Mt. Tabor,
Richards, Cora M., Sanitarium, Oregon.
Battle Creek, Mich. Wolfsen, Ludwig H., 28 Thirty-
Riley, W. H., Sanitarium, Battle third Place, Chicago, Ill.
Creek, Mich. Worster, W. W., North Liberty,
Satterlee, A. R., 922 Niagara St., Ind.
Buffalo, N. Y. Yarnell, Silas, Mount View San-
Sell, E. H. M., 137 West Ninety- itarium, Spokane, Wash.
fourth St., New York, N. Y. Zipf, A. A., Onawa, Iowa.

As Amended at the thirty-fifth session, held at Oakland, Cal.,

March 27 to April 13, 1903.

CONSTITUTION. credited by Union Conferences, or

local conferences not included in
Article I Name. Union Conferences.
This organization shall be Sec. 5. Each Union Conference
known as the General Conference shall be entitled to one delegate
of Seventh-day Adventists. without regard to numbers, an
additional delegate for each con-
Article II Object. ference in its territory, and an
additional delegate for each ohe
The object of this Conference is
thousand of its membership. Each
to teach all nations the everlast-
local conference not included in
ing gospel of our Lord and Sav-
any Union Conference shall be
iour Jesus Christ.
entitled to one delegate, without
Article III Membership. regard to numbers, and one addi-
tional delegate for each one thou-
Section 1. The membership of sand members.
this Conference shall consist of
(a) Such Union Conferences as Article IV Executive Com-
have been or shall be properly or-
ganized and accepted by vote. mittee.
(b) Such local conferences as Section 1. At each session the
are not embraced in any Union Conference shall elect an Execu-
Conference, as have been or shall tive Committee for the carrying
be properly organized and accept- forward of its work between the
ed by vote. sessions.
Sec. 2. The voters of this Con- Sec. 2. The Executive Commit-
ference shall be designated as fol- tee shall consist of the president,
lows: two vice-presidents, the presi-
(a) Delegates at large. dents of Union Conferences, the
(b) Regular delegates. superintendents of organized Un-
Sec. 3. Delegates at large shall ion Missions, and twelve other
be: persons, among whom there shall
(a) The General Conference be representatives of all the lead-
Executive Committee. ing departments of Conference
(b) The Secretary and the work, including the publishing,
Treasurer of the General Confer- medical, educational, Sabbath-
ence. school, and religious liberty.
(c) Such representatives of the
departments and missions of the Article V Officers and Their
General Conference as shall re-
ceive credentials from its Exec- Duties.
utive Committee. Section 1. The officers of this
Sec. 4. Regular delegates shall Conference shall be a president,
be such persons as are duly ac- two vice-presidents, a secretary,

a treasurer, and an auditor, who General Conferee, e, and shall

shall be elected by the Confer- hold their offices for the period
ence. of two years; or until their suc-
Sec. 2. President: The duties cessors are elected and appear to
of the president shall be to act as entc,r upon their duties.
chairman of the Executive Cam-
mittee, and to labor in the general Article VI Incorporations, De-
interests of the Conference, as the
Executive Committee may advise. partments, and Agents.
Sec. 3. Vice-presidents: The Section 1. Such incorporations
duties of the first vice-president may be authorized and depart-
shall be to labor in the European ments created as the develop-
Union Conferences and Missions, ment of the work requires.
as the Executive Committee may Sec. 2. At each regular ses-
advise, and to preside at the sion of this Conference the dele-
councils of the members of the gates shall elect the trustees of
Executive Committee, which may all corporate bodies connected
be held in Europe, in the absence with this organization, as may be
of the president. provided in the statutory laws
The duties of the second vice- governing each.
president shall be to labor in the Sec. 3. The Conference shall
American Union Conferences and employ such committees, secre-
Missions, as the Executive Com- taries, agents, ministers, mission-
mittee may advise, and, in the aries, and other persons, and
absence of the president, to pre- make such distribution of its la-
side at the councils of the mem- borers as may be necessary to
bers of the Executive Committee effectively execute its work. It
which may be held in America. shall also grant credentials or li-
Sec. 4. The Secretary: It shall censes to its ministers and mis-
be the duty of the secretary to sionaries.
keep the minutes of the proceed-
ings of the Conference sessions Artice VII Sessions.
and of committee meetings, and
to collect such statistics and other Section 1. This Conference shall
facts from Union and Local Con- hold biennial sessions at such
ferences as may be desired by date and place as the Executive
the Conference or the Executive Committee shall designate by a
Committee, and to perform such notice published in the Advent
other duties as usually pertain Review and Sabbath Herald at
to such office. least two months before the date
Sec. 5. The Treasurer: It shall for the session.
be the duty of the treasurer to re- See. 2. The Executive Commit-
ceive all funds and disburse them tee may call special sessions at
by order of the president, and such time and place as it deems
to render such financial state- proper, by a like notice, and the
ments at regular intervals as may transactions of such special ses-
be desired by the Conference or sions shall have the same force
the Executive Committee. as those of the regular sessions.
Sec. 6. Election of Officers and
Executive Committee: All officers Article VIII By-laws.
of the Conference, except mem-
bers of the Executive Committee The voters of this Conference
who are presidents of Union may enact By-laws and amend
Conferences or superintendents of or repeal them at any session
Union Mission Fields, shall be thereof, and such By-laws may
chosen by the delegates at the embrace any provision not in-
regular biennial sessions of the consistent with the Constitution.

Article IX Amendments. members shall be necessary to

pass any measure.
This Constitution or its By-
laws may be amended by a two- Sec. 3. Meetings of the Execu-
thirds vote of the voters pres- tive Committee may be called at
ent at any session, provided that, any time or place, by the presi-
dent or vice-president, or by the
if it is proposed to amend the
Constitution at a special session, secretary, upon the written re-
notice of such purpose shall be quest of any five members of the
given in the call for such special Committee.
session. Article III Departments.
Section 1. The work of the de-
BY-LAWS. partments of this organization
shall be in charge of committees
Article I Regular Sessions. selected by the Executive Com-
mittee, when not otherwise pro-
Section 1. At each session of vided for by the Conference.
the Conference, the Executive
Committee shall nominate for
Article IV Finance.
election the presiding officers for
the session. Section 1. This Conf erence
Sec. 2. Previous to each ses- shall receive a tithe from all of
sion of the Conference, the Ex- its Union and Local Conferences,
ecutive Committee shall provide and the tithe of its Union and
such temporary committees as Local Mission Fields.
may be necessary to conduct the Sec. 2. The Executive C o m -
preliminary work of the Confer- mittee shall be authorized to call
ence. for such special donations as may
be necessary to properly prose-
Article IIExecutive Committee. cute its work.
Section I. During the inter- Sec. 3. The Conference shall
vals between sessions of the Con- receive offerings devoted to mis-
ference, the Executive Commit- sions.
tee shall have full administrative
power, and shall fill for the cur- Article V Audits.
rent term any vacancies that may Section 1. The Executive Com-
occur in its offices, boards, com- mittee shall have the accounts of
mittees, or agents, by death, res- the Conference and of its several
ignation, or otherwise, except in departments audited at least once
cases where other provisions for each calendar year, and shall re-
filling such vacancies shall be port upon the same to the General
made by vote of the General Con- Conference at its regular sessions.
ference. Sec. 2. The Executive Commit-
Sec. 2. Any five members of tee shall appoint annually eight
the Executive Committee, includ- persons not in its employ, who,
ing the president or vice-presi- with the president, vice-presi-
dent, shall be empowered to dents, and presidents of Union
transact such executive business Conferences, shall constitute a
as is in harmony with the general committee for auditing and set-
plans outlined by the Commit- tling all accounts against the
tee, but the concurrence of four General Conference.


.3 NO.LONillSVAk
Christian Education


1 i f

Offers Normal Training, Preparation for Office Work,
Canvassing, Bible Work, and the Gospel Ministry, as
well as the regular Academic, Scientific, and Literary

Special Course each winter for Conference Workers.

Summer School for Church-school Teachers.
Short Courses for Specific Needs.
Manual Training a Prominent Feature.

Tuition and expenses within the reach of any industrious

and diligent young man or woman. Send for Calendar.

President's Office, UNION COLLEGE

College View, Nebr.

,School, preparing young - mor.and - women

forall lines - of Denominational Work

ULL'courses of :study in Academic, Biblical, Nor-

mal, Grainmar, and Preparatory Departments.
Special courses in Vocal and Instriffnental Music.
Industrial: Departments Bro-Om-
maiiing, Basketry, Dressmaking =in charge of
competent directors. ^ .-
Hygienic bre'ssmaking, inclu'aing pattern d'rafting,
and ,fitting.- Sewing,._ in all its branches, carefully and
thoroughly taught...-
' Department of Business Education -- Business and Short-
hand Couries, embracing thorough preparatory-work and busi-
, ness experience. Location and surroundings afford unexcelled
opportunities to offer young people live 'business -experience, in
.various lines of denoininational accounting.
Special training for church-school teachers and ministers. -
,Preparatory work for nurses and medical courses.
-"Registered by Beard-of Regents of rVniversitv of the State
of. New York; -

-- a
For further information and catalogue, address the principal ,

- outh-Lai-icasier Massaaltisetis
THE following good .words from one of our workers in a foreign.
field, although not intended for publication, fairly represent how our
people feel concerning the Review and its work :-
- I wish to tell you how much we appreciate the good old Review and Herald.
It seems to me that no person in or out of this message can read it without being
thrilled by the Spirit of truth and power that pervades every line. Why, every one
of those first-page illustrations is a gospel sermon, full of eloquence and power. By
all means, continue them, Surely, God has blessed the Review staff. Fires, moves,
and other bewildering experiences have not been able10 displace a number. This is
the finger of God.
- Our hearts are thrilled and solemnized as we realize that the headquarters of
this message are now established ih the most important place on earth. This simply
means that the last battle of the great controversy will soon be fought, and final, eter-
nal victory achieved. You may be sure we take the keenest interest in the unfolding
of events over there ; and we depend upon the Review to keep is reliably Posted con-
cerning the world-wide work. May the Lord continue to lead you to his glory, is the
earnest prayer and expectation of your fellow servant."
SUBSCRIPTION RATES: One year, $1.50; six months, 75
cents; four months. 50 cents. Address


222 North Capitol St.. WASHINGTON, D. C.

The ...
Sixteen-page Illustrated Weekly.,

OUR pioneer missionary paper. Its pages are filled weekly with
matter presenting the live issues for the day, and the definite message of
preparation-for the coming of the Lord in this generation.

It sells readily by house-to-house canvass at 5 cents per copy. Old
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Single Copy. one year (52 numbers) . $1.50

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Oakland, California.

Of the Seventh-day Adventist



Published by
Review and Herald Publishing

Established in 1852
An illustrated weekly paper of eight large pages devoted to
educating and encouraging the youth in a hig conception of life.
While its contents are always lively and entertaining, it is
entirely free from the cheap, exciting stories so common in journals
designed for the youth.
Its general tone is well calculated to strengthen the understand-
ing, to supply the mind with proper information, to invigorate the
moral nature, to increase reverence, devotion, and a becoming love
for God and humanity.
The INSTRUCTOR is not filled with advertisements; but each issue
is replete with much helpful mental food, well calculated to pre-
pare the youth for future noble service. It contains the Sabbath-
school lessons prepared for the young people of the denomination,
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A 10-page journal published monthly by the Review and Herald
Publishing Association for the General Conference Sabbath-school
Department of the Seventh-day Adventists.
Devoted to the Sabbath-school work and its general interests,
An Editorial Department, filled with practical information on
the various phases of Sabbath-school work, and words of encourage-
ment for all readers.
General Articles from regular contributors who are authority on
all lines of Sabbath-school work.
Illustrated Missionary Exercises for the school, prepared by those
engaged in active work with missions at home and abroad.
Practical Helps on current Sabbath-school Lessons for the Senior,
Intermediate, Primary, and Kindergarten Departments, and much
valuable information for Sabbath-school officers, teachers, parents,
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Full year subscriptions only. Single copies, 35 cents.
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222 N. Capitol St., Washington, D. C.